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President Joe Biden

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 20, 2021 4:50 pm

President Joe Biden

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 20, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/20/21.

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Joseph Biden is the 46th president of the United States.

How we respond. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Joe Biden is now president of the United States. This is not fiction is not a false appearance were Donald Trump is actually governing secretly from Florida. The military is not about to rise up and seize the presidency from him or put him in jail and we inaugurate Donald Trump drop conspiracy theories. It's over.

Drop all the prophetic assurances just what you watch and see.

It's over. Joe Biden is president of the United States right now that is a fact, and God is God. Just the same as much as I have great differences with the policies of the Democratic Party and those that have been expressed by Joe Biden, Harris, God is still God. This is not the end of the church.

This is not the end of America. This is not the end of the free world four years ago when Donald Trump was selected. It was such an unlikely scenario for that to happen.

I said Donald Trump president by the sovereign will of God, meaning, meaning that aside from God's general sovereignty and working in the affairs of men that this demonstrated unusual sovereignty for him to actually become our president in the same way. It took all of the crazy events of 2020 for Joe Biden to be our president and would you believe in electoral fraud or not.

The fact is, God did not expose it if it was there and I believe Joe Biden is President of the United States by the sovereign will of God. Is it for judgment as if her blessing. A lot of that depends on us. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the modify we got so much ground to cover today that I may not be taking my phone calls. You can call 866-34-TRUTH but no guarantee will begin to cause however you can call another number and weigh in with your comments you can share your thoughts, just keeping to under 23 minutes. At the max.

Here's number to call 1-800-618-8481 800-618-8480. You can leave your comments there. We may place some of them on the air.


Where will we start when we start first again. Just a reminder of the reality in my life Momus 66 now and been in the Lord. Over 49 years I have never seen the level of deception and confusion in the church that I'm seen today in an even wider conservative circles that have believed all the absolute ridiculous myths many pedal bike. She went on and people are still stranded no-no you want. Don't know their ships off the court know you watch what's can happen. We were told military activity planes.

In this instance, going out look what's happening DC Trump has this plan. He's got this the emergency broadcasting that was about 20 is also all amounts it was all nonsense.

It was all 100% nonsense. When I when we pray in early December just being alone with God. Stepping back from a lot of things was as 100% clear then that bind would be inaugurated without the slightest possible doubt my mind there be people tells me how to be so sure it's it's it's evident it's it's it's it's there. It's like the nose on my face which is hard to miss.

Okay, I've known it. I didn't want to say more, because people know were disbelieving sums can happen come January 6 with the storming of the I felt overwhelmingly burdened to shout out to the world. It's over it's over. Donald Trump will not be inaugurated January 20 how can you look was self-evident to millions tens of millions of people without any spiritual inkling whatsoever, but from my vantage point was even a million times more clear and someone was pushing me watch this. I said I'll watch on January 21 no words by then it's not can be relevant.

No please unless your bash. I'm here to attack this have been so grieved in recent days that that I've said some things sounded mocking. I apologize for that, I please forgive me. It's not my intent to mock brothers and sisters who who fallen under deception, but I will rebuke strongly. Those who continue to perpetuate and put forward nonsense and deception at an especially Christian leaders, rather than caring for the sheep that they have heard caring for the sheep that they have misled caring for the sheep. The term they fed lies there going on with the lies they deserve correction and rebuke frame or else right now you're struggling, you're hurting your what happened but I was so sure was good happen Chris on our team here just showed me a tragic note in the YouTube threat of arson the fellow singing I told all my unsafe family, but the trunk prophecies you know it is you watch he's got in the bag. It's going to happen and he felt that this would really help him with his witness to say yeah we had all these prophecies that was going to happen and this would show the reality of our faith is dialogue never talked about the Lord again. With that said that bad but it's it's taken a terrible blow and and in the process of things, friends, please hear me so much on social media we become animals. We've corrupted our own souls wheat we are.

It's like art art teeth are in sharp knives and were cutting into each other a Mauser cutting into each other attacking the RR tongues are weapons of violence in the complete demonization of Joe Biden as if he is not even a human being when you asked for prayer for him, not brother. Pray for the devil friends what's happened to us. This a great time of reckoning is a time for us to be in our face this a time for us to be asking God are and how did we get so far off. How did things go so wrong and I say this is some of whom voted for Trump 2016 2020 and who makes no apologies for my vote. Joe Biden is our president fact is that I know there was fraud okay. We can't know you can be convinced you're actually there to look at things right.

Okay, you be convinced there was fraud in their feces a legitimate we haven't we have a system we have a courts tens of millions of dollars were invested in in inlet and looking into this and research. God knows the amount of money Trump's attorneys and everybody try to look at an end to turn over every stone look for smoking guns and right up to the Supreme Court, the verdict was no no no no no I don't believe the whole court system is corrupt. I don't believe that that the three Supreme Court justices appointed by Trump all just turned on him anymore that I believe that that Mike pence turned on him.

A billboard turned on him brothers people trying to act with integrity. Okay.

And there were people fasting, praying all around the world for the selection. So even if there was fraud.

God did not choose to expose it for whatever reason, to the point that the courts would recognize it and the question of how we were struggled confidential is a whole other question in this a fair question because many people have legitimate questions about elections. Something is going to have to be done to restore confidence you to expose what happened or didn't happen, but friends either way.

God Almighty is not sitting there saying oh no I tried to stop it but I couldn't do know Joe Biden as Pres., all not one now it's all gone.

Sam got everything in order. Everything on schedule and if we will humble ourselves if we will take our eyes off of man politics and look to God and in the midst of liquid talk.

One of my roles is to consciously say we have to look to God, which I get blasted so much for saying don't look to Matt what we are looking to met with him are you flipping out now if you are looking to men. If you can put Trump on a pedestal if you can think that he alone was the one that could save the future of America or fight for the church, the more you flipping out that he's not in what you make it likes into the world Zionist question friend I'm here to help. I'm here to help will spend more time in the lifestream tonight so Dave inauguration Wednesday night.

You may be watching us listen to the sibling time but will be back on Facebook with the lifestream at nine and a training track of all your questions.

9 PM Eastern time of the Esther to run Facebook page and unpack a lot more. The spiritual dimension so much to talk about here, but Joe Biden is president United States. This is not fictitious. This is not going to change is the president of United States and therefore we pray for him, that God would save him bringing to the knowledge of the truth we pray first Timothy to exactly what Paul tells us to pray. Remember he was tell us to pray this when there are people like Nero when Derek corrupt murderous leaders, pray for them to come and save them to come to know the truth that we could with peaceful holy lives in all godliness and honesty we pray for my call for prayer for that. I'll share some of the responses. Later that that manifest the sickness that's in the body today but let's let's just listen to Joe Biden had to say. Let's listen to a few clips from his inaugural speech today will start at the beginning, let's listen why distinguished guests, my fellow Americans. This is America's day this is democracy day day of history and hope of renewal and resolve through the crucible for the ages America's been tested a new America has risen to the challenge today we celebrate the triumph not a candidate but because because of democracy the people what people have been heard and the role of people has been created. We learned again democracy is precious democracy is fragile at this hour, my friends democracy has prevailed. Now this hallowed ground were just a few days ago.

Violence sought to shake the capitals very foundation we come together as one nation under God, indivisible to carry out the peaceful transfer of power as we have for more than two centuries. As we look ahead and are uniquely American way restless bold optimistic and set our sights on a nation we know we can be and we must be like, and you may watch that and say well he's just a hypocritical look that something that people felt but on the left with a heard from speaking on the right when they heard Obama speak everyone's going here through their own ears might soliciting democracy didn't work. The blue people wasn't wasn't heated that election was still that we have a system we have a system we have a system with courts with checks with balances in the system looked at the evidence said no evidence were not sufficient evidence of anything so right now Joe Biden is arguably elected president.

He's my president as much as Trump was as much as Obama was. And look, I I've I've had massive differences in concerns over the years with different presidents administration will continue to be on the front line fighting force right in and trust me, it's cost me over the years Freddie was right, but Joe Biden is our president right now. That's fact and it does not affect my faith really scary thing. Currently this award. I know where my faith is the direct number and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is the various stories it was going to happen last minute just what it looks like it's all over. The trumpets can pull this out of Trump is going to do that and then honestly didn't happen in the real shaky right now. Maybe you got your sources to see with their having to say, can I just introduce a step back from its tobacco was awful was awful.

The whole thing was awful all narratives all the stories will the secret stuff going on the house. It was all false. So myth okay exhibiting happen. Trump was never going to ultimately contest this election to the point of not allowing for peaceful transfer of power that was not gonna happen. He was in and for those say will bring the motor globally. One bloodbath across the name that's what you're saying. That's how we get our Manman for the Christian because can I reach you step back, talking to friends okay look at the friends. One reason I been plainly loudly saying that the prophetic words again have to be held accountable. One reason I been plainly loudly saying Donald Trump will not be inaugurated on the 20th is not to quote poke the bear is not to mock people was not upset the that their faith it was because I was 1 million% sure the result possible doubt in my mind for a split second 1 million% sure that Donald Trump would not be inaugurated today me for weeks and weeks has been totally clear up until election thought he could win and even election night. Next day maybes can pull this out certain point became clear that was going to happen. The courts one can overturn this that Congress was good overturned it was 100% or a million per century. First human being could be one reason I was saying that upfront, over and again was to remind you hey friends, this is been self-evident to me and many others.

Okay, it may come as a shock to you but is a shock to many of us and and I've been knowing that this day would come for you and your disappointment and your socket not just the disappointment that he reported for company to get an Biden got in really concerned about his policies or or socialism rising in America are all the things he could do and look at these appointed for assistant's assistant health human services as a man who leases woman and so on and was going transgender activism. What can up with China and what's gonna happen with with with our taxes on Skype with open board is.

I understand the concerns, especially solutions abortion up I would dare say have been more active in the pro-life movement and for longer time that than most.

The great majority of those listening and viewing and when it comes to LGBT issues of a been in that says Morava of a pioneer in our midst.

For years and years shouting about with the agendas going well reaching out to people. Individuals with love sought honesty don't need to lecture me about those that some quite deeply aware, yes, quite aware and quite concerned about where things could go but before the elections because I didn't know who was going away was never spoken to be about an election who would one speaks about other things but never spoke to me about that.

So I prayed to prepare my heart that who ever was elected I would worship God.

Just the same. Whoever was elected. My faith would not they wouldn't be like all manlike team lost until all the emotional reaction would be sober. Okay, now what now what we do now. It's our assignment how how can we further your cause in America. So when the news initially came Joe Biden elected wasn't like traumatic for me. Just sober thing. Okay, now what now what Lord, how do we move forward right and I guarantee there's no panic in heaven. And just like Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. Although the left constantly demonized and made them into Hitler, Joe Biden's is not Adolf Hitler and please don't go posting well. He's a pedophile child trafficker in less you know that for a fact before God with indisputable evidence. You don't dare say that about other people missing leaders.

Shame on us for postings because been there all over my social medias people responding as I call for prayer for the president. Did you pray for Trump yes we pray for Trump heavy call out the left. Yes, for years and years and years and years.

Here we are.

Don't scramble, please am appealing to you. Okay. Appealing to don't scramble for latest prophetic word I I saw a clip of one brother every every date that he gave as to what was going to happen this state by the state after the election. Every single date was false, and these are all the saith the Lord and the Lord says I'm in turn, the blue state to read and I'm going to do this, but by this date, every single word without fail false everyone. Every single word about the presidency was can happen. False then note Westminster and have a last-minute gonna believe the prophets did not believe the prophets got good judge you and shame you okay false. I saw Cliff last night and he said all pets. I have to but don't even talk about that for four years. Much you have known that were not given you for years, man, my brother want to give you four years now's the time to say you are wrong. And not only that, now's the time to reckon with the fact input on a safety net for the believers. People are struggling with their faith in God today. It is now the world is mocking us was playing clips maybe right wing watch may view your watching now but but strongly liberal groups that bash I get bashed by the Moton for my conservative positions, moral positions, etc. okay so I'm supportive right wing watch and but when they get things right. To get things right, and many times all they do is quote they have been waiting for. Today they have been waiting for. Today to to post one clip after another after another after another after another after another of so-called prophets, prophetic leaders guaranteeing comes notes can happen wishers can have one after another after another. There must've been 10 up there when I looked earlier today someone is a Christian friend sent me the link and I and I post it to them and I said is a charismatic leader and is a voted for Trump. We deserve some of the scorn that were getting in and hopefully become a better for the know without waiting for Lucas to give it to Morneau want to give me till March were given to April.

Please, I appeal to you. Get over it Joe Biden suppressed some sent my friend, what's gotten into what you say the same thing over who does note because millions of people are in denial, millions of people having their faith shaken in the world that were supposed be witnessing to send their own loonies. Their faith in Jesus is as loony as the latest conspiracy theory.

Their faith in Jesus is as loony as the latest prophecy. So last night Nancy life course talking so much about this praying thinking and writing writing interacting with people and we both awfully different parts of the house.

Mavis 130 in the morning and thought I was just overwhelmed because she had sent me in of this latest thing people people we know, I'm in believers people know the Lord will watch this is about to happen this. Don't wait. Last-minute you just watch for the big surprise trips can have in this whole bit. I got so overcome with grief for brothers and sisters for family spiritually and and when I posted this please. Reality check, please, please, when when Donald Trump and Lonnie Trump gave their speeches leaving the White House.

They didn't do it because they were part of some conspiratorial plot to make it look as if Biden was going to be like so there given the speech as a whole bit.

Though they did because it was the last day in the White House to read some of the things that were said to forget me. I don't care about me but this is the sickness in the body.

The level of attack and vitriol. This is last night so this month or in the marketing bit later I decide to Nancy what are you doing not know just doing what she was dressed in a long talk you suggested. Nowhere in separate rooms of the house were word once set on the couch next to her and I can talk drop my head and began sobbing and control.

I said these are brothers that these are friends what's happened. The foster mom lost her sense of reality. There believe the most crazy Manson with each day it gets crazier and crazier and crazier we try to expose it. We had Jim Beverly on to talk about you in on deception, people went berserk as as if I blaspheme God by daring to to to draw attention to the nonsense it's out there and what we hold prophets, your your of the devil.

You're the spawn of Satan like one of those Jews at the Red Sea the one to go back to each of your supporting the baby killers Lance is coming from friends and complete demonizing of people so they won't even pray for Joe Biden is a been so poisoned by the constant lies in junk sit and by his own bad policies. Things that we differ with that they been so poisoned dislikes on the left was a poison toward Trump. We become just like there was no worse than the world because we should know better. Sean Foyt worship leader in California who ran for local congressional seat out in California unsuccessfully year ago. He posted something, send it to me and it's just wonderful and I want to share with Jan burdened and grieved it in and hurting for the body and please understand I use myself as an illustration I could care less about me being attacked. It's the attacker that I'm hurting for, so he should. He said how should believers respond to the Biden presence is a Sean Foyt FTU CHT.

He said I fasted and prayed over last week and have answered this question I'm asked many times per day here for points versus with the Lord gave me so number one he says worship God because he reigns above it all, right or was it just a change with the weather worship God number one because he reigns above will. Amen. I told Sean and for little points you summarize what I've written and fully 50 articles and several books number two.

Pray for Biden and our nation if we could pray for Donald Trump who was the most unlikely candidate evangelicals would've ever got behind. We pray for Joe Biden pray for Biden in our nation we have a mandate to pray for elected leaders. Number three stand for the truth even if it means standing alone. The enemy is launching an all-out attack on truth attack in the Bible got sick.

Good sign for the family sexually gender as it tells us what of those who call evil good and good evil silk stand firm rights to worship God above it all. Pray for Biden in the nation stand for the truth even want me standing on the before and never bow to culture at time of testing is coming want the mob wants you to bow down and worship new gossip secular liberals never bow them. He's 100% right.

Great post Sean. Well done. All help spread it and share it with others. After the radio broadcast friends. I'm urging you stand together this humble ourselves before God repented of the rampant sin and deception omits the test given this clarification as to how we got where we are in now, Lord, how can we make a difference in turn facing the right the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is 33 Wednesday of every 20th two Biden still the president of the United States is not been arrested on charges not in mass cleanups of all Washington cronies like Mike pence told this was all going to happen. The military is not standing by ready to bring in the real President of the United States, Donald Trump.

There is not a spiritual reality which compass president and an earthly reality which Biden's president, forget it, forget it. Give up the myths, the fable to say that for those that just tuned in walking to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown honestly don't need to tell me about the dangers of some the Democratic platform and where it could be going in its divisive and destructive nature because we been shouting that alarm for months and that's the primary reason that I voted for Donald Trump some quite aware and for those who were getting all worked up of what about the aborted babies.

What Walt did. The aborted abortion stop Donald Trump under George W Bush W Bush, Ronald Reagan, within not more than 20 million abortions during the presidencies it it.

In other words, don't make it like all the abortion stopped another can start all by the house could push us in a very wrong direction with abortion. Very wrong. We need to redouble our efforts there absolutely. Just because I recognize Joe Biden's president not mean I am now supporting baby killing and worshiping the God Moloch, as some have tried to state so Donald Trump yesterday gives his farewell speech. Why because it's his last day in the White House money Trump given her as a very gracious speech Donald Trump gave his point was accomplishments and calling everyone to move together and Bush and the new administration who did mention by name, but in them.

Well, so this is just part of what he said last night with us four years ago we launched a great national effort to rebuild our country to renew its spirit and to restore the allegiance of this government to its citizens. In short, we embarked on a mission to make America great again for all Americans. As I conclude my term as the 45th President of the United States, I stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together. We did what we came here to do yet. So there's a lot of good that's been done that I deeply appreciate and I hope that some of it will be able to remember to see all of the good remain the least realistic some of it remains to the Biden administration much but Obama did.

Trump undid now Biden try to undo a constant. It's the way it works in our political system. Hopefully good that was done Israel, the Middle East is the judges appointed that's not changing right that's so, hopefully, much of that will remain, and I appreciate that.

But after that happened night.

I just wanted people to understand. Please, please get it ready for the fact this was not a ruse. This is not Trump getting up publicly doing this to give the impression that he was vacating the White House and giving the impression that Biden was coming in because there is a switch everything around. No, he did because is less in the White House.

That's why Gartner try to tell people what they're moving out there moving the stuff out of the White House this next the happening.

Please understand this please. The military is not in DC to turn the government over Trump. The motors in DC to protect evaluation Joe Biden source I posted that on Facebook.

Initially I said reality to earth and again trying to get attention to people reality to earth and give the speeches because of some conspiratorial plot to make it look like by those can be no gray. They did it because it was the last in the White House right after I looked at.

It's like okay reality Kurt that's on it marking so I said please please. Then I posted apology. I said that tone sounded marking. Please forgive me.

I'm just urging you to see reality you want to hear some of the responses for simply saying last night. Please understand they gave this speech is because it was the last day in the White House face the facts. Please personally responses.

I was there so many understand it, but I can put them up for your disk to read excerpts of some why you causing division in the body is Dr. Brown. The Scripture gives very specific ones about a divisive person what you have to constant poke the bear knows but some people please please can you cease to give their farewell speech is because they're leaving, please accept reality. Don't go along with the myths and fables. Please so that's poking the bear and being divisive another. In reality, no one really knows at this point another.

That does not make sense. You should not support abortion loving Democrats. This is people having strict reactions. A mentor repeating one another.

It's the soundbites are out there suppressing a jewel by Mr. present. That means I now supporting abortion when Democrats please explain please explain that, but this is what we are dealing with. I must admit I respect you, what you stood for, but not but tonight you leave the door open for God to show up like he did so many times in the supernatural is dealt with a stockinette Night there was like a happen.

Anyone with factual evidence new. It was like a happen if you talk to Donald Trump. He was told is like a happen Biden is a fraudulent president. Once he takes that oath that run your some of that sounds like to me your causing more dividing than you ever have. It's not really showing up in everything you write why you should focus on politics lately in a sarcastic way and listen to anymore used to listen every day, reset I been addressing politics because this is the biggest deception in the body, reversing. But interestingly, the same ones who applauded me when I differed respectfully with John Piper when he said believers should vote for Trump and I sit here is what I believe we should and the ones that were cheering me all that I was on Mike Huckabee given the case for voting for Trump in the end the ones that were cheering me on what I took on Christianity today and said, hey, I appreciate your editorial. But I differ with your call for Trump to be removed, cheering me on. Now I say have to except by the president.

You shouldn't talk politics. It's it's interesting what a crazy thing to say it's a crazy thing to say that they gave the speech because it was the last day in the White House. Those are willing to kill the unborn should never be allowed to govern the living it's not over. We the people refused to accept fraud.

He's not speaking truth he speaking from his feelings and lack of faith to speak in reality this becomes like a faith because we are not giving place to fantasy now becomes lack of faith hate him. This this is not lack of faith that I do not expect Santa Claus to come through the chimney on Christmas that's not lack of faith. It is instead reality is not lack of faith. The child's truth is loose.

I'm not waiting for the tooth fairy to come flying in through the air and take that note, that is not lack of faith that is reality.

Once all this little joke.

There is a guy standing in the street corner in Manhattan and he's he's clapping his hands just into clapping his hands clapping his hands clapping his hands.

So it comes up to us as Mr. Woody doing he said I keep the crocodiles away this it is Mr. this crocodile running for 200 miles to see it's working.

This is the type of fantasy that people are in each thing that doesn't happen. Confirm city woo UC see and now there still people I'm talking to some of you right now you like, listen to anymore your side of faith is nothing to do with faith. It has to do with reality. It's is just like when you're praying for someone to be healed and you really want to see them heal and they die simply have to bury them supporting after the funeral simply have to say goodbye in this world that's reality. Trump is still our president. Cheaters never prosper your poster confusing this I question your validity in preaching this is saying that Trump gave his speech Donald and wanted Trump to give their speeches because there the White House the last day and this is not a ruse. Biden will be in tomorrow that means I confusing my preaching should be questioned. I'm sorry but you just lost my respect you clearly don't understand what's happening.

I think you and these are all different. I think you are a false prophet what you keep saying it was a deal with you. You trying obviously to prophesy.

Dr. Brown says good stuff once in a while, but he is a heretic. What's that heretic doesn't so he confronts multiple Twitter Facebook delete me hey buddy, you still there have been deleted on follow this man, this is what we need to be hearing at this time. He's throwing fuel on the fire not wise at all. And on and on. When did Pres. Trump conceived take a break from social media does release for bid your words appear to cause more division at this point. With this logic, Moses would've told the children of Israel and with the Red Sea.

The Egyptians have us, let's go back to Egypt. This is the level of deception that's in the body. My friends and here's a scary thing. I'm just scrolling down scrolling down scroll and I took time last night to to start to capture the sunscreen they can maybe people will will start deleting them after the fact because of embarrassment. Nobody will not be present.

You need schizophrenia medication. I'm really surprised at your comment.

You embarrass yourself. The more you want Dr. Brown you feeling confused and angry, you are sick Brown you just show how petty and hateful your set the blank up your joke there to render some of its got that one and and on on your false prophet. Please vary. I'm not the issue here, the issue is the level of deception in person after person after person after person if you watching on Facebook right there right there in the page speaking to many of you is not to gloat is not settled. So it is to say, this is reality take them and I don't have time to get into this because of that more clips will play free but but take a minute and go over to Esther Brown on Facebook asking Yarbrough and and look at the post.

It's one of the the post towards the top right quote from first Timothy 21 through four words of Paul and that is it was pre-exactly as Paul said Joe Biden to be saved come to know the truth that with a peaceful quiet lustful darkness and honest right that's that's it. Okay, as we look now 599 comments see what all the comments to while some say amen but others sing rather pray for the antichrist and rather pray for Satan than him absolutely not your supporting baby killers, and then again your false prophet you're destroying the nation. This is friends. This is a real sickness in the body I do mean they're attacking me. I'm saying that there's that much venting people and that when you give them Scripture and call them to pray it doesn't mean you acquiesce to evil.

It doesn't look the other way of even this music stand against policies that are wrong but when you call for prayer and you get that level of response you get that town here this by one more clip from Joe Biden's inauguration speech today.

Next clip you have lined up. Let's listen to what he had to say in contrasted with what some Christians are saying on social media. I know speaking of unity can sound the sound like a foolish fantasy these days.

I know the forces that the virus are deep in their real, we can join forces stop the shouting and lowering the temperature for about unity. There is no peace, only bitterness and fury, no progress, only exhausting outrage. No nation, only a state of chaos and and he does reach out specifically to those who didn't vote for him and those who disagree with them. Sitting still disagree can try to have conversations on undo that and continue to do that in the midst of deep disagreement in the midst of fighting for the life of the unborn in the midst of pushing back against being his economic policies. In the midst of resisting transgender activism standing with backbones of steel reach out to reach out every way I know how you try to treat my neighbor with respect and love in the midst of our differences. Jesus taught us, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown sold his and I know phone with him the whole time just too much to impact goblin will have more hours on the air in. In the days ahead right now and our here is it and then again tonight. 9 o'clock on her Facebook page is stuck around 9 PM and continue but talking much more just the spiritual angle of things, encouraging people in terms of God's truth, never failing. Talk to how we move forward from here and then respond to a lot of questions. So if I don't get any calls a will do our best to interact is much as we can be 9 PM Eastern time. Was it watching live that's tonight Wednesday night others.

You can go to our Facebook page. Afterwards, Esther Brown and check it out okay, let here monthly to more clips from Joe Biden for you okay that you Macy's complete hypocrite.

My policy is when I hear someone unless I have factual evidence to the contrary, I give them the benefit of the doubt and let them prove themselves to be false or so if you saying let's try to come together and listen to each other. Okay, let's try all right. I'll give Michelle a my nephew don't on your end.

If you disqualify yourself okay that I knew of humans but in good faith to reach out right so to more clips again to see if appeals for people to try to come together because is take over the presidency, when most divided moments in our nations history. Listen to what he said to all those who did not support is let me say this. Hear me out.

As we move forward, take a measure man. My heart you still disagree.

So rear that's democracy that's America the right to dissent peaceably.

The guardrails are Republicans. Perhaps this nation greatest strength yet here we clearly this agreement must not lead to this union right so say hey, if it hear me out in a few different different tent. Can we do that is for the human beings can we just within the body turn down the rhetoric about everybody commits to read the chapter gave the book of Proverbs look about wisdom. Look at the time or or meditate daily on Jacob James chapter 3, meditate daily on what's written about the tongue. True wisdom. If we commit to do that afresh right just a click on start because what it does mean weakness when you say looking at that sweet know that's that takes incredible strength to love your enemies, to pray for those who persecute you that that takes incredible strength incredible commitment, incredible backbone, incredible faith easy things just to hate and rail, while not go home with baby come first. Tell me what you do for the pro-life movement year-round outside of the occasional social media post and vote.

Please don't you do year-round this first thing okay the second thing who's talking about going on with baby coming who spoke about letting up the fight for pro-life, we may make more progress under Biden because were not looking to the White House to do things that we did under Trump is most of the progress comes grassroots on the streets and then laws that from their work themselves up and perhaps we did Supreme Court could make a major decision when it taken her off the gas. There were accelerating all the more because we don't have friendly ministration.

Those of us who are conservative values.

One more could provide.

Let's listen to one more excerpt from his inauguration speech today.

The answer is not turned inward to retreat into competing factions distrusting those who don't look like look like you worship the way you do or don't get their news from the same source. If you do, we must end this on Civil War. The pits red against blue, conservative versus liberal yeah, again, you might think he's a hypocrite or his policies are different are the people whispering in his cabinet, I understand all the issues I just this. If a fellow human being creating God's image of father grandfather husband with that someone who needs the Lord, we pray for him to really come to know Jesus all right and otherwise. What he saying those are good things that he is saying now. Right before the January 6 rally. There was that there is stop the steel meeting. There were different Christian leaders that are gathered together has been the Jericho march these different things happening in DC and I want to. Some of the spirit and tone of what was out there.

Some of what was being said because while these men may have been shocked by what happened by people literally getting violent at the capital and literally storming the capital. This is the kind of rhetoric that leads to those kinds of actions which is why as I preach the revolution thing for over 20 years.

It's constantly preach with overcoming evil with good. Overcoming hatred with love overcoming lies with truth, overcoming the violence of the world with the power of the spirit. That's why my revolution book there their whole chapters dealing with the nonviolent principles Jesus writes about the issue of self-defense or going to war okay which about how we live out the great commission and if amenities revolution word we been qualifying it explaining it all these decades because we know use the wrong words it will be to the wrong reaction.

Okay, this is Owen Shroyer at this DC rally. This is this is what days before the day before January 6 event, let's listen. Despite all gonna try to destroy our morale.

Despite all the gaslight asking to use us and try to keep us locked inside were earmarked all more loud Biden mad right now, he may have meant it in a way that was totally nonviolent, but when you tell people were fighting man that the elections been stolen from. When you have the president himself egging people on even throwing Mike pence under the bus. Only you can trust is Donald Trump.

He alone can save the nation and now you're fighting mad in your stirring that up okay. Is it any surprise that the world looks at us and things were all loonies commencing this man's living, but those that that some of the crazies that that storm the capital and then pray in Jesus name guys take their hats off to obey Scripture. I think hypocrisy is that you start the capital urine highly illegal event, you may spend years in jail letting their prey get it meant take your hat off because respect is let me could have your attempt to imagine the world's of the world is watching. This tends amazing people watching this and shot think that's all of us. This is some of the rhetoric that's out there.

Tone it down, read this or how about this about read the sermon on the Mount daily for next month about that. You just point the thing I'm asking all of us to follow Jesus house that right.

Here's here's Pastor Mark Burns speaking at the rally and all quite sure you know the selections been stolen. When you take it back. Now ask yourself you think this is it. It's over time is about to take over America.

Dave Dave orchestrated everything with elections and and our freedoms are being taken from us in an what's gonna happen next. And all the horrors right. You're all worked up over this okay here's the atmosphere, some of Pastor Mark Burns says that they'll I will and is not a that is Democrat Bob McCann will we need all and I lay back after midnight, not down. Do you stop diet is right so it's a battle of good versus evil exhibits.

It's not Republican versus Democrat, but then you ask of you who were who the evil one since basically those that are in the capital right there that stole the election from us. It's like some of these people to find people that they may have good ministries okay. I'm simply saying this kind of rhetoric at this moment can be dangerous and and and one more clip adjuster Feuerstein again these gentlemen may be doing good in other ways and preaching Jesus. But when you have this level of rhetoric with this level of hate out in the and in the air. This little mistrust and people are now joining it together joining the gospel with patriotism as if it's one the same thing. Signature Bible here. The American flag wrapped around you is a formula for disaster.

One more click let's listen. Letting God are standing up saying were not just the mad hell but were now and so today I stand with a black robe right and I one the Clarington patriots up at time for Walmart costs scale what you think that's going to lead to what he thinks can happen with rhetoric like that in the world that looked those clips come from up from a mocking liberal website that they are they are fair clips knows that they are clips of what was said okay what you think the world sinks you think that in a separate that rhetoric from from you in your local community because praise the Lord you're not storming the capital. Now we all get tarred and feathered with will get tarnished with Tackett and that we come out looking like this had to tell. That's who the world thinks we are. For years the left-wing media push this narrative that Donald Trump is a white supremacist that he's neo-Nazi that all his followers or or or white nationalist militia guys were to take over the country.

They push that false narrative for years and then people play right into it at the end start on by preachers and leaders completely responsible and that same spirit friends was on the lips of this last gentleman whose views must be put in again. He may be a loving father that he may have absolutely not meant anything physically violent at all. I don't know every detail of what he believes and doesn't believe right but when you put that forward that can attitude that kind of anger, venom in a volatile situation like red look on social media friends is everywhere. Time for us to repent, get on our faces.

How about instead of focusing latest plot Donald Trump secret plot all the evil of Joe Biden. How about we focus on the Lord in our hearts and lives right order, the God have mercy on America that have mercy

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