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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 15, 2021 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 15, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/15/21.

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Phone lines are open.

You've got questions, we've got answers to the stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line fire on Friday you got questions, got answers 866-34-TRUTH 866487884 reminder to everyone listening and watching. If you don't get my emails please go to my website Esther to SK DR sign up for our emails. This way you'll get updates on all weekly articles all weekly videos put out special resources. If I can be speaking in your area. Different things like that. So take advantage of that. It's a great way to stay in touch especially severe. We don't know how much crackdown will come will come from social media. How many platforms will get eliminated from I've had friends of buying who we D platform date they lost the pie from the hand Facebook or twitter or whatever. This way we can stay in touch no matter what let you know about special life streams broadcasted again to be happening. We've got a special lifestream that will be doing via Facebook. Gobbling the night of the inauguration and it on our email list to get details on that before it happens. In case you missed an announcement on the air. So stay in touch with us. That way through the website. Esther Dr. SK DR okay 866-34-TRUTH number call often we start on Fridays with every phone line Campbell get a couple open, so this is a great time to call will start with Bruce in Belgrade, Montana. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Berger. Michael you welcome my question as to do with what you been talking a lot about the truck prophecies and I don't want to speak about those specifically but just that the whole idea of prophecy in the church today. You know, and under the model of what we see in the New Testament. So here's just what it bounces off you and get your opinion. So when I read when we read the Scriptures literally read the New Testament Scriptures we see, of course, Yeshua himself being the first example speaking prophetically at times.

Matthew 24 elsewhere and then will you know see, although I can't think of anything real specific.

But in a sense I think maybe there's some scriptures that deal with some of the apostles, but maybe spoke prophetically here and there, like in acts or whatever. We have the the those I remember the story right that the daughters of the man who prophesied over Paul that he would be found when he goes into Jerusalem is review of of examples of prophecy we have in the New Testament so we have Jesus right in the thoughts of hearts John for the Samaritan woman says you I perceive your profit. We have Jesus predicting future things.

Peter's betrayal would be at the destruction of Jerusalem have to examples in the book of acts in terms of people identified as prophets. The company of prophets in acts 11 with agribusiness send is there's a famine that's going to be coming and then again in acts 21 agonist prophesied to Paul about him being bound in Jerusalem to have those specific examples.

Then you have the teaching about the prophetic ministry mentioned in Romans 12 chapter those right that prophesied in first Corinthians 12 and then at greater length in first Corinthians 14 and there is the prophet speak sin in people's lives is uncovered, the unbeliever, the outsider, they fall on their face, and surely God is in your midst, and then the greatest example of New Testament prophecy. We have is in Revelation 2 and three as Jesus speaks by the spirit to the churches. So the support right words to the churches in the book of Revelation prophetic apocalyptic literature and then certain prophecies like Paul saying, for example, in first Timothy four that the spirit speaks expressly about deception in latter times and things like that so your bill speak prophetically so the apostles, and some of their letters, speaking prophetically. I doubt it. The identification of people as prophets. You have asked X11 X 13. It mentions prophets and teachers that were there X 21 again prophetic ministry in Ephesians 4 you have fivefold ministry prophets along with apostles enhances pastors and teachers, so that's right, it's a broad overview of what's in the New Testament so I have a specific request a specific question in light of those examples and this is a little bit of my own opinion on this miss what I want to hear from you. It seems to me so we have the truck prophecies and you know the failure of those and but but it seems even outside of that, by the way, I am charismatics.

I fully believe in the gifts for today. Yeah. So it seems to me though in those examples primarily of her painting with a broad brush that those are private in the New Testament. Examples are primarily for other than your shoe out speaking to the whole people of Israel that heard him but like in Paul's letters and whatnot in the course the book of Revelation, which is to the whole church that some of those that are visual, individual words, an individual application is the right end and it seems to me that that and I don't mean this to sound harsh, but that some of the modern prophets seem to speak presumptuously for the entire church yes and send you a bit better off to do it in their individual congregations and that God might give them words first, but the rights and rituals yes and you just jump in for for for time sake and say this, we have people speaking to the whole body we have for decades truss bridge by preach a sermon that gets published in in the book, and that everyone's reading the book right a W toaster would write something and people reading what is writing a weekly columns or things like that. We had radio preachers TV preachers so we have radio prophets TV profits it. In other words, anybody can speak to the whole body now. I potentially could speak to every believer in the world if they had access to this broadcast right now. What has to happen is number one thing should be filtered through a local congregational life. We should just be following the TV preacher or TV evangelist, etc. we should take what we getting from all different sources but filter it through a local congregational life into the wisdom we have there. That's one thing. In the second thing is we have to recognize that New Testament prophets are not going to have a universal word for the whole body. In other words, there is not going to be one person stands up like Elijah -like figure and has a word for the entire church. If God indeed is speaking at his speak it through many who are hearing and saying the same thing and it will just be those who are called to be prophetic to your average believer will will sense what God is saying is, the words coming forth in your local shepherds. What will get it.

If there's some national thing on the sink so I believe that we set ourselves up for error by asking the prophets. It was Lloyd George about this was the late George about this as if they have the God that the call of being my criticizing them in the rest seems to be doing this coming cement to spiritual fortunetellers and an that's one of the reasons that we have to have major course corrections. Yes, that that the prophecies guaranteeing Trump's reelection are wrong. They failed find you'll agree on the 20th. They failed to wherever reality sets in your recognize that that's one thing but I'm with you, sir. There needs to be larger Reformation in the prophetic movement within the charismatic church, so it's not actually just a movement is part of the larger body and I've I've been talking about a lot written out some God willing, I'm going to do it. Entire teaching series. Very soon put that on video as a class on prophetic ministry for today that that hopefully will be very helpful for God's people. He thank you very much for the call 86634 let's go to Jim and Winston, Georgia.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown appreciate you taking the call got a new Jewish New Testament commentary by David Stern and he said something at one point in it that I felt was very interesting. A fair bit man over and above Jesus there's been over 50 different messiahs that people who claim to be the Jewish Messiah, and he further added that none of these so-called messiahs fulfilled the Jewish property, prophecy of being born in Bethlehem. I've never heard that point money, but it strikes me as being very powerful if crude and I was wondering do you agree with this to our that more than 50 messiahs other than Jesus, and if so why don't we mention that none of these guys were in Bethlehem it was. This is certainly conversation that we have in Jewish ministry Jewish apologetics and interacting with rabbis is something that does come up. Number one, there have been many false messiahs in Jewish history course a traditional Jew believes that Jesus assured was false Messiah, but obviously as we recognize and understand who he is, we speak about the other false messiahs, most of them very three minor characters that even the vast majority of religious Jews would would not be familiar with the the biggest names really in history were particle but in the second century who led the second Jewish revolt against Rome and was ultimately hailed as Messiah by Rabbi Akiva who is that the greatest rabbinic sage of that day and who died as a result of the Jewish revolt and this is continuing to teach Torah when it was illegal, but that would be the most prominent name from the ancient world and then when you get to the 1600s Shaba tights VN in Smyrna. He was a a massive false Messiah figure that was followed by large portions of the Jewish world of his day. That brought deep spiritual devastation in the aftermath and then in modern times. Menachem Mendel Schneerson is a Lubavitcher cabbie who died in 1994 at the age of 92 was widely hailed by his followers as the Messiah and to this day many of his most devout followers still believe that he is the Messiah and the spiritually guiding things, even after death, but the vast majority of these figures are minor. I couldn't name the vast majority of them but but David Stern is accurate in saying there been many many different players is his Jewish New Testament commentary is a great resource. The Jewish answer to the requirement to be born in Bethlehem is that they would read Micah 52 differently, they would say that the Messiah has its origins back in Bethlehem, meaning that he is a descendent of David, who was from Bethlehem, as opposed to the Messiah was required to be born in Bethlehem, so I fully agree with you that it is a messianic requirement, but that would be the rabbinic answer, rabbinic answer would be that it just means that he goes back to Bethlehem's origins are in Bethlehem because that's where David came from and they wouldn't see it as a messianic requirement. So that's the rabbinic response right friends will be right back with you because 866. By way we have a whole 22 on the series is a flash drive 22 hours with the study guide answering rabbis, website for cleansing and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thousands of dollars in free resources that we have you not I write 95 articles a week.

Some of us asking about different website. So if you write for them to they pay us know right to get the message out that's that's what we do what we do. II may do something exclusive it at request for particular website that otherwise we put things out. We ought we are here for you, like many other ministries.

That's why we're here. You just like when you go to your local congregation. The pastor doesn't charge you walk to the door that they they want you to walk to the door to minister to them and if you ministry to you in turn helps support the work, but please take advantage of the thousands of hours of free resources we have thousands of articles, videos, messages, were there for you were there for you with your now for you 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Eugene and Fort sill, Oklahoma. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for having me on your show Dr. Brown. I appreciated their sure thing. My question, I have a family member. I we're both RA and the apostolic. The notes are and joining the military and going to different churches like I got all the way from there Don and execute 38 that your peptide typically in the name of either Peña they door. Yet we can contact Debbie a and I thoroughly disagree with.

With that, and I particularly mean the end of the amount of damage done to Christian you know you're going to hell and I think began conquering and encourage them to vacate or Youngstown. It is a terrible yet if not getting on the bear. Like that's not particularly helping my question. And even if you want to shock and after that me, I'll rewatch the video and study it for myself. But what will work. That would defeat that type of theology and I'm just happy to hear about it.

There yes sure thing Eugene so so first, obviously, there's the larger and the oneness theology in terms of of the nature of God never said we believe in one God and one gun only, but the basic teaching that Jesus is the father son and Holy Spirit to be baptized in his name, and in the name of the father, son, Holy Spirit means, in the name of Jesus.

So just reading through John 1415 16 even into the 17th chapter where Jesus speaks of the glory.

He enjoyed with the father before the world began it, it destroys the whole oneness theology so I tackle that larger issue there.

John 1415 16 into the 17th chapter that if this doesn't work in different aspects of God or manifestations are putting on you like okay I'm right now I'm radio host with I get home on the husband that I see my daughter on the father that I see my granddaughter on the grandfather if I saw my mother sues B this assignment it so I'm in all of that really breaks down terribly when you read these these passages when it comes to the baptismal formula. It's interesting that the earliest church document we have the deals with this outside of the New Testament that the.K refers specifically to use the words in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit. When immersing people and if you look in the Greek and in the each time it mentions being baptized in in the name of Jesus. There are different Greek prepositions used.

There is ace there is FP. There is so there is baptized upon his name, baptized in theirs and theirs baptized ace into and you realize there different aspects of truths being put forth there.

It could be baptized. While calling on the name of Jesus, so the person baptized is calling on the name of Jesus for salvation. That's what it means being baptized into Jesus, as we have in enrollments a six chapter that would join with him in baptism and we died to sin and rise in newness of life that would be another aspect of it baptized into the body of Christ.

So there there all these different things that are taking place and if if it was just one specific formula. The Greek would be identical in every case, so just go through every time it's mentioned in the book of acts starting in acts 238 and look to see with the Greek is no notice those differences in the prepositions, which although minor, are telling so if if I was doing in Greek is so which one to use because I've got several different choices. So which one do I use which is not almost precise formula has to matter.

Now you realize that there different aspects of the same thing being put for their I mean, obviously hours and hours we get into this, but I'd start first with the nature of God and I just go through. John 1415 16 into the 17th chapter initial possible way that it oneness theology can be split another one, the scholars, but I was a thick strong issue with them over this point to thank you as always for calling 866-34-TRUTHs we go to Philip in savanna Georgia.

Thanks. Recall in the line of fire. Michael later today very well thank you, will make it a quick short of an interesting topic for me that the question about hell and I can never find out for myself. The answer, but it is something which of the different biblical scholars comment on recent years, which is I grew up in a church where I know grew up in the cold eternal damnation URL where people who reject right by the other. Go to hell and made this forever, but there eternally tormented.

I for projecting price and then we will know what happened with heaven.

I recently over the recent years that have different people comment on the annihilation view and it was. To get your opinion on it. Like for example the mansion is that you did a lot of references to fire and talk about the date of order work God and we're back at Arden on Pentecost the buyer to comply Christian in power. You will but much like that.

Something to purify our other thing by fire so I'm not guilty, but it was an interesting conversation. I want to know your opinion on damnation. There is actually a fair biblical debate that should be had within the Bible teaches final annihilation or eternal conscious torment.

Is this discussion that should be had within the body. Now the predominant church views through the centuries has been eternal conscious torment and the thought of it even glimpse at first but second is completely overwhelming and makes it difficult to even sit and have a meal in peace by thinking person sitting next to me might be tormented forever and ever and ever, or lost love ones might be on the other hand, if that's what Scripture says.

That's what makes it so devastating in my people go to the ends of the earth to give a message to be rescued from hell.

The passages that would point most strongly to eternal conscious torment would be Matthew 2546 speak of some going to eternal life others into eternal punishment. The counter to that from the annihilation is annihilation. This would be. It doesn't say eternal punishing. But punishment never Revelation 14 the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever. Revelation 20 people being tormented rescinding tormented day and night forever and ever. But of course it's the book of Revelation, which is apocalyptic imagery as well. Not necessarily Regan to go to dispel doctrine. On the flipside, you have your John 316 whoever believes will not perish. Matthew 1028 God can destroy both body and soul in hell, if second Thessalonians 1. Where with the return of the Lord.

People will be punished with eternal destruction, you have the witness of the Old Testament people being cut off so I was saved in a church that taught eternal hellfire and I preached and taught with with passion that that was what Scripture taught and sometimes with a very intense bird because of it. Some years into being saved. When I memorized about 4000 verses in little over six most confusingly and had had read through the entire Bible about five times the first couple years of essays I have added to grid in my mind. Even then, in terms of sorting through Scripture. I her Seventh-day Adventist teacher on the radio make the case for annihilation of people ultimately being cut off, and he went through all the Scriptures and as he did. I put it through the grid.

I thought okay they can make a case for that I differ with it. Based on his other verses and with the church is historically taught, but they can make a case for on the one hand you can check about one of the practical effects of that if you believe that ultimately people will be annihilated, destroyed, than it takes away incentive to evangelize and interfere Buddhist or just looking for some type of cessation of existence is the ultimate goal because life is full of suffering and pain and so fine that's what you're looking for 20 was some type of annihilation takes away the incentive to go to lost that I've had people, Sean said no. Actually this is freed me to witness because I I was ashamed to witness because the idea of if you reject this message can be tortured forever. Never give a wrong view of God that I can witness more freely. So the bottom line is what Scripture say and it is a subject that should be studied. It should be actively studied and investigated and both sides weighed carefully in terms of what the Scriptures say the fact that cults like Jehovah's Witnesses hold to annihilation is not the proof that it's wrong. The fact the church tradition is held for eternal conscious torment and much tradition is on the person's right. The question is ultimately what Scripture say I concluded many many years ago that I would just quote Scripture knows what I was preaching. I would quote Scripture and not embellish it and not go beyond what the Bible said I would quote it because the words of Jesus. A terrifying enough in the main message I want people and those that the consequence of willfully rejecting Jesus with the consequences of willfully rejecting Jesus our eternal. In other words, the consequence either annihilation or forfeiture of eternal life or or eternal conscious torment. Either way, the consequences of rejecting him or eternal irreversible and terrifying. If what you preach is less than that. The news departed from Scripture what you preach is in harmony with that on the right track of Scripture is alive annihilation eternal conscious torment, but by all means you should be studied and erection fine Christian scholars side of that debate in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown got questions, we've got answers. Michael Brown here. My delight, 866-3487 84 is number to call and you may differ with me on something you may be hostile fine. Anyone call doesn't just have to be friendly or curiously could be hostile, negative rate we call tell me why 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Terry in Montréal, Canada. Walking to the line of fire doing very well thank you thank you thank you have a very important question and concerning fire in Matthew 24, the disciples asked him what would be the sign of his return and you said you were ducking at the feet that many will come in his name phot great deception. I heard you say one of the callers that own that you would quote versus Connecticut dominant. So, in light of that, how would you reconcile your provision with concerning Sabbath keeping present out with Isaiah 56 verse six and seven we specifically set the covenant is directly linked to the fact that those who keep the Sabbath a Gentile will be led. Not so how would you reconcile your provision about keeping present out when Isaiah 56 verse six and seven specifically said the Sabbath is directly linked to the covenant that I first why did you tie that in with question about false signs. If you think it is great that you noted that effect on the credit of the United States United States. The existing dented presidency is of no value. What is it have to do with me in the question. Size is loaded with 750 denied that you deny that that offices right. That was after with me and I'll keep that not required to misnomer some hell bound deceiver. If I say that Gentiles is not required to keep the Sabbath on them quoting has to get what you quoted has nothing to do with this issue.

So that's what I'm pushing for. I I just hear so thought felt the Terry sees me as I speak.

Just be forthright. Don't play games here and I quoted that has nothing to do with Matthew 24 and the question of false Messiah is deceiving people okay.

My question is are you I'm asking a direct question right. Are you saying that because I do not say that it is mandatory Gentile Christians to observe the Sabbath that there I'm denying Jesus and a false teacher I I will refer to what Josh asked Terry what is your view might might. I don't mean a mountain bending okay, got it. I tell you to help you unhealthy you are deceived you are deceived your position that Gentiles required to keep the Sabbath and that those who teach otherwise, or hell bound deceiver's okay.

Based on your understanding of Scripture Isaiah 56 mentions nothing about the new and better covenant doesn't know it doesn't matter syllable Saunders Sinai covenant. That is how a Gentile would be joined to the people of Israel and would receive the covenantal blessings because that person was not a Jew that does not is not repeated anywhere in the New Testament. The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath says that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath he was attacking some of the traditions of his day. Colossians 2 explicitly warns against those who would put believers under pressure to observe the Sabbath, saying the Sabbath is only the shadow the substance is found in the Messiah. There is no evidence from any early church writing the Gentile Christians were expected to keep the seventh day Sabbath. In fact it was even feasible in the world in which they lived in that the work requirements that were put upon them that in fact the Gentile church didn't understand why Jewish believers continued to observe the Sabbath as Jews so simple question for you since Isaiah 56 does not mention a syllable about the new and better covenant right and is written in the context of the Sinai covenant.

Please give me one verse explicitly in the New Testament that commands a Gentile believer to keep the seventh day Sabbath just one explicit verse from the New Testament that you talk about future property.

Not bad, not Sinai future, it was spoken under the Sinai covenant go live a beatific anybody could give me when the lid wanted certain opinion on expressing interest in bringing to my mountain. The stranger so to save the planet covenant when a heretic, Terry Ewell Marchant again of the callers right and obviously not teachable. You can call to get clarification you call to choose which is fine I will welcome it right so just one more shot. Give me one explicit verse from the New Testament. The commands Gentile believers to keep the 77 I'll have a Peter Baldwin said that the man that they don't meet with Diane etc. etc. why everything be preach the law of Moses, so that was a mandate from the very apostles I say site so that now just to tell you openly twisting Scripture twisting Scripture. I'm saying this I will listen and offer you will, but for this you can freeze with Terry just did is turn the Bible upside down to fit a wrong theology which is set okay and I would heat. He's listening to me but is not here to push back because we can only have one of the speak at the same time so ask 15 says the exact opposite. It wasn't Peter. It was James Jacob speaking on behalf of the apostles and was written there is to only lay certain basic requirements on them. Okay only lay these basic requirements on them certain certain things I'm to do with blood in food and sexual immorality right and then when it says for Moses. This has been preached in the synagogues Sabbath.

If the Sabbath what's being said there is those Gentiles who have been in the synagogue, Godfrey Gentiles they're familiar with this will have no problem getting it's not saying all know get the rest because Terry, you're not living by the rest of the tour and if you really say that for 70 Sabbath you have to say that for the rest of the tower.

If I had any sense that you were teachable and ready to listen and spend more time since that's obviously not the case on the challenge again your face before God and read to ask 15 again and read to the rest of the New Testament. You will not find a hint of your theology. There quite the opposite, and then the rest of the Torah that you're now insisting that everyone come under, not just as a 56 but according ask 15 reviewed the rest of the tour is not condemning you and damming you every day flee back to the gospel of grace flee back to the gospel of grace and every commandment that the New Testament enjoins on us and those are many we keep with seal and joy. Those that feel led by God, and desire to keep the 70 Sabbath. God bless you of God that the Sabbath in my life is 1/7 day Sabbath, but the idea that is mandatory for Gentiles is a dangerous lie. God bless you. So I hope I hope gobble up your heart to listen 86634 let's go to Jesus in Chicago.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Eric and honor to be able to speak with you. I've only really been only really knew you existed until like maybe a couple weeks ago fell hey listen I'm at least tell you something that I've been existing for almost 66 years designation, it is a kind of to me yeah got my Mary. Now there's not a lot of people out there so the a lot of us is not known, but anyhow what's up I have a question concerning I'm a chick in Christ are a baby and cried by field 23 by I don't know if this was an event that that either he let happen or he may happen, but it been in my life caused me to break down in question and really call me to learn about truth from Scripture. I mean I really believed in God beforehand, but I was. I could feel that I realize now I was starting to fall away and or maybe I'll go down the wrong path that he allowed this to happen to wake me up and really hamper a new change in my relationship with him Mancos Island number the in college and graduated with a creative writing major and I wanted to basically use fiction to write about truth of the world yeah and then I real and then because I realized what would drop truly deprived the drilling really convict with convicted me back then was beauty and amazing things like like a sacrifice sacrificial love and the amazing blessings of having dinner with your family and looking at the beauty of nature and looking how beautiful the world was expressed through you know, storytelling, and the now I realize that I need to know.

Look at truth, not just from the world because I started making the mistake of having Ellie. The writing in comics and whatever worldly like literature was half-truth I started to drift away by accident and now that I'm here and I hear many I look at things like second John, where it says do not love the things of the world hate the world for love, for you know love of the world pushed out the father and then I see. I've heard a lot of really good pastors and preachers that they scare me. You know like Paul washer and this other. I believe I forgot his name the cabin, but I think his name but now say that you're not supposed to like like get questions like, should we have a TV like this so much worldly nonsense out there so just let me yeah you jump in and when this is the first on to begin. Verse 15 deliver worldly things are there in the world tells us was talking about the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life, right. So what you want to do is really build yourself up in God, let your great nourishment come from your times with God and the Word and prayer and worship really focus on on developing deep spiritual health. Roots get a spiritual perspective on things and then find out from there.

How that interfaces with with every area of life. Sitting with your family be at the beauty of nature.

Some like CS Lewis to bring Christian thinker wrote the Chronicles of Narnia without explicitly saying Christ's cross etc. and brought a message of redemption to intensive unfolding of 100 million people or more impacted by his his writings and messages so it's not a matter of just cutting ourselves off like in a monastery, life is the world is everywhere around us right.

We are in the world but not of it.

What you do is really immerse yourself in God's word prayer and then from that perspective's okay. What edifies what's helpful maybe sit down family join a sports event here and there may be going out to have an ice cream. You know, or it may just be locking herself in with it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown just cargo but the way I don't eat ice cream and will have just throwing that in the numbers that the things you can do that. That just family or friends or silly time, or whatever you're playing games with the kids, and that's great that's fine. If sometimes we get the idea that unless something is just spiritual listeners reading the Bible praying to share my faith with someone that I'm not pleasing God. Note God wants us to thrive in this world means that husband-and-wife taken a vacation together with the kids.

It means lots of different things as long as the things in themselves are not sinful. So first you really get with the Lord you then look at the things that themselves are sinful destructive if you're addicted to porn or you will enjoy watching movies of people being sliced stopping cannibalized psycho cat can't have this sick Doug are dark, ugly stuff and you will see step away from that and then okay rimless world and we may have 80 or 90 years here in your whatever we slip to the full, putting him first and then looking at our schedules.

What makes sense. What works best and then coming from there you even creative writing a degree in that I can use that that everything being a an explicit Jesus message their true small truth of the things that can be conveyed that are helpful and edifying. All right, let's go back to the phones Michael in Newark, New Jersey. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Michael Brown how are you doing well. Thank you Michael Kohn Walker of exposing the money machine. The untold nature of Christianity and anybody clear truth that I know you read at least half and hold each Christianity ago.

Answer okay, I get awakening Christian faith Christian good pastors for about five or six years there and according to research on the Internet. I do not watch television.

Not like you know have the pastors been supporting the candidacy of trunk and dandies and supporting them is that personal enactment for truck location.

Even though I Christian went that way, while 81% of white evangelicals for this account? Dr. pastors. I'm getting there. Okay I % 81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump and a higher percentage of black and Hispanic Christians than in the past, voted for Republican candidate recent past, voted for Trump. The question is, is why so it's twofold. I don't like little wonder what the Cartwright I'm aware about Michael Michael Michael I'm trying to answer your question, I night that's that's too don't really get three strikes okay so in short, many voted for Trump because he was standing for things that were important to them. Pro-life per religious liberty Pro Israel and therefore they voted for him because there also voted against Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and the agenda of the left others were influenced by major evangelical leaders, people like Robert Jeffers. People like Franklin Graham and others publicly stood with Trump and and supported what he was doing and were identified with him. So many evangelicals, especially when evangelicals were influenced by latest, most local pastors don't say who they're voting for the talk about values or standing for so that's why so many voted for Trump not going to know about the local pastors, light, Lord, leading pastors. Thank you for letting me know that you were just I got Back Former Devout Christian Ct., Bible great or book are Dr. Beidler know on very strong but basically the Bible say the loan money of all kinds Eagle your garbageman go night ego garbageman go to edit James talks back against rich people also.

We all know the politicians will Trump be a billionaire who has never worked hard to great words like guilt on the telephone and a big foundation tardy donate any money anybody great years and basically now anybody. Why would people vote for a man like because you use good words. Action like eating comfort money money money Burnsville yeah, but that's it. Your question again. Most local pastors don't say who they're voting force a vote for this, they may see who they're voting for many don't. But they don't say go vote for this candidate. They say here the issues here's Reese candidate stands now evaluate accordingly and and many pastors, multiethnic congregations or by car geisha mailing only Hispanic. Another way Asian another way, the Caucasian. Another way messianic Jewish. Another way but let me let me also say this though Michael of first Timothy six, Paul gives counsel to rich Christians. So it's not a sin to be rich. It's a sin to be attached to riches or to become rich and in carnal ways. Many times the rich in this world. You become more complacent, it's a valid question is to say, did crumbs moral weaknesses outweigh his good policies and that's a debate will be having for years to come and pray that you get plugged back in with God and his people in the days ahead, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Samuel and Florence South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Underground doing well. Thanks so real quickly, quite another point to take a quick back and encourage you all out for my wife multiple, I appreciate Dr. Brown pretty good over approach a balanced approach to try to break the unity in the body in different areas, specifically in terms of, like the charismatic warmth out of pavement audits really appreciate your void in that area and update this so the great resource for godly people to in that area appreciate how my question curiosity thing, but in all thy we have faith that the bottom on the woman caught in adultery with the significant story yeah and then Luke 2334 and I like the ending of Mark would be another example and are brought into question. How should we approach them right you have you have different issues of a textual criticism that you have over 5000 ancient Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. Some of the fragments some with large parts of the New Testament and there were variations between them. The overall there are hundreds of thousands of minor variations. It would be did the difference between spelling Mr. MIS TER or MR or know these completely insignificant differences.

Most of them then you have larger ones, and the question is okay is John eight part of the Bible or an important verse. Luke 2234. Part of the Bible or the long-running of Mark part of the Bible of most New Testament scholars re-scholars will follow manuscript traditions today that would put question marks next to these are at least in terms of where they're placed Mont my view is that Johnny preserves an accurate story from the life and ministry of Jesus. But it's it's found in different parts of John's Gospel.

It's found in Luke's gospel information so not exactly sure where was placed, but I believe because reliable account. My view of Mark, the long-running of Mark is it's clear that it doesn't end where it does in verse eight this at the ending of Mark and nine through 20 that we have in our Bibles contain some different vocabulary this evening of needed verbal change so I don't believe that was the original ending of Mark. But I do believe that this is a real account of a resurrection account with real teaching of Jesus that was preserved in other manuscripts.

That is a part of our Bible and that no it's my debate is a look at this is not whether this was really Scripture, but is it in the right place with the original ending, but ultimately I do receive these things is God's word because of their integrity and attestation of the places and harmony with the spirit of Scripture elsewhere. That's hard look at hate. Thank you sir. Obviously we go on for many hours piecing out each of these individual that's my larger view and let's see I got time for one more call Carmen in Dallas Texas.

Thanks for holding if you could weigh in quickly. I'll try to answer quickly.

Dr. Brown topic and people have engaged about it to the point of acknowledging him about the current property. My question is – do some of these profits are maybe your friends or lease you are familiar with them next Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at noon in the fighting. And, Harris and Biden 2010 what do you believe the posture of these profits should be today and some of them might wait they may feel that something like that happened big in mind what you think of a ship, apologize for the delay and leave it alone lay low. Thank you for asking why I wrote under tremendous burden yesterday. I wouldn't article with a very direct and strong appeal to those who prophesied falsely to be released on the 21st so I wrote it will continue to pray over it it it is a very very strong call to say drop it. It's over that when you see different reactions. Some will be deeply repenting and saying I don't how I got this wrong and on the house of my friends in college got this wrong but I'm so terribly sorry type great soul-searching I make myself accountable to other leaders to get to the root of how I could be so deceived and I deeply apologize for bringing reproach to the name of the Lord for hurting so many of you and will see their integrity and doing it all there is or who have less integrity will blame well it's two people in them have faith. Well that and pray well like this Mike Brown guy destroyed him and they'll come up because analysis it so you you you immediately distance yourself from from that type of of of word and then the others are getting going to complete delusion and fantasy and the trumpet is that he is the president it's ready happen. We just he is the spiritual timeline and buys out the way till March. Wait till April. It's it's it's it is crazy and it's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking people's lives are being destroyed and much reproach is coming to the name of the Lord Washington Post just wrote about this New York Times is about to write about this.

Friends wake up sober Donald Trump will not be inaugurated on January 20 facing will be here to help. When that happens

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