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The Word of God Cannot Be Chained

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 10, 2021 5:10 pm

The Word of God Cannot Be Chained

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 10, 2021 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/10/21.

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We do is the culture around us tries more and more to silence us stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown truth is that no one is jumping ahead so in America. The gospel are throwing us to the lions. I don't want to exaggerate things but there's no question that there is a rising tide of censorship of opposition of trying to silence us cancel us, marginalize us, stop us from speaking out on what we believe is right and true and biblical is here. It is growing it must be addressed welcome friends to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown his number to call to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 on the larger subject of the cancel culture and the censorship of Christian conservative voices will be talk about that bring you some encouragement. Yet encouragement in the midst of the storm and will be realistic and honest about it. Also share my views on the current impeachment trial of former Pres. Trump will be talking about that just briefly but feel free to weigh in on that share your views as well. Before my eyes are open 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I don't want to exaggerate. I don't want present an untrue picture but I want to be absolutely realistic and truthful. A few years ago David Kyle Foster, himself and X gay leader had all of his videos removed from the vivid premia platform. Every single one of them. Why because he told the truth with compassion, with love. That change is possible.

He told the truth about what the Bible said told the truth about God's view on same-sex relations, told the truth about the possibility of change through the gospel.

Nothing hateful, nothing bigoted, nothing that would really violate videos general community guidelines except for the fact that there are certain lines because of LGBT activism can cross all of his videos. His entire channel removed removed. We've been tracking things like this for years friends and and I said, beginning in 2004 that those who came out of the closet, meeting gay activists and their allies fighting for what they felt was right fighting for in their view, what was a matter of equality and fairness. Those who came out of the closet.

One of put us in the closet. Originally when I began saying that now which was almost 17 years ago when I began saying that people told him crazy secular media told them praising them and wants to put you in the closet and then a few years later, change and shift into a big it's like you belong in the closet. We say well that's a very touchy issue okay how about pro-life about the issue of abortion about telling the truth about the sanctity of life beginning in the womb. One of the great websites that does that is life. Site news, check out this headline from my site news and they often publish my op-ed pieces as well, breaking news, YouTube shuts down life sites channel every video completely gone. Hear me this is a pro-life website, largely Catholic contributors to the to the website and the work they're doing, but others like me welcome there as well. YouTube shuts down life sites channel every video complete goblet. Let's read what they say in this article let's see firsthand what what they happen to present as as they as they discuss this because it scares me. The fact of the matter is, there being shut down because they are pro-life there being shut down because they're telling the truth about abortion so February 9 on the call today the live site staff was talk about how things are getting depressing out there and how were going to bring you more good news is no better time to start than right now yes were going to continue to tell you about the concerning things taking place. Rover also try to feature more the heroes for the good FISA that was there there focus right. We want to tell you good news. We want to start bringing you good news, except for the fact that our entire video chat alive. Site news is that it's been taken down 300,000 subscribers. Whatever the number was all all the videos gone, gone, which means if you haven't backed up elsewhere. There just gone.

Why because they are pro-white hate. Check this up. I tweeted this out earlier today right for those watching afterwards. Maybe watching America's voice on Saturday night on two-door dish network of those listen to the podcast after this is Wednesday. It was today's date that 10th right Wednesday, February 10 so I posted this on Twitter far as I know it's it's still up still up post this on Twitter will Twitter punish Newsweek for publishing this candidate article and and it's an article on Newsweek, a real real shocker, an eye opener. It's it's by an individual who goes by the name of Scott Nugent and its Newsweek. We need balance when it comes to gender dysphoric kids. I would know and when you read through this article talk about this individual is transition surgically from female to male in the same weight weight caution caution I'm having all the surgeries and always problems all these issues set on a €40 transient commensal woman who identifies as a man. I was thrilled with the medical community, told me six years ago that I could change from home to a man I was informed that all the wonderful things that would happen to the medical transition, but all the negatives were glossed over.

Since then I've suffered tremendously, including seven surgeries a pulmonary embolism and induced heart attack, sepsis, 17th month recurring effect infection 16 rounds of antibiotics three weeks of daily for antibiotics or IBCs me hyphae antibiotics arm reconstructive surgery long heart and bladder damage, insomnia, hallucinations, PTSD $1 million in medical expenses, loss of home-court remarriage.

All this and I cannot sue the surgeon responsible in part because there is no structured, tested or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care read that again there is no structured tester or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care not for 42-year-old enough of the many minors embarking on a medical transition in record numbers is not transferable. Baked or discriminatory to discuss this.

We as a society need to fully understand what we are encouraging our children to do to their bodies right.

Read the article for yourself on Newsweek, but if I just posted that is my viewpoint, I might have been suspended on Twitter went when one of the publications of Focus on the Family last week made it up.

A true statement.

A true biological statement about Dr. Levine quote Rachel Levine, who is Pres. Biden's nominee for Assistant Sec. of Health and Human Services.

It is a male who identifies as a female that they were blocked from Twitter just tell the truth I was suspended on twitter simply for identifying this person is a biological male in God's sight actually using Rachel's "dead in them call this person by their former names are given name at birth name it rightly identifies their their physical gender.

No, I simply told the truth about how God sees this and I was I was blocked on twitter for doing that. Focus on the Family publication suspended or banned from Twitter for doing this. That's why poster I did in fact I'm just going to check to see this at a curiosity wall hung tuning the broadcaster in real time like I tweeted this out earlier just to see to see what happens.

Genesis 127 states God created man in his own image in the image of God he created them male and female he created them. Will Twitter sensor. This is narrow, bigoted, present prejudicial since it upholds the gender binary. Those male-female distinctions. So far is still up it's only in our speaking. We shall see those watch your listening afterwards. If it still up on my twitter account but this is the crazy situation with which were faced that when we just speak biological truth regarding band and block and suspend what when you're presenting pro-life truth.

You can get banned or blocked or suspended that there are plenty of places I cannot speak I I am blacklisted because of stances of taken.

Now listen, I'm not complaining at all. As I said, no one stop our heads off right now I'm not being thrown to the lions right now. Every day around the world are brothers and sisters and other countries are suffering. Hardship persecution opposition for the gospel. I'm not complaining in the least.

I'm simply saying we must recognize what's happening and now more than ever. Be determined to speak up and do what is right regardless of cost or consequence.

Speak up and do what is right regardless of the potential fallout speak up and do what's right with wisdom, not provoking a fight. I've tested something on twitter to see are they gonna deal with banning the Bible here that was a test but otherwise I'm not trying to provoke. I'm not being hateful. I care about every human being on the planet that are how they identify regardless of race, ethnicity, pre-and sexual identity or orientation under reach out with everyone to love with love and proclaim the same gospel that Jesus died for each of us just the same and since we have a country that is given us various liberties and sissies liberties are the foundation on which America's built and since I'm concerned about the world that my grandkids all teenagers will know Vargas is 20 so the world there grow capital the world their kids will grow up and therefore I will stand and speak up and speak out and draw attention to these injustices draw attention to these discriminatory practices draw attention to unfair censorship and continue to speak up and continue to speak out.

Now here's the other side to it. What society means for evil with people mean for evil. What Satan means for evil God can use for good. I want to post something for you to read it together.

1662 in England and this was an act that was put forward the act of uniformity 1662. After the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 Sutro second on on the throne after the Commonwealth under Conroe Cromwell in England moves were made to revise and reintroduce the prayer book so this is not universal. All ministers must abide by this in the country and in May 1662, Parliament passed the at another act of uniformity. This is the full title of it and act for the uniformity of public prayers and administration of sacraments and other rites and ceremonies and for establishing a form of making ordaining and consecrating bishops, priests and deacons in the church of payment.

What happened if you don't abide by that will, you are now a nonconformist. What happened if you do not feel that you can come under the Church of England at that time, like John Bunyan and others. You are nonconformist and you might just spend 12 years and more in jail by John Bunyan, you might just be arrested and punished for that is what happened is about 2000 ministers said hey we will not abide by this is good news statement for evil God determine exactly how in the seventh grade calls also share my views file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown and all the Congress was right to impeach Donald Trump a second time. You see, just as partisan politics witchhunt seat is valid based on alleged incitement of the insurrection disease is a waste of time to see the something that could potentially do good for America. It was ultimately divisive and harmful all way in with my view, in a moment 866-34-TRUTH so there is no question that there is a rising tide of censorship is no question that there is a rising tide of opposition to conservative Christian ideas being put forward in the public square, be it social media beat in the workplace.

Hollywood. Many many other ways. There is a price to pay when you stand up again.

It's not the price being paid by believers of the parts the world, but it's a very real price an end to me. The biggest thing is, we must recognize the moment and not backtrack in and not fall to appeasement mentality and not fall into a save my life mentality meaning. Well, if I say this is what happens a bit not calculate here because I couldn't note rather later life before the Lord. See here I am Cindy use me if I can be used in a way that draws attention to unrighteousness. If I can be used in a way that draws attention to because even if there is personal difficulty sacrifice involved, so be it. It's worth it for the larger cause so John Bunyan is put in prison.

Toxic couple or three different imprisonments over the years.

And when when he was told by magistrates just agree to stop preaching, but you're not licensed by the Church of England just agreed to stop preaching. Bunyan said Moss will grow my eyelids before I stop preaching that second habit the meantime, his first wife died before his his imprisonment. Now he's remarried. So for the first marriage second marriage for kids his wife for kids, barely surviving. He make shoelaces in prison to try to survive and then they have get supplemental help from others.

People of goodwill that help his family just to carry family man stop preaching writ renounce this submit to the Church of England and carefully filling, but he knew to do that would be disobedience to God so they effectively stop him from preaching to the many thousands that he was strong with his messages as people came to listen to them speak but check this out because he's in jail. He has more time because he's in jail.

He does have the pastoral responsibilities he would've had.

This is in jail he devote more time to writing and it's ultimately in jail that that he writes much of the Pilgrim's progress outside of that, the Bible, one of the biggest selling English books ever published. From its publication in 1678 until today continuously imprint think of that and continuing to speak to countless people all around the world translated in over 200 different languages so here there's this effort to suppress keeping down you will not speak what happens instead, he now writes things.

So there that they cut them off and speak in the thousands in city speaks to millions.

That's a look at this, we gonna find redemptive sciences, we gonna believe that the more their attempts to silence us that the more that the propaganda of the militant left will be exposed.

The more their attempts to sound system or gobble turn this around, just like Joseph sold into slavery by his jealous brothers in the Bible, sold into slavery ends up in Egypt in a dungeon ends up raised up by God from there to be Farah's right hand that ends up saving the very people who sold him into slavery by having a plan from God to deal with famine and drought. Think of it. He says that to his brothers late in life you meant for evil but God intended for good for the saving of many lives. There are people who really want to silence us and shut us down. But God can turn that around friends. This is my faith posture.

But given that example. This is the kind of courage I'm tied up not being unwise. Not provoking a fight doing what's right, speaking the truth regardless of cost and consequence and watching how God will back it may have setbacks, we have hardship difficulty, we may lose much more. First before we gain much more later, but the key thing is obedience and long-term fruit. So Pastor Joseph song this look at this account about him.

He was a Romanian pastor and sometimes you see the name is Tom Teal and but correct spelling song Joseph, song, and he shares what happened and that and this is recounted by Jeff Robinson on his website. It was late summer of 1977, Romania was under communist rule in the Baptist minister put all his worldly concerns in order after the manner of a dying man buoyed by the courage of his wife Elizabeth song prepared himself for certain martyrdom so he knows on a die for preaching. He was to be the officer from the secret police in the restaurant of a nondescript Romanian hotel. The communist officer had pledged to do a previous secret police officials had failed to do the silence which was to silence sans ministry by offering the secular job exchange for a promise that he never again preach the gospel, turning down the jobs for the least hard time in prison. It might very well mean execution's on that with the man without flinching turned on the job.

I told him and not ready to die. He said were going to finish me as a preacher I asked my God he wants me to continue to be a preacher not have to make one of you to admit, I decided is to better better to make you angry. Then God but I know you so you cannot stand this kind of opposition. You'll kill me limit another but accepted that and you know that I have even put everything in order and made ready to dive his laws on free of preach the gospel, the communist officer was equally influencing is his response, he told song to go and preach the gospel. He and the officer made up his mind that if I was ready to die for it, that I should have for another four years until the exiled me. I continue preach with nobody disturbed because that man came into the secret police decided I should be free to preach because I was ready to die for it. So it's a look at this is a stroll down the article a little further.

He he is arrested okay and and and he's being threatened with death that he's in prison. Listen to what he says when the secret police officer threatened to kill me to shoot me.

I smiled and said Sir don't you understand that when you kill me you send me the glory you cannot threaten me with glory, the more suffering. The more troubles the greater glory so why say stop this trouble because the more suffering the greater glory of their during one particularly harrowing session of interrogation, sans told his inquisitors that spelling is blood, but only serve to water the growth of the gospel of Jesus Christ part of the theology of suffering. There was the tribulation is never an accident, but as part of God's sovereign plan to build his church. I wonder friends if some of what were going through now in society in America. It is God's way of strengthening us and getting us to have courage become discipline suits on told the interrogator check this at your ear at people's mercy. They could torture they could just throw you in a pit leave either die they could they could kill you they can kill your family that I told the interrogator, you should know your supreme weapon is killing my supreme weapon is dying now. Here is how it works or you know that my sermons on tape all over the country. When you shoot me or crush me whichever way you choose.

You only sprinkle my sermons with my blood. Everybody was a tape of one of my sermons will pick it up and say I'd better listen again this man died for what he preached.

Sir sermons must be 10 times louder. If you kill me because you come in fact, I will conquer this country for God because you killed me go on and do they said dying for the Lord is not an accident. Speaking later that a tragedy as part of the job as part of the ministry and it's the greatest way of preach okay. There will one story one illustration you would look at this I would look at this is where at the mercy of our interrogators. These people could make life for us unbearably horrific. They have the power to do anything they want and are unaccountable in their actions which you need more than anything at that moment is there favor will know not if you have a God perspective the divine perspective Jesus perspective what you need is the smile of God which you need is the smile of heaven God saying I'm with you. You're doing the right saying is just sansei under the make you angry or God I grandmother it make you angry friends. I'd rather have the whole world against me and God.

For me than the whole for me and got against me. Joseph song tells them listen your your your weapon is killing but what is dying, you crush me you kill me. Everybody knows my messages.

The role Romanian never was going to listen more. He was 100-Psalms that this wasn't his messages safe country that were not at that point.

Here in America.

See attitude.

It's the mindset that alone convey what Paul wrote to the Philippians Philippians chapter 1 he's in jail for the gospel literally writes that what you know, brothers and sisters.

What is happened to me is actually resulted in the advancement of the good news.

And so my imprisonment and the cause of Messiah has become well-known throughout the whole praetorian guard Caesar's garden to everyone else because my imprisonment. Most of the brothers and sisters have become confident in the Lord to dare more than ever to speak the message fearlessly while at a look at what he writes at the end of Philippians Philippians the fourth chapter in his closing greetings with what Paul writes there read all the Kagoshima Saints.

The holy ones in the side issue. The brethren who are with me greet you all the conditioning the holy ones the Saints greets you, especially those of Caesar's household, especially those of Caesar's household. Merely saying I let some of the palace guards to the Lord that they are now among your brothers and sisters. They want to send greetings Rome put me in jail to stop me. Instead I found the new platform to reach more people and the food reached and others are now emboldened to preach all and you know what else from prison, several businessmen from prison.

Paul wrote Philippians and Ephesians and Colossians. So the most amazing, most read the letters ever written. You by Paul Tom's Redeemer here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown bounded no doubt about it. Cultural elites are very much hostile to the gospel and hostile to biblical conservative values, no doubt about what sort attitude can be so hard or all right great work for the task were over comers.

The things nothing can stop her binder imprisoned the word of God's will go forward, we go forward with wisdom, strength with courage rather going to retreat and in the sky is falling mentality we go forward. In Jesus name Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire, 86634 trees can go to the phones shortly and get away and with my own thoughts about the Trump impeachment hearing in a moment, but look at what Paul writes to Timothy second Timothy chapter 2, he says. Remember, Jesus the Messiah raised from the dead from the seed of David according to my good news. For this he says I suffer hardship as a criminal, even to the point of chains.

The word of God is not changed.

Did you get that you can put me in prison you can bind me with chains, but you can imprison the word of God, and you can't change the word of God. Look also at Paul writes in Romans chapter 5 Romans the fifth chapter as he is talking about our hope in the Lord in any has a very strong words here, there, having been made righteous by trusting a righteous by faith, we have shalom peace with God through Lord Jesus the Messiah through him.

We also have gained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and boast in the hope of God's glory so we are rejoicing and being made right with God having our sins forgiven were peace with God and not only that, but we also boast in suffering and in Greek it's tribulation, knowing that suffering tribulation produces what perseverance you know the saying of this until you make a strong role in this case is true.

We also boast in suffering, meaning suffering for the gospel meeting hardship for the gospel meeting opposition to the gospel we boast in that white knowing that this kind of suffering produces perseverance. It is the no pain no gain philosophy, but in the spiritual realm and perseverance produces what character character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint, because God's love is been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit through a difficult issue had was given to us friends. We are going through challenging times. With these challenging times can make us stronger. We can become more disciplined.

We can become more purposeful. We can see her face through different terms, not just in all what Scott going to bless me with today or what's the amazing thing that's going to happen to me because I'm a follower of Jesus and is just like heaven on earth. Sometimes being a follower of Jesus marks you and makes it very difficult for you in this world, one brother and Indian brother said years ago, a signal will meet. We preach the gospel in America. We tell people you know having problems in your marriage come to Jesus ago.

Future marriage because with your family come to Jesus to bless your family having problems in your job come to Jesus in a blister job.

He said you know in India we have to tell people if you having problems in your marriage come to Jesus, your spouse may disown you if you having problems in your family come to Jesus. Your family may reject you and problems in a Johnny come to Jesus.

You may get fired because her father, Jesus. In other words, the American meant mentality is what's in it for me. How can I add Jesus is my life and have more and have a bigger and better American life was the reality around the world through church history is often mythologies listen Liselotte follow Jesus and be hated reject it will need to have the mentality of disciples of people are in this not not for the short-haul not the short-term, not just looking for what's best for me.

Rather, Lord, how can I please you have to make a difference if my story of obedience of speaking out the truth on some social social media platform, it's me blasted cost me a job as a result of which a case in 10 years gets to the Supreme Court and results in liberties for all Americans.

Hey, that's worth it that's worth it. That's how we need to be thinking, not provoking a fight not being obnoxious. That being rude means. Let us think will be persecuted for Jesus were being persecuted for being jerks were being idiots for being fools being self-righteous or being hypocrites that that brings no glory to God and is no badge of honor for us that shameful but will were hated because the gospel will reject it because of biblical values were loving and kind and gracious and yet hated and maligned when all of that happens for doing good. Then we rejoice were stronger for it, and ultimately short term or long it will lead to the good. All right one last thing, political then we go to your calls. My view on the second Trump impeachment is this, feel free to weigh in and differ with me or agree with number one has no more validity than the first impeachment I did think the first impeachment have validity. It was just the moment that those who want to impeach Trump since before he was even inaugurated the moment that they had with the alleged collusion in Ukraine and all of that the phone call so people it's about impeachment before Trump was even in office officially inaugurated so I saw no validity to that and was quite confident that it would result in his acquittal. I see no validity in this impeachment either see it as is mainly further vindictiveness from those who hated Trump and want to get rid of him and further political spectacle and this will most certainly end with his acquittal as well. I do not believe that he can be charged with directly inciting the riots. The insurrectionist running of the capital on January 6. I do not believe he can be charged with that which is what the impeachment is about and I do believe that day. Although it was utterly foolish for him to say what will go down from this rally and and marched peacefully to the capos utterly foolish for him to do an early responsible for them to do it that that in no way did he want to stir up a violent attack on the At the same time in a non-impeachable way. I absolutely hold him responsible for the larger atmosphere that he helped create four years of irresponsible rhetoric four years of stirring up such hostility and anger and animosity and now in this frenzy with intellectual stolen our freedoms are going to be stolen. It's the end of America.

What else were some people going to do but storm the capital think this is it so number one I do not see the impeachment is valid. I do not see the charges is valid. I do not believe that under the law that you can impeach compensated. He literally incited that insurrection.

I don't believe that's what he wanted or intended. I believe he was shocked by it. As others were, and that his remarks that they were not intended to spur violence at the same time a larger level in a non-impeachable way. I absolutely hold him responsible for creating that level of fear that that the level of irresponsible rhetoric. Look, it's one thing when you're private citizen in your rhetoric is a responsible in your yellow somebody with 83 follow us on social media. It's another thing when you're the most powerful person on the planet and your rhetoric is a responsible, so that's why I do hold him responsible for what happened and believed in that sense that he did tremendous damage, but I don't believe it's impeachable or that he ever intended to stir up violence against our elected officials or at the capital so for those that care to know that's my statement have written an article on it. I think I will. The first impeachment I told José I'm not can be following this amuck to get caught up in the snooze day 19 that did nothing to report it the same thing here.

Moving forward with other other giants to tackle 866-34-TRUTH now.

Every subject is wide open. Phones are wide open. Let's go to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Roy, thanks for calling the line of fire. There hello Roy, we lose you and holding the whole time. I will give you one more chance. Just in case you are there and if not a drug. Okay, how do I approach this how I process without getting stone from all sides with listless. Try this. My greatest focus is on glorifying God and obeying God. That is my greatest focus. This, my heart is my desire that that's one of the four being a disciple making disciples right. I'm not primarily radio host on the per million author on the promoted preacher or teacher, or whenever I I I am not even primarily in that regard, husband or father or grandfather. I am first and foremost a child of God at his disposal, and in my great focus.

Great emphasis my great concern is the advance of the gospel is is people coming to know God that's that's my great, great focus for his people. Those who know him to glorify him was that mean it means to bring him honor it. It means to bring him fame that people will know who he is. He is God.

But in his mercy and compassion. He works through us so that's what I burn for more than anything would see my fellow Jews come to faith in Jesus the Messiah with the larger culture want to see the church awakened living as God called us to live in will see people finding the Lord that that's that's simple and I believe that's God's heart knows my heart I believe reflects God's heart. There and if that's your heart as well that reflects God's heart. That's why we're here again.

Our mission is to know God and to make him known or our mission is to be disciples make disciples.

My primary mission is not to make America great. Make America great again. My primary calling is not patriotism or or say the pledge to the flag.

Although I love my country and appreciate America.

I was just interacting with a friend who works extensively in China. He was telling me boy Chinese Christians really want the company and they felt would be a whole lot better internationally and for their own rights within China understand large issues and no strong America is important for the whole world, but I'm not a patriot first am a follower of Jesus first, I am not promoting Americanism on promoting the gospel and therefore everything I do is good be seen through that lens everything in life as can be seen through that lens.

Even political leaders, a common goal and that rise and fall ultimately to see that through the lens of how can we use is to advance the gospel and then I also know that is the church is healthy. America will be health. That is the gospel is thriving in our midst. It will bring blessing to America. If we follow biblical principles will be blessed. Let's get things in the right order and prayer. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown phones again try Roy in Chattanooga, Tennessee walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brown microphone there. Braga, Mexico. Verdict boarded with your answer. Monday report color and not the car but the quarter knuckle. You could really, no Copan, Goodyear and ministry or even a Christian longer than me. I'm 73 autosave when I was 31 and 42 years given a Christian 48 you are know about Coconino but the little God may give the district quote quote (you don't have a God in you. You all want petitions the most blasphemous quote he shares. Do not be disturbed when people accuse your thinking, your God, the more you get to be like me, the more you're going to think that way of you that crucified me proclaiming it. I was God. But I declaim I was God.

I get kind walk with him and that he was in me alleluia that's what you're doing.

Jesus never claimed to be quote the most God. Not sure I don't give a Christian, how can you say that this Janet Copeland is not a false teacher false prophet. I don't like the guy can even be considered a Christian but I'm not in your so sweet about when he renounced some of his comments and took them back what you say about that.

Where auditability were now in my case, Roy.

So here's the whole deal is you have to research correct. If dressers are great. Okay, so God hasn't called me to research his ministry off comments on those things as being outrageous, blasphemous, wrong I've commented on some of his past teaching about the atonement being absolutely heretical accident lightly but then I've also been told that he renounced some of those things and took them back when I went to see his statement of faith online North exit in the face so because I haven't look I used to play quotes from anything on the radio the exact same stuff little God's trash stuff I do know that he renounced those I do know that he repudiated them because I hadn't studied them. So I just try to be honest that's that's all I have grave concerns with with things the Copan start have grave concerns with some of his exaggerated faith. Emphasis in those kind of statements are our heretical Jesus never seems most high God that that's heretical. I completely reject that.

However, I also read or so references were heat. He said it he doesn't teach that anymore or he didn't convey things accurately and he believes in XYZ so much of the time to go and look as Ms. Christians were supposed to do that.

I'm sure I could name 30 or 40 teachers here. I've never heard a sermon by Joyce Myers. I've never read a book by Joyce Myers. I do know that I've seen three quotes by Joyce Myers which is really famous so there's only so much time in the day to to look into these things ought sir if those things are still being taught by Kenneth Copeland that I 100% reject them as heretical and his position as heretical. Is that fair enough.

Paragraph and you know. All with the current dying. He has taught at Italy, honors, shameful, idiotic since it brings reproach and false prophecies about Colby.

Absolutely it's it's been it's been those things I've seen and I'm ashamed that those things are being done in the name of Jesus and terribly grievous hundred percent but just you can understand. II would play clips from different people that I thought were extreme and that needed correction and I talk about on the air just like this and then someone sent recently able so-and-so he stopped teaching that and he put on article about slick. Oh I did know okay I got a platform here.

I got to be responsible and because I haven't focused on his ministry and checking everything I haven't I haven't done that in discussing some of the things we can focus on but to repeat, if those things are current than I 100% reject them as heretical and say that he is teaching heresy 100% if those things are still currently held to in his viewpoint. I categorically reject them and say run from that teaching hundred percent. So that's all more, I'll do it and get back with you in one month of sounds perfect, please do. I welcome it all right. I welcome it. Migraine Dr. Brown are are you you're okay with but does my response satisfy you in terms of I'm not try to dodge anything absolutely cute. Thank you all right 866342 and I'm so glad for that call because it's helpful to say that that's why I don't speak out on more that you will at this moment that you have to understand that Microsoft growing at all. Appreciate the call but just you know we are sent stuff by the minute about what about this ministry.

What about this one about this one about this quote what about this video and we are not primarily ate a quick discernment ministry heresy hunting ministry wherever you want to call it.

I'm not charismatic policeman, so I've written books like playing with holy fire right address a lot of the issues in the body and hyper grace you with quotes and names and specific things Christian anti-Semitism was just came out a few days ago we address a lot of junk being done with names with details and with some of our evangelical Charismatics so I'm Absolutely Happy to Do That but I Just Have To Have Integrity before the Lord and Be Fair and Righteous and Honest before the Lord and Not Defame Someone Wrongly. If in Fact He Changed Their Views so That's Explain Things. Hopefully of Course Will Satisfy Some but I'm Only Trying to Honor the Lord and Be a Blessing to out Let's Go to Yassa in Dallas Texas.

Welcome to the Line of Fire Going Doing Well Thank You. You Know Will Care about You. Okay I'm Alone Yeah We We Found out the Couple Times and I Think I've Been with Them on the Podcast Due To Her.

He Online Yeah. Did You Know He Came and Visited Our School Here in Dallas.

Oh Great. What Schools That One Body in Your House Shall Okay No I Will Let You Yeah You Know We Teach.

We Are Together like I I Would Be Curious to You Saying You Know A Lot about You, but Do You Know Who the Original Jews Are Where Are They Now You Bet I'm One of You.

One of This Year and How Would You Prove That in the Bible, but When I Prove It by His His Family Ancestry and Then DNA and That Side Ultimately Prove It Biblically.

You Have To Realize That That That the Israelites Is As Middle Eastern People, Women, Brown Skinned We We Have a Statement from the Early Second Century Contrasted the Israelites from the Ethiopians, Who Were Black and the Germans Who Were White and Said That the Israelites Might Boxwood so You Omit Middle Eastern Darker Skinned People so Not Not like Me As a White Person, Not like a Black Person in a Brown Skin but There Is Also throughout Israelite History. You Had Read Blacks Were Who Were Part of the of the Community or Africans Were Part of the Community like Moses Wife and Things like That and Then As the Israelites Scattered around the World and Found Themselves in Different Parts of the World and African, Indian, China and Europe. Then As People Converted to Judaism and Join in the Communities Then You Had More and More Racial Change, so You You Have White Jews like Me and Black Jews like Some of My Friends Indians Using Chinese Fuser Israelites If You like. Because of That Intermarriage.

So That's Why the Ultimately Different Colors in an Echo. May Being Her in America and Me Reading Deuteronomy 1568 Applies to Me. If You Are a True Jew, You Will Be a Part of the Curse Right Only for Disobedience but We Have inside and around the World. I Mean Look. Liquid Jews Have Suffered under the Nazis like It Was Jews Who Suffered and We Been Expelled from Country after Country after Country May Ask You to You Why Doesn't Anyone Speak about the Atrocities That Happened to Black Americans Here in America and What's the Difference You Space for Cremated When I Continued That Almost 100 Made Enough Native Americans Blackened Panic Have Been Persecuted and When You Go in and You Looking at the Curse and Daniel's Nine and 11 and It Speaks of.

No Matter Where We Will Be, We Would Still Be under the Curse to the Last Day Possess Curses for Disobedience Are Will First.

Whatever Happened, There's No Comparison. Both Are Unspeakably Evil and We Have Two Out Of Every Three Jews in Europe Slaughtered. You Have the Horrors of the African Slave Trade and and and All the Millions That Died in Middle Passage, You Have the Mistreatment of Native Americans That Those Are All Atrocities. Those Are All Terrible Things, That Doesn't Mean It's a Native Americans or Are Israelites or Hispanics Are Israelites Were Blacks Are Israelites Knows That That's That's Not the Category and the Other Thing Is the End of Deuteronomy 28. If You Refer to Itself, so the Sufferings Terrible Numbers That It's It's Evil Is Terrible. But First Season Curses for Disobedience and and I Would Think That's the Major Thing That We Want to We Went We Will Focus on but but Notice This. Deuteronomy 2868 the Lord Will Take You Back in Ships to Egypt by Ruth That I Said You Never See Again. There You Will Sell Yourselves As Male and Female Slaves, but No One Will Buy You That Doesn't Apply You're Trying to Sell Yourselves Noted As Reported by the Enemy, Expended by Beckett NIV McCain during Fate.

You Will Be so Unclear Your Enemies for Bondman and Bond Warming, and No Warrants Shall by You Which Read Being You Step Christ yet… I Was Not Here to Say This with All Respect to Some of the Hebrews Says There's Nothing to Do with Spiritual Redemption.

It Has To Do with with Being Bought and Sold in Sell Yourselves Is with the Hebrews As You Talk and He Was Scholar Will Verify That but Here's What Rather Time. Let's Continue Our Dialogue.

You're Welcome to Call Again and I'm Very Happy to Continue the Dialogue with You and Hopefully Ultimately It Is Something We Can Agree on, Which Is Redemption Is Found Crossing Jesus. I Am Away. You Now.

We Really like to Listen As May the Lord Bring into the Truth


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