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How Should We Pray for the Biden Administration?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 3, 2021 4:30 pm

How Should We Pray for the Biden Administration?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 3, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/03/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So how exactly should we be praying for Pres. Biden in the current administration stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, you think it's a pretty simple question with a pretty simple answer. How should we pray for the current administration relay on Facebook says simply pray for other people in the White House.

I agree, except for many it's not so simple. I want to try to unpack why it's not so simple. For many, and then talk about scriptural principles in prayer and how we can implement them now. Welcome to the line of fire.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878-8407 amazing testimony. I want to share with you if I thought I'll do it pretty soon but just in an amazing, eye-opening testimony, but before I do that before I talk about specifically how to pray for the president, which is a really interesting that happened in last 24 hours.

There is a colleague of mine who has been a leading conservative activist for many years he has been on the front lines of the culture wars. A great researcher, a great writer on very important issues and he recently resigned from the organization. He was working with because he was convinced that there was, not electoral fraud, and obviously the organization he was working with had a different position on the city looked at examples he studied what he could was. Not convinced that there is electoral fraud so in his mind out of integrity and good relationship with the organization he worked with. He had to step away so this news was circulated in an email group on part of with about one of the 50 or 60 top conservative activists. There are national respected lawyers. There there are academic researchers. There are ex-gays and people who minister in the to those with him on same-sex attraction.

There are others on the front lines of culture wars for many many years, a diverse group of people, many of them highly educated, and specialists in their field, overwhelmingly the response.

Upon learning this was appreciation for this brother and the good work he's done for many many years. But one person after another saying all I studied this in depth. I'm convinced there was fraud alive looked into this. Oh I know what happened in my state.

All we know, the evidence and so on and so forth. In other words, not flakes, not fringe fanatical people, not people who throw out evidence that's right for the rise of that they look at it. They research and I was. I found it very interesting that people of that caliber again leading attorneys academic researchers others cilia roughly convinced that there was massive fraud election still now if you listen to the broadcast. If you read my articles.

My official position is I don't know what happened. I do not have the expertise to look into things like I can't tell you Mike Lindell with my pillow is really happy. The Dominion software he said is really happy is suing a product $1.3 billion and some extraordinary minimizing great this is going to force all the issues out in public and people can find out for themselves. That's how convinced he is at and then obviously the government has moved on, that the Republicans have moved on. Our nation has moved on with the new administration. That's reality.

Foreign leaders around the world relating to president Joe Biden not president Donald Trump.

So necessary was moved on.

I myself did not have the expertise that the time the energy to go from state to state to ignore the calling to do this to researcher reclaimed it's not my field not my of expertise nor the Lord burdened me to do that. But what I'm saying is I recognize good people on both sides of the debate. Sincere people on both sides of the debate godly people on both sides of the debate, clearheaded people on both sides of the debate who are absolutely sure the election was fine was fairly contested, Joe Biden, one by over 7 million votes move on fact and others were absolutely sure there was massive fraud in the election was stolen right so I listen you know me, I get involved in controversy day and night and even saying I don't know that becomes controversial, but that's my official position. I don't know who's right you sibilant. How can even accept Joe buns president. How can we even do that. How can you do that now, obviously, all those that believe the majority of Americans believe the election was really contested the problem with the minority, but a strong minority at a good percentage of people that don't believe the election was fairly contested. How can you just move on to what I've done limited what my position is been number one leading up to the elections on November 3 because I did not hear from the Lord God did not show me who is going when I will think I was ever show me which president was going when an election, but because God did not show me because I didn't know that I know of known plenty of other things before they happen. Know that I know. I'm sure about but that is not the case here, so I didn't know who was going.

When the election I was pastoring my heart and prayer to be so focused on the Lord so focused on God sitting on his throne so focused on God's power in God's wisdom and God's rule that no matter what announcement came my emotions would be. I'm still gonna worship God because he's God, he's king in the nations of the earth aren't even like a drop in the bucket to God be so fixed on that that if the words president Joe Biden or spoken. Okay it is a lot his agenda him to be against an enemy working against speaking against, but he's my president. If it's Donald Trump. Okay great I voted for and there's a lot he's in your support of the concerns I have on the to be addressing. Either way, my attitude before God was going to be the same because after all, when you get a real vision of have everything else becomes very small arts was the first thing the second thing is my faith, my personal faith and the judge anyone else, nor my calling anyone else to to have my attitude, my faith was that we are praying for God's will. Millions of people, not just in America but around the world are praying for God's will and in the end that's what will get if it's Donald Trump for blessing or Donald Trump for judgment. So be it. If it's Joe Biden for blessing or Joe Biden for judgment. So be it. But we are going to get God's outcome is it worth it was fraud that he allowed it to happen. That's been my position. We how could that be. Things happen every single day that I don't like things happen every single day that are not just, and ultimately, I continue to worship God and move forward in this world.

My position also was that if there was evil on that level that it would flush out to the surface and the courts would see it that in the Ravi Mason will the courts felt my faith was not in the courts. My faith was in God, to oversee the courts and to oversee the election when people say Satan stole election I don't believe that I don't believe that I don't accept that I don't entertain that you say Walt doesn't Satan still things yes all the time but when you have this level of prayer and fasting and crying out to God and seeking his face and looking to the Lord and ask you millions and millions of people before the election and after. I'm convinced that the final outcome either for blessing or for judgment was the will of God and that Joe Biden is president by the will of God whether he got in through hook or crook or fair election that ultimately God put Donald Trump in office 2016 Joe Biden office in 2012. That's my own view before God and and that's how I pray. Accordingly, I do not know this. I'm not judging you.

I'm not saying you're unspiritual annexing your conspiratorial if you genuinely believe the election was still injured you try. How can we just go on with it and try to process that I would just encourage you to step back and say did God not hear the millions of people praying in the fasting and the crying out, did he not hear that at all, or perhaps did he act in a way that many were not expecting him to act okay before I go to prayer that I posted in some interesting responses and then what about prayers of cursing four units wanted to share this testimony with you. I will not read the individuals name which you'll you'll understand the reasons for that in a moment. Okay, here we go of this is from one of our new monthly supporters and one of her team members was speaking to him on the phone, I became aware of her ministry a few years ago but it wasn't until the elections they really engage her ministry. He had placed his eyes on the political party. He says rather than Jesus during the election season. However, Dr. Brown aces helped him to realize the idolatry walking after the results of the election listen to this God used Dr. Runco to walk him off the ledge as he was so angry with the results he made the choice to join the militia because he was full of rage. He had hatred in his heart as he listened to me, the Holy Spirit convicted him. It took a listen for a few weeks before he repented to the Lord.

He apologized with friends and family as well. He then felt the love of God invade his heart and the hatred left him you want us to know that that see that his daughter also got sick free from the political hatred. He prays for the present nation with a good heart before the Lord, and he said hey this is good soil to pour into and he says that the Lord uses to help save his soul friends. This is this is a major reason we do what we do and to do our best to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity and say hey would you look at the issues I'm not pastoring a local church, not primarily a traveling evangelist right we do Jewish outreach all the time were involved with the missionaries around the world doing outreach with the 24 seven you look at when people are upper all around the world sharing the gospel as part of her ministry all the time. I'm always looking for people share the gospel with them. That level but I am not a full-time traveling evangelist just reaching the lost another full-time pastor here on the radio I service your voice moral cultural and spiritual evolution so we can talk about the world around us to talk about politics and talk about issues with the goal is Seawright. Now let us turn our hearts to the Lord. Let us now focus on Jesus and the great commission. Let us keep the main thing the main thing so we come back when I want to do is show you a prayer that I posted which has more likes on it than Spanish that can remember. While her Facebook page and I was overwhelmingly positively received. But then I want you to see some of the negative responses unlike you post them to mock them at this okay why are people thinking this way. Why are some of them differing with the practic when you see it you'll say amen to why some different wire, some struggling and how does God want us to pray, what if there is unrighteousness from administration. What if what if there agreed since destructors is like abortion being supported by the administration help. How do we pray with administrations can lead us into a dangerous war. How should we pray, 86634 trees below.

If you want interact with me on anything I said or if you have a difference with your question.

866-348-7884 number by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on the war. Here is the prayer that I posted on Facebook couple days ago and I want to see the response to it.

So let's take a look at this posted on Facebook posted on Twitter said this. My prayer for Pres. Biden father I ask you to reveal yourself to him to convict him of his sin to save him and transform him to give them a heart for righteousness and to use them for the good of America that I had a can I get an amen is racing and I pray that we as God's people cannot come together and pray that if you just looking… Leave that up on the screen the more moment if you looking at this see that it reached hundred 20,809 people on Facebook, meaning that for more page than being shared another page that some of the people to post reached this 22,504 engagements, meaning people reacting responding to it, sharing it, liking, etc. commenting and then a 7000 likes sore thumbs up or there may be a few negatives in their books. Otherwise, 7000 in agreement of 2006 comments 2600 comments. The Y generates many comments will as I went through this couple days back one with her couple days back I I started reading through the comments just to see how people respond so I could understand what was in people's hearts and minds so overwhelmingly their immense people responding with a men's but others had different take. So I again I'm putting this up not to not to mock people but to say hey this is what they shared on a public page and and I will try understand why and then help us process this through. We pray down judgment on people repay blessing on people. We pray the same. Whoever is in office as at work. So let's let's look at some of things that were posted out one fellow said this.

Lord, we pray that you invite Joey to your house and speak with them by the supporting activities to kill your babies why Joey doesn't believe the genders that you were created. We pray in your holy name will if this person had left out the marking Joey stuff and said we are praying Lord I'm praying that you give them your heart convicted about abortion conflict about his wrong view of transgender activism in your holy name this one thing, some always going to take issue with not showing proper respect. Remember when Paul talked about honoring leaders and and giving honor to whom honor is due.

If if if a policeman pulled me over maybe had a light that was on the back my credit know about and the police was, nasty and and and and and there's closing of the shirt hangout, sloppy and saw the still server man to have student respect for its police officer right so I can understand. Praying for specifics, but not praying in the way of Joey have. How does that help anything. But let's not. Let's move on. Some others people say they wouldn't pray this prayer that I post no, I rather choose to pray like David did expose the wicked man's evil and turn it upon his head. We're dealing with evil queso how to respond to a comment like that deal with evil. Pray Psalm 109 you meet someone online pray down judgment. Pray down judgment of Freeman posted. This is not our president John. Similarly, he's not president is criminal and then Jonathan you can pray for Joe by, but you can pray for Pres. Joe Biden because such a thing does not exist legally or constitutional village.

Let's stop there from all I understand. Again, that many of you with real sincerity.

Having done research. Having studied things you are convinced that Joe Biden's religion. The president that the man that the American people voted for is not of the White House with someone else is due to electoral fraud. You are sincere you study the issues you're convinced of that. Cannot just encourage you to step back and ask why is it that everyone else accepted that ultimately why is it that Pres. Trump himself, even though he still would talk about the election being stolen.

Step out of the White House didn't try to keep his power in the military way, why is it that congressmen like to cruise and Josh Hawley who said hey look, let's just do an investigation so we can know for sure or people's minds.

We put it easier if there are things need to be reform. Let's look at that wise is that they have moved on to working with Pres. Biden and what about all of our prayers for God's outcome again. That's my own conviction I can't make it yours. But I want to appeal to you to step back and say okay right now who is the president sitting in the White House is still but right now who this Congress deal with as president, Joe Biden right now who do all world leaders deal with as president.

To abide. Therefore, we should pray for Pres. Joe, but as I said, I fully accept him as my president.

Whether it was through a fair vote or an unfair vote.

I believe that God put him in office, be it for judgment or for blessing and therefore I pray for Miss my president. I just want to encourage you that to ask yourself if Satan really had the power to steal the selection and and if you should, if you are in the sight of God, unable to say the words presidential but just step back and give it prayerful thought. Look at some of the other responses. Brenda sure. I pray this all the time.

Romans 122 professing themselves to be wise, they became fools will expose their self-professed wisdom is foolishness. Let all the people see them for who they are in the evil they embrace. In Jesus name Stephanie said this is not can happen. Stop wasting your time. God is given them over to a depraved mind and then Enrico.

Let's stop ignoring the wickedness of the political left by the stake in the country to new lows and when he is gone.

Harris will finish the job like watchmen on the wall quotes Ezekiel, Hank, sorry but Hades will freeze over before then okay with step back and consider these is Joe Biden worse than Saul of Tarsus, who was actively involved in putting Jewish followers of Jesus to death. It is is Joe Biden worse than that. Paul said that God had mercy on him to show that he was the worst that God have mercy on the worst of sinners. And I'm the worst among chief center and speak about his present lifestyle that he was going around raping people and killing people, but his previous lifestyle on chief among sinners you saying look at how I lived. I was a blast furnace at a violent man. Yemeni former terrorists are following Jesus to Juno David Berkowitz notorious some sensory code of the most notorious serial killer in New York City history. Generally, he's been serving on prison for decades now the humble man of God if if God could save some of said a Satanist serial killer. If God could save Saul of Tarsus and and and use them as one of the most influential Christian leaders in world history of God could save my friend a soup Ottoman India when he was an atheist, terrorist, and on and on. The list goes this upon some of the finest Christian man I know on the planet. If God is say these people why it wasn't so hard for us to think that God saved Joe Biden, Harris, what line did they cross Ojai on how many of you pray for Donald Trump if if I was picking between Joe Biden Donald Trump five years ago, who I think is a more moral person or a more trustworthy person are limited only by the Trump and yet we believe God used Trump for good and and hang on the legal little further. What is the word of God say in terms of things God hates.

He hates the shedding of innocent blood that hits a lying tongue also doesn't. And anyhow, he hates pride Hawley eyes knows that the spread division among brothers. There were things in Donald Trump's character that God hated and hates him his past life was present that were in his administration in his life and in the crashing of people and throwing them under the bus from Jeff sessions to Bill Barr to Mike pence to the Supreme Court. Both of those are ungodly attitudes we pray for him and believe God could use him in this this unlikely God is billionaire playboy. He made money on casinos and strip clubs in the casino and all this other stuff in the Wheeler dealer with endless lawsuits and we believe God could use him for good.

Many of us voted for and pray for what was so hard for us to believe that God could use Joe Biden, the guy could turn his heart. The guy could bring him to repentance. When Donald Trump started courting evangelicals 5+ years ago.

I don't believe it cannot manage the Sammy New York businessman knows that a player's counsel together be interested now in a fight for you is going get elected. Just do his own thing.

That's when I thought I would.

I was wonderfully surprised to see that that was not the case and to this day. It seems not to be the case so if God could put in his heart Donald Trump lifelong liberal liberal to become a champion of the pro-life movement who saw that coming aside from prophetic insight years ago.

Why is it so hard for us to say all.Gelder, Joe Biden open his heart opens much of the things important to you or change his heart where he's against you give them your heart safer, why is it such an impossible breakfast or for how much mercies God had on our lives, when I was when I was a heroin shooting LSD using rebel stealing money for my own father what went when we used to get high use of hallucinogenic drug, or smoke pot and go from there and Huff diesel gas from parked trucks in this isolated area, Huff diesel guested to get hot and then sit around and fantasize that we were the demon meeting counsel plotting destruction on the earth. That's the guy talking to you okay that's that's that's why was those decades ago.

But God had mercy on me and save me. Why do we have such little faith in praying for conversion transformation of Joe Biden, why was it so off-limits with our faith is a faith in God gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown Francis followers of Jesus we are called to a higher calling. As followers of Jesus we are called to live contrary to the spirit of the age. As followers of Jesus we are called to bless those who curse us and pray for those who despitefully use us those the words of Jesus and Paul in the New Testament we are of a different spirit.

We do not call down fire on our enemies. We pray for the return of Jesus, at which point he will bring judgment, but we do not pray down fire on our enemies.

We pray for the salvation of our enemies were not talking about we engage in military action in a just war without talking about self-defense in a home invasion retirement are added to towards others. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. As always, I would be totally candid with. I know that you're going to have Christians on different sides of voting issues. I understand there were Christians who voted for Barack Obama.

I could not do that as much as I wanted to to be part of having her first black president. I wanted to be able to do it but I couldn't do it because of his views on things like abortion and other subjects important to me so I couldn't vote for him based on that understanding. Some Christians voted for him for other reasons. My prayer for him was that God would make him the greatest president we ever had and that God would give my heart for righteousness. That is my prayer for didn't happen. Does my prayer friend.

I don't pray God curse and destroy him, remove him. What I am praying for God to do good. I'm praying for God to do what we can't do and I'm praying in accordance with New Testament guidelines that tell me how to pray. Donald Trump was president. I didn't assail God bless him use of God turn his heart to be like yours God help me to walk in humility before you in the heavenly strong and do the things he called me my perfect Trump and expressed again.

My prayer for Joe Biden was that God would save him transform him, give him a hard for righteousness and what is best for America so one gentleman, Stephen posted this. He said sure so sure all I'll pray that prayer than he had at this but I'll add this prayer from Psalm 109 and you look at someone on a minute, so he posted that any any he posts all of Psalm 109 which is bringing down curses vital just read his post is a sister all praised your prayer and then all in this prayer from Psalm 109, when he is tribal to be found guilty. Ms. prayers condemning me his days be few men another take his place of leadership. Ms. children before Lewis and his wife a widow. Ms. children be wandering beggars committee be driven from the ruined homes may a creditor to seize all he has me strangers plunder the fruits of his labor may know and extend kindest him or take pity on us fatherless children. Ms. descendents be cut off their names blotted out from the next generation with the iniquity of his father's be remembered before the Lord made the sin of his mother never be blotted out by their sins always remain before the Lord, that he may blot out their name from the earth.

A mental note not amen to that. No, not a man to that that is not a New Testament prayer.

There may have been an appropriate setting.

In praying that for divine judgment under the Sinai covenant, Jesus said, you've heard it said, you heard it said love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

But I tell you, love your enemy again is not about self-defense is not telemedicine breaks into your home and trusted to attack your wife and children.

You say all praise the Lord. I bless you know that's it's unrelated to that all right, but it is saying what. When that man when you subdue that man of the police take him away, and yes you want this received justice in the court system, but your praying God in his heart. God save him, save them is lost is in rebellion and sin save him not bring them down, destroy him destroy his kids know no God forbid you are praying down judgment on Joe Biden's kids or grandkids you actually tell me that the Holy Spirit wants you to pray down judgment on Joe Biden's grandchildren and and you claim to do that in the name of Jesus friend you are off, but you are deeply off-base and deeply misguided. You myself. I want to do anymore evil.

God restrain him from doing evil and turn a certain pray that prayer, but hear me every presently has done evil and done good is been no perfect president there. There are many deeply upset with George W. Bush for the Iraq war. Some of the Afghanistan were still mired in Afghanistan. I wonder how many families of the soldiers that have died there you go better today, but the many many deeply object to the Iraq war and and all the casualties and then the imbalance that is set in motion there and some so that's what ultimately gave way to the ISIS's of the world and his other groups Al Qaeda's and other strip rise up even more that can be debated Easter praying prayers like that God is able tell you what, let's look in the mirror and see the evil in your life and the sin in your life in the zero.

I'm not. I'm not supporting abortion. Okay what dentist office. It is that evil if it's that ugly it was that sinful. Tell me the names, the abortion clinics in your city.

Tell me how much you work with local pro-life groups, how much, or involve the adoption movement and on and on. We get so self-righteous because we vote a certain way because so self-righteous over these things did a thousand other issues that the words is that are important that we neglect and I neglect that you neglect. I will pray for others. The web want them to pray for me in a farm in the wrong God open mic size God show him his error not curse him and curse his kids and his grandkids God for bid is not the Holy Spirit is less the spirit moving on the woodsy of your flesh or demon is not the Holy Spirit calling you to pray judgment on the children and grandchildren of Joe, but or Donald Trump.

Here some more support responses to to the post calling for prayer. Jim Democrats work because of demon Kratz or immune to prayer. They burst into flames. Maybe send that have tongue-in-cheek also that this a God can save Democrats and then there's a safe Democrat and I guess the Republicans are all righteous in here. I got a question for their two years two years with a Republican Congress and Republican Pres. during those two years was Planned Parenthood fully defunded no no, why not where my friends is been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for going on 50 years maybe 47, 48 years now. When I asked him about it he said because all discussed his posture when they have Democrats in power.

They stand upper limit defund Planned Parenthood but then the moment comes to do at the loose constituents so they don't do what the wall who's who stop the Republicans building the border wall and they still, the political system. It's a compromise system it's that's the reality of it on the excusing it, defending it. I'm sad about littlest self-righteousness, Michael posted, I pray that he gets saved Elsa pretty Democrats evil reign of America ends quickly so got a listen, I I strongly opposed the Democrat agenda strongly strongly opposed strongly written about people so how did he says he met how many articles when the writer family ties will be addressed of Jennifer years and years and years before. Many people were thinking about it. I was actively involved in addressing. It's one of the burdens the gospel to my heart because I do talk radio write op-ed pieces I'm commenting on political social issues on a regular basis. I but is it getting all the Democrats and all the Republicans as I can be righteousness to America may improve certain things and and harm other things we godly revival in the church. Success said this now you are praying hypocrisy in the highest. I don't get this how my praying hypocrisy in the highest by praying for the salvation of Joe but could consummate explained didn't pulsate to pray rules those in authority first Timothy two.

The guy was saved and brings a knowledge of the truth to be a peaceful quiet lustful godliness and honesty aren't I praying according to the Scriptures. Leanne is not a legally elected president like Pres. Crump was not sure if that's applicable God's pray for leaders. We pray for leaders means was reelected chose to lead us not forced himself or herself to fall if it means to lead us again.

I understand many struggle with that issue. I just ask you if God is God and ruling raining and we have had massive prayer is not massive prayer in the church of Germany before Hitler's election.

Trust me, there's a complacency in an religious formality and a small remnant of true believers beside there is a massive number of people praying for the election before and after that was the case. It never got in the way he got it because people try to make well he got it right right which time a very different situation in America us will encourage you get to step back and soak it with all of our prayer, who did God put who is in the White House right simple question.

Let's see Dan respond that we are called to pray for all the Leanne said no one is like no that's like praying for the devil disagree. I can only rebuke and cast him as only appropriate for her than is so to say something because you can't disciple demon cast out flesh. Please somebody like me. Please call show and tell me why it's futile to pray for the salvation of Joe Biden, Harris, why it's futile to pray the cover turn their hearts, especially if you believe that God could use Donald Trump to do any good could schism, please explain. I'm honestly asking where is that mentality come from I'm I'm genuinely asking give me an insight because I don't see it to me. That is, that is unbelief that is deny who God is and that is deny how Jesus tells us how to pray some inputs. No meme upper we shut up manual picture Biden that sold me calling for prayer for by the responses we shut up then Bob in case you haven't noticed the fact we have Joe buns presently proves the goddess turned his back on his children. Satan is in control.

Since God's robe since I'm in control · just take over all.

God maybe judging us. God maybe turning us over for the judgment that could well be all the more we pray about in wrath remember mercy. Have a quick three saying not saying this noncontrol result, no Lord Satan is Lord Jesus is Lord Jesus and all authority in heaven and earth belongs to him. David, I think we should be praying for the real president back tonight kinds urge you to take your focus of Donald Trump and to put your focus on the Lord to take your focus on this floor than verses that flawed man versus this flowable was that Ford woman put your heart set it on the Lord Jesus said it on worshiping God the father and siblings you we are your children, how can we bring about good look. American Express is a fallen nation. America is best best day ever. As a foreign mixed nation. Total righteousness is on the kingdom of God want to bring the righteous is the kingdom of God and challenge America and every nation on the planet to live by America's fallen nation's best. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light a fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends on getting the recalls momentarily.

Listen 30 minutes from now were going to be continuing on the Esther to run you to China with her weekly Q&A chat so there's a heads up. You can join us for 15 Eastern time SK dear Brown, Esther to Brown on YouTube. The basis of the briefly read some scripture in the street.

Your calls in 2004 God began to bird me heavily about LGBT Q activism.

The tea wasn't as major word than this 2004 I'm selling the arm since then, that those who come out of the closet when put us in the closet with the call because the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage starting the late 70s I traveled with the band.

Locally, the New York tri-state area.

I play drums and then I would kinda preach during one of the songs and and it was a call for militant church to rise up care for the refugees care for the poor get involved in pro-life so that was late 70s, so to speak.

As a reward or care about a bullhorn who can I get blasted I care we been involved for decades been on the frontlines of culture was for years and years and years of done that similar peace to how committed and clogged BLM leaders and calling on spirits of the dead. It's like did you miss my articles on it, or radio broadcast on that. I understand all that. That's why voted the way I voted. I understand all these issues. I continue to be on the frontlines of stand for righteousness.

And I know the spirit that God calls us to walk it. Matthew chapter 5. These are the words of Jesus as your Lord, your master what this is. This is how his instructions. Matthew chapter 5, beginning in verse 43 Jesus said, you heard that it was said, you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.

So this is our attitude. Do you have an attitude of love for those who consider enemy and for those who persecute you. You don't see the New Testament praying down judgment kill them. Lord kill their children no save them, save them okay.

Romans chapter 12 Romans chapter 12 Paul is giving practical counsel to the Roman believer starting in verse 14.

Bless those who persecute you, bless and do not curse them. This is God telling us, do not curse those who persecute you less than pray blessing on for 17 repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, supports depends on you, live peaceably with all men love, never avenge yourselves believer to the wrath of God for his written, vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.

To the contrary, if this is our attitude. If your enemy is hungry, feed him if he is there to give some drink for by so doing you will heap burning coals on us according from Proverbs 25. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. We are of a different spirit friends. We stand for righteousness. We oppose wickedness and we pray for those who oppose us to go but save them open their heart open their mind change their laws. That's how we pray for our leaders. That is God's heart. I don't hate Joe Biden and on. Hey, Harris.

I hate Barack Obama and hate Donald Trump and he could go through it. I pray for them and some I could vote for and others I couldn't but I pray for them the same complicated hold of them make them into what he wants them to be God for bid that we never crossed my mind for split second reprint on curses on and by the way, I don't remember with those that say opposed Obama's ministries. I remember Christians praying down curses on him and his family and those of the postal Trump ring on curses on him.

It's this, like this new saying that that spread on the Internet a few months ago to pray. The imprecatory Psalms of over the Biden administration over those allegedly involved in electoral floors like the new fad will let's move out of that fat go back to being scriptural.

There were things that had a certain place under the Sinai covenant and Jesus said, you've heard that. Now, I'm calling you to something higher right to the phones. Let's go with that will start in Ankeny, Iowa. Kathy welcome back to the line of fire. Hi there. Okay yup I can. I wanted to couple think first of all thank you so much retain everything you're saying I'm one of those people feel like the election was not on my mirror like that. What brought but Joe Biden is our president now but we like it or not, and I will say that I pray I feel like when he first went into this whole thing.

He wasn't looking to lead our country or state of our country electronic copy of printed I think it was a public anything on his part.

And yet God got a hold of that part. Some degree, and at what started became kindergarten can happen all at once overnight we all know that anyone knows that I used to think it can happen. It doesn't effect me that change happens gradually got it you think the work on handling you more thing and you you you get better and better and stronger and stronger and the Holy Spirit and God. I do believe that at present truck went through the present. I think he had a cane part and not faint or manic perfect if I would meet him on the street with my best friend, absolutely not.

Absolutely not.

I like to think about that. I couldn't stand but if you think it got got a hold of the cart IQ think that there were decisions that were made by Donald Trump that were affected by the prayer that meant we could be praying for the salvation for the cane of of bike yeah and Camilla Harry L yet to see this. Kathy just to jump in the appreciate your attitude you believe the election was stolen but this is where things are that this is that the current reality. Therefore, we pray. Accordingly, and look I II take people at their word… Clear evidence otherwise solve comes to the run for president. I know I'm in the ones he cares about America. I believe that no those that got close to him told me to a person Donald Trump cares about America. Donald Trump loves America and he wants to help the country and those close to him said hey look, it was our godly influence in his life and prayers from that have to make many righteous good decisions that when you look at the list. A lot of it's very impressive. Despite the damage he did with his tongue and other decisions that he made. Yes, if a person Donald Trump did make a difference and look him in the Lord almost 50 years, my face consulates want to please you want to be everything you want to be edit this flesh in my life.

This is guesswork out of my life and all of us are works in progress all the more some incentive and saved how much more should we pray for God to intervene hate. Thank you for weighing in.

Let's go to Carla in Durham, North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown, I just wanted hopefully be a boy or company out there that want to get a thank you for what you're doing.

You are so refreshing in a church right now we need your ministry.

We need your radio program you did encourage you to keep doing what's right and keep the right mindset. I just felt like there's so many people who are diligent and really speaking through the media guy and through the lenses of hate get to be really honest. A lot of Christians heart have been untainted with this world and you you kind of have truly been anchor for me and my life and I want to say that so many of us are thanking you right now for this ministry and I did. I do encourage you and I just continue to pray and support your ministry across think that that really that this Mr. Grayson and obviously we don't go by public opinion to some people, like you, some don't put your things we pray for and runner faces for ask God to help us do, and that some of the very things that you share and look this world. The world system be at the right wing media, the left-wing media, be it one party or another. It's it's all part of this world and were called to something higher and better and then we come and bring influence into every area of this world so may our light shine and we're here to be encouragement, so call. The call means a lot to me in our team.

Thank you so much I appreciated your God bless you gutless 866-34-TRUTH of us go to Regina in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire hey tell you quite a bit and I don't think your complaint I got to part your complaint. The technician that it was probably a felon election. But oh well if it what it is we got expected by the Republic will file because he's not. I don't know you seasoning you can blastoff the second. I do not know if it was stolen out of in 1000% clear.

I do not know something of God have a strong inclination and wired to people with a fire in their belly, despite the Republic after the truth back and I will eat up in the White House. Now click bow down now. That's not what happened to you… As you could question. Are you really opposed to abortion, absolutely about what where the abortion clinics in your city. Can you tell me I Rob randomly wrote got it and are you involved in the local pro-life movement and out and would not awesome. I can't allow think about what you are a million percent better than most. Thank you, thank you for not being there. Okay, go ahead sound that is getting 30 more seconds.

Sourly day you would've probably got. I voted for Trump twice of you get you get by market traffic to contradicting you a probably better provided that you will will Regina Regina on the which you listen to.

I voted for Trump in 2016. Trump against Hillary comp against Biden Trump against any Democrat candidate. Here's the deal you're mishearing me. I'm glad I hope you get the pro-life movement. God bless you. God bless you and the shine for Jesus and help rescue many laws but you're missing most of what I'm saying.

My resolve is a strong as ever and something pray for Joe Biden salvation is a wrong

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