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Tell Me Where I’m Wrong

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 8, 2021 4:20 pm

Tell Me Where I’m Wrong

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 8, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/08/21.

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Tell me where I'm wrong, tell me where you disagree stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, a friends, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to today's broadcast on the line of fire. We're doing things so differently today couple days back I went on Facebook on*Brown Facebook page and I said listen tell me Mary we just differ with me.

We disagree. We have a problem or something.

I teacher hold to be biblically, theologically, spiritually, practically culturally and politically, an imposter comment and I'll get to as many as I can over the course is broadcast so I'm not taking calls today not commenting on breaking news, however major it may be and not taking any new comments on social media. This is all done several days ago. In terms of soliciting or covering on the air, so may the Lord bless you and may you find this helpful and encouraging and strengthening as we go right so let's see some folks just posted questions of, but others make clear whether differences are that will start with this one from Eugene I think would be a heavy blessing if you did, even a light investigation what Colton teaches in my many believe, including myself, that is a false teacher, Mike Wenger did an excellent humble job. For example, first, I really appreciate the work that Mike Wenger does that, although we have some differences in terms of our beliefs and the gifts and power the spear for today. I really appreciate his his spirit and what he does his pastoral concern, his desire to be faithful to Scripture so apparently he's done that with regard to Kenneth Copeland's teachings. I appreciate that I only say this I am called in burden to do hundreds of different things. I am always reading a multitude of different books on a multitude of different subjects and my interests are such that you know through eternity. I get to explore a lot of them, and God is not primarily called me to study this ministry or that ministry of this ministry to find the error in that ministry there so many other things, to do and only so many hours in a day. Now what I'm burdened in a particular area. Then I did again.

For example, when I felt burdened by the Lord to address the issue of hyper grace.

Then I began to read teacher after teacher after teacher and preacher after preacher and prominent folks on TV and other things to understand what they hell to do to make sure that that I was looking at it rightly.

I would even pray Lord if they have something I'm missing. If they if they see something I don't see help me to see if there is error in them. Help me to see it. So was my posture coming at it with humility. But then I really focus on that subject, or can you began Christian and and and what were people teaching a claim to be followers of Jesus and dig in deep.

There so I've done that in other areas. I've never felt particularly burden distant to focus on word of faith teaching where the errors were in faith. Teaching I was exposed to those circles and the good and the bad in that years back, but it's just never been my particular burden to do that and so many others have sought.

I appreciate what you're saying and and why some people say Kenneth Culkin is a false teacher teaching heresy and and if I do dig deeper certain point and and discover that great but please understand I'm not diminishing the importance of requesting Eugene. It's just that even requests we cash are endless. Sure you can understand that. Just a weekly basis will will get numerous requests for me to please review the manuscript endorsed a manuscript writer forward to manuscript watch a video.

Check out this teaching what I think of this one that one. I mean, over the course of year which I many thousands of requests like that, so I simply have to do if you burden to do and when I remember playing with holy fire. I pulled no punches in terms of addressing errors in the body, but in that context, I did not name names. As I explained why, in other contexts. I have name names and now with some of the current charismatic controversy with failed prophecies about Donald Trump. I've played clips from different leaders and say hey this is error. This is wrong. This needs to be accounted for. So it's all a matter what I'm burden to do and feel called to do all right. Let's see. Okay, Johnny Mac, why do you not believe in unconditional election. When Paul speaks of using faith, being a gift of God and crediting Abram's race a gift from God himself as righteousness of the married other examples of faith is a gift of God in salvation by faith alone is also a complete gift of God. There plenty of reasons why don't we unconditional election. I take it seriously. The hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times in the Bible that God calls us to choose any commands. Those that choose rightly and condemns those who choose wrongly and is pleased with those who choose rightly in displeased with those who choose wrongly because these are choices he has called us to make in his sovereignty is give us choices. John 112 as many as received him, to them he gave power to become children of God. In verse 13 is not talk about unconditional election is talk about this, not by human birth but by divine birth. That's all talking about their so for everyone verse you can give me that my points unconditional election can be 10 or 20 or 50 or hundred that were going to different direction to face me a gift from God. What if faith is a gift from God, to those in the humble themselves, but worth that's a case that you don't have the ability to to save yourself a believe but but you say I need help I need help and and there's also a debate in terms of Ephesians 2 is it saying that that faith is a gift from God, or that the grace of salvation is a gift from God. Assuming that is debated but when I was a Calvinist.

II argued the Calvinistic arguments and and extolled the beauty of the of the God of Calvinism and the glory of the God of Calvinism, and in our utter lostness still believe in our lostness without Jesus us to believe in the utter and absolute glory of God.

But I was overwhelmed when I stop being a Calvinist, and in 82 I was overwhelmed by just the back of the to me the whole testimony of Scripture God is grieved by her disobedience because it's our choice, not because he destined us to disobedience. He is pleased with this many commands. This one for believing because that was a choice that they made so we cannot save ourselves.

Salvation is a gift from God. I could also argue based in Romans 12 that God is given to every one of us a measure of faith. So I do differ with your interpretation of Scripture there and many many many many many other verses Mark Marx is this the only thing I would say that I differ with you in is on eschatology. I mean more towards a victorious view post-millennial partial printer is and if one want to tag a title to it. A mark obviously just like with Johnny. We can have these differences within the body different perspectives within the body, but what I argue here is that you can have a victorious and time view without being a post-millennialist supposed millennialist for those not familiar believes that the that the millennial kingdom is something that basically happens to the preaching of the gospel that is we go make disciples of the nations that that the nations of the world will turn to God will be called Christianized and will will have that millennial kingdom of God's rule and reign over the entire earth so the gospel triumphs right that the leaven that's the spring for Lowe's until there they all grow or the mustard seed associated grows into a giant tree and the birds of the air flock there and put their nests there. That's like the growth of the gospel worldwide as an animal dines on Christ all remained alive and and that this will be the triumph of the gospel of the whole earth afterward supposed millennial, after which Jesus returns. We go into eternity. Understand that victorious aspect, however, I hold to an absolutely victorious S. Remote eschatology and I'm pre-millennial. I believe that we will see the greatest attacks of Satan world is ever known. I believe that the end of the age. We parallel extremes that Jesus says that the kingdom of God's will is like a great net and in the good fish and bad. They get separated at the end and in the week grows along with the tears until the end when Jesus returns. Second Thessalonians ones and destroy those that obey the gospel's will be plenty of nonbelievers here mean II find Scripture abundantly clear that there will be wickedness at the end of the Adrian Zechariah 14 Zechariah 12 that the nations of the earth will come against Jerusalem and gobble coming fight. That's his return to that certain outpost millennialist pre-millennial and from there he rules and reigns in Jerusalem. I just see the plain sense of an abundance of Scripture going and supposed millennial view and to me that's the reason why will the early church fathers that taught on this reprieve. Millennial and that also expect us to go through hellish times. However, there is victory in the midst of that we are over comers. What's the message to the churches in Revelation.

In the midst of of of hardship and persecution obstacles to him who overcomes, to him who overcomes, to him who overcomes were more than conquerors, I believe, will see the greatest outpouring of all time, the fullness of the Gentiles coming in all Israel being saved.

Great outpouring spirit in the midst of all types of satanic attacks I hold to a very victorious eschatology, but as I understand Scripture premillennial and don't forget Peter said the reason the prophets spoke of with would come to pass after Jesus return, he must remain in heaven until that time, the restoration of all things spoke about profit starting asked 319 you'll find that let's see David none the silly disagreement but I'm interested to hear your take on how to reconcile post-tribulation criminal. It is with Christian Zionism is understanding holds both of these positions in early Christian Zionism goes hand-in-hand with pretrip elation dispensational premillennialism. It only goes hand-in-hand since dispensationalism rose up, but you had Puritan leaders and some of the early church leaders, speaking of the return of of Israel, the regathering of the Jewish people. You had people like Spurgeon in the 1800s, powerfully laying this out or JC Ryle. So your Anglican leaders Baptist leaders presbyterian leaders like the bone are Xander and Russia's voracious bar that clearly spoke of Israel's return clearly anticipated their physical return to the land and were not dispensational us since racist biblical promises is biblical promises God keeps his word as per the return from Babylonian exile spoken of Ezekiel 36 that the Jewish people came back from exile still in unbelief, but this was so because they would not be blasting so they had repented, but he brought them back anyway for his namesake and then in the Lancet Allport Claymore are numerous in the same thing happen with the increase of the gospel in the land more more Jewish people.

Israelis coming to faith in Jesus. Yeshua so it isn't in our hands are stained with blood. The new edition the 2019 edition or Christian anti-Semitism. Both of those books have got some great quotes from Christian leaders of the past that held to and believe strongly in the physical restoration of the Jewish people. JC Rossi from I can see the be brought back to the land physically first and then spiritually will turn to the Messiah.

So these people are anything but dispensational. So pre-millennial dispensationalism has gone around the world and become famous. This position is biblical for free trim teaching before dispensational teaching a pre-millennial non-pretrip doctrine of Israel's return find in the Bible and throughout church history as well. Okay back with more of your questions and challenges on the seven error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on this special edition of the line of fire today.

I'm not taking calls but I've specifically asked did this a few days ago asked folks to post on Facebook where you differ with me so not answering your questions on Facebook, but specific areas where you differ, and I'm just going in the order that they were posted, and I'm getting to his many as a cancer to post a question on not answering a question, but saying years were you differ.

I'm interacting right so this is from Waterloo. This is a long one. I disagree with you on your methods that appear to be double standard and biased toward interpreting Scripture suit your own preformed Christian doctrines in your series of videos answering Jewish objections to formulate a standard of thought when addressing one issue and they go completely backwards on it when addressing another issue. This is me no consistency in your frame of thought rather convenient flexibility to interpret Scripture for your already preconceived notion of self, please jump in and say thank you for being so forthright in the way you present things is what I asked for. So thank you for being so forthright. I am 100% sure that I'm consistent in that I lay out my rules of how I'm engaging and why.

And if I'm interpreting something literally metaphorically give you the reasons for so I would say either. I haven't made that clear enough or you're missing my point.

One of the two, but I'm quite sure I'm not inconsistent. Let's let's see the examples that you can but thank you for being so blunt. This will last for so thank you. The two instances I'm talking about of the videos answering Jewish objections.

Isaiah 714 and Deuteronomy 64 when addressing Isaiah 714, your you that the word all marketing aversion in the context of the rest you will you admit in the same video that doesn't convey sexual purity, despite there being another more precise word to other could have been used to convey virginity. If the author was intending to convey virginity okay well let inconsistent argument this or I'm quite plain and quite direct in laying that out that the word be to lot in and of itself does not mean virgin in the Hebrew Bible that it must be in a legal context, dealing with virginity otherwise to be absolutely clear that you talk about virgin you have to circumlocution purposes. You have to give an explanatory clause to law, who never knew a man that would be how you'd say okay all mom and of itself is not about sexual purity but about sexual development. So coming into puberty and and this was this a most likely work and the mail LM is not in and of itself. Speaking of a virgin but a young man all mom young woman. However, you can make an excellent argument that based on the usage that she would be expected to be unmarried or not having had her first child and Rasheed the foremost Jewish commentator traditional Jewish commenter lived in the 11th century said that the sign was that she was in Omagh that some citizen misuses to the mall and and not expected to or incapable of having a child. She's too young and in the context I say that he could well refer to all mom to a virgin because it is speaking of subtype of search at supernatural sign with the birth, but that what I said plainly, was that in biblical Hebrew Walmart in and of itself orbit to lot in and of itself did not mean virgin would have to be qualified either of those were some of them quite explicit quick price of go back certain.

Listen again and all I'm saying is there's a reason the Septuagint transit with Parthenon switchman virgin at the time of the translation in Matthew quotes that because Miriam in fact was a Parthenon's was in Omagh but diverse in and of itself is not explicit prediction of a virgin birth. If that was the case it would have to have added either use all mom orbit to law and then qualify was saying who never played with the man never knew a man some quite consistent on the video on it.

Go back and listen against her right you then say when addressing Deuteronomy 64. You do a complete 360 understanding of logic argue that a thought in the context of said said passage conveys a complex unity another singularity email does me to singularity as well as managing night since is a hominid because regular more precise word you feed with a been used. If the author intended to convey singularity sir those changes.

Standard of logic at all.

And if God I said, does not necessarily mean exclusive one plural one and of itself. I give examples. Genesis 1 there was evening and morning your Mossad one day. Day one was a consist of morning and evening.

Genesis 2 in the man and woman that the two become one flesh. So the two become one.

Rex is 35 the different piece of the tabernacle put together make one tabernacle so I said ask God, in and of itself does not mean absolute singularity as young keyed would not affect us, but to live in and of itself does not mean virgin unless it is in that concert just look at every example in the Hebrew Bible is just a sometimes young men and young women in Nicaragua. Joel 18.

Speaking of all of them to lot money for the husband of her youth. Does that mean she was a spouse demo. She was married to Mimi going she was married to him. Son being utterly consistent and and meticulously Celtic. To be honest, so the one hand you argue the precise words is not to be using Isaiah 714 Getty or get much more precise word would have been using Deuteronomy 6 for the whole point is if the rabbinic argument was true. The Deuteronomy 64 was speaking of of God's exclusive unity and not accomplishing anything else that it will used a different word that's the point. There everybody that argument in Isaiah 714.

I'm rebutting the argument that the true lot in and of itself would absolutely specify virgin and more than Omagh, in and of itself results in both words with the qualifiers so that the issue is not certain that I'm being inconsistent, but that you are coming at it, perhaps with your preformed ideas and therefore not actually hearing my argument so that you distribute the fact that your misunderstanding and misinterpreting arguments means that there is, is there a bias against what I'm saying you have to dig and see by. Let's see here. Okay James, I believe that followers of Christ should not get involved in worldly politics and you do not possibly God's word can be altered by man and you do not know James you're 100% wrong on the second one. God's word should not be altered by man to really think were contradictory and less electric engines only which case God's words really been altered by man because it's a good translation but it's imperfect.

So, I absolutely believe God's word should not be altered by man.

So you hundred percent wrong about my position there, sir. I've no clue why you say that Lester contains only or something else no clue why the world and so that's one of the several so the question is, we should not get involved in worldly politics, so therefore we shouldn't vote correct, we should pay taxes because that supports the government correct, we should give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, we should do any of that will maybe mean we shouldn't get political will. I don't believe that, as followers of Jesus we should get caught up in the political system but were involved with it and there are some people that God calls to the initial question if Paul instructed believers to pray for kings, rulers from to be saved. Was the essay should they step down what you're praying for the president to get saved Donald from agile by praying for him to get saved truly boring and come to the knowledge of the truth.

She quit once he is born again should be a godly influence. I will even get way too political.

I want against the cost. That's one reason that accounts and political things to one Estancia caught up in it to keep our perspective in the right place, but executive differences are quite calm chef profits 00 today who operate as did in the Bible, not a one knows where success is required in Scriptures under percent none of this, they are false prophetess profits from such policy cop out number the minuscule amount of passes will appear as they have done so and fully aware of the explosions as well as appears that way. Hey Jeff, thanks for stating things as clearly as you did, but you're quite wrong and quite wrong. Number one is not cop out to speak of people prophesying falsely welcome, false prophets on the ward person I believe was written in Scripture and uncle beyond that, Jesus told us that false prophets or wolves in sheep's clothing. Just like Paul said that false apostles were servants of Satan, and Peter said that false teachers broad and damnable heresies, a false prophet is not a believer who prophesies falsely. Paul says I want all of you to prophesy because anyone can potentially prophecy prophesy New Testament prophecy must be tested. I go by the word. My brother and Paul said don't despise prophecies.

Test everything.

Hold fast to that which is good don't put out the Spirit's fire was explicit so someone claims to bring a prophetic word.

We tested does this a brand them a false prophet throw them out, stone them excommunicate that does any of that tested.

We believe the Lord was saying some of the that that we sense this is the Lord we reject that part. None. We don't believe that's the Lord. This is the Lord was the same first first millions 14.

The two or three property speak and the others should weigh carefully so there there prophet speaking but others have to weigh carefully to discern critically what the Lord is saying in this essay.

New Testament prophets are not called to operate the same as Old Testament prophets said you'd be blown away. Jeff by people who prophesy can give personal prophecies to everybody in the room and 50 people in the room and they're all stunned by this very specific word from the Lord. That was very applicable in their lives and very helpful. Then that same person may start to get into political predictions. They stepped out of their lane calling.

So we reject that.

So I will call out a false prophecy. I will call out some and falsely calls themselves a prophet is there is no copping out existing scriptural. I honestly don't know why some people are pushing me day and night to bran people unsaved in hell bound if their brothers and sisters who made mistakes. A person should never prophesy.

Can the rest of their lives. Maybe the person should only speak a word and submitted to leaders and only the loser firm and should be released. Maybe this person is falsely consult a prophet just like someone else falsely calls himself a pastor and they're really not Ress other gifting and calling just like you have pastors that do a better job of pastoring and hurt the flock. I'd I don't call them hell bound sinners, wolves in sheep's clothing. Children want wrong.

Work with a long ministry. So say there's no compounding I'm just being scriptural and less you have inside information at all these people are hell bound: false prophecy, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the special edition of the line of fire not taking calls today, but just responding to people who told me where they differ with me told me where they think I'm wrong and I've asked them to to post and the more blind you are, the better that's that's just great. That's that's wonderful. So praise God, thank you for being candid so I asked this on Facebook on the estate around Facebook page. Ezra solicited and I did this a few days ago to get the comments that I can interact with today so don't post anything you don't call but thank you for for doing what I asked in post to a different okay we are going to Michael now a Michael said this site. I differ with you about the Torah you think it is abolished and in a way with. I however think those claims are forever, as he states in the tour itself once again I'm being misrepresented which is fine. I don't believe the tour is abolished or done away with. I believe it's fulfilled in Yeshua and were now under the new and better covenant. The new covenant which God puts his Toronto hearts and those things which are fulfilled or fulfilled. That's what we on a blood sacrifices that's what that's why we don't need a physical temple to meet with God. That's what you sure as our priest does in Hebrews 7 say that if Jesus is our high priest and is not from the tribe of Levi that that means there has been a change in the tar do you need in an ironic priest. Do you need blood sacrifices if not then you're not saying that every commandment of the tour is forever. You might say no. So if you okay will. I believe the trust funds as full expression issue that he takes the moral commitments of the torture a high level.

For example, the seventh day Sabbath, nor is that given to the Gentile believers as a command in the New Testament, Jesus has come to me and find rest, the Sabbath rest finds its fulfillment in him. But here's the real challenge I have for you right.

Here's the challenge you have for your are you really living by every aspect of turtle or are you on it. For example, all the specifics about not trimming the corners of your beard and so on. So, would you look like a rabbinic Jew or you will may be interpreted differently. Prophecy can be clean-shaven obviously should be in in disobedience and if your marriage Junior life practice exactly was written in terms of sexual purity laws and in Leviticus 15 and and what you do if you have mildew in your house to follow the laws of Leviticus 14 and and if you have a persistently disobeyed Beatty and rebellious teenager to stone them to death and on and on and on it goes. Know you're not living by everything toward you stone adulterers to burn which is I could go on but many many many many of those if you will look 75% of those laws in the tour which are said to be forever for all time from generations 75% require a functioning temple priesthood and Jewish sovereignty, and in the land due to to carry out.

It hasn't been that God is not allowed us to keep 75% of the forever commands are they fulfilled in Yeshua they fulfilled in issue right. Let's see, let's go to tarry.

Honestly, I don't know your biblical stance on a lot of doctrine, but I like to say I disagree with your stance on Zionism and Christian supported. Again thank you all of you for being clear, city differences, as I asked. Okay, I do not support everything Israel does. I'm not an enemy of the Palestinians, but I am 100% sure by Scripture that the only reason that the state of Israel exist today is by the sovereign will of God and that the God who scattered the Jewish people from the land brought them back that to me Zionism.

God brought his scattered people back to the land as he promised that Jesus will return to Jerusalem, not anywhere in North America or in Asia or Africa but he will return to Jerusalem and he will rule and reign from their so let me ask you question my brother if if we understand God's principles when he blesses Noah concurs with the curses and can bless when he heals them can smite response so I can heal. When he when he scatters Noah can gather. When he got his no one can scatter correct with feet scatters the Jewish people's wrath. Brumback Satan can do it UN can do it. Jewish people can do it there be undoing what God did under his curse is very explicit about this so what your answer. We think he scattered the Jewish people who regather them brought the mellow cylinder with Kawamoto.

He said I'm scanning in my judgment, my anger will be scattered to the ends of the earth. The neurosis of a regather in the mercy enough years sacred for mine is the work of God. I recognize the word of God also recognize that much of the world is false reports about Israel. Much of the meeting is false reports that you get much misleading information about Israel and the Jewish people. So if you have been to Israel bonus go and check things out firsthand and and and see was happening in the land and Israel's desire to live at peace with its neighbors, but bottom want to be scriptural God that it does on the Zionist.

He was people back to the homeland. Again, this may not support everything Israel does. Israel needs needs the Lord Israel since like other nations and Israel does good, like other nations to good but I am a Zionist because I believe that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people promised it for thousand generations. It was based on his oath. Paul writes in Galatians 3 that the law which came 430 years after the promise cannot annul the promise. So in any case, I believe we cause us.

Let's see here okay wrap sure I will get into that I thanks for the prayers.

Okay here we go. Julius, thank you sir politically divisive and politically.

One can be a Christian support the progressive agenda of the Democratic Party or the left generally the world is imperfect and we are not saints. Okay, so to be perfectly clear, I believe you can be a Christian and a Democrat you can be a Christian and vote Republican but I I personally, my perspective, so not judging someone else appreciate you bringing an officer I'm not judging someone salvation or walk with God.

But if I am convinced that one party will work against the slaughter of the unborn and another party will make it easier to slaughter the unborn. I cannot see how you vote for the part number I'm not I'm not telling you that God says you're not saved you. Not one of his on-time is my perspective, just like in the days of slavery by the days of slavery. II don't see how you can voted for the party that is proslavery if another party was antislavery.

Now maybe the other party had the antislavery party had some of the bad qualities that you can vote for either this is my perspective, and so the X essential things that were facing the real real threat to our freedoms in America. The ongoing war against the unborn, the, the horrific radical LGBT Q agenda terms of how it impacts everyone else and the impact on marriage and family definitions the. The larger impact on the world as a whole. The potential of Iran getting a nuclear bomb and and trying to destroy Israel or or radical Islam in general and and and and or the attorney of China Sumit hundred to one.

The Republican Party was better than Democratic Party hundred to one on those issues.

So to me. I had no problems and I canceled for either party has encompass very destructive human being and and is a very destructive human being. I can vote for him even though I like his policies and I was to cancel for the Democrats because I'm voting for the codifying of the shedding of innocent blood or or the war on gender distinctions and on and on and on song in a cast 1/3 party vote or not vote for presidential candidate. All I respect that, but I personally have a deep, profound difference with anyone that cast a vote for pro-abortion candidate, that's my own opinion that we could fellowship around Jesus. My brother we go out and share the gospel with the lost we could pray and fast together for God's mercy in America and I would have a profound difference with how you vote and you might have a profound difference of the honest, I'm being candid on the similar brothers in the Lord right and I was soon assented to me and and and I look, I wrote a chapter in the book explaining why Christians will Democrat. I disagree with the reasons but I really chapters to why Christians who do it and look overwhelmingly black believers will Democrat likely result Republican and we each have our reasons and we can we can worship Jesus together and and and we could serve our communities together and have those differences so that's my strong opinion right so you have an opinion on the other side, but that's my strong opinion general apologize for, but I'm not your judge, that's just my opinion. I'm not your judge and you're not my judge.

We stand before God and I'm glad you're not my judge and I'm sure you're glad that I'm not your judge, so I'm just man perfectly kind but thank you thank you Julius for stating that okay by Taylor that was a little bit longer to see if I can, Seth.

I differ with you genetically, but less than 10%. More than likely genetically how use can you differently genetically genetic serve as our physical makeup have at this when Johnny, Allie, your support provided support blood of order for trump. I pose binds activist leftist agenda but is my president.

I pray for him are people unable to get that. The fact that I recognized Joe Biden as president does not mean a supporters agenda.

He is my president like Donald Trump is my president Barack Obama was my present okay. Whoever gets in and is by our courts and are our Congress and is recognized as president. I recognized Obama's my present. Why do you say I support you but will our people and it did you not read my article the other day. Send those voters by did you see were this week I go then you see the things he was going to do.

We that unaware of it. So glad you posted it with explanation about, but Johnny didn't care about truth or not Bud Kaman. If your my Facebook page.

If you listen to the radio show. If it if you read my articles you know I voted for trump with concern about his characters is that of order for trump. You have warned about the leftist agenda in the Democrat agenda and in the Biden Harris agenda for months and months and months and months and before them for years with others on the left not done that to the fact that recognize him as president them is a sport I recognizes present pray for him and wherever he does right.

I commend that we do is wrong to call it out since we present trump that regard are more we come exterior. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Boy I wish I could do this every day. I love interacting with folks who differ with me. You know, if you listen to the show for years and wants to how often a safe you differently call company called call critics can call way and call tell me your differences and we don't hear from folks so posting on Facebook.

I asked for that.

Thanks for doing it on not taking calls looking for new posts. This was done a few days ago to get all the posts of them can interact with and I just been going through Basie that the first was that reposted read through them and get into as many as I can. Tony, I'm not sure how you believe regarding this topic. Dr. Brown, many today believe that our gospel of grace in the kingdom gospel of the same, but I believe that the two are different from each other. The kingdom gospel is Matthew Mark Luke and John for Jew only. This does not mean that non-Jewish don't study them because they're still there for learning, but I believe that the gospel which was Satan is the gospel of grace. First Corinthians 15 months before penned by the apostle Paul speaking of that gospel okay no I differ with you so that was Kathy. Looks like at the end that posted that I differ with you there gospel of the kingdom is the gospel of grace is one the same. And that's why the kingdom is preached in the book of acts is as well that the Paul spoke about the kingdom that that was part of the message. It's it's one of the same, it's that that's a dispensational view that I don't hold to that one was just for the Jew and the other for everyone else and in fact if if you look it if you take the time to to look in the in the book of acts in the 20th chapter right acts just go through it on your own. The 20th chapter where it goes on with speaking of Paul and his and his message and old. Let's just say starting in verse 20. I do not shrink back from proclaim to anything that was profitable from teaching you in public house to house a test fights most dues increase my repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus. Now mama we drew some bound in my spirit.

Knowing the will encounter their exit, not knowing will encounter, except in town after town, the Holy Spirit testifies to the chains and afflictions waiting for me but I, like of no value to myself so that I may finish my course in the ministry received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of God's grace and now I know that none of you will ever see my face again. Everyone I went about preaching the kingdom to is that interesting two consecutive verses. He speaks of the gospel of God's grace and I've been preaching the kingdom is this one of the same message. There may be different aspects or emphases, but one and the same message. Let's see Len I hope will be a transcript as I dislike videos you can look you can you can put up for captions on on YouTube maybe on Facebook for transcript. If you'd like to support some of transcribing the show every day. It's a lot of words. Lotta work but if you'd like to support that. We welcome it. Otherwise it's a video, but you can normally click for captions on either Facebook or YouTube and they'll come up and let's see okay the joy of this is not so much a disagreement which you made a very quick comment recently on church congregation Iglesia all I think stemming from Matthew 1618, and that you differ from Iglesia teaching perfume insert necklace the teaching could you please clarify. As I think in my nonexpert thinking. The church is missed something.

Here is not taken of the role the Lord intended as as a result, the weakened and distracting distracting yes I differ with. I differ with the idea that the Greek word Iglesia first to a ruling government counsel that Iglesia primarily has to do with governing authority. That is a usage that occurs sometimes in an ancient Greek and classical Greek, there is no evidence of it in the new test medically see as far as believers. Moreover, Eckley C is sometimes a translation of the Septuagint from Heber A.which is just congregation or call which is just congregation, which in and of itself has no ruling or governmental authority so all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus. So we derive our authority from him and we are called to advance his kingdom on the earth through the preaching of the gospel and through signs and wonders displaying and manifesting his kingdom and through service to the poor and the hurting demonstrating the character of God to this world with Eckley C is not a ruling governing authority that has authority over nations or things like that all authority is meant to Jesus and then we serve. We serve others, will take over.

We serve a so I think we do every different Senate based on what you said and I did a whole show. If you just check on our YouTube channel.*Brown around her website. A stricter Brown that Oregon just search for Iglesia you said to the whole teaching on the literature search recklessly, or church. Meaning of that. I do get a whole teaching through all the lexical evidence and it is simply not there.

This is a wrong teaching is very popular these days. Really Eckley see the ruling council, but this is not something's not New Testament concept or usage either party is a nice one Robin. I don't differ with you on very much really love your consistent wise and balanced approach to so many things and anchor in time of stormy seas. God bless you Dr. Brown to keep up the good work. A thank you Robin for the good word.

I appreciated and by God's grace were here to serve especially the stronger it gets, the steadier we want to be and become a great team wonderful team working together to serve as many as possible.

James, I think sometimes you like to pontificate the wellheads is your opinion, which is fine you can have that I do my best to speak what I know and to speak with the Lord gives me to help others when a bird then directed to otherwise to zip it suffragettes on the sale say it, if not alone, but just generally speaking correctly from wrong. The reason you listen to a certain person speak is to hear they have to say without the right reason to buy somebody's book is to see what they wrote.

The reason you listen to someone preach is to hear the message. The reason you flip on the radio to listen to her. We do is steer that to say right so that's why Sarah say all right. Let's see what we've got here, Wade you rightly identify the destructive outcome of all these failed presidential prophecies if even called for the need of accountability and this is good but could you address with this accountability should actually look like beyond a simple apology and admission of wrongdoing, especially since I would be willing to bet that the same people also have numerous other false prophecies, disappointments, and need for accountability if there is no description of what process should require okay this is a disagreement processing for clarification salt all I'll do that at such an important subject of and calling for accountability for many many years and I work with leaders who been calling for accountability for many many years and we can't force someone to be accountable now if if someone worked for my ministry was unaccountable than we could do deal with that they either repent and submit get things right or they no longer work with us or for us. We do that or if we have a denomination and someone refused to be accountable by the standards then you can serve to you no longer part of our denomination.

You release them you put out a public statement about that but there many independent ministries we don't have power authority over them and I'm not claiming to be the charismatic pope. I know God is giving me certain amount of weight and authority in the body, but I'm just one person, and I am not the leader is no the leader on the earth.

Aside from Jesus, the leader of the body. So what accountability would look like. Is this where we are going to call for an urge for an input as many statements as we can and guidelines as we can with the hope that others in the body can see this and and structure things accordingly. So the profits would not just be independent. There would be part of local congregations and part of leadership teams and before releasing words that would be of a national level or major consequence would submit those words to other leaders is on the leadership team or some type of national accountability for the wisdom and discernment and if people refuse to submit to those guidelines and operate by them, then that would be known.

For example, we were involved in a situation with was one minister last year of Todd Bentley the year before and that it ended in nearly 2020 and I have no authority over his life, no authority of his minister sat down and talk to him that links were the wants and in my life and I was in the in this process. None of the people that that served on accountability team or a panel to evaluate had any authority.

I oversaw the team in and then they put out a statement but together we issued a statement saying that he was disqualified from being in ministry based on on his his history and under no circumstances do we believe that he should leave his own ministry and that if he was to be a ministry that there would have to be a lengthy process of restoration proving himself under others over extensive printer time because the history of of alleged sin and and ministerial malpractice. You could say now that saber without it was widely circulated. I just saw that this this same individual is now say he's going back in ministry in the Lord's resident authority over that what he does is between him and God. But we made a statement on behalf of major leaders in the body, having reviewed the evidence carefully and saying he should not be reading his own ministry and and she should go through much fruit of repentance and restoration.

Before he could step into any type of ministry under others in the future, so we would do the same thing in terms of prophetically. If someone is is prophesy falsely in their call to account and they don't submit the note. Listen now we just make that statement we find them to be unaccountable again those in the following to file them Jesus of the wheat and tares going gross. You're always going to have good was bad in the body at that so existed for New Testament times on but we do our best to set standards to evaluate the call for certain responses and then from there people to make the choices that they make. All right. Wish I had time for more but thank you for posting for questioning, for being blind forgetting to your points for expressing differences and hopefully this is been a good edifying learning experience for all back with you right here taking your calls tomorrow

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