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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 5, 2021 5:00 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 5, 2021 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/05/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

Lines are open you got questions.

We got answers to the stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today on the line of fire. You've got questions, got answers any question of any kind.

Any subject matter that we touch on any level here on the line of fire any position. One clarification on anything you heard that you want to check out different with me on phone lines are open 866-348-7884 before I go to the phones. I just want to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to write to us and send a note of encouragement. We got flooded this last month, more than I can remember so many of you writing thanking us for the the job are doing for the voice we represent for the stand were retaking in the Lord and were limits. Lots of controversy challenges. Obviously that's part of our calling you each one has unique calling in and we just have to run a race and I compare ourselves to others, but it's so good to know that there we are being a blessing to you and help and we got some amazing testimonies Muslim coming to faith in an old Jewish woman coming to faith and just some amazing things interspersed in the midst of just thanking us for the work that we're doing so I appreciated our team appreciates it and we're in this together. We are all in this together.

So thanks for taking the time to write okay with that.

We are going to head over to the phones and will start with Eugene and Fort sill, Oklahoma. Thanks for calling the line of fire at fairly Democratic depravity. I did have a quick question if any theology for years now love the Lord and everything in you know Iacono came out not. I was never heavily in the Word of Faith movement there, but I did follow a lot of teachers become at the back that theology and having no listening to John MacArthur Jane flight deck there been people in the reform community and listening to you debate my charismatic issue then discuss the type of issue. One thing I like here I get your opinion on it. I feel like there is a double standard when it comes to how reform teachers would look at certain people or third ministry and critique them and I understand I do have very real differences in income of the area. Differences of people like Bill Jonathan Todd life, but I don't think it's the right answer would be to discredit their entire ministry over a theological error by I feel like a lot of people in the reform community do just that with a lot of people. They have differences with my charismatic community, but when I think certain reform. Teachers like John Calvin got that inconstant think that that are definitely wrong. Some of this if they are willing to shed great love and understanding when they critique their own people by it. It's very not true or people in the charismatic community and I just feel like there's almost like a sense of theological politics involved when it comes to critiquing and speaking about certain people are ministry that is kind of wanted to hear your thoughts on their yeah so the first thing is we tend to all do the same thing which is more lenient towards people in her own camp and were strengthened with plots on our camp.

If you see your report about someone that you strongly differ with let's say you hear that brother so-and-so from this group that you really think is suspect has been caught in the financial scandal or sexual scandal. You might think. Now I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised. Then you hear it someone in your own camp like Walt will let's wait to find out all the facts and so those were more judgmental and quick to criticize those that are outside the group in a more apt to defend those inserted group so everyone can do that but I I at the same time absolutely did challenge what I felt were double standards and for example passed MacArthur strange fire book with a strange for a conference and did my best to interact with them accordingly with respect for the wonderful good that comes out of the ministry them strong differences as well. So I did race that insists okay let's look at one of the ones that you would call you. One of the magisterial reformers. Martin Luther was a hero and in reformed circles in his bondage of the Will was still at this a classic book going after Rasmussen. Things like that and you know Luther said things that would make the worst charismatic semi corrupt or corrupt televangelist sound like a prince.

Luther said things that were beyond despicable and beyond inexcusable and that led to bloodshed but it's it's limits lose their it's Luther. So yes there often is a double standard but but let me go one step further. It is a strength of many charismatics to step out in faith to believe God to do things that seem impossible and counterintuitive, but the voice of the Lord and their people of faith they step out and they do it. God blesses and let you know I've seen this for decades now my own life and the lives of charismatic Pentecostal friends at the same time charismatics can be very gullible and believe the most ridiculous stupid possible things, mom was your brain did you check your brain at the door. What happened, so a strength and I may get into the semi Center for book strength of charismatic Pentecostal is believing God getting out of it would seem to be a limb but they're convinced it's the Lord and it is the Lord and he comes through and it's amazing the weakness is gullibility. Weakness is believing all kinds of nonsensical and stupid and even unscriptural things. On the other side that the cessation of cyber seated.

Let's reform side is a realist strength being circumspect being word people being reasoned of being thinking in their faith. The weaknesses, it can lead to cynicism and skepticism so here's the example I use an authentic fire and I've used many times on the air.

Let's say that you are reform person right you are watching TV and you happen to come on some Christian network and here's some charismatic is in the Lord gave me. It's July 7 and it and end Lord to show Bessel seven ISA 77 infect us all for sevens and the Lord showed me that if you're if you will write four checks of $77 each one each month for the next form of the Lord showed me that $7700 can be put into your bank account and you're watching the thinking was a fraud water or self deceived person whatever yuck I can believe anybody given money and there's some charismatic you know husband-and-wife and in the financial need this feel the Lord wants us to do it. Let's write that check is gullible that you flip it around in that same reformer cessation dispersants in the mall and there someone in a wheelchair and they get this idea want to pray for that much of the hands of them. In Jesus crazy.the subdued and not here among crazy.but then that same charismatic that wrote the check that husband-and-wife in the mall and the husband says, honey, the largest home and lay hands and amenities can be healed and they go often pray there is, he'll write them all and then echoed the guy goes to tell the charismatic what happens a miracle to a hotel therefore gets a miracle and I will believe it. So each side has strengths and weaknesses and honestly I hold to what I hold his biblical and in the their hills all die on and there are other things I feel strongly that we can never differences with each group has their strength. Look, there are there aspects of word of faith that had been downright heretical over the years. And then there are others that are exaggerated in error, then others are great principles like the principal speaking the word having the word your heart and mind and and and declaring Scripture you know God, you said this got your faithful this is who you are and those kinds of things so you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. You have to separate the truth from the error, then you have to say okay what what can each within the body onto my safe people.

What can each group bring what are the strengths what what can I learn from them. In this way there's an overall health. The comes out of it and then the other thing is whoever it is.

John MacArthur B James White people. Johnson via Todd White find out exactly what they believe. Don't just listen to video clip here. There read their books, watch their messages in context and then find out who the people really are and with a really believe a thank you for the call 86634 let's go to Blaine in Taiwan.

Thanks for calling on a fire like it. Michael Dr. Brown have a quick question about the two quick questions about the nomination and Christianity because I'm 33 and I and I went to Pentecostal Church of the Emperor until I was in my 30 leader that we are that my whole family, Pentecostal, until I talked my grandmother and she told me she did not know what product I should want. So now I'm researching denomination have never done before trying to figure out which one you know what, what resource would be good to read to read into all the Christian denomination right.

Some are weeded through some yet so sublime in all candor, you really need it, I would do this in an absolute reverse form Alex limit. I mean, of course, Pentecostals are Protestants that that you had the Protestant Reformation breaking away from the Catholic Church and in claiming to go back to biblical roots and Methodists and Presbyterians and many many others. There Protestants. Pentecostals are another branch of the Protestants coming out of the Holiness movement and Westland renewal movements and things like that but what I would do serious is not be reading a lot about denominations and argument denominations. Each one you look at the sky claim some authenticity going back to the to the real gospel of the Catholic Church will say it's the true church. The Greek Russian Orthodox Church will say no, they have the real biblical and Jewish roots and and then of Protestants would say look we go right back to the Scripture and and believe with the first believers held to. So what I would do is this.

I would really read through the Scriptures, especially the New Testament and imports through an and see what seems normative. One of the main emphases were the key things. One of the strongest points that may end you up in a Pentecostal mega church may end you up in a in a nondenominational small group demand you up in some other church or denominational church.

But what I would do again is okay right out one of the things that I believe are most important. The things most important God/the things most important themes that what the church should be what we should believe what we should be doing.

Based on what I'm reading in the New Testament and then I'd look for group that at least seeks to a friend of things so was a challenge to live them all out. That's what I do.

I look at Scripture Scripture Scripture address my life just get away from the Bible for second and sit down after reading what I think of her site. I was looking for some Old Navy and from there, there website.

They emphases seem to be in harmony with that and then you may just have a certain preference based on your own background, take up less learning plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right back on the Esther to run you to gently escape your Brown and will be doing or exclusive weekly you to check right. So join me, especially if you're unable to call. It's easy to just type questions even just to sit in and watch and listen and observe so that will be our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown at 415 Eastern time's a little less than an hour from now. He just just one more comment to Blaine and in Taiwan 50 still listening when I said personal preference. I mean that with in doctrinal orthodoxy with in foundations of Christian living and things that that you're looking for in a church home. There is also your own background.

There may be a certain type of music you are more familiar with or for a certain style of ministry that you are more familiar with, and that's why we have so many different expressions just like we do in the natural world from from music to hairstyle to style of dress to mute to various things in a what type of cuisine and on and on and on the same in the body. They're just things that were more used to so there are the foundations and basic cruising and things in a nonnegotiable than the other things maybe just hated the more young people here and I really love being with young people of the more older people or their people that speak my language better it out there though scanner factors as well. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Scott in St. Louis, Missouri. Walking to the line of fire.Creole gumbo yesterday only thing here on thoroughly good Berkeley of Boca. Many clear Manny yeah yeah my religiousness.

If you have all week we've given them, like a whole segment but yeah glad to do it out good good quick question talking with my my reform about my country and benefit for where he became and he uses the phrase that is not well in reading Rocky pink desire for you.

Number phrase that you been talking to Eve speaking about her desire that Rocky explained it no king is then desiring by we do think they look. Pain is not born in court, though you have an opportunity to do the right thing God actually speak to him at that you should rule over it doesn't. But in my reform from footnote got up again giving him something like following the law suit the house across your house of the Hebrew word actually fit the idea came through the truthfully being able to rule over that control of the that he eventually got but right it got thank you it's it's a great question and to make sure everybody understands it, there would be the emphasis on total depravity of human beings that are reform friends or Calvinist friends emphasize very, very strongly and it's it's ultimately send is nothing in the in my flesh that can please God and in myself. I cannot follow God or do good and of course in myself. I cannot save myself now every follower of Jesus. That's a real follow Jesus will agree with some of the records we cannot save ourselves in ever so we cannot present ourselves righteous to God.

The question would be how far does that go. I have no problem whatsoever recognizing the King was born with a sinful fallen nature, but that doesn't mean that that you have to yield every temptation is before I was saved as as a lost rebel. There are things I said no to the things I said yes to and and every human being on the planet is making choices every day. If not for that case then the world will destroy itself completely with within within days of the first human beings.

Everyone with killing each other completely wipe each other out. So, specifically, in this case, there is obviously Keynes jealousy and his envy towards his brother being favored and he obviously has murderous intent. He was not forced to do that. There was nothing that said he had to do that and in the Hebrews is very clearly you must rule over so there is that it's not saying you can live a life of perfect sinlessness. That's not the issue is not to say that any sin at any time is is always resistible and you'll never fall, but same look you are in the grip of this instrument bring you down and and you got a master so it's kind of honestly in between both positions. You can't use it dogmatically. Either way, it's of this health reform position and it's it the most natural reading in Hebrew is certainly not ham tell you to do so. We can't do. So my my Jewish friends always bring that up to say Christian doctrine is wrong and I would say no.

It's time at specific send this try to drag you down. You do not have to yield to look. I can talk to lost sinner. That's contemplating your robbing a bank and not something you don't want to do this.

You don't want to do with what was can happen to you kids in a proceeding to be in jail may think twice about and don't do it. So we all make decisions even outside of Jesus said the flesh can't please God means in in myself living living under that power. I cannot live a life that is pleasing to God this mean that I'm incapable of doing any good or incapable of saying no to certain temptation and then another passage I'd .2 is in Genesis the 20th chapter where God restrains Abimelech from sleeping with Sarah. Now the one hand, reform person cc God restrains what we we believe God restrains different times. Not all the time, obviously, but at different times. But what he got restrained because he saw the uprightness of Abimelech's harsh so that there was something in him at impulses in my flesh. There's no good thing he doesn't mean in my humanity. Nothing good exist, but in in my aspect of sinful nature and try to live by my human nature.

There's nothing pleasing there. So the while the fundamental idea of total deprived is right that we cannot save ourselves in a hopelessly sinful outside of Jesus. It can be presented in a way that to me is exaggerated beyond Scripture, and these would be good examples in my view you. You are very welcome Scott Royce Rossi was referencing Rabbi Shlomo youth hockey live 1042 1105, the foremost traditional Jewish commentator. Hey, thanks for your contribution on YouTube unashamed apologetics you Calvinist no no I'm not to stay in the word and come to conclusions as you see fit. I was a Calvinist, from 77 to 82 the great respect for many of my Calvinistic friends in their beliefs and come mystically through the centuries. But no, I don't see the harmony with the totality of Scripture in Revelation of goblets. While not a Calvinist, and my Calvinist friends differently which is why they are all right. Let's go to Martin in El Paso Texas. Welcome to the line of fire.

Good afternoon Dr. Brown lawyer during very well thank you Eric. I have I have to question my first question would be acute like a more charismatic/Pentecostal view alcoholic, explain, particularly arraignment on the origin segment of the general act to sense I am someone like looking up at the Carbajal open pickup of church I would always thought that if he didn't speak in common you to have the Holy Spirit, which is a lot more extreme.

But when IW descriptors for myself, I found a more patient. In view of that, I would you Elaine why you believe in speaking in town. Yes, thanks for the question, reading the Bible. It's very clear to me that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit spoke to Max. The second chapter by Peter in verse 14 explains what's what's happening in the squirting Joel in in in 217 of the book of acts is that the low the. The outpouring of the Spirit is for the end times. It is to be for four and outpouring the entire body. Until Jesus returns. It says that in the last days and periods those words into" in the last days go to support my Spirit on all flesh sons.

There is a prophesy goes on from there. So this is something activity. It's gonna happen during this period of the last days, which is between the cross and the return of Jesus then asked the second chapter repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit for the promise is to you and your children and to all that are far off even as many as the Lord our God will call.

So the gift of the Spirit, not just the indwelling spirit, but the empowerment of the Spirit is to be for the entire body. Until Jesus returns in Palm explain in first Corinthians 13 that these things will continue until we see the Lord face-to-face. So until his return.

And then he gives direct mandates. He says don't forbid speaking in tongues and I will I would wish that all of you would prophesy silt since on the word person. I need something in the Bible telling me that that somebody change that somebody was scriptural authority change that went when when Paul writes in first Thessalonians 5 don't despise prophecy. Test everything. Hold fast to the good don't put out the Spirit's fire who overrules it. Where is it overruled in in the Bible.

Not only so, even something on the estimate. Tongues would praying for the sick and expecting miracles, and Jacob.

James V chapter of the prophet and faith to make the sick person well who change their who has authority to change something outside of Scripture. I'm not Roman Catholic, so I don't believe in the authority of church tradition. I'm not some even further out of a Mormon believing other holy books afterwards.

I don't believe it. They can be prophecy after the Bible the changes the meaning of the Bible so since it's explicit in the New Testament to expect these things to experience these things to believe for the things not to forbid these things that there to continue until Jesus returns that these are gifts of grace that God gives us to enable us to more effectively minister for him that the more say were indwelt by the Holy Spirit. But there is the empowering of the Spirit for service and if you believe that happens that salvation is Pentecost with you.

Subsequent to salvation. The whole thing is empowerment for service, you will receive the spirit of the witnesses and is through the spirit that miracles done in Jesus name. So I would need explicit Scripture number one who changed it.

Where is the Bible say no more times number prophecy disregard previous command right, Franklin sick to the nature of the Spirit's power chain is a certain expression of the Bible when Linda Hunsberger change will come back to the side of the brick here again is Dr. Michael Brown springs for joining us on life. I remember not ordered copy of my brand-new book, Christian anti-Semitism, you'll find it in eye-opener and we getting depth into Scripture.

Romans 910 11 to rebut the error replacement theology and supersession is we getting depth in terms of anti-Semitic lies and misconceptions better at Israel.

We talk about the significance of Jesus returning to Jerusalem. We set aside myth from fact. With that the no hide laws so you'll find it to be a real eye-opener really take time to explain the origin of the term anti-Semitism in why I spell it the way I do and others do, which is with no-so a NTI and then smallest the rest of the word so anyway you can get it on the website. If you like a signed copy Esther to otherwise disco review order books, Christian book, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, you can get the paper back the e-book and then soon enough the audio book.

All right, so back to Martin in El Paso if if you want to get just the sustained treatment of why I hold to what I hold to based on Scripture. I strongly recommend you get my book authentic fire came in a few years back and there's a chapter in it that is called so the script tour and therefore charismatic. Because the Scriptures are my ultimate and final authority for faith in life. That's why I'm charismatic okay thank you Dr. Baumeister second part of my question would be on thereabout but in then how would I go about writing a book and about pacifically Christian faith than then unselect that we spoke on the show about half a year after year ago I talk a lot but in my heart to write a book. I I I have a good chunk of it on a dock, but I don't know what I want to do it. What a publisher who to go to reach out to the sponsor always put a question and on the task you sent you about always get on a blog you glided to debate is not counsel Martin it's it's very difficult to first-time author to get publisher behind your book so that's the question how to get the first book out right, especially if you don't have connections of any kind, and I started it at the same place as well.

Then God open up the doors and then from there, things changed over the years, but in this day and age when I would do honestly is. I would use social media so whatever social media use or acreage to start a blog online and start raising questions. The kind of questions that you think people need answers to. Because a lot of apologetic books out.

Why write another woman must be a certain thing you want to answer or help people with so you put out initial blog in the 800,000 words. Have you ever wondered about this. Have you thought about this about this.

What about that and I've been coming for some answers and then see if people interested start to publish things in short form and and just little bit here at little bit there will be here if there's enough interest, then what I would do is oneself out.

The book was finished, I would inquire about Christian editors and is it even if you get online and search you will find people and I've never just a freelancer of work with people and and those who publishers and things like that but otherwise what you do is you, you would hire Christian enter and then these days it's amazing safe to pay a person to do this ago have to bring in some funds. After funds for that. But what's amazing is that you can now do something print on demand say with Amazon, for example, an someone formats it does a cover for use of the sum of money involved and after that a lot then you don't have to pay for initial printing are.

I remember when I wrote my first book on revival in 1989 and the American gospel enterprise. It was like copublished with a publisher that they would edit it to the cover work distributed through their catalog get into bookstores do with they could do, but I had to buy 10,000 copies of the book yet of course it is a big discount so we had people preorder in different friends ministries bought 2000, but whatever it is that so we paid for it. But all that to say you not do that now because you can do so with Amazon Kindle and Kd P again just you look up self-publishing on Amazon in the publishing e-book and then as books or did they print them in the nuclear process certain percentage they get a certain percentage so you don't need the all that funding, but I was sure the blog I see people interested if they like what I'm writing. If it's hitting home and if so, I'd I go to that next stage. Like anything else you getting your newsletter here in this if you backing this you can supply and have watched them do seemingly impossible amazing things for 49 years.

He got blessed by the Lord guide you 86634 let's go to Brian in Foley Alabama. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Robert… There I hear you are doing good myth are quick wit and I have a lot going on what angle you got adequate. Okay I have a quick mark or the living right after the sale parable over.

I get the parable, but I know for a long and you know what did the parable me in the big working guard begin.

But those are the out everything parable so that they may be.

Everything in the member precedent and ever hearing but never understanding otherwise they might turn the gift that I can get my hair wrap around, but you Brian. I understand the question it in that you think about this Jesus will reach everybody doesn't care about anybody doesn't eat meat. People in their weakness right so yes so altering the question and I'm glad to answer enemy to your listening off-line here is as as we do.

But here's here's the long and the short of it all right that he's quoting from Isaiah 6 and it's a judgment passage where God tells Isaiah to harden the hearts of the people and into to cover their ears and their eye so that they can't hear the can't see, and in its because of judgment because of them having rejected God so here's here's want to consider this was the analogy used by early church leaders centuries ago that the same son that that melts the wax hardens the clay limits it's it's the identical son, but because of the, the nature of the, the substance that is being impacted one melts that he gets harder so the same way the love of God can be expressed to two different people and one they break and they weep and they repent they get right with God and the other girl talk to me about that and I want to hear and they get angry, furious, so God is not wanting to push people away counsel of the world that he gave his one and only son to die for us is the propitiation that just for our sins, but for the sins of the whole work.

John 316, first John 22 second Peter three guys that will that any should perish first Timothy 24 God wants all meant to be saved.

Ezekiel 18 Ezekiel 33 he takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked Jesus sister Jerusalem, how often I would've gathered your children to get as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, what you are willing think Matthew 23 said in verse 38 so all this expresses God's heart, but he also knows those whose hearts are not right. Those who are really serious for them there on the outside they're not going to hear the real nuggets which they despise anyone you know. It reminds me of many years ago there was a colleague of mine who committed adultery ministry calling. So we wept together and then I said okay let's get you on a path of restoration get your marriage healthy family healthy get you out of the pulpit for year.

Let's find a way that to get funds to help support you go through counseling and then little by little can be restored and then in the future return to ministry and he was like, let's do it. Let's do it.

You know I messed up. I can't believe you destroyed my life and okay we then go I said is one person I know that they can help a senior leader man, full of wisdom. Let's go meet with so we did and you could tell by my friends body language. He he love either and he is a gale cable do that are chaotic. I gotta go, go pick up my family with her and my friend said he's not repent.

He has repented all his mom be here, so we only went so far my friend only extended certain amount of of help to him. It was clear it might my other colleagues it the older here was clear.

The other folded really want so so Jesus sees was in the hearts and the crowds coming in the all in the miracles and the time but they didn't really want him so they can hear his words, but they will really get it. So it's not God consciously when know you don't get in, but these do because he knows our hearts say no you're not, you have an open up your humble it was to receive therefore you don't get it. As many as received him, to them he gave power to become children of God. Or how about God's grace to dumbly resist the proud.

So James Jacob.

The fourth chapter. First Peter five is grace to the humble. He resist the proud 866-34-TRUTH we go to Tim in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown all yell loud and clear. I'm correcting right now. My question for Al Qaeda get you when I get that year, which is quote for my day at the Waterloo or 17.

What I'm curious about where he stopped.

There would he have been reading. I'm assuming you been reading Hebrew for the Torah scroll is there any real explanation to why you were to stop their break America.

God, I know it's it's entirely theological racer. He starts quoting he would've been reading from a Taurus will be from the scroll of the books of the prophets, you're right on that he would been reading in Hebrew starts with the words Rocco deny looking Malloy on the shock of the Nile to the lessee or nothing. So the spirit of the Lord God is on the because his anointed me to proclaim good news to the meek poor of he stops theologically right in the middle before saying to prove the day of vengeance because it wasn't time for that yet he was here to proclaim mercy. He was here to proclaim amnesty.

He was here to offer forgiveness through the cross. The day of judgment would come later in an even at the end of his ministry, even of this gospel 19 chapter 21st chapter he talks about coming judgment and judgment on Jerusalem in Luke 19. If you'd only known the day of God's coming to the time of your visitation is terrible things wouldn't happen but it is there is no break of the Hebrew would not of had those kind breaks in that way any punctuation but there is there is no textual break. There is no grammatical break is highly flawed. Jesus stopping to say it's not time now proclaim the day vengeance. I'm here to offer mercy request. Thanks. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown extrinsically joining us on the line of fire so less than 1/2 hour from now looking conversation just answering your you to question so I do so Esther could bring you to Carol is Katie or Brown. And if you're watching there if you haven't subscribed to make sure you do that so that we can stay in regular touch with you and every time this new video you will know about it. It gets really neat videos coming your way. Some really neat, exciting and some fun videos as well so jointly for 15 Eastern time on the Esther could run you to canvas a little less than half hour from now let's go over to Jordan in Beaumont, California. Welcome to the line of fire will Jordan your yeah I can hear you now. Good to talk to you: what is regarding record report particular 45 would be a good group member drink. Worker bridging currently.

Form K. Limited everybody. I'm going to conduct a meeting if so, do it broadly and I'm attributing it to be known the truth but a retreat between people very quickly faded records of all yes Jordan there's a lot of scholarly discussion and debate and preachers and teachers read that differently.

The. The Hebrew office or if it was if it was in Greek Adele Foss just even English, brother, or brethren brothers it it it is somewhat generic. In other words, it's not necessarily it's good to do that. The Hebrew study, but it's it's really generic and in meaning and does it mean of blood brother does it mean some of like spirit is talking about followers of Jesus being persecuted time at the poor and the needy with whom he identifies certainly there's an ethic that comes out of that. The passage Matthew 25, 31 to 46.

There's an ethic that the churches has held to through the years of caring for the poor and the needy and the suffering and the hurting and the marginalizing just generally such a big lesson from the teaching that should Marcus. I remember during the refugee crisis from South Vietnam when when South Vietnam fell to the north in America kind of abandon the cause and the refugees were pouring out of the country in an dying at sea, and so on and we heard about this, the church that their fellowship in the pastor's read this passage, the limited insight we had taken refugees because that's what Jesus told us to do so.

We opened their homes and we did it. So there's that the larger generic interpretation, but specifically is he talking about persecuted believers who are in jail for their faith and and who are hurting in and suffering physically because of their faith.

It certainly includes that, but is it ultimately an end time passage is talk about the Jewish people in time of world upheaval that the true followers of Jesus will be marked based on how they treat persecuted Jews justly according to Corrie 10 boom showed her faith. Many messianic Jews read it like that some biblical scholars read it like that.

It may not be the meaning you could absolutely argue for it, but is certainly a fair application. It might be the ultimate point that Jesus is making at a judgment at the end of this world when there has been so much world upheaval and attack on the Jewish people.

So as long as we allow it to have broader application my safe way of arguing it. Jordan, I would say at the very least it has to include them at the very least it has to include you. She was alone blood brothers and sisters were suffering persecution, hardship, difficulty that true followers of Jesus will be marked by how they treat them and how they are willing to give themselves in their behalf.

So there is scholarly and popular debate as to which is the best interpretation, but that is certainly one at the released must be included among among ways to apply it so that to me is why no one can argue against you have presented hey I believe this is the best application, but at the very least, it has to be one application make sense your all right hate good talking to you.

God bless you Jordan appreciated 866-34-TRUTH and let's go to Henry and Zachary, Louisiana. Welcome to the line of fire. I Dr. Brown on the guy who got about a nudist a while back I will let that the here was the controversy that a trigger, the controversy was that there was controversy. Afterwards I found out that people Seneca usage recalling for a friend who thought it was fine for Christmas. Give nudist camps. We demolish the that that view.

But the question was me calling for a friend. Are you actually calling for yourself. That was the controversy after having set it straight for everybody here met his afterwards. Would joke with me this and I think I can collect this Miata. Smith and Yvonne really aren't okay called for my body and he erupted medical grant, but earlier I got up shower and I called in and out to be a joking minute, but it out, but my question is very. I'm just amazing.

How you keep your cool with all these people attacking you at your going out you're dealing with things that that not every pastor is dealing with you know and and cultural problems and he thanked with the patient in the body. That's my first question how you keep your cool. My second question is do you have any friends that are close to you like like like G.I. Jesus with his quote with with those three guys that were really close to you have anybody like that is this a second question yeah I do list.

Nancy and I are soul mates and and she's the most important human being on the on the planet to me. Obviously, and I've got great relations with other family members that you can really open my heart with but you have got some dear friends of Gus and close friends. People living close with for decades.

And if I really need to open my heart and in the just share were needed help her. I wasn't doing well or something. Yeah, I've got some some good good friends for for decades by God's grace. Yeah, which I'm grateful for. So the other thing yet the attack is is pretty wild and it comes from every angle and often unexpectedly.

You know, I will answer something that I think is just a simple question. The next thing we get bombarded and attacked in and hit but there are a few things one is it. It's my calling to address controversial susu. So with that. There's a grace, you know, just like a pastor has grace to patiently counsel people that would wear me out. You know what a mom has grace to homeschool your kids and out now would wear me out. So we have grace that goes with the calling.

That's one thing. I also know God is been very very patient with me very very long-suffering with me. So that helps me to be patient with others. But then there's an insight that the Lord gave me which is my calling as a lightning rod is to draw out all the junk and and that's what source can hit me, but that's can help draw it out so well. I'm concerned with this it when it's drawn ethically. What will I see Kai diagnose in the health of the body so it you know it's just think of it like that the dentist you got a problem of the tooth. You know which ones we takes as little metal instrument taps and he hit the one he screams like okay that's part of what's happening so I hate to see it. I to see how much junk you have any problems are out there, but I know ultimately that that when I see it now I can I can do better to bring health and healing.

So this redemptive side of it as well and a lot of people pray for me so it does make a difference but hate Henry thanks for asking and we clarified the previous call. God bless you man. Be well, all right, let's try to get to a more call Patricia in New York City. Thanks. Recalling the line of fire. Patrick, I'm so sorry Patrick but I apologies thank you Patrick so I am question here on 10 January. My wife committed suicide and she took my five-year-old daughter with her. She got jumped out building on them to do it now and I'm so sorry I am so you saw here that Patrick should believe in God and I just want to know is you think you'd Patrick I would. I would absolutely well. My hope would be that she was not thinking rationally and that something about medications he was on medication and attracted different things like that but I knew nothing about public nothing to use.

Think that the hello.

He married Patrick 12 years. Just think that the woman you've known for 12 years with ever willing member, whichever willingly hurt your daughter well and I don't labor yeah Patrick, I am. I'm so terribly.

I can imagine this is less than a month out. I cannot imagine the trauma you've lived with, but my hope would absolutely be that she was, not rational that she was not responsible for her actions. Look there other people that make willful, sinful, ugly choices people medication and other things to to do something that that crazed and in with your daughter but let's just do this. Patrick and we pray folks can you pray I can imagine this just your wife but you federal daughter of this just pray for for supernatural grace and Patrick's life and for the Lord to somehow visit him in the midst of something I can imagine most of us could never wrap around surrounds the father I just pray for your grace to social Patrick's heart for your love and comfort to be with him in the days ahead as he rebuilds his life that you bring purpose and meaning, and even something redemptive. Is this horrific loss will be able to help others. For those struggling right now pression suicide frog grace, he realized there is a better way. Patrick God's grace is friends. Let's remember the girlfriend?

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