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Prophetic Accountability

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 25, 2021 4:50 pm

Prophetic Accountability

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 25, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/25/21.

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The word of God.

If we love the people of God. We love the spirit of God, there must be prophetic accountability stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Prince I want to do my best to serve to help bring edification to bring strength to bring face to bring correction on that. Here is the charismatic Pope the corrector in chief. The basher in chief. I'm here to build up, edify, strengthen, and that means that there must be accountability there must be responsibility when words are spoken. We must be responsible for what we speak. Hey friends, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 brought a message of a home congregation yesterday morning. Got my car saw text from a colleague of mine with an article he had written us a great man. I'll tweet this out right now sitting in my car in the parking I went to tweet it out and found out that I was locked out of my twitter account for 12 hours to about that later in the broadcast what happened and why, but here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I speak as a friend of the prophetic movement. I speak as a believer in the gifts of the spirit for today including the gift of prophecy. I stand as one who believes that there are New Testament prophets in that ministry continues to this day, just as their pastors and teachers that notice adding to the Bible. The Bible alone is the word of God. Prophecy continues.

We have ample evidence for that in the New Testament and in church history, and right up until today. Yet there's much that's wrong, and what we call the prophetic movement in the charismatic church today much that needs reformation and change, and year 2020 has brought a lot of that up to the surface so was a lover of the things of the spirit. As a leader in the charismatic body as well as in the larger evangelical church feel the burden of responsibility to address these things, but in a pastoral way and we all wear different hats can be teacher Pastor Vance in a week were different hats. Depending on what were doing one address things in the most pastoral way I can, with the goal of helping building up strengthening right before the show mean moments ago like I got an email sent to me pastor in England. They said the American elections have impacted parts of the UK church the mainstream traditional churches see little impact of the charismatic and penetrant Pentecostal churches have been damaged. This is a pastor from England he said I pastor charismatic church about 1/10 of our church have been influenced by false prophecy skewing on etc. we are a Bible believing church and get so many people were deceived by conspiracy theories, and false prophets of Sun Tzu: the charismatic and Pentecostal pastors and I've heard similar stories earlier today, I did an interview with the charismatic Pentecostal church in Poland and this again of the prophecies, the false prophecies that's being discussed their there's a major article that will be released probably by the end of this week by the New York Times discussing these issues so we can ignore them and then there atheist YouTube channels that are playing prophecy after prophecy after prophecy.

That didn't happen mocking the whole Christian faith that makes non-charismatics look bad on top of that for which I feel terrible. And then you have those who recall charismatic critics and even hyper critics and their putting together their videos haven't seen about that gotta be out there with with failed prophecy after failed prophecy and in their eyes, exposing the whole of the charismatic movement as is off or lunatic or fringe or whatever and I understand mother doing that from their vantage point. This confirms what they been saying I understand what you doing it to get my purpose here is not to be a dead horse is not to criticize those that will praying and believing and hoping and felt the Lord showing the certain thing but rather to help in a pastoral prophetic sees me at pastoral way as we sort out these prophetic issues aren't fair enough.

You understand my heart and intent, so I will put a headline up for an article that I wrote in December and the article was an appeal to my prophetic friends and some different websites but came out in mid December to my prophetic friends. You were either right or you were wrong you were either right or you were wrong. Now why did I write that back then I I was seeking to prepare for the moment in time when it was clear that the prophecies of Trump being reelected to a second term did not happen. I mean I knew then they were not can happen, but at that point I was preparing the way to say okay when that moment comes if the prophecies come to pass extraordinary when it seems completely impossible when the election results are in. When everything's moving forward that it would flip and the trunk would be inaugurated on the 20th that would be incredible testimony to the truth of these words be absolutely amazing and if it doesn't happen when it's ready.

Under the bus. I can attack them align you, but please own up to it. Please recognize wrong when you prophesy did not come to pass. Let's find out why and let's try to rebuild in a healthier way and in the article I talked about story I heard in the church right came to faith. I don't III heard it as if it was a real strength. It was a joke, but I heard it as if it was a real story so what happened was, there was a guest speaker visiting the church one night and he had up a personal prophecy over a woman there the Lord to show me you're going to the mission field and you're going to India.

She was so excited. Praise the Lord. How wonderful. Then he had a word for another man in another part of the building. The Lord shall meet your call to the mission field and you're going to China going to China what he did know they were husband and wife.

They were they were in different parts of the building, but there has been wife will they get in the car afterwards very excited because this was not it a normal thing for someone to get a personal prophecy and the wife said the man of God had a word for me and he said work for me to an end and she said on the mission field suggest going on the mission field. She's a regarding India he said no China she's not on the maggots of India.

He said no China solutions be some confusion, or so they go in and they find this brother still ministering in this it for the prophet said to my wife she's going mission field of India prophesied to me on the list could go to China seems to be discrepancy in response at all know he said you called Indochina. So I said please don't do that when when the dust settles.

When all is said and done, it's clear that we have a new president inaugurated. If it's trumpets Trump if it's by the spine, but please don't try to come up with the spiritual meaning of the words and please either right you are wrong. I was laying that foundation for a purpose by friend Ron Cantor wrote an article yesterday can read it on the size and the title of his article is, God never told his prophets to apologize weight what and Ron there in good scriptural detail rebuts this bizarre argument that's going around now of hey if you prophesy you prophesy. If it doesn't happen doesn't happen.

There could be many reasons, but you never apologize for getting things wrong. Try that out under the Old Testament economy with the death penalty for false prophecy truck try that one out that excuse there, but when summonses show the chapter versus post apologist Shirley chapter verse were prophets are exempt were everyone else that messes up everyone else that since everyone else that does wrong everyone else that misleads everyone else that hurts the flock everyone else to teach us falsely. Everyone else that speaks things that aren't accurate. All of them have to apologize, but no, not the prophet. So here's here's where things are right now and I am unsure some things pastors writing to because there's a raft to pick up the pieces now were dealing with the people discourage when dealing with the people hurting were dealing with ones is one of the prophets I'm dealing with people saying you got no right saying this now you have to wait what you told me to wait till January 20 all know know that didn't mean anything with hearing on Martin March nor April 8 no could be four years so we are watching people now go into complete fantasy into complete delusion and the world is mocking now.

If I'm mock for my testimony of Jesus, albeit if I'm mock for standing for righteousness, albeit but when I bring disgrace to the name of the Lord through my words or actions. That's very, very grievous, so here there are websites, organizations that – conservative Christian views. They'll also bash things that they think are examples of charismatic extremism and lunacy.

So here you have the world playing clips like this I want you to see this recently from Hank women. I have tried to reach out to him privately without success. But just listen to this recent clip from a message in this is being played by the world to mock the name of Jesus and the church but not of something God hates what he. He then said he hates this court. He hates me he hates all PAs that are your Christian brothers and sisters yeah but they're false there wrong skews me. How do you know how do know that it hasn't come to pass. First of all, the president was reelected back where he won reelection, why not now because it was stolen by these that's that's why he wrote the article in advance beckons in December to see you the right wrong. Please don't give us the Indochina stuff. Please to do it Lauren Sanford who apologize for wrongly prophesying Trump's reelection said no rubber prophecies stretch it twisted to mean certain things and what's really unfortunate is the very thing that God is so against in Scripture, spreading discord among brothers video like that even just a little clip from a larger message there may be other things in the message said that were fine but just that clip that is sowing discord that is hurting people. Since your questions. I'm sure there are people acting in immature ways, and single going to hell and stuff like that.

Could you prophesy falsely can have all kinds of extremes the same in my heart. My intent obviously, but there's so much wrong about that. That is so much of the misuse of Scripture and an absolutely not the Holy Spirit speaking those words to those of you who say what I do with this.

How do I deal with the fact that all these different people that I respected was so wrong here know God does not hate you. Having those questions, but that this bounce off of you is because we pray for people like Hank and others recognize the terrible damage they are doing with these words vision that the bringing reproach they're bringing to the name of Jesus. Aside from the whole Indochina thing shall come back 866-34-TRUTH for cleansing and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown centerline. As I said my tone approach. Goal burden is his pastoral today teaching as well which is part of a pastoral ministry on that of a local church pastor but as an elder in the body.

You have to have a heart for the flock, but there's a prophetic side of me that often gets grip with God's heart and and I felt God's pain and even anger over those who are hurting his sheep. He is the great shepherd the father sent his son to die for our sins paid the ultimate price for our redemption in God's very jealous over the well-being of his flock.

Read a passage like Ezekiel 34 to get an Old Testament perspective on how God looked at things when the shepherds hurt the sheep, meaning the flock of Israel. So I feel that the pastoral responsibility with the prophetic burning heart to address these things now. Aside from the. The horrific misuse of Scripture to tell believers that God hates you. If you're saying hey. These prophecies were false and they didn't come to pass. What about that. Let's just go further, the idea that they did come to pass that Trump was reelected, God is not the author of confusion friends. God is not going to tell you something that then has a complete different meaning speak it through many many different people and then ultimately is a completely different meaning. What's the use of it. In other words, all the prophecies say that Trump would be reelected, were not saying well technically he will be according to what we believe about election fraud, but he will actually won't ever serve a term in the express will be filled by everyone understood that have a particular meaning and certainly we all knew that hearing it time and time again and when I would ask my friends that would prophetic circles and hate what were they sensing the elevate to a person. They also Trump will be reelected. Was not he's gonna win, but the elections can be stolen.

It is of no use to prophesy reelection of the reelection is not real, or at least say this is going to happen but it will be stolen and the other thing is all of our courts right up to the Supreme Court.

Say not sufficient evidence to say that it was stolen or no evidence at all that was stolen. There were very specific prophecies.

He will serve a second consecutive term. Not he will be elected to a bit and will be stolen. He will serve a second consecutive term. Don't give me the Indochina stuff try to blend thing that's true that's not right that's not righteous that's not accurate.

The ones that said eight consecutive years. He will survey consecutive years and then I am not looking for the stuff to understand I don't I don't spend all my hours watching these messages to try to catch them in error, I'll do that. That's not who I am. The summa spirit the summer bird, but things will be sent to me your colleagues of mine is a look at this. What we make of this. So we played on the air early on prophecy from Hank room and very detailed within 70 days after the election what was going to happen and we were gonna watch blue states become readily would go watch this happen that happen. Everything that had a date on it has been false. Okay this is after the election and there was disputant Bynes declared the winner and saw every prophecy about what's going to happen and think of everyone waiting for the inauguration. Think of how many people tell me Dr. Brown don't say anything until January 20 things you don't was going to happen.

I sent him 100% from a million percent sure this absolute zero. Possible doubt my mind on trouble not be inaugurated on the 12th will wait till it okay then the 20th, well, this it's a spirit is the spiritual president or no one away.

Tell Mark know when not waiting, not waiting, the prophecies did not come to pass through many different reasons why that could be that the case, but they did not come to pass, please do not further make a mockery of God in a mockery of the prophetic gift and a mockery of the sensibilities of God's people by saying that they really did come to pass, when they did, especially if these will prophetic words then should have been prophesied well in advance to win the election, but it will be stolen and Joe Biden will be the next president. The bottom line is called the thing that ultimately mattered. This was next president.

It's Joe Biden that's the reality. That's reality now you say why is this so burdensome to look at some level I God's heart. I feel it number two just integrity as a leader in the body. You feel it.

Let me give you a little sampling of things I'm hearing from different people.

One of my colleagues powerful evangelist said hey Pastor he knows posted this that's what we little excerpt from what this pastor said. He said the smoke is beginning to clear away once again the church is is a mess on its hands, especially in evangelical Christianity that says me to think of the thousands now wailing away or sees me walking away from their faith dissolution and blaming so-called Christian leaders with down most of those who turn from their Christian walk were led astray by voices outside the local church predicted something that did not happen. Pastors I haven't pick up the pieces he continued.

He said the apostles and prophets will make their apologies for the most part and move onto the next prophetic event left for the cleanup will be the local pastor must try to convince their sheep the God's word is still true the local fellowship of believers is where they need to be attached in the colostomy revival to their church community. The pastors job just got harder on hearing that from different people, not just in America but different parts of the world.

These false prophecies have made the pastors job harder.

That's why were seeking to bring accountability. So what you doing outside of radio will behind the scenes trying to deal with individuals putting out practical teaching is much as possible and then scheduling meetings with leaders that do want to sit together and discuss this, but we can't. I can't force this avuncular go door to door yelling at people with you again. I'm not the police and about the charismatic Pope, but if we can do our best to establish standards and call people to live by them than those that don't. Okay there in their own category.

They refuse accountability. They refuse the standards that they refused to act with integrity in this area so we pray for God to bring them to repentance. But we we just go on with those that will walk accountability and integrity here.

Another pastor sends me this note very strong Trump support. He says me this note.

He said my whole message Sunday morning is dealing with this tragedy or false prophecy. This pastor unfortunately it's infected.

Some of our previously strong leaders in our church so I have to deal with this lovingly and graciously but firmly because of the tragedy of false prophecy.

That's why there must be accountability and then here. Another brother writes this note to me and I could trust me were getting the letters the emails that the text on a very very regular basis. Many people saying thank you and of course not the only voice but thank you for speaking this. Thank you for raising these issues because receiving problems everywhere and family members and others affected.

That's what's so grievous God's name is Mark before the world believers have their faith damaged and now there's not even the integrity to take responsibility for the damage that's been done. Here's another note sent to me by young man thank you for stepping out and addressing the current prophetic mess is a prophetic individual myself. This pastor is been extremely hard.

Everything I heard personally did not line up with much of the mainstream. The more more.

Another pastor wrote to me said this just want to say thanks for sharing about the election over the last two weeks as a pastor almost feel like you have to do damage control now. I'm so looking forward to your future teaching of the prophets ministry. One thing I'm certain about is that the New Testament church would not be seeking out so-called prophets for guidance since now we have the Holy Spirit. Each of us that may have worked in the Old Testament, but now that the spirit is County speaks to all of us, not just one particular for the whole church.

Anyway, I will be looking forward to your teaching when it becomes available to many going after too many voices. Anyway, thanks for speaking truth and then pastor Warren Curry whom I only know through Facebook sent me a link of a word that he gave in January 2017 and he's one that teaches on prophetic ministry and things like that and I'm hearing from more more people said no. I I never heard that comp would be reelected another war.

In other words, it's basically a particular stream of prophetic people that many of them associate know each other, not entirely, but largely that heard the same thing, but far from quote all the prophetic voices so I just want to play the scripts. About 40 seconds long. It is from January 2017 pastor Warren Curry but a few weeks ago all my prayer this what the Lord told me Lord told me three distinct things about present drop and it only shifted when I went out purpose of my heart.

It would be employable and not persecuted and criticized. The Lord told me emphatically. He is a friend to Christians.

He's afraid to Christians is to be a one term president and the trans-Police Department would have been now in prayer because of things that God wants to accomplish during this next four years that if the transit department prayer with a squad of the opportunity being that sounds like the Lord to me. Yeah, he's a friend of Christians why did he need the Lord to tell that because people were skeptical as he is he going to be as did you just use us to get elected. No heat. Try to be true friends throughout. That's want be a one term president interested. I never heard God, you, I've never heard God speak to me about a presidential election spoke about other things but now that we spoke that early on 2017 and that there was an opportunity I believe that in terms of what we could have done as the church during his four years in many ways we have failed because we made it more about politics than the gospel. More about a person man in the White House than the King of Kings and Lord of lords. Hence, rather than taking advantage of the moment it ended up a lot of damage with the good is well all right right back with you because a secretary would have a twitter yeah why I got locked out of twitter allows the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown… Very old days we talk about prophetic accountability, 866-34-TRUTH. The big question is if we are accountable as teachers if we are accountable as pastors if we are accountable as leaders in every area of life and ministry. Why are not profits accountable, especially if weight is to be put in their words were there words are to have any significance on any level.

They claim to be speaking for God when reading Jacob James III chapter.

Not many of you should be teachers as those who teach will be more accountable so certainly any of us in leadership ministry realize we've done wrong if we hurt people. If we misled if we cause confusion by all means we take it on the chin and we humble ourselves and God gives grace to the humble. The goal here is not to shoot the wounded, if the leader makes a mistake or messes up, or even grossly false still of that persons truly repent you put your arms around a person restore the spirit of meekness problem is when people resist accountability or use to me whether prophetic tricks to try to change and shift, and so on and that's when it becomes more difficult and more problematic. And then when these alleged profits, issues, threats in God's name that if you question them. There's judgment. Things like which some of them actually have even played some clips that's complete manipulation that is either the flesh or demonic, or both, but it is absolutely nothing to do with the voice of God in the spirit of God right to the phones we start in Charleston, West Virginia, Alan, thank you for holding welcome to the line of fire going doing fine thank you, charismatic Albion and the charismatic movement early 70, Peter, and my my question is a common adequate with the prophetic. I know you saved it. I think it Jeremiah Johnson hit her.

It might be if you are the one anchorman checker Ghanaian low, Kenneth Copeland, to my knowledge, the ever repented of these reports is that I don't I don't listen to partly Valley body goes there the whole and I think the problem follow Dr. Brown not only do we avoid foods that are speaking that problem that the church will not be appearing in the way that it should be because of you know what the spirit 45th property were to do all that very careful as a believer to let my life.

Only you, only a few people allowed to edit and you are one of them, but you're going to bury you people that I want that have problems and grip everything what do we do with the that you rally this and so what in your point of view on the weekly dinner like a family anyway have personal property for stuff like that don't come to pass. I just got to wipe it off the don't really bother me because I think with the brain without and that's great but not a lot of people that were going to do with the young people that have have a big voice and a lot of people lived in film and undoubtedly thousands if not hundreds of thousands like me. Based on the rock of the bite is really you know the fight really good. My so I don't guess Elaine yes some limit when first drafts of the right that there is general weakness in much of the church, lack of discipleship. Charismatic things aside, put prophecy aside, just general knowledge of Scripture. Basic doctrine basic, godly living, solid relationship with God.

The church of America. Speaking broadly is in massive massive need of discipleship and end with that in many ways, meaning different approach to doing church and being church so this now exploits a terrible weakness. That's 12 as we've had a problem for decades in the charismatic movement of nonaccountable prophecy and I can give you this amazing prophecy of this incredible revival that's gonna break next week.

In particular, city in American it doesn't happen in the next week I'm prophesying another city and another in and we just go on and no one's is boiling the brother brother stop. You said that but it is one thing if there words that they were not time related, and we have a sense and we can feel things the prophets in the Old Testament got the timing wrong. First Peter one tells us they thought their prophesy for themselves and then the wall know God as it does for future generation.

So look at the first time that I preached two messages on the same day. II got confused which was for the which time another was I was so consumed with the night message. I thought that was for the morning until I got there in the morning realize though is that her first and I felt that my heart so I thought, boy, that's just a tiny little illustration of how you get timing wrong. So, if people were were not so specific and dogmatic and repetitive of what's gonna happen. You watching you watching you watch if they just said we have some sense about God using Tromp and it's going to be for years to come, and is president or something that we don't know but pray for the man was fine.

Prophecy is often more nebulous like that. But when it's so specific and in his wrong time and again and we keep listening eminence and indictment on us that we keep listening and – a sign of lack of leadership in the body to deal with it okay so now specific, and the last thing sorry. The whole idea of the prophetic movement is something separate from just the rest of church life.

Something separate from leadership teams that work together so that if I'm a prophet every day.

I'm giving you the latest unfiltered word just sending out to hundreds or thousands, millions of people online. That's another abusive thing that you just have these gifts and ministries just out there and even if there's some truth in the content. It ends up coming in confusing and misleading way. So what we do with those who will not repent, dig their heels and are convinced there speaking for God. Whatever. Any that I have a personal relationship with witches not any basically have the voices that are out there that are hanging in pushing forward. I would reach out to them privately try to reach out to Hank Quinlan privately only because I have friends that know him, but I've never met him.

Don't know him at all. Try to reach out privately without success, so I'll draw attention publicly to say that's not God that's not that's not the spirit of God, don't come under that. Don't let that hurt you. Let's evaluate this properly. We will be meeting with other key charismatic leaders and trying to call for Reformation and change those that want to be part of it. Great. Those are not we just walk away.

You notice instant just like if someone is teaching the Bible and their this famous teacher and the more you did you realize while they got some really swirly doctrines here. I'm just like you listen to them. That's the bottom line, you know, one of my friends many years ago that if you really haven't problems in your church and in the leaders are really going in the wrong direction. He said you vote with your feet. You walk out respectfully. It is so set your mission to destroy the church is not my mission.

Unlike and spend rest my life chasing down this one of that when transposing for this semi-mission calling was the field are called to do that, whatever. Let each one. Be true to their calling. Just do it in a biblically-based way, but that's it. There's the Internet and I'm not calling people tears in terms of wheat and tear saying that those that are refusing to repent are all lost sinners on Massena, but the principle of the wheat and the tears you have to let them both grow that you're always going to be issues you do you best expose it draw attention to it confront where you can call for reform or you can move on. Especially because most of the ministries are independent. It's on the denomination that you can even work through. So we do our best to do that. I plan on doing a series to update a teaching series. It did many years ago and prophetic ministry.

Put that out and then put out a new book on it. Hopefully, 20, 22 and do. We cannot regard but otherwise you just ignore and move on. Pray for them, but ignore them and move on. Otherwise, 86634 let's go to Maggie and Orlando, Florida.

Welcome to light a fire around my car. You bet I bring to your show. Very enlightened by what you're thinking and I agree with what you and I speak for myself. I have been watching it wrong for a long time and I gotta be honest, I've been very like disappointed in where a lot of the folks are going Christ, obviously a lot of them were wrong and I don't see any apology I don't see anything coming from that platform and I'm just curious, you know antibody we need to be unified and together but it just doesn't seem like anybody want to contentment that you know what I would wrong. I made a bake or anything.

The only person that I mean that really apologized in market. Roger and Jeremiah Johnson but for the rest of the brethren. It's like they just keep going and going off the deep end and I still know him.

Maggie this is Marla talking about these things because there is a lot of confusion and in pain and mistrust. Things like that. Of course there's some folks that that don't like my friend said the like is broadcast and think it's extreme and way out there, etc. and said I been partners in Jewish evangelism since the mid-1980s, and in those hard for the Lord and for the lost but obviously with the major platform that he has that some of the prophetic words did come out to this platform and that seated many times or at least several times said that he really felt he never prophesied that he just felt in his heart that Trump would be reelected, so I have. I have not yet reached out to suit privately which I will and that'll be a conversation between the two of us, but just so you know my principal, so he would he was.

Not saying I'm a prophet declaring this like a set I have no personal relationship with any of those who are still prophesying. This is God in the meat we got it right. It's it is it is a personal friend for many years and it's a conversation I will have with him in terms of avoidance. You go from here. It would sense of responsibility does he feel about you to dictate to him. What he does. He leads his own ministry, but to talk about the flock in responsibility and look anybody can make a mistake. How many pastors have you heard get up and see you.

I taught this particular thing for 20 years, but I realize now that I've been missing something here. We can misinterpret the written word. We can misinterpret a prophetic word in the past as I could deny Jesus, I mean just realize what had an entire view that really wasn't scriptural, so if someone said yeah tears I realize what I got wrong and how together those homes is vital and is valid and and Lauren Sanford also have apologist that's five where it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is bonus coverage today so I think the rest of my radio time and get to as many callers as I can, but we are to believe or feed going on Facebook and YouTube serve you watching on the structure. Brown Facebook page of the Esther Karen YouTube page stay there, stay right there I will be able to take your calls will will take as many calls as we can, but I'll continue the discussion. I may even interact with some of your social media comments and I'll tell you how I got locked on twitter so stay with us on Facebook and on YouTube so when we sign off on radio will keep going. Those listening on radio that want to keep watching the glistening just go to the Esther to Brown Facebook page is give your Brown or YouTube page.

All right we go to Patrick in Newport News, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown are you doing thank you for having me on earth calling for the early couple years now. Thank you. So limited very very honored all I like the previous caller and Ralston followed you to channel and have been blessed by the content that come out of their when it came to the prophecies and when it came to us from being reelected and I will be in helping to point out I'm going to be completely honest, I had a moment where I was disappointed in my Facebook a little shake what I came across this verse, private, read the Bible not want to share it.

You and your listeners out here and if there's one there's more right with the nation's government easily mobilized and knowledgeable leaders bring stability and it's been my prayer of bits that thing a lot of the chaos going on that the heart of Scripture to just pray for continue why and knowledgeable leaders, not just within the government, but even within our churches, even prophetic churches as well because one of things I feel that we've gotten off with it that we have put robot strut and I may help change the nation with God is to chart a body across the entire globe to help push the nation for all the LB GT stuff it with me and all the stuff about abortion all the stuff that we see with the racial tension God has entrusted the church to help you to change and were looking for the government and the White House to change everything God pointed back half of my what are you going to do about you like to know what how we trusted trout as believers to help change debate is much like the black community of trusted Obama when he was in office for eight years thinking because now that we have a black president. We I guess we'll see some change in then and now. I love and the Joe Biden's can fix everything I yeah I believe that I will pray for Joe Biden everything and you know Maccabee appeared they not my president, but not my role will exactly what I think all we got. That week we prophetic voices of Hector be accountable. Repent. I know that you mention a guy by the name of bank automatically remove one of his books about prophet talks about prophetic accountability and as noted here that about it, shocking fact. Patrick yeah just to just jump in.

It's interesting because I was talking to folks who publish that book in and said that he really believes in prophetic accountability and he loves the Lord and saw this pray for the best to calm you know what I what I see really concerns me. But you know Patrick for years as a trump voter I said, let us not look to him as some type of political Messiah deliver and I got blasted for we know he's not our Savior. Jesus is our Savior, while idolatry and and put our trust in wrong places, often very subtle. You know when I was when I was in church service yesterday we were singing praises to Jesus something. Okay, everybody understands every Christian on the planet understands who Jesus is versus Donald Trump. We understand that but so what you listen when I make and I love him but we people were looking to him. He's going to give the church back. It's what we don't need a man if he knows well whatever a man that is anything but an example of a godly man, but we don't need him to give half price get our voice back and upon the fact he could appoint justices in and do good. Another Biden administration thinking they're doing the right thing there seeking to undo a lot of what which prompted which brings it back to the fact the changes going to come from the ground up.

Change is going to come, God touches us and is where change we going touch the world around us.

That's how it has to happen. So yes, I mean I'm with you entrench step for step in any of the other thing is, what if you were not a strong faith issue were.

And now these prophecies one after they don't come to pass. It is deftly shaking people.

People walk away from the Lord right now and and that's what we been burdened for for many many weeks at a Patrick, thank you for, don't don't make it be a few years next time right 866-34-TRUTH. Nancy and I were talking today and is not. I scatter another article there are no political saviors ever all she's going to he's going to depend on which side run run the right. This was going to run the left.

This was going to do it.

There may be political destroyers. There may be a lot of damage that can be done but in terms of real lasting societal change in all these people blasting we can schedule Biden's are present here for report on the four ports have been fighting the pro-life movement longer than most in an and all those that challenge me. You know you're here if you support what I'm praying for him is our present. I oppose much of his agenda, but but I say to folks okay you so passionately pro-life name, the abortion clinics in your city. Temperature doing for the pro-life movement. Most can do that. Let's not be so self-righteous here. All right, let me try to get to some more calls. We go to Ron in Ontario, Canada.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown.

Hey buddy good to hear.

Dr. Brown couple questions quickly. I want to order your book Christian anti-Semitism, but I noticed on your site if it is US only so because I obviously deliver the in the state am I not allowed those just that particular offer from what I understand because of shipping outside of the country is is a problem you can always just write in but I'm sure Christian anti-Semitism, you can order it on say Amazon Canada website you can order the paperback or the the the e-book easily. That way if it will be out out well. I just got my I hold my copy up except the color of the book will not be seen with with our background. It's officially released next week for February 2. Yeah it's it's real intense Ron it's it's real intense.

It's as a Jewish believer you remember our calls.

In years past know it's very intense with some friends will talk about more later in the and in the week girl website S Dr. Brown's are you can order your preorder. We have the books and just got your sign number copy will be sending them out within a few days.

So that's it. Ask Dr. Okay back to you sir.

I question I had is I have a) just really really involved in the conspiracy. Profit it all. The doctor would before Biden was inaugurated and I kept telling her I Biden is going to be inaugurated, not always. Not that this person says the birth of that by questioning you is how to light deal with my close friend. It was just so into the conspiracy. Rights which you have to do is you have to put a chink in the armor with the person legitimately begins to sink in question because if you're in denial or in delusion. Then reality has no meaning to you it and in other words, if you're 100% sure that someone is going to rise from the dead, and a day goes by. A week goes by and they're still dead and they're about to be buried now.

It's like see it's going to be an even greater miracle see see so that the delusion continues to what you have to do is find one specific area.

For example, that the book she went on deception that my friend Jim Beverly wrote that we actually publish to a non-deception goes through one thing after that was supposed to happen didn't happen.

False things, but see try to go back. It's okay. What did you tell it was can happen on the state.

What was certain try to pin her down to something that's okay. Can you see it didn't happen, you realize what you and I followers around the world are saying we been played the whole thing was was a myth terms of what was going to happen and what the president was going to do and so on.

Now, people still hang on the know you wait till March. You wait till April of the saying doesn't matter what we see with the natural. It's the spiritual that matters. It reminds me Ron of some word of faith folks years ago they would say I'm healed.

You say we use your wheezing and coughing and they said those allying symptoms since directly healed, but you have lying symptoms that suggest what title would be worried about the lying symptoms that I'd that self unseal the lying symptoms and know that I asked him okay will. What if the person dies they have lying death them at what point do we say okay and not healed. Yes, I believe that healing and everything else for life and godliness is purchased at the cross and is available by faith potentially available by faith. But if I'm not healed yet. I'm still not healed so if you can get or take one specific area. One specific area where she recognizes okay I sure about this and it didn't happen then let that let that be the thing opens her eyes and then pray pray for her in private and secret that God would bring her back to reality, and then make it clear hey I'm not here to say I told you so or bash or be superior in putting that out to catch her when she falls but phone lines are jammed after a few calls, but phone lines jam. This is why talk about things okay if you're watching on Facebook on YouTube. Music is going to pass everyone on radio talk tomorrow. Music surpassed to be right here. Continuing with this ongoing response to some of your comments on YouTube and Facebook God bless you

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