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What Does It Mean to Be a Disciple?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 17, 2021 4:30 pm

What Does It Mean to Be a Disciple?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 17, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/17/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So what's it mean to be a disciple Jesus ago told the world make disciples mean to be a disciple stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown know, a lot of problems can be solved if we just go back to the basics back to the basics being disciples making disciples, we are here to know God and make God known.

We are here to be disciples and make disciples, but was meant to be a disciple. How do we make disciples. Why is that so fundamental so foundational so critically important. The life of the church today in friends if we get this right.

How will it affect everything acetate will in a massive way, welcome to modify this is Michael Brown and here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 bottom of the hour were going to have a gas to man of prayer. Pastors can share some neat things with us in the new book he's written the rest of the show when you devote to the subject of being disciples making disciples what is it mean how do we do it may be your ministry and you found some things to be very effective with excellent long-term fruit maybe your one who says I need disciple or how do I get it or what is it mean how does it work out in the local church. We want to talk about these things want to be practical and will start with the Scripture and then only illustrate to you how crazy things on the body today but in Matthew 20 is chapter, Jesus is risen from the dead and his disciples seem there still trying to process everything overwhelmed with his death his resurrection. CM still is because he will be true and suspending 40 days with them before his ascension to heaven, but look what it says in Matthew chapter 28.

Beginning in verse 16 of the 11 disciples went to the galley to the mount issue had designated they saw him they worshiped with some waiver still just overwhelmed and you sure came up to them and spoke to them saying all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore really Greek as you go make disciples of all nations, immersing them in the name of the father the son and the roof because the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all I have commanded you. And remember, I'm with you always, even to the end of the age so think of that from moment all authority in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus as the son of God clothed himself in human flesh became fully mammal remaining fully God laid aside his divine prerogatives on this earth dies rises from the dead and the father gives him all authority in heaven and earth. Whatever we do, we were doing his will. We have his authority over we submit to earthly authorities. We can tell the policeman get out of my way I'm going to preach I'm getting 100 miles out, break the law know we we we submit to earthly law and earthly authorities listed Telus to disobey God, but in the preaching of the gospel in the setting captives free in the bringing the message to places where it's never gone before all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus.

It's very powerful to meditate on that and is with us always. Wherever we go. This was that I'm with yours, wherever you go. Whatever happens is with us always were here on a mission were here for purpose. We hear as we go as we go through this world to make disciples of the nations to baptize them to immerse them in Jesus is teaching them everything I have commanded you, swim, come back to that what actually means how it works itself out. But we say this first life is short, about 366 years old. I feel like a kid on the inside by God's grace and healthy and strong and vibrant. But almost 66 right even a little hundred.

That means two thirds in a ready right to live that long so like a short on the one hand gets long time to be here the other hand here today gone tomorrow. Carmen Rimmer, Carmen Christian recording artist really cutting edge at some is music blessed me tremendously. Years back. He passed away in a 65 big news media Rush Limbaugh passing away today at 70.

We knew he was very heavily mentioned in passing on the radio talk about voice on the right voices on the left just prayed for miracle for him. He's gone at 70 and friend that we knew from Long Island many many years ago maybe 76 surround there discovered that he passed away today like a short, we need to weigh the times that we have the opportunities that we have relived we need to live with sobriety before the Lord.

Psalm 90 teach us to number our days, that we may gain that we may acquire a harsh of wisdom are that way, we may bring hard with and teach us to number our days, not living in some parenting Jesus coming in the second and it and for some it's apparent I think for others it's a wonderful thought.

Refer this to you parishes can even think about tomorrow and for others like okay what III set down with the family were we just cannot play the game. Maybe you shouldn't do that.

Maybe I should be knocking on doors preach the gospel don't don't get all worked up.

What were you can even breathe. Enjoy Sabbath rest and your family.

God's given us all things to enjoy richly. So first Timothy six excessive unit. You sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset sit and enjoy quiet time with the spouse this week we are in this world but look at the overall course of your life and ask does my life makes sense in the light of eternity. The choices I'm making the decisions I make the direction I'm going. Does it make sense in the light of eternity and does my life have the earmarks of a disciple does my life have of the markings of a disciple that someone can look at me and recognize I'm a follower of Jesus look at me and recognize that that my life is set apart for divine service even as I'm in this world. Whatever your job interview family responsibilities, single, married, whoever you are young, old, three have the marks of a disciple explain more of what that means in the moment but cannot can I be just absolutely candid with you and you know I am unit, you know that's what you see is what you get.

I have just been so grieved over the state of the body. I had been so grieved over so much carnality so much sin.

And it's not, please understand it's not that I get grieved like look at how holy I am and how unholy everyone is not. This is us royal family in that regard. Did that a scandal for one hits all of us paying for one loss for one hits all of us and I maybe it's naïve, but I do not just believe we can be better in God. I just believe are called to be better, just believe this whole thing about being disciples is something supposed to be reality and not just talk and when I decease so much carnality and so much junk and so much immaturity and so much crassness and anger and hatred were talking yesterday about the world knowing aspire hate more than by our love grieves me and sometimes when I see people attacking the online I get burden not kisses me I'm called to be a lightning rod. The attack it comes my way. That's just natural, but I agree because the state of the body I get grieved because it's not supposed to be like this. I read the New Testament.

I know we have problems and that we have issues. I know their ups and downs and overall flawed. I know that only God in his essence is good understand all of that and I see that were called to walk worthy of recalling that were called to live in such a way that we don't bring reproach to the name of the Lord affected by our lifestyle that the world is one to the Lord when when they see our light when they see our conduct when they watch us what when they're close to us. They see there's something different about us in a positive way and and we behave just like the world it it hurts me, not because I'm the one being attacked in some cases because the state of the body. Let me give an example and then were going to look at some really interesting dictionary definitions of disciple look at some very interesting quotes from early Jewish literature because there is such an emphasis put on they can tell me Dean making disciples, but I posted an article yesterday which said it's time to to move on with our focus something or focus of Trump and us look whatever happens, court cases heard by the Supreme Court in Trump's potential political future. If he has any political future ambition or whatever it is this that we been so focused on Trump for five years is been such a major and divisive character for good for bad whatever but every side talk about them constantly because he was so connected to evangelicals.

I was constantly writing about Trump related issues and there were many things to sort out work through this a hate. Look, let's just refocus. Let's let's refocus.

If this doesn't party fine, but I think for many, it does. Let's refocus and and and step back and see what matters most, and have we been caught up with her so here's one response to this article I got blasted by a bunch of people a little read comments but I looked if you yeah the dock is anti-Trump so voting for him twice. I meant to Trump he shown that he thinks that when he was in the White House, the people semi-forgot about Jesus that is ridiculous. Of course, members of forgot about Jesus just begot consume of other things look to Trump an unhealthy way. Excuse me quote Doc," but stop trying to insult your intelligence like you think folks can't walk and chew bubblegum at the same time we are quite capable support the right man White House .16, 2020, and quite believe in Jesus, knowing that God put in their 2016 2020 and I believe one of them to remain 2020 2024. The devil comes to steal gospel John 10. A chart of the dock besmirching us lost respect for you docs each time you insult misquotes the Lord rebuke you think he suspect.

Lord have mercy on this person. The probably sincere but very misguided. Here's someone rebuking me in Jesus name for saying we need to focus on Jesus more him. Can you imagine the state of things, and this is this is one among many, many others would say absolutely this is necessary.

Thank you for writing this, we agree discussing the same thing to me etc. but can you imagine someone rebuking you in Jesus name for encouraging people to to focus more on Jesus and to not be so focused on troubles got no March though April know what you want to get up in Escanaba. No, let's focus on Jesus and get back to the basics.

I get rebuked in Jesus name. Forgive it now. The reason I bring that your attention stuff like this is all over this, carnality is, confusion, and by the way, by the way it was master prayer for the election. The devil didn't stint God saw all man I want to Trump in another 14 I tried to say I really tried and we are all praying to devils to serve on the devil's not too strong.

Anything got stolen got stone his gun lab anyway will be right back.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, joyous friends, 866 truth I get to your calls in a little while, but I want put up a new screenshot for you just to give you this is I run into this all the time. Here's someone posting again in response to me say hey let's let's really get or focus on Jesus that we been distracted from a lot of issues.

So here's a guy responding. No I think not. I think you're an arrogant blank if you tell me what you think I need Brown and you have never met me.

While all pretty relevant blank, while I despise presumption at any level and you have a spouse. The height in your squeaky small blank diatribe. I'm Israel grossed a little self-loathing might help you with your attitude problem. There's a whole lot less.

With this came from. Grow some… This a pretty crass if I put the whole text in real crass junk typos. This is what you post okay, here's the guys but I just clicked at a curiosity so handsomely. Hey look at some of this, I just read some of the comments here's here's the guys but look at this description here of of himself. This is what he says to himself it's all about Jesus. Jesus had joy is an immutable truth. I will be with Jesus, one that that's the guy that posted the garbage posted is written. My point is we may have a lot of people professing faith in Jesus. We may have a lot of people talking about Jesus. We may have a lot of people going to church is will have a lot of disciples because disciples don't act like that somehow disciples Axel, a disciple is is a student is a follower. It is a devoted follower it.

It is someone who now gives them self to follow a particular person. In this case retirement being disciples of Jesus. So here are some leading Greek dictionaries.

New Testament dictionaries and I want you to see the definitions because that the Greek word for learning is connected to the Greek word for disciple the same with the Hebrew word for learned and disciple so one dictionary says this one who engages in learning through instruction from another pupil or apprentice through that again Greek word Martha tests. One who engages in learning through instruction from another pupil apprentice. But let's look at another definition in the same dictionary. This is the one that would apply even more now to the larger meaning of disciple, one who was rather constantly associated with someone who is a pedagogical reputation or particular set of views. Disciple inherent secret constantly associated with someone was a teaching and mentoring, reputation or particular set of use, translated, and disciple or inherent in SL used frequently in the New Testament so to be a disciple of Jesus. You are constantly associated with you are modeling your life after him you are spending quality time with him.

He's here in this earth right go back 2000 years. You're sitting in the street you're listening to them your learning from him learning of him your learning from him and and now you're practicing what he's preaching. That's what a disciple does is not just an observer.

A spectator, the disciple is is a student seeking to emulate the life of his master or teacher. But let's look at another definition so monthly tastes follower. Often, a disciple who is a believer and close follower. The other less committed relationships are indicated.

Pupil student one tutored playing a closer relationship than mere information.

So to be somebody's disciple here.

Think of it like this if if you're just going to a church service in hearing somebody preach he could hardly be called a disciple despite doing that in less you were absorbed with the teaching you were caught up in that teaching you are modeling yourself after the teacher and the course of your life was to put those things into practice and to grow in those ways.

Let's look at another definition got a couple more for you and then I want to read some rabbinic writings to here's another. These are authoritative, highly respected Greek New Testament dictionaries monthly tastes of person who learns from another by instruction, whether formal or informal disciple pupil with the quote no pupil is greater than his teacher, but every pupil when he is completed this training will be like his teacher. Every pupil so we are devoted pupils, devoted students of the master teacher, Jesus, listening to his words absorbing them in our lives. Following his example seeking to live as he lived. That was our whole life is caught up in being that and doing that one more more definition just put up for you. Think of it will more and so tell meet Tommy is the Hebrew word for student that this was really interesting and and I've got a screenshot for those watching from the Safari a website I search for the retell meet it only occurs once in the Bible in its interesting occurrence in Chronicles and only occurs once the entire Bible and it is a a meaning of of student learner okay and the root La mod. This is to study tall mood is that which a study that's the basics that the main sources of of rabbinic foundational literature, the Talmud, but but notice this in the Safari website where you can search basically a massive database of of rabbinic literature, and a lot of the translated into English and was in Hebrew, Aramaic tell me the related forms occur over 47,000 times.

There was this is a major emphasis of early rabbinic Judaism that you sit at the feet of your teacher that you absorbed in studying the literature day and night and in rabbinic Judaism. The tremendous emphasis is on learning but then this learning should cause you to live a certain way so there's a famous tractate or book of the Mishnah culture K of vote chapters of the fathers are ethics of the fathers.

It starts off with the notion of Moses receiving oral law on Mount Sinai. Of course I differ with that strongly, but this is foundational rabbinic Judaism, Moses received the tort sign I transmitted to Joshua Joshua to the old is the oldest of the prophets the prophets to the men of the great assembly tribute days of like Ezra Nehemiah Robin, they said three things. Be patient in the administration of justice.

These are three other famous things raise many disciples and Nick offense around the tort so hot me to tell me deem her bay associate withdraw raise many disciples make offense from the tour.

Make offense from the tour would mean if if the losses you can over 60 bucks an hour. The sea dunk over 40. To make sure you get close to doing it but notice one of the key things that they said was raise up many disciples are, let's set the school down to of the fourth versus call the Mishnah within the Mishnah use admin user Mentos errata in your sleep and your cut on the measures to reduce and receive the oral tradition from them sis is again the from Simon the righteous in intent and into ghettos and to go in a season just been euros there is to say that the house BS house of meeting for the sages and sit the rate just to their feet and drink in their words with thirst. This is that this is a concept of being a disciple. You sit at the feet of you teacher and you drink in the words you drink them in, so it's again it's an absorbing of of what they're saying. It is a it is your life is devoted to learning from them and then putting these things into practice and then of the sixth verse or Mishnah Yoshi Rubin proximity to the arbor light receive the oral tradition for the nugget.

I don't believe in the full transmission of oral tradition, the Rabbi stupidest give you insight in terms of these beliefs you should been produce to say appoint myself teacher and acquire for myself a companion and judge all men with the scale weighted in his favor. So you you are compassionate your judgment of others, but get a teacher and acquire a companion, a companion study partner. I was listening to Rabbi the other day saying that he said the same study partner less 25 years so weekly or daily living gates and study rabbinic texts, but again it's a lifestyle of learning and then got one more section in chapter 6, verse six or chapter 6 Mishnah six. To be precise. I want to see it is a long passage but I want you to feel for the idea of how learning was considered to be transformative to the whole life. That was it was not just intellectual information.

Greater is learning Torah than the priesthood of the royalty royalties acquired by 30 stages in the priesthood by 24 but the Torah by 48 things by study. Attentive listening, proper speech by an understanding heart by an intelligent heart by all by fear, but humility by joy by attending to the sages by critical give-and-take with friends by final argumentation with friends by clear thinking busted in Scripture busted his Mishnah by a minimum of sleep. I minimum of chatter by minimum of pleasure by minimum of frivolity by a minimum of preoccupation with worldly matters, by long-suffering by generosity, by faith in the sages by acceptance of suffering recognizes the NAFTA results require about one recognizes this place rejoices in his portion who makes offense buzzwords to takes the credit for himself, whose love who loves God was his fellow creatures and those righteous ways of his reproof of those uprightness pieces so far from honest result of this art becomes well-known account of his learning does not delight in giving legal decisions shares in the bearing of a bird with his colleague who judges with the scales within his favor leads onto truth of these onto peace and compose himself at a study who asked and answers who listens to others and himself as Christology learns in order. The teacher learns in order the practice who makes his teacher wiser was exactly what he is learned and says nothing in the name of him who said it. Thus, you have learned. Everyone says nothing in the name of him who said it brings deliverance into the world as it is said, Esther told the king and Mordechai's name. Okay, say wow that was a lot. The point is, the ideas, not just learning information but taking in truth that transforms your life. How much more do we do this now is disciples not just of a book or of the teaching, but of Yeshua. Jesus himself that we were absorbed with his life.

We were absorbed with following him. The purpose of our life is to know him and make him known. The purpose of our life is to be with him and be like him anyway.

When you take a break from this for moment, one of the young pastor Joseph Parker. Then we come back and stay with us those run whole stay with us and get your comments about discipleship on the other side of the second number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown join his friend hire boy just getting reports from friends in Texas and what they're doing with their infliction of the parts of the country. I know there's some really rough weather affecting many of you, and if you are listening somehow live or watch you live.

You've got cell phone service and good Internet on or radio stations still working. Glad to be talking with you. May God's grace be there to help them and help those really struggling so as I have gone down to be with American family Association a couple different times in Tupelo. The sippy I've had the joy of joining some of their radio hosts an American family radio. The Carolina fire on Sunday afternoons for couple of hours and I've been on with pastor Joseph Parker and he's got a really neat ministry.

He has been pastoring for what is it yeah most of the last 45 years. Currently serving with his wife leaving Bethlehem AME church in Winona, Mississippi and he serves as the host of the radio broadcast the hour of intercession so it's it's share things and in prayer sure things in prayer, gentle heart, great heart for the Lord involved in an pro-life helps undergird a lot of what American family Association does in prayer as new book that he wrote us at him and we we gotta get you on the air, even for a few minutes to be my guess. So a Joseph great to have you with us today. Greatly we need you know what when we were on the last time I was so pleased I remembered your first name only the real as I remembered it wrong.

So that's closer. Parker was a famous preacher in the 1800s and and is got a great quote of always remembered so that I was feel like yeah I know, Joseph Parker, so thanks for being with us hate just tell us quickly. As a pastor, how was it that that this ministry of prayer has played such a foundational role that this new private life and your public ministry you know background think a bit prayer what God tells us to pray without feasting the money checked by an I've had the privilege and honor of hosting the broadcast. The Avenue session. I do about seven years and I would say the prayer has been a foundational part of my life is a lever for evidence. I came to know the Lord, but I've been steady growing in my understanding of effective prayer so much bigger so much more critical to everything in the kingdom of God and I believe the most fruitful people in all the world and the kingdom of God are people that really know how to seriously pray get things done through their prayer lives of prayer is really critical to everything in the kingdom of God is. It really is and how is it that the leaders of ministry done pastor can be very stressful. American family Association on the front lines of a lot of culture battles culture wars.

You seem to have a gentle spirit about you and a piece about you is that the fruit of your prayer life. Well, I would think though that you perceive it that way but I would say that without question one of the wonderful things about our life of praying as well as the study of the word of God and I get that what they did, the study of God's word is a form of prayer form of communion with God, and they help believers understand that, but our timing walk with God is clearly awake, whereby the spirit of God mold and shape us to become more more like Christ is our intimate walk with Christ in the course of the critical part of being faithful disciples and so I think it works on me and all the rest of us to become more like Christ. Yeah, that's what it's all about being like Jesus. That's been the focus of the show before he came on today what it means to be disciples so so tell your audience about this book that you've written. What prompted you to do it one or rediscover get out of it well you know the title of book report patches. Note that calls the church to stand boldly rely and I would say without question the work of discipleship because I think one of the great challenges in the church today is people who say they know the Lord but they not been defined a been not been taught how to walk with God, to walk with him in prayer to listen to his word and obey himself. The book is a compilation of articles I wrote over a period of years.

It addressed the life issue pretty hand on aggressively. I'm bear much of the opinion that the church is way too laid-back on that issue of a book of upstanding collapsing abortion and even churches that can fit himself strong pro-life church is typically is also much more we can and should be doing to address the light fixture itself. My hope is that this book will and I'm believing that God will use this book to stir pastors in particular, but the church as a whole to recognize that we all must become much more aggressive about standing for life. Standing against abortion. So in other words, it's not just a matter of we cast her vote every two years or before years that we hope the Supreme Court will do something this is really our job on the ground.

Just think if they be 1/10 of the churches in America took this seriously that the pro-life movement would revolutionize the whole country or I think that definitely could and would happen adequately hoping to be much greater response to court the math course. Of course you know that but I think a bit that the need for us as believers, as it relates to being disciples with the life issue, but this is true for any issue that you really think the heart of God in prayer and that is where it but that it is always an environment at the end of our prayer. I think every pastor in every church, every believer should say, Lord, show me what you want me to do about the life issue show me what you have me to do and I believe God has an assignment for absolutely every congregation to help address the issue. I think too often, people may pray, but they're not listening but the affiant because there's so much work that still needs to be done. It is not being done by the people of God. So, give, give me one example 11, section or chapter or article from your book. Terms of practical action that that every local church could take for the cause of life to to combat the evil of abortion. Okay well the initial chapter amongst other things touches on the critical importance of the work of pregnancy clinic pregnancy clinic course our wonderful ministry in our culture today that do a great work of actually do a lot of evangelism and discipleship, and pastoral ministry and I'm of the opinion that there should be so much support from local churches of pregnancy clinic that they don't have to do prime rate based in Turkey should put them in the budget fundraisers for the Mustang volunteers and baby items. Well, sadly many passes they don't even know her pregnancy clinic. It could refer you to the closest one found it, but many don't help educating themselves about this work because I think of the pregnancy clinic at the bank not I would I want I don't care for the term parachurch. I think it's an extension of the church and typically the directors are people with a big heart for what they do for great representatives to educate people about the need to get passionately involved with the work pregnancy clinic. But that's just one small thing that you should send lots of volunteers to break the clinics as well they should be flooded with baby items as opposed to having to beg the community and community churches for such.

That would just be one thing I think of. Also, for example, one of the chapter deals with what I call the deer parent letter template letter that explains that if a woman want to keep her baby, it think it's against the law or a boyfriend or dad or mom or anyone course that girl to get an abortion.

Lots of people don't know that a lot of brown badly.

Many abortions happen even though the mom wanted to keep her baby dad or mom or a boyfriend or husband forced and again that can be prosecuted, but again, many people they knew the law, they would not force and so I think about an incident that happened I got a phone call one day in my office right here in Tupelo, Mississippi 17-year-old girl call from another city across the country for I wanted I want to keep my baby must get my pants to schedule me to get abortion tomorrow. Can you help me. All I did was I emailed her the letter in here from of the next day right away so out of concern called when I called she and her mom were at the abortion clinic. She'd gotten the letter had printed up, but hadn't showed her mom fine. Please show your mom let late in the neighborhood back, she showed them on the letter. Mom was not happy, but the abortion clinic workers knew they could not legally do the abortion because the mother said she didn't want it to do an ultrasound on the 17-year-old found that she was carrying 20 while the Holy Spirit used the letter to state not just one baby to just think it it lots of believers got a hold of that letter and sent it to local high school police stationed in local you directed how many babies could be saved because knowing the law actually conveyed lots of babies in our culture today but I just don't to just a couple small things that many other think believers can do to help get involved Stand for life in our culture, let me ask you this. Candidly and said you get a chance.

Gracious spirit for you or you are tenacious for life in every way I I country grieved controversy over the recent election and in people very upset with those of of the trunk very upset because he is pro-life and and to abide.

This is pro-abortion etc. and and they're all outrageous. I've said to them what this is such a big deal to die. I voted for pro-life candidate yeses, but if if this is a big deal to tell me the abortion clinic name for many abortion clinics in your city name for the pregnancy crisis.

I've asked those questions because most are indignant about this but actually aren't doing anything the rest of the year and all in all honesty, my brother does that strike you is as hypocritical well you know I get back, but I wouldn't use the word hypocritical but I guess I would use the word I'm tragically uninformed. Okay there.

Clearly, believers should be packed even more passionate about learning about what they can do to help, and abortion as they are passionate about voting for the right candidate now clearly voting for the right candidate, one that is pro-life is critical, but that one very small pain.

Yes, it believers can do. The church could end the tragedy of abortion or coach the church could do it but we have to decide it with God's help, were going to do it and felt doing our part is critically important to everything within the kingdom of God.

As far as addressing the issue as God would have us do. I very much believe him. So, I'm so glad you put this out because it's the practical steps for pastors from individual believers attempts them your book again where folks can get it again. It's a pastors note God called the church and boldly for life and they can get it AMA or they can call 187792749178, a bookstore and get it. Well, I suppose a coupling.

I grace of friends. Check it out on the American family Association website. A pastors notes Esther Joseph Parker hey my brother thanks for for doing the work that should be faithful these many years and am a God get your great leadership. Thanks for joining us today appreciated. Thank you that helpless it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown appreciate with pastor Parker had to say. Pro-life movement part of our discipleship. Part of getting outsourced people of prayer people of the word that outputting that into action.

So that's restarted today.

What is it mean to be discipled. Jesus is going to will the world make disciples.

Paul does not use the term of his letters because the Greek word method tastes in the literacy was ready. Would've had a different connotation than what was intended when Jesus spoke about making disciples. But if you'll notice in the book of acts that that's just the way the believers are identified, the number of disciples group number disciples group X11 in Antioch. The disciples were first called Christians is the first time that these disciples were called Christians, and that was apparently the outsiders looking at these Jews and Gentiles together. Following this, Chris DOS, Crest Osco, who wasn't just some name to them so they mockingly, these Christ guys be as if I had a following in an people rename brown lights or something like that. So the term Christian. Some of called Christian because they they started, this is Chris DOS said Chris DOS within the meaning of Messiah to them but did notice that that Luke tells us in X11 that the disciples that's where it that's how he describes him first called Christians in Antioch is Rios Reinecke's number disciples grew.

In other words, to be believers to be disciple that it was like all the disciples the superstrength, the disciples really really communicative disciples like a missionary. I'm just a church you know that there was no such categories. Just a churchgoer, you were saved or lost.

If you're saved recall to be disciple so that means you go back to the Gospels and read what Jesus says about disciples leave everything. Follow me, we don't all quit our jobs and and and all distiller positions on the mission field, but we all died to what hold held this before die troll lives, we want to said Jesus in all, I'd like to have a better life. I'm going to Jesus and get rid of the guilt and bad feelings and just have good feelings. It's a lot deeper than that is the end of our life in the beginning of a new life and gone, that we live to do his will with his allies become absorbed being with him as being a disciple.

866-34-TRUTH let's go over to Nashville, Tennessee, L Yahoo welcome to line of fire.

Here, Dr. Brown yeah I can loud and clear trial throughout now that's good. I'm going to monitored I been watching you doing Pro III been seeing how your standing up for morals and values were, you know Christ and felt my my vision of discipleship came when I was studying the Scriptures from Jennifer to Revelation.

And I got to the book of acts, and they were waiting in the upper room they received the Holy Spirit is the first step for me is my personal opinion, the next step. You know, a speech given by Peter develop every one of you be baptized the name just two of Nazareth are not three and you should review the rule article – that time 2000 that were ordered out that I don't remember exactly baptized.

The next step with that they believed were gathered together daily at the temple and they broke bread from house to house. I'm not I'm not getting into communism. First, I think that there's something I see so many churches close now you know when we see the day approaching was put together more often. And yet we have so many churches close on obviously denominations not to save any of us is not going to bring us together. Denominations only brought everyone, every man goes back to his own house in the book Haggai when the temple of the Lord Hashem is left in ruin.

So all these churches are closed very own and I understand new prayer from home to ourselves are more awful day approaching. Yes and slightly yet the previous thought Dozier is reading through acts. You did have gathering in the temple and things like that but the main gross was house to house to house house to house and and I think it's interesting thing, but it but I think it point to consider is that the shutdowns he continues should be getting us to think more about gathering in smaller groups. There was that the. The best way to make a disciple is not only be in a large group with worship and teaching. That's great. I love those of love corporate settings.

I love big meetings and love them love being in them.

Love ministry in them receiving in them, but ultimately his living life out together in a smaller setting and end with close friendships and with with smaller groups that are more intimate. You can each grow, you can't really hide in that setting. If you're struggling.

It's a place we can open up so that citizen. Let's take advantage of this when in many cases it's difficult to gather the building after this distant saying things in a whatever that your living by various from state to state. Let's seize this moment to find other ways to really live this out.

This we should be getting together absolutely and finding ways looking for creative ways to do it. Thank you for pulling in. I appreciated Robert Coleman famous professor church growth specialist dear dear brother I got to spend time with them years back when I served as a visiting professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity school in Deerfield, Illinois when he was a professor there in church growth missions and things like that but famous books and a master plan of evangelism master plan of discipleship things those classic books so he was telling me that he was a Methodist pastor and that the Methodists had circuits that would you be responsible for several churches, so you have a circuit where you go maybe over a period of a month and you cover all the different churches and you may be good so this one at this time and then you travel on from there.

Get hours with this one saw and there was one just the way the schedule worked with you arrive on Saturday and he would he would be with them on Saturday. The folks that the folks in the church and they were farmers and things and so he do community with he do chores with them just hang out with the people I know with family meals with them in the church service in that congregation really grew and thrived.

The new people got saved, and so on and so that they look to Mike you're the expert on this how you do this, you're the expert is like on the expert but I did chores I did for Schwartz with, but he realized it was being together and living life together. I know students that have gone missions trips with me said India so you get the journey over there in the hanging out time and you obviously are on is flying and stuff but but you know in between the hangout time and then all the travel within India and then the meetings in the pouring your hearts out together and seeing God move in and get times to talk and debrief some of this happens is very special doing that because you've experienced life and God together and and then I I've noticed our school ministry now is entirely online. We put our entire school life in Beloit if you want a place to study at home fire school. Mr. check out fire school

Check it out and roll for one class and see if interest just audit one class. If you want if you don't know if how serious he will take classes at think you be blown away by the continent full audio classes. As we taught them with full study guides with ministry practicums to follow through on it.

It really rich program two years and plus if you want to take more classes but when when our school is at its biggest. I would do third year class of mentoring class and when this was its biggest matter was 1200 full-time students and may be saved to 200 when the third year or whatever the number was an and we had all of our faculty and then the students would put on the list who they whose class they wanted to be in right so that they have this list was class that will be in Who's Who's mentoring group. They want to be in because I was a leader in school and well-known things so I would always have the highest number and then all the other faculty we get, but I don't take a certain number. Those people let's a 30 wanted to be my mentor group. I can't take 12 so we we figure out 12 and then the others would be spread out with the other groups so you think you know, disappointed.

I want to be in Dr. Brown's group know that there all day. As soon as they were in another group and another leader spent quality time with them every week and and and they prayed together and they shared together and and maybe have meals together they cast by Dr. Brown the.

It didn't matter because they were in a situation of some really pouring into them and being a mentor and I would notice that when the students would be giving special appreciation they'd always give the greatest appreciation to the one they spent the great time with all they appreciate this teaching or preaching other things like yeah we just will never forget those meals at your house will never forget there is something about living life together and it's the essence of discipleship us in the Lord us with people that are pouring into our lives. Us getting this ingesting is to who we are so making disciples is not just preaching and handing someone over.

It's it's getting that one to know the Lord and then getting them vibrantly and finally connected with Jesus so that your life revolves around doing his will and you are constantly sitting at his feet learning and communing with him in the course of our day in the midst of all the other responsibilities we have. That's her focus.

That's our desire will be live like that people will be drawn to us the see something in us that we want. Let us go and make disciples of all and let's first

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