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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Controversial Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 22, 2021 5:10 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Controversial Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 22, 2021 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/22/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

Let's do it. You've got questions, we've got answers stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry to the wino fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today. Fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you as we always do on Friday you got questions, we've got answers, 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Any subject under the sun as long as it relates to any of the content we cover on the line of fire in the area of expertise I have whatsoever. Any subject under the sun, friend or foe can call 866-34-TRUTH my latest articles up on our website Esther to and upon the stream we talk about the very unfortunate executive order by incoming president Joe Biden's first day in office signed an executive order 17 of them.

We focus on one of them, which can affect your kids in school it's negative, it's wrong. It never should've happened and it's one of the reasons that I could not vote for Joe Biden policies like this. We pray for him. We pray for, Harris, they are not the antichrist and the antichrist us.

We pray for them, but we will expose the gender that is wrong so check out that article and share it with your friends okay with that we go straight to the phones starting with Sylvia and you Brown fells Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi There hey God bless, I think you are obligate you.

You are white and need it right now and also I predict that in your family to elaborate what they expect you and you have the creative spirit and I'm thank you will. Thanks Sylvia and let me just say this one thing I will. I would rather not need to be a voice of sanity because everything was so sane around us, but the more insane things get in craziness of the world and even the church.

It's unnecessary and you know what what hurts me Sylvia Jeff kids there. Yes, all for you, for kids soap.

If you're in for your kids is having a bad day, and they react to you a certain way and and don't speak to you rightly as is mother okay bothers you, but your concern is a mom is like what's wrong with my kids. What's something's not right there what's going on why you acting like that so I see people lashing out what I'm saying hey by this. The president was never going to be a military coup that the military is not on way to arrest Biden and Pentz. It's it's all a myth. Donald Trump is not about to replace him. The prophecies guaranteeing his inauguration there. Let's move on in faith to be people of faith that Jesus is the Lord we can survive this presidency like we survived the Trump presidency and the Obama presidency etc. let's move forward. So when I'm getting attacked for saying that, especially the people should wait till the 20th. Then talk to us so that we talk to them in their furious and how dare you, and who gives you the right to say that it's a lot of junk that hits me. My concern is what's going on their hearts. Why are they so to see why they love deception. Why are they clinging to this all those who say they were looking to trumpet idolatrous way, why are they clinging with their last breath to the hope that it will be restored is president so I'm concerned about what's out there, as I'm sure you are to so thanks for the kind words and let let's pray that sanity would rise in the whole body.

Anyway, your question, please hearing what you're saying. I have a very long time.

Last year I acted elated. My group or go to church, that we cannot have idle appearing and cannot have a nightly pray for him and for his heart for the president heart and not to get in the way he got it with him and I and I felt it that he does not get elected. I think you have a lot to with the Christian community. We are part of that is what you're seeing right now yes absolutely absolute and development today for the first time I was told that I buy it well known pop at me prophetic that if I prayed for Biden that I believe everything he did and I was part of that. The panic that he is and I was the pride that I was told that and I told Michael that you're my little brother. Could you get me to pick. I lived with her mother's heart Not of God first and you at all. I met Matthew where you know when you come in and look what they pray or any of my enemy got 50 pray for each other and begin covalent run I get back. That is a blindness immaturity and the site is correcting you these loving rebuke you could not be further from the truth. And in saying that I address this on Sunday night in her life stream of folk seven watch this on her Facebook page and our YouTube page. By I address this, I put up timed for noon on Wednesday.

Inauguration Day first Timothy 2134 right I put that up where Paul is saying, pray for rulers.

Those in authority.

Pray that there will still be saved come to the knowledge of the truth so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness right posted that and said based on that little sprayer use those very words for presidential Biden in the first chapter of first Timothy, Paul talks about his own life and how God had mercy on him as a blasphemer and one persecuted for God to show an example of how God can have mercy on the worst since Christ Jesus came to save sinners, of whom I am the worst. Talk about his past life right I put that up there and many people, city men, but many others savagely for OC support abortion or severe evil suit. Other pray from this.

I pray for the devil. Think of what what has become of us have been so ashamed to say that the these my brothers and sisters. This is our family. So ashamed for Jesus to save these are the ones representing you here. Of course we pray for those that we differ with it, doesn't mean that we don't oppose wrong agenda. It doesn't mean that we don't stand for what's right, of course, we pray with people prayed for me, what, when, when I was known as as drug bear and Ironman because my drug use. The first service I attended in August 1971 young lady in the congregation and wrote down her diary. Antichrist comes to church that's how that was my reputation for wickedness God had more semi-God of mercy upon God's mercy and my friend Jesu Potter it the that most apostolic man I know on the planet planted over 7000 churches in tribal regions been stone for his face incredible work with orphanages in multiple nations and extraordinary mellow anybody like him on the planet in terms of God working through human vessel.

He was an atheist, communist, alcoholic, terrorist, when Jesus appeared to him and saved him.

And we're not supposed to pray for Joe, but I mean this is madness. We are not saying all God enforce their agenda. When Joe Biden set size or radical pro-transgender activist agenda strikes and that no were saying God save him bring them to the knowledge of the truth. Bring them to repentance open his heart opens on the same with, harass the very prayers that were pray for people like Nero grew a whole lot worse than than Joe Biden or Donald Trump is Ms. mind-boggling. I I don't know what's happened.

When I told people hate if you prophesied falsely the Trump would be reelected. You need to be accountable for it and move on. Let's get restoration wholeness and move on. I'm now told him a baby killer madness is this.

The other thing Sylvia is all the people who get all exercised about this new support the killing of babies. No recognized by the president and I will work against his pro-abortion agenda. I say tell me where the abortion clinics or in your city worthy, tell me how active you been in the pro-life movement for your people even doing anything so may the Lord have mercy, and Sylvia, your gracious demeanor in your motherly heart. This is what we need in the body today because this is very grievous. It's very very grievous I feel God's grief over this and and I've been telling Nancy consular to support or react in the flesh. I don't want to react with with my frustration, one step back. Pray and have your heart and try to sure hurt your heart with those I thank you for for the call really appreciated, but let's go to send McAllen Texas.

Welcome to the modifier good evening good afternoon Dr. Brown how you doing well. Thank you.

Good good good.

I have a question concerning Daniel chapter 1 verses 17 to 18 and I are I don't have it up in front of me right now because I am a Alton about but along so the question is this. When we beat a path to get there any justification for assuming Laura thinking that that Daniel and that we keep employed just lost to their soup. Problem number one the knowledge of the Babylonian, but that they also would've practiced that innovation.

I my answer is no, and I look at every other commentary that I had in my logo got quite a few but I wondering what the argument was made that and obeyed it just sort of gain had knowledge of it, but they were actually doing it in Scripture in Deuteronomy said that that wanted to be picked by the agent will being cast out so that was my question.

Yes and so is 17 and 18 is only 12 verses in the book it so you met a few verses earlier right so so the question you rescue cut out for second but the question you are asking was because they were schooled in all the Babylonian literature and arts and things like that.

With that then mean that like other Babylonians polytheists and practicing different forms of divination you you read body parts of sacrificed animals and things like that organs and an end defined by that you know based on what you saw. So here is think it's it's plainly an argument about silence. In other words, it is possible that in that environment, they would have been expected to do that because it was part of the culture. On the flipside is not a syllable that says the did do it. So how can we argue either way what what we can do is see that elsewhere in Daniel. For example, in the third chapter were in the sixth chapter where there was a command to disobey God. In the third chapter to bow down to the statue of Nebuchadnezzar. When the sixth chapter not to Dr. pray to any other God only to to honor the the King, so Daniel disobeys in the strong lines then the three Hebrew young men disobey our throne in the fiery furnace in both preserved by God. That would indicate to you that they did not conform when it meant disobedience to God, so your argument could be supported by saying when we do have examples of being called to compromise.

They refused to compromise so could they have functioned in wisdom and literature and understood all this and been an idolatrous setting and when they were given idolatry saying that without argument could be supported not explicitly implicit by their action. Call file will the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is about to do important lifestream unexpected will let you know every week to get listed here.

All the articles we put out about five new articles a week bunches of new videos you can email for that. So if you miss anything there it is in one email.

Special resource offers of my new book on Christian anti-Semitism, a real shock or real eye-opener about to put out or special preorder for signed and numbered edition so you can you find out about that on Monday forgetting her email so good my website a stricter browser k DR and sign up to receive them all right. We go to Andrew somewhere in Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire, a okay great yeah Gaithersburg raised by have my ministry offices are hurt yet another happy human white. Yeah, that would've been the the match.

The March for life, but it's been virtual this year, but an awful weather and I what I'm also point out that I "got person when compared no more important than quantity.

And I really don't know how to bond with the wind me what makes you think about yeah and you that the question you want to ask your friend is is is that a human life in the womb.

You know Jesus talks about the least of these caring the least of these, and that can be applied in different ways beyond the immediate context in Matthew 25 but if I would just say hey let's look at pictures of aborted babies.

Let's watch the movie unplanned.

How do you think God feels about that. How should we feel about that and ask him hey, how would you feel if if all of the children to one year old in your neighborhood, were rounded up and soon was going try to kill them off to do whatever in your pocket. You could in your power to stop so understand life within the womb is is not yet out of the womb understand there's a difference there legally in other ways, but if if you agree that that is human life and innocent human life that something precious in God's sight and that we can't make it our whole focus and ultimately we have to change hearts and lives, but one thing that's helped the pro-life movement is is for the ultrasounds that a large percentage of women who actually look at an ultrasound before deciding to have an abortion decide against it there whole ministries and organizations that what they do is they just have a truck in front of an abortion clinic and say hey would like an ultrasound before you go to the clinic just that's it would look at an ultrasound is free yeah sure, and many do.

And when they see that's what I'm about to kill know about having an abortion is okay. How can we help you what you want to have the abortion. How can we help with her financial needs was going on with your married or what I can we help them enter their minister. So keep pointing to the humanity of the child in the room and you see when the least of these gets dehumanized then it leads to further dehumanizing in the entire culture. Hey, thank you for the calling others who are vulnerable become next on the list.

All right, let's let us go to Jeanette in Durham, North Carolina. Thank you and fire.

Thank you for how long I got your show. I look forward Friday until you about Brown. Jeanette Rauch probably would know sweetly and you know what happened. Brown sugar from Dr. Brown wheat we have a change on our screen here and until we adjusted a lot of letters or obscured so I was looking to try to see what was on my screen and consider saying thank you for calling a lot of fires it.

Thank you for the line of parcel you can say that but I can't say that so Brown sugar generic overview. Let's listen I will joy in life bring us of joy in life I now I'm try.

I want to thank thank you for what you shared on January that meant I couldn't call you at that time, I would.

I way out and I just started to get going a word and praying for the nation and and I we did enjoy you here in good all Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill area you you come on the Truth Network at a time. I think Anna I want to thank you for our off them in and what you share and I disagree that what you had shared in regards after the inauguration that if you can't make it come for those that are have done what they needed.

With the false prophet than that, but to me I did feel it is the way of God showing his people that you know and I think you made a comment about our I looked a lot people sometimes… Forgive me but they're not false prophet Atlanta how you brought that down and I really want to get that blood number and order it. Get the name of the title, but I know you share data because they stare wrong that not make them a prophet if databases sit, say in this Jeanette that if someone is a true believer right but they falsely claimed to be a prophet so they are falsely claiming to be a prophet. Let's say this person is a prophetic calling, but they speak falsely and they recognize it.

Humble themselves will then false prophet.

They prophesy falsely so may falsely call themselves a prophet or they may prophesy falsely but in the New Testament, Jesus is a false prophet is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Just like a fall.

Something also Clay is like Satan appears like an angel of light. So, false apostles, a servant of Satan claiming to be a possible false teacher is someone bringing damnable heresies into the body, but if someone is a teacher the word and makes a mistake that doesn't make them a false teacher if someone is his call to prophetic ministry, but it speaks out of their heart when it does make them a false prophet. I it's amazing. There are people furious with me. I mean I agree post after post screaming at me, you, you must call them false prophets. I'm just being scriptural.

I will call out the false prophecies and say many of these people claim to be prophets or not at all.

But if the person is a brother or sister. I will call them a false apostle or false teacher or a false prophet hate stay right there. Jeanette want to send your free copy of my book, playing with holy fire. We could call the Pentecostal charismatic church. So that's about right deal with unaccountable prophecy are probably referring to that playing with holy fire, so Rachel is going to get your contact info. And yet we been on the station in Durham, the Truth Network for over 12 years of Stu Epperson Junior and Truth Network of the lungs asked me to get on the air so they are the pioneers and we been with many of you for over 12 years of Jeanette stay right there. I will send you a free copy of playing with holy fire. All right let us go to our friend Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the broadcast, like Dr. Brown I have a short wait up to my question today to go with the search. All the simple radio ad in a put in the search for radio stations in Israel and want to stated I came across was Yeshua messianic radio in Jerusalem and our coaches that bear little bit of the broadcast and the teacher was told about the fast that was going on in chapter 27 of acts, and he will and he was saying it was his view that the path was they normal Todd fast for your your praying and interceding at the report he was saying if it had to do with Yom Kippur, and I wanted to bring that up to you to see if you've ever heard that interpretation of fast being that way it was going when it references the fast, that's was talking about that that we been the way it was understood and known so that I would be a normal interpretation that when the fast is reference. We want to get to a particular place before the fast gets it.

Speaking of Yom Kippur, which would've been the day of of of universal fasting in the Jewish community in the ancient world, except for the most nonobservance yes so that's that's correct and up. By the way I always appreciate your your questions. Todd, by the way, a friend sent me a link the other day and there is a website that tells you on on iTunes podcast where your where your podcast is in terms of ratings and never seen that was aware of it and so Wyden realizes that all these different people all around the world are downloading podcasting site I got I knew it I guess I didn't realize you'd be appearing out of the choice of the countries so when my friend sent it to me his podcast on the subject. Christianity was the number one iTunes download in Israel and ours light a fire was number two. So they put in the category Christianity. Ours was number two, but we been number one site. I did know that.

What a blessing to know that we've got that many folks within Israel listening to the broadcast. And thank God for every the voice that's getting the message out there, 866-34-TRUTH I've got a minute before the break, so I can take a call now but just looking at the board. Okay wonderful glad to see all the calls. Here's what gets it reached get to as many as we possibly can. But I want to encourage you if you charismatic Pentecostal believe the gifts empower the spirit will encourage you to remember that the Bible alone is the word of God. Nothing else touches that nothing else is on that plane. Nothing else is in that class.

Nothing else is given to us for for life for doctrine, for foundations. So if if the Lord stirred my heart and I said to him, as you hey I just see your about to get an invitation from Madison Wisconsin to to take on a job there in the new factory running it and God wants you to go there. When that call comes don't think it's all he's in it. Pray about it and then comes to pass the word.

It was the same basis to help the Bible the word of God. There is one and one only the word of God here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I cannot just be little honest year but sometimes it's frustrating when you lay out a position when you clarify things 10 times over. For example, if you say I love math I love math I love math I love math I love math and then some sissy what you hate math so much who sought a phenomenal article today that in all seriousness, drawing attention to the radical transgender activist agenda of Pres. but one of the reasons that I didn't vote for him for the for Donald Trump lay this out clearly been warning about this for some time. All right. And I'm just glancing. I know you don't get to look at a lot of comments, but just at a second I was curious to see if there I was looking for this very thing and some some get you Dr. Brown you lambasted us for supporting prison from telling us how great buying was that your tongue is to hate him. What what world are people living in what I mean how can you make things any more clear and then and then click. Sometimes I'll start an article saying just so you know arrive stood.

I don't believe this.

I don't believe this.

I don't believe this. I don't believe this. I do believe this. I do believe this. I do believe this will please understand that as you read the article right people say what you have to make about youth because the moment I think the other position to falsely accuse me of some try to lay out. This is what I do believe it all at I got blasted by some of the other day and I said well what about all the other articles I've written about this very subject for months and months. Musket seduction never dresses with why don't you written all father, we need your help we really need your help your people are hurting, spoiled, and how how can you help when you speak the truth in love. Do your best to do it with clarity with honesty, forthrightness, people want to hear it you know my younger colleague Jeremiah Johnson is just been in a state of shock about what's happening so call prophetic movement as he repented for wrongly prophesying comes reelection, and he knew many weeks in advance. Trump would not be reelected but waited for the right time to releases, but if apology is resulted.

He's a tens of thousands of emails hostile death threats. Crazy stuff we can we talk regularly and end now is getting blasted for repenting your pant even if it didn't even after all, you repent and he said it's it's a kind of a perverse application of Jeremiah 5 where the prophets prophesy falsely in the people love it that way. It is much as a smile and an a and I tried to be gracious, about things of left comments years before God for the state of the body not forget the type getting attacked is like waking up in the morning rose you have your breakfast in the morning I get attacked that's that's normal life. But when it's from so many people supposed brothers and sisters in NR or tongues to become like shark sharp knives and we forgot the mercy God's hand on us and and the way he's called us to act and live my all my we really well. We need revival this if you ever wanted proof that we need revival welcome to the church of America in the year 2021.

All right we go to Greg and Cary, North Carolina.

Thanks for calling the line of fire and Dr. Brown are just real quick encouragement. I wanted regular you are when you started speaking on crop trump as far as are no put him down to earth where he was cozy at her like a people. A lot of people do not allow seven and I think they have a blind rage wife swapping thing that you have to keep repeating yourself, don't go there to some like a blonde range of some type in it helped me a lot as I was always kind of getting caught up with the trump of capitalism in Ireland and I'm not saying to bag are you did a lot of good stuff, but he and I just he's a man he's not God is not in line we have to worship is more than encouragement, word of encouragement and you're not doing anything wrong or do anything right, but the question I have is that talk about the east wind.

I was curious if there if you know of any correlation with book the east.

When was the band with the end times as far as like I think it seems that when that talk Dr. E swim in the Old Testament seems to be mentioning is not a very good thing type of things like yet you a great first. Thanks for the words of encouragement and listen, there's only one way to go.

That's forward in obedience to God so again which discourages me and what's really been painting me is not that I get slammed but that brothers and sisters and so deceived and so misled and either the whole thing about looking to trump an idolatrous way. Well, if you didn't then you move on your whole hope was not clinging to his presidency. He wasn't the only man that could change his luck. I said all along he did a lot of good but there's a lot of collateral damage and it may take a generation to sort out if overall for the America if Trump did more good than harm her more harm than good. That's this can take time to sort out right now. I was his first the church and and where this is left us and what's revealed our heart was a more harm than good. Unfortunately, but as far as the east wind. Just understand that in typical culture and geography right so you you you live in Israel and east wind is going to be coming from the desert that is is to the east to the west would be the Mediterranean Sea. So just like maybe in certain countries. You have sandstorms right or are you have other things like that that glow in its dangers that so that there's no special end time significance is just a bad weather pattern for that part of the world, just like maybe in Louisiana you're more hurricane prone or in this part of Oklahoma you're more tornado prone or so. This the east wind could bring damage, destruction, negative stuff with it and it may occur in certain judgment contexts, but is nothing beyond that to read into it. Greg very much appreciate the call and the kind words, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Miami, Florida rawness welcome to the line of fire. Are you doing Dr. Brown will blessed the cluster with a heavy heart these days because the state of the body, but very blessed and thrilled to have the privilege of being on the air to talk to folks like you.

So thanks for the call. I know I'm not there, I'm the guy you look at your go about no diamond from my employer work and remember, you know, I remember a lot of calls but I don't remember that. Specifically, I apologize.

Yeah yeah I'm trying to write a book and in light of the leading light like on the light like 20 days ago.

I have a dream with you a ball where any shortage and you gave me a balk and Amy-great soul were sitting in the table behind it would work. When he got a bill going to build a "hello, why write a book alone, go by the book.

The problem is not English, though, my darling, you know, I gave her to tell me I want to correct data for you.

What your past thinking of it. All I know what I want to do that, you can tell me. Like the bull body of the yeah Robinson yeah I wish I could be of more specific help in in this regard. Lots of people reach out to us with questions about publishing more input on manuscripts and run able to help in that regard that I would just I would go toward far you say Lord if this is really from you then then put it in her heart Doris Hart or someone else's heart to to do the translation into English and enter open doors to get it out.

What I would do in the meantime, though, is if you have a social media page website or blog or anything like that. I would start to put out for your Spanish-speaking friends.

Many of them little parts of the book. Okay I wrote this, and I want to share a few lines from this chapter see if it interests people.

If an interest grows and people really start to like it then you think, hey, maybe there's something to it and then maybe someone will say to you now. I pray this larger prayer Lord, if you want this out in English. I'll put things on Spanish let someone come to me say this needs to be translated and get behind that's that's how I would pray that to make sure the gods pushing it and not me.

Thank you very much for the call 86634 we go to know we don't. I let's go to Jesus in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Welcome to the line of fire or how you doing Dr. Brown doing well. When I got through simple question or what you will you make a inclement I I was hopeful with taking term trump only 1 o'clock. Mainly because it sounded like he was so accurate thinking and in that 2014 nine 2007 video.

I think it goes back off.

I don't remember exactly yeah so so here here's here's the thing I do know Kim personally. Some of my colleagues. It that knew him smoke-free welcome, but I did know him personally, have never been in a meeting of his never listen to a sermon of his. The only things of her to the select excerpts of prophecies here and there and someone a friend of my was going through the prophecies very carefully the other day listening to one after because I think there may be a few different ones and it's really hard to follow exactly what's being said which is not uncommon deal with prophetic words. A lot of times it will become clear until after they come to pass, but I I do not know that he clearly prophesied the trumpet have a second consecutive term, and there was a lot about the trump prophecy that seem like amazing accurate but then he was described as a man of few words like less on accurate. Another thing that went out so is it two different people sometimes things get merge. Remember prophecies for this first and second coming, or sometimes merge together and this is about Jesus and his biblical prophecy and he dies and rises and his disciple still don't get it that it's in the Bible until he pointed out sick all week and see that so it seemed.

My impression is that God did work to complement the few others to draw our attention to the possibility of Donald trumping someone that we might consider voting for because most of us never would've thought of voting for someone like that with who he was in his background and and all of that and it was used in that regard, but everything else was perhaps ambiguous, or perhaps his source that can all be weights of the Bible you what prophesy in part, this is the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown white lettuce go over to Jason in Columbus, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown and again my old buddy Jason. Haven't heard from you in years. I know my question about I'd like about their welded new culture and would you be interested in maybe at some point during money and you know an old-fashioned debate with baby knee on meeting the usual at some point. Possibly we get constant requests. The key thing is we have to be fair that little words wherefrom debating has to have some recognition in their community or credentials of the was it to get yes that's the case in terms of the concept of it. You always love doing debates are, but anyhow, Yetter's going okay. My question felt that Brian chapter 8, concerning that, though I wanted to go into detail about kind of thing that we agree about the start off with no we both agree, I would imagine that back right. Chapter 8 and not come to the filming, not all of it soon as it was with duration after the Babylonian exile and things but don't know the final part where any of the final verse, which you know a lot of people like the quote that they like the barcode.

Note 8 point had been in the languages of the nation. Don't take hold of a Jewish man, saying, let it go with you but I got it with Bill in contact with you know the ingathering know Jerusalem nation will go up though.

You agree to not come to the filming yet right we may see glimpses of it. It's you it's been a fascinating thing is is eyes a messianic Jew will travel around the world and teach how many people will specially want together in here because it's it it's a Jewish believer bring the message right God so we can get like foreshadowing so that both of the fullness of it is not yet come to pass.

Okay, yeah, I wanted What we have argued, learning from basically you are teaching the Gentile about, you know, in the context of that gentle come to you. Now I'm going to try to demonstrate that this refers to rabbinic unit typically I would ask you about Zachariah chapter 8 verse 19 where instead. Note that the Lord opposed at the fourth month of that month at at at month shall be put out that Judah will bring you your great joy and happiness. Happy holidays, but loved you the what group of people do you know what in the world have Been back right II assume your listener are largely not familiar with the fat, I'm sure you are on one group of people do you know of blood Feedback throughout the millennia, but what would you call that that group of people right so leave you. Historically, it's been traditional Jews is been the ones who almost diversely have been rejected in terms of its been the opposite of this. So the key is not been traditional Jews but traditional Jews were following the Messiah. When that happens, all people of the actions what will come to follow them. So it all depends on the Messiah because no doing this through the centuries has just gotten Jews kicked out of countries and rejected in right now the most religious Jews in Israel or the ones largely despised by the population is hypocrites and driving many people away from God, I mean. Many times we try to talk to Israelis about God because they have such hostility towards God because of traditional Jews is a barrier so been traditional Jew doesn't do anything in terms of getting people to God but Jews were rightly connected with the Messiah. It does and I and I have messianic Jewish friends that that live by rabbinic calendar and people coming to learn about the one true God. So that would be your most likely fulfillment.

I don't know you, there might be like very few who actually keep you fat right or actually, I wouldn't think that messianic Jews who follow the you know the fat would rather celebrate that they believe that the Messiah had come already. Right at the bottom line is, though, what has not happened is that they will become festivals of joy and celebration for the people of Judah right so wire right when you write but when that when that happens. So we we can identify those people yet because it's not traditional Jews celebrating these is as days of joy wrap acting right right right it's challenge right right suggesting that that the thing is it's can change and it hasn't changed it so it might my best case for that. If I was to go consistently with you and and and I do I get to some of the calls, but what will continue the conversation right you know I'm happy to renew it with you, but just have to be afraid of the call, especially on a Friday were pretty brief of but in short, my best case scenario for that would be is more more traditional Jews come to know the Messiah and these days are now coming to the that the full revelation of the side to the Jewish people, then it will just be a little handful of of of traditional Jews were following the Messiah, as is the case now, but many many more people will be coming to them to learn the God of Israel, so it's not been traditional Jews. That's not the thing, because you been here all the centuries and this is not the way it's gone, it's when the Messiah is recognized that's can be the key, and I see the foretaste of that ready okay, not by being one that's fasting on these days before being what it knows, the Messiah, I see the foretaste of this already and that people will come to us and say hey you're a Jew tell us about God and we can through the Messiah. What will continue the conversation. As always a good question. I appreciate all right 86634 let's go to Duane in Toronto, Canada. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown, are you doing well. Thank you. Call my question. From what I about what what is up with the date of the church overall in America. I find that you don't need coming Toronto, Canada, and feeling a lot of the payments according quote you to profit the I just feel like there's something wrong there.

They would believe that I view the church and you know my upbringing coming from like a different country than America, most helpfully a couple things going. Thank God there are many fine believers in North America. I know them. I work with them.

Many of them unknown but loving Jesus, seeking to honor the Lord in their personal lives and their families in the workplace, find pastors, teachers, leaders all through the body and we thank God for that and we honor that. But there's a lot that's very unhealthy in the non-charismatic movement. There's a lot it's very unhealthy with often kind of it dead over taught Christianity without really encountering God in the charismatic movement. There is a lot of confusion and deception role reliance on external things rather than solid relationship with God through the word and prayer, and especially when it gets magnified with big platforms and things like that. The thing that encourages me is that the sickness is being revealed, and in so many evangelicals really got caught up in a Christian nationalism and kind of a fanatical spiritual patriotism in looking to Pres. Tromp in an unhealthy way.

So, of course, many didn't vote for him, but many Dick had caught up with this so it's like I have a book coming out in September, revival, or we die and that's we we need awakening, I mean there's a lot of sickness in the body, one of anger, a lot of hatred, a lot of division lack of grace lack of honor like a fear of the Lord that if we start to dig a little deeper. God knows how many are caught up in secret sexual sin, and other things like that. We really God's help, typhus grammar faces crying out for mercy, hate, thank you for the call appreciate it time for another call you.

Let's set let's go to Jonathan and Albany, New York. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown, Michael, you welcome, so I have a question and I will. It kind of how to fold under spur a little bit of little bit of context where I'm coming from on. I'm young, I didn't pump 22, so I wasn't quite old enough to vote in 2016 but I did I did opposed Pres. Tromp brought the primaries and I don't believe I would've voted for him in 2016 2020 and looking the choice of treatment based I changed was that I do for years.

I did vote in Trenton November and as I watched kind of in horror over the left month and few weeks, especially on the and everything that happened on January 20 put into words, but I got out of respect for the leader. I don't want to give him a name, but there is a well-known Christian leader that I very much love and perspective I recognize that mature believer more wise, but I am but I wanted to get your take, because the basically that right after January the here with the statement that struck her. I tell you, just give me one second is almost at a time. Okay dog of mine. My question on.

What you're thinking about dating and what dirt is.

Don't be rude. I'm just cutting off so I can answer. I don't believe this income should be impeached. The first impeachment was completely invalid. The whole Russia collusion you crank that that was ultimately invalid. I see nothing constructive in this he is been shamed by what's happened, his rhetoric came back and bit him as a this is a Tromp voter four years of irresponsible rhetoric came back responsible best to say what happened was terrific, lay the blame point at his feet on the bus

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