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How to Discover Treasures in God's Word

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 27, 2021 4:50 pm

How to Discover Treasures in God's Word

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 27, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/27/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

There are amazing treasures in the word of global talk about how to dig them out for yourself today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown digging into the word of God today to be enlightened last encourage them form and if you have a Bible question, especially New Testament related and even more specifically New Testament Greek related.

I got a colleague here just the right man to answer your most difficult questions 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 this is Michael Brown I'm joined in studio today by with my friend Prof. Steve Ault. We've worked together. Now in school related settings for over 20 years.

Going back around 1997 full time together side-by-side pouring into students, ministry students training them, teaching, mentoring every way that we could and now exclusively doing it online fire school of ministry online.

All of our classes. The full audio of the class with full study notes for each class with online meetings with different professors with practical ministry assignments everything online will tell you more about that. We want to get to the word during the broadcast.

But to find out more to enroll in our new classes or new semester just about to start going to fire school of fire school of tell a friend. This is the place for you. Hey Steve, welcome back to the modified smile while good to have you with us today. It's great to be deducted so so Steve, how is it that you saved out of the crazy lifestyle.

The you know the whole sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, worldly lifestyle, you get wonderfully safe wonderfully born again. How is it that you got into the word of God. What gave you such a passion be such a gifted teacher. The Scriptures really began before I became a Christian I was in the University's Carolyn University had a Christian roommate and we would talk a lot and I would ask him questions about the Bible and he made the comment that you know you could open up and read a verse of Scripture in a room with 10 theologians and they'd give you 10 different interpretations. I thought that can't be right. Something drawing it up that word has to mean something and I'm going to know what it means and when he left the room after our talk had a Bible on a shelf and remember looking at the Bible. It is pointed out and I said someday I'm good to know what that book means and ever since then I've had that hunger for knowledge of the word and you are you are AAA gifted and called teacher you have a pastoral heart your father with a bunch of kids of your own you and your saber been a real spiritual dad to the students that have come through a ministry school, but the gift that that shines through you day and day out is teacher of the word teacher. The word you love to teach some tests should be tracked by five different classes in a week and and love to open up the Scriptures and one thing that that you become really sensitive to over the years is common. Misinterpretations and the consequences of this, misinterpretations a massive amount of spiritual or doctrinal error practical or moral, or it could be avoided if we simply knew the word better so give an example of a of a common misinterpretation of Scripture or maybe something that has implications we get it wrong. Well, there we have a lot of a lot to choose from) for arsenic are one of my my favorites is whenever someone's preaching on on trusting of the Lord will provide for all your needs usually reteach the right stuff and preach the right stuff but we don't always find the right verse to teach it and commonly said well you know Bible says God owns the cattle on a thousand hills so he's got enough to supply your needs.

Well, if you look at the verse it's actually talking about God not needing anything from us and our sacrifices are offerings. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills something pretty nearly opposite of what we use it for because we don't read the context God it's all right sometime I context the importance of context context is the essence, the most important thing to to study if you want to understand what anything means the same as in speech the same as as anything you read today.

If there's one thing that any in a person doesn't want us to ever be quoted out of context or is whether to friend or whether it's a political figure, or an entertainer. That's the worst thing that can happen if a record of the other topics they would get misrepresented well.

Does anybody.

We don't want to misrepresent its God will or the authors of Scripture who were under inspiration to write the truth about God we serve more respect for them than any other person, including ourselves and make sure that we don't misquote them and quote out of context and make God God to be saying something is not right so so let's let's look at an example just cited one we say God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

This is why these things. Like all that's a cool verse and then you discover it one day when you're reading the Psalms are Psalm 50 psych.

Oh, it's so true that that God provides that these abundant but right it's the exact opposite of how it's normally applied. So a lot of times were familiar with the verse, like a proper burbs as a feather flock together.

So does this little proverb and we actually read it in context of its it's a little bit different, so let let's take an example of how understanding the context really helps us to get things right. Okay. In the book of Revelation and never displays the number of times a lot of times in a we don't want to be lukewarm Christians and I will certainly we we we want to be on fire for God so I go to Revelation 3 in verse 16, which says that because you're neither hot nor cold but lukewarm on the spew you out of my mouth and so you say well admit it, even if the been called to be a list if you're cold there again against God's and I'll let you know when in fact it's talking about the water supply. This is actually cultural content or the the historical context that's lying behind not just the literary context which is understanding what they're talking about that the water in that city. Laodicea was lukewarm because he got piped in from another city and it was just the right temperature of lukewarm work lukewarmness that if you try to swallow it. There's an involuntary reaction so that's what the spearing out of the mouth is referring to, but to nearby cities chiropodist said hot warm water where it which is good for firm of soothing the muscles in and elements and there was Coldwater and Colossae where it was very refreshing to drink and that's what being referred to every new the water. Laodicea was lukewarm and useless somehow talking about and not be on fire for God is talking about there being useless to another is the wrong application would be readily lukewarm. Just hate God just walk away from God.

If you look where refuse to let it be known that you hate God know it's a gift.

It's not the application because you always wonder, like why we should rather be cold. And that's this misapplication a friends. Steve has taught for years. Fabulous classes on how to study God's word classes on doctrinal foundations classes on church history real good informative classes as well as inspirational classes in world changers history makers and things like that you can study with Steve online the full class with full study guide price got vacation test and do it at your own pace. Our online school so check this out. Go to fire school of it is an actual online school, you can just audit classes but you can earn the two-year degree you can transfer credits to some other schools as well. So fire school of get registered today and if you join Steve here. We got a ton of time and will answer a lot of questions to cause as well. But check it out enroll for misuse classes there.

Their first year sticking your classes as well, but take these you may be amazed how much things fall into place in the riches of things. So Steve, that's an example of cultural historical background.

Commentators readily know that study Bibles will tell you that it's not like you just discovered that and yet your average reader doesn't know it and and kind of puzzles over that one about when you're laying out principles like how to study God's word and basic principles when Easter was the very first thing that you teach someone when I teach how to understand about first thing is to read it and read it many times over weeks often have the maybe it's a lazy streak. Or maybe it's just an assumption. We think we grieve something once and that's it we got it but in fact the every time you read something if you read carefully you're going to see something it'd see before God taught me that when I was in Bible college and he had me in Romans 12 one and to just two verses of Scripture. I would read it every day for about nine months and every time I went to that passage, I saw something I've never seen before God just embedded in me, the reality that he will open up things I've not seen before. When I teach a biblical exegesis, we spend the most time on observations rather than interpreting the passage we focus mostly on reading what it actually says because we often miss that. I can't tell you how many times people of said how you know Jesus sweated great drops of blood. I got Gethsemane, but in fact the text doesn't say that it says that he sweated what looked like. Or, as it were great drops of blood so it reminded the witness that it was of what looked like blood from a distance, probably silhouette it was nighttime and and it reminded him of something that in the text may actually serve as a foreshadow because the next day he's gonna be drip dripping blood as he carries at the cross to Golgotha and we miss the author. Luke was a great writer, giving us a foreshadow what's about to happen because we misread the text by by not seeing that that was a comparison when I discovered some years back I got saved can change my was the Bible we had. So read that over and over, memorized thousands of verses from it and then at a certain point I started reading other translations as well and suddenly something I become so familiar with because I was used to the words is, like, wrote in my mind that I wasn't thinking about it as I read I read another translation and it didn't so much say something different. It just said the same thing differently and select all, that's what it means or even, Romans 12 12 because were so used to the chapter divisions right, I beseech you therefore, brethren, condensed by the mercies of God, but we just think of the mercies he had messed with the cross which is true but Paul had mercy in mind in the previous chapter right that's correct is been talking about the promises of God and the salvation history of of restoring Israel all Israel will be saved and looking for the mercy of God in bringing the nation of Israel as well as all of the nations to salvation. And that's that mercy that he just been talking about. Yet it exactly right friends will come back take some your calls will talk about the importance of knowing church history get some Greek insights as I sit with Prof. Steve all and if you'd like him to be teaching you write in your own home at your convenience.

Your time schedule go to fire school oh yeah my classes there as well. Others every faculty member will bless you and help you strengthen you and ministry preparation were growing God will drink that we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Bible question question. Today's a great day to call in to sit with my friend and colleague many years.

Prof. Steve Ault so Steve, you have specialized in Greek in terms of biblical languages study Greek for many years taught Greek for many years. Give an example of something that comes alive. Wow, what an insight when you're able to read in the Greek and and and dig deeper into the New Testament text but one verse that were all familiar with is the great commission in Matthew 28.

19 go into all the world and preach the gospel to all the nations, and we are always told in and it's preached you. Now go go go. You gotta go. But when you look into the Greek. The man is only one verb in that that whole verse and the verb is not go. The verb is teach, make disciples, and so the go is actually a participle that's known as the attendant circumstance participle, which means a something that happens alongside of the main action. The main action is make disciples.

So it's assuming that you're going to go because you have to go to do what the verb says to do.

Probably be better translated go make disciples so that the ideas to make disciples, but as a result, we think you know if we can just get people to to go to the nations will will be will be okay but a lot of missionaries are really doing much where they are and everything we think that the main ideas is to get people say well once relating to the Lord. We got a national belt. The great commission isn't to get people saved it to disciple them and that's something that we have of of a real weakness in the church today about people being disciple we we get them saved and that we think will now there okay the Lord got him, but in fact it's our job to disciple these people that you are the reasons why we have a school because the people need to be trained up and ways of being a Christian having a good prayer life, worshiping God on a daily basis and reading and an understanding or yeah and in point of fact, there's a discipleship crisis, especially the church of America other nations as well. The tremendous shallowness real lack of doctrinal foundations real lack of solid foundations of the word in general daily disciplines.

Holy living.

It's it's really crisis level and that's why we seen so much deception and error and each group will have its weaknesses in a you you may have back to circles and they may be stronger in teaching the Bible but weaker in the life and power. The spirit in charismatic circles.

They may be stronger in life and power the spirit that we can teaching the Bible but as a charismatic Steve is you Pentecostal charismatic yourself missing a real crisis in terms of lack of foundational Bible knowledge now in charismatic circles leading to lot of error and before you go to the phones at time of the Greek word must they taste disciple or or the verb for making disciples is is anything we can get from that how much this time with the with learning being students wasn't mean disciple is to be a follower of student in the time when when the New Testament was written. People would sit at the feet of philosophers literally and they would be full-fledged followers of that that person that they were studying under renal corseted in Judaism, the rabbis had people that would that would sit and learn from them. They didn't just learn facts and and a set of doctrines, but they actually learn the life of that person and when Jesus says follow me.

He didn't just say that the 12 disciples, he got a following of 12 disciples, and there were a lot of other people that also followed him. But he talked about being has the SAPI after you pick up your cross and follow him. If you want to be his disciple and means a total sacrifice of your life for the sake of living for that other one that you're following II remember seeing called people do that word groomer.

This leader and they would leave everything in to sit at their feet and learn from them and it was obvious extreme. Thus, it was occult, but the idea of you believe what you're doing to full-time learn and grow to the master teacher that would be normal so question for us in the midst of our lives, families, working jobs, how to really be disciples.

And that's what we have to dig deeper and find ways to be more purposeful again.

You can take classes with us, you can take one of the time you can take full-time program is if you were in college or seminary or online school fire school of and you have to apply. You have to be qualified to to be a student. All that's clear when you contact us would check it out. Take a course or two when you do take Dave Harwood's class on the love of God are Steve all class a doctrinal foundations were my classes on prayer reduce roots think your eyes will be open and you want to dig in more white. Let's let's take some calls will start with Christian in Toledo, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire going all Dr. Heyman. I will own the worded morning and an applicable question around it or or speak about, you know, I think you able to put a mark on the more apparent they can unite behind white the child. A question is it was only Adam EE came in and worked on how pretty good duty and will wipe us out right. See John S&S first or you will meet us there. I be happy to have to be aware that the book of Genesis doesn't tell us everything.

It tells us the important things in the things that God wanted to inform us is not a complete history of everything that happened in the ancient world. So were told that Adam and Eve had Kane and had Abel as sons does not tell us about their other children, which I'm sure that over the course of 900+ years. They had quite a few so they would continue having children and their children would have children and it's estimated that in the lifetime of of Adam and Eve people have done the math and suggested that as many as 25 million people could've been on over course of that much time yeah and and it does mention in the fifth chapter the other sons and daughters being born even says in the fourth chapter when when Cain kills Abel certain at this point, their full-grown men there working again with the doing and he would salute indicates you mean, which is at the end of days so. Absent means after period of time, but you had years and years going on and is Steve all this to said addition record every detail space in chronological order, so there are plenty of other people on the on the planet at that time cities could be built population could be going there went generations later God wipes out the human race because the flawed human race. All of the earth at that point so yeah it's common question, but that's that's the answer gives us the key select details about family genealogy and things like that without filling in all the other planks there so question number two occurred in a number code And are important, but if I were gnawing on the other than the younger people make it go out why no instructors delete order, you know, to cover about a question if it know it was a curse on his youngest child, but blessed the wonder how wide youngest out a lot that you think you make your it was his, but one of the American one that will light a exp Kurt yet. Steve you go first in order. Well first thing is as as mentioned earlier observation of the text is very important and as we look at the text and actually says cursed be Canaan does not say that any of his three sons workers back to the grandson's office. He some things going on that were not told in his involvement must've brought the curse on him. So it's a grandson that's receives a curse and this verse has been misread and misinterpreted historically as a justification for slavery because they would say that the sun was cursed to gave birth to the African peoples.

That's not even true it Canaan is the one who went to the area that became known as Canaan where a lot of ungodly people live that fell under God's judgment and that's the land that God gave to the Israelites and it was an act of judgment against those people and fulfillment of this curse on Canaan that the conquest of question and in the other the other aspects with it yet. So the idea of using it justify slavery as a horrific abuse of text with raising were talking the implications of wrong interpretation to justify enslaving dark skinned people. It's a monstrous abuse of the text and something to do with what's written. The question is you said someone had to see him naked.

Obviously there is a mockery. The sun came out mocking in the I just saw that whatever or there are ancient traditions that allege more happened that either raped him or castrated him hard to demonstrate that from the text, but certainly there's some mocking because the others going backwards cover them to dishonor your father's nakedness is extreme, but it can be more of a sexual implication question as to why that particular sun was cursed could be that that was the one that was deserving of it could be that that was the one that was fathering following in the father's footsteps and ungodly behavior. We know later that the Canaanites are characterized by sexual immorality, but week we can only clean so much and the rest is speculation.

Hey, thanks for the call. He, Steve, we just got a minute before the break, but their other biblical texts that are being used. The claim that dark skinned people were somehow inferior. Even that Canaan was cursed in the curse on Canaan was dark skinned. I mean it's completely manufactured out of whole cloth correct that's absolutely right, God values all people the same and is a thing goes with ground level at the foot of the cross and God wants all people to be saved and he loves everyone equally.

Yeah. And the idea that you can find any of this in the text. Well, the cursive cane.

This is for the sick dark skin it's it's completely manufactured.

You mustcursed with white skin Christmas Redskin are cursed with a lot of hair and no him and there is zero basis in the text and it people or abused and hurt and mistreated because of the Bible being butchered. These are sacred words but when we understand these are God's words.

It's really important to get them right. That's what James Jacob is a 17 teachers be held later. I the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown all around the world bearing fruit. Make it different starting schools, planting churches, helping the poor and the needy one is grounded in a God is with my friend Steve all you can study with him full time online part time you can be 50 years old. Digging deeper into the word me 18 years old. Supplementing your college studies to be 25 years (for ministry great place to go. We put our entire school of ministry online or full two-year program with additional elective classes, put it online if you training for the mission field and want to be sent out unequipped great place to go as well. Fire school of if you have a question specially agree. Question New Testament, but any Bible question for Steve all or me 866-34-TRUTH quite Steve book of Romans is what your favorite books to teach and go through and we know that the Hebrew vocabulary can have a little different meaning than Greek, and the same with English, so if we say flesh right if we say busts are in Hebrew that has a certain meaning if if we talk about the spirit being poured out on all flesh that means a particular thing we think New Testament sharks flesh rethinking more carnal sinful nature. Romans gets into this and of course in seventh chapter in particular, but tell me about the meaning of flesh, especially New Testament context. Romans one. We need to get this right.

There's no particular use of the word flesh that Paul uses that side of a theological nature is mostly found in Romans and in Galatians where he's referring to a way of life, and this is important because it talk about the way Christians must live their life, so he talks about the flesh and how futile it is to to live that way. In chapter 7 and in chapter 8. When he's explaining it. He makes a comment so that so then those who were walking a court of the flesh cannot please God. Now, what's interesting is that when we talk about what it means to be in the flesh, and I'll be in the flesh.

We often think about you know like the simplest of the end of chapter 5 of Galatians. All these evil horrible things are people who left the flesh when obstacles are fleshly acts but that's not what Paul is talking about when he's referring to the flesh. Obviously if you talk about evil things you have to tell us you can't please God doing those sort must be what is referring to is something that people might think they could do and please God and in chapter 7 he's talking about living under the law, and then he starts comparing that and and using it synonymously with the word flesh. This is is more evident even in chapter 5 of Galatians where he says the beginning of verse 16. I say, walk by the Spirit you will not gratify the desires of the flesh for the desires of the flesh are against the spirit and spirit against the flesh.

These are opposed to each other to keep you from doing the things you want to do, but if you are led by the Spirit, you are not. And at that point we are all expecting the site not in the flesh because that's the contrast is drawn, but he says if you are in the spirit you're not under the law. So for Paul to operate in the flesh is to operate according to one's own ability to live the best life you can live apart from God without the supernatural assistance of God in your life that's were living in the law is the list of rules of what to do and what not to do when you do your best and to live under the law is not it's not possible to please God this way because it's contrary to grace and because it's impossible for any person to live sin mostly and be perfect before God. So we have to live according to the spirit and unfortunately a lot of Christians we get saved we receive the spirit. We may be filled with the spirit speak in tongues, but we live a life we were just trying our best to please God, instead of trusting in God to produce the life of the spirit in us pulp cited in Galatians 220 I no longer live, but Christ lives in me and it's Christ living his life out of us that that is the essence of living the Christian life is to limit the press in a little deeper on that and then will takes more calls. I remember in college, listening to Christian radio is always driving to and from school, and there was one brother and he was saying I've died with Christ, I know it's out, not me who this is Christ who lives in the in Galatians 2.

These are the passages a soup when I get up in the morning. It's not me, it's Christ living in me when I do this it's Christ living in the I said Lord will when I get up in the morning if you like me it Had a wife was that magical tread you how does this happen so Steve your teacher. You obviously bringing people to a point where they can walk with God and in a certain level. It's like the bird getting out of the nest and learns he can fly, but what what will be a practical step to tell someone how to not live in the flesh. Obviously no blatant disobedience.

We understand this part of the flesh, but living in the flesh of my effort to to please God and do my best. How I learned to live in the spirit well and you have the carefully even asking that question because if if we can get told here are three steps how to do this.

We're just going to go out and do three steps in and accomplish it okay and that isn't that is the flesh, that's us doing it so you really can have a three step process do this do this do that during the spirit because those three things are doing are not the spirit in the flesh cannot produce the spirit flesh produces flesh so you can have that three step process that that the book how to how to walk in spirit just repeat after me and you'll do it. In fact, it's a relationship we live out of relationship and and when were living in all according to your just doing our best to know why do we want to read the Bible well I have to middle God wants. The Bible and in the word of God.

This is something I know I have to pray I am supposed to be praying all the time. So pray well because the Bible says to.

I'm obeying the Bible well what if I had him out of a marriage that was like that service as well. You when you talk to your wife. Well, you know Bible commands me to so I talked to her and I don't I don't know that God is all that impressed. If were dedicated to prayer just because were told we have to. I think he wants us to pray because we want to because we love him and we want to build that relationship. That's what's going to produce that life that's in the spirit God gone right so building relationship is always going to be key.

It's not just head knowledge or practical steps is was the time to write down step one step to step three step was build relationships. Step two is build relationships. Step three build relationship things flow from there. Alright let's up.

Let's take some more calls and we go over to see. Let's go to Liat in Sunnyvale, California. Welcome to the line of fire.

Bracketing every yes I can. Thank you for allowing value of the colorant. I say Israeli Jewish practice article on land and that came to faith three years ago may have been Christian with OS Christ tenant for years. He tried to link me.

Why should I let my McFadden and use all of your book that he studied dear Lenny, try to kill explained to me.

But I hateful toward you and actually something of my fan was listening to you and Rabbi :-) and one debate and I told him that I remember listening to your debate before I came to faith and I thought you were dead. All you said was nonsense and I should go back and then and then basically I listen.

And I like golf) that I came to faith, dream, and not because I after logic trading yet you and I about what you will and and one for Israel, are my rabbis because they couldn't hearing from any Christian gray person Lisha Weitzman Messiah and one a thing of downgrading to the Bible in my landmark familiar with the Hebrew Scripture because it's an act because growing up in Israel and outside many years and that and that so the new covenant is new to me and I only read it by and the question in American so my question lies in high file they read and that is that now there is a P&L confidence and monitor their all angry Israelite doing something wrong militia thereon decision-making about my not doing Lang and care for me and I'm not really have Scripture on that collar and really baby but it's clear to me that Christian PN and growing applicant like being an architect and you know this paint can expel much more pronounced increased can unite with the Christian right now I'm in a messianic site count is Christian day knife a high explaining in each field that in the Hebrew Scripture, there was blaming the Israelites were doing wrong and it feels like there was a shift somehow in the new covenant toward state that is the reason for me doing that distant selection. Let me let me jump in and Steve if you want to add something that's just the nature of this call, let them each of them. Firstly, it's, it's amazing to hear your story and of yet just in Israeli and someone that was Ichabod and always coming to faith.

It's amazing. One day when when you have time right out your testimony forcing writing Hebrew.

If you like and and send it to us through website.

It looked like to hear more. Find out more, but the New Testament new covenant writings because the Shaw are just as strong in terms of personal responsibility and accountability in the fact that we will be judged but remember what happened in in the Toronto motion numbers 21 when the children of Israel were sinning and they were dying and God had them. He said make a bronze snake and put it on a pole and then when you look to the snake you be healed so we read about that and then we get to second Kings molluscum Bates second Kings, the 18th chapter.

It tells us that Hezekiah had to chop it up into little pieces because the Israelites were worshiping it so the big problem and in the days of the Tanakh. The Old Testament was Israel Cossey looking to other gods idolatry. Following other gods, so cost a ton. Satan was only revealed later after the Babylonian exile after they had been purged from their idolatry. God began to reveal more what was happening behind the scenes spiritually in the new covenant writings in common with rabbinic literature that date.

They do talk about more more about Hesse tarnishing being so satanic, so it's just that the foundation was sufficient way. Think I can give you revelation about what's happening behind the scenes in the spiritual and so were totally responsible for actions but now we understand more the spiritual battle scene stay here.

I'll finish on the other side.

It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown said he is frustrated entirely online. Every class full audio of every class. You can listen if you're driving privacy or whatever works for you on the treadmill. Whatever and then full study guide. Stick to going deeper to look at the notes test that you can take an audit classes you can take them for credit. Go to fire school of and let us dig into the word even more deeply together right before we get a question for my colleague Steve Ault so Leon again one day: we have more time to talk. Maybe on a Thursday we have a Jewish focus is like to hear more your story. It asked some questions but one last thing about the revelation of house a ton. Satan in the Scriptures, if you look in second Samuel 24 one.

It says the anger of the Lord incited David to number Israel. God was angry with David and the anger of the Lord incited David to number Israel. Second Samuel that was written that's that's older in our history, then a few hundred years later, after the exile first and second Chronicles written to her how you mean Hebrew and first Chronicles 21 one is the exact same account that it says there say 10 incited David to number Israel. So the older text a few hundred years earlier. Since the anger of the Lord because God did not want to talk too much about Satan's people start to worship him that they would start to follow him as this powerful being, after the exile God purged idolatry from us, and how God starts to tell us more behind the scenes, just like you found a contrast between you felt old covenant new covenant here within Tanakh itself.

The older text tells us the anger of the Lord incited David the later text someone closer to new covenant times tells us Satan did it so it was God's anger.

But Satan was the vessel that provoked it.

So it's just the veil is lifted and we get more insight as to what's happening in the spiritual, but were always directly responsible to God. Either way, no one can ever say the devil made me do it because we make the ultimate decision to say yes or no.

So that helpful warrant photographing.

I'm like all real grain (more than I know it should be more the more value note which is what it is. Be because you're coming from a certain perspective it's striking he was certainly right just like someone who's not Orthodox. They look at it from the outside and see you have a million rules for everything like once my normal life. So because there's so much in the New Testament about personal responsibility somebody calls for repentance.

God disciplining us.

If we disobey and calling us deeper that you you will very rarely hear a Christian blaming their sin on the devil tape they may give the devil too much credit. As if he's everywhere trying to attack all the time. But no, it's your coming from a certain perspective and because of that it is coloring.

We look at things and we become familiar with it. Just next time you read to that through the precut dish and course are some great Hebrew translations.

Bonham translations the next time you read through it. Just look at how much personal responsibility is put on us in the teaching of Yeshua teaching of the shrieking that the apostles you see over and over, personal responsibility, personal responsibility, take note of it next time through. Hey thank you much for the call right.

Let's go to mold in Raleigh, North Carolina which are question for us.bro. Hey quick quite like this one. One morning John waking up and guarded and agreeing to exit 24 around first talked about some of the children of the amount with Moses and they spell God and you they saw God, and they drank 74 people actually yeah yeah so contradict what I don't know what you're missing is actually wonderful. In other words, what will open up to you will really bless you.

BUS. The perfectly right questions to Steve diving okay first of all, I'm I'm really intrigued. When you read verse 10 that it says they saw the got a visit from a guy with red lips and went to eat, and how God is with them, but aside from that and says that the what was beneath was a pavement that is like sapphires. I'm thinking I'm in your ceiling is a God and he described the pavement that he was in all the farm invited to the white house and sit in the Oval Office, can I come home and write a blog about the color of the carpet is a set actually sapphire and no carpet here okay but maybe Megan reflects her posture. Perhaps they fell on their faces is present, the mentally able to see but maybe we get a little more inside a few chapters later when Moses asks us to God and God hides them in the cleft of the rock, and he passes before him, and says that he saw the back parts of God. The word is off the reach and it's talking about what may be even his aftereffects, like the trail of plane leaves in the sky of white cloud because he couldn't see the essence of God and survive it and eat. He just saw the aftereffects of God and that made his face glow when he went back to the Israelites, the other put a veil over it so that they wouldn't see it fading away.

Think about it.

Maybe this is not necessarily what's intended in the text, but when you think about if you look at the sun for a while you could go blind. How much more brilliant than the sun is God, and so our feeble, frail bodies would not be physically capable of withstanding the brilliance and magnificence of the essence of God, so seeing God. There has to be a filter of some sort that helps us to see whatever we can see and and were not really capable of seeing the essence of God.

I don't think I would kill us if we saw them. I think it would kill him because yeah so that's that's absolutely one part of it that's important to realize, and it is that it arrived that might my back parts related to her reading in Exodus 33 here's the other side to it. Know that I like to emphasize when ensuring that the good news with Jewish people is that you have John 118 no one seen God at any time.

John five Jesus reemphasizes that first Timothy six, Noah seen him. He dwells in unapproachable light and that you have. They saw God. Exodus 24 or Isaiah so the Lord Isaiah 6 of these others so the other aspect that we understand is that it's the sun who make some notes of God in his full glory, unfiltered glory, Noah seen, but the sun has always made a known so if he is seeing he seen through the son and and that's why Jesus ultimately says if you seen me you seen the father. So Hebrews 1 was his house and he was one about that very subject Steve his exact representation of the father.

So Jesus is everything that the father is it manifested form, and he is the fullness of of deity in bodily form in Colossians chapter 2, and so he he… The theological term I think is accommodation that you that God has to present himself in a way that we can understand and handle that's far inferior to what he really is. I was he a physical body limits God beyond his true omnipresence and omnipotence, but here it's what we can grasp. And that is enough to transform our lives. Just imagine when we get to heaven and truly see it most.

So much to unpack your thanks and love, the question thanks for asking. By the way, we continue right guys work we do need to chat right okay so 20 minutes from now we can continue asked her to Brown on YouTube, SK, Dearborn on YouTube just feeling your questions answer uses as the question should type instead of calling SK DR Brown on YouTube. Starting 415 Eastern time. All right, let's let's try to get to another question. Orlando and High Point, North Carolina. Time is short so please dive right in with your question okay with that. John one okay when we're good on that very we will know that I am in you and you are in me and my father like that. I ended the day you will reveal what what that mean exactly when that date something in the future you going to deal something right so John chapter 14 verse 21 at that days it resurrection is that is it future glory. What's he talking about their there are there are future days that John refers to that he refers from Jesus beginning in chapter 1 chapter 14 verse one know is a famous passage where it's quoted at funerals a lot in my father's house are many mansions I go and prepare a place for you. It's actually debated, you know, is that talking about when we dyers are talking about when Jesus returns or when you know the second coming occurs so there are were going to meet Jesus one when we die and to when he establishes his kingdom and that both of those moments we are going to be in a completely different reality. And that's what's been referred to that there's a different reality that we are going to to meet what would you be like him to see him when we do, were going to be like you were given no them even as we are no everything is going to change. First Corinthians 10. Where were told that even in all the gifts of the spirit going to pass away because were going off. See face-to-face everything is going to change it really happens when Jesus comes in and establishes his kingdom on earth, but we get it we get a foretaste of it whenever we die and friends rented time, which means you need more time with Steve all in the word let him guide you and equip you to better your school website fire school of Ministry not, five classes today will be back 15 minutes. Oestreich around on YouTube

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