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A Rape Victim Speaks Up for the Unborn

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 26, 2021 4:40 pm

A Rape Victim Speaks Up for the Unborn

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 26, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/26/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Was a rape victim have to say about the pro-life movement stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown cover a lot of ground today.

Atheism issued the failed comp prophecies to abortion. Pro-life movement magnificently calls as well. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I was sent this clip via Twitter yesterday.

I looked at it and it was it was sad to see a few days ago Larry King passed away with sleep, 80s so famous talk show host famous on CNN for the many interviews he conducted like 50,000 interviews over the course of his life.

Talk to many religious people Billy Graham to of the Dalai Lama.

You name it and would always ask probing face related questions but kind of a down-to-earth way that others could relate to. But he was not a believer. He was married multiple times eight times I believe to seven different wives during this interview he references his wife that that time, being a true believer, but this is from a few years back.

Larry King is explaining why he does not believe in God. Now, of course, at this point. He knows reality, having passed from this world and God only knows what happened in the days, hours leading up to his passing from this world you hope for the best until you find out otherwise. But this is where he stood as he's being interviewed by young man. This is a few years back and I want to dig into what he saying because is not the only want to say these things to feel these things and the fact it is not with us now makes it more poignant assessments of greater urgency to reach others who may be thinking in similar terms so that the first clubs little bit longer listen to the interaction my name on the Harlan Instagram. It's no secret you're fascinated with the afterlife.

What are your beliefs on the afterlife and what happened.

Someone passed away. The trouble is, I think nothing happens. I have no I don't believe in organized religion or religion. I can't make that leap of faith never seen anyone return I've never gotten a message when I have heart surgery. I didn't see clouds or white bright light shine. I know the people say they've seen it and I respect that and I hope they're right so I can hold hope is different from belief.

My wife is a true believer shall say things like, you know, her uncle died. I'll see him on the other side and whenever asked where is the other side. What form of them when you see them and what this is spirit with I think it's all my theory is this man came from the monkeys and gorillas. I think that's obviously Ed was look at Rosalynn. We evolved and walked on 2 feet and then Mammon was walking around with women in one day filled and he looked at him and get up wasn't sleeping heating get up and get up and then he started to smell bad. So they put them in the ground when Elsa waited for the graph and then someone had to say some smart guy had a say this is it I think is all religion is based on Beth feud and either be no relation.

So what it does is encourage the masses call Marx called the overreact of the masses which I believe it is I don't dish I don't think my wife is not something my father was not typing. They all firmly believe, but I think it's superstition based on this desire to want to know you going so it makes you feel good and you can't be proven wrong because of your bed and emotionally.

You're right. If you don't goes away. Don't know what nobody knows.

It's a win-win. I can't mentally is a long answer but I chemically you obviously it's very sad when you watch this, especially because we can pray for Larry King that we can't reach out to him yet again. He's gone from this world and what is is. That's the reality. It's interesting that he hoped for life beyond the grave hoped it would be true perhaps had in process.

The thought that there might be accountability to God, not just blissful passing on to another world, but accountability to a God any judgment at that point, for good or for evil, but his idea. Forget the evolutionary part. His idea that religion and belief in God all has to do with the issue of death unto the issue of death is very very major and in you have certain say religions in Asia or Africa and they venerate the dead and they offer sacrifices to the dead and they think the spirits of the debtor with them. Obviously, this request is people deal with and is this life all there is. But the reality is when you know the Lord. It's about every day it's it's it's about your ongoing relationship with him. In other words every day breathing for me is not breathing because I would die one day it's because I'm alive and and every day, spending time with my wife Nancy. It's not a matter of old get time in because we have a diagnosis were married.

This is this is our life, but my point is to just think that someone came up with the idea of a God.

Religious faith or an afterlife, because the only real issue is death, is to miss the whole part of life with God and purpose in God and destiny in God and being a right relationship with God is not a matter of in the complete fleshly Conaway let us eat and drink and be merry for tomorrow we die, or just get everything you can indulge the flesh because tomorrow you're out of here. There's a purpose to our living there that were were created in God's image and were made for fellowship, made for intimacy not just with each other but with God and when he comes in your life. All the other stuff that seem so important in big major that goes out the window. Now you have a holy purpose and to think how he never knew that Ken got only knows what happened in the last moments of his life or days or weeks or months. I followed his life before that and certainly many people must've prayed for him watching some of his interviews and things like that but it's so much more than the issue of death and what happens after it's this life is life with God member seeing an interview with Groucho Marx famous under the Marx Brothers and they asked him, gradually believe in life after death. He said I'm not so sure.

I believe in life before death.

I was the typical Groucho Marx cynicism but life before death. This this is what prepares us for what happens afterwards and this is what we have right now. This is our existence.

God wants to be involved in our lives now and the God put us here will call us to account for our lives here. The fact is, if you're an atheist and agnostic and you try to move looking to say I can't make that leap on the condemning unless and where is your faith.

What's the matter with you.

How dare you, but my prayer is when God does pull you in work in your heart that you don't resist that your heart and your heart all right. The interview continues.

Here is what comes next.

What made you actually lose your faith think a very good question. I lost my faith by not getting answers to questions audio every religious leader is never answered questions like, okay, man has free will.

Right. What did that have to do with Katrina.

If God is omnipotent.

Could he have prevented the monsoon so I lost my faith right at the bottom my body, my bat mitzvah started asking Rabbi's questions because they encourage me to ask questions that I would ask questions of the eye. I interviewed except for the Pope. Every major religious leader have the Russian Orthodox Church and the Mormon Mormon church. Catholic bishops James Pikeville Episcopal Bishop and is one of them ever have an SNF same answers.

We don't question the ways of the Lord or the Lord has a plan. Do you believe that's some mystical figure up there has a plan for you and the plan might be the blow you away in a hurricane right so first thing is, I'm glad that rabbis encourage them to ask questions. He felt he didn't get answers.

What troubles me is unsure through people he spoke to from rabbis to Christian religious leaders to others that have answers to his questions beyond well you can't question the will of God or the ways of God coming in point of fact, if the world is under a curse from God because of human sin, the limits we've made our bed and was sleeping in it and just like God does not stop. Stop us from acting on our wills so someone is angry and goes to get into a fight with someone God this and stop it may end up killing a person. God is not stop and intervene every moment in history same way. There are consequences to our sins and actions, and that's created a fallen world as well but but but what if God can bring good out of suffering.

What if God can bring life out of death and what if this world is not the end of the story and that there can be things set right in the world to come. Another was there so many potential answers that can be given that somehow didn't get to the death of his heart have a new book coming out called. Has God failed you and one of the chapter scope permission to doubt saying it is fine to have your questions, but there are valid answers. Perhaps God knows the issue is not so much the answers, but humility to receive them. God only knows one more clip from the interview and then the Lord of the first of of the Old Testament. I would like him at all. So if I'm supposed to love this God I instead was put the fear of the good or yet now again, it sounds overly simplistic. But that's very real to people and if you read the Old Testament. Maybe the first time through. You might think how this guys angry or spiteful demeanor. This crushing everybody in fear of speaking on Mount Sinai free-roaming or Dari CF to keep reading and then seeing the compassion and goodness and mercy and long suffering and patience of the same.and then the full expression of the same God sending his own son into the world to die for us if he just this cool despot just destroys all know he enters into a world and enters into our suffering and takes on himself because that's how deeply God loves us and cares for us when we seem rightly we could do is just love back. Once we asked him to forgive us for own guilt and sin.

Rebellion and pride. Bottom line though is we've got to have solid answers.

We also have to pray that the Holy Spirit would open hearts and minds is outside of that our answers will only go so far. But this Larry King video remind us it's important to have an environment where people can ask questions, it's important that we have solid answers for them and it's important that we pray that they encounter God for themselves the sum of onset a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument. I will be right in. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown best friends.

Joining us in life are 866 I received an email this morning from a well-placed international Christian leader and he works a lot in the Far East and he said we are dealing with the failed trump prophecies in Asia. We are dealing with issues in Australia. This is not something we just sweep under the rug were not in the witchhunt were not out to condemn but these questions are coming up left and right people doing their best to sort them out.

We do our best to help sort things out with the big issues to me is prophetic accountability, honesty, integrity, recognizing error New Testament model.

First Thessalonians 5 don't despise prophecy right throat out despise prophecy rather test all things hold fast that which is good don't put out the spirits final quench the spirit. Don't despise prophecy but don't just believe everything tested you. We are called to test everything first Corinthian excuse me first on four don't believe every spirit test the spirit for Thessalonians 5 test everything. Hold fast to that which is good business, a stone and destroyed the bad but hold fast that which is good. First Corinthians 14 through three prophets speak the others weigh carefully was being said that's the New Testament pattern white.

Let's take a look at this explanation of Mary Marilla as to why so many prophets prophesied Crump's reelection and it did not happen with a false prophecies with a failed prophecies. Let's take a look at what he has to say and am pleased to know that he's been spending his time more and more on the streets evangelizing preaching the gospel to the lost and as elections got closer he was doing more and more of that.

Glad to see him doing that.

Let's analyze what he had to say here. He said what really happened between the prophets and the election. He says this I wouldn't allow in order to answer this question have now gained a better perspective. The delay is modeled after the verses that follow the two places.

Job sat with his friends were trying to help them make sense of the horrific ordeal that had befallen him being younger than the three friends of Joe Billy who listen and stay quiet as long as he could. They finally spoken quotes from Job 32 and say hey I want to wait and process things great that's always wise we do that is as if you been following my blog's recently. Remember that it did not prophesied Crump victory, but I support the true prophets who did so.

He said he God didn't speak to me about this, but I do believe he spoke to these prophets. So how can we reconcile this happen to the predictions of the true prophets said I was surprised that no one I know of.

So the obvious answer was happen with these prophecies.

The truth is always been plain sight in the Bible's will now speak no I am risking wrath for both those reports who support the prophets and those who reject them now this item in a raster from Detroit Samaria but will analyze what he says and see if it holds water scripturally right again. People fall these things releasing so were going to comment and interact Marina second Kings 13 about a prophetic prediction/the king faces the doom of the Syrians beseeches the prophet Elisha, for God's help… Interim take bow and arrows, and he took bow and arrows and he said to the king of Israel, put your hand upon the ball.

Joyce put his hand upon it.

Elisha put his hands upon the king's hands and luscious it open the window to the east, and he opened it and Elisha said shoot a shot and luscious of the Lord's our victory there victory over Syria. If you shall smite the Syrians affect until you have destroyed that is to take the arrows and he took them since the king of Israel strike on the ground. District 3 times and stopped and the man of God was angry with him and said you should've struck five or six times then you would've struck down Syria into a distorted national strike Syria down only three times so Mary Marilla says. First, Elisha prophesies the complete destruction of Syria and affect saying you shall smite the Syrians and offered to you have destroyed them.

The king failed to seize the promise rather than striking repeatedly, Halasz made a halfhearted effort. The promise, the value stored in the profits of the national strike Syria down only three times. Here's what Albert Barnes commentary says God is been willing to give the Israelites complete victory over Syria, but you harsh based on acceptance of the divine promise in its fullness.

Check the outflow of mercy and the result was that the original promise could not be fulfilled.

Is it that is a direct parallel with what happened in America were true prophets and false prophets of other messages about Crump seeing the same stark difference. The true prophets rightly couple the promise of comes weekly with a call for the church to repent the false prophet spoke as if he were we were entitled to an automatic victory not hang on their because the vast majority of prophetic voices that I heard speaking that I think Mary would put in the category of true prophets when not calling for repentance. They were simply saying Crump would be reelected, I did over and over and over and over, and almost nowhere did I hear the condition that we must repent, and in fact if you gave one of the true conditions. Namely, we must repent of looking to comp and an idolatrous way, putting our trust in him is some type of political delivery deliver putting all of our eggs in his basket as he's the one that can save America preserve the free world. If you dared to raise that as I often did over the four years of comes present Siesta trump order.

You got slammed you got attacked at an end. Many of those following the promise of your discouraging us to know I was say if you want him to be reelected.

We better search our hearts and not look to him in a wrong way. So the very message that needed to be preached, was hardly preached at all in the message we heard over and over skin happens, happens, happens can happen for sure. He said we also into the but now moment just as the king did Elisha said. But now you shall strike Syria and only three times in the same way now.

We got election win, but not the victory to carry us over the finish line again this to me is scriptural gibberish. To be honest. Want to say we got the victory is still an opinion everything official wrath records says it didn't happen and Biden is oppressed, but even if even if there was electoral fraud, even if that was the case in many fine people believe there was fraud many thinking people not conspiratorial people believe there was fraud. Let's just put that over here. The only issue with the prophecy was not theoretically who will win an election, but never serve as president, but who the next president will be. Let's not go back and reinterpreted. The only issue.

The only thing that was being talked about was who was then next president will be not who will win an election, but have it stalling and someone else repressing up who the next person will be. That was the only issue. The only concern. And that's what was being prophesied.

That's what he said he will have a second consecutive term, you will be present for eight years was emphatic and it was reinforced over and over and over again, but mentally so in terms of prayer. There was more prayer leading up to the selection, and after than any election in my lifetime at an ongoing 66 years old of a been around a little bit okay there was massive prayer. Oh, there was not massive repentance of putting too much trust in the election to must trust too much trust in the political system looking to a man too much of a flawed man was an adequate repent of that. But there was massive prayer for God's will be done with anything I've seen so again this is just breaking down on on every on every front. This is the prophet or the king to take hours and strike the grounds of God or the American church throughout rest the American church did rally around trump the American church rallied around trump to the point it was idolatrous. The American church rallied around trump, as if he was the only man that can save America American church rallied around trump to the point of overlooking the destructive things are going right up to throwing Mike pence under the bus. January 6, you better believe the American church rather untrimmed like nothing ever seen. The fact that things did not come to pass these prophets. That is because they weren't speaking for God.

They were not speaking accurately.

For whatever reason, the true remnant struck the ground, but many others did not. Some misguided voices diluted the church's ability to run with the prophetic promise. That's why I wrote weeks and weeks events don't blame anybody else. Don't is good happen or not. Woke voices such as Beth Moore and Jamaal snow that we made it their mission to insult me most trump and support is at no time did they offer any sort of meaningful alternative to God's provision for America even this is completely politically charged statement I don't agree with the politics of of Jim Wallace. From what I know about that, the more there things I wouldn't agree with. I do agree when she pointed out a cultlike devotion to trump in a trump idolatry or are unhealthy Christian nationalism. I do agree that those were genuine concerns. Instead, though they stopped it from happening. Let me say again, the profits over and over, said it was good happen even after November 3 they guaranteed it was good happen. They gave dates they give specifics. Even after the election, so whatever coat arrows were being hit what whatever emphasis was be made even after that the rate prophets that marrow. Speaking of that, with the so-called true prophets. In this they Prophesy trump skill you watch in January, 20 watches can happen. The shift is going to happen. I had broadcast sent to me watch this watch is so this breaks down on every single angle strike the enemy three times we actually did with the election trump won by a landslide again.

His opinion but we did not get the full victory that would've come up the front of the exposed overturned and amazingly all the true prophets prophesied the reelection somehow missed the steel of the election, and again, what is the use of an election that doesn't elect what, what, what's the use of a promise that doesn't deliver the only issue was I was theoretically going to win an election. The only issue is who will be the next president.

This needs to be owned. This needs to be embraced. This needs to be recognized them.

The more you read things like this. Misinterpreting Scripture and misapplying Scripture, the, the less and less credibility is left for those that are saying. Though these are these are good people prophesied well and so will then prove it prove the integrity of character prove the love for the Holy Spirit prove you have a shepherd's heart for the body for the flock that is hurting and confused by saying we got it wrong.

Nobody's fault. We got it wrong. Going to the Lord to sort this out. We ask your forgiveness. We got it wrong. That's the place to move over and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Biden strongly pro-abortion. More so so there's constant talk about abortion about baby killing about pro-life but on the grassroots level on the person-to-person level on the level of really understanding issues and pain things that women go through.

There's not nearly enough discussion factors very very little and in this is what we really have to put our focus courts and other things willing to do so much key thing is changing hearts, changing minds and then with that lets the laws change as well. So I want to bring on the line of fire. Now for the first time a Donna Grisham of of the pleasure of working with Donna as she's worked as a producer in different media ministry of work with over the years and I was really interested to hear that that she'd written a book, compiled it with some others and it's called journeys of choice. There is hope in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy brand-new book just out.

We want to get done on as soon as possible. So welcome to the broadcast. Thanks so much for joining us like Dr. Brown thank you for having me, yet you wheat we had inadvertently scheduled on Inauguration Day. I told my sister no that's that's not the day people you be focus… Let's give them a breeding time and it gets on the soon as we could so Donna, what what prompted you to write this book.

How does your own life story tie-in with the question of abortion. Well I would write your own acrylate, Aaron Aaron, I went and ate now not act right, grandparent, somehow my mother called pain and I would like Dr. I get, have the right, I had evidently blocked everything out and I ended up being my week pregnant and in Birmingham, Alabama went through a nightly with always let the night because in it we need to educate people on what happened girl bailing aboard. I'm not like that anymore. Back that it burned the baby now I would take in their acted with the lid. I like the lake I would basically hold it was that Abdullah the had to get back where we were paying the had to get back right now and your file. It realized what I was writing a product.

They keep a lot of information from me that we waited out I ended at having a lot of pain and my mom ended that made a day back, which happened to be writing that I'm planning… I had to get an earth night need not a blob to keep the bank elected was that and I like getting you think of the beloved in a bed at one baby and a high everything in the reply, now back it had hearing on that nurse told her he never when I looked over at a jar like a dark bank. We need that point that I write. I started making everything a lot annoyed at that time everybody in that area started, never trying to find me down.

The doctor looked at the nurse old expert right now and that he would like. I had our ended that nurse that get a and he explained that data you're going to be Dr. Brown taking I will not after that.

Hopefully I win a 50 battle thought I would Night nightmare date bring it they would be in line and I would be trying to thank them and I didn't realize that real estate. Let me ask you this so you raped at 16 and then dwell into the pregnancy, you have the abortion. Can you just hate this just blob the tissue to get rid of. Obviously not just an unexpected pregnancy but it deeply unwanted pregnancy because you been raped, so none of the site. I can't relate to any everything you're saying I can't relate to being violated and that way I can't relate to being pregnant. I can't relate to abortion all of it to the obvious question is okay your raped or violated you just want to get rid of whatever this thing is inside of you and get on with life.

But at the moment you saw the baby, you didn't feel that that was some intrusion and some terrible thing that was done to at that moment, you feel like that was your child to ask explained the mother's perspective that reality because every thing about is intrusive and not what you wanted and someone else imposing something on you and you could say get that thing away from me. That's from that man.

But yet immediately you knew that your baby what and right equipment wanted. I never had never given any doubt that when the banking it was real to me. It would it with the account up to me it was something you don't get in a track throw it away so Donna, what happens in your life. After this nightmare is the spiraling down. You all and acting upon the battle thought time because the content commit that I ended up being very mean when either go one way or another. When they're right.

To go that way I don't nothing to do to get off.

I went and I basically was. I did, I felt like I was back and if I wasn't that mean I was on it with every won't make that that was the one thing the main nobody would believe me. For one thing, and now that he would ever want me and whenever authority no please, please remember that my wife went that work anything out with the work living. I did everything that I didn't care about how me and treated me. I began to treat me and hopefully the same way that I would that I would violate the doctor to begin in a have relationship with Mandan. I ended up getting pregnant a second time, I ended up my mom taken me again and I would alternately like the eye, with older and I could thought that look. I don't even that I had blocked out everything from the right to the first baby.

Everything and whatnot blocked it out.

I was trying to live on their bad but yet wanting to die that make absolutely does let me just press in and asked for more question. Obviously the rape is traumatic, but are you saying that would really push you over was not so much the rape, but the abortion and the reality of what happened aboard right aboard that more, that with that that was the nail in the coffin that you extraordinary nail that yes so that second time around. After promiscuity, pregnant and go ahead not under the right where outlet in front but thought that we were going shopping one morning, not bad, but what might not not written, we got it going by, grabbed the door and I went out the door and opened the door out when not hit me. I need what I thought what God not again everything that cannot brag and I heard a boy what I now night acting and I didn't at that point but now I know that God heard the voice right now number one. The devil cannot tell you to run from the divorce. Yet you and I think it it take to run. You know that right.

It Dr. Brown went ahead and went through with the fact that one. It would and what it like an industrial back Kipling want to turn down topically or no light it late late night date night found my backache like yeah like an actor going through the second one again. What kind of woman are what what which women like Mike Earl not don't understand and personally I do not yet just just jump in our friends.

We got a break here. Looking back on the other side of the break with my guest on aggression and then tell you about this book that she's put together with others who have amazing stories and heavy stuff. Good news is this is a redemptive book. This is a book of life. This is a book of hope. This is a book of forgiveness. Life choices can be made. Name of the book journeys choice non-Christian her story and there, and other powerful stories as well. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown spends a lot of farms, there is hope. Midst of an unplanned pregnancy. So Donna, after your your second abortion plunging even deeper into darkness in your life. How does God come in and what's what's the hope and message that you have for women with unplanned pregnancies in your new book well here that 28 that God we all night at that brother. I believe that it out for, and maintain that God bring right and Dori ate one of them had their thing. But there I may bring power that powerful revelation that about that. We are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb are late at people rated Negri read the testimony I mean, if not stories about women with the board and their adoption adoption may think it had there been any for you don't have to go out there when men and women that cannot have children that really are trying to God or that Lori adopted story is actually my daughter all acting. He really need to cut and if she can lie her baby, her little girl in a pecan you that little girl here. Amazing how way just jump in and ask Dennis one last question Jerry Hill story in the book's of course I got to know Jerry and her husband Steve very well work side-by-side with Steve for years in the Brownsville revival, what's what's Jerry's unique story Dori Eric, her mother right and hearing product and what is unique about Gary Lori and Dave and I Jerry had to walk very thing in her life. Her mother liked her and now look at and pack. He'll make you yeah and Steve Hill would not of been Steve Hill without Jerry Hill and Steve was one of the most significant evangelists and in and you know not in church history in America, and Jerry goes on to this day with with powerful ministry but but different.

James Robison product of rape should've been aborted and wasn't so this comes at things from every different angle friend will encourage you if you woman have an abortion and in the wounds are still there. The pain is there read this book it. It can give you hope you can say Hagar can turn that around for good is Donna sure some of her story if if you're at right now it's in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy or have a friend, loved one who is given a copy of this book to get a copy book for yourself because this is can show you choices that can be made choices for life. Hate Donna you know I get asked all the time to endorse books or write forward for books and like like to do it more but don't have as much opportunity like to, but hearing your story for the first time not knowing some of the background seeing similar stories in the book SD account me and so glad I got to endorse the book and so glad to tell our listeners and viewers about.

Thanks so much Donna for joining us really appreciate it.

Thank you Dr. Brown probably right. So Donna Grisham journeys of choice is the name of the book and let me say again any time we talk about abortion. In this way and a woman like Donna opens up her heart ensures the pain ensures the reality and the trauma. It opens up wounds for some of you have had abortions. So you love the Lord, you know you're forgiven but that womb comes up.

Let me remind you, when God forgives, he forgives and there's guilt in all of us and unspeakable levels outside of his grace and that he forgives. He remembers her sins no more.

Nonetheless, he wants to bring redemption out of it.

If there still await you feel that your currency Lord turn this for good.

Somehow she can do it. He knows how to do it. You can't go back and change the past can change the future they still happen in the past and if you feel guilty or you're hit with this between the eyes. Maybe your teenager maybe an older person and you don't know the Lord, you don't know forgiveness.

This is a great time to turn to him see got. I realized just that one sin should damn the but you sent your son to die for.

We cry out, asked for mercy, forgiveness, God will clean the slate God will assure you that he, that that child is with him and and he can give you hope for the future and life and purpose and destiny. All right, let's let's go to the phones and stay on the subject.

We go to Rachel and Leesburg, Virginia. Thanks for calling the light a fire me. Yes I can. Thank you and I actually called Jack I don't know if you remember me. Well I what why we do our taxpayer dollars go toward and I'm just the other day here in Virginia and entered Dell air money for abortion were younger in our first year of working our heart and our money go toward the highly backing file that time been really hard.

The term right so let's it is the largest theoretical question than the specific one the largest theoretical question in Romans 13 pulses.

The taxes should be paid to whom they do and in Jesus in Matthew 19 talks about this in an organ Matthew 20 and give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and then in Matthew 19. I believe himself pays that the taxes so theoretically we are paying taxes into a system that is a worldly system and that some of the tax money is going to be used for things that certainly we could not agree with ethically and I'm sure Rome went to war. Rome did certain things certain of the punishments looked they were still paying taxes to Rome. Even when Rome was persecuting Christians so we are paying into an imperfect system and is as much as it seems to be more compromise when you think of it when when the when Paul wrote Romans 13 believers were being persecuted for their faith by Rome and yet he said pay taxes to Rome so we have to accept that your were paying taxes in America. We may end up going to war and it's a wrong war and innocent people are killed with the help of fact. Our text tax dollars. And even though Planned Parenthood supposedly is not receiving money for abortion services. But for other services through our tax dollars, at least to some extent it's going to their organization. To me it's all the same pocket so what we have to do that unless we feel called to move to another state because of the specific things in our state are heinous and, therefore, to relocate, you may feel to do that out of conscience was what we have to do is work tirelessly to try to change hearts and to try to change laws by getting the right people elected and recognize that were were in a fallen system fallen world that we are every day paying money into certain things that may end up using the money for crop purposes. So it's it's a small comfort, but it's it's a reality again.

You might say, will we just don't pay taxes. The problem is you can't separate righteous taxes from unrighteous taxes, you end up in jail for failure to pay taxes or fugitives and other countries and there might be a line that's crossed. For example, in Hitler's Germany. If I know that I'm directly paying money into this war machine to slaughter Jews and others do I draw certain line in the sand and say fine and put me in prison or kill me or I try to flee the country. Those are very valid questions to ask, but to my knowledge, even if it's not as blatant as was happening in Virginia, which as I said, could cause me to relocate to another state. Just for that one reason the whole thing is is a mixture and that's the world that we live in again. I'm not justifying it.

I'm strongly active and pro-life. It's one of the reasons I voted for Donald Trump rather than Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton was pro-life issues, but I understand.

Even so, during this time under these administrations support that many times in recent weeks under the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

So 24 years of of presidencies we abort about 21 million babies during that time. So this is a horrific evil in our day supported on some level by each government that's in and as I said, you might ultimately say it's just too overt in my state and therefore got a move relocate to state the thought like this.

Otherwise just part of the federal system. Part of the mixture in this world, let's do what we can to save one baby life at a time. The stew we can to change hearts and then worked to get bad legislators out in good legislators in and then pray for the Lord's return to this world can be mixed and fallen until that day. Hey, I hope that helps friends draw me tomorrow so much talk about try to get some more calls want to discuss what is coming in the days ahead

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