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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 3, 2021 5:00 pm

God's Medicine

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 3, 2021 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/03/21.

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God's medicine today. Hey refuse the healer isn't the healing to Dr. Stu stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on a special today and one fire.

What makes it special is on you to be joined by Dr. Mark Spangler at the bottom of the hour.

He has not just been named doctor of the year.

He was recently named Dr. of the decade is a personal friend. He's a great soul winner and apologist for the faith and is my doctor as well and about California. That's where I go, so we have a great conversation.

Talk about natural pathic medicine talk about things that God has put in this world that are helpful in feeling and talk about a new book he has out on healing the prostate so it will take some calls medical related calls.

The second half of the broadcast. If you get a medical related call, save it for it then because I am not a medical doctor.

Every so often will have things posted sent to us asking for medical advice I can give in Scripture but I can give medical advice. All right, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 if you been trying to get through get on the air of the days of been unable to all take calls on any subject under the sun as long as there is right can help you any subject under the sun that relates about the content here in the line of fire. Glad to take your questions interact with you so 866-34-TRUTH numbers from lines are open okay. There is an ever increasing crackdown on conservatives on Christians on social media these days.

Yet people get hit from all sides understand that people get removed block from all sides but overwhelmingly, undeniably, conservatives, Christians are getting hit so I did. I tweeted out we could go that in God's sight. The new the via the nominee president binds nominee for Assistant Sec. for Health and Human Services quote Rachel Levine in God's sight is a biological male Richard Levine. Now they Rachel's a biological male so that I got I got blocked on Twitter and I decided rather than fighting it and having it peel and ongoing suspension. I remove the tweets osmotic for 12 hours during which time I wrote an article talking about what Twitter had done and that outrageousness of it and then the moment I was reinstated. We posted the article said hey this is this is why I was off just want you to know so we got the message out that way for simply stating biological truth daily Citizen Focus on the Family magazine was removed from Twitter this were dealing with. You cannot even say a simple fact that this individual is a biological male.

Nothing hateful, nothing attacking the car the person perverse that no hate speech. This biological fact can even do that. I've had folks blocked on Facebook for similar transgressions. There was a page that that had Bible verses about homosexuality when my friends set up on on Facebook that got that got removed. There's no question that this is happening. So there are many different ways that we will continue to raise her voice and I'm working on a book now come out in early 2022 gobbling that a layout the widescale attempt to stifle our voices and silences on a wide widescale but then what we can do in many different ways to speak up to fight back to take or stands and to continue to get the message out that is most important to God and to us I say all that to say that many of the morning about this for years and I wrote an article a couple years back, exceed 2018. Now, when YouTube was cracking down on Alex Jones and info wars. I read an article saying this is was concern all of us important fact of never been a fan of Alex Jones and and info wars. I know there are various voices within that organization, but I've never followed it been a fan of it, but I felt that it was important to raise the issue and say hey this is going to affect more than info wars so wrote the article at the end of the article I referenced a famous poem by the German pastor more new molar.

But the Nazis first became for the Jews. It was in the Jude etc. and I changed it to say this. First they came for info wars and I did not speak out because I found them offensive. Then they came for Geller and Spencer so Pam Geller Robert Spencer expose Islamic radicalism and I did not speak out because I found them obnoxious. Then they came for Prager you with a great educational videos and I did not speak out because I found them opinionated. Then they came for a host of others and I did not speak out because I have my own life to live in the came for me and there was no one left to speak for me. There's a quote attributed to Winston Churchill that says appeasement is like feeding a crocodile and hoping that it eats you last so don't just warm safe hearsay fear it will not trying to create problems in trying to provoke opposition every so often I will test something say is 20 go to bandy for this is truly a punishment for this. I asked the question is 20 to punish me for saying that quote Rachel Levine is in God set a biological male and they did was a clear enough answer. Otherwise I'm just seeking to be obedient to the Lord and get out messages and speak the truth in love, and with wisdom then the consequences or consequences, but we need to look at this together continue to use the platforms we have to raise our voices and to continue to push back and challenge okay another note, that I would take some calls. My new book Christian anti-Semitism confronting lies in today's church just came out yesterday just released. We signed a whole bunch of books and sending them out to those that preordered numbered, signed copy scan of the collectors edition we do with the first printing of a new book done for years. Now it's I enjoy doing it. Glad to see who's ordering and put a name there in Scripture so it's it's a joy to do it. I appreciate your interest in the books. Those you have the book if it blesses you please do post review on Amazon and in grocery read but I was on particular just because of the amount of of of scope that it has them out of reach that it has and I also encourage you to do if you were blessed by the book because of a certain point anti-Semites will start weighing in and attacking so I posted about Christian anti-Semitism on my Facebook page yesterday and I said, by the way, if you post an anti-Semitic comment here it in a book exposing Christian anti-Semitism. That's a surefire way to get blocked would just be like it was on Martin Luther King Day and I had a quote honoring Dr. King and someone posted blatantly recent races, there out blocked the same way specially for, Christian anti-Semitism and someone as a Christian in particular was an anti-Semitic comment block on so somebody at end we had to delete a bunch people. That's how bad it is. That's why wrote the book that's of seriousness, but check this out check out with this guy post Mike and put his name appeared to embarrass him. It appears that English is not his first language, but in response to that note of mine saying if you post something anti-Semitic here.

It will be removed.

Asked Dr. Brown where is your patient's tolerance you vain and work with the thinking that worthless, immature and dreaming Jew cowboy shalom I Aetna use the N word for me like I it is an honor to be blocked.

Black like the people who crucified Jesus. This account craziness and sickness.

It's out there, so the Jew cowboy derogatory to hate you call it an honor to be blocked. Shame on you for posting such an idiotic file. Despicable post.

I happen to be the one being attacked with its file, despicable and someone say, hey you're looking for an anti-Semite. Here I am and end just out of curiosity because I don't see the vast majority post comments just out of curiosity because of so this I clicked on it and sure enough the customer forgiveness of sins through Jesus, and so on and so forth, as would call a Christian anti-Semite, you say okay look there crazies out there. We know their crazies out there there weird people find so to the Internet. They have a voice but going whole book about like one crazy person out there okay in my book about one crazy person wrote a book about something that is rising, an epidemic level in many parts of the body today.

Let me illustrate this work right. Let's put the first video link up.

I have numbered numerous videos on RS Dr. Brown YouTube channel, exposing anti-Semitism, anti-Semites, etc. so there is a video call true news and Rick Wiles exposed and this was posted July 12 of 2019 don't normally are videos on the Esther to run YouTube channel have like 95% thumbs up 5% thumbs down. Probably an average because most the people there like what were doing and give it a thumbs up right that's rather on the channel so look at this one triggers and recalls expose what we have some ridiculous crazy anti-Israel, anti-Semitic comments, we expose the liberty look at this 1000 thumbs up. 1.8 thousand thumbs down. This also a good amount of activity terms of one video, so it's almost 221 thumbs down versus thumbs up where they come from, where all the people come from and you read many of the comments vial ugly you so I haven't seen really that was one of those get deleted, pull you be shocked but what's up right. Here's here's another example is another example of Catholic scholar Michael Jones really influence conservative comedian on Benjamin so I have a video work where they're going after me and attacking me and claiming a misrepresenting whenever and until the truth that sought I'd put out a video or E. Michael Jones, and on Benjamin telling the truth later this one threatened to set is about anti-Semitism challenging their anti-Semitism.

365 thumbs up 707 thumbs down.

So once again roughly 221 thumbs down compared to thumbs up. Why exposing anti-Semitism.

You virtually never find it like that on any other topic really on virtually every other topic I cover on Facebook. You almost never ever ever. I will think ever see anything close to that we expose anti-Semitism the quote Christian anti-Semites, out of the woodwork.

Not all profess to be Christian, but many gifts. Just one less example like Hebrew Israelite myths and fantasies errors so the complete misinterpretation of Deuteronomy 28 complete misinterpretation cannot refer to them as late as they claim, especially about buying and selling so aptly cannot say I break it down.

I break it down just looking clearly at what the Hebrew says clear this with 721 thumbs up 785 thumbs down once again. When we confront anti-Semitic lies.

We confront these kinds of things we get a serious backlash. That's why wrote sentences and read the book friends shocked by the content but it's documented links specific quotes, information it's essential reading Christian anti-Semitism confronting the lies, today's church recalls we come back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (six have a fascinating conversation and if you have medically related questions and try to get some insider input will take some medical calls as well can give official advice whenever but okay 866342 and let us go to hell when in Fairfield, California.

Welcome to the line of fire ground while Cardinal Park. While they got, the court drawn prep American lab where all apartment and their perfect partner of a greater dark building dark building where all spirit year to construct or dark building where you know I believe he's doing with the Pharisees and Sadducees did the religious leaders in particular who handed him over to be killed so we know clearly in Scripture that there are some sins that are more serious than others. This is a classic example where Jesus speaks of a greater sin. For example, in Matthew 23 he talks about the weightier matters of the law, justice, mercy and faithfulness as opposed to tithing on agricultural products or first on five says that there is a sin that leads to death, but not every sin does knowing God was stressing Israel that he would judge Israel more severely certain thing suits. Obviously, even common sense would tell us that it's a far greater crime to two murder someone, then to to steal a pen from them. Obviously we understand these things, you know, a husband and wife and I can have a divorce because the husband one day forgot to put the toothpaste away. You know, but they can be more severe things that could sever marriage so I only say that because some people think will all sin is equal in God's sight know all sin is consequential, but not all sins are equal.

So Pilate was acting within his own authority to do what he did. Pilate was. He did have the right under Roman law sentenced Jesus to death that he was wrongly sentencing him but it he was doing within his sphere of authority. So it was a wrong act, but within his sphere of authority, the Jewish leaders really going outside of their authority to get Jesus killed. They really had no grounds for it and they had to push something over the Pilate to get him to do that and they should have known better as Jewish leaders on top of it with the Scriptures and the covenantal priestly calling of the high priest, etc. so that's why those who turned him over committed to greater sin, they were sinning against greater like they were Jews. Pilate was Roman and they were going out of their authority to get this done. Was he was acting within his own. They all sin with their sin was greater. YOU are very welcome. God bless you her car. 886634 let's go to William and Wilmington, Delaware.

Welcome to the line of fire. All thank you Rob Lucero I would generally question I myself do not drink at all, but on my one-to-one day to build care of a Christian. So if you agree.

A few times a week to drink beer. Bible says that you could get me to drink without getting drunk. But that's the question that is answered individually. It may be fine for some Christians and not fun for other Christians, we all agree that drunkenness is sin according to the Scripture we all agree that we are called to be sober. According to the Scripture. And we all agreed that fleshly addictions are destructive, so, so that you have to have especially if it's not for your overall health is wrong, but for one person may be you grew up in European culture. You grew up having wine with your meals you've never had like Coca-Cola in your life and you wouldn't because you think it's unhealthy but you have a small glass of wine with with dinner for most your life. You've never been drunk once in your life.

You've never been tempted to get drunk is just little wine is drink to be perfectly fine for you and someone else who was an alcoholic. When they got saved, and the parents were alcoholics.

They can't touch it ever it's unwise. It's violating the freedom that God gave them so I've I've totally abstained myself because when I came to faith.

I drink to get drunk. I had no interest in liquor but I drank to get drunk those of Celica had a taste for it. Had to note, check this out or that out. I drank to get drunk when I got saved. I repented of that I had no reason to touch it. The church I got saved and taught total abstinence. So that's what I did and then as I began to minister and leave. I thought it's just best for my example to never drink it again.

I haven't had a desire to either but I thought as a leader because others may look at me and follow my example and there plenty of people that used to struggle is drink I don't do it and my general counsel to leaders is if you can avoid this. It's great because of the causeless people to stumble but scripturally we are not forbidden from drinking. We are forbidden from drunkenness and called to be sober so if it's if it's fine for someone you know that have a beer with lunch couple times a week. Like you said that all get drunk then attempted to get drunk. They're not influencing others to get drunk nothing wrong with it but it's good to be an individual choice and and you should never feel pressure from someone else making your own individual choice. You should walk in love towards others did not feel pressure like I got a join in with the gang.

I don't want to seem religious know you hold your convictions before the Lord and then respect the convictions of others as well as that of Violet Scripture thought I was perfect. Thank you you are you are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go over to Rick and Concorde North Carolina raw modifier. I got around a hay corporate. I appreciate what you do an event about her or not.

When you first showed up, validated youth about Turkmenistan Valley much leave, occult or affiliate.

Would you have got a note, you listen.

Your you and I really appreciate your wisdom and your knowledge and your grace. Most of all, in dealing with some of these people unite that what you do on your end. By combining the real really righteous. My question if the book of Job. At the very first book of the judgment reversed through the thump of God and fight approaching the Lord of the funds of God with a yes the sons of God are most certainly angels angelic host dimension later in the book of Job and being with God at the time of creation. So the sons of God is another Hebrew way of saying divine beings are beings who are of the the divine class meeting that they are spirit beings like God is supposed to earthly beings like us is definitely the Angels. So the one that's called house on Thanh. There is a debate. Is that just another angel who was called the adversary. And he has a certain role of of Ghana be like the spy on the earth. This is the same one as the devil of the New Testament. So I really looked at the question of fresh in writing my commentary on Job and II do absolutely believe that it is the devil, so it is an interesting thing that before the cross that there could be God calling for the angelic host and also Thanh the adversary.

Each user being among them, but still under divine constraint. You could argue that since the cross, he doesn't have access to heaven and of this debate about that, but I believe it's the one that we know as Satan the devil and that he's appearing with the Angels and that God is doing what he's doing in terms of Job for the whole universe to see, not just on the earth, but for the whole spiritual realm to see how God is going to prove his servant Job, and demonstrate that there are people who worship God, not for the benefits but simply because of who God is, a radical, better now than I would forget I have to warm up accurately for a good outlet mall at that, but for something really deep and got some turbulence split over and I will talk about, but by that unit is really a really interesting and it is in the curriculum. Obviously it's the kind of thing that they can be different views on different understanding and interpretation, but it's once you understand that this is playing out in front of the whole heavenly host, and that the reputation of God will be on the line and in obviously his eternal purposes be worked out through servant Job would become so consumed with several years.

I had to devote years to ready a commentary on Tate Rick, thanks for the good word. I appreciated and let's see archetype for one more called Justin and Kannapolis, North Carolina if you could weigh in real quick with your question. I'll try to answer you got a quick target regularly hurt the diary about irregular operator and you a book called Tibet boiler", never heard of.

Use it like it was Scripture okay when you're able to get what you must be referring to is told it yeah Toby TOBIT or TOBITH you'll find it in a Catholic Bible it's it's a book that was written, between the Old Testament and the New Testament so that the Protestant Bibles do not have it. Catholic Bibles and others would have it as as a book of the Bible talking about things that happened in Old Testament times, so it's Tobit TOB I hear TOB I TH I do not regard it as Scripture, but you could say it's kind of in between a good book in the Bible.

Suicide equal to the Bible that has a status because of its history, that would be more than just your average book so Tobit TOB I TR I TH you look it up and you'll be able to read it online easily enough. Hey, thank you for the call right out we get back in and be joined by my friend Dr. Mark Stigler to be talking about how God made the body to heal and mattress has medicine is limited book number and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown told Dr. Millett a medical doctor you know normally if your medical doctor if you're being cited Satan article some newspapers writing about you with ever so that be pretty like Dr. James Dobson, psychologist or psychiatrist or medical doctor or physician of some kind. Then they would be there, but if you have a PhD. If your professor makes a professor in front of your name may say something else but it won't say Dr. you have a PhD which is a doctorate just the way it's generally used so how I wind up getting called Dr. Brown what would happen was number one when I was in college I only use my first and last name and use my middle name or middle initial.

I was Michael Brown and years preacher on the rope you just name is Mike Brown anyway. Michael Brown continues middle initial. What happened was that when I was getting ready to graduate. There was a registry go to things without automated than in terms of just in computers and access things online.

So I transfer credits from one of the school started community college. Went over to this college rose going and and then transfer credits was taken some outside classes brought the men and the woman that was behind the counter. There the registrar.

She was good, pushing you didn't really say much to her and name given the name Social Security give the first stop.

Okay what turns out there's another Michael Brown surprise, surprise. Plenty of movies) people by that name. So I I would give her my name and beginning my Social Security number. There's another Michael Brown, whose after their many, but there is another Michael Brown there whose Social Security numbers were the same as my at the beginning and she was putting my credits in in his account and when she realized what happened. Rather than apologizing rather than saying okay, hang out.

Hang on just got some info here that we have a scheduling conflict that somehow we have Dr. Stanley down for next week as opposed to today, so an error somehow on our end. We see with what happened here how this happened because I was just click and talk for minutes at a what tell you it fertilizer open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Anything under the sun.

You are talking about. I got a bunch of things to talk about but anything under the sun.

You want talk about any question. Any comment anything at all. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH to do this right now during live radio to see did I just get this wrong. Did we have this wrong on our calendar and let's just see. All right somehow there's a scheduling issue data for different days we will get Dr. staying there off with this officer taken away from his patients now but he'll be on with a scholarly work will get that fixed and reschedule. But in the meantime, what is wide open fertilizer wide open I get some extra time because that I've guessed 866-34-TRUTH okay so here's what happened. So I rather than the woman saying I apologize she just to give a middle initial is this is abuse it this way there. There are tons of Michael Brown's but there are somewhat less Michael L.

Brown's so I did that, but then their whole and of Michael L.

Brown's time of it.

I'd look for some of the account in account with the airline name is and how we got a lot of Michael Ross where okay so then, just for identification purposes like a credit card or something else run account. I was starting frequent fire with airline. I put Dr. and from the name just so that I would be there would be less and even so, there still Dr. Michael L. Brown's Eric, there are but at least did cut the number down for identification purposes but reverent travel revenue is Mike Brown travel preached wrote everybody was MICRA and then when I would be lecturing at a cut at a seminary or university setting or something like that that I be professor or Dr. so you know that that would come up like that. But that was in that setting right so I had my academic setting. Do my academic work and I was professor Michael Brown to Dr. Michael Brett and then my ministry to the body. Just more broadly, just like you're talking to on the radio. I was Mike Brown or Michael Brown. When I got sent to the Brown's revival and and got put on my heart race of the school of Ministry and together with the team raced up the school of ministry.

Now everyone knew me as the director of the school so that that the president of the school. Everybody knew me as that. And as the president of the school and the school academic setting.

I was Dr. Michael Brown and every since then on I been Dr. Brown. But the thing that's funky is is is that we will get periodic medical questions that are sent sometimes from other countries just happened to notice on Facebook. Dr. Brown I been suffering for and it's like oh gosh I wish I could help this person say I pray for you, but I'm not a medical doctor so were going to have a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Spengler recently named Dr. of the decade, a good friend of mine evangelist apologist as well, but will will get him on and have some great conversation then.

All right, so enjoying our extra time here.

Let us go to D in Richmond, Virginia. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown. I'm wondering your honor John chapter 623 tells them to eat flesh and drink it flat on how to Get that overall rights of Catholics would ask us how we can get sarongs, non-Catholics, and they would say that Jesus says literally. My flesh is meat indeed in my blood is drink indeed and and you must beat my flesh and drink my blood that this is actually something that we are due we are literally eating his flesh and drinking his blood with communion in our answer is no, no, no, they were never literally eating his flesh and drink his brothers when he stood there and told him that they were never literally to do that. It was always metaphorical from the start same at the Last Supper. This is my body, this is my blood. It was always metaphorical eat. This in remembrance of me. So the Catholic interpretation would say no.

It's literally the body and blood of the Lord so that the way for an you don't buy that. Just let it dissolve because it's literally his body and and it's literally the wine you drink your grape juice is literally his blood that's transubstantiation.

It literally becomes the body and blood of the Lord and with all respect to my Catholic friends like I categorically reject that again understanding in John six. It was never literal.

Then they were not to literally eat his flesh and drink his blood, and then later when everybody leaves except just as disciples and they don't understand either. You know, this is where we can go. You have the words of eternal life, and he says something interesting.

He says in John six what you can do when you see the Son of Man go to heaven. The flesh profits nothing is the spirit that gives life.

The words I speak to, they are spirit in their life. In other words, when I'm not physically here how we can deal with this idea of eating my flesh and drinking my blood. When I'm not physically here and that's him trying to get loose and I'm not talking physically and talking spiritually. So it is it is a literal interpretation by Catholics that doesn't even go literal way because no one literally ate his flesh and drinking his blood when he was on the earth. It's always been metaphorical term care. You are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Rob in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown appreciate your broadcast all I recently arrogant atheist friend of a colleague brave new of helping A. You will both years old and I kept getting a little worried about 30 reached out to be realized I became a walk or you you college loan but probably what one THING for the whole Apple ID of revolution and one point you can do love to hear a debate about the subject of evolution so I'd like to wondered if you could point to one or more debate that would be available online and I'm afraid and want to inspect the deck a little one will they be equally first on the type of intelligent design or create really made it no slamdunk yeah this is you choose this thing our issue with evolution is not microevolution.

In other words evolution change within species which makes perfect sense, which does not violate Scripture and which is easily demonstrable but macro evolution, the evolution from one species to another, of which the remains. No actual evidence.

There are no missing links that they fill in these these gaps and then the other things that evolution can't answer. For example, the origin of the universe or the origin of life or the exclamation of DNA coding. So these things really are not not answered by evolution so we would say that true science.

These away from evolution. So if you're looking for debates.

Here are the names you want to look up and then you can pick and see which ones you like the best look for any debate with William Ln., Craig on evolution or debating an atheist. William Ln., Craig and you'll see he comes out wonderfully and strongly John Lennox so Craig American John Lennox Irish several couple PhD's, Prof., Oxford, Cambridge, that kind of thing John Lennox LE and and 0X. Those would be two of the strongest voices that are out there and if if you're just trying to but I mean there's there is so, so much literature that's out there in terms of of demolishing evolutionary ideas.

Even some of the Lee Strobel books that might be very accessible to your friend like the case for the creator would be a really good one to look at where he interviews scientists from different perspective so slowly Strobel the case for the creator. If your friends willing to read something and I think I think you will find these really helpful in effect, to humble himself is my biggest thing is his heart.

Hey Rob, thanks for the question. Hopefully you find fixable calls, 8664 truth.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the second Michael Dr. Brown requesting about here is not a always trouble with many friends always making processes or cleaning healing only to find out couple weeks later that Ewing did not happen and the night averted teaching on John MacArthur. We do believe in miracles… And you know but we don't anybody have the gift that I've been hearing your teaching for the past few months and how you are charismatic but you seem way more critical of the abuse and the charismatic and I'm struggling to determine their life on now you have any teaching in-depth studies that you can recommend to understand the difference yet. Yes sir and thanks Gary for being a serious student of the word and wanted to honor the Lord.

Let me say first that in first Corinthians. Paul commends the Corinthians for not falling behind in any spiritual gift.

He says that in the first chapter. Then, as the book goes on. He's dealing with divisions in their midst spiritual immaturity, carnality he's dealing with sexual sin. He's dealing with denial of the resurrection. He's dealing with abuse of the gifts he's dealing with defiling the Lord's table. People getting sick and dying as a result, so there was a lot of junk going on the Corinthian church in a new church with a lot of error and yet Paul recognize the validity of the Holy Spirit moving in their midst. So the first thing I'd encourage you to do is to really look at Scripture and put aside good or bad experience and just okay if I'm just reading Scripture what do I believe the Bible says about these gifts ongoing today and then starting from there. Then you build your way out and you see what seems to be in harmony with that and not in harmony with that when when past. MacArthur wrote his book strange fire.

I wrote an immediate response. I felt stirred by the Lord to do with the people have to evaluate the material for themselves hold authentic fire and it's a response to past McCarthy's book, but it's much more than that, I lay out the biblical position for why I hold to what I hold to what Scripture plainly says, and then some of my other colleagues wrote appendices for the book as well.

So if you're able to get that book authentic fire. I think you'll find it really, really helpful because it will deal with some of the issues of abuse but then clearly lay out what Scripture says clearly open up the experience that we are to have in God. I'm I am charismatic Pentecostal continuation us with every term used because of Scripture. I've had amazing and wonderful experiences but also their experiences or pray for people that were dying very sick and they die. I've I've seen other errors and issues right now there is a massive need for accountability in the prophetic movement in the charismatic church massive needed since crisis point in my view. But I recognize the validity of what God is doing in their countless testimonies of God's faithfulness in healing power in prophetic words so I would recommend you get my book authentic fire get on a website or or any of the online book dealers if you wanted extensive teaching series just on the subject of healing. I have a multihour series on the subject feeling. I think at least 16 hours long that you can get on the website. It's an audio class on undefined healing. You can check that out but if your reader get authentic fire think you find it really helpful and then you can go from there. All right. Thank you much. Remind me adding my personal life I preferred wrong about pray for healing for me to illustrate the pray for me to get that I've ever how do I reconcile. Do not let Mike. Paint your house like Linda well the first thing is that we recognize that not everyone will receive each gift to receive it the same way. The second thing is that I still want to base my views on Scripture.

So if Scripture convinces me that something is not for today and I think I experienced it.

I'd question that experience. If Scripture tells me something is for today and I'm not experiencing at the Austin Lord, there must be more so I know many things in my own life. I've only received after the hungering after them really seeking God earnestly and then I receive so what I would do Gary far you and I appreciate the personal questions is very very valid and important. I would say father I want everything you have for me so I can serve you most effectively and help the dying world Lord, whatever that is. I want everything you have for me the fullness of your spirit, my life so I can best glorify you and trust that he'll bring you into those things and then first and foremost pest MacArthur I would agree.

We base everything on the teaching of the word.

Based on that.

That's why am charismatic continuation us today. Thank you for the call. May the Lord bless you with the fullness of his grace in the days ahead we go to Robert in Hillsboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you doing well. Thank you all need to. I write you now trying to be reconciled. Now back to God and treatment after about 40 years away and start to read the Bible again that Brady and Joshua Old Testament and think it was pretty gruesome and violet as he was decimating the city that they came upon the takeover the land and just you know when I get money start talk about and I killed all the men women and children about area people at that bothered me, wondered if God does that level of violent yet. Robert it it's it's a major question and many people struggle with their faith because in fact have a book coming out in May called. Has God failed you write specifically deal with some of those questions about the God of the Old Testament, etc. so number one not every act of violence is justifiable in the Old Testament or you can you could put on God and civil he ordered it, but the right direction of the Canaanites is one that he called for in terms of men, women and children now the question is, how could that God results were described as compassionate and merciful and kind and patient with all of his creation.

How could that God give those kind of orders and it has to be. There was something extreme and so dangerous and so corrupt the to allow it to continue in the midst of the people would've ultimately corrupted Israel gobbler then judged Israel because Israel Messiah never would've come no one would have been saved.

It's it's like an extreme act where a doctor has to amputate someone's legs, both legs because of gangrene.

Otherwise, the whole body will die. It could be either that as described elsewhere in the Old Testament, the people were so wicked that the children were innately wicked as well. Some evidence of of inherited traits even on those levels and not just physical but moral as well. Others believe that the inhabitants of Canaan were largely nifty Lim that they were a mixed race of an angelic breathing.

The URL and and that that is part that's why their giants and other often red gases giants, and that that was something of an other affront to God and something destructive and that's what it was just that basically one time.

You have the Amalekites later honored to be wiped out by the license. At one time that it happens in all of Israel's history and it is same time, God's giving them laws to treat others with compassion, and the stranger in your midst you treat a certain way, so there had to be an extreme reason for doing it. It is not repeated through the ages there no mandates were just go kill men, women, children, in effect, gobbler would judge and hold people responsible so that's the simple explanation. There was an extreme reason for the extreme action within look at the larger picture of the nature of God presented the Old Testament and it's one where in the midst of wrath poured out. He's extremely long-suffering and merciful and compassionate.

Hey Rob… I know yeah and look.

That's why we're here because we have did he destroy you after four years into the welcome you back with open arms right that's that's why they open arms. But I didn't go over I'm I'm not close. Oh, I'm constantly volunteering to ferment on my radio all day long and I probably what you call it where you get like oh God how to get out of here. I gotta get a monk people in spread the word. But I I can't like a lot psychiatric when Emma met I'm a little close yet whether some just enough to say St. Laurent you had mercy on me, probably back in your grace. So thank you for your goodness and start praying for people on the start praying that God would open people's hearts and minds and look just like to talk to me on the radio today and that you talk to be a bunch of other people and destroy you. You just shared something that others needed to hear because there praying for love ones and their discouragement. It's been all these years of CPR praying for you know over 40 years. Come back.

So say Lord, you give the opportunity you have the open door.

It could be someone you meet in some other way, or otherwise, you become a man of prayer.

You pray Lord there people out there solons and evangelists bless them and use them in an and then Lord we need to change me with her things in my nature with her things in my being that are not pleasing to you.

I'm asking you to help to change and to transform salsa Lord, we pray that you bless Robert the fullness of the of your grace that you make up to him lost years with greater effectiveness in your greater blessing in you commit them to a Jesus name hey friends of either will put the phone lines only got a few calls but doing the best we can to get to as many as we can get lot of time because this phase is well-suited for to hearing from you. Being with you and be sure to visit our website*Brown $Blessed*

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