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Why Is Jesus Coming Back to Jerusalem?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 4, 2021 4:40 pm

Why Is Jesus Coming Back to Jerusalem?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 4, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/04/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

God is finished with Israel are no national promises for the Jewish people was Jesus coming back to Jerusalem stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is clearly Jewish birthday today on the line of fire which means any Jewish related question of any kind by all means give us a call to questions about Jesus being the Messiah be questions about the Hebrew language Hebrew Bible Jewish tradition, modern state of Israel for its Jewish related in any way give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 yet another round of elections. About to Take Pl. in Israel.

It's always chaotic election after election without things being settled. The nation divided in unusual ways how to pray, pray for God's will. God have your way in the elections had all these different parties running in is to get to Maine parties and in America you may have two main parties in Israel but there to look like 12 or 15 or 20 are many are running and then each one needs the other to form coalitions, preferably with how things run this really politics the Knesset since the Israeli parliament for Congress. The Knesset has 120 seats. So to have a government majority you need 61 of the hundred 20 seats but no party will get that many seats so let's say that the two primary parties. The last time were Likud and blue-and-white and let's say they each got theoretically 38 seats, so now you need 23 more seats to to get your 61 or maybe another party got 10 seats there. This party may merits got this and Schaus got this United Torah Judaism got this and then the combined Arab parties get this so you can make deals now here make a deal with well okay we we need you and you but but hang on to get you in.

You have a demand but we only have four seats this I have is for seats that Sawyer party one usual for parties that candidates in the candidates have leaders, both parties in Israel than the party puts for the leader to lead so you only got four seats yeah but you need me and without me you can form the coalition and this is what I demand you would do it or do. So that's how it works out. So you end up with various compromises and then powerbrokers who don't have that much power in terms of total seats they have power in terms of you need me for your coalition and then who's gonna go further to the left is to go further to the right.

What will the rest of the constituency accept and it it it becomes a very interesting situation. There and one that almost always has somebody unhappy. I don't mean the large-scale votes that your reported get in but I mean even when you vote for your party there almost always like a deal with somebody somewhere that you're not gonna like that's just kind of the price of doing business.

You think things get intense with vitriolic attack in America. Trust me Israel is quite used to quite used today, 866-34-TRUTH before I go to the phones I want to open up the subject of the importance of Jerusalem, why is it that issue is coming back to Jerusalem. If, for some people believe God is finished with national Israel individual Jews.

They would say can be saved, but Israel as a whole has no covenantal promises modern Israel today has no connection to biblical prophecy.

That's what somewhat illogical site categorically reject those ideas.

There are promises that remain for the Jewish people as a nation will be a national turning of Israel to the Messiah at the end of the age and the Jewish people back in the land by the sovereign hand of God the one who scattered is the one who regathered so those who don't agree and say no modern Israel today just happened.

It's as statehood when Western imperialism and you know it getting involved in the Middle East and all and that's what it is is not there was prophecy okay, I can easily rebut that scripturally. But let's say someone hosted it. And yes, individual Jews can be saved but there's not significance for the Jewish people as a whole. Well we do with the fact that Jesus is coming back to Jerusalem. Why is he coming back there to set up his kingdom and why the Scripture so literal in detail about this very thing. So just this week couple days out. Now my brand-new book Christian anti-Semitism confronted allies in today's church.

As I've said repeatedly. It's the book I wish I didn't have to write with my book. Her hands were stained with blood, which came at a 92 is now the updated edition in 2019. I wish that would be enough just out be enough because we cover church history, and so some things about that happen today, but that be enough except there is an ugly stream that is growing in intensity and force of Jew hatred among professing Christians. Thankfully, the vast majority believers. I know all the believers I work with in America around the world are great lovers of the Jewish people and lovers of Israel, but this this is an ugly spiritual cancer must be identified and excised, and we do it by speaking the truth we do it by exposing the name names in the book we name names we call people out give the quotes give the documents we give the links to the videos they're all here.

It's all documented so the last chapter of the book is entitled Jerusalem, Jerusalem and and I want to read just a little bit from this to give you a sampling of where we go in the book, so this is Chapter 11 of Christian anti-Semitism confronted allies in today's church, a Jesus is coming back to Jerusalem as the angel said to the disciples as they watch the Lord sent to heaven for the Mount of olives. Men of Galilee, what you say looking to have in this Jesus was taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.

Acts 111 is in the same way he left busily visibly bodily from the Mount of olives in Jerusalem. He will return visibly bodily to the Mount of olives in Jerusalem is Bible teacher David Paulson noted. Once you accept this return will be physical as well as personal, tangible, as well as visible in a word, bodily then another adjective has to be added, it will be local. Once that has been said, the location needs to be identified.

I've never had anyone claim will be Rome or Geneva Canterbury or Moscow. Every opinion I've come across pumps for Jerusalem, but send of his quote, but this is not really matter of opinion.

Figure 14 confirms this explicitly stated that on that day he will set his feet on the Mount of all, speaking of God himself near Jerusalem on the east. Zechariah 14 for sin indication also of the divine nature of the Messiah is also confirming other passages which will examine shortly from the central importance of Jerusalem during the Lord's millennial reign, but Paulson continues that rias raises real problems for the anti-Zionist is one of their basic axioms that the land of Israel and its capital city have long since ceased to have any significance for the Lord even if he still has plans for the Jewish people.

The question why on earth would Jesus return to Jerusalem of all places, comes real embarrassment only possible answer is that the place as well as the people is still integral to his purposes, incentive, plus his quote exactly what would Jesus return to Jerusalem to the city no longer has significance returns question around to what other location with the line of the tribe of Judah and the king of the Jews return one of most famous prophecies in the Bible is found in the lips of the prophet Isaiah presented a glorious picture of the messianic reign is a chapter to the word that Isaiah son of the most saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem, it shall come to pass in the latter days that the amount of the House of Lords will be established as the highest of the mountain shall be lifted up above the hills and all the nations shall flow to it. Many people shall come and say, come the scrub to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God of Jacob that he may teach us his ways that we may walk in his paths of Zion shall go forth the law, the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

He shall judge between the nation should so decide disputes for many peoples in the beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore guys a two verses one through four how beautiful the state will be held and how this hope is inspired millions through the centuries. War no more strife. The nations of the world worshiping the God of Israel, the Messiah, ruling and reigning with justice and with truth and with all of this will flow out of Jerusalem Peter in acts three says these promises will be fulfilled when Jesus returns the Christians who demonize the Jews have taken a very different view.

In the words of Rick Wiles true news broadcast that puts out all kinds of anti-Semitic misinformation and to whom we try to debate and reach out about his show me on his is worked for the record, he says, I totally reject Christian evangelical Zionism, John Nelson Darby was an occultist, Sarah Schofield was a lie deceiving swindler and comment. I'm not a religious scientist or a secular Zionist I am assuming I is a new Zionist old Jerusalem is not my eternal capital old Jerusalem was the harlot. The great cities of Sodom and Egypt, the city that killed our Lord will be completely destroyed by fire. When Jesus Christ returns to establish his everlasting kingdom on the new earth, like today's evangelical sinuses that I do not idolize the state of Israel desire a better country, that is the heavenly were for God is not ashamed to be called by God, for he has prepared for me. A city using biblical language to try to dedicate denigrate deny the promises God gave Israel the other Christians were fearful of a Jewish utopia recently concerns may point to dear Loper, who writes in Kabbalah secrets Christians should need to know nearly 10 years ago the Holy Spirit began to reveal smell of the Scriptures. The mysteries of the great city, Jerusalem, I made efforts to share this information with pastors in every instance I received the same answer. They could not or would not acknowledge the biblical evidence pointing to Jerusalem's mystery Babylon the mother of harlots's overall responses based in tightly held crude traditions of men of this often rooted in fear no God says in his word to pray for Jerusalem. Isaiah 62 seven until it is the praise of all the earth. Now I'm glad. There, but I'm glad that when Dan Loper tried to share this false revelation she was. She got from God.

Try to share it with different pastors one after another after another shut down.

That's what she recounts.

Why, because the Bible says to clear verse after verse after verse. Speaking of a glorious future for Jerusalem, the city twitch Messiah will return and to the people of Jerusalem as they turned to God in repentance and recognize Yeshua as Messiah as God promised it will come to pass. Jesus is coming back to Jerusalem because God is not finished with the Jewish people is promises remain Israel will turn all Israel will be safe, capability, phone calls, when we come back early Jewish Thursday, 866. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown is there passion for the Lord, 866-34-TRUTH this is Michael Brown the line of fire through the Jewish Thursday. Let us start with Mary in West Des Moines, Iowa. Thanks for calling the line of fire, Mary yeah if you speak I can hear you yet, go ahead. This speak of her good caramel.

I tell you what Mary doesn't seem to know that we can hear so Rachel will check things out with her in the moment. Let's go over to Nathan in Houston, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown a question regarding Isaiah and prepped a little bit been doing a deep study into the book for two months every early in the morning and I'm not even halfway done for the book but my question regards. I want to get your insight into Isaiah 19 especially starting from verse 16.

Another word for the second half of the chapter how you feel that having some kind of like how I would you see this fulfilled, whether partially or still yet future and you see overlapping connections between this section and the last section in Daniel 1140 starting from their work seems like Egypt plays a role there as well so that may be too broad of a question, but yes you want to get your insight. I'm on break in my commentary on the book of Isaiah, but just in the early chapters and in the course. It is a rich and beautiful extraordinary book and the events of Isaiah 19, or are quite extraordinary is the only time in Isaiah where the word on me. My people does not refer to it to Israel, Judah, it refers to Egypt and that the culmination that let's just get to the to the end of the chapter verse 23 and that they will be a highway from Egypt to serious serial go to Egypt Egypt to Syrian in each of the worship of the Syria and that the Israel former triple alliance with Egypt and Syria blessing within the land the Lord of hosts will bless and sing each of my people. Syria my handiwork in Israel. My inheritance are blessed. So this extraordinary picture where these lands which today are our Muslim lands and in biblical days were polytheistic lands will turn on a national level, and together with Israel, will all worship the Lord but prior to that is that the smiting of prior to that is the judgment so right as we get to the end of this age and then the Messiah's return and the setting up his of his kingdom on the earth will know exactly how these things will unfold.

It does mention God smiting and then healing with Egypt, which is a divine pattern. So there's definitely judgment poured out. We know that Zechariah 14 tells us that that all the nations of the earth will be gathered to to attack Jerusalem and gobble fight for Jerusalem and then the survivors of the nations that attack will come to worship the Lord of hosts.

At that time so it would seem that there will be a major turning of Egypt and Syria, which would include at least a rock today at the at the end of the age. Turning to the Lord after after severe judgment. So exactly how it unfolded me hot. We all know noticing it's it's it's few writer but but I see all of it. Certainly as future. None of it has come to pass. Yet in terms of what's prophesied here, and even the the way where everyone worships together seems clear that when when Messiah returns and sets up his kingdom that there will be the supernatural highways that it will just be metaphorical, but it seems like should be these ways for people to just common and worship in the Jewish exiles that are still scattered to be brought in together. I have not in my studies. Look carefully to do that. The comparison with with Daniel 11. I I've never in in cursory readings and just looking it. It its own context made those connections you do have beginning in verse 40. She mentioned the King of the South in battle, not even the land of Egypt will escape us, so it could be speaking of that final judgment as well sing out Egypt.

What it doesn't mention is the salvific part it ever assesses more the judgment was Isaiah is emphasizing the salvific part as well, but you could make a case for for them being parallel for sure, but if a man you want to talk about strike it like Egypt being stricken in Isaiah 19. It almost sounds like there, it could be divine judgment, but I was thinking this also be like their suffering under some sort of tribulation which may be the Antichrist in Daniel 11 plays a role in garden. Another kind of pushes them similar to how it will with Israel to seek the Lord in yeah I mean is that it's clear that God is doing the judging right. I mean it's assessed quite explicitly in the in the 19th chapter.

So the be the altar to the Lord and hear verse 22 the Lord will strike Egypt striking in healing, then they will return to Lord he will hear their prayers and heal them, but that can happen. Of course, through an oppressive ruler of God's, God struck Israel and Judah. In Isaiah 10. He refers to a serious the rod of my anger right right so so he used the nation's like Nebuchadnezzar that brought judgment on Judah and Jerusalem was called my servant Nebuchadnezzar, but you week we have similar language so if you go to, for example, Isaiah 30, so I know you're not there yet. All I have. I got rid 31 this morning.

Okay, got it so verse 26, the moonlight will be as bright as the sunlight, the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven days on the day the Lord bandages is people's injuries and heals the wounds he inflicted. So there is divine judgment and then the healing and and something more beautiful comes out of that so it could be it could be direct outpouring of wrath is depicted said in the book of Revelation. It could be wrath expressed through an oppressive ruler, and that's part of divine judgment giving people over to what they desire, so there are all different ways that you come to pass. It's just it's it's not just amazing. That is gonna happen, but it's amazing. It's in the Hebrew Bible. It's it's another indication of divine inspiration because patriot doesn't really think like that it a nationalist is really think like that, especially when you see the idolatry of the nations and out Egypt in the past has been an enemy of Israel. Syria is a current enemy of Israel and yet Isaiah seen this vision with all worship God together. The one true God.

It's it's an extraordinary account.

Yes, so the questions are appreciated. Keep studying keep digging. Thank you that you're doing a commentary on Isaiah approved by here. I look forward to it yet. There's actually bunch of Pentecostal scholars have signed on with the publisher with in stock. The placental lot of fun cutting edge books and good academic biblical books and their bunch of different scholars that all taken different books. Some some more ready to come out pretty soon they were or were they ready been submitted to the publishers and others will be years down the line. So what I don't have a tight deadline that I have to hurry getting out.

The problem is it's a it's a little longer than expected severity talk the Old Testament another and said hey we okay with flexing a bit here. You know, going over the pace of excuses so much and it is so much in it. So Bonnie are young so I can wait out good. At the relatively upland will let it known limits we get the word out when it's out in the meantime, I got commenters in Jeremiah, Job enjoy those right.

Let's let's try to go back to Mary and West Des Moines, Iowa.

Go had drawn the line of fire. You got a got a chapter in the book correct.

Yes, I I Mary, I I apologize but I can barely hear you.

I don't know what happened but I see in those here. We should be praying for Jewish brothers and sisters so yeah I'm not sure what's up with your connection but were unable to see.

It's almost like a whisper but listen to the prayers of the church are key for God's blessing on the lost sheep of the house of Israel for the salvation of lost sheep of the house of Israel use me as an example, God's grace me to to do some things and out restore people to write a five volume series on answering Jewish objections to Jesus to do many debates with rabbis are probably the more public debates with rabbis and put out more apologetics material than than any Jewish believer on the planet today by God's grace.

So we been able to make some contribution and videos and DVDs in series and teachings in different schools were been able to teach allay some of these foundations so by God's grace we we've done some good in that respect all to his glory, and all. To his credit, and we've also put materials out that have helped awaken the church to anti-Semitic strains of the been there through the centuries, but I'm in the Lord because the prayers of the church. I'm in the Lord because people prayed me to the kingdom. When I was lost, rebellious center on in the Lord his God heard the persistent prayers of his people and what carries me and strengthens me to this day is the prayers of God's people so there's nothing more powerful. You can do than to pray for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel and for God's blessing on the lost sheep of the house of Israel and protection your prayers different so there even though quite tall.

Thank you for your sentiments become back was still her friend Manny in Brooklyn, 866 truthful lines of error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is early this is the voice of Misha Katz. Maureen is known of Misha 866-34-TRUTH's number. Call all right. We continue our discussion with her friend Manny in Brooklyn. Welcome back to the line of fire and he looked around.

Hey just listed a quick question for you as we continue our dialogue some and read some of the things I've sent you. What's your main incentive and having these conversations.

Well it going to dig a little bit more deeper than rounding out the old certain certain like a little bit deeper but I do notice that some of your material is very different than other missionaries.

Certain missionaries are very very into being that they don't don't care so much about truth much more focused on a particle to just putting up a method right I see you actually a little bit much more honest in your approach, I'm thinking maybe there's hope for you if there might be hope for you.

I'll certainly echo. I hope there is opening and then a come from pursuing the truth wherever it leads. Correct short done it. So I will get you question the moment but one more question for you have have you ever in your life, made life decisions were you had to go against the grain of your community or family because of your own convictions or have you pretty much always stayed right in the middle with the community of in family beliefs and things like that. Well so you know, I grew up in the more of the background on I would say recently about maybe a few years ago I recently started a little bit more.

I start to drop lots of ideas that are very ultra-Orthodox to keep their to them. I am questioning different things now regarding that.

You know what many people in the yeshiva world with would never question nano it's is intellectual honesty that drives you yeah I mean like put in the slamming everyone born into their own environment and element of the main it's true you're born to parents who believe certain rights, so logically, that has to be self-evident, because once more than a few spamming other Hindu found another Muslim the Christian other specific so they can all be some of them are mutually exclusive right so I'm I'm I'm with you on that. And so we sure that in common. We are God-fearing Jews that are pursuing the truth as best as we know how.

And that's the foundation for a discussion. Yes I yes already you want to you about your views on Daniel mine and Mike, I got 91 make an introduction about it. Basically, the argument usually uses from verse 24 about that.

The 490 year. Somewhere during that period. Messiah have become. Yes it is that they basically it starts with that the determinists are closed the time from which it starts has been debated ribbons. Those Christian scholars debate when it begins but but somewhere in the 65th century BCE and then it ends the term Asad climbed the time off to which it goes is the destruction of the temple near 70 which is spoken of in in in the 927 so the 490 year. This refill there within that time, Silas, make atonement for sins. Yes the comment on the end time at the end of it.

I have a little maybe a minority opinion that I think might in the year 73, all of Masada but that's just the way I interpret it, but that I want to focus on numbers 24 we send you that it has to be during this.

I actually see that this this 490 years or period of somewhat light but the somewhat the pain-and-suffering to atone for sent cancel salutes. This is backup one. Installing Daniel's praying he's in exile he's been in exile. He was going to go on one of the first waves of exiles so 19 years before the destruction of Jerusalem and he it is prime because he sees that Jeremiah wrote for my 25, for example, that the exit would last 70 years.

So was going on state confessing sentencing. He is the time for the exiles to return the goddesses actually on the talk you better.

Not just of seven years with a 707, 490 or so we are we hardly on that point.

I'm okay, but I think were not in harmony. It seems to me that these are not the wonderful years assumed that these are years of suffering in order to atone for sin and only after the semester fully atoned after. 490 years, messianic age began okay but there's that the term Asad Clem of 70 or with you.

73 yes so so somehow whatever takes place during that period is, is that which ushers in the messianic age yet done it both the outer and messianic end with not uttering the messianic age. By having the Messiah come during that time to be by having the laid out suffering you know which which talk about, you know, at that that the city will be rebuilt and troubled times of one will be cut off and then it talks about the destruction of the temple. Those are years of suffering that are inflicted upon Israel to cleanse it of them and only once with stunning and unclean, of if, and only then the messianic age could start. Let's disagree with you, which I don't disagree right. That was 2000 years ago and we've had all types of suffering exile right after the Holocaust, and we continue to send all this time.

So what's the use of it's almost like the whole table is set and now the whole table is empty and everybody scattered from the dinner table again.

What was the point of setting the table.

What does that actually accomplish that. But once we set the table we are. We we accomplished setting the table. Now we just have to get people to come to it but but but but why we kept suffering through the well we kept suffering visits us that we are self inflicting more than ourselves, and we are we are we are keeping on creating new stem but this was a time it was both finish the stem of my view, the symptoms of the first Temple. The film of the intermediate part where we are with the police them. During the exile, and that's why we had our art have to be multiplied by seven times and also the food in my view of the eras of a gap that many scholars say art between the 490 of the Lutheran cycle second Temple. The now we don't have to atoned for any old fence. We just of the tone for our current them. Then we just have to know together okay. But basically, then what you're saying is we had a massive debt. We paid off the debt. Now we falling back into massive debt again. What did actually accomplish. Now it was, it didn't stop Holocaust.

It didn't stop this mill Nikki massacres that didn't stop all the suffering through the ages and all the terrorist attacks that are been endured and only Dennis accumulated a new set of sins may be even worse than the old set of sense of what actually happened. So I like that is 490 years of comfort.

Specific sent you look him and verse 24. The Hebrew there that I haven't for me for Valley hop Pesce two and thus certain without without hey how you doing you know a definite article that I did it at the specific type of stem in my view, why can't hop Pesce also means it would that that the definite article is transgression broadly is as example with them. Please read it from the New Jersey location Society version on the sons for real websites of Jewish web set up your translation 70 weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city until the measure of transgression is filled so there be a have to be a certain amount of disobedience that takes place, and that of sin, complete until iniquity is expurgated and eternal righteousness ushered in a prophetic vision ratified in the holy of holies anointed, so these are distinct things that must take place. The level of sin the nation sinning on a certain level has to reach its culmination and everlasting righteousness SB brought in sin atoned from seal once for all way and in the prophetic vision ratified, that makes perfect sense, especially when it references Michiana being cut off, and having nothing that this is this is all describing what takes place at the cross and this is what takes place within that 490 year period before the second Temple was destroyed and and Israel reaches the culmination of sin. By rejecting the Messiah that sin is atone for on the cross and and through faith in him everlasting righteousness brought in with the prophets spoke ratified in the holy of holies one time and in Chronicles and derailleur meme is referring to an individual priest so they can have the anointing on Yeshua, but it will happen. Through him, and it's even mentioning Michiana noise when being cut off richer version really nothing happened and and Israel for Israel to atone for sin.

Israel would've had to be righteous. Where is the speaking of Israel committing the culminating center transgression assist me the opposite of what you're saying. I hear what you where you're coming from the sound but I do think first of all that you have a little bit of a problem if you interpret verse 26 that the Michiana there is the Messiah and the question is what what what the significance of the last week and pale that it what the solid structure. The point of destruction out of the destruction tied into the forgiving of this is no system is done. God brings judgment on the old system. The Temple destroyed, is no more need for temple. In other words, atonement has been made several everlasting righteousness has been ushered in and and with that judgment coming to his member Masai has been rejected so there is national judgment that falls but God and his redemptive grace is made. Another way hey eight limit, then yes, it is because we have we have a break coming up but you know I I give you extra time when you call.

Can you be totally candid with me, you've argued different points with going back and forth with some give-and-take. Do you think this might be one of your weaker arguments honestly in your heart of hearts I know not all, but I really don't like what you have but you you have to say that there's actually two things two types of sin that you know coming in here at mealtime where where my view, it is a 490 year period and that with the call political at all about one type of major sent is not about like you know like a progressive think also it doesn't say here anywhere in the verse that that you know this is this that this is gonna be the final end to all them and that Israel will never sin anymore after this old thing is that this is a 400 year period for for foreign atonement brought everlasting righteousness misprinted everlasting righteousness know the 490 year period was in order to bring in everlasting righteousness, that was the purpose of this hasn't happens 2000 years later hey listen, rather time gobbling will continue the conversation but really honestly based on our discussion guide to textual challenge you to go back to about this. Honestly. And then we look at the messianic interpretation I thanks for the call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown light list hate when will we have over the years religious Jewish callers. I always do my best to give extra time for the conversation for two reasons.

One, I'm thrilled to take the time to call and and have a conversation in an obviously along to see them come to know you shoe as Messiah and to I wanted to be educational for you to hear a Jewish person who's a thinking person and a student of Scripture to argue about their viewpoint to authority to hear their perspective so can be educational for you as well so I know I do take some extra time with these calls, but it it's with its with real purpose and integrate joy to do it and interfere you're watching or listening your RAD your Hasidic your yeshivas sure of your back on his religious Jew and you have questions but you want to call them with your voice to be heard. This disgrace just just write to us. Write to us Esther to and if you say you know I'm delicious but righteous and Yiddish regarded a colleague that will gladly respond in Yiddish want to write Hebrew right Russian good colleagues. In response to an Hebrew and Russian is contact us to the website. We will give your email out name out. Nothing S. Dr. okay with that.

Let's go to Roy in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire.

Good afternoon Dr. Brown I appreciate you taking my call should stand up certainly appreciate you being on the front lines.

I as we go through these challenging times with having you at the life you like on the front end of the war really is a blessing and encouragement. The program is meant a lot to me.

Thank you. I'm blessed to know that that's what we're here for. So thank you you're welcome to my question. Morbid curiosity one bit in Leviticus 8 talk about the ram of ordination and Moses takes the blood puts it on the logo and the thumb and the toe of a barren and I'm just curious. The very thing in Jewish culture that it makes it more impactful that if no specific body parts is it I just wonder what what is significant yet Roy my my own opinion is that what ever we we deduce from the text. Rabbinic tradition would as well in. In other words and terms is that the right earlobe so innocent define what you're hearing and and then the right some so you know what you touching handling the right big toe, where your feet are carrying you know just symbolic of the consecration of the entire person over to God.

I don't believe that there rabbinic traditions that have been preserved.

That would would go all the way back to the time of Moses that would give us insight beyond that. So what you will find this note interesting interpretations, no interesting hermeneutical interpretations and and one thing you can do if you want to check this out for yourself. So there's a website Safar Rea SCF AR IA so it's basely a book meaning in Hebrew. Safar and it is a compilation of all principal rabbinic literature Bible and rabbinic literature all in one place. You know you get all these books and libels which have accumulated over the years of its massive amounts of books whereby the months offer was a lot of money and now amazingly through people's donations it's there. So if you know what is the mission note about what is the Talmud about what's midrash that doesn't give you the background information, but it does give the actual text with her Jewish prayer books look like liturgy so let's say I want to study this Tanakh is the Hebrew Bible, T and T a N a KH T stands for Cheraw. The five books of Moses, the VEM, which is called the prophets that's their earlier latter, so some of the historical books of the prophetic books in the last the case transferred to Greenwich's writings, which is everything else. But if if you put it so that it will be in English. So let's say so you have Genesis, Exodus, will have the actual English outbred in the Hebrew and then you go to the top of the page you go to Leviticus 8 and then you'll see here it is in English. There's Hebrew translation and then there's English and then if you click on the if if you're on that on your computer you click on the number of the verse. If you're on your cell phone you click on the verse itself will then call up on the side.

Commentary now. Some of it's not translated into English up at some of it is and you can actually see with some of the rabbinic commentary is so as as I'm as I'm looking at going through this in in the Leviticus the eighth chapter and then with the with the application of of blood so as we go down a little bit further in the chapter.

This happens the blood is dashed in and so on and so forth.

So when it when you get to this, it would be verse 23, so I click on that and then commentary comes up in Rashi, who is the principal first country go he doesn't have anything specifically on it. Ibn Ezra of gets into some some descriptions here but again nothing nothing there that would really illuminate like wow this is a new insight more just kind of like interesting application like a preacher might make it in. In my opinion anyway. Brown and when you described it almost sound like an American phraseology in the sense that we could say a person is all landmark from head to toe. Yeah, yeah, take the time that that was not revered it from here to toe that works but I know they got things from their context. First, before the agreement of modern-day but think think of this, though in another way. Yet, for example in in in Mark nine, which echoes was found in Matthew five and Matthew 18 Jesus as if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out through the voice of things you see if your right hand causes you to send Kudlow throw the voice of things you touching do right foot because he is in Kudlow throw is the place we go see have that similar, head to toe imagery that hate Roy thank you for the call. I appreciate 86634 let's go to William in Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown. I'm much you welcome.

So my question is long or short electoral during my faith, had me at some point regarding the New Testament. The really believing the old building fire. Rabbi Singer had a lot that and I guess my question is now the kind of work through it again are harmonized them together. I find myself as a Gentile estate being drawn so you know that the evidence.I'm not talking about Leica accepting parity, if it just my question is I want to start a YouTube channel. It would be kind of like a Jewish outreach channel click file my journey, prepared me for the objection empathized with, but I thought about Paul or whatever, but the law of my question is how would it would come off wrong like a Jew at the Gentile to be kind of focusing on Jew liquid, and like speedy or deceptive email know if you see who you are is a Christian loves the Jewish people. Your forthright that's that's the biggest thing for Jewish person if they felt you were the girl you peered out and you try to look like a rabbi claimed to be something that you're not, you know, that's disingenuous that the obviously most people don't appreciate efforts to convert them. That's how they see it in her to another religion. But what with the real objection only with the Jewish community is aside from an adult stuff things down our throats. Any communities can feel like that that's that's not welcome but it's it's the idea that that you're being deceptive that you're claiming to be something you're not you use. Terms and saying things a certain way to give the impression that you really Jewish sure you know things you don't know if instead and I like hey I'm a Christian that loves the Jewish people and loves the God of Israel, and I will share my faith and answer questions objections yeah and and yeah why not if the Lord blesses it gives you people that watch you to be educational Christians, you know, if you do things right, and potentially can reach Jewish people, and yes, the key thing is to be honest, don't do anything that is deceptive or peers. Deceptive. Be who you are an Internet we all appreciate that right eye at my fear that I do, I do observe Mike Abbott. I generally do that when I thought about everything that's that's my night you just say like I'm a Christian that that loves the Jewish people that loves the biblical calendar. I enjoy the Sabbath, you know, etc. you're not yet trying to prove Jewishness through it.

This just your identification with the Jewish people. This be you are, but you'll be do not respond to human pressure right in other words, when you feel pressure from one group will you have to distance yourself from this or you feel pressure from you and I got up and looked more Jewish approved Nono that's never helpful and and you cannot be moved by human opinion. If you have a YouTube channel is social media now that you really have to pray, do you best get God's mind be in touch with local leaders and other believing leaders that that you can get counsel from an input from and then don't be moved by human opinion. Now you may see objections that are raised. So when they find out about your YouTube channel start to attack and that may cause you to reflect more deeply or come up with more solid answers. That's great just in a be challenged by it to go even deeper and when I hope you've taken advantage. We released a three very specific demolitions of misinformation of Rabbi Toby Singer this far on a website asked Dr. Brown or just semester to or YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown check those out. We've got three more ready records about record three more as many of these out, set free a Georgia Scott others use a call tomorrow. Talking with Douglas

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