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How to Avoid Deception

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 2, 2021 4:50 pm

How to Avoid Deception

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 2, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/02/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The Bible warns against deception. How can we avoid it is time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I once heard it said the problem of perception is that very deceiving Jesus warns against deception.

Paul warns against Jacob James warns against it. How can we avoid Old Testament Israel was warned against it. And yet so much deception. So many are deceived in people who were deceived, don't recognize they are deceived. How can we avoid deception welcome friends to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you is the phone number to call Bible theology questions. Questions about the deception it's in the church today areas where you differ with me. Same phone number for everybody, 866-3487 84 that's 866-34-TRUTH for truth gets as many calls as I can over the course of the broadcast want to do first though is is talk about the power deception and then lay out some biblical guidelines. Some principles that will help us avoid deception, but think back to the first deception recorded in Scripture and in the book of Genesis the third chapter with the serpent challenges Eve and remember there is not an overt attempt to deceive him in the most blatant open way saying hey look, if you do this you're going to destroy your lies. If you do this you gonna forfeit eternal life. If you do this you get to bring a curse on all generations that follow. But you know hey you feel good in the process that that would've been here were trying to seduce you, but will take the consequences. No seducer doesn't do that, the deceiver doesn't do that the person is trying to con you out of your life savings doesn't knock on your door and say hey I'm a con man and I went to con you and your life savings so sign here on the dotted line and look I've traveled the world, I've seen lots of different names of churches and ministries and organizations, but I've never seen a church. The first Church of the deceived the congregation of the misled why because no one is knowingly deceived.

No one is knowingly conned people may harden their hearts against the truth and sin against God. Because you are seduced into it. You are deceived into it presents itself a certain way so that the serpent does in Genesis 3 is tries to get Eve to question God's integrity all yeah is Gonzalez yes yes of other motives is ulterior motives. He's not being steady with you and straighten and steadfast and truthful and honest know he's still the one thing because God protect his interest here, and so on. You want to be like him. That's how the door is opened when you added a little extra you take away something here that's what I was what Jesus says in Matthew 24. This applies to his his immediate disciples of that generation. But then his inapplicability in all generations and ultimately again at the end of the age when when Jesus is explaining to them the sign that skin, and the destruction of the Temple and his return, the end of the age. These events, the sacral one. But he sees can explain them, and in the way that overlaps, putting them all together in one either separate events usually answers them. Be careful that no one leads you astray people you try to lead you astray this going to be a push to lead you astray so be careful that no one leads you astray for many will come in my name, saying on the Messiah and will leave many strike that if you skip down. He says in verse nine.

Then the hand over the persecution kill you be hated by all the nations. Because of my name and then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and lead many astray because lawlessness will multiply the love many will grow cold with one who endures to the end will be saved in this good news of the kingdom shall be proclaimed to the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, then the end will come. So many, he says will be led astray. Many will be with straight will be false prophets will be false messiahs we see elsewhere the befalls miracle workers in Jesus's, do not be led astray that was Paul worn and this is repeated in his legs as well.

Paul writing in Ephesians chapter 5 gives this morning.

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things. God's judgment comes on the children of disobedience.

What's the context he's just listed sinful behavior of all different kinds and send those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom's essay don't let anyone deceive you with empty words, is a false grace message. There's a false forgiveness message this a non-repentance message that says this matter how you live, you just get in any way.

He says no don't let anyone deceive you with empty words, God's wrath is can fall because of these and then one more passage that I want to give some guidelines as to how we can avoid deception and talk about some very serious lessons that we need to learn right where we are, especially in America today. In early 2021 but look at this James Jacob which reminded chapter 1 uses this verse 22 but be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourself, deceiving yourself we can deceive ourselves. I realize many years ago I could deceive myself as easily as I could deceive someone else that scariest brief anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks at his natural face in a mirror, what's he looks at himself and goes away. Humidity forgets what sort of person he was the one who looks intently into the perfect tour the tropic is freedom of God's perfect law and continues in it, not becoming a hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he shall be blessed in what he does. 96 if anyone thinks he is religious and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his arsenal against self-deception. This person's religion is futile. Boom.

So what's the point here, and this is written to Jewish believers.

That's that's clear from the beginning of the letter from the contents of the letter written to early messianic use.

We call them today Jewish followers of Yeshua. So what's the lesson here, the person who was away from God and knows their way from God and spends the whole weekend party and getting drunk, getting high, sleeping around Sunday morning, sleeps, and sleeping off a hangover. That person knows hey I'm in the world on party. I'm doing my own thing I'm not in church right they know that, but the person that goes to church that hears the message preached, but is still living their own sinful life is more easily self deceived in that they think I'm going through the motions see him right with God heard that message though is that is hearing it's doing so let me lay out a few really foundational principles to avoid deception.

Okay. The first is the and and I can give different ones which are number one but just in the order and giving them the first is to cultivate humility and teachability pride is something that God resists right God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble and it's a key thing I know that it's been a lifesaver for me through the decades to humble myself and get low and said I blew it I was wrong. That was stupid. I apologize. Please forgive me for not boasting about my humility. I'm telling you that humbling myself and getting low and receiving input and receiving correction has been a life saver. I am where I am, by the grace of God. The only boast is in him but I know for fact that the flesh is not like to humble itself that the flesh always wants to be right, but the biggest obstacle when I got saved was not drug use. That was big. I loved getting high and I was addicted to the needle in and had to have drugs in my system and wanted to live in rebellion. But the biggest that the number one thing, even above that was probably a realize that when I got saved. Haven't humbling myself and say I'm wrong I'm wrong in my rejection of Jesus I'm wrong in my mocking the message of bringing and then years later as I was pursuing my doctoral work at New York University and had gotten into some theological intellectual pride so late 70s early 80s and got begin to deal with me and show me the things you given me to be a tool I had made into an idol and and that the emphasis of my life was going in the wrong direction. I was so proud.

Look at me I'm in the right that well and I was humbled myself again get of the humble myself many times on the years. I'm sure will be many more times I have to hopefully I because of some crazy idiotic mistake or sin, but just the course of life you think you're right all the time or you hold true position generally pray through whatever you do something stupid humbling just be quick to humble yourself. Just be quick to humble yourself and be teachable person. If you're teachable if you're correctable you can fix a whole lot of problems. I learned many years ago not to deal with people based at how gifted they were not to deal with people based at how charismatic they were that to deal with people based at how much potential they had but how teachable they were, how teachable they were. Go through the book of Proverbs new study of Proverbs go through Proverbs and look at what it says about correction, rebuke correction, rebuke and and learn to embrace it is a good thing. My flesh was still recoil when all all send my latest manuscript to Nancy for input and shows as first Disturbance of my flesh wants to defend them. Think okay she see something I don't see she wants this book to be the best he can be. Let me humble myself and look and see get low humble yourself before God and that second thing, be a person of the word. Be a person of the word. If you want avoid deception. Be someone that is deep in the word try to read every kind, a mystical meaning but just knowing the word having the word in your heart in your mind as you read it. Pray God help me to live this out. Help me to live this out. Help me not to deceive myself by being a hearer only and not a doer will come back to that. Moreover, the course of the broadcast one humble yourself. Be teachable, correctable person doesn't matter how anointed, how gifted how rich, how prominent you are you correctable teachable person. That's one to be a person of the word immerse yourself in the worst number three. Cultivate intimacy with God have a real quality relationship with the Lord a real love relationship with them, such as intellectual, such as theological real intimacy with God that takes time. It takes determination, cultivate intimacy with God.

The third thing is so important for living purity live purity everyone of us can fall short get cleansed by the blood of Jesus, but her from walking and willful disobedience, and it will cloud my vision is number four and number five. Give yourself to the basics of the gospel. Give yourself to loving God love your neighbor.

Give yourself to sharing the gospel with the lost five simple things really person were cultivating intimacy, walking in purity and holiness majoring made gospel things will go along way to guarding from deception right your calls for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is number just during the break I noticed a message that was sent to me via Facebook and his mother asking for prayer for her daughter little girl, five, six years old little girl. The girl says she wants surgery because she's boiling inside with the kid that young. Here the stuff with the kid that young get exposed to the stuff and this is a home that's raising these kids in the Lord friends. There's a reason we been drawing attention to these issues for many many years there.

There's a reason we been sounding the alarm innocent little ones are being impacted. There is a massive spirit of deception in our whole society. It it's like the nation drank the Kool-Aid and people just aren't thinking clearly anymore and it's happened in the church and in so many areas.

The degree of deception.

I believe we witnessed in the last election in many ways is the greatest deception ever seen in the church in my lifetime.

How is it that deception can come in about every every mom out there that that heard me share this or repair with the bird. Pray pray for slow girl for wisdom for for the parents, give grace, they have a breakthrough, but we gotta face these things head on. Deception is out there and in the first principle would begin with deceptions can happen to anybody. I could fall you could fall any of us could fall you can happen to anybody.

So you start there not a thing never happened to me and I teach a sexual purity.

That's when the first principles any of us could mess up any of us. You stick around long enough you see the most unexpected people falling and messing up and how can applicant having any of us. That's what you start with humility. Humility and the fear of the Lord and and I know I check.

I'm just telling you a check myself all the time because I'm often taking on controversial issues in bringing correction I get low Lord I'm nobody. Lord, I'm not the correct drink she Florida not the charismatic hope for this.

If I see something clearly new word numbered by you, Lord, I will address these things give me wisdom and humility in doing it only think I'm the one I'm that I'm the one set everything right. We we put ourselves in a bad position.

Start with humility in your immerse yourself in the word of God getting your heart get your mind really know the Scriptures. No foundational truths than with that cultivate intimacy with God listed just become a theological head knowledge the foundation of eternal life. John 17 three and this is eternal life, that they may know you, Jesus, that the only true God and Jesus the Messiah, whom you sent then for holiness, purity, essential book if if you want to avoid deception you you cannot allow kinds of sin and uncleanness into your heart and walk in it and live in it think that's not going to cloud your vision and thinking then lastly if if you give yourself major in the majors. Give yourself to the basics of the gospel. Share your faith with others. It keeps you healthy keeps you in the middle of the lane.

Love God, love your neighbor share the gospel. Give yourself to the great commission. You may draw the majors. It's a lot harder to get caught pogo all caught offguard or pulled off to the side and one of the people got someone to conspiracy theories in the posting day and night was going on. That's what consume them not sharing Jesus with your neighbor pouring into the rugged consume with others things if you want to avoid hitting walls on either side. Do your best to stay in the middle I with that, let's go to the phones and will start with Matt in Moorehead Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for taking my call your ministries. A big help to me. My question.

I heard people like Todd Friel say that all of our third and past president and future have been forgiven and I was wondering if that's right. And then also where the mean that Jesus is our high priest sure so are all of our sins forgiven the moment we get saved, past, present and future.

Absolutely not there all paid for.

They were paid from the cross before we were born was us who lived on the other side of the cross.

They were all paid for at the cross, but forgiveness is transacted in real time so when you come to faith and asked the Lord to forgive you he forgives you for everything you have done and for everything you are, but he doesn't forgive you in advance for Cindy to commit today or the next day or or a month from now or year from now if that happens that same blood supply and we receive forgiveness of fresh doubt in terms of salvation. We don't need to get saved over and over again. We go from death to life in the kingdom of Satan to the kingdom of God in terms of our relationship with God. First someone is replaying on this first John 19 if we confess our sins, and Greek. That's present ongoing. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness that it began is present tense on going. It says in second Peter. The first chapter that those who start to fall away from the Lord, but by not growing in him. It says they have forgotten that they have been forgiven of their former sins such as explicit were forgiven of our former sins that also explains in the Lord's prayer while we pray the way we pray and and why Jesus says if you forgive others you will be forgiven if you don't forgive others. You will be forgiven sometime of salvation. So I met relationship with God that there will be a breach in your relationship with God.

If you harden your heart against others refuse to forgive, and you will not enjoy that relational forgiveness with the Lord.

And just think of this. Did any of us when we came to faith say Lord forgive me Lord have done this something that I haven't been a thief lied. Lord forgive me wash me clean such a wretch save me. And Lord, would you also please forgive me for the lying and stealing all the best of him to do next year and the risk would never occur to us to ask for that because rest for forgiveness. When the debt has been accrued so you can look at it as if there's an infinite storage of funds to cover our debts, God's bank account, but they are drawn on when we fall into debt and asked for forgiveness and I dress that a great length in my book. Hyper grace. In fact, that's a fundamental error of the hyper grace message that your future sins are forgiven. The moment you're safe there paid for their forgiven Jesus as our high priest is our great high priest is the one who goes to God on our behalf, the one who is our intermediary, the one who makes the way for us to have a direct relationship with God the one who offers himself up for us to die for our sins so that we can be forgiven and entry to God's holy presence and in Hebrews 7, eight and nine really lay that out in amazing depth.

Okay what what first John five. What first John 5% by works of the yet so John says that not every sin is to death, but some more physical scholars really debate the meaning of that the idea of inland Catholic Church that you have certain sins that are deadly sins and the sins that are less consequential if they would perhaps get that doctrine from that passage, but it could be talking about the sin that leads to physical death. And it is of such a consequence that there will be physical death. We wonder why it couldn't be repentance and forgiveness is a talk about something that would lead someone to be spiritually cut off than that how that time with message of grace. The bottom line is as important as the verses are we really don't know exactly what it means Bible scholars debated and have never written anything Ry could say I'm absolutely definitively sure. So it's one of those things is?

But which one he was major on the majors and know in my life if I go to God in repentance. He will forgive me. He will cleanse. He will wash those things away he's faithful to keep his word through the blood of the cross. I thank you sir for the F word and clear question. Yep, God bless 866-34-TRUTH of escorted Jonathan in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Welcome to the line of fire. Are you doing you started. We spoke our number two the good work we go back okay back in September I write well, I based on our subject matter, to go over there again, going maybe can damage my help. If you like to so I was incurable just persecuted moderately to earn your total 2011 and I prayed for that and I must remember situation. No, I don't consider the guy had the wall, her voice for five years so demonic right so and and those bomb will hurt our vision of all kinds of data were not of Donna? To start Christian counselors and hospitals demonic and I dried food and water faster toward all these things that it did not go away and it lasted until I also got your sermons on the Holy Spirit has a voice… Is God the God of the guidelines. I want to duck every day for two years. The first of it and not start praying in tongues as well as pregnant through the Bible every day so I don't want to thank you for that help me out and he stated that I get weird about mission ogres well so anyway that is better stop but I got to a point were you got comfortable in skin and then you put on Facebook about the things that about two weeks ago about all the things that I went through and you know I also a breakthrough for me to get to a point. However, I ducked due to the board of demonic voices that stop stop then bomb the Dutch disease is cholesteryl yeah like to solicit not we come back and you decidedly saying is this what I see my screen that you have stuck where you are now leaving some practical advice we can the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown ends on the line of fire. Not being seen people and cults think they're following the truth. People in all types of weird groups and with weird beliefs think they're following the truth was us who believe the Bible is God's word can we avoid being deceived simple principles you humble yourself, you, you little lifer you are correctable and accountable teachable you as you cultivate humility person of the word get in the Scriptures have the word in your heart and your mind. Write it down repeatedly look at it. Think about it and then your doer of the word, you live it out. You seek to to put things into practices such as theoretical, you cultivate intimacy with God build a solid personal relationship with them.

You turn away from known sin with the strongholds in your life you go to get help. You don't just love these things to stay in the major on the majors. Give yourself to the basics that I inevitably see when people get into weird things that they are no longer giving themselves to the basics of sharing Jesus with others and serving others is a waste. Avoid deception friends, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the number to call and I want to talk about some serious delusion deception. It's in our midst.

Right now, but speaking to Jonathan in Minneapolis sure before the break.

Some of his extraordinary journey things he he went through demonic attack. He went through emotional tachy went through to Jonathan, I just wanted to share this with you and it's biblical. It's simple but I really feel it's it's applicable when we get to a place in our walk will we feel stuck were not making progress were were not growing in Revelation 2 when Jesus speaks to the church in Ephesus that it left its first love. This is due, things you did at first.

So many couples listening to me now, you hit a rut in your marriage and you were not getting along well you weren't communicating well. You want sensitive to one of his needs.

You think okay we need time for ourselves. The seven date night again. This is getaway for little while, get someone to watch the kids or whatever and you start doing the things you did at first and then connection is there so much flows good things happen so Jonathan will not encourage you to do is whatever congregation your part of get involved in practical service, even if you feel nothing even if it seems dull.

Get involved in practical service right is there outreach can I get involved just going as is there way I can help.

Is there Something where you're at your feet in the pores in the community. What can I do this just I just want to serve and get involved and get busy. It's amazing what happens. It's often God sees the effort that's made and then jumpstart. So I pray for a brother that there'd be grace poured out.

That is, majors on the majors and just gives himself to practical service that you'd ignite something fresh and him and he see acceleration growth in his walk with you. Hey Jonathan, thank you for calling me God's grace be yours. My brother, 866-34-TRUTH we go to David and have her help Massachusetts walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown got thank you, a go. But Jacob I like your debate out about your book that went black. Got a question on merit layer at Attica charismatic. I well relate environment standing up and eschatology and the bill. You know I go to God will though I like you know… If I ever I don't I don't like perfectly the debate or whatever but about people question. question… I don't I don't I know a lot of good and but I would ask a question about the Barrett lamp. When I think that will be as somebody who owes ablation and so like, how would you blame the mayors of one person told me there were like old bike to have high rate yet fractured. I do know if you heard that before I go, yeah the thing is with respect to our interpretive friends who raise it a lot you when is the merits of the link to places their mind get rapture then we have seven years to feast in heaven, etc. wall gets loaded on the earth. And then we we come back down with the Lord a so here's the big big question please tell me all of the major verses that discuss the marriage supper of the Lamb's what you tell me the biggest one or two that come to mind that talk about this amazing event called the marriage supper of the Lamb in the Bible.

So let's give me the biggest one or two that come to mind Abu Dhabi. I know they're gravelly… Mothers is the end of Revelation the 19th chapter it's there's the supper of the Lamb and that's where all the animals to come and eat the bodies of the people slain under God's wrath. That's not it. So where all the other versus what they aren't. They aren't. This is not a major theme of the New Testament and in fact if if you do a search in a Bible search for marriage supper or marriage of the Lamb.

You'll find that there is not a lot it's written about so to make it a major issue when is this major event could happen was on a major event spoken of in Scripture. That's the first there. The second error was to say that it doesn't happen when when the Lord establishes his kingdom on the earth, so he appears in glory. We we are resurrected and raised up to meet him to escort him back his and that the court meeting in the air as to escort him back. Not for him to turn around and go back to heaven so we meet him like this, people, crowds would go outside the city that is the Emperor Roma dignitaries coming in meet him and then escort him back so the logical time to have the marriage supper if there is to be this event, we speak of in this way would be when he sets up his kingdom here now. Firstly, we do is feast together with that would seem to be in harmony with Isaiah 25 that speaks about this great feast at this time with death is been done away with and things like that so that's most logical time to me and there's a lot that will happen. Reckoning, in various things is a whole lot happens. If you read Ezekiel 38, 39, it talks about after the destruction of gold by Gog, etc. that it's months and months and months of cleanup you know so there's there's plenty of time for all these things to happen when Jesus establishes his kingdom here on the earth, but the first thing I say will let let's look at the major verses you show me and say hey give me your five biggest versus the old have other three biggest versus 21 biggest first is is that there in terms of this thing that has to be this event that this particular time, and if they can show you that that that it is there in Scripture, there is no reason why you can't be Jesus sets up his kingdom here on the earth ever right back Dr. Brown and you.

You're very welcome and end of course you're always honoring of the school where you are. You're not there, as you say to start an argument that if someone comes up. Hey, have a healthy discussion, absolutely. And the book Craig Keener I wrote not afraid of the antichrist. If you don't have that that lays out what we feel the way we do. Biblically speaking of the second coming. Thank you for the call.

Let's just take a look at second Thessalonians.

The second chapter 2nd Thessalonians. The second chapter, Paul is writing to the believers and this is now.

We ask you, brothers and sisters, concerning the coming of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah swing for the TLB tree of life version and are gathering to him not to get shaken out of your mind or disturbed by spirit or word or letter sift through us is the day of the Lord is come let no one deceive you in any way, there's the warning again against deception, but no one deceive you in any way for the day will not come unless the rebellion comes first and that's with the Greek apostasy means that this not in the catching away unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the one destined to be destroyed speak of the antichrist. He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he sits in the temple of God, proclaiming himself that he is God. Remember that I was still with you. I was telling you these things, and now you know what holds back for him to be revealed in his own time. For the mystery of lawlessness is really operating only. There is one who holds back just now until he is taken out of the way. Then the lawless one again speak of the antichrist will be revealed.

The Lord Yeshua will slay him with the breath of his mouth and wipe them out with the appearance of his coming. The coming of the lawless one is connected to the activity of Satan with all power and signs and false wonders with every kind of wicked deception for those who are perishing the parish because they did not accept the love of the truth so as to be saved.

For this reason God sends in the delusional force to lead them to believe is false, that they may be judged. All those who did not believe the truth but the light and wickedness look at this principle when people will not believe the truth but will delight in wickedness at the end of the age. God will send them strong delusion to lead them to believe what is false to bring the further under judgment. Okay today I'm not saying that people are believing in antichrist or that that's the situation. I'm not taking second Thessalonians 2 and applying it directly to today I'm taking a principal from second Thessalonians 2 that we find elsewhere in the Bible that we continually sin against God, and continually refuse correction that God gives us over to judgment. It can be said destruction.

It can be further deception. What happens in Romans one is the human race rebels against God. God gives us further over to our sin or our uncleanness or wickedness. So I'm watching today as people are refusing to throw out the conspiracy theories that obviously did not pan out.

Donald Trump is not currently president is not some secret plot going onward day or two from now. He's about to take over Joe Biden that the more people believe the lie them. The more either.

Just by their own nature by God's judgment to give it over to Liza and I been reading the Joe Biden.

This is actually a fake Joe Biden that was inaugurated.

I am increasingly insane stuff in the same way when when people who insist on the prophetic words to the prophetic word is true, it did say eight years of Trump eight straight years of Tromso trumpets of this can happen there believing increasingly weird things and crazy things.

It's the same principle, and this is the path to deception. This will be been talked about on the air today that when people anyone can make a mistake.

Teaching prophetically, morally, it happens you humble yourself, you get lawyer asked for forgiveness and will be consequences to her wrong actions, but you humble yourself, you get low you receive the correction God gives grace to the humble off you can come out of it stronger than before. But when you insist no when it went when you will not listen to reality when you not receive correction. That's really dangerous and there's some friends. I am watching them step the denial of reality. This is really dangerous ground right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown website is download the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble Christian book at the paper back there from the signed copy. You can still get that from a website ester to and I discovered this while flipping through the book that there is a code where you can get a free copy of the e-book of Jezebels war with America very important book came out couple years ago and still be read very actively to the state get the free e-book so there's a code when you buy this book, you find it in the back of ethics. When you get the book. Make sure to take advantage of that art 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Chelsea in Silver Springs, Maryland used to live in only right near Silver Springs.

Welcome to the line of fire at American yes loud and clear. A perfect pink your arm, your product, hearing coming up civilian now. I'll remember you unlimited yeah, my partner in every regard to the apostle Paul writing. No. Thank you. We treat what it means that light that were no differently from what went he said it would come from the Lord like Princeton and one committee in advance. We talked about to marry people. I give discharge not high, but the lawyer began in the next where to get back to direct Back Bay.

I wear it though I when he said meal from the Lauren I is backed up each week. Treat that act like a command and rent it, believe that you know, I we treat back more like Jack. Right right you like a command.

All of us and asked the same question when reading a trend sorted out because if it's all part of Scripture if if it's all part of the Bible is reading it as part of the Bible that than what we make of this. What first and in and second Peter. The third chapter. Peter refers to the writings of Paul as Scripture pieces that you know people that they don't know and understand. I will twist the meanings of Paul like they do the other Scriptures so Paul's writings from an early time were ready considered to be part of part of the Bible part of Scripture.

But what what about where Paul says these few times in his letters when he makes a distinction between his advice and with the Lord said all he saying there. Chelsea is I don't have this directly from Jesus, I'm giving you my judgment the reason that were reading his judgment in the Bible is because it was also inspired by God, so he saying hey I have this directly from Jesus. This is what Jesus taught on this so I don't have this directly from Jesus, but I'm giving you my vices and apostle and we understand that that was equally inspired and Paul later on is his deal with the Corinthians in the 14th Congress is hate.

Hey listen I have the spirit of God also you know I'm not just speaking by myself. So yes we take that as authoritative as well. The difference being one is directly the teaching of Jesus that he was passing on any other saying hey I will have us directly from Jesus, but let me give you my wise counsel as an apostle, and God in his wisdom has that included in our Bibles to so take it all the same the same Holy Spirit inspiring both okay go, what would you like me don't like like I not the Lord would that be correct. Like my date at night that you not be a believer of people always outlook that you know what a colleague and a cadet about marriage, but they said they did. That that work where you expect that if not – just like yet you do fail, be on why, but it not necessarily get you don't like your agreement that no Paul.

Paul is giving the command don't do it pieces what is what is Satan have to do with with God was light have to do is start is the same. Don't do it come out from among the separate Paul stealing for scripting seven with with your marriage.

So let's see here. You have two unbelievers right there in the worshiping at the local idle Temple and the wife gets saved. Should she leave the husband, no, no, not if he's willing to have her don't leave because you could be the one that that leads him to the Lord and any children you have, God will consider is as sanctified to him through the believer services laws. The elderly was willing to have you find, but to knowingly go and marry a nonbeliever is is something that is sinful that God can redeem their but for every one case I've heard of evangelistic dating you know where we are. The believer goes with the nonbeliever then marries a nonbeliever to lead him to the Lord for every one case I've heard of someone being led to the Lord of her 10 or hundred of the believer being pulled away.

The believer goes or real hard time and last thing in in first Corinthians 14. Paul says this is challenging the Corinthians, verse 36 the word of God originate from you or did it come true only if anyone thinks he is a prophet or spiritual, he should recognize that what I write to you is the Lord's command. The defendant ignores this, you will be ignored. So we sing it in that context for strengthens 14th. That's his overall emphasis saying hey what I'm speaking to. I'm speaking to.

By the spirit of God. Hey look for here. If you again. Chelsea. You are very welcome. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Concorde North Carolina Robert welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I would call about Aldridge and Daniel chapter 10 verse 13 in Daniel was praying effective for 21 day event God sent April, the angel Gabriel to cinema message Gabriel what you think. Daniel said he was delayed by the print of the kingdom of Persia was that a human being was that dark Angel that was delighting Angel gave yeah forget the date of this is the understanding would be. It's an angel. The understanding would be that there were angels over nations and based on this, you would deduce that there are godly angels and ungodly angels. Dark Angel that you called fallen Angel and negative. There is it's it's actually like a wrestling mat and whatever it was, shoot out wit however it works in the heavenly's that there was actual battle so he's going and he gets delayed and then Michael has to come and help them so it's an angelic Outlook Revelation 12 talks about Satan and his armies battling with Michael and his armies, and Satan, ultimately being cast down, so there is real warfare and get that happen in our life today. Can we pray for God to do something and make you a dark Angel be delighted delayed answer.

"Theoretically, it is possible in those without. This verse I did I give you a million reasons why couldn't happen and you know you pray to God and God answers directly but Paul also talks writing to the Thessalonians. He says it that I want to come visit you. But Satan hindered us so there are very sincere. Let's say the answer to prayer is not just something direct like I'm saying, Lord, touch me I'm sick heal me. But the answer is going to come through someone or through some organization or through some ministry and there in the midst of a difficult time you let let's just say there under physical attack or financial attack or spiritual attack, and they're the ones that are going to bring the answer to us in a let's say for example that that that God releases funds through certain ministry to reach you in that ministry comes under real difficult attacking of the Ghana fund remission strip.

Of course God could send it through many of the different ways but sometimes is it just reminds us that we need each other again when I pray I just want to understand my own faith as posture is set on God and God alone. That's it. End of subject. I'm telling the Almighty God that he has all power, all wisdom, all might. He's not dependent on sending the answer to anyone. He's God he can do the once that's my faith posture. Also present at the same time that as he works through human beings that things can take time that he may be preparing someone where there may be spiritual resistance.

So when that how you so how do I know Walt generally speaking, something like that was the case, you would just feel more burden to contend in prayer you would feel more of a sense of spiritual battle and resistance and just press through and hold onto the word and remind God of his promises and and take authority over every demonic opposition. I again honestly, I almost never think about the devil and demonic opposition while praying I focused on the Lord and the Lord alone, and yet I understand that there is warfare there is opposition, and sometimes we very consciously war against demonic powers you. I remember a pastor of a church where I wasn't late 70s early 80s which that verse was in the Bible, but it's there. It just seems so odd to him but but there is it going… Or like Dr. I wouldn't think the way I and Levi Edward Scott about usual is really "read the New Testament, but intersecting it overloading. Could you talk to him about usual too much doggy do you talk about every day.

Are you step back. No I will not. I would really pray for him.

Robert really pray and and then either as I felt prompted or is he raised the question I will I would speak with anyone you you don't want to drive them away and especially Jewish person feel you know you just try to convert them or something, but one I would pray for him every day to I would look for any interest he has no I might. This year is asking to read a book like my book, the real kosher Jesus nor watch a debate, the rabbi ill and then get feedback would you think of this watch this something like that. Otherwise, wait for him to ask you questions unless you really feel prompted by the Lord because sometimes we we can drive some of the way with our zeal and if if he's open, he'll come to you literally produce may the Lord use you to bring this man to him. My friends try to fix more calls to more interesting conversation with this position is less. But all is well. The website asked Dr.

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