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Why Did Amazon Ban This Book?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 23, 2021 4:50 pm

Why Did Amazon Ban This Book?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 23, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/23/21.

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Why on earth would Amazon ban. This book used for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Molly Hemingway called it digital book burning know the Nazis and other repressive regimes in the past burned books books that were considered objectionable books that were looked at as a threat to their system books that they deem to be unsuitable horrific practice.

You would think you'd see it in America but in a sense it's happening the stunt digital platform so explain what were talking about in a moment why it's important to you. Welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you serving as your voice tomorrow, Saturday, and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often and compromise is a medical 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 was calling regarding what we talked about yesterday latest conspiracy theory that were debunking as we seek to move on from the elections move onto a God's calling us to do here and now 866-34-TRUTH you can weigh in on our subject for today as well. Bottom of the hour will be joined by Jeff Johnston from Focus on the Family talk about your kids in school, some important things that you need to know it will be a helpful equipping time before I talk about the latest book that Amazon has purchased canceled banished band before talk about that just want to comment briefly on the Supreme Court decision not to hear the Pennsylvania case or other cases dealing with alleged election fraud or violation of state rules and things like that and up. There's a discussion about this.

Just want to play this for you from the news and then they'll give you my comments on it and will move on let's listen together by Justice Clarence Thomas issuing a big warning today about the future of US election. Justice Thomas dissenting of the High Court ruled 63 not tribute to Pennsylvania presidential election cases Thomas argued, the court should look at the cases to resolve whether not legislators like election officials or courts have any power to set election rules like using Millon voting restrictions writing these cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority not legislative officials had to set election rules and to do so well before the next election cycle.

The refusal to do so is inexplicable now.

Thomas says it's fortunate that election rulings by Pennsylvania Supreme Court did not involve enough ballots to affect the outcome of the 2020 election, but he argued changes to mail-in voting or other election rules right before an election make the voting process prone to fraud and mistrust writing we failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules now be again failed to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election my hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling by doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. Thomas's dissent comes as all house Democrats signed on to a new election reform bill today known as the for the people act Democrats say it would create national automatic registration expand early voting and simplifying voting by mail. Republicans argue it would undermine election integrity. The bill is set to be looked at in early March was Fox News prime time here my comments on this number one.

I agree with Justice Thomas that the Supreme Court missed an excellent opportunity. He was joined by Justices Alito and Gorsuch sided with him the John Roberts sided with the liberal justices and Amy Connie Barrett said she did not have sufficient time to review that sushi officially sides with the others. That's what comes out. Basically, some 63 but I agree with Justice Thomas that this was a great opportunity to review this. Why wouldn't the court do it. It look if nothing happened. Then put people's minds at rest. If things were done wrongly and give us guidelines for the next election because a good percentage of the populace questions the integrity of the elections. So to me, the court missed a golden opportunity. That's on the one hand, on the other hand please notice what Justice Thomas said that there were not enough votes in dispute to have changed the Pennsylvania outcome.

So, in his view, even if things were done wrongly, or local fishes. Officials overstep their bounds. What happened was not in any way going to actually affect who won the election. That's another important thing to notice. Now one of the comet Mike Lindell of my pillow fame has been sued by Dominion software was $1.3 billion for allegedly defaming their company and claiming that there was widespread fraud through their voting machines. He has said he's really happy. This is happened because this is going to force everything out in public. Everything is going to come to light, so may everything come to light. If there has been massive fraud. May it be exposed if there has not been massive fraud may be put to rest. May everything come to light, so that people may move on to set a discussion moments before radio about this and I think folks are so entrenched and he decided that the election was stolen it wasn't gonna know how many really want to hear factual analysis but but I trust many do so. Let everything flush out, especially before the 2022 election so that there can be voter confidence. Okay. One other thing that we get the Amazon so I I have a number of people quite a few upset with me for bringing up the queue and on stuff in the March 4. Dayton Trump is allegedly gonna be inaugurated on the tip why my dealing with it at all and I'm dealing with it because a lot of people out there still hold to. You'd be amazed at the people were hearing from in different parts of America and other nations. The people were hearing from senior were dealing with this right on community were dealing with this right known church were dealing with this with leaders yeah it's it's out there friends. It's a real problem. Plus, I felt the Lord laid on my heart to address it therefore did that very thing.

But others are upset with me from a different angle. How dare you, gives you the right why you speaking out about these things in here just to give you an idea of what were dealing with the level of deception that's out there level of people.

They may be sincere. They may really think that they were standing for a good cause, but the amount of of deception.

It's out there, look at this tweet, I sent this out last night we did it last night in terms of the feedback I got an and it's it says this you will hang on. I'm just gonna pull it up on a different screen because we just did a software update moments before I got on the air today and there is something blocking my screen so I've got to go to another screen here here's here's what I tweeted for exposing the latest cueing on deception. I was told that I'm a globalist puppet that I sound like the lying Satanic world system and that I would've called for the crucifixion of Jesus, all the more reason to keep exposing these dangerous laws that have infiltrated the church, my whole burden in calling his friends let us move on with his put these conspiracy theories aside, let us put questions in terms of who is president right now site. There is one reality in terms of who is the president and let us move forward with our task as followers of Jesus with us concentrate on what we can do if you're still convinced there is electoral fraud.

Keep praying for God to bring things to light and get on with the business at hand which is being a disciple and making disciples. Let's get on with that one other thing I find really ironic all every so often I'll do this, not from my sake but to find out the pulse of those who are listening, watching, reading, what we put out was I know what God's called me to do your best to honor him. If we have 10 people listening to us or 10 billion people on 10,010,000,000 people listening to us. Either way, my goal is to honor the Lord and serve him dislike of your ministry. You can't measure things by outward success or results you have to measure things on obeying the Lord and seeing the good fruit that he brings and I can come in many ways this does come in big packages, so I'm not personally goes through Christ will or the people like what I'm saying. Are they happy with it I might not know my my questions Lorna my honoring you my pleasing you bring glory to name of my helping your people and sometimes it's appreciated. Sometimes it's not what so every so often. Every few years I've asked the question, not not to determine my calling, but to see what's helping you and what's going on in your life.

So just to just to see how these things are impacting you that's all. So I asked once last year for the last time I did it was last year I said would you prefer that I was just teaching the Bible describes the Scripture teaching the Bible or that I was giving biblically-based commentary on political issues, cultural issues, things like that. What's helping. I know my calling, but I just one note from your viewpoint. Terms of what you're looking for what you need will overwhelmingly one of essence. I mean, overwhelmingly, almost embarrassingly slick. Yikes.

I didn't expect response like this, thousands of people. Dr. Brown please keep that Dr. Brown please keep addressing political cultural structure of please it's important don't back down. Michael don't stop. Please don't like that I mean overwhelmed literally to the point are embarrassing, but I didn't ask to hear all that praise and positivity I'd I'd asked us to really know in your life. Is this the or or is defined many others doing this as well.

So what I find ironic is is when I challenge the popular narrative of the moment when it when a challenge and that the bring attention to the failed prophecies which constitute the cueing on conspiracy or help people to get their eyes off trumpet and back on on the Lord if they put too much emphasis on Trump. I find it ironic that some of the same people that were cheering me on. We need your political culture, if you know to tell me the politics is not your thing man Stan Elaine just try to win the lost right you ready Elaine here has spell out what I'm saying things that people like him in my life was in that same laying tell them things they don't like I'm out of my lane. Hey. The good news is on them do my best to honor the Lord and and and I'm so blessed by those that send this encouraging words. Not because it lifts me in our team up because were meeting a need and were helping and you sent hey that medicine you gave maybe didn't taste good but it's it's really helped August. Metaphorically speaking, but that also means sometimes minister some things up you don't like but got on the Lord because he was right in his sight. If I do that I know. Ultimately, if you love the Lord will affect me also okay will come back talk about the latest book and by Amazon.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire, 8664 truth is the number call oh roughly one hour for that little under one hour from now for 15 Eastern time with three team is turn on Eastern time now for 15 Eastern time will be doing a weekly exclusive YouTube chats a little bit*Brent SK DR Brown for 15 or exclusive weekly YouTube chat. We understand those watching on Facebook and YouTube are seeing a :-) and moving lips, but no audio which really does not help you. Does it but gobbling will get that resolved during the broadcast.

And if not, we will post with the audio. We will add it in. Later in August and regular caveman sound loud and clear here. All right.

July 5, 2019.

I posted an article titled, will Amazon ban the Bible next was the title of the article. July 5, 2019 will Amazon ban the Bible. Next it and I posted that article because Amazon had removed the books of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. Critics will call him that the father of conversion therapy is conversion therapy is negative turn to them, but Dr. Nicolosi respected professional who really pioneered helping man with unwanted same-sex attraction and if they could ban his books and the theology that undergirds it technical.

She was a Catholic but is his his work with secular work but if they could ban his books talking about change in effective methods of counseling and things like that will about the Bible which talks about the possibility of change, including for those who are same-sex attracted or may not have sex with men. What what about that so I dressed it and I asked the question. After all, it is the Bible to condemn same-sex relationship and the Bible speaks of those who once practiced homosexuality, but do so no more these people today would be known as ex-gays was Dr. Nicolosi's life work to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction so I asked why should Amazon ban his books.

Nicolosi's books but continue to sell the Bible which provides the theological underpinnings for Dr. Nicolosi's scientific work. So since then, Amazon banned the stories or books of other ex-gays, folks that I know their books got banned by Amazon as well. But in an amount, Amazon is now gone was deferred so please understand what this means. This matter Jesus change your life does not. If you can help with professional counseling. If you want to tell your story, your ex get your extra trance you want to tell your story get it up for the world to hear.

Then Amazon they just ban you from getting your story out or practical things that helped in your life Amazon they just ban you. That's how that's a bad this is a bear in mind that that Amazon sells all consecrated books.

I was just did a search last night LGBT start insert some things in different titles come up when I look to see with tells about obviously but porn LGBT porn books. Whenever explicit whatever title seemed quite explicit or underwear for cross-dressers. That's okay. But if you have a book talking about changing your own life from same-sex attraction.

That's us for bid.

Mr. that this is really crazy extreme friends right right Anderson had a book best-selling book debuted. I believe number three in August 2018 on Washington Post bestsellers. Nonfiction list paperback when Harry became Sally suits addressing the transgender moment. It's based on solid scientific research and raising serious questions about transgender activism suddenly it's gone disappear and and right Anderson print this. I hope you've already bought your copy because Amazon just remove my book when Harry became. Sally responded to the transgender moment from their cyber shells before other books are still available. This gone without explanation. Dare not cross the transgender act was line and and one the present Bidens pushing very hard gobbling tomorrow will have on the radio with this Mets.

They were talking about the equality act.

You don't you'll miss this Mets. They were from blue because you do not want to miss tomorrow's broadcast and the things that will discuss that you need to know here in America. Molly Hemingway, the Federalist may be seen on conservative commentary on the news or just appearing on different news outlets liquid Molly having Molly Hemingway tweeted our tech overlords are engaged in a type of digital book burning for thoughtful and important works produced by their most effective political opponents. It's horrible for to happen anywhere but appalling that this is happening in this country so writing a scientifically based. Well researched book, raising concerns about transgender activism.

The effects of hormones and surgery on children and things like that in minors for doing that you get band on Amazon I'm in Amazon. It still sells Hitler's Mein Kampf. For example, come on, what is so dangerous about this book except he tells the truth and exposes the error of some aggressive trans activist talking points so maybe right Anderson is like some crazy bigoted guy. Maybe it's dangerous stuff in life you've read the book. This is not the case ever heard speak and see it's it's not the case. But here, let's let's go to his author page just to find a little bit about him on Amazon all the starter he's the president of the ethics and Public policy Center and the founding editor of public discourse. The online Journal of the Witherspoon Institute, Princeton, New Jersey. His PhD in political philosophy from the University of Notre Dame and his research has been cited by two Supreme Court justices into Supreme Court cases. His work is imposed by the New York Times and Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Oxford University press, Cambridge University press. The Harvard Journal of Law and Public policy, the Harvard health policy review the Georgetown Journal of law and public policy.

First things the Claremont review of books, and national review. That's that's just the beginning of his bio and yet Amazon has seen fit to ban his book. There was a book written in response, a book written in response to him what was the title.

This was Kelly Novak and it was called the Warner is it let Harry become Sally responded to the anti-transgender moment. The book is is so poor. According to reviewers owning a 27 total ratings hardly sold right and if so Barnes & Noble they're still selling when Harry became Sally Sue cannot have the book in the Barnes & Noble, but the book responding to a Kelly Novak only 27 total ratings in Amazon which is nothing for the departments, nothing at all about 1.9 starts so that that's under under two obviously an and in a five star rating is is the best. The vast majority of my books have a rating C between 4.54.874 point like is always be critics and people like us even writing controversial stuff. Only people enjoying and appreciating the books in their playbook set of ratings high.

The minded really really appreciate you get a book rated this poorly is also the Christians, to bash, generally speaking, that's not how it works with a book that's written Pro LGBT talking points there only be a flood of positive reviews just de facto and then those would be attacking Saybrook like my can you begin Christian or attacking Ryan Anderson's hair became Sally Franklin's book 1st came out. He had to get Amazon to purge a bunch of false reviews were people and read the book. Just writing attacking him and attacking it so it's telling you something based on reviewers that the book is that bad and in fact one reviewer titled is review the Loch Ness monster is better research than this book is that that book is there and Ryan Anderson's is pulled friends. There's a reason we been sounding the alarm that there is a reason we been drawing attention to the since 2004 for those is a gorgeous trauma that since 2004 going on 17 years sounding the alarm about the oppression, the attack on free speech. All of these issues.

Those who came out of the closet fighting in their mind for equality and freedom and for their relations to be recognized like anyone else's relations. May those came out of the closet.

One put us in the closet and is an all-out attempt to silence dissenting views fact reality friends here, look at this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal says this also on Monday to congressional Democrats wrote a stern letter to CEO Jeff results of Amazon's role in politics.

If you took seriously the parties promises to defend democratic norms you might expect Democratic politicians with expressed concern about the world's third-floor third-largest company by market capitalization.

Trying to suppress a book on the contested political issue, but the letter is a demand for more ideological censorship quote. This is Democrats reps Anna issue and Jerry McNerney. Forgive me for mispronunciation of names. Our countries public discourse is plagued by misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories and laws they could claim that right wing media is quote much more susceptible and demand to know why Amazon's fire TV carries certain conservative programs.

Letters also addressed to the CEOs of Apple, Google, and cable companies as part of a campaign to engineer a more pliant media through coercion of the corporations that distribute information that point will be pressed in a Wednesday hearing on disinformation and extremism in the media.

The House energy and commerce committee. In other words, right wing views are more dangerous right wing media is more prone to conspiratorial series right wing authors right wing broadcasters must have their views suppress. Therefore, Amazon should not be carrying those points of your friends. This is dangerous talk about what we can do for the broadcast is a first. Jeff Johnston from some of her cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on the other thigh am about to speak Johnston cultural policy analyst with focus on the family have the joy of working side-by-side with Jeff some years back at some Focus on the Family conferences before I speak with Jeff.

If you are disturbed, as I am with what Amazon is doing purging certain books that it finds ideologically offensive or contrary to the latest LGBT queue talking points. Now Ryan Anderson's when Harry became Sally book. Just shoot them a note for customer service note overview can communicate with them and asked them to please reinstate Harry became Sally politely asked for that not to bash them, attack them simply requested. I work with Amazon closely for years because they they been very author friendly. They have had excellent customer service, great author pages is a written over 40 books, learn certain things from publishers and for example of Amazon's first weeks of sales in a certain thing. Bookstores are more inclined to get copies of your book. Most people go there to check out books so getting reviews posted there is very helpful, but obviously it is a certain point where deck insert will you just have to walk away.

It's appeal to them to do the right thing and reinstate the book. Okay Jeff Johnston been with Focus on the Family many many years. He has his own great testimony raised in a Christian environment but struggling in his own life with same-sex attraction in addictions and then set free and transformed by the Lord and doing a great job with Focus on the Family many years married with kids and there's so many school related issues that come up in so many things happening with our kids and we don't know how to handle them what to do and Focus on the Family's been a resource for decades.

So want to talk with Jeff about what's been going on.

School was things that that focus put together so a Jeff Gray to tabby on the air been long time since we've talked face-to-face I don't run yet. It's good to talk with you again.

Yet everything almost family gone well, got one boy in grad school seriously cutting theoretical chemistry, whatever that is and old one at Hillsdale and one at Wheaton has the environment is Hillsdale wonderful. I mean never really solid with no three or four stools that are three-legged stool. There was economic and capitalism, and history in the Constitution and then the emphasis on faith that they have their personally great reports and then of course it was think the Christmas made major conservative talkers as well.

So glad it's good to hear that and yeah I'm I'm glad it's it's your guys studying theoretical chemistry. Whatever this resin resume that's up yet. I have absolutely right. So you have a new resource Focus on the Family back to school for parents. It's it daily daily citizen to please tell your listeners about this concern for a lot of years about what's happening in the education world and family it not just one thing, it curriculum that's been radicalized, it school library books that are inappropriate for kids that have sexually explicit material in foul language and all kinds of things in the school library. Then there's kids who are given tablets, and computers and sometimes the protocols were there for those that safeguards don't work very well. There's also plenty of stories about what's going on in sex ed children as young as kindergarten or even in California where they have what they call transitional kindergarten at a two-year kindergarten program form five and six-year-olds being taught about gender identity.

A boy could turn into a girl or girl could turn it into a voice within concern about issues for a lot of years and we get a lot of letters from constituents ask for help. Just a few weeks ago we had a mom right. She said her 11-year-old daughter came home and Here's and that what's wrong with me, why am I white and she was that way with with what they were teaching her to school and she said what did I do wrong and she was crying about it so we get these letters from concerned parents as well and about six a month ago family policy alliance, which was begun by Focus on the Family many years ago they approached us about producing a resource for parents that would give guidance and advice for how to deal with these issues when they come up in the public school so we worked on this and this is just a wonderful resource called back to school for parents and at the free hundred 20 some pages downloadable PDF and parents can find information about all different kinds of areas what's going on in the classroom what's going on with sexual education.

What what's happening in health clinic and counseling offices than with nurses. What's going on in locker rooms and and and restrooms and and forth. I know you've written some about that. I'm sure you talked about a lot of these dishes so it covers eight or nine different areas and then in each area. We go on to give it guidance for parents, we say okay here are here's what's happening with schools in this arena. I why you should be concerned and and I'll be honest with you, even when I was proofreading this resource.

Even though I helped write it. It was really frightening to read about all the different things happening in school and so we give things to look out for and help parents understand what the law says what their rights are and what their children's rights are and then we give them guidance about how to protect their children. The great resource for parents who have children in public school, so just let them yes this if someone says will you just cherry picking your your your pulling and extreme here and there. This is not really common in our children.

Schools otherwise would be hearing about it much more. What would you say to that I think were cherry picking it all. What were doing is they are mandating at the level that children need to be taught about LGBT issues throughout the photo find throughout their social science curriculum from kindergarten to 12th grade. That movement started in California. Seven or eight years ago. It is spread here to Colorado.

It's in states like New Jersey and Illinois end-user. These are big states, and textbook producers produce their textbooks for the state so were starting to see the textbooks rolling out that are teaching first graders about the contributions of LGBT individuals in history and in social studies in economics is being mandated from the various they love from the state legislatures were also state thing that happened on a districtwide basis as schools decide to teach that bad or dated the five. In some states have health clinics and lots of different school and the schools are getting guidance from the state level.

If your child is struggling to transgender issues don't want to tell you about it. The schools are given data fights from the state level that they shouldn't talk to parents when a child is struggling with these issues so were thing over and over again, these issues rising up and it happening at a national level. It's not just you know, out there in California were up there in Massachusetts that all across the nation that were thing. The story think were cherry picking it all. There also many, many states that mandate sexual education that is based on materials often that are produced by groups like Planned Parenthood and the human rights campaign, and a group called called youth responsibility. There curriculum is called the 3Rs rights, respect and responsibility and they teach sexual education with the idea in mind that sexuality and sexual pleasure is a human right even for young children and their teaching children how to give consent to sexual activities, and that's been mandated as state legislatures all across the nation. Though this is just happening at individual schools. It's it's in states all over the place yeah and and in Genesis is your speaking to this I learned about many of these things decades ago from Focus on the Family and alliance defending freedom in God began to bird need a study look at these things. Beginning around 2004, and I remember all could be a decade or even more to go.

I stood in front of the school board in Charlotte North Carolina Mecklenburg County and was warning about where the LGBT activist agenda. It was going and the impact it would have on on kids and what was being taught in schools and and I had in my hand. I had actual curricula that that was being pushed by wolves could glisten the gay lesbian straight education network, and that this was widely adapted in schools across America and I had I held my head. I said this is what's in this curriculum I quoted things and one school were absent. That is not happening that they scorn me like I was talking about some Martian that had come down to take over Earth or something like that. It they they were completely incredulous, and yet it was the very thing happening in schools and the very thing that was gonna be happening in local schools here so a lot of people are just not aware and on the one hand, there's the controversial nature of what's being put forward an Internet site who gave the school the right to teach that to your children, your sending your kid then learn to write, learn math and history and science and things like that. Instead, there are teaching this kind of stuff so Jeff, how much of a difference. Can a parent actually making too much state legislatures and things like that school boards have influence how much difference can a parent make. We got about a minute and 1/2 before the break them will continue and you decide to take it from here. Well we encourage in this resource is for parents not to try to tackle the whole school district by themselves, but to begin working with other parent so there are group building all across the nation. Many of them are called concerned parent groups concerned parents. California concerned parent of Washington state allowed in County Virginia had a concerned parents group and they went to the school board and actually read like you did. They read passages from library books that the school district had just purchased. That was part of the diversity, collection, and it was outrageous. These were things that you couldn't even say on television or radio, but they were asked if they were available in the library for children. We encourage parents.

First of all, not to try to tackle leadership issues alone, but begin to build a coalition of like-minded parent who care about children and care about the different issues that I believe parents can make it if you and and just case in point, and you helped us with this I wrote you for a friend of mine seems much more five in the seven-year-old was so gentle, watch a video reaction to it and it starts with a transgender is God who is this girl and then openly gay guys and, flaunting myself, and they went to talk to the superintendent of schools. The principal and the I can look at the video. I apologize know that was on there when the meeting made a difference.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends for joining us on the line of fire so little less than 30 minutes from now for 15 Eastern time will be back on our YouTube station that's Esther. Karen is key dear Brown on YouTube for weekly exclusive YouTube chat will answer as many of your questions as we can. Just as you post them on YouTube. Jeff II gave, I gave an example of a couple going in meeting with the principal and teacher teacher said she'd asked students to listen to a song to directly watch the video of the song which is the sole intro to Aiden apologize to him to be more careful next time. But as you're saying many cases can't just be solved by one coupler one individual talking to a principal or teacher sometimes larger issues so you try to get parents together, concerned parents together let everyone know again about this resource and where they can get it. It's so crucial we get involved because things so Jeff that that you and your team a warning about years and years ago that seems extreme as is the norm these days, and the question is what comes next. So where folks go to get this resource will I work for the daily and where the culture and policy are from Focus on the Family and we have a website the and folks can go to that website. Do a quick search for back to school for parents and they should be able to find a resource and it's pretty easy to download. Not enough. You have a way to post links to Dr. Brown but I can send you the link as well to make sure you've got it yet you do it by only incident limit limit limited reiterated the and the resource to free downloadable resource called back to school for parents great you Jeff we will we will posted on social media and help get the word out is why these possible real quick. Are you discouraged in the midst of things or to have hope because of the Lord, and the fact that they were in a fallen world. Rose can have issues well feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride with the equality act dropping this week and then enough of the other things going on in Congress that is discouraging. My hope is that people will wake up. My ultimate hope is in the Lord and what happened here on earth that you and you said we can warning about that rely years and the censorship the banning the shutting down of Christian voices. I think that's all going to increase and now more than ever is when we need to call people I just say speak the truth in love. It's kind of a more than that would gotta speak the truth in love, and we got a do so with wisdom and with courage. We had a call people to courage and get to courageously confront what it somehow.

We just just lost the only there for a moment, but just thank you for your faithfulness for your stands and friends. If you remember pray for Jeff Jeff Johnston and and and the teams Focus on the Family the deals with these issues so much bad news to report.

Some of the challenges so much negativity and yet they're out there faithfully year after year getting the truth out and does make a difference of these real issues. Our kids are getting impacted in tremendously negative ways. I could spend multiplied hours talk about this is fact more government will have met stay wrong for liberty, counsel, talk about the equality act and was so urgent that you understand so Jeff, thanks once more.

May the Lord's strength and grace be yours. All right I was on call yesterday and we were having feedback. It was very difficult to hear what was happening so I had to put the caller on hold and to speak but I really wanted to interact with him that we never let someone call in two straight days we we always want have a few weeks in between calls. To be fair to other callers so they can get through, but I appreciate the fact that Don from Winston-Salem called back to give it another shot because I really want to dialogue with you, so I did not want a monologue. I didn't want to lecture you want to dialogue with the so so Don, thank you for calling back. I hope our connection is good today. Brattleboro revenue sure thing so I'll give the recap and then turn it over to you right you were you would call Donald Trump a vile man questioned my voting for him and wanted to know if if I personally believed that the election was stolen and my answer was that I don't know either way whether it was stolen and not accept the outcome of the courts except your bod is my president, but then I asked you if you had voted for Joe Biden. You said yes. So I began to challenge you and say hat I had issues with Trump's personality and decisions and things, but there are other things he did that I felt very good and important in a very concerned with Joe Biden looking the other way with the massacre of the Uighurs Muslims in China, potentially renewing the Iran nuclear record which is Israel very upset.

His strong pro-abortion policy pushing the equality act, which is can be direct assault on religious freedoms, the transgender activism schools.

What that's doing.

The female students and and on and on five great concerns with that and and took issue with you finding fault with me voted for Trump and that you were justifiably provide so II was talking it was one way we never get to hear from you so please sir, the floor is yours but dark brown directly work like evangelical Christians in Christian environment. Always go back to abortion and listen for vector directly but rather was okay with with the divine abortion method that was finally clear that was okay because in the Bible workload talk to everybody and Amanda are his own phone Joe Biden is responsible for providing those not me but I will try what I want after you as you are a zero.

I believe you are a Christian environment.

Is that correct owner label. Yeah, I'm out of the oven.

Unless you mean by that, I believe that God with the Jewish people back to the land that that's their yeah you support Israel right yeah II support Israel doing what's right and fair for Palestinians as well, but yet I support Israel's right to exist as a state in the Middle East. Yup and one more thing I want to work them up at the office working with US government also right yes when Israel is doing right so number one absolutely US government standing with Israel's right to exist in US government supporting Israel and doing right), but you know I don't know about your order or under legal and for the legal and federal and by supporting federal benchmarking tacitly supporting abortion got a great question. I love the question number one, my friends, within Israel, or working for pro-life so that's that's the first thing and then the second thing is we try to influence them.

However, we can to be pro-life, but we still recognize that God brought them back to Lance on recognizing that God brought the Jewish people back to the NL in the land I'm urging them to do the right thing, but I get Mark point to make. But it is clear Christian Democrat, and there outfitting Democratic Party support for legal abortion record directly or Israel may have faith believe abortion may also affect also have trout and physics marriage but don't apply to find a different standard to Christian supporting federal as applied to Democrats but like myself according crystal like myself who support Democrat double standard in our really like their Christian evangelical Christian. The authority to determine who was serving God because of God and can appoint absolutely something to tell you what my differ with you and I love having this discussion in this is the kind of thing we have to do is medicine sisters in Jesus right. We have to sit and talk honestly. So the reason I see it differently, is because when it comes to Israel. It's either Israel has a homeland or is destroyed and wiped out.

We have endless Holocaust until there are no mortgages on the planet. So we're standing with Israel to exist now within that were calling on Israel to act righteously because Israel as a nation rejects Jesus and so on, but is still my choice. My only choice.

There is question with Israel's existence, or not and then within the context of the challenge them to do what's right, within America, I can make a choice between a pro-life candidate or pro-abortion candidate or candidate that's going to stand up to China or candidate that won't or candidate the sky defend religious liberties versus a candidate that won't so that's where I see the difference in bear in mind if you didn't come after me, somewhat aggressively, as you call me an ardent from support I get blasted for years because I supported Trump but with caveats all the time, but always with caveats. Always, always with with challenges and even wrote a book.

Donald Trump is not my Savior, right. So I supported and voted for him to say ardent from support though I was cautious because I saw the negative things the destructive things he was doing and the question was which bounces out the other, but can you see what I don't see this equipment is you eat we don't really have a choice either Israel exists or it doesn't. But in America we could make choices.

We got a minute left, you finish out you get the last word in our quote the Bible. The Old Testament with federal spending. And they felt adultery got kicked them out of the planet. Statement and so there's no there's no got number for support Israel when their thinning metric. The creator kicked them out of so acknowledgment debate have many simple practices such as abortion legal.

So supporting federal, I don't think God support Israel and doing the thing about warrant word world we animate that Christiansburg should support Israel suggests until it went time to thank you for calling back and then, but I don't judge a relationship with God based in the hope you don't judge mine but maybe on Thursday show listening in. Maybe I'll address Christian support for Israel and why I see this biblical but thank you for calling back and God bless you brother

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