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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 12, 2021 5:50 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 12, 2021 5:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/12/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

Phone lines are wide open. You got questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on the line of fire. It's the Friday broadcast, which means you got questions, we've got answers, no agenda on this and no major stories. I plan on covering although in the midst of the impeachment hearing. Now the Republican side. Presented, the rebuttal was a lot going on in the world around us, but this is truly your calls today 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Any question of any kind that relates in any way to any subject matter. We touch on here any area waive any expertise at all love to take your questions and as I do all the time of I get very few takers. Those who differ with me strongly.

Those were critical of her ministry are things we teach or preach love to hear from you as well.

All right, we will's dart with Christopher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Welcome to the line of fire. I can years now.

I really a great program but argued Republic. You probably remember Henry back. Called in a couple of times merited with muted better at this famous call about the colonized kind of got it okay I'm I'm I'm at grand.

There was a little confusion about whether a document he felt were not met me for an okay I want I want to calling. You think they wanted equality. What I want to thank you for your gracious, though many people that your touch on the subject treated with just Damon and dismissal or even anger or meanness, and there was none of that commute was all loving break. I wanted thank you for my heart. For your great treatment of the week very well completely just speak the truth in love, we don't water it down to her best to speak the truth in love with.

Thank you got my my question you at the debater I hope will appreciate, I would. What you think. You decide how they might work on your your word limit on the old and new pet. The what what you what you think if I might respond with someone that would claim that it's fine for Christians to go to nudist colonies and and the like will obviously since, as I pointed out that that Adam and Eve covered themselves and then God covered them after the fall, and that we are in that fallen state and that throughout Scripture being naked.

Is that shameful thing and even in the book of Revelation, Jesus says to live the same way you are.

You really hear me, but not talk. We just don't want the baby upset there. On the other side of the few little ones doesn't like my answer here but even in the book of Revelation when Jesus's rebuke in Laodicea, spiritually speaking right live to see his naked and Jesus urges them to to get close to it to cover their nakedness, or even a spiritual sense, being naked is as a negative thing. The argument I imagine so much try to bring as well. God had Isaiah walkaround stripped naked for three years as a side number one if that really happened that it was naked versus just wearing like underwear kind of thing. It was a horrible judgment. It was a shameful saying it was symbolic of how the children of Israel.

This would go into exile and ended stripped but if it simply could well mean and in that context, just like you walk around in the equivalent of underwear Beasley shameful negative.

Another potential argument likely will will we have moved beyond the fallen nature into a sanctified mindset and and therefore we are we are not touched by these things, which is just pure self-deception. You know nothing, nothing less, than self-deception.

When people say will that's a whole Llamas and that's a horror heart. You are so just because we get use to a particular thing and it doesn't have any sexual meaning to us, doesn't mean that the thing is good or right again throughout Scripture recall to modesty and that means close on not close off one of my friends many years ago, said the purpose of clothes is not over try to reveal but will try to cover so those are ways that I would respond to potential responses from the never never debated that this compaction will be doing debates on that subject in the future.

He thank you, Christopher. The call I appreciated 86634 let's go to Jeanette in Durham, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire, what thank you Dr. Brown brown sugar Jeanette underarm. I'm glad to connect with you again soon.

I think the book that you sent to me at appreciate it. I get them acclimated on a hot hellish overall calling. I listen to a minister from thank you that are not strictly byTecra's name is J. Craig Lewis any always teaching on creation role in all were adamantly you know… My thing is I wanted it. You might if you have heard of him or have an idea because I am my opinion I think that's not correct of lamb and I want to say right that every woman doesn't have a man hug and thing a mother and single father so out I don't understand how I could teach John that he had a big following in his church and I got that written some of the speaking it's good but want to be quiet and that you respond thank you yeah get your number one on the snow you with the brother his ministry's, let me just comment directly on the question of God's design for us in creation men.

For women, women from man, be fruitful and multiply come together husband's wise mother's father's that's obviously fundamental for even thriving without that we go extinct and obviously anonymous made uniquely for woman and the woman uniquely for man in terms of biology and emotions and and and things like that. At the same time Jesus was single and represented the fullness of God.

Paul was signed not and said this is a gift that God gives to some of Jeremiah because of his calling, could never marry God told Mary, can have children and we know that that the image of God is reflected in each of us is as well so I think it's important that the church is always teaching on the importance of marriage, family, because that's under such attack in our society, and so misunderstood and there are so many designs to tear it down through no fault divorce through redefining marriage to adding partners things like that. At the same time. It really is essential that singles don't feel that they are second-class or just kind of an afterthought. And that does happen in many churches like a you great progress for Mariposa. Great series of teaching on this effort. For many singles look, we are all, you spend a certain part of our single growing up in it until we are married. If we are married and then we may not maybe we outlive our spouse were single and then much of our lives every day. I'm Ines and I are going on 45 years of management every day were living our lives right here she's some real soon.

She's doing so were each doing that every day so I think what we have to do that.

Jeanette is his number one recognize our personal relationship with God and that were each made to thrive as individuals that that that the vast majority of us will marry.

The vast majority of us will be in in a relationship with another human being, and have the companionship but we all have seasons in our lives. Without that, and some for life will will will never have that and in the greatest example, that being Jesus himself by the father's design and plan so I think we have to recognize that God's image. While expressed in male and female is also expressed in each of us. And when God calls us because of some of these individuals now remarried your individual calling will will then interface with your your spouse's individual calling in the in the two become one and everything is enhanced when God called me to preach when God called me to minister everything's called me to do.

He's called me to do as his son as an individual and what I stand before God given account. It will be as his son as an individual. I will get Nancy there to defend New York, but it was likely to offend intent to point out where Mr. but but anyway you hear him say that we each live as individuals before God and that needs to be emphasized that will each stand before him as an individual and give account and there is grace given to us as individuals, which can then be greatly enhanced as couples but either way we stand before God is individual so hopefully that's helpful. Jeanette and and or churches really need to be strong, especially with younger people waiting longer to be married now so this singles for longer periods of time. It's important emphasize that all right 866-34-TRUTH let us go to Dan and Fairbanks, Alaska. Welcome to light a fire dark brown figure back to your comment doctor. Start out by night. Ever report question for you and read IMAP. I know that there's been a need in the church in many believers are understanding our role and preach in our own household, but it also be single person or a family, but typically what I wanted to hear from you in Jewish tradition picture the role the role, but the response ability for children and grandchildren noted many promises that are spoken to you, your children and your children's children and I would like to hear your perspective on that. Yeah so the Bible does not speak specifically about the responsibility of grand parents towards grandchildren.

The right of the great blessing that it is to have grandchildren because you live long enough to have your children and then your children have had their children so you live long enough to see that so that would be looked at specially is generational blessing you don't find the mandate to grandparents to make sure you're raising your grandchildren.

I will you that the central role the site your place. You may have a special role-play praying for them with the tenderness to the grandparent can, but there's no sense of responsibility. Clearly, however, there is a massive responsibility on the mothers and fathers this semester responsibility in Scripture to be role models.

There's a massive responsibility to set boundaries this semester responsibility to do our best to bring them to God. So they have their own encounter with God in Jewish tradition would really flow a lot of that with five Deuteronomy 6 Deuteronomy 6 after the confession hero Israel, the Lord is our dog Lord alone after the confession, then it's not just a matter of reciting the word having your heart and your mind but drilling it into children, but the repetition, but by sharing it, living it out and then in the New Testament the father exhorted not to envision their children so we want to set godly examples. Kids were raised in an environment much, much, much leader head start in their race for life.

Those who raised in the world. Again, thank you for asking. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown for joining us on the line of fire. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You've got questions, got answers, let's go to West in in King city, Missouri. Thanks: the line of fire.

Dr. Brown hey okay I had a Jewish friend who well I was explaining to him about death and resurrection of Christ, and he quoted Revelation 118, Malachi 6 and he said Oaxacan God be eternal and I and he also asked how the father and son could be separated and that any said the only way that makes chance this like in first Karen ends 150 15.

Sorta like the son of God like left him and then the soul like went to Hades, or wherever. So how would you respond him yeah so first I appreciate appreciate his interest with these asking those questions. I would explain that that this physical that the death of Messiah experience was physical but it's was a sin across right before he dies front into your hands I commit my spirit so there is no separation in the divine nature. There is no separation in God. Rather, is the for the physical death that is experienced so just like a human being. If you are in right relationship with God and you die physically you just go from one lot realm of relationship to another fact you go to a greater communion with God by leaving this body and going to be with impulses absent from the body and present with the Lord. That's the first thing that that the essence of God doesn't die anymore than when when God takes on human form in the Old Testament that he ceases to be on the present know he just limits part of himself in that way. So that's first thing. Death is physical and and the physical body is is dead, but the spirit remains connected to God. So that's number one number two the I would ask them questions about if he believes Orthodox Jewish views of God. For example, in traditional Judaism. The 15 which Christians call Shekinah.

This should he not represents an aspect of God, the manifest presence of God on the earth, and when the Jewish people going to exile the shifting goes into exile and there were traditional Jews who before they perform a mitzvah commandment, they will pray for the reunification of God because they say that the shifting is in exile with the people of Israel and when Israel returns from exile, then God is united with himself.

So I would point out to him that there are mystical concepts within Judaism that speak of there being some type of disruption or disunion within God during the present state of things, but our beliefs are that that God is in his eternal oneness is unity is complex and there is perpetual fellowship between father son and Spirit and each one taking on a different role for salvation. Where would you say this person sent terms of their own background on radical conservative yeah so you might not even he might not even know what would a traditional Jubilee will what about when Christ ascended into like the lower region and you know proclaimed whatever they were and everything to the spirit said been disobedience right basically sealing their fate. It is it is done while PE even there.

Why would there be separation. In other words, that doesn't imply that the father and son and on and fellowship. The son is on a mission now into the netherworld and and just like he was a mission and the mission here on earth.

It's exact same thing. Yeah got the printer down there was a saying someone 39. Familiar with it now. Yeah, if I go down to Scholl you were there this summer but but here's the thing. If the sun is there, then God is present because the sun is not so yeah he he is and Judaism said God is is a is on the present question when I'd encourage you to do if you're able, is get volume 2 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 2. Review with a lot of these issues and see if your friend Maria volume 2, of answering Jewish objections to Jesus or my book, the real kosher Jesus. If you get that CFO read it.

The real kosher Jesus. You can read it, you learn a lot from it and then see if that an ideal some of these issues in and it is well and if you get your friends reluctant to be a real eye-opener for him. So either volume 2, of answering Jewish objections to Jesus or the real kosher Jesus and then either one would be great to get your friend to read and keep going from there.

I thank you for the for the call appreciate it.

866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to answer we won't. Let's go to Gavin and what is happening to our this and have internalized their over week.

Are we good. Let's try one more year. All right, looks like looks like we have a problem on our phone line system here re-phone lit up, but obviously some just happened to reform as we both get busy signals. I apologize from the heart, so they may have to do a reboot.

On the other. So I say they'll can we just tell you how are things run those who are looking at this and not just listening on radio podcast you looking at me and when I raise my left hand and point over there through the glass pane are faithful team of Kai and Chris and their monitoring sayings and if I'm pulling up the video. Hey, let's look at this sort. Let's read this article of us look at this verse there pulling up all that for me, setting, or levels. Checking on now about an hour and 1/4 from here about an hour and 1/4 from here. That is the main radio studio threes radio network in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

There they are connecting us by satellites. All the other stations were airing live and they are also there answering the phones and they've got their whole system set up there something obviously happened to that system. I apologize to everyone who was on hold, the systems were rebooted. Do your best to call back and I'll try to get you in that or there are some great questions there was eager to get to everyone above you see something happen with her less color so we don't control the phones over here.

Those who controlled at another location. Rachel faithfully answering the phones there and the different team members running the operation.

Bring in the that the ads different parts of things so that's what happened.

So I'm I'm waiting for the word that that the reboot has been successful in them will go back I will remember it when we had issues, but on the radio daily for 12+ years so things come up, but this was a little different one with the sudden busy signals taking over so soon as we get rebooted we will will be back with your calls. But that means that means I have to ad lib. what I can find to talk about.

Just joking with you know I've I've had shows where about to go on the air right and of good have a guest important guest on a major subject for the entire hour we can find in the at the time zones wrong and they have no idea this post.

We also ready to start click okay. We have a free hour, but I do want to say this because I been thinking about it so much. Please hear me in in in the most candid, clear way that I can speak I don't want to be offensive.

I don't want to. You don't want to seem in insensitive to concerns you may have had about the elections or being upset about the way the new administration is taking things sore only insensitive to those concerns or issues. However however I will say this. Okay you know what I've gotta restart on my end, we really need to reset friends. We really need a reset when I mean I mean we need to get back to gospel basics we need to get back to the basics of the gospel and be known as Jesus people, not Republicans, not Democrats that supporters of Trumper supporters of Biden need to get back to being known as the Jesus people in our message. The message that the world hears must needs to be about the Lord first and foremost hundred to one. Everything else is secondary to that. All right, let's let's go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jordan walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you doing well. Thank you to question I'm going through Rome in 206 through 11. Yet and him and I'm I'm grateful. I love David.

I'm thankful that you know I believe that I'm saved by grace through faith that all disgusted and later on chapter 3. Written commentary discussing how salvation I've heard it described you know an umbrella with no sanctification, justification and perseverance. Kind of. Underneath that picture that I was going to get your thoughts on deck card that works will be no everyman will be judged by the say I just scale sick that I write my students get the big question that comes up is with the Romans to is Paul suggesting that some people are saved by their good works and they will be commended for you. First also Gentile, and others will be judged for their sinful works. Obviously we know because Paul argues it decisively in the chapters that follow that we've all fallen short, so I believe this is more of a theoretical construct that's been put forth. Though it cause can be a fair judge you, live righteously enough to get in. That's what Tony Rabbi, if you're righteous enough and good enough and whole enough to get in by Rome works more power to you, but Paula goes on to say. Ultimately though everyone falls short. Ultimately, every one of us is guilty in God's sight and were only saved by grace. However, those who are truly saved will live godly lives closer to saying it will not persevere in unrepentant and double deal with that.

So sanctification is absolutely part of the fruit of salvation for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is friends with the comment so when I say that those who truly disabled with different lives. It doesn't mean that we may not have ups and downs. It may not even guarantee that some among fall away or turn away from the Lord. But for sure if some is generally born again it has to have an effect on the life. So if if I knew some of us, and a close friend that was the safe and the other guy slipped around while the women heavy drug user nasty abusive character liar. Just go down the list right come up with a few more things and and this person said they had this incredible born again experience God showed him their need for the Lord and who Jesus was and they cried out the saved me.

I know he's forgiven my sins. Well, you'll see change that you know that person have to become a new person on some level, and if they continue to live exactly the same, not even consciousness of sin that even a desire to move away from it, not not even a recognition of wrong and and and steps taken in the right direction. I question whether the person ever met with the Lord, because you you cannot be born from above, born a new born again get a new heart, a new spirit that will not happen in an and less you been truly saved, if you truly say you gotta live differently. You going to live differently.

James had been more revival scholar said the only proof of new birth is new life. So the other last okay there is not there so just listening on the inside of the break there so just one of the put that out for you.

Let us go to Ashley in Topeka, Kansas. Welcome to the line of fire back around. Okay, yes I can tell calling I wanted to get your thoughts by venting. Have you read the that it meant that literally by Robbie Thacker I ministry about that actually need that he did. Yes, I have had okay so obviously your probably heartbroken by it.

I haven't heard you talk about it on the Plath that he had known on yeah I felt it heartbreaking for me the lottery that I look at Robbie Thacker at the red in boiling question: i.e. I learned a lot from hand my I've watched the apologetic online and I'm not that they can, but I'm also sad that I crashed that this can happen from such a seemingly great Christian leader and I guess my questions are like what are your general thought when that happens, the leaders and you think that Riley was maybe even on faint now that you know the truth of being told right okay number one, I've known this was coming for for quite some time. Some of that.

I know he reached out to me knew about the research knew what was going on so I was hoping against hope it wasn't true, but it was expecting the findings to be like this. I was waiting for everything to come out. You know I am. I don't need to offer my opinion on everything I was waiting for everything to come out and even just today talking to Nancy say I'm going to have to address this now that it's out in the spring for redemptive way to do it so slowly, say a few things so those not familiar. The report does say there was all types of sexual misconduct legibly with Robbie for many, many, many years.

So I'm terribly grieved for the reputation of the Lord because this makes Jesus look bad in the millions of people. Robbie touched the good be many now who question the message of Jesus because of of the exposure probably sin.

So it's it's a terribly grievous thing here.

I am a leader in the body. I have a certain stature. If I was found to be a hypocrite. How does that affect others.

The same with others. We look to obviously Robbie was a giant so it's it's a very sobering thing.

It's it's a tragic thing and that's the first thing when I hear this, my first thought is all know the reputation of Jesus and then I think all the people that could be heard and and how the mockers will use this to to disparage our message and then of course the women who were victimized is we who are in leadership you whether it's a boss on the job, pastoring a church on the slick that is charismatic in the you you have a certain power.

That's why there can be abusive relationships that that are or are examined in that in that regard.

So the women been victims and I feel quite sure that God gave opportunities to Robbie and his ministry to fix this years ago before it got so public, so first thing grieved for the reputation of the Lord refer those whose faith will be hurt, grieved for the women who were who were victims and in different ways and it's okay. Where do we go forward. We learn from this first thing is whoever you are listening to me now watching.

If, especially new leadership or ministry. If there are problems going on. Come clean can help get low every one of us fall short woman or another on our best day of the holiest day. Literally we fall short of God's perfection and so rather than throwing stones when I hear a report like this.

I search my heart this immediate thing I do after that that grief for these other reasons. The first thing I do is not throw stones and and and accuse further as I search my own heart. I look at my own life.

I say their areas wrongly leading a double life of their areas of of hypocrisy in my own life, and if so, whoever you are, get low, humble yourself. Make yourself accountable. Get help if proper accountability had been followed. If there were not exceptions to the rules made, then none of this would've been able to happen the way it happened to list welcome healthy accountability again. I'm not throwing stones. Every one of us is essay has fallen short on one level or another and had a humble ourselves and say forgive me get help. Obviously their lines if we cross in their terrible, terrible consequences. The other thing is that as much as we want to respect and honor people and there are plenty of honorable people.

I remember talking to David Wilkerson years back was preaching at Times Square church and hearing about yet another pastor an old colleague of mine who had committed adultery and destroyed his ministry with with multiple women and David said to me, for everyone that messes up three or four don't I wanted him to say three or 400.

Don't push three or four still have some other words Robbie situations extreme initially nothing on. We don't want to suspect everybody will nobody's really limit note note this is extreme negative and with it after my mind guarantor I think camping attract. I will make that clear bright. I hardly know what ministry attractive. It hurt my faith by look at the hand felt my yeah well that's I mean you want to respect and honor leaders. But still, there is the recognition that even those that are living godly lives and I know plenty of people that are that are God seekers and people of integrity and finances in order, and personal lives in order and they're not scandals associated with them again. I believe that's the majority not the minority in terms of those in ministry, but never put your absolute trust and essence of the human being. Let God be true and every man a liar and the other the other thing that so there are things Robbie said there absolutely true and helpful basis can be very difficult to be ministered to by them or help by them now because of knowing that on some level he was living a double life. There's a message I've preached for years and will probably link it in an article if I do write on the switch at which I'm planning to is called off her REIT and it's one Hebrew word about the final consequences of sin and righteousness.

It's a devastating message from the book of Proverbs. I preached it for decades. I preached it to myself would save me from destruction.

I'm sure listening to that message and ill Nancy was saying we just think you can live your whole life.

But if you been hiding sin and again if you mess up, come clean, get right.

Get help the whatever you can deal with privately deal with privacy if you can fix it privately.

It never has to go public. Others want to go public. You can fix it privately to so will you have the opportunity, but our sin will find this out. That's the dreadful thing if we humbled ourselves dealt with things properly before the Lord, he fixes it he fixes it.

He and we can be stronger afterwards for a confession or humility. But if we hide it and cover it and come back to bite us. And that's the other grave lesson to learn, so it's it's painful it's going to bring reproach to the name of the Lord's can hurt many of the bottom line is that the Jesus that Robbie preached is the true Jesus that the teaching that he gave about the authority of Scripture is true is wisdom and apologetics came from God, not from him so whatever you receive from him. Keep that wall morning for what happens own life as far as his own walkout in God's is judge but any of us. Here's the lesson can potentially lead a double life, it seems impossible, but it can happen to anyone any of us can fall any of us can mess up any of us can be dominated by our weakness in sin. So let us all take this is a time to get sober before God to get low. It's obviously a time of great shaking and purging and cleansing in the church.

So let's let's all get low. That's all asked for mercy. Let's all run to the cross for cleansing and if you're leadership and there's a real mess in your life better. Better to get things fixed. Even if you have to step down for season. God can restore you and integrate away in the future and Ashley make me the Lord strengthen your own heart. In terms of your trust and in the Jesus that we all need and the one and only Savior and may God's grace somehow use this redemptive lay help those who been victimized and and and heard through this help those whose faith is shaken. May God somehow redeem his own reputation in the world. After this and and help those that have worked in the ministry was sincere hearts as well. Hey thank you Ashley for calling and again I do plan to write on this as well. 86634 will be right back and go to okay Brandon Joseph we had John earlier and Gavin. That's were going try to get all your calls.

On the other side of the break hey friends member to sign up for. I met my emails if you don't get them lots of information, special resources, all kinds of good things go to my website now asked Dr. Brown ASCII DR Brown Zeller to committee during a break several emails and will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown one. One last thought terms of sexual misconduct from Zechariah's sense of worth is the message of all her REIT that I preached since of worth. When all is said and done, you always wish you didn't do when when the dust finally settles the final accounting is in always wish it didn't do it the matter how intense the pleasure, the satisfaction, the relief that whenever it is that you're experiencing through sin when it's disobedience when it's always wish you didn't do afterwards what what happened was sent worth for those cheater tottering for those struggling right now. Let that be a reminder to you that since let Robbie's life speak to us from a grave sin is never worth the brings in the end, shame and disgrace and reproach right back to the phones. Let's go to Joseph in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Welcome to the modifier I Dr. hey my question for you what I've been running into a few people that call themselves pagan. The neopagan and I'm trying to speak about credit. I think I can do you think it felt like I was speaking a different language with the they're kind of from what I said very postmodern mixed with older paganism mixed with a bad experience they had with Christianity in her childhood. Not like I'm wondering how to share the love of Christ with them or if you had any experience with that yet. Will that the first thing is to take the gospel to different cultures.

If you're preaching in a Buddhist culture. You talk about sin their eternal life, or even God that all the concepts are different and the meaning is different. And then today, there's very little consciousness of sin and many lives as well.

But humans are still humans. People are still broken. Something is still missing.

So ultimately you want to get them to gospel truths that they've sinned against the God who made them. And salvation is only found through the cross. But like you said, it all sounds like a foreign language to them. Initially so II might I be praying for wisdom to Seca what makes you tick.

Were you living for. Is it just the pleasure of the flesh is a sense of destiny, purpose, did anyone put you here why you are.

How do we get here.

It is their right or wrong is there such a thing as morality is, do you ever feel guilty. Is there a hole inside of unexplored from different ways and then try to get them to understand okay God put us here were accountable to him. He put it, destiny and purpose inside of us.

Sin is this thing that we do for self that separates us from him. That's why the negative consequences, and then from there point to Jesus, but I would try to reach them in their humanity and try to take their real life experience and use that to then connect them with biblical concepts that make sense better. If you are trying to offer what I've tried explaining different parts of Scripture in general about God and I I guess from the wet making account. I guess it is like a works righteousness. I'm not trying to do that. I'm just trying to present it as God does the work in us and he softened her heart yes I did look at it, not works righteousness, but okay you in the hundred foot ditch with slippery walls and no matter how athletic you are. You can't get out. Someone needs to throw a rope down to you need to put that rope around your waist and the other person pulls you up so it's not a matter salvation by works is better. We need saving because were lost. Try to present it like that that that we always are going to fall short in this is the only hope that we have to to get out of the pit. Okay yeah and then pray that the Holy Spirit convicts you really pray for them in private. The Holy Spirit convicts and in that you can bring reality of God, to them, 6634 truth.

Let's go to Gavin in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Welcome back to modifier. Thank you so much for taking my call and I just mark Pharaoh quick thank you so much for your ministry. You touch my life in and out very impactful way and I listen to you every day on real quick.

My question what I know you are a big part of the Brownsville revival dissident evangelist Steve Hill in John Kilpatrick in just an unbelievable outpouring of God in I was just wondering, could you see that happening again today in an Connor like your experience with that outpouring in Inam 21 years old and I'm hungry up and no Pentecostal my whole life and heard about revival and I know you're somebody who's truly. And I was wondering you know compete for that then could it happen again today. Yes or absolutely could happen again, and it could happen in greater measure because God is God, because the needs are great of a book scheduled to come out on September called revival or we die so it remains a passionate cry of my heart and someone who is in the mystery for four years so hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of meetings and then the hundreds and hundreds more classes and extra sessions and seeing hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people respond to the altar call me just the database of people responding was well over 300,000 different people responding to the old house and then seeing people touched and at some a bit on the mission field now over 20 years AMI ultimate lasting dramatic glorious fruit and when I'll sit down sometimes get together with grads or old faculty are leaders. We haven't seen each other in years. We just start to reminisce know, maybe around the table having a meal, often within minutes. While sitting there crying.

We just break down weeping because the wild things happen. The memories that you share because you don't remember everything so much happen and you start to remind of this and that. That's one and then the presence of God just comes as if you think back so everything it was cracked up to be is absolutely true in real. My hope Gavin is that Gus import his spirit in a greater way, but in thousands of different places at the same time Brownsville was unique and like other places where people travel around the world to get there. We had cumulatively about 3 million different people walk through the doors from some of the hundred 40 countries but and then they go back and take the fire back in churches changing ministries burst in so many of those things happen gloriously in an amazingly that's that's one thing of the other. The other thing is though that that I believe God just wants to move in a lot a lot of different places so it's not even there.

Here's the place to go. You have to halfway across the country because it will be happening all over and and dog response to the hunger Gavin and I just want pray Lord take hold of this young man and deepen the fire in his heart and everyone that's watching and listening right now that's hungry and thirsty. Deepen the hunger deepen the passion deepen our own consecration Lord, their consecration to you and and touch them afresh. May they be like a burning coal that that gets the other coals burning as well purchase refine us, cleanse us, pour out your spirit afresh father for your namesake to this nation. In Jesus name. I thank you Gavin for the call. Appreciated and let's go to Brandon in Traverse City, Michigan. Thank you for calling the line of fire critic Michael Dr. you're welcome to question about Matthew 1112, where Jesus said from the date of John the Baptist, all now the kingdom of heaven is violent, violent, or yet what do you mean by violent men take it by force. Are they trying to get into the kingdom through violent or the referring to something else. Yeah, the way that it's often understood, especially in Pentecostal charismatic circles is its positive that from the days of John the Baptist on the concussive response and the violent take it by force that we are not to physical violence but that we are through spiritual aggression to take hold of this to to use spiritual weapons and to fight to stand enter to do all that and that that's somehow is what it means and either you might have that warning imagery elsewhere in Scripture.

That's probably not what it's saying there the.

The Greek and I'm a much stronger and in in Hebrew that I am in in Greek. In terms of no nuances in understanding all the ins and outs of the language, but a study this enough. The Greek middle which is not active, not passive, and in between thing. How exactly should that be translated that comes up a lot here and therefore you have translations like NIV the kingdom of God.

Heaven is been subject to violence and violent people have been reading it NET now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and forceful people lay hold of it, NLT heaven, has been forced King of heaven has been forcefully advancing and violent people are attacking it so it seems that there one of two ways to understand this one is the kingdom of heaven is now under attack in their violent people trying to attack God's work on the earth and attack God's people on the earth and and that's what it's saying to persevere and be strong.

The other way to read it is the first half is it's been in advancing forcefully, while others on the outside or trying to attack the other view is a mention is we advancing forcefully and that we are the force once taking hold of it is probably more likely to say it's advancing forcefully the earth, but people who are violent, trying to attack and stop and that would be what we seen for 2000 years. The kingdom of heaven advancing on the earth through God's people reaching out and in the kingdom of God being extended through us. But in the same process violent attack against us of the violent man taken by force is most likely not speak about us but about those who attack and try to destroy from the outside. Hey, we are out of time, but that's the full answer I give you anyway. God bless friends make sure again you get our emails so we stay in touch if you have questions we can get 20 air flows happy to help you through a website. Mr. Brown Douglas

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