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God Is Not the Author of Confusion

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 13, 2021 4:20 pm

God Is Not the Author of Confusion

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 13, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/13/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

We continued the discussion keys things God is saying to the church today things we must sort out before let's do it together stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. So what is the Bible is God mean the Scripture says that God is not the author of confusion.

If lots of different beliefs within the body.

Lots of different perspectives lots of different claims that mean that that only one is right all the others are wrong. Therefore, of the devil doesn't mean that we need to be part of one United church. The Catholic Church rejoin the Mormons is that one group or can there be diversity and through different voices. God is speaking, but the woman was, but is not the author of confusion and and if in fact he did speak to Donald Trump revealed reelected. It didn't happen that would be confusing if he didn't speak it. And people say he did, that would be confusing. So, assuming that God is not the author of confusion to sort that out today. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 we have had a special guess that was going to be joining us today. Had to reschedule at the last minute which works out fine on our end will do the interview gobbling a couple of weeks but works out fine because we really got her fraction of the calls yesterday as we talk about prophecy. False prophecy was a false prophet we get a fraction of those calls yesterday so phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH and Emily give a personal invitation to all those who say Mike Brown your discouraging believers now that are holding on faith or you've caved in wine she's standing lookee here, if you look really tell me why you have that perspective. Again, I'm not here bite your head off unless you'd be nasty or to embarrass you or not. I want understand from your perspective, how I've done that right. So we have an honest conversation again to say it for the thousands, millions time.

I'm here to help. I'm here to help if I put out something that's wrong is because love corrects love rebukes but I'm here to help and and even when everyone sees in the days ahead that the reelection prophecies were not accurate were not true, at least as spoken or unlike in be throwing stones. If someone digs their heels in and and and and is gonna blame the whole church. The things didn't come to pass, arrived what I said is true or think I get into fantasy that while he is reelected. We just don't see the manifestation. It will call that out more strongly but my goal is not to throw people under the bus or embarrass fellow believers.

Now some would say that's right have a problem. Dr. Brown, this is right struggle with your position.

You are saying that people can prophesy falsely they can say the Lord showed me this of the Lord spoke this to me and and they're still believers and their good people even if they prophesy falsely so someone posted a comment saying how could. How could you be prophesy lies in be a good person. Let's turn that around and ask how could you teach lies in be a good person supporting me well what if I can show you clear error in your doctrine, something you hold to. I can clearly show you is wrong by the word, but in all sincerity you really thought the word said that you were doing your best to interpret and understand it but you were in error. Maybe when you learn Hebrew or Greek, you discover that maybe when you get exposed to arguments that counted your position you understood it sick. While I used to believe that I don't teach that anymore. Do we call you a false teacher do we say that you weren't sincere, no, you may been sincere, but you were sincerely wrong to address that doctrine synonymous different with prophecy. Listen, it's not necessarily different but explain what one person is misunderstanding the written word which is God's authoritative revelation. The clearest is ever spoken someone else is misinterpreting the dream or an internal voice or a sense that they had right so they are guilty of being sincere and trying to honor the Lord and really feel the Lord was speaking something that obviously misinterpreted it. If they gave us a definite.

This will happen. They misinterpreted so I'm I can crucify someone that realizes why was wrong on that point. I'm not here for people time, Dr. Brown, I dug into this more acidic your your teaching on this was correct and Anna and look there things I held to us first say that arose were wrong. The preacher rapture being one of them all right and have held to it for over 45 years thereabouts, but that doesn't mean there aren't sincere pretrip teachers around the world and preach members can look at me. I can call me a false teacher over that is a dead run wrong on the mic in your unit you not accurate on that so the same way with proxies in another. But there's a difference because the profit claims to be speaking for God was the teachers district it will hang on when your pastor gets up. This would open up the Scriptures and doing an expository series of messages through through the book of Ephesians there is a world of sameness pulses here and there, they may center this controversy over this verse is a controversy.

Some say this. Some said this, my view is this, but I'm not dogmatic, but Elizabeth notes each. Is this the word says this will be telling you what the word says right. That's what Jacob James III chapter says not many of you should be teachers kisses more accountability right so obviously any good teachers who say you keep studying test what I'm saying based on the word. Let's keep growing in God together their giftedness teachers, but they're still not saying, thus saith me missing here is what the word says here's what understand the word to be saying and encourage you to study it for yourself but for the most part, your pastor, teacher leaders getting up this teaching. Teaching and their giving their interpretation of the written word so a prophet yet that they should couch things a certain way so that they're not speaking in a way that if you dare differ with them that that you're going to be considered evil or you can touch them and we would that we can talk about a lot but I give an example. Give example, a brother from all accounts. I have a good reputation as being a Jesus, Jesus loving God and and and some of you really wanted to see the Lord glorified and you had some amazing prophetic words over people.

It came to pass it or maybe the Lord shall be the right song and the songs can be sung around the world like I've never written a song insured half God gifted them. They wrote the song, I mean things like that. He spoke at a ministry school route was teaching.

Decades ago was in the the 80s, mid 80s, I wasn't there.

That particular day, but he had just finished teaching and to be candid. A lot of his teaching took real liberty with Scripture.

He thought he had insights into Hebrew and Greek and all that. I sat with them privately and seducing bad sources for news and bad sources, so she misinterpreted the written word. Maybe should the been teaching but then he had prophecies over the sumps of the students that were right on amazing and they call that one young lady and he said to her. The Lord wants you to know that when you were crying Thursday morning in prayer. The Lord saw that these can answer that prayer. He also wants to know is going to take care that family situation were the result attention and is going to heal your back and nieces doesn't mean anything to so good. He's asking for for accountability verification that there were three things I may have gotten exactly right. But those were basically three and she said while I wasn't praying or crying Thursday morning. There's no family tension and I don't be feeling in my back and the guy rather be corrected by it turned to the to the leader of the meeting McAuley that that ran the school and its and that you have that they don't understand what that's on accountability and is bound to lead to further but it it doesn't mean that the guy is now an evil guy. It means he needs to humble himself and any bit because when I met with her one-on-one he was on some charlatan he was.

He was really trying to honor the Lord and get into the word. I just use in pet sources are misleading people you know that whom I am this young guy teaching. He's his famous guy, but I permission from the school to meet with them privately.

I do know if he took my counsel or not, but people can make mistakes he made mistakes interpreting the written word so we had a sense, he had a thought. He had a feeling in misinterpreted. Look, I've I've stepped out on a limb and way out on a limb at times in my life feeling that the Lord was speaking to me to do something in faith you had that right where you really felt God want you to do a pretty thing. Maybe a businessman going to a new venture, or family, make a face decision to relocate or you step out go on the mission field we just know it in your heart. You can feel something deeply. If you have that sense you feel it so you step out in faith and in God comes through amazingly but another time you can have a similar feeling and step on it wasn't the Lord sick at what was the difference.

While they make this one mistake I remember just in terms of hearing from the Lord. I would have a checklist of Katmai under stress right now I feel the Lord saying some to be about finances for a ministry.

My under stress under financial stress. Have I been sleeping adequately supports all the human factors that could cloud my thinking at that moment. So there are people who are false prophets there wolves in sheep's clothing. Divisive their destructive thereof.

The devil they've infiltrated our ranks and their charlatans rather people who are believers who believe their profits maybe they have a gift of prophecy. A word of knowledge. The call profits but they are not prophets and they are falsely called prophets and then there are others who bring a word in the words not true and they falsely prophesy so I make those distinctions based on my understanding Scripture but I stand with you. I stand with you and calling out false prophecy and calling out those that claim to be prophets and are not. I just don't brand them false prophets, wolves in sheep's clothing like those in some of the critical camps do right the cyclic in first Corinthians 14 and I will open us up into the Scripture and take your call sponsor wide open, 866-3487 84 first Corinthians 14 Paul is talking about divine order to check this out.

What is it then, brothers and sisters may become together. Each one has a sauna, teaching Revelation, the tongue interpretation. Let all things be done for edification.

This is a normal house meeting this one speaks this one speaks of some of speaks of tongue P by two or at most three each in turn let one interpret that his own interpreter little keep silent in the community but speak to himself and to God the two or three prophets speak with the others, evaluate not stone the one that may be wrong. Evaluate but if something is revealed to another sitting nearby that the first will become solid if you can all prophesy one by one, so all may learn to be encouraged the spirits of the prophets subject to the prophets, for God is not a God of confusion. But shalom peace so what's the point here, God is not going to inspire me to say it's gonna rain tomorrow inspire you to stand up afterwards and say it's not going to rain tomorrow and then inspire third person to come up with the contradictory methods message that would be. God is the author of confusion. However, the Holy Spirit brings to light his heart that often brings different categories of filenames need to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 84. Remember the word of God is always true. Jesus never fails.

Prophecies can be incorrect when leaders can fall word of God is true. Jesus never fails. Keep the focus you make it through thick and thin, so number one God is not the author of confusion, meaning he will not inspire profit a to prophesy one thing and profit be to prophesy the opposite or move on. Everyone in such a way that they have no control over that there will start yelling at the same time you can understand anything of the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets, meaning you can hold back. You can wait to speak you can honor others. Let them speak and not all the same time, and it's not going to be contradictory messages that you could have two sides of the same coin right if you don't repent God will judge you if you do repent double blessed right in one spring and one message to the bring another message are. I remember a student in our ministry school met with the director of the school who said to him you're cocky you're arrogant it's got a sexy suture caulk in your arrogance you need to grow up. Something like that and then the young man was close to came up to to my office and I said in the Lord just wanted me to tell you how much he loves you and especially on the site, as he knew, both were true. He knew that the Lord wanted to reaffirm his love for him and that he was cocky. Those are two sides of the same coin that he needed to hear that within a matter of minutes, but look there. There's no question that there is massive confusion in the body. Today and and much of it is coming from our charismatic We just we just have to accept that and acknowledge it and even though I've never prophesied from election or reelection. And even though I've been doing my best to help prepare people when these prophecies don't come to pass out. I plan to publicly apologize to the church as a whole as a charismatic leader for the confusion that we charismatics have caused feel responsible as part of this toot toot to reach out. So for all of you that that are watching and listening in on charismatic and you have a bad name. Now because of mistakes that that some of our leaders have made feel sorry for that I apologize on behalf of the movement as a whole look and current God was moving mightily. Paul commends the Corinthians for not falling behind in any spiritual gift, but there was a mess in their midst. In so many ways can happen in the church today and the plaintiff non-charismatic leader set of messed up and fallen false teaching moral scandals and just the toughest men are facing Lord, get low Lord we look to be with you for grace quite so number one does not the author confusion. However, there's a flipside which is when God moves many times the secrets of people's hearts will be laid be laid bare and that will bring divisions. Let's look at acts chapter 2 we only count acts chapter 2.

The believers were all together in one place. It's a chopper quote it's Pentecost the Holy Spirit false. They begin to speak in new languages right and it says in verse 5X25 the Jewish people were staying in Jerusalem to mount devout men from every nation under heaven. When the sound came. The crowd gathered. They were bewildered because each was hearing them speaking in his own language and they were amazed and astonished, saying all these are speaking. I think aliens house the reach your own birth, language, Parthians and Medes and Elamites, and those the new Mesopotamia daily today To see a Pontus and Asia region, Pamphylia, Egypt parts of Libya toward serene business rumbles Jewish people and proselytes Cretans and Arabs we declare in our own tongues the mighty deeds of God and they're all amazed and perplexed sentry showed it was dismissal there hearing the scholar believers the simple people praising God an alternate of languages there hearing them praising God. Others poking fungus in the full sweet wine, sweet that's where Peter is the start of these men are drunk.

This is not in the morning is the third hour that's not in the morning. Okay so let's think about that from an the Holy Spirit is poured out legitimately legitimately and as a result you have division among the people those who hear the praises of God.

Those who think people drunk isn't that being the author of confusion, know that is God bringing to light what some people start God being the author of confusion is allegedly inspiring hundred people to prophesy something that doesn't happen and and was not a true prophets all the know he isn't do that or contradictory messages he doesn't do that but often when the Holy Spirit comes this happens in revival over time.

The Holy Spirit is poured out, and before you know it. The church is completely divided half the people symbolized and change.

This is the Lord. This is awesome of us.

And that's the flesh that's the devil it's dangerous always happens with revival. It's a constant pattern effect Arthur Wallace said at Duncan Campbell seconded it there something claims to be revival in its outspoken against check again to see that it's really revival existed for years. You can have controversy without revival which can have revival controversy is when God comes and visits in power it brings to the surface with some people's hearts, and you find out who is really with the Lord and is not is not so wholehearted look at this look the second chapter Luke chapter 2 baby Jesus issue is being dedicated in the temple by his parents right and prophetic words being spoken. Simeon is just prophesy that this is the promised Messiah.

Verse 33 and his father and mother were marveling at the things that were said about him and Simeon offered a bra, a blessing over them and said to Miriam's mother, behold this one is destined to call the fall, and to cause the fall and rise of many in Israel and to be a sign that is supposed so the thoughts of many hearts may be uncovered and even for you sword will pierce through your soul so notice this, he is going to be a sign that is opposed to the thoughts of many hearts may be uncovered or to let's step back from that and understand what the text is saying that when when Jesus comes on the scene. He begins his ministry suddenly reveals what's in people's hearts. It brings great division.

He said I didn't come to bring peace but a sword in a sort of division so suddenly you find out what is really religious devout people.

They their hypocrites and these prostitutes in an corrupt tax collectors there running in repentance, so there is a difference between God being the author of confusion in the Holy Spirit bringing to light what's in people's hearts which then brings division that make sense all right with that. We are going to go to the phones and will start in Fremont, Nebraska a Tesla. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Michael Brown hello hello yeah go ahead, you're on the air. Okay, I just wanted to say thank you for the baby you posted on Facebook and on YouTube about pelt contract. They really help me personally down. I think electing to profit that found that downturn.

What can I when I think we all can a guiding political. Derek and Angus reporting Donald Trump would not in default and at annual gala warning about the beginning of 2020.

I give Philip the eldest, and by by how Christian would would give their support for Donald Trump against black black tonight and get this boat back to me, but I think I left Ila. I know that and got into it is and acting bath were effectually came to all of you know that the church enter whole I think at least to the majority of of people that and being a lot of people in the right regarding the church that had canning in his bed felt practice. And it it's really bringing it back, but the church and I don't think there's many people paying that out there so thank you very much Tessa thanks so much for the kind words and for the ability to examine your heart and life. You know from our perspective. Everybody else is wrong and we're right in our positions and many times either because of insecurity or because the. The issues are so important to us were unable to really step back and and self reflect and look I wrote in evangelicals at the crossroads 10 things that we had to do less chapter of the book 10 things we had to do who the pastor contest, part of which was can we vote for him without tarnishing our witness. One of the things in the list of 10 was don't get caught up in election fever.

Let's easier said than done right, because suddenly the whole world is swirling and this is the only thing on our newsfeeds and Trump is being falsely accused and were concerned with the left would go and so on and and you know what about the babies in pro-life and what about religious freedoms for children. And what about China and before you know it was so caught up with this, there is a saying that the problem with deception is that it's very deceiving and people who've been deceived and only the last ones to realize it. So is January 20 comes into a bond is inaugurated. This can be a lot of of self-examination, reckoning, wondering how are we so wrong. What were we so convinced about all the political theories that some last minute things can happen. God sexy still speaking is going to do this. That's were we just have to go back to our foundations relationship with God as his children intimacy with him through the word and prayer focusing on Jesus and then figure out how so many did get seduced by partisan political spirits.

No question. To me it happened and it's a great stronghold to be addressable, so thanks for calling an interesting look at my own life I know is a radio talk host and is an op-ed writer you don't know the five articles we come always commenting on culture and politics unconsciously so can Lord it might give it the right way in the right spirit or have I got for this where that little voice whispering with another nasty praise the Lord helping people come to maturity and see the light. Whatever lessons we learn thank you so much for calling back your calls this outbreak error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown first passage there the mighty men that came around King David to establish his kingdom and for Brown was for seven years before he went to Jerusalem, he ran for 33 years and it lists the. The members of his army from each tribe note 27,000 from this tribe and all warriors of battle tested are skilled with this weaponry and goes through the numbers think it's worth 32 it's it's 200 men, chieftains from from the Travis a course of the lowest number. Mention it doesn't mention their battle skills or anything, but it says that they understood the times and knew what Israel should do and and that's something that that we sought to be. Over the years before the body is is to operate in the spirit of of one of the sons of Issachar understand the times and understanding with the church should do there so many gifts I don't have. There's so many things I don't know so many aspects of the body ministry that others are so much more qualified to do and and do a much better job than me.

Another some things that I've been tasked with and this is one of them. So were doing our best to Tessa what you saying to us, and I do believe that in a very real way that God has multitasked, as he always does the very real significant way with the presidency of Donald Trump that there certain good that he did through him that there is much that was revealed through him, how radical the left is how biased the media is how oppressive big tech can be the existence of these long-term Washington insiders that are deeply entrenched, the people called deep state, but you will definitely recall it. You know that the whole pollutant entrenchment of the political system and also a lot of compromises revealed in the church in all the confusion in the charismatic movement. So I will seize this moment, say, Lord, what are you teaching us through this. How can we grow and then a lot of us can have to get our faces because I will want to consider this when the prophecies are seen to fail the 20th will be the date for most of us who keep pushing it for 12 and then come to realization of what's happened people summer actually lose their faith entirely is a very very grievous thing. I mean, some of us mankind is burdened with with tears before the Lord. The people be so sure so sure this was God that the question everything else in the relationship with God actually fall away and others will just go on the things of the spirit that that's a real shame. We want to be here to help and so look first and foremost God and fail is his word is the Bible.

All right the Bible is the with the only thing is the word of God is the Bible prophecies at best or words from Laura word from the Lord to be tested and not universally applicable to the whole body and for the most part. New Testament prophecy is not about foretelling all the things are going to happen. So you have the newspaper events. It has some effect. Prophecy can all be very obscure and I'm ready come from the book of Isaiah. Now there's some chapters in that where it's like, what does that mean okay the vision of the night with slick what is the sum of the visions of the book of Zechariah, the book of Revelation wasn't mean what and there could be multilevel meanings and applications and things like that and other prophecies much more straightforward, but for the most part there's there's a practical reason for it is not just given to give us information in advance but I I am not attacking sincere people generally believe they heard from Laura again. There are many among them that are sincere, Jesus loving, God fearing, and you'll see it by their responses when the prophecies prove false and others will show's wrong side. But either way, those that spoke need to now take responsibility. It's okay. I have not damage the faith of God's people I've hurt the sheep. People may be falling away because of me that's something they really need to go to God in intercession with an and say Lord, how can I help can I pray these people back into faith, 866-34-TRUTH, by all means give us a call.

I posted a personal invitation on Facebook for those who say unity of cave been compromised, etc. calls tell me how tell me where you can find enough electoral fraud.

Please tell me your thoughts honestly and many that are dropping me an unsprung unsubscribing on following they'll be here. I'll be here on the other side right and again I will set told you so. Okay let us go back to the phones and we go to Gretchen in Selma North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I met Derek Meade the other day I I like a lot of folks live distraught with the outcome of the election and of course very distraught with the activity last Wednesday but pulled out Mark Taylor's book again and was reading it real carefully because I really, to his prophet. The leading up to the election, but like many, he directed toward second Chronicles 714 if my people right there if my people, humble themselves and pray and seek my face, bubble bath, I will heal their land. I was talking to my sister and if we they election had what I think I want the salt to dig deeper if we had just been handed the election and had four more years. The Trump we would have trusted and the political system in Trump as our president.

I have had to dig very deep and one sister said well there goes no such in the property and I said well not completely, profits are we cast them and like I heard earlier in your program. Sometimes they do get it wrong and while I was waiting to speak. I did hear you say though that spoke boldly prophesied this or that. Do you know need to own it and up. I I hope not. Many people fall away, if anything, we need the Lord more than ever and we really need to be extremely love each other and doing time might not attacking some Gretchen just a few things to way appreciate what you're saying in the spirit of it number one. I am gravely concerned about with the fallout will because this is very widespread. The level of reaction that I got last week. January 7 when I when I just said, look, it's not. This is generally six and a sits look as a Lisping storms of the face the facts Donald Trump will not be inaugurated in January 20 face the facts. I said no, that fleece was self-evident in many ways I was waiting for the right moment.

I was going to even wait till the 20th but I thought there may be a moment before them when all that happened I said I said it not been getting people thanking me leaders locally internationally thanking me for speaking those words, and it needs to be said, but in point of fact we got tremendous backlash.

I mean being called servant of Satan's spawn of bail kind of stuff for daring to say that no and and and worse and worse. This from believers that the hearsay, that doesn't bother me in the least. As I've said repeatedly. I'm concerned for the condition of that person's soul persona could be that Ron could be furious with me or unconcerned with what's happening in their life. Like for example if if I just said hey good to see a Patty on the shoulder and you screamed in and tried to choke me. It's like okay what happened to shoulder. This must be sensitive that's that's my concern about what happened to you very sensitive not affect you choking me that's like the concerns like whoa what will some melody children know that so this is very deep and I'm gravely concerned that that many really are, or organ of lose their faith. I mean it's it's this is to them. It has to happen.

They know it's going to happen there holding off on him like one of those unbelievers at the Red Sea want to go back to chewing that that's how it's how deeply they are deceived on this the other.

The other thing though, will expect to much of the prophecies there. He acknowledges he thought Trump would come in and put in 2012 and since 2016. So he's publicly said you got the title that happens all the time of prophecy. That's what you can't unless there's a specific timeframe when it that you know from the Lord and have had that you work with was a timeframe within had to happen that Tom and I knew that I knew it would in the D days, and it's looking really bad, but God promised that he did it, but otherwise time you get wrong all the time.

The Old Testament prophets to first Peter one talks about it, the date they thought that there prophesied about their day and then cycle can what is this were profits on the size sufferings and the glory, the following the bullets suffer you it's for these future generations that commonly happens with prophecy.

The standard analogy is your standing on top of one mountain we can top the other mount. This is very close with you on those a 300 mile Valley in between them is a perspective often seems very close profits would speak things looks at the can happen imminently in their fears, and one which is all the more reason that that even people, so maybe it's 2024 of them what's the use of hammering the 2020 date if will prophecy could be this or that severe system specific has to be but Marcello did say Trump would be elected either .3 justices which he did.

The third one being immediately can't think of it immediately before the elections, but I will market all reading this book, though some months back, I was struck by just how much they felt getting more revelation, digging into the revelation pages and pages and pages unbelieving that I will believe in a believe God is speaking to Bibles all the time.

I do mean equal to the Bible, but that level of information that is less than second Chronicles 714 is always the truth right but the major prophetic voices that were speaking Trump's reelection when not constantly saying this will only happen if the church repents. I do believe were Jeremiah Johnson had an in January 2018 resort trumpets of Nebuchadnezzar. Type figure that Trump had to repents of his pride in the church had to repent of their looking to him and idolatrous way. Otherwise, he would be removed after four years of the that's exactly what happened. Unfortunately, those words conditions were not heard much. I know of almost all the prophets were bringing strong conditional words and there was master prayer. There was master prayer leading up to elections. I was always part of the return event September 26 in DC a total nonpolitical event with tens of thousands. There, praying, crying out to God, repenting of our sins, and then just a few miles away. The Frank Graham prayer March even more tens of thousands. There and little Mike pence nose with her that that was a time of prayer and seeking the face of God was. I never saw that much prayer before an election. So we did that and yet perhaps we didn't repent we really needed to, which was looking for a man too much or praying for that man's repentance preps those things mistake, thank you for the call. We come back on the stretcher calls since we come back exterior it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is make sure that you get our emails and if you last week, one with links and short descriptions of every article be written in the week, another with links and short descriptions of every new video that we've put out during the week and then special resource offers or announcements or things like that's if you like my emails take a minute to ask Dr. Brown escape your incentive for the email system.

Put your email first last name down for graduates to etc., but whatever. Just fill that out take you second asked her to again get on our email list and was soon as you sign up. We send your really neat free mini book 7 secrets to the real Messiah e-book and the first few days. If you hear from us will send you more about my testimony. Some things I think you really like the information that you get all right. We are going back to the phones and we go to Tom and Beth also Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire.

My my premise comes from finger between the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet office of the prophet because in burger 12 that the gift.

His subject to the maturity of the fruit in the believer and there's a there's a tendency in the church to believe that if somebody operating the gift of prophecy or profit and are not, but the gift and then there's the office of a prophet which is part of the fivefold ministry, and I think the body relax because there's no real teaching distinguishing between the gift of an office of and I'd like you to address the yeah Tom you sent right there at 02 different things and we often confuse them.

I've taught about it. Others have written, taught some about it, but for sure it needs to be taught on a whole lot more so one thing is that potentially the New Testament anyone can prophesy any believer pretension New Testament can hear the Lord's say something and shared. But then there are those that have the gift of prophecy. So those words are going to be more frequent, more accurate, more more anointed in that regard, and we often think that some of them with the gift of prophecy is a prophet.

Where is the New Testament prophet is as you say part of fivefold ministry so just like someone called to be a pastor so called me evangelist; to be teacher; be a prophet here up I'll give you a couple of silly little illustrations that I use you I'm on preaching 11 Sunday.

The service and I had clear my throat. Somebody realizes why need some water. So one of the guys comes as leadership conference right somebody just runs gets me by the water as they're walking they trip and fall in the water hits the ground. The whole thing spells so one of the leaders there is a real pastor read these anointed to be pastor Joe Prather you oak that was so thoughtful of you. Really appreciate you doing it. Another one is a gifted teacher. The teacher gets up in and says you know I noticed as you were walking that you looked your eyes and this if you keep your eyes straight ahead, then you will trip next time. The other guy. There is a real evangelist and he jumps up he says we are all like spilled water on the ground we meet. Who here needs to be saved to your needs Jesus and then another guy is really going to prophet, and he gets up and says brother need to be careful.

You just dishonor the speaker you distracted from the meeting and another guy really apostolic anointing, he jumps up and says that we need a method, a system now for all the churches in our entire network that this a bottle of water. This there is set apart, so each one operating to their particular gift or another illustration pastor says to his leadership team. You know we need to to get to know each other better in this body because we just were like strangers would come and go. On Sundays we never sequence of the first Sunday of every month with a clear out the chairs from the sanctuary after the service ever was gonna bring food. We have big public dinner and every every month you sit with people you haven't sat with. We just to get to know each other better. One of the guys that out one of the leadership team really anointed evangelist pieces pastor that's immoral. We have people dying without Jesus on these very streets work variations they never heard the gospel once we need to go out after Sunday service and go knock on doors and share the gospel with the loss that we can come and have our meal, another guy really anointed prophet pieces pastor there is so much sin in this church. There was so much sexual morality people employment gossiping junk we need to work because I can bless our time together need to repent and another guy really anointed teacher pieces pastor. When I be able to do a series on the meaning of the word coin in the a fellowship that and so everybody has their angle. The thing with some of that's called to be a fivefold prophet it's it's their life it's their my and I'm exaggerating in these pictures. You know, but it's it's it's who they are. It's I look at David Wilkerson is as a as a modern-day prophetic leader, he would not, he call himself a watchman on the wall and just like I had. I preach from 40 or 50 times I spent spent a good amount of time with them. There was an edge that he had.

There was a certain certain in spiritual insight. There was something we get up and say woodcuts of the court when he would preach repentance, you kind of shake and not everyone has to be like that, but yes we confuse people with gift of prophecy or whom God speaks to them. Dreams or word-of-mouth they get a lot of work, knowledge, and we think that's a quote or profit.

Nature is the last thing and I am so glad you started this conversation Tom. The last thing is this. We should not have this whole separate stream of the prophets anymore than we should have the strangest of the teachers or the evangelists that this is something where everything needs to be incorporated within the whole life of the body. It's part of having this stream. The profit stream websites are just the prophetic words that get us off balance, follow this is, this must be incorporated into the life of the body.

Those of us who believe in fivefold ministry today. I thank you sir for the call. All let's see, let us go to a Mary in Michigan.

Welcome to the line of fire by MIR you are on the air. Boy, this is just the two of us just have a different conversation to people how you doing today I'm doing good have I picked out, bless thank you okay though I'm I'm not actually thinking about them later. What other work talking about, but it have to do it by word and what God he shared with me throughout my factor throughout all of the election, Dale is not okay okay please, so I wrote it out by it. The point of basically back in October I had been praying and fasting regarding the unborn children I had to get Daniel back 30 day I mother because it really torn about the event and that event about ATB Amy Connie Barrett and we were hoping that you be elected but she was young, court and after that November came and the day before the election. I was bidding and on my couch now is reading the Bible and I came across some 140 thank an afterthought were talked about… Granted, and God spoke to me at that time and with highlighting out that that word… Imprint that basically what a day. But Brett and are not felt that came in Dan. After that I felt the Lord beneath you. That would the day after that the Lord began coming back media and you know I remember things going. MediaNews back and as I was in my MediaNews back the day after that the Lord at night when I was bleeding I was woken up and I felt that break teeth over me and I felt the Lord speaking to me pain effectively. Think about me and so basically what I got all of that and I was parodied and more stuff going through it, but as I as I reflect basically what I felt about me throughout all of that and I was really hard and you. The whole political thing out of talking about and talking at the board in all equipment being by. I felt off my the Lord pointed out the idolatry in my heart is basically saying to me that you lock their current line you. Here's the thing I can overturn abortion by dear can and I started going man texting, wanting him to do something that only you can do and that's how I got into the area of idolatry, though, since then I've been in the bathtub like realigning my heart and lame heart for the Lord and and having him check it and I dictate I did want to hurt different dealer who are like me maybe, you are great and wonderful and alert well. I have talked to you, but for me it by if you're not falling. I either concurred it. Go back to the Lord.

Ultimately realize our heart with him and get his perspective because ultimately only either conveys and you know I I also think that Bert worked as though the land will explain pretty well on her yet. Our airfreight would be only one word right in and God is God is jealous respond. I'm just I love to let you keep going but were done guided with the show but God is jealous with the glory that only goes to his son and and ultimately that's what is going to draw attention to, and Mary, I really appreciate the call what's of such interest to me is this. I was concerned, as were others that many of us were looking to trump an idolatrous way, and I'd say those words, and people get furious with me and when you talking about. We don't believe he is God.

We are looking as our Savior. I support your not getting the points I Was. Nancy and I were talking a sprinter.

How can I say this in a better way. How can I communicate this in a way that the more people get the point I'm making. Okay, we looked at was a political deliver. We put all your eggs in his basket, but those who are in a frenzied state or really concerned with. If he doesn't get of you doesn't get it. That's looking Tim and idolatrous way. That's the very thing we talk about so Mary, thank you, thank you for all these calls today.

Much appreciated. Tomorrow's early church Thursday barring something earth shattering happening to shift our focus a little more Douglas

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