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God Made the Family and God Made the Body

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 9, 2021 4:50 pm

God Made the Family and God Made the Body

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 9, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/09/21.


God has a plan for the family. God has a plan for the human body will talk about both the subjects with experts today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always. 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown look at God's laws. God's oppressive and obvious. If you want to do your own thing and you have certain desires and interests in the laws of God, of the rules of God or against them.

You can feel that things are oppressive but when you really get to know the Lord and really understand his principles.

You understand that God made us created us for thriving.

God made us and created us to be blessed and that is our maker and creator. He knows what's best for us in his order is always the right order.

The good order and we honor and follow it not just by outward religious observance, but by recognizing these as principles of life will be blessed Michael Brown. Welcome to today's broadcast rented you focus first on the issue of family children.

God's order God's plan. What's best and give you food for thought.

Recommend an important book to you is, as well as put put out a vision in your heart for a global children's movement. I will not be taking calls on it devote entire time I have now in the first half of this hour to Katie Faust. She's been on the air with me before I began to see some of her writings and some of her talks years back and thought, for she has clarity. She knows that of which she speaks.

She's written a book together with Stacy Manning. I wouldn't endorsement for the book was really impressed with it them before us why we need a global children's rights movement. So without further ado, Katie. Welcome back to the line of fire. I'm so glad to talk with you again was it's always wonderful to have you and and I'm so thrilled with this book, Katie.

Before we get into the book. Why do you feel that on some level you are qualified to write this book well kind of funny because I don't think I am) from a Christian perspective what God called called you to. He qualifies you for on cell that has been a learning process for me.

I got into the pulp marriage family debate when the gay marriage debate was kind of ramping up and I heard advocates on the other side say that kids don't need mom and dad and I got little crazy and then of course you know they came out with the lineup well if you don't support gay marriage you hate gay people in Europe they get and I'm you know my mom and been in a relationship with another woman for 30 years and I love her and I love her partner and so I can tell you Anthony has worked with kids and understands that any time, they lose their mother or father there in pain and often lifelong suffering that goes along with that and that's why we should support traditional marriage and I can tell you confidently that you can do that without hating gay people because me and almost every other Christian and conservative that I know feels the same way though this book have kind of grown out of that slowly evolving advocacy going from kids need moms and dads 20 my gosh every single area of marriage and family is sensibly focused on adults and what they want and kids are the constantly with her. I remember when no-fault divorce came out.

That was that was the good of the kids you know that they should see their mom and dad in such tension and is obviously provided an outlet for some unhappy marriages but did help the kids did you not talking that on another media outlet yesterday and I honestly then narrative began with no-fault divorce and the narrative carried itself all the way they're all different issues. Email from divorce to the definition of marriage to same-sex parenting to sperm and egg donation and arrogantly and in all of the next you know chapters that are coming like polygamy at all of them center around the same false narrative. And that is if the adults are happy the kids will be happy.

The problem is that the addiction don't report that. And now what we can in this book is for all the subjects I just lifted. We have given you the stories of kid that shows that those narrative that if the adults are happy to kids will be happy that it's that simple. It's just simply a lie. I'll tell you, you know, we know from studying family structure and now we have the story to prove what Kant want to be happy. What they need to be happy. If they need their mother's love their father's love and stability and all of that comes together in the home of their married mother and father.

What is so important.

Katie's is this closely with them before us again friends. The name of the new book co-authored by Katie Faust and Stacy Manning for the Robert George if you're know much about Christian service think is the 50244 tells you a lot, but what's happening with with gay activists and things like that is, they won't argue so much with statistics and and things like that. It is going to be more story narrative. So here's a picture of of Bill and Bob and their their 14-year-old adopted handicap child and may be the I reset of the family dog and said who's going to say they shouldn't be able have that kid who's getting the hell was it a pain something very conveying a compelling and then maybe want to kiss his beat up at school because he was called the sissy so that appeals to us. We don't want to be bigots want to be carrying and embracing of all people, but but then were not allowed to ask the question will will hang on this one little thing here what's actually best for the children. So then we are told well is better that that kid just as in foster care or and or failure on the streets or something. So there's always that that argument thrown back to your single ultimately let's focus on the kids, let's not yet push it but start the anti-gay or anti-this or anti-that lets focus on the kids and put them before us, which is what every parent recognizes when they break into the world that they have to do that so this concept of them before us flesh it out for me how this is work out every day life is different around marriage and family. A lot of times we think that there is right. If you are going on a child birth certificate or should I do gay people have a right to adopt or and arrogantly a great way to help them have a family or well I can't don't care if there don't you know created to sperm or egg donation because they are so wanted and have you noticed how much money their parents paid. I mean come on look at have to be really loved and you know can't let you know growing up in a divorce helpful because to Christmas that I mean like all these different issues are not separate issues at the core, all of them have to do with whether we honor or disregard the rights of children and so what we tried to do in the book is give people a template that they can lay over the top of any question that arises about marriage and family and come up with the proper personal conclusions and policy decision until we can look at all these different issues through the lens of children's right to be known and loved by their mother and father, and we build a great statistical case I mean is 30 pages of footnotes of stories and studies, but the other thing that we do what you just said so true conservative and profamily people have always had the best research we've always had the best data we've always had common sense. The five major religions of the world on our side but we have continued to lose cultural battles because the other side tells a better story because they humanize their argument. We have not been able to do that. Why because the stories on our side are very expensive to tell you know what a girl who grew up with mom to come out of the closet and say I support traditional marriage because I desperately longed for a father every day of my life. You think that that kind of story is going to ingratiate her to her family and the people that she loved you think that a child is competing to a single mom by choice who said yeah my mom dropped a couple thousand dollars to create me, but how map of the liquor in the eye and tell her that her love isn't enough for me. You know how I like those stories are hard to find because they're expensive to tell on. But that is what we have to do we have to tell the story because the stories are what change of heart and mind and then we follow-up with the most hard-hitting data and studies that you're going to find anywhere, and this is this truly is on any issue that's coming down the pipe because there are tons of assaults that are continuing on the family on a state level and on a country level. This is how we have to tackle all those questions from the perspective of the child using their very own stories.

Look, we have United Nations movements in your international children's movement in people are consciously thinking about what's best for children, but normally things in process probably are thinking there was even a survey that got a lot of attention a few years back about how kids were thriving with gay parents, and even doing better than the straight parents will. The survey was based on the parents perceptions.

That's how it was done. How do you think your kids are doing so even data that people are looking at can be so so misleading and Katie since since you you're familiar with the mom and dad environment and then a mom and mom environment and you've got personal experience that the touches on this release give insight to what was the differences aren't true caring parents enough yet we spend a quick tour quick overview of the book chapter 1 is just what I don't have a right to their mother and father how we know it's true, and why it matters. Chapter 2 is why biology matters and parenthood why we have so much data on how biological parent interact differently with children then unrelated adult in the home. Chapter 3 we talk about gender matters and why moms and dads offered to think and complementary benefits to child-rearing chapter 4 it's all about my marriage is a social justice issue for children because it's the only adult relationship that unites the two people to whom children have a natural right.

Chapter 5 we talk about no-fault divorce and the havoc it wreaks on kids lives for life. We talk about same-sex parenting and we devote the first half of the chapter to debunking this no different that children created to sperm and children created and raised by same-sex parents. They are no different and we we like destroy all of those studies on the other side that say there's no different. I mean, we dive deep into the methodological flaws you know that allowed cortical researchers to come up with those conclusions on chapter 7 is all about sperm and egg donation where we got about 25 or 30 stories of kids talking about laying awake at night fantasizing about who their real mother or father are chapter 8 we talk about surrogacy and how no matter how you you surrogacy it is never a child friendly process. Chapter 9 we talk about adoption and why adoption is child centric and supports the rights of children when it properly understood and why reproductive technologies violate the rights of children. You know that adoption is an institution centered around the needs of the child reproductive technologies are a marketplace centered around the desires and the checkbooks of adult and then top it all about how we win the battle. What is the children's rights movement look like, how do we effectively advocate for children everywhere we go answer is that Jesus is amazing. Get into the hands of friends, educators, parents them before us. Katie Faust all light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown just an aside that actually ties in with your background you speak Mandarin Chinese.

You yeah how did you come to learn that you know I can on a whim in college because you only have three mentors of that language, where usually had have four of another.

And I loved it. I ended up being an Asian studies major and then getting a Fulbright scholarship to Taiwan afterwards and then working at a Chinese adoption agencies.

I had like like 10 years of my life where you know Chinese is my jam, while amazing so the Chinese adoption agency and in your book, how does this tie in my first insight into it while the rights of children matter and are being disregarded in pretty significant weight across the world, but it also tutored me and the real purpose of adoption. Adoption is not a means for adults to get kid adoption is a critical institution that satisfies the needs of children and I share the story in the book of the time I went to my the founder and director my organization and I that man I'm working so hard to get these adults approved. I'm just having such a hard time running into so many roadblocks and she said to me Katie those adults are not our client. They might pay a but the child is our client. Not every adult who want the kid should get one but every child that needs a home should find one and it just blew my mind right that that is how we need to think about every marriage and family issue is begin with the kids and work your way out this list with you. Really quick snapshots again friends to get all the stories, the detailed the data very readable and persuasive way.

Get the book them before us white snapshot so the girl that's raised by two mommies.

What is she missing on well a lot, you know, first of all, he's always moving one biological parent at Lee and biological parent as we cover in detail in chapter 2 are the safest, most connected to most protective and most infected and children number two. She's always got a non-biologically related adult in her home, which we know after studying stepfamilies does not improve outcomes for children. Number three is missing out on the maternal and paternal love that children that we we know is developmentally optimal for children but also kids crave it.

I mean they want to be loved by a daddy and we've got several stories and art. Chapter 6 actually ends in a couple different chapters of what happens to a child heart when they are denied the love that they are made for from their mother or father and added to the top of that, is that many of the kids have intentionally been denied a relationship with their mother and father they're not there, you know, by accident, or because their dad died, and then into the mom got into a same-sex relationship.

Many of meant much of the time the adults that are raising the child decided that the father should be absent until ad a really heavy psychological burden to the child because they have the natural human longing to be known and loved by both their mother and their father but if he were to share that with the adults who are raising them there actually condemning the divisions of the people that they love and feel what it often means these kids have to suffer in silence. I again were just didn't snapshots and so much more. Look, you may be in a situation where your single mom, single dad, or in a blended family and the principles in this book will help you to recognize the great needs of the children and how the Cubist before the Lord to make up for life. But what about kids that are raised to stepchildren so there's divorce blended families so common these days, and in so many divorces have no biblical merit whatsoever, but just common, but what one of the disadvantages in the setting like that for for the child that we make it very clear the research is not positive when it comes to divorce and remarriage, but we also make it clear that there are heroic stepparents out there who are stepping in to fill the role of negligent biological parents and we've include a couple stories of you know kids who said, look, this social parent or stepparent really did feel fill a need in my life. But when you look at statistics and outcomes for kids.

What you see is that a child's life generally does not improve when a stepdad joins the family any two will not do, and that what often happens, let's say after parental separation and remarriage is a nonstop cycle of instability for children and that the divorce is just step one of what's going to be lots of losses and transitions throughout that child's life. Oftentimes, they do not forge the same kind of close bond in connection with the non-biologically related parent very often. Unfortunately, this stepparent, or live-in boyfriend or girlfriend does not treat that child like their own child and in the most unfortunate cases.

You know, we know that the an unrelated cohabiting man statistically is the most dangerous person in a child's life and so I can call about can think about that family that are really trying to make the best out of a difficult situation or heroic stepparents worth expanding in and filling that gap. But if were going to be clear eyed about family and what's going on, we have to acknowledge the reality that that does blended family stepfamilies mom's live-in boyfriend, dad, live-in girlfriend, those are not situations that are beneficial to children generally, and we look at some of these issues. The kids are doing this today.

The exposure to social media and the pressures that come with that the isolation of lives. The, the dangers of pouring the tooth out the Internet and free youngsters. The immersion in virtual-reality video games all those other things and then you have had in the most fundamental that in so many cases, the family structure itself is unstable. It's a lot of obstacles. It's no surprise that suicide is higher with young people for years now that depression is higher. It only makes sense it and therefore to do do what we can for the children again.

To me that's the beauty and the wisdom of this book is not attacking others so criticizing others sing what's best what's best work is can we all agree then before us like we know if there was some crisis and in you getting people in a burning building. You can get the kids out.

First, we just understand it, you can put them for so give give us a picture of what this global children's rights movement can look like well like a pretty incredible and what you're saying is exactly right. I think one of the alt shortcomings of profamily effort over the past is they only focus on one issue or maybe even a little collective bill get really outraged about. For example, same-sex parenting, but kind of quiet when it comes to the knife heterosexual Christian couple that using a sperm donor because they're really nice people you know and not bode well for developing a global strong movement and I will tell you that especially doesn't work for young people for millennial's in Genji who have been so marketed to think in MLB Esplanade.

They know hypocrisy and action stuff you say that you are pro child.

Are you really proud child, are you Pro child in every area where it matters, and so we are you know that we want were going to begin with the rights of children and I love I love that we have seen such progress against abortion by focusing on the child's right to life and I'm so grateful for the hundreds of organizations that are fighting against abortion based on children's right, but nobody is doing this on this side of the womb, and that is what we need right we need and firmly on the rights of children and say we are going to defend those rights no matter what adult group at FN and so I told people give me enough time and I'll probably pick you off to, you know that there is no exception in this children's rights movement nobody to pay past it doesn't matter if you're single or married or gay or straight at some point, almost all adults are going to have to prioritize children's right before their own desires. You know my husband, the pastor and we spend a lot of time doing marriage counseling for couples that are struggling and deeper challenges my gosh the kind of things that married couples have to work through keep their marriage together. It's nothing to pooh-pooh right Peter. Difficult challenges, but we must insist that adults do the hard things that children don't have to work and I take that mentality and that mindset into this global movement and we are going to insist that all adult conform to the rights of all children. And guess what you can change the world with that kind of movement and that kind of message and it also means that you get the double coalition altar chapter 10 we spend like I do go on and on and chapter 10 about our supporters who are Hindus and Muslims and gay men and lesbians and Jewish mothers and evangelical homeschoolers and atheists all talking about the importance of defending the fundamental rights of children. So you can build an incredible diverse coalition of people who understand that when you make any social progress until we can get, and children on the mental right, you're saying that we just got a minute that even if someone is not a case Bible believer in the sense that we are in and holding to the Scripture we do this based in Scripture that you can make an argument just on the best interest of the children that can appeal to a wider group of people that differently. You'll not make an argument that is based on natural law studies and stories not based on Scripture. We have got to be the best advocates for children and especially when it comes to policy. That means we never out of the words God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve ever again right Christians have got to do so much better on and we have to become experts and this book helps you do it. Just friends.

It really does. But I couldn't going on the superlatives of those going through it.

Kitty Faust and Stacy Manning them before us get a few copies of the book and then wait when you get it and enjoy post-review where you got the book let folks know about it that it's been a blessing. Katie, keep up the great work it in a God use this on an international level. Thank you Dr. Brown so that it always gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael body and I heard different things about you care for your body will have certain long-term results but unhealthily until 59 1/2 years old were God graciously intervened and help me to make a radical lifestyle change and as a result of that I've been thriving in ways that are just amazing, literally feeling I'm getting younger every year and understand the science behind it, but when I talked to someone who does the tell me how you doing this has this effect. Doing this has this effect. Think how God made us amazingly well. We do things his way, the fruit, the results it's it's all amazing.

So it's my joy to have with me on the air today. Dr. Mark Spengler. He was not only voted by grouper professionals. Dr. of the year. He was recently voted doctor of the decade in America.

He is a good brilliant natural plastic doctor with familiarity of course with all traditional American Western medicine as well.

A best-selling author of quite a few books national radio show and the one that I go to for medical devices was also a great apologist defender.

The phrase every week is out sharing the gospel in a park so is a real evangelist and just a joy to have us get a brand-new book, healing the prostate. The best holistic methods to treat the prostate and other common male related conditions marked by so much for joining us on the arrogant today are greatly backward here, so let me ask the big question the way God made us. It is obviously extraordinary meticulous you keep learning more about the human body. What about ways that he gave us to live that you understand is a natural plastic doctor that a lot of Western medicine kind of ignores right. I think you break it down into categories throughout God's spiritual log recovery of natural law enters no parameters within both goals. Without a doubt you know your chart of adult benefit. Anyhow, when you break the natural log kind of the two developed the fees required to be very real apartment. I don't think anyone anymore. Last 25 years in terms let's say nutritional medicine can kind of thousands of studies have come out to string the relationship between the food we eat, how we handle stress our exercise programs are our sleep, our relationship far as a dramatic influence on a risk or speedup out right so the traditional doctrine America is still a lot of training a lot of hard work to get where they are, how much of that to the study nutrition or the things that you learned as a natural path. Dr. yeah for now at the school are both systems of medical alert traditional Western medicine laptops pharmaceutical drug surgery almost types of things which are used by practice and then we also were educated on nutritional therapy. Another holistic type. There unfortunately still to this day. The average medical school America incorporates little to no training in nutrition to get some very basic functional, but the training is very very limited. There are some schools now across the country, which are, you know, having limited amount of training in terms nutrition like in my clinic. Here I have a medical doctor who worked in emergency medicine for your financial Toshi little to no training and nutritional benefit, and she spent tens of thousands of dollars on her own time and money. Of course to learn from experts article seminars are to incorporate nutritional therapies and refractive what you've done so as you listed that the human body of the way God's put together. It is this is something I can just be explained through natural evolutionary processes, absolutely not think anyone who has a basic understanding of the complexities of the human body where you go down to Bethel. No, we are very work, 26, 200 trillion cells in your body working in harmony together are all evil occur within each cell.

We have 6 feet of DNA information the blueprint of how her body should operate out of a protein powder make organs replace so so for now we have what are called molecular machines.

If you want to Google you typed in molecular machine biology accepted term in medicine, biology that we have molecular machines that run or spell are very intricate, intricately provide so far would you millions of ATP molecules every second to ourselves.

So we take that and then you go into the tissues into the organ system for intercommunication amongst them all. Our body utilizes the produce energy. It basically impossible to come up with any type of theory or hypothesis.

This could arise from roundabout because in a world never be complex, providing function arise out around the never so even more true for a body that's I'm a big believer in Romans chapter 1 verse actually God's creation, which is nature what we feel, biology demonstrates that God exist at one level and I'm a big believer in in Romans chapter 1, so why would you think it will get into specific content of the prostate in the moment. Why would you think that there's so many biologists that are professing atheist. It seems that among medically trained people or people with degrees in these areas that biologists some of the highest in terms of professing atheism, but I could never imagine it was by setting the body that they became convinced there was no God seem to be quite the contrary. What you think that such a stronghold.

Still, you look at about 56 years I think are higher learning institutions been hijacked really no by a gifted type of ideologies type of ideology.

I think yet you know it will walk you through spiritual battle. And there's no one who have the training, biology, or medicine. For example, quite naturally processes could come out through randomness actually worse random. According to Darwin, evolution of the generation of information to build higher life forms will promote random mutations which affect the way for input encoding into the gene pool being held third after any computer programmer to start putting random mistakes into a computer program at the structural breakdown of the computer programming and DNA of the most sophisticated software ever discovered that a big supercomputer look like a joke.

No one would ever think rationally, you can put the fix into a computer programmer build a higher-order type of complex he will be computers. A road be enough biological system. So this part really on auto level.

Darwin evolution is crashing you are seeing people pulling away from it because of the understand the world of biology and how we analyze biology. People are starting to admit is not tenable. What system that cannot work so that the writ of swords with the spiritual thing at the beginning a time.

You could devalue human rights is that instant results of this is the devaluing of the human species. When a scene is uniquely created in God's image and then you know that I have very little scientific background and and I know the right questions to ask, but life you like you for the answers, but is there a major problem with the evolutionary process that in order for a certain species to exist it would have had to be developed to a certain point, but then evolution basically doesn't tell you how it existed before it got to that point yet you been wiped out along along the way. So Arthur, all types of gaps and links not just a missing link between apes and humans, but all kinds of missing links just in the development of human body or the Mayor certain species that just bankrupt that the whole argument right there was absolutely made cognitive failure.

Truthfully complex. So you have several different systems within the fellow and if one system isn't there or not working FUNCTION so if you start with this premise, which I don't.

But if someone believes will somehow rudely got from ancient microbes from current bacterial course was irreverent for you have to explain where the parts came from were the other genes we put together randomly to carry out the process of simple bacteria that have have molecular machines that run it did have the Unicode and so now it's just not something of awful now to take a simpler life organism but feel like a vector. For example, virus whatever and trying form higher complex life forms from I mean never been observable in human history because it can happen just helping us start quick had happened where's the information to come from Bilbo's molecular machines in terms of evolutionary theory. Simpler organisms or time. All changes, the more complex life forms, but there is no known mechanism have the how that can happen because there there hypothesis are like the work.

Her hypothesis is basically our random mistakes and in the coding program. Gene DNA somehow by the bookkeeper for curator credo or are complex by four course it's absurd.

It's not if not rational, but it does not make sense.

And like you said where's the evidence based on evidence rational evidence be different lengths in the fossil record that all matter back.

Look at the Cambrian explosion. The earliest Geo strata of the earth. What we see we see instantaneous mature life forms.

You don't see the transition from simpler and more complex by four mature life forms so you no one but Michael even before that. Remember Darwin, evolution does not explain the origin of life you try and bypass that step. They tried thousand steps beyond up. They don't address the origin of life because their system can't make it work on the they still believe a lot of them that life somehow came from nonlife while they deny the supernatural actually believe in the supernatural, because they believe the nonscientific principle of abiogenesis, but somehow life came from nonlife without a positive agent so they actually are quite believers in the miraculous. I remember one time I was flying back from somewhere on the plane with the so it was a law professor at New York University and we began talking Sadat I got my PhD from NYU and Semitic languages. My dad was simulating the new supreme courts were chatting back and forth in so about my faith in and he made the statement he said I'm a devout atheist and is very forceful.

I said you know I like the word devout because it takes a whole lot more faith to believe what you believe, principally, but I believe that about you.

David ETT took it well. But yet what you're saying is there are these massive leaps were his everything we posit in terms of an intelligent God creating brings us to where we are right we come back let's focus in on what the prostate actually is and why every man should know about it. What is new book, healing the prostate might help. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author internationals and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I this building author nationally known physician is new book, healing the prostate. The best holistic methods to treat the prostate and other common male related conditions so Mark I would imagine your average man asserted the prostate, but I wonder if your average man knows why it's important to know about the process we wrote and they're all getting prostate cancer, but we start the book by saying everybody every man needs to know about this and take action. So why is it so important. What action do men need to take right well so very interesting to find out talk about the book. I'm glad like the rest of the bargain works in conjunction with other very specific glands and organs in the body are the male reproductive final partially in America and other industrialized nations around the world where men are eating properly, they have increased body weight, body mass index. Other composed of certain chemicals near pharmacology no estrogen plastics by cosmetics.

The average man develops prostate problems in America live page 90 your 90% likely to have an enlarged prostate. One in nine men get prostate cancer in America second most common conduct in cancer and prostatitis which is inflammation and/or infection of the prostate is the most common urinary tract problems for men under the age of 50 people. About 845 and up and have a larger problem of the prostate and fruit for the most common type BPH known as benign prostatic hyperplasia with an enlarged prostate and develop urination problems low-frequency during the day frequently during the night a week stream dribbling things of this nature, which shall become problematic, specially pure suites been disrupted.

Can't carry out your daily activities during the restroom all the time so this is a phenomenon which is just a major problem America so you have shown through vast amount of study that if you change your diet. If you lose weight if you could detoxify properly avoid certain chemicals. You can greatly reduce your risk of these conditions as well. You can improve your symptoms for third with the prostate problems. So let's say you your average male is 55 years old eating a typical American diet. Realizing starting to have some problems or something comes up in an annual physical. Normally, what would traditional medicine prescribed to that person will normally benefit they would prescribe anything less is quite bothersome.

The patient patient very much bar urination or shoot given medication medications which relax the bladder wall which relax the profits of your can flow out more effectively in our prostate is beneath the bladder and the urinary tube that drains the bladder and urethra officially comes in between your prostate enlargement, large as it pitches then on that dog training to that urethra and get urinary issues so doctors will prescribe medications to help with urination for the Side effect of her medications like To also fall back. And from that they feel faint people get to wrap up a drop of blood pressure that nature enters other medications which work on the prostate tissue itself.

The formal blocking effect and sore prostate gland is very to two hormones estrogen and a metabolite of toast, also called DHT as men get older there estrogen levels and DHT levels tend to increase, especially for overweight and not eating well for insulin resistance.

Blood sugar levels are up prediabetic or diabetic things like that and police template the gland to the prostate fell to increase five and number figure prostate large get prostate cancer. Anyway, there are medications which can block the problems with taking all sorts of side effects to think about things like breast enlargement fatigue decrease with Vito, headaches of sexual dysfunction. Things like that so these are offered to men but what I tell patients a block unless you're in the severe category. The mild to moderate. Like most men, we can take care of diet changes, weight loss and very precise nutritional supplements which have been studied for this problem quite depth numerous number studies which work well to accomplish the same thing. Symptom relief produced almost ablation of the gland translates it will be amazing if I can get to sing the California and after multiple times, and so on. Well, here's good news, read a book that's what he put this in book form, healing prostate, the best holistic holistic methods to treat the prostate and other common male related conditions. Mark a lot of people here the word holistic and they think New Age crystals were chanting or something like that.

But holistic is is basically following God's design for the body is. I think for me to think of a belt approach to short-term, holistic or integrative, if not necessarily picking out one portion of it became dark but can wipe the darker product with your lips rather want when we use all sorts of different treatments depending on what's going off the patient patient this morning and couple weeks ago did some lab work on our generation urinary tract infection to choose a senior viper on an antibiotic and retest her to make sure it's not but on the other hand, in America are held have suffered because we have focused too much on drugs and surgery not addressing the diet the lifestyle using natural products which by the way, in both of the other parts of the world are very mainstream, China, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Ali placed them in your typical medical doctor. Use of these approaches so you know it is true there are some there are some practitioners the holistic medicine which yes I would say they get into New Age nonscientific types approximate but you know integrative holistic medicine actually have taken off in America the last 50 years.

Immediate and of thousands of medical doctors do regular proxy. Now practicing holistic medicine so it's it's it's not.

It's a small percent of people I think are apparent to weird stuff.

Obviously, as a Christian I reject anything that anti-biblical, whether it be a worldview or service or product not remember last year when I was in clinic to get my annual physical and was talking to one of your colleagues in one of your attending physicians.

There and and he he was just talking about diet and things he said you know this God through this man's food and uses thought about the way God made it versus the way we process it and here it is. You have an integrative clinic that sex with that and in the name of it and in your book outside the box cancer therapies.

We talked about that you suggested was in chemotherapy the things that you'll do that to keep them healthy is fruit so you're not rejecting Western medicine is just it's often so limited and that we don't tie it in with biblical principles so as as a Christian is a doctor.

It gives you the advantage to say God made us incredibly well very meticulously and amazingly in any put things in in in the earth for us to eat and and you know my story is you do my blood work is just mind-boggling to see the change in the health and the thriving. So this is got me very satisfying to see people not dependent for life on medicine that may have all kinds of negative side effects majestic to gain their health back by following order.

Ultimately, biblical principles that are not confirmed by science. Yeah I think that's a good summary. Basically Dr. like I thought we just have a lot more tools than average. Dr. that that's really what comes out with many more tools to you and look when you accept the fact that it is the fact that the body of the divide have a divine healing system within parameters. What do you holistic medicine is as we work with the healing systems of the body, and no one can deny them the body of natural healing system everyday. Her body fight off microbes with healing up you no damages to her muscles in her skin. All you start to think, so you can do that within design parameters so what holistic medicine offers the ability to work with the healing systems of the body. Sometimes we have to use oppressive note treatments that feed our respective antibiotics to install the flooring they think of art people don't realize, yes, I gave her part firebox to kill bacteria in your urinary system. However, we know that that itself will do the job. Go get the bacteria levels down, but that allows the immune system, then to get on pop the infection and eradicated it in itself not curate you old friend.

Oh, since my college days. Basically anyone meeting to know that he had stage IV kidney cancer is a shock to hear it, but he had been on on medication for depression and other issues for years and he said you one that was real bad is the destroyed his kidneys so there there are certainly times.

The downside, and then there are better ways to do things so can friends the book, healing the prostate. Dr. Mark Spengler who should read this book so I think any man.

Men that are over 45 years older and are about because you live normally have to deal you know there's probably about all the issues and go beyond the prostate on Michael going to things like testosterone deficiency, another hormone about which are so common that for example, 40% of men or the ages of 45 in America have talked also deficiency we talk about why that is what you do naturally about it. I can be tough.

Think about nature. Yeah, I remember a colleague was fighting depression for months and months was on himself didn't with you she was for Hitler testosterone and it affected his whole emotional outlook made it difficult for him to minister.

So this is this is everyday life. So the book healing.

The prostate got a copy here in my hands hold on for one that's watching Dr. Mustang to check out his other books as their website.

Folks go to get some of the nutritional products you have and find out more. Get your newsletter.

Things like that. Yeah sure my my quick website of Mark and in terms of our radio show with Nicholas to the podcast radius overcome whatever we could.

America's natural got it all right. So there you go check that out.

Get a copy of the rights of men over 45 and spouses of those men were kids that cares size as my mom as well. Prostate hey thanks for joining us for the senior face-to-face

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