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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 26, 2021 6:40 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 26, 2021 6:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/26/21.

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Questions we got answers. The lines are open stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH Bureau, Jim is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to the line of fire.

Thanks for joining us this is Michael Brown it's Friday, which means you've got questions, we've got answers, just a quick reminder if you don't get my emails. So how would I know if you don't know that you probably don't get them to my website now asked Dr. SK dear sign up there to get a really neat free. Many e-books seven secrets of the real Messiah.

The first few days you will hear from us would spend every day with some real neat background. More my testimony vision of our ministry folks and truly appreciate those emails and then to three times a week to get an email from us a little, you know, our latest articles or latest videos were nearly have at least five new articles a week, multiple new videos each week available for you all for free and then special resources we put together so make sure you sign up over the website Esther to number to call any question of any kind, and if you want to talk to me about differ with me on press me on whatever 866-34-TRUTH that's the number to call and with that we go to Elizabeth and Albany, New York. Welcome to the line of fire character Dr. Brown and micron sure thing Carol I am a woman in her 30s, and I've been lately about Christian marriage and what is the ideal Christian marriage learn and come across confab or duplication of the Bible. They find disturbing the one being the concept of life, and whether the Bible from melt or allow for wife discipline and to what then can the husband and for authority, and I am big on first Corinthians 9 to 10. We talked about woman being me for it.the man and a man cannot be made to the woman and that he has the husband has the woman the wife to have authority on her head to the angel and I'm also basing on Ephesian 523 way talks about the had been being the head of the wife now.

I've heard that you would like other authority. The government charge our employers a court to enforce discipline when employed to misbehave or undesired behavior issue because the Bible is that the husband is the glory of life P2 10 cortical discipline her in the bay or break household and one more thing, even though disturbing movement within the church call Christian cortical by putting quick validated Christian Christian domestic get the plan which that of the Bible even allows the husband to corporately punish his wife just like you know he will punish a child and for them to come from people not everyone who believes. The patriarch of course, but people believe that can be built to believe in biblical patriarchy, where the husband displayed the lawgiver judge and punisher in the household topically.

There are some glaring issues with their but I want to know your opinion. If there any other any actual biblical grounds for this type of marriage and or household management. The cost of life and to what extent cannot go absolutely, absolutely not deathly not of us just not something that we model or follow and honestly is Nancy and I about to celebrate 45 years of marriage, and as many of our friends have been married for decades and decades I I've never met a single couple Christian couple any of our friends and Associates coworkers all these years who ever spoke in terms of a husband disciplining his wife disciplining children. Yes, the Bible's explicit right go through Proverbs talks about a Christ quite explicitly now what is it say in Ephesians 5, it does call for the wife to submit to her husband, but it calls for the husband to love his wife as Christ loved the church and to lay his life down for her and and any any situation. Marital situation where the husband sisters wife okay your grounded because it is listen to me.

You can't go out of the house. It is is emeritus ready in deep trouble.

Something is is terribly, terribly wrong and not. I couldn't imagine a situation like that if Nancy and I have a deep conflict and and and I felt that she was not honoring my leadership then before got a silicon heat God's just put me as the head of the house that I carry this ultimate responsibility. Let's let's get to the root what's going on here and work this through before God is in the courts as a colorful. We would work it through and we would address it and you know it when you reach everything the Paul writes, there is always ultimately a mutuality of submission. There is an understanding that each one is ultimately submitted to the Lord. If you think of this that the way the way a a a Christian slaveowner in the New Testament is called to treat a slave, so that was the system of the day and God's putting the liberation role truths and redemptive truth in the midst with that, ultimately, to the the end of slavery. Their given instructions on a certain level and the slaves on a certain level terms of their master and you have parents disciplining children was taught in the Bible you have no such language about husbands and wives, wives and husbands.

Nonesuch whatsoever and if if there is a marriage situation like use a single woman. If your husband civil bull. Although I agree with that disciplining thing in there that are right have to be a time to discipline a wife that's that's not the marriage you want this cut the setting wrong and you know to be to be totally honest, as is her call screener had just put up the subject disciplining a wife. I thought as a typo for discipling because that's the most bizarre thing I've seen so of course you got it exactly right. Yes. So I understand how someone could take Scripture and try to make it say something and will make these logical jobs.

But my question would be, since the Bible explicitly deals with the way parents can discipline children.

The weight explicitly tells fathers in the New Testament not to embitter their children the widest hundreds wives and to give the same thing. The husband's when you discipline your wives don't go too far or if you beat the make sure they don't bleed. No, I mean, that's that is utterly abusive, unscriptural and wrong. So I I do believe in the right marriage that when the husband is a godly man and leads in a godly way that the wife is is is in a very safe and protected place, and an honors that headship and submits to it and to me, though mass with Nancy and I every major decision we've ever made.

We made together and and I learned over the years that when when she had a strong warning about something and I didn't pray about it.

The warning was was real and I should pray that she ultimately absolutely looks to me to carry the burdens. She absolutely looks to me that to be that the head in that regard, a machine that she is the strongest person I know in terms of strength of will, but she absolutely looks to me as is the head of the homeless desk you take responsibility that's that's on you know so that that's very much a protected situation for but were making major decisions and we can relocate here are major new ministry endeavor. I made some major major thing I could imagine Scott doing its melody foolishness because the two of us are one so right. I would run from you got to try out a good everything backed up to put that ended.

I don't agree with that but what I read, though.

What worked go to advocate with the Bible clearly state that the husband is in authority and fell. If he cannot afford to authority that he didn't have any authority at all and build a big jump to the fact that will church you know if a Christian is living a life is church for rent and liturgical authority over the spiritual authority you don't have a job and we and we know to work late or do something against policy. We can expect that the plan thinking with the government of court, the government can punish out will break a lot. Why, why is there any foot of enforcement on behalf of the husband and I love you I love the push back the enforcement is husband. Let your life down for your wife. That's how that's how he enforces things by laying his life down and loving her, as Christ loved the church and nurturing her in the word.

Here's my simple pushback. I am not one with the government. Okay I I'm not one with the president or one with the police right but I am one with my wife.

The two become one. Not not only so, the Bible explicitly tells us in Romans 13 that the government has the sort of authority. The Bible expressly tells us in first Corinthians 5. How to excommunicate and do things with church authority. The fact you have none of that. Not even a hint of it anywhere in Scripture.

In terms of a husband and wife relationship ultimately there is something called separation and if there are violations that go beyond things and of sexual morality things, the potential of divorce but but that's it.

And again, the idea that some would push for this is is either bad cultural background or bad interpretation of Scripture I say is one example.

One example above. Just one ones will suffice me where where the the husband in the Bible is going to physically enforce how out. Give me one example of a godly beating a husband eating or striking a wife in the Bible, while thank you, thank you for the call and you know the guy you don't want to marry for sure that the least check that part of it.

Obviously just talking to. That's that self-evident. Alright God bless you and we will be right back 866-34-TRUTH I tell you what I don't want to get to another call right yet because otherwise communicate your question out before the break, but if you don't yet have my book on Christian anti-Semitism. I think you'll find it to be a real eye-opener. And as I said this of doing many interviews on it almost always the first question is you said that this is a book you didn't want to write but you had to write it. Why when you start reading it was why these issues are so pressing for a day. If you have read it in the books been a blessing to you please post review on Amazon River process of you. You goal good reason.

Things like that just to help others because that the bashers will come out and don't read the book of who attack it because they share those anti-Semitic feeling so would like to balance those out with good honest reviews okay will be right back and get to more of your calls, 866-348-7884. That's number to call number and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown dear Brian, I Facebook the idea of a husband physically disciplining the wife. Sounds like something comes from a dangerous cult. Absolutely hate welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH you've got questions, we've got answers go to another Elizabeth Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Welcome to the line of fire, sure thing here so much for your husband and I really care about their time at college white thank you so much, probably tell I think you really appreciate is that you that you 20. If you find 53 where you talk about Brown that had fallen on coming out hearing my iMac yes so the first thing that's interesting is that only Matthew records that the second thing is we don't have any other ancient witnesses that recorded in the third thing is it's a little hard to see at first glance is saying that the tombs opened at the time of the crucifixion and then the dead got out after the resurrection walked around the city that seems to be that the order of things and in other words, they tombs open and then they get out of the grave with the resurrection and then the fourth thing in the obvious question is what happened to them afterwards. So here's the here's the deal. All we know is was written there.

There is, we don't have any other information beyond that and Matthew obviously did writing assumes that if it was so big why didn't some of those right will. Matthew wrote it and told us about it and perhaps others didn't write it of the Gospels because Matthew did I mean there is debate about ordering who wrote what, when, and things but it's quite extraordinary. It's obviously indicating the significance of the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus and and basically that this is symbolic of what happens to others. In other words, he is the firstfruits prescriptions 15 tells us twice that the Messiah being raised from the dead is the firstfruits of those who sleep, so his resurrection is, is that the precursor of our future resurrection and this is almost almost to say it's such a powerful advantages brought other dead people up with it is almost the reverse of a bomb with collateral damage shows that the repercussions of the bomb spread this kind of the collateral.

Powerful results of resurrection and we don't know anything else beyond that.

In other words, did these people get taken up to heaven. Did they just disappear. Did they subsequently die again, we don't know, but simply, they are just the awesomeness of the power that raised Jesus from the dead raised others as well and that's what we get out of it. Beyond that, it's all a matter of speculation. We just don't have any more information.

Great. Now you know it's it's interesting, Elizabeth.

When I said I started studying biblical languages in college and then learning more about the ancient cultures and and then reading some of the ancient church writings.

I thought wow I'm going to get all this background get all these questions asked but they're still just lots of things that we don't have any other information, and if you if you want to have like a really neat you to spot and get millions of people watching.

Then make up all kinds of things and claim that you discovered all this and people come flocking to you but in fact is we just know we know here so he appreciate the call and the kind words Elizabeth sure thing Douglas hate limb to say one.

One quick thing in terms of of Elizabeth thanking me for being Scripture grounded and things I remember listening to a guy the radio when I was first saved and and he used to talk about how he was the only guy preaching sound doctrine on the radio and is thinking maybe it was a little bit after I was saved from the Kuiper used to say that he's the only guy preaching sound doctrine on the radio and you see here that you just have to smile through self deceit. Does he actually think that the moment you do. You've really disqualified yourself in that statement that the thing that we can all do, though, as do our best to push people into Scripture really do scriptural thinking and really dig and learn if we can help you do that then then that'll be a great reward. All right let us go to Cassie in St. Louis, Missouri.

Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown for taking my call.

Sure thing ever a right time to pray. 109 first date with a fork government leader with tentmakers date and other take it off. I think that first date is okay to pray, but the issue I have with it is the remaining bird in the rest of the are asking for. I think horrible things to happen that I would want for my worst enemies such as children of the fatherless wipe the window children wandering about bagging creditors using everything so on. Yet I've heard a lot of people in the church stated they regularly pray that I noticed that the imprecatory ashes wondering if you ever pray that absolutely not. I would not pray that were government leader in America. If if there was someone who was on a murderous tear. In other words, there is a terrorist, going through our community and slaughtering people. I would ask God to intervene, I would ask God to rescue his people.

I would ask God to bring that person to repentance and if they won't repent, for God to deal with them and I would leave it to God as to how to do that but I will absolutely not pray imprecatory Psalms over government leaders here in America or in other other countries where it's a really dangerous thing.

Just to be as candid as I can. It is a terribly dangerous thing that I'm witnessing online now II have watched Christian leaders passionate passionately going to is praying these over those that they believe were involved with electoral fraud cycle so that is now become the greatest evil of all evils in America and your you're going to call down curses on them and their children. Are you kidding me I'm a what have we completely forgotten the words of Jesus to pray for those who persecute you took to love our enemies to overcome evil with good. So is the use of the imprecatory Psalms in general opens up all kinds of issues for the very reasons you said because you don't just pray that one verse those if you can't pray the verses that follow, and pray for all kinds of horrific judgment to come on the future generations. If you can't pray that with a clean conscience before God. You better not to spoil that that one verse and in the it's us playing God. What about the people that look to Donald Trump and felt that his leadership style was terribly destructive, and therefore pray that prayer about him and his unit and his children, or those that thought that the George Bush got us involved in a bad war in Iraq. So, to pray the prayer for him. Those who thought that Barack Obama was a divisively pray the prayer for him. Meet wow it it is it is so contrary to the spirit of what Jesus taught and instead what what Paul says and and he writes remember Cassie he writes of the time when you have men like Nero, as as leaders of Rome and in Romans 13 meant to be applied at times like that and he says it in in in in Romans 13 that they are authorities that are placed by God in power that was that. There's no authority outside of God's of their their role is to do good. They often do evil so that's what you pray for them. First Timothy two. What is he say pray for them to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, you know, I've gotten pushback and it is ugly, and it is vile and it is destructive and it is a partisan fleshly political spirit that has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit and the character of Jesus.

I have posted on Facebook. First Timothy 21 through four, the day of Pres. binds inauguration posted first Timothy 212 forward cells is exactly how to pray for leaders that's that's all the more.

Pray for kings willing to have any any authority in terms of getting them in or out of power, right here. We have a Democratic Republic we can vote, but praying for kings rules as it quoted the words of first Timothy 2124 and then I said, let us pray and I quoted those exact words for Pres. Biden. VP Harris I got blasted for that numerous people blasting attacking how dear you, your weight, your baby killing your communist your capitulating I'm. It was utterly insane.

I know only wanted to. I mean, dozens, and does, I would never praise I wrote pray for the devil outside.

Pray for the antichrist, so the demonization of our political opponents, those who we we have different ideologies with the demonization of them. Then the this spirit of cursing the spirit of of calling down fire on her enemies. It is contrary to the gospel so I I pray for Joe Biden. I pray for, Harris, the guy would get hold of them that he would transform them that he would save them and give them a heart for righteousness and give my heart for what is best for America on the pray got shortened their days are God, remove or curse them or curse their children God for bid and if you you had real issues. Pres. Trump, God forbid you prayed, negative, destructive prayers for him when store told how to pray, pray for their salvation.

Pray that they would come to the knowledge of the truth we could with peaceful quiet lies in all godliness and honesty. That's how Scripture instructs us to pray extra attitude towards them. Bless those who curse you, love your enemies. If you have an issue with that taken up with Jesus. Cassie, thank you so much for asking the question, 866-34-TRUTH, we will be right back with more of your calls hey was last time you read through the sermon on the mount they want to give it a read the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire down by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown looking to modifier the questions God answers. We read Scripture to Matthew five, beginning in verse 43 the words of our Savior.

If that was said love your enemy know so what you heard. You've heard that it was said love your neighbor and hate your enemy of we should do this. Jesus said, I tell you love urinate. No, no he doesn't, he says love your and them love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you think Saul of Tarsus was a real bad guy think he became the mightiest apostle servant leaders prayer for him to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you the you may be children of your father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you Ward will you get that even the tax collectors doing that if you greet only your own people what you do more than others do not even pagans do that. Be perfect. Therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Our heart attitude should be one of great love even for those who are our enemies's that if you cut us we bleed love and let the world see that our love one for another, and our love even for our enemies. I let's go to Lucas in Dalian Springs, Florida. Welcome to light a fire, Dr. Brown, Michael sure thing I've been doing a study on how confession of Scripture. I've been looking at what level are constructed to the people of Israel and the law of Moses, and one note one package that and thought it would dedicate 21 talking about him Yunker for the day of atonement aldehyde pre-one instructed to confess over the goat that would be spent in the wilderness them.

Basically all the fins of the children of Israel. So you know whether the tree they would make a record of the thin confess whatever members of the community would bring a sacrifice bursting as outlined in passages such as numbered 55 through eight with a keep a record for the Yunker pork confession or was it done some other way, and also what you think is the most direct new covenant tie into the yeah I appreciate the question, there is no evidence that there was a record of sins And that the and Woodley they would now confess all those that that would've been absent quite a long confession.

The best we understand that it was generic and then what we what has been preserved and developed over the centuries in the synagogue is a very comprehensive list.

Just about every imaginable sin.

So if you ever been to a synagogue service traditional service on Yom Kippur. There is there long prayers that you pray for this in this and this and this and this.

I mean you cover the whole gamut of things to cover the the nation so that that's the best we can understand these things would've been confess generically and then it got into longer and longer lists as prayers would would develop over a period of time the principles though of confession are unimportant. We have an in the book of Proverbs where teaches that whoever covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy. We know that will be pray according to Lord's prayer were asking God to forgive us for our sins also called debt so there is that making it known to God. We do know that in first John one. Specifically, it says if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. In first on 19 and then verse is ongoing in the Greek, which is not the confession of sin, for salvation but but rather confession of sin for cleansing for washing on a relational level.

You know we we do have the the the Pharisee and the tax collector, Luke 18 where that the tax collector can even raise his head and just as God have mercy on the center to have those types of confessions but generically. First John 19 is is the ongoing cleansing of our over alive so there is the coming to God recognizing on the center asking for mercy being saved by grace and now relationally dislike with a husband and wife.

If there's something wrong you fix it and get it right relationally.

If we confess our sins is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we haven't sin we make God into a liar and the truth is in us so that would be a New Testament parallel, but in terms of the annual atoning forgiveness of Hebrews is clear. We have a once for all atonement through the cross.

In fact, thank you. I thank you for the question, 86634 we go to Ryan and San Diego, California. Welcome to light a fire. Dr. Brown first swallowed like the bio much I appreciate your ministry ministering in the spirit of power, love, and of sound mind and also wanted to say that in a fine way that many people curse Jesus the man later came back and cried out salvation. I do believe that many people have been thinking evil against you in your ministry.

I believe that when the dust settled, many of Memorex going to come your ministry to receive truth and healing funds for the question about why I appreciate that and you listen.

We've all every one of us at one point in life.

Another makes a mistake and has to go back to solicit him misjudged you why I acted wrongly.

Please forgive me and and I receive so much grace from God. Over the years. His mercy is of how to go back to him, Lord, I blew it. Forgive me, or tell my wife or friends. I'm sorry it blew that.

Forgive me, that I want to extend that same mercy and grace to others and you look sometimes people are upset, you know, I've been upset. Nancy tells me something I want to hear and then our latest like on your right.

Thank you so there are people that are upset with me now because of things have said either about the president present tromp or things about even with Sting surrounding him are the failed prophecies and are upset with me because they love God I love truth yet.

I think the be back then that they don't need to grovel was we just move on together but but I have that yeah I could not have the same thing myself.

Yeah you observe. So my question is about control profit.

Biblically, our referent vertical line in that movie the main villain already had a large group of hiding of the following empty coat bedroom at the end of the movie when Charlie was unable to find of the more they actually build a though as I read many of the social media comments from somebody of his truck, profit, followers, they actually admit that by crying out for you.Buffalo comments as well, and while it was a heartily possible that Trump would be elected at one point in time. Many of those profits were sleep a lot of praise from his followers, but as many of them recanted those probably the height of the start come out.

My question is do you believe that the truck profit yet to repent. Could possibly be motivated by the fear of their followers in the same way that scar may appear the hyenas them. Likewise, if I might it fall. The people more than God, yet so here my thoughts.

Obviously you're asking a broad generic question and and only God knows Woodson in people's hearts. I always do my best to believe the best about someone in less I have indisputable clear evidence to the contrary, right. So in terms of someone's motivation or why they do a certain thing.

That's what I try to do if God gives me an insight that's confirmed factually great but otherwise I do my best to believe that the best so why would someone still be hanging on and still say, no, no, you watch you watch some's gonna happen in a few days.

By April Bynes can be replaced by tromp. Why would they still be be hanging on it.

In my view if I'm looking at this, believing the best that I can. It wouldn't be so much fear of of their followers, turning on them is is happen say with Jeremiah Johnson, or some others went when he apologize for prophesying wrongly and repented it wit it wouldn't be that as much as one to say that they're wrong is quite shattering when you been that that sure that long to sit at your own three humbling you know in the in in 1982 is God began to deal with me that I had left my first love and that scholarship to become an idol in my life very difficult for me to admit to that, because that had in my path for years and this was now, this is not my wisdom and my maturity. What are some wisdom and maturity, but was really mixed with leaving my first love and and that was the biggest thing my pride in saying I was wrong. Even getting say that was a bigger issue for me than drugs, but my pride in having the humbleness myself and so was wrong so I think when you really believe her daughter that you put your whole heart and soul into it. If you been confirmed in its say you're wrong and that's shattering and and and then with that if you say wrong. Perhaps the fear thing is if I built up a following here I am teaching Jewish apologetics on unknown for debating rabbis and doing all that to get up and say you know I really haven't understood messianic prophecy correctly. All my books are that there rocks like what what. So that's if if there's a fear it doesn't strike me as much the fear the people turning on them but of disappointing your followers of of you holding yourself up as some kind of authority or some kind of voice and and now you're wrong in proving to be wrong is devastating.

So it but it's terribly dangerous. It's terribly dangerous. I just want to appeal to everyone, still believing for some of the happen. Please don't let this continue to just go on and on and on and on and then you just gonna walk on your way and to related.

Don't be a hit-and-run leader. Don't don't don't set your people up or hurt and in despair and disillusionment and then when things don't pan out. You just can't go on. Though you can stop and only if, solicit appeal from the heart. I thank you sir for the call. I appreciate Bo.

I never saw lion King of anyway. All right, let's go to Albuquerque, New Mexico Joseph, welcome to the line of fire. I don't ever hate my question is uncle Betty Huber well there a few different ways to approach this one is you just get one of the standard books get unchristian bookworm Amazon. Just look for biblical Hebrew and you'll see books like Gary practical and others that are there basic grammars and then you can get them where they have keys for for lessons or for tests during things like that so that's the most basic level, and I'd I taught myself difficult Hebrew out of a very technical grandma Thomas Landon which which I would recognize for for self teaching that that's that's why went through it was taking modern human college. She's got my books and another thing is that you can get some that have CDs DVDs that go with them.

If you just look for learning biblical Hebrew with with a CD or DB's DVD set that takes the self-help to a little higher level get a little more instruction a little more practical elementary the.

The third option is that you can actually learn with the teacher online that there are different programs so you can just type learn biblical Hebrew online so you can be paying more for that thing like seven teacher giving you lessons or part of a class we just get one of books like Gary practical, one of the others on basics and get on the supplemental CD or DVD or get yourself into an online class. All right best. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Wish I had a few more hours calls but as many as we can. 866-34-TRUTH. We start with Stephen in chagrin Falls, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hate to have us turn down there and you really are there listening. I know I have. Now I go ahead okay you were talking earlier this week like hearing on to conspirators. The and you want to hear from people who have come out of that yeah have family members that are still interested in it in a few years ago I was I would like the defendant every conspiracy (and couldn't believe in all of them but I was obsessed with trying to figure out which ones were real and which ones were fake and came out of it for about a year and 1/2 ago or so, and I could just get a little bit of insight into what little what do you in first just in ensuring obvious is what this could be a long conversation but Ensure what do you ever get a grip.

I think what kind of draws people in there that aspect to it.

Of like having just like secret college fairs you through the book of Enoch like the fallen angels were sharing forbidden knowledge with people and it's just it's very alluring learning about the things that I think of Christian work were creatures of faith. I think a lot of times these things have very promising. I just promised to them in the truth but to try to share with you the methods which I share with you, and it definitely did. It's addicting, your edge and read the Bible.

I wasn't really interested in that.

I didn't understand having like a relationship with God. At that time, but having a skeptical mind from being in conspiracy I apply that the Bible actually I didn't grow up in a church that talked about spiritual gifts or anything in them, 28 years old when I first heard about speaking in tongues. I started reading compulsively the New Testament and instantly I could tell it was real spiritual gifts to real Scripture is real. God is real. I like I need to turn my life around just like I compulsively read the New Testament like a punk straight and then I think in about three months I read the entire Bible.

Twice through some definitely a lot more clear out of the.

But it's important. I've been following on Twitter and just think of a talk about this week and it's a heated conversation and you bring up cueing on and it is it is spicy. I mean you got people to family. The important part of the stuff and I the end of the day you don't know whether we believe it or not, people got you to just calm down. If you want me to relax, what you Stephen like when you're being one when there's a spirit of fear that's being appealed to, and even even provoked when you really believe in the worst possible conspiracy theories and how can you calm down and there's no connection to God with it the faith with it the peace of heart and mind. No, saw the table and we just share the gospel with my neighbor that's something I can do you you are caught up in this other other world so I'm so pleased to hear that the Lord work in your life and help you and another thing that's so sad when I had Prof. James Beverly on with meat to talk about his book. She went on deception. Although I knew it was real issue and he had devoted months of day and night research to putting this together in writing the book and work with the team and really did an amazing job on it. What what grieves me shock me, pain me was the amount of response pushback from folks follow me on social media.

Your Facebook page is our biggest by far and immediately I thought if if I didn't know that this thing was evil even cultlike. I knew it now based on the most severe responses and it what I also found it was so painful to see because I care about these people and out on the most one person that I care about them.

I want to see them blessed and thriving in God is that let's I have a controversial guest on on one subject of an issue people to hate Dr. Brown would. You can consider having someone else.

On the other side said yeah you bet was different with cueing on the moment I said James Beverly can come on and talk about this. I got up I will never listen to get your part of the deep state your own. I'm going some relevant and that the the sense the hypersensitivity to itself. Stephen as as you really come to know the Lord.

That's the biggest thing to know him that that intimacy and to experience his reality and for word to fill your heart mind this that happens we just not going to go the way of mass deception. Hey, thank you for calling and sharing that I really really appreciate it and listen friends. No condemnation. If you sincerely thought hate this is for justice for this is to stop child trafficking work was evil and corruption is the world is filled with evil and corruption and Satan is ultimately the conspiratorial leader behind it and the weapons we have a gospel weapons by which we fight. All right let us go to Mauricio in Chicago, Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire. All you talk about peremptory book all orbitals are also applicable while all adverse with your baby. Top. You talk about. And so my question do me being a mature believer are having years of experience in the faith and just being how how following expression of both old by expanding on the truth of God in your passion for how to mature believer goal. You know I will. I believe in Christ and I will give my love for Christ. The cost of final light just like being my all the disciples and the persecution that they have to go through of the old worker a Christian even expect being how much it'll all is have surely become a trip to think that I'm getting through all your income to that realization. How do you how to all my question would be out of the mature believer get to that sort of my yeah I think it's it's little decisions we make. Day by day and then in the crisis moment making the right decision and, in other words, it's only if you prepare yourself one day okay on the on and be strong enough if they take me off to prison torture me that I want to know the Lord is in ourselves will fail, or if they put a gun to my head out on them on the build up to being strong enough for that to not deny Jesus… Every day we make little decisions make little decisions to obey little decisions to honor the Lord little decisions not to be ashamed of him little decisions to to not compromise or conviction for the sake of convenience, and then that becomes lifestyle the becomes who you are and then you have a crisis moment you can be fired from your job and lose the career of your dreams. If you hold your Christian values.

I have to hold to my value seek should be making the little decisions and then when that day comes you.

Be strong.

If you're strong there.

The be the grace and even greater test so it's the day by day decisions of obedience walking intimately with the Lord.

We fall short, being quick to repent. Follow the truth where it leads even if it leads to inconvenient difficult conclusions.

Be determined to follow the truth, that when there's a crisis moment in leave have to leave everything or lose everything. Following the Lord, you'll make that right decision at that moment because there's been that steady pattern. Conversely, if we compromise Conroy's compromise little here little there. When that test comes what will collapse.

In other words, if if I can't run 1/10 of a mile without collapsing on the computer, run a mile on that day, but her father working out regularly regularly regularly push myself that's official harder, it's there. It's built-in. And then we just trust God, we recognize our own weakness in ourselves lean hard on him. He thank you sir for the question. All let's go to Jamaal in Albany, New York. Time is short so dive right in with your questions or hello hey Jamaal you're on the air go ahead.

Are you a question about about the prophet Isaiah the prophet Isaiah. He worshiped yet. I will write you worship the one true God. Do I pronounce his name Yahweh.

But go ahead yeah but I got a question in the book of acts chapter 28, 25, no policy and that the Holy Ghost was speaking through the prophet Isaiah 40 with murder.

Okay the question because you know a lot of people. They think that they believed that Jawa is a demon you not actually God who believes that a lot of people to believe that that he is not that he is not the actual God but he that is one of thing in preening. Yeah so so here's the deal.

Jamaal Jesus tells us in John 12 that Isaiah saw him that Isaiah so Jesus himself, and that the name that you mention Jawa you pronounce it differently, but in Hebrew youth. Hey vav peso in English we say W a Isuzu YHWH occurs about 6300 times in the Hebrew Bible and that is God's name.

That is who he is. He is Yahweh. Older Christian translation said Jehovah, so anyone that says he's a lesser DAD or demon that someone who mocks the Bible that someone who takes the Bible and throws it out because that name is found more than any other name in the entire bubble more than the name of Jesus you would hey vav a WYH a Yahweh. Older translations Jehovah that is the name of the covenant God of Israel, and the one who most fully expresses himself the person of his son Jesus, a friends, let's fight error with truth.

Second Corinthians 13 a Paul writes nothing against the truth only for

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