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Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 19, 2021 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 19, 2021 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/19/21.

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Let's do it. Full lines are open you got questions. We got answers stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on this Friday broadcast. You've got questions, we've got answers. That means all minds wide open any subject under the sun. You want to talk to me about any question we can help you with bile means give us close losses appropriate for Christian radio and ties in on some level with things that we've talked about here on the air things and I've written about 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH a 788 for his number to call.

So without further ado to the phones we go.

We start with Frank and Thermopolis. Welcome to the line of fire product burger Greylock Arco zero out while back about the pentagram in the chapters 1 and two and the other, and good clarity, but just wondering is it pentagram always use for the appearance of business Christian garage Nelson it's it's the the so-called ineffable name of the Lord. So the Hebrew letters unit hey Voth hey why each WH which would traditionally pronounce Jehovah and in the circles for centuries, and more likely. Yahweh know that's that's primarily the name by which the father is identified. So for example in Psalm two Yahweh says to to the king in Jerusalem. You are my son, or Psalm 110 Yahweh says or an utterance from Yahweh to my Lord. So David speaking. Yahweh said this to my Lord, meaning the Messiah so there are times, like Genesis 18, where Yahweh appears to Abraham in the form of a man, but otherwise Yahweh is primarily the the way the father is spoken of God. In general, but over 6000 times using primarily speaking about about the father so young but I have parents of God. Whenever appears to man it reincarnated to go is so when you when you see it when you see the Lord appearing to someone in the Old Testament. That's that's in the person of the son. The son makes the father know that so is the principal John 14 if you sin you see the folly. Hebrews 1. He is the radiance of of the father's glory, so the son is the one who makes the father notes on Genesis 18.

Even though it's is Yahweh there speaking some because he always just the name for God and God his father's in spirit. So even though it primarily is speaking of the father.

There are times when I can refer to of the sun, appearing as as in Genesis 18, but the name itself is just that the the covenant name for the God of Israel, so it speaks of God. Generically so God is one father-son spirit, primarily, though, the one that is speaking of in the Hebrew Bible is the father and the father sends his son to redeem the world so Yahweh sends his son to redeem the world. Hence Psalm two again, which I quoted Yahweh says to the king intrusive. You are my son, today I have begotten you hate. Thank you sir for the call. So just once more. The name itself is nothing to do with incarnation pre-incarnate visitation. It's simply the covenant name of the God of Israel, right. Thanks for the question 866-34-TRUTH we go to Stephen and Tampa Florida. Welcome to the line of fire… Have you been doing very well thank you. Hadn't wanted a birthday thank you for coming out of Florida couple weeks ago I saw you speak and I met you. Afterwards, I know you're very busy head on out, but I really enjoyed your talk appreciate thank you. I am in my hermeneutical study at docket University right now and the package I collected due to studies repeated for 25 to 32 and I kinda wanted to get your scholarly opinion. I think it kind of funny how it fit in today. You know how or living and how we should be living our lives and what to do or what not to do, but something I wanted to touch upon that I found interesting is immediate. The version report appear real quick. I you have in verse 29 Paul had a little bit of different verbiage in the translation as an ad for Asian and also that it may give grace to those who hear nightly. Yeah, I actually think we can all hear that we can hear the dog barking. So thanks for clarifying that for us but go ahead, I tell you what a metric I guess were trying to sort this out with the dog but but here's the I'm gonna answer your question minus the barking dog, you're probably trying out new things and couldn't hear it all so Ephesians 429 is it is a very important verse, and it has a couple of different nuances in terms of what is it mean nothing unwholesome. No unwholesome communication. You will so that we describe it in a few different translations so the King James. Let no corrupt communication proceed in a mess, but that which is good to the use of edifying new King James, what is good for necessary edification, CSB what is good for building up someone in need. ESV only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion.

NIV only was Helfrich building is up according to their needs. NET beneficial for the building up of the one in need. So that's where you see that the breakdown is you know the unwholesome foul corrupt that part you want to dig into you want to dig into with the Greek says there and and what the.

The lexicons open up for you as as far as what is good for building up someone in need versus fridge for the occasion. The question is, is it someone is with something that's where the ambiguity would be and that's where you dig in on your exegetical paper. Someone you want to talk about that word unwholesome. What is it mean corrupt communication dig in. See with the Greek means so you want to see with the dictionary say this Paul use it also does New Testament use and elsewhere is used in ancient Greek literature.

What we understand misuse the Septuagint is a view that research and then is is it fit for an occasion or fit for someone something or someone that's where you'll dig in and try to sort that out and anyway, whatever your dog needs you can out tend to the dog as well. Thanks for the call 86634 of its go to Jonathan and Clarkston Washington walking to the line of fire. Hello can you hear me okay yeah can. Thanks. I call a question about divorce, so I was talking with my friend and I and I mentioned that divorce is the standard you ejaculate, surprised, like he didn't know that neither today or you know Jesus when talking about the Pharisees, how he says that back.

Back in the Old Testament Moses allowed a to get divorced because of the hardness of our heart.

But now the New Testament it's not that way and energy that does what God has joined together let no man separate. And then so my friend responds with well that doesn't mean that all divorces are thin because he's talking about what God has joined together, it's possible that you could be joined together with someone that God did not join you with and I didn't really know how to respond to the neck that invite affiliate thing to say what you have to say. Dr. grant yet of course it is a silly thing to say and people try to use an argument. I have even heard Christians who go through a hard time in their marriage, civil God didn't join us together will first thing is, God joined together is not some mystical thing that only happens with the right marriages because otherwise, then everyone would have a divorce right to divorce at any time with Jesus was quite explicit unless it's because of sexual morality you are causing someone to commit adultery. Marriage would have no meaning whatsoever if he saw God didn't join us together.

How do you know what's the test is that you get along you don't can also that that's it's other and sheer nonsense. The joining together is actually the man and woman coming together as one. That's how God joins them together in in other words, when you get married in the sight of God and then physically join together God has joined you.

Together that's why Paul writes in first Corinthians 6 shut about going to a prostitute. Should I take the members of Christ. So part of the body of Christ and join that with a prostitute because the two become one to the sexual relationship so yeah that that's out, go back to Genesis 224.

That's how God joins the two together is is in the bond of marriage. The active marriage. So once you're married and and you visit it. In particular, physically united God has now joined you together, and therefore God just get a don't let anyone break or separate. That's why adultery is it is an explicit violation of that because you are now joining yourself to another person. So yeah, I mean the only people in every quote that and try to put that meeting on it are people who don't want to accept God's test because otherwise it's completely ridiculous and and it I set aside for go back to Genesis cassettes were Jesus was talking about the joining together marriage drawings you that's the very thing marriage is God joining you that's that's how he set it up, but then you can also press him and say so that anyone at any point can use that excuse well God and join us together. You find somebody you like better or prettier with more money or whatever it's like, well, God will jointly with my spouse of supposed join with that one exist complete rationalization system.

Jonathan you are absolutely right to feel scornful about that, but that's your answer. Go back to Genesis 2 marriage itself is God's act of joining people together. This of your perfect marriage being marriage married the wrong person. But the moment you marry that person. God is going to together. That's that's that reality. I thank you for asking. 866342's. We just got a few seconds before the break, so that's good time all right paint keep try to get through phone lines are always jammed on Friday but we get to his many calls as possible, let me thank you so much for your prayer support. We are on the front lines we get hit a lot.

We get attacked a lot lied about spiritual attack all kinds of things but were covered and blessed by God and I know that your prayers make a difference. So thank you for praying and thank you over torchbearers or patron supporters. Those who stand with us on a regular basis. Thank you so much you help us do the very things we are doing today.

So thank you and if you're able to stand with us and help you make a one-time donation of the website asked Dr. become a monthly support of their fun at about all the benefits that come your way as you join our team or on Facebook if you're watching on Facebook as a donation but just click on that any gift of any size is a great help.

I need to $under the chat window, click on that donates a thank you thank you one of standing with us together friends making a difference really are licensing file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown standing with us together will make a difference. Yet we get the hate mail be taxed to death wishes all the ugly crazy stuff you you be amazed me to be grieved, if you so some of but it's it's it's part of her calling as a lightning rod will attract a lot of that. But you'd be so blessed to hear testimonies you'd be so encouraged and in all of you that we been able to help and bless you know that this is team effort together where it will help you minimize so thank you again for sending with us 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Let's go to Cheryl in Kansas City, Missouri. Welcome to the line of fire. Are you thanks I have a quite I can convert to a congregate and bring you and will remain in the Bible.

I would want to know if you get let me know and book report bracket find out meaning of name by God. It yeah so most of the stuff that I've done over the years the books I have are very academic. You know they're there, technical and difficult and you have to know your way around them and I'm I'm trying to think I'm just trying to think of a book that is sound and a lot of the popular stuff like the stuff that's very readable know is is often not accurate I'm I'm just check one. The one thing here and see the other. You might want to check all the names in the Bible book called all the names in the Bible, published by Thomas Nelson.

I don't even know if it is an author's name all the names in the Bible that II haven't used it myself, but I think that would be something helpful for you and with you know that the publisher would would be known for putting out in the basic sound material. If I can do something quickly here because like I said that the looks know okay this looks as I'm just looking at it here.

Yeah, that.

I'm just looking at the definitions that are being given yet just do this just to this don't make every line gospel truth.

It's exactly what you're asking. It just goes through every name, both Hebrew and Greek and then tells you what it understands the words the name to mean the brief description and scripture references, etc. so all the names in the Bible, a part of the ABC series posed by Thomas Nelson, but as I'm looking through some of the definitions. A lot of it is debatable in Hebrew and in other words, how we don't like my name because L Michael so we know what that means, who is like God me, L, who is like God we understand or Rafael God heals are God healed so we know what many of the names mean and then others are more controversial because the short or it's debatable in terms of how certain words should be taken. So look at this as reliable, but if you get a make like a major life there teaching on something that then do more study just to be sure. Because of this would be very helpful and definitely very usable suggest looking at it it's it's absolutely what you're looking for.

All right. Okay, that wonderful and I wanted you here you about your wonderful all great. I'm so glad your help and that what what a critically important issue was human beings loved by God.

If you haven't watch the movie. It's free, it it is stunningly well done, powerful, scriptural moving in his is type in your email and you can watch it for free. Hundreds of thousands have already put out by the American family Association. I had the privilege of hosting it in his Thank you for the call. Yeah, I mean the books I've I've got in my library. A substantial number of books on personal names because part of my doctoral dissertation I was researching names with the raw fall root in them in the Semitic languages so I've its hold on the MasterCard is a list of names and and and then euphoric on the mastic of those are names that have a divine element in it like L or Yahoo for Yahweh and stuff. It's all these books and German and English and Hebrew and stuff of the ruler over technical, some I'm glad that this other book exists that we just looked at a moment ago.

All right, let's go to Alex in Richmond, Kentucky.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown I am glad to be here.

You know I am right young minister and start off and that kinda growing and realizing how much I don't know and I know that you have been a minister for a very long time and in the body of Christ doing ministry and I am wondering if you could share a little bit about your daily discipline like you like what is your time with Jesus look like every day and if you have free time like what you do for free's so my my life is a little different than many others.

I was just talking to a pastor is asking me questions about how order my life just describing in to the studio to them on the phone. Might my life has been very different for many years because I was on the road so much in my schedule change from day-to-day. So much it's only had a fixed daily schedule it, it's it, it's become more regular, especially with Covidien things and less travel. It's become more regular but let me first say this, I recommend as a lifestyle things a little different than what's been my own have another was if I was just teaching someone I would tell them that it's really important to to fix times of the day that you get with God and that that is fixed and locked in and in less it's an emergency that this could take you from that phone calls, texts, emails other things won't take you from that and you, lock that in and build it in for life that becomes your sacred time.

There may be a room in the house word sacred to you or by the side of a better know out in the woods. Whatever. But if that can be locked in.

That's that's sacred and an untouchable.

That's really important. The children of Israel got the manner early in the morning before it melted so to the extent I can be a life principle. That's an important thing built in God gets the firstfruits of the day.

In that regard.

And then there other times during the dated to meet with him and and and go from there. It is always more time that could be spent in his presence, but the more you are in ministry. The more successful your ministry the busier you'll get, the more in demand that you'll be in Luke five we see that the crowds were coming to hear Jesus and to be healed of their diseases, so he knows if I stay one more day here that that blind person will be healed and and that demonize person will be set free and and these people will hear about the kingdom of God and yet it says in 516 that he he went away to isolated price places and prayed and he understood. Not only do we so the father doing and that John 15 principle without me you can do nothing. He lived relationship with his father so we can run on adrenaline in ministry.

We can just be so busy and caught up in that think our look at all were doing but in fact were running on empty. So being with God first in my own life. I've been a late night person almost my entire life. Less than I went to sleep past four in the morning and it it's just the way I functioned so even though I'll start the day. I'll put things in God's hands or or maybe have some time just sitting important for otherwise the beginning of the day for me is really catching up on busywork all the text need to respond to emails different things we need to discuss before the radio show.

Whatever. And then later in the day is when I really from like mid evening on the hill where the hours are just minor that kids in the house. Nancy and I spent time together and that is ours, Immokalee 567 hours with whatever so that's what I'm really gonna get a lot of writing done and that's wrong to have extended prayer. There's nothing to interrupt me.

There is there is no clock that's going to get off or have to be somewhere and enters my own prayer time if I'm burdened about a particular thing that I may start right there and just pouring out my heart to the Lord about that. Otherwise, I'm the only justice at the my heart before him.

I'm charismatic.

As you know, all I'll pray in the spirit sometimes for an extended period of time and then out of that begin to pray and going different directions there. There can be times where I've done it, you know year to use it without fail just always pray and spend at least an hour straight every day just renew my heart, mind, and then out of, so my mind is meditating on the Lord things. Then out of that.

I'm praying specific requests that it can move to deeper intercession or working, but otherwise I can just be praying in the spirit going back and forth without praying requested English and then sometimes when I'm gripped you know if travail hits you know I'm just overwhelmed and literally laying on my face pounding the ground and and wailing rosary sacred times you know of so there is that.

And then my times in the word or two folders. This reading reading through the Bible regularly use a reading portions of Scripture in English is going through that listening to the Bible and and in the car as I'm driving from a talk to someone else that's will be doing and then intensive study so just going through so the worm signed the Birdseye right. The worms are you really digging like my Isaiah, term working on. I just digging digging digging Birdseye just getting in front of you getting in front of you so the amount of time can vary from from day-to-day and then free time I my love. I love doing it under love to write a love to study, but otherwise if it's not Nancy.

I hang out. No, maybe out all of course of working out trying to do very intensive physical workout several times a week and then maybe just catching up this reading some stuff online or or watching sports little bit that most most of the time the sun during the week to be one day on the weekend. I want some sports, just chill and unwind and but you know I had it I will discipline myself to chill because always, so driven, so those are just things my own life by your own rhythm but then make sure to be with God. The first must put the first error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for showing us six back to the we start here we go, let's go to Mark in Louisville, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire to Dr. Brown. I appreciate you taking Mark restrict your ministry. Thank you. Talk to you about the millennium making the four year college and very very important to understand certain subjects. One of those subjects. The kingdom of God. The other one is pretty Windows cross trying Wintergreen brain and the other one is the day of the more listeners will study those subjects were quick Scripture here but will understand exactly the end times like a big subject for people to yet. You could if you could dive in with your question. Just in fairness to our collars yeah go ahead with your question.

Okay for people to okay good I know that you don't believe in a pretrip director correctly, you always believing that study so II was taught pretrip rapture and the church were I got saved and I kinda heard that even before I heard the gospel. You know, for my friends as they were coming to the Lord so that was foundational to me that to me was assures as the gospel is anything else I didn't even know that it was questioned and then when I found out that there were other views. A few years later, and I began to study Scripture for myself. That's when I became convinced that that there was no pretrip rapture.

According to the Bible so I was taught it in the church row saved. It's all I knew. Initially I then I read books to reinforce that even more deeply, and then when I began to question it and study Scripture.

Again, I realized I was taught this by people I didn't get this straight from the word for myself and then the more study the word. The more I discarded the view your 1% exactly right same way that help most people are, I want to challenge you through your Christian and non-Christian gold in the body of Christ. I will challenge you on the kingdom of God.

If you will allow me Matthew 1228 Jesus cast out devils. He said with a cast out devils by the finger of God the kingdom of God is coming to you kingdom of God. Daniel 244 Jeremiah 23 five. That is the kingdom of God coming to the earth. Romans 512 Revelation 5 PM till 20 we write you much right Christian first Kirk Karen Q. King 25 through 26 Hebrews 2 verse eight that is when Christ rights then go to revelations 20 verse six and that tells you when we reigned with Christ somewhere where is Satan right now Satan is bound spiritually about what this is Satan's is Satan deceiving nations the same deceiving people now creating but it think that the town Revelation 20 says these bounds we can deceive the nations no longer and yet there under heavy deception and is active. First Peter five. Sissy goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour Paul in second Corinthians 11 was concerned that Satan would be deceiving the believers he was kissing the BBB deceiving the believers in Revelation 20.

This inside the church it says the world. The nations so the whole thing that you're arguing for in all of breaks down completely out with the fact that Satan is not in a bottomless pit. Right now he is he is not bound is not stuff from deceiving the nations.

He is actively doing it and and yes, Jesus is this ruling and reigning in his kingdom and we are part of the kingdom now that we have authority in in Jesus of over over sin.

The works of darkness but at the same time Sir that it's very clear that were praying for his kingdom to come for his will to be done. Has he come in flaming fire taking vengeance on his adversaries. Second Thessalonians 1. No has become King of Kings and Lord of lords, and destroy the wicked, and there is Revelation 19 no has he come and destroy those who are physically attacking Jerusalem and the final battle. Zechariah 12 Zechariah 14. No so and end with first with his 15 when you read it you stop short because we haven't gotten to that point yet where the sun where death itself is finally abolished.

Isaiah 25 right in the physical kingdom is established, so that's why a lot of millennialist, but I'm sure we'll talk again. I did want to let you get your point out in fairness to others, so we we agree, although the many fine Christians were pretrip. We, we, you and I agree this on a pretrip rapture for your millennial and premillennial hate. Reread acts three is Peter says that everything the prophets prophesied will happen in Jesus, must remain in heaven until it's time for the restoration of all things like prophesied in Isaiah to Isaiah 11 that has not happened yet. That's why we pray the Lord's prayer, your kingdom come, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The kingdom still come to become.

It is here. It is advancing and it will come in full manifestation.

When Jesus returns.

Hey God bless man thanks for the friendly brotherly call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 let us go to Rena in Greenville, South Carolina.

Thanks. Recall in the line of fire Brown hey hey how are you something not copyright director in your written Hebrews. We find all of God that followed right talk about work right… Right now I'm afraid it might the legal where God right directly conformed right over our lives way of salvation by night wrap. Make certain letter that it gone very client that work right. Actually I thought rail behind right there in my line of work that way. Eric or where we get our direction, the direction of what could you invite taking Dr. Brown yeah okay yeah so for forget your last theory there that the Hebrew would say that is not related to to the word from way. It doesn't refer to to a path specifically so it that the roots dock is different variations of it said that courts a duck, which can speak about righteousness. Sadiq would be a righteous person it is. It is a little bit different than than the Greek word because soon they which are can be used more inter in a forensic way, in a legal way. So when there's an emphasis in the New Testament about being justified by faith that that that has the full forensic legal concept and we receive the righteousness of Christ and and we are declared not guilty.

Righteous by what he did on the cross of our faith in him that is that goes beyond the basic concept of righteousness in Hebrew Scripture which would speak about right living and which can even have aspects of a vindication and divine backing.

Sometimes tzedakah could potentially cover that in Genesis 15 where it 15 six and and Abram believed the Lord, mechanic, righteousness, Jewish translations normally say counted for his merit notice it was credited to his account for his trust. So it is, is not like I said, primarily forensic and in the technical legal sense, but more it's more connected with with rights that rightness and righteousness in terms of right conduct, right living, and yeah my part. God, how important one another like I was wondering about that letter out right that it very related to work the dock upper right is that there is not a specific letter that was a Hebrew letter does not have specific meaning is it's a Hebrew word that have specifically and so did you know what word you are looking at this is not the specific letter wrap the other night. I wondered why God.they whatever detector grandma but looking at what rate because that you have found the original name of God Almighty. Looking at all of that department.

The character name of God and that and when I would put three that I found one of the latter throughout Québec that with that doctor.

It would very close to debate with the.with a kind of a trail behind it with a Hebrew letter has does not signify anything Hebrew letters just the letter.

There are people to try to read meanings into Hebrew letters.

That's it.

That's a myth that the. The letters came from words and concepts originally fruit for example, the Hebrew, the Hebrew letter. All of was originally a picture of an ox head and then Eric and and then so the ox head then was a drawing that I got witness a letter but they heaved that the the the letter all if itself is just the letter just like our letter a journey right right so so letters themselves have no specific meaning.

So don't get don't get laid there in their websites to try to read it tell you the original meaning of both. Don't doing think twice whether that's the stuff is wrong, but there's nothing specifically related to the roots of Doc having to do with a a way or making away. So don't don't go on that rabbitry otherwise you're having a good direction. All right let us go to Bruce in Belgrade, Montana.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for taking my call. Dr. Brown shot. I had a really quick question. If you have any recommendations about a good self-study Hebrew text that I could use at home to learn basic and intermediate Hebrew.

I am familiar with the alfalfa bat and small vocabulary but I want to pursue it further. Yeah, you know the Bruce there do a number of really useful books and tools and and some of them come with with some loose CDs or DVDs or tests that can be taken. I haven't taught introductory Hebrew in years but but there are a bunch yeah I'm just trying to think of the ones that are that are best a really good one is basics of biblical Hebrew basics of biblical Hebrew. You can check that out or biblical Hebrew and inter-introductory grammar, then you have other levels in the beginning biblical Hebrew intermediate difficulty with. If you just check on Amazon or Christian and type in biblical Hebrew. Look for the books that are the most popular. Is there a bunch that is very helpful, but basics of biblical Hebrew Gary practical Mazda health biblical Hebrew page Kelly replaces the start it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I got just a few minutes let's check out my latest article by this world would know that we are his son semester Brown that were news of the places check it out by this Jesus of the world would know that we were his disciples. Why love wise at the calling card wise or loved one for another, the way the world would know that we belong to him. Think you'll find it really eye-opening. All right, 86634 to let us go to Chris in Yucaipa, California. Welcome to the line of fire ramping to take my calls always welcome and had a question or listen to debate the guy interesting question, though it the questionnaire is around first Samuel 15 verses 10 through 11 in the same chapter 28, 29, Daniel 1510 to 11 that God regret talking in a question in verse 28, 29 that God doesn't regret to part question was number one. If God regret regret that not all knowing the number two if you say that the contradiction committed that the doesn't regret something that Micah and Jeffrey right so the fact that it's in the same chapter tells you that obviously there's not a contradiction that the author is writing in the same chapter and that all the subsequent editors are not re-copying and there is an Anita nobody noticed it or or fixed it right and and resold just let me just get over to that to the Hebrew text in your right rail right so so that the Hebrew text uses the root that peanut looking the same. So to two or when I came to various variations of it soon become TII I'm grieved I'm grieved that I made him king and then it can also have the meaning because the same route is is used later on. It can also have the meaning of of 22 regret in terms of of changing one's mind and hang on.

Resist the reverse.

There there we go, yes. So he said it it it's using the same route but with different variations on the roots of their different Hebrew verbal forms okay but it's the same route was different Hebrew verb form so it it's a very very strong play on words not plan words of demonstration of two different aspects of of the divine heart and life's on the one hand saying I'm grieved. I regret it and using the same route to say I don't change my mind so is the same word is used, but it has dirt their different verbal forms in each verbal form can have a different nuance to have different nuances of the same route, but because there are different verbal forms.

They have different meanings so regret regret would be a little misleading it in English that that being said, that being said, it is the same route so it leads to the obvious questions and the answer is no God is not ignorant of the future, but never once he does not predestined everything that happens and therefore many things happen that grieved him. They are contrary to what he desired, but he gives us choice and there is potential would Saul did not have to go the way he went, things could have been different for Saul. Just like I was grieved that he makes amended got not know. Did he not get it that Adam was given Sam Adam and Eve and the flood would happen all it did not get that course he knew it. If Jesus was a lamb slain before the foundation of the world and the Lord for Saul. Everything that was can happen is why the grief God interacts with us in real time.

Just as Jesus fully incarnated as a human being and was with us in real time and slept and ate and did all of that that I believe that the God who inhabits eternity as a 5750 and he inhabits eternity that that God also interacts with us in real time, and therefore experiences joy experiences disappointment at and here's the analogy I would I would give if you've ever watched a movie maybe is some classic you know your jerk move yeah you seen it before. You know exactly was good habits.

I want to start what you know exactly was going to happen. And yet you feel the reality of the moment or like some euros for sports finish.

You seen it before so this is just too exhausting to watch and and so if we have the ability to do that. How much more does God have the ability to do that so that's that's how I understand that he genuinely feels regret and pain even though he knew it would happen at that moment, he still feels regret and pain. Yet he doesn't change his mind. He's not double minded. So if Saul had lived differently.

Things would have lived differently gone differently now that he hasn't got to go to different direction and is my dislike and be changed yet and the fact it is the same Hebrew root that's used makes it all the more exquisite and Hebrew. Thank you for the questions appreciated, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Joel and Canton, Michigan. Welcome to the modifier. Thank you Dr. Brown I appreciate the chat with you. I want to call. I don't click toward your show. I just got your book last night. The authentic farm looking really forward to reading it of my background.

I'm a charismatic mother, charismatic renewal 70 in Ann Arbor and had a lot of dealings with the vineyard member attendance is got it it it it it what one of things that is really troubled me. I'm sure his troubled use of symptom your videos, continuing fight between reform charismatics and that sort of thing and I know you've talked a lot recently about the use the term new reset for evangelicals. I have my question is is that is there a lot going on right now with trying to bridge the two groups together so we could be a lot more effective because I think one thing that last four years with drop and like you I voted for Trumper that she all the reasons you did, but it's really exposed a lot of things I think in the Christian body and unfortunately now with with so many people having a WebCam and they give their views on everything to such attacks. Reform attacking charismatic charismatic attacking you know the Calvinist everything goes together the point where there's just a lot of disharmony so I'm really love the way that you what you handle things and log in and bringing people to repentance and not everything obviously is the salvation issue. So my question is a long-winded is Israel a lot of things going on is leaders that are starting to bridge the gap" my transit on three levels.

On the one hand, worldwide charismatic Pentecost movement continues to grow and expand almost all of the largest rapidly growing movements around the world, or or charismatic Pentecostal was the Holy Spirit's moving powerfully and and even though you may not be as aware of it in America as you would be saying the continent of Africa or in Asia, continent of Asia or or South America, Central America, where the growth is so extraordinary. The fact is the non-charismatic non-Pentecostal position continues to be smaller and smaller and held to buy listless people so in that regard.

Movement of the Holy Spirit is undeniable. If you just run with it a lot of junk and a lot of bad fruit and and a lot of messes that need to be cleaned up successful.

One thing this is happening in general. The second thing is that the hostility of of the world, the hostility of of those who really oppose the gospel in general really oppose the Bible who have very different views about what's best for society than we do that is galvanized believers coming together of. For example, that the leaders that stood together to counsel Donald Trump. The evangelical counselors who came together there from white background and some of them probably wouldn't set in the same room together, but if they had the opportunity to point to the president and speaking to his life and to stand together for what they thought was best for America. They really do it so in in in that regard, Sir the hostility of the world towards us has brought a lot of believers together that's positive, but beyond that, the third thing is I just I don't see the other see a lot of coming together in other circles. In other words, it seems that the critics getting more critical and the flakes you getting flaky here. You know when you've got kind of the and of the.

The bad happening in in in both ways. So in that regard, we we need to get on our faces more and and try to learn from each other and in that attack and destroy each other with your hey thanks for thanks for calling all let's see if I do this very quickly. Hate David in Anchorage. I am not can have a chance to to get your question, but about Ravi Zacharias respondent last Friday as well, but I have a lengthy article for 4000 words. Our website fact Rachel give you that the link to it, but if you like my heart my thoughts after much prayer and that's and I really talking together go to Esther to and just type in Ravi and you get to the article immediately or just check for it.

For latest articles and you will see it there so please check that I think you'll find it very sobering. Very helpful.

And it's a tragic thing you know Robbie's publishers pulling his books from branches of the ministry closely.

You have all the lies of victims who been terribly hurt you have the reports it's come to the name of the Lord, people struggling in their faith. God gives us a lot less required of us. So we got somehow turn this for good in a redemptive way and bring light out of a lot of darkness and bring healing to those who been hurt Jesus as Lord, let every man be a liar.

Let God be true

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