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Who or What Is a False Prophet?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 12, 2021 4:40 pm

Who or What Is a False Prophet?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 12, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/12/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So who want this false prophet stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the line of fire broadcast. This is Michael Brown seeking to serve as your voice of moral sanity spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos of the church.

All too often compromised to talk about important subject. Today who or wash his false prophet phone lines are open, but only on this topic.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878841 a look at prophecies concerning the reelection of Donald Trump when asked what we do with failed and false prophecy one answer the question, who is a false prophet. What is a false prophet, what definitions do we use how we understand this was a term used as in the New Testament. We will also look at how we process this Inauguration Day, comes Donald Trump is not inaugurated on January 20 how we process that especially his charismatics then how we respond to some that I would call hyper critics who are dangerous in their own right because of their uneven handed uneven handling of Scripture and truth, and even ethics a will address all of that taking calls but only on this topic. Specifically, not larger election issues, conspiracy theories, other things Christiansen Trump, etc. only the specific subject of false prophecy and specifically who or what is a false prophet, 866-348-7884 and I will be playing all three clips. I believe that I think will be very enlightening.

We will talk about individuals but I want to talk more about theology and larger scriptural truths and how we evaluate, let me start off by saying I am not the answer man up and say that a lot lately. I want to say it again, I'm not the corrector in chief.

I'm not the man that's going to fix all the problems in the body we have a big body. A big spiritual family. We need each other. I have a role to play other several to play. Sure, we encourage you to send in your questions. We do our best to answer those okay but but I'm not the man right there is no the man the man is Jesus. Okay all of us. The servants we need each other and I have blind spots and you have blind spots. This will become together in humility's nonadherence American way throwing stones. I have concerns, especially within the charismatic movement. Right now I always have concerns with the hyper critics.

But my focus primarily right now is on abuses with in the charismatic movement the movement with which I identify at the same time many of you relate to me you're not charismatic or non-Pentecostal, which relates me for Bible scholarship or culture issues or Jewish apologetics or other things like that. So some of you are diehard Pentecostal charismatic. Some of you kind of in the middle.

Some of the quite anti-but let's let's come together for all saved followers of Jesus's computer assist people as God's children and let's learn from each other. All right, if you're sure I'm missing something, then communicate with me and and if what I say indicates you're missing something, and receive that and this is how we grow together.

Amen. This is how I live my life open to hear from God opened receive constructive correction rejecting destructive attacking criticism but always looking for things that are helpful even in the midst of destructive criticism was helpful when I learn from the rescored proverb to you from Proverbs 3 in the unit dig into the Scripture Proverbs 3 according. He brought the heat of combat in Africa will be wise in your own eyes you're hot to deny the survey via fear the Lord and depart from evil conflict to hear the Charissa it'll be healing to your to your flesh, she culottes Natasha and tonic to your bones how you translate the word flesh, something Dave lets a whole other story there, but let's get low. Let's fear the Lord turn from evil and honor him okay Deuteronomy chapter 18 is the famous false prophet passage in the Hebrew Bible in the Old Testament. So let's take a look at Deuteronomy chapter 18 universe 14.

Really, the passage starts about five verses earlier. God says to Moses those nations that were about to dispossess do indeed resort the soothsayers and augurs to you. However, the Lord your God has not assigned the like the Lord your God will raise up your profit from among your own people like myself. So Moses speaking from the Lord him, you shall heed this is just what you asked of the Lord your God at Horeb on the day of the assembly, saying, let me not hear the voice of the Lord my God any longer, or see this wondrous fire anymore, lest I die upon the Lord said to me, they have done well and speaking. Thus will raise up a prophet for them from unknown people like yourself, I will put my words in his mouth and he will speak to them all that I command him.

And if anybody fails to hear the words he speaks my name, I myself will call him to account. But to stop there for a moment, God is saying don't go to the soothsayers don't go to the diviners don't go to the fortunetellers the necromancers the cloud readers Babylonian sorcery, they would read the liver of an animal and didn't try to deduce things from that song don't you don't do any of that. Don't do that but Anna can speak to you directly. If I speak from heaven directly. People will die of fright saw Ostby through prophet so the prophet is God's mouth because as I put my words in his mouth. Aron was a prophet for Moses.

That's the way God put it in a mouth for Moses in the book of Exodus, so gobble to Moses Moses Mattel Aron, so Aron was a prophet for the Lord. He was God's mouth and then after it is so Moses a mouth or prophet for the Lord and then Aron, a prophet, a mouth for Moses to causes all put my words in his mouth and whoever doesn't listen to him on a deal with this heavy stuff. This is not to say I feel the Lord maybe so you have a sense of praying another. This is the Lord says this, you are to go into battle.

The Lord says you are not to go to this country and the person would listen to that they weren't listening to God. So the prophet that sense had to be infallible and like upset got that one wrong guy.

Do I get them all again. Now the Old Testament prophets no goes deeper. The let's keep reading to Deuteronomy 18 then says this, but any prophet who presumes to speak in my name, so he brought on the VI city is either the bed to publish me so that were just seed is to act presumptuously. This is not an honest mistake this this is a something wrong.

This is someone choosing to speak okay. Whether God spoke to me not, I love him to say this it's it's presumptuous, it's sinful. But any prophet who presumes to speak my name in Oracle that I did not command to or who speaks in the names of other gods, that prophet shall die May 10 IV, who okay so what's the point here. This is a willful sinner.

This is someone who is presumptuously speaking wrongly.

This is someone who is speaking the name possibly of other gods, was one of those to either presume to speak something God hasn't or or speaking to them in the gut, which would indicate to me that a true prophet in the Old Testament would have a sense of when to speak and when hot to would know this is a word from the Lord when it's not.

And when when they would speak presumptuously date they were sinners that were says in Hebrew, and that prophet shall die its normally understood in the context of deuterocanonical law was in the book of Deuteronomy. Its normally understood that that means the people put that one to death. It's possible to read it.

As with heaven. I the false prophet Jeremiah 27, 28, that he will just die gobble put into death with the more likely reading is in the way we thoroughly understood in the Jewish tradition is understated is that false prophet will be stoned to death right now.

Let's just look at the rest of the passage Deuteronomy chapter 18 and she dressed yourselves, how can we know that the Oracle was not spoken by the Lord. If the prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, the Oracle does not come true. Miracles not spoken by the Lord.

The prophet is under the presumptuously.

Do not stand in dread of now, if the prophet could use some of the contemporary excuses. Remember, I'm charismatic and believe in the gift of prophecy in the ministry of the prophet today.

If the prophet could use them in today's excuses. While it really was God. But she didn't have enough faith then that completely undermines that the whole idea because the test is doesn't come to pass or not so spoken in the name of Yahweh doesn't come to pass to not usable. What about conditional prophecies yeah that's always factored it. In other words, when Jonah gets to Nineveh and says it's five words in Hebrew old are but you me all the need of a not that pocket yet 40 days Nineveh will be destroyed.

He doesn't say there and if you repent now he could preach the whole message right we just get the summary there. He may preach the whole message but either way, Jeremiah 18 says, when God promises judgment and people repent, the nation repents that instead of bringing judgment to bring blessing in every promises blessing and the people do evil that will turn the blessing into judgment. So if you could say hey if I preach a similar look like a false prophet will if you genuinely bring your word from God. That's in harmony with Jeremiah 18 promising blessing the people turn the way of sin. What is he not responsible right you gave the word and people turned away so God turned away from blessing. Conversely, if you promise judgment. People repent, then God will reverse it but that's conditionality clearly laid out based on repentance based on obedience and righteousness. But if I if I tell you the Lord showed me that in three days you can get a call from from the Biden administration and the going to ask you to come in and be a spiritual advisor even though they know you disagree with them and you say wow that would be amazing, your pastor, that would be amazing you to say Lord I'm here on your servant, whatever you want for me and three days later doesn't happen three years 30 years never happens. Also, false prophecy, there was little conditions to be met.

You were there, Lord. So be it. You say this that same standard hold in the New Testament. This was no profits must be accountable. But that same standard does not hold why because the Holy Spirit has been poured out on the entire body and everyone can potentially prophesy. Therefore we are not looking to profits the same way prophets do not have that standing prophets do not have that role in the New Testament of profits do not have a stature where they say something and the whole church must obey. We are all God's sheep. We all hear his voice, and God does use prophets in prophecy today. Very powerful look at some scripture on that in a moment right and then again asked the question, how does the New Testament define a false prophet, but now you can give a word right. Maybe your believer say for three weeks and in the spirit moves on use of the Lord shall be seven just want to share with everybody and and and it's like two thirds true and the other third visual projection will always listen to it they get discernment together will stone you for that part that was okay let's let's grow and learn how to understand God's voice better of you give me Scripture for that in a minute. There is a massive lack of accountability of prophetic words in the charismatic movement. In that regard. I agree with the critics and even the hyper critics a massive lack of accountability I've adjusted for years as well was recently my book, playing with fire was more Scripture video clips and your calls. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown saying night we are witnessing the larger scale, deception ever seen in my life within the church. Those who are absent sure to this moment that Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20.

Those who assure that prophets have spoken it in the prophetic words will come to pass on the here to throw stones at you mock you.

If you're absolutely sure that you sure will just know that come the 21st or even the 20th itself. I'm here to help monkeys. I'm here to help not throw stones. And I also want to say that while there may be some charlatans out there that are claiming to be prophets and not even saved and when will. While there may be quite a few who claim to be prophets, but in our prophets are saved but they're not actually prophets.

The rotors are very sincere, who are in their calling and who somehow have misheard, but Donald Trump is a way to the puzzle of again. I want to tell you why I keep talk about these things out before the 20 you'll see in a moment in the clip I play why I keep talking my things before the 20th right and in short the 22nd matter for many the denials can go on will pass the 20th. This will need to keep addressing things here, but if if you think I used to be friend now and follow just stick around. I'm your friend and you'll see that's the case, but how is that sincere people, godly people, people whose names are not known publicly people prayer and fasting seem to believe that God showed them that the Trump would be reelected. How could that happen. We address that at length Sunday night in the lifestream we have it up on our YouTube platform as as well so will get into all of that but the first thing to be example of of really bad theology. I don't know this gentleman personally friends about it know speak well of him. I don't know him personally. I just I categorically disagree with some of the clips I've seen recently and I would challenge the accuracy of predictions that have been given in the past, and some same gentleman, but just want you to hear some really bad dangerously wrong theology. This is Hank Lindemann.

In a recent message that he preached. Let's listen and I want to ask you a question so were seeing a lot of things taking place right now as somehow I question this. Are you ready if God's trusted prophets with a track record of accuracy that you trusted for years and many prophecies before how all of them missed it and my question is how man has no more chosen to communicate if there supposedly has been the sliding spirit in the mouth. It is true prophets. Do you think that is the media that God has anointed to tell the truth enter report the facts, there has to be a voice there have to be voices and they are God does nothing in the earth, a mystery seven unless he reveals the secrets to a service a proper burial. They said they would serve two terms are you kidding you listen to me just because you're looking at everything in the natural unpredictability is this even look over. Well, yes, don't you know in 10 days there's going to be this is going to be that really is some of the people on the shore of the Red Sea you brought us out here to challenge you deceived a few lying leaders can see what all had our freedom that God just delivered us with joint injection system of coming right. So, first, that the terrible theology houses. God can speak. If he doesn't speak through his prophets terrible theology is a short description in the moment. Some is what he basket is on the current help the body and it's my responsibility as a shepherd to expose error. It's my responsibility to do that when I can do behind the scenes and interact with people privately. I do my best to do that when it becomes public on this widescale and there is no accountability being shown. Then I'll do it in the setting, but only after much prayer and seeking the Lord about it is not here dispatch so I do 24 7000 case the summa ministry the summa calling Manama shepherd I'm out. I am a watchman in the body. Alright, I'm an elder's of these responsibilities dislike your church, your your pastors and teachers, and elders there or or or shepherds right so with with media ministry the same thing right so it's terrible theology.

How is going to speak a message through quote the prophets number one through the Bible. He speaks number two to all of us individually. He speaks, he leads us and guides us that that's part of being a child of God.

We don't have a system anymore.

When each of the prophets final week on the same so it's a terrible theology, especially when now the provinces you have to listen to me now becomes manipulative and abusive. That's one thing.

The second thing proven track record. Notice not the case.

There are things that Hank Newman prophesied in 2018.

That did not happen with the shift that was posted place didn't happen in the House of Representatives he's prophesied things that he can be unfolding in this day. This day and sit ins and states shifting from blue to red that is not happened.

None of these leaders got cold mid right. None of them prophesied in advance. It was coming.

Those who prophesied that it be less tender. It would stop. They were wrong so I I feel like the culvert was a wake-up call. Not just that the pandemic itself but to the prophetic ministry to take stock.

Maybe this is not the main calling to be prophesying events that are coming when this can happen.

That's can happen if there was a valid cons that it would've been to prepare us for covert coming or to prepare us for the storming of the capital or to prepare us for the destruction it's come to so much of the country now and in so many ways that was prophesied in any in any major way by any major voice in advance publicly. Okay, so we had every reason to question. There's been no infallibility, but more importantly it's not the way the Holy Spirit works today. Yes, he does use prophets and prophetic ministry. I'm eyewitness to it and to the glory of God this to the exultation of Jesus and sometimes to the salvation of sinners. One pastor was talking to me about in his service made a couple hundred people there gay man came in.

Their nonbeliever became into the service on a Sunday for some reason and different prophetic words started coming forth, one after another after another and and sure enough it targeted dismembered all messages of the love of God that revealed the same in his life and some specific things I didn't know who it was for the guy comes up sobbing and get saved.

I member some years ago, the wife of one of my dear friends with very regularly had these prophetic dreams part of the messianic congregation and she had a dream that we met on Saturday mornings. She has a dream the night before the week before that there's a man coming to the service wearing women's clothes she saw his face she saw him he was what we identify this transvestite that would been the word that was used leading a double life, and she saw him in a dream. I this a friend of ours Republican medication and it happened to be one of the times of the year when the service is just packing a high holy days in juice, service pack and she said she scans the congregation several hundred people. He's not there she goes out in the parking lot looking and there he is the man she saw sitting in his car and it so happens, wearing women's underwear under his close how do we find like as he came in and confessed he came in and confessed in front of everyone is in leading a double life. I need help I mean this is very intense stuff friends very intense and very real to the glory of God unto salvation of sinners, but this Old Testament theology put into the New Testament as part of the reason that when the mass were in today.

Let's take a look in acts chapter 2 acts chapter 2 and look at what's written there.

Peter is talking about the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost and any says hey look, these men are not drunk, this is what Joel spoke in verse 17, it shall be in the last days, God says that Allport might rock my spirit on all flesh sons and your daughters shall prophesy the witnesses for last days. So from the time of Jesus death and resurrection until the end of the age to the returns writes this is ongoing for the last days your sons and daughters shall prophesy, young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams, even my slaves. Male and female port might my Spirit in those days, and they shall prophesy. In the end of it, it shall be that everyone calls on the name of Adana. The name of the Lord shall be saved. The cyclic Ephesians chapter 4C. We are living in the error of the outpouring of the Spirit is happening all around the world we are living in this era of the outpouring of the Spirit on all flesh. So all believers can potentially prophesy. That's why there's a new accountability and you structure Ephesians 4 it says that when Jesus ascended to heaven he gave some to be emissaries to nice way of putting it at the apostles that we normally say that emissaries conveys it well, so must prophets, some as proclaimers of the good news evangelist and some shepherds and teachers right and they are he here sees me to equip the body to put the body to build up the saints. They are here and that is their function so we can do the work of ministry until we reach complete unity when on their these ministries are still here functioning okay so I don't have time to go to this passage right now. First Corinthians chapter 14 lays out this order that in a in a New Testament Congregational setting two or three prophets speak and the others. We carefully what's being said no it's it's not just the Lord said, I the Lord say to you, and it was like jumps up and let's do it as someone brings a word maybe second or third word.

Others weigh carefully and evaluate same thing with first Thessalonians chapter 5 starting in verse 19 verse the slowness chapter 5 tells us don't put out the Spirit's fire right don't despise prophecies.

Test everything and hold to the good. So you say okay someone claims to be a prophetic word.

I've had people give me words. Part was run part was wrong but reconfirm something that God spoken to me or openly up to something wanted to speak to me. The other part was human interpretation and this is what happens next 21 this what happens there that I give this prophesy's was going to happen to Paul and others urgent by the spirit say don't go don't go. The spirit was saying this is what can happen is by the Spirit thought well he shouldn't go they they misunderstood the interpreters awarding their way there was a real warning spoken now. They interpreted try to get Paul to stop going to Jerusalem is not gonna go by will be very specific.

We come back. Following through. Based on this definition, false prophet for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown my best to be systematic through Scripture is logically explain various points. Whatever I say of people in different sides to different or dissents for that.

That's fine. You and your two cents and balance things out the way you think is right. Let me do what I feel I need to do today go to the phones shortly. Phone lines are jammed the phone shortly but 45 minutes from now little estimate on our YouTube channel S. Dr. Brown is Kadir Brown on YouTube going to continue with our live weekly chat.

So if you're unable to get through. Now we can get your call than just climate asked Dr. Brown, could we get to a ton of written questions. There right so that'll be 45 minutes from now for 15 Eastern time on the Esther to Brent ask ATR Brown channel right so very specifically I understand in New Testament terms, a false prophet is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Let's take a look in Matthew chapter 7 Matthew chapter 7 Jesus gives warning, beginning in verse 15.

Watch out for false prophets.

This is the closing exhortation at the end of sermon on the Mount.

Watch out for false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves will recognize them by their fruit grapes are gathered from thorn bushes or fig thistles fix for this is are they even so every good tree produces good fruit, but the rotten tree produces bad fruit, and he goes on from there. So you'll recognize them by their fruit and then next article. Assist me Lord, Lord, went to the head of the kingdom of heaven right so false prophets so they would seem to have some type of miracle some type of anointing some type of power speaking words. Some of them seem to come to pass, but is that the closest prophets. For some reason why people must believe it, but they are wolves in sheep's clothing. All right, let's step back from that and and understand that as as I understand the words of Jesus in terms like false teachers and false apostles in the New Testament you're not talking about, say, a false teacher is someone who teaches error on a given subject, but as a believer sounding other ways, but in error there right notes a computer to once a computer to on. You can shut this down. False teachers bring in damnable heresies, was I could say I could make a strong case for me. An ironclad case of the Gibson power. The spirit is still for today and therefore if you give without your false teacher then you can turn around and say no no I can prove in the New Testament is imposed were not for today there for your false teacher. While I can make a strong case that the preacher rapture is is not scriptural there for your false teacher PT future unknown. I can make a strong case for the preacher rapture there for your false teacher.

If you do not something a false teacher. Is it a false teacher in the New Testament is not a believer. This is someone who brings in damnable heresies, so a Jehovah's Witness coming to your door and say hey we got Scripture and insight that that person is a false teacher. They may be sincere, but they are lost they are teaching damnable heresies when a false apostle, but we have that second Corinthians 1113 to 15 second Corinthians 1113 to 15 tells us that false apostles or servants of Satan and just as Satan turns himself into an angel of light that that they too are appearing to be servants of God directs the service of Satan. They are not saved, they are children of the devil. So wasn't mean. It means if your church planter may be of planted 50 churches that have a network of churches in your known as an apostolic leader and and and but you're really not an apostle, that in your false apostle. No, I would say that we just say that you are falsely called an apostle.

If that's not your real calling you been churchmen, but you're ultimately not an apostle or Pizza Hut is uses attorney silicates, not for today.

The 12 apostles are at. That said, there are no little a apostles, the emissaries, it doesn't exist today. So anyone that says there apostle was looked at as an apostle is therefore false apostle. That's not the New Testament definition right. I would say there are many people falsely called apostles many people serving as teachers in the body and are falsely call themselves teachers because they are not many people who are falsely calling themselves prophets and are not there are people who are prophesying falsely.

It's one thing just your average Joe or Jane in the congregation bring an alleged word and it's not a true word from God. So there prophesying falsely and they should be sat down and taught and and shut their mouths until they learn and if they have a word limit be submitted and tested. There are others who are falsely calling themselves prophets okay. They are not actually prophets, but there falsely consult walk-throughs on play the clip from Kiker yesterday and she identifies as a prophet or people called properties not nonprofit prophets of sorghum put so that person is falsely called a prophet. And then there are others that are false prophets who are wolves in sheep's clothing. All right, that would be someone who is not saved someone who's infiltrating asset here. Look at the Mormon prophets. Those are false prophets, even if some of them very sincere and and you know different that they're not living in immorality rep there false prophets. They are not saved in their claiming to have prophetic revelation for the body, so there may be some people in ministry today.

Pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, so-called there may be some people that want saved in all their wolves in sheep's clothing. They they are nonbelievers and they are going around claiming to be prophets, etc. but we don't know until we watch the fruit in season and they get exposed.

My issue with hyper critics. I I appreciate the grief that you you have over charismatic nonsense that some things charismatic. I embrace you reject this nonsense, but the stuff we agree on is nonsense that that's burdensome that's ugly it's destructive, it gives Jesus a bad name because of the Christians a bad name. I appreciate the grief that you have in that in that regard. Absolutely. But when you will now write me off or others because we don't agree with your definition, a false prophet. That's when you become counterproductive, which you should do is join together with me as I reached out to other critics of the let's work on fixing this together. Jeff to stop demonizing PBF is not damning godly people and it isn't that also wrong in God's sight when you sit around and say that one is not say that was not say that once a false brother here, even though the people just because this will give a prophecy that did come to pass.

This one taught something different with what is was like shakes during the service.

God is like like that at all.

The charismatic nonsense displeases God as does the hyper criticism both destructive thinking example of why I'm hammering this point about the 20th. This is the last point I want to make and we go to your calls. Here's word that the pastor Greg Walkup.

I don't know him at all. Pastor Greg Locke gave this word and a sitting in his car as he dues got millions of online followers past Greg Locke were millions of people watch videos and he just say look this just my opinion. That's what he puts on Facebook so he doesn't get banned for saying this but that is make clear is 100% sure he said this a few weeks. We played at once online not to mock him, but to say this is how sure he is in and he's laying it all out. Let's listen to what he said to you Donald Trump with 100% accuracy in my opinion, ladies and gentlemen, let's target shadow Bay under my pages to put away has one single-handedly the presidency of the sites America in the biggest landslide victory in the history of this nation.

I'm Tanya I'm not worried. I'm not fretting I don't have basketballs as authors not to lose one second sleep over any of it. Joe Biden didn't win is not the president. He will never be the president and come January 20 Antalya lobby when beeping, tingling, winner winner chicken dinner. Referring back to this video acting unashamedly and unapologetically tell you right your sit in his room car show. Biden lost, he did not win right, so he made it loud and clear when Jeremiah Johnson apologized for wrongly prophesying the Trump would be reelected if giving warnings years earlier about things that would threaten his reelection why he be removed after four years he mistakenly said Trump would would win and has apologize publicly, but he started by saying I'm not going anywhere. It's not like a faith. This is excuses I missed it I was wrong. I repent and do soul-searching, to paraphrase, so Greg locked loud clearances after the election it either right or wrong, which are great is when Joe Biden's inaugurate will say okay if Joe binds the great and Henry, 20th Donald Trump is not, then he have to say categorically was wrong. However, there others are ready find ways out and that that's why if you're sure it's can happen 20th, I'm holding you to that.

Okay, please don't give me will it happen in the spirit are please, please, we'll have time for nonsense like this.

The church is hurting many Christians are actually lose their faith in God.

Because of this deception okay it's it's very grievous is very painful in the name of the Lord will be mocked all the more the eyes of the world.

So listen to what Robert Bullock said I don't know anything about him except saw this and thought it was worth playing for you. Listen to what he has to say, explaining that really the 20th. Doesn't matter, something God did not ordain he ordain the office but the prophets didn't miss it then and they never missed their config people are confusing from winning within walking into an office he's already worn there's no reason to keep saying Trump means to win. Trump needs to win. He's already worn what they need to be doing is using their faith so he can walk into office. I remember one prophet gave a prophecy. Years ago, one of the most powerful prophets I've ever seen never known anything made it one time this was his prophecy that would be a time of two presidents, two presidents, the Lord spoke something to me and he said to presidents to inaugurations. That's only said so what does he mean by that I don't know exactly. I have all kinds of violence just like you do right now.

I but I'm telling it is at the top of two presidents.

That prophet did not miss it in the prophets now haven't missed in the body of Christ needs to quit saying the prophets the prophets have missed and they have no faults listen. People look at me to apologize for what God said you would be looking until something melted because I have no right to apologize for the word of God, neither do I have any plans on it so that's just the path to complete deception and denial Robin to be a good guide to know anything about annuities is completely wrong there. The word of God. That's the Bible that's the word of God any prophecy even confirm validated is a word from the Lord that the word of God is the Bible.

End of subject. Any contemporary prophecy at best is a word from the Lord tests the word of God is here you have the path of spiritual denial is like praying for someone's healing when they die.

So praise the Lord there really alive Princess denial that serious deception straight, your calls become it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

She was trusting me when I say what I say examine it by the word do that right. Teachers, preachers, leaders do the same right. Don't go bashing others don't go reacting there many fine people that love Jesus would be wrong about Trump's reelection. Find godly humble people, most of their names. You don't know people prayer people fasting people whose lives would enrich you really I mean Jesus and could people have gotten this wrong. Maybe they saw what God wanted to do his desire which often doesn't come to pass that he doesn't forcefully bring it to pass right maybe they they sorely want to but it was incumbent on on Trump's repentance and on the church that looking to an idolatrous way. As per Jeremiah's January 2018 worth Jeremiah Johnson could be, but either either way.don't attack everything looked don't despise prophecies in the Bible for a reason. I don't despise prophetic people, but to the extent they are accountable to teachability genuine repentance humility. To that extent we have hope for for their future and God use them in even greater ways in the days ahead. To the extent they fall into fantasy and denial, where they blame others for the refused McConnell to that extent, you just you just write them off you to say okay let's say you not save God knows that the sentiment listing I and is as far as looking at the fruit of Soviets is not just the words it's it's the character was claim to be something was living exact opposite double life, not stout struggle up or down Anyone living a double life, then there disqualified white thank you for holding is really important. I cover as much ground as possible. So let us start with Alex in Richmond, Virginia. I just need our team to put him on the line because of our system got a software issue.

They Alex in Richmond actually Richmond, Kentucky. Thank you so much for holding welcome to line the fire. Dr. Brown started talking and am offering you for sharing the video about Robin Beauregard.

I just like that yesterday Mark and aggrieved about it. But the heat here is my question though II have this question about global Deed by Ortho on when you're talking about Mormonism and things like that. Undoubtedly, the when you put the like apostolic faith tradition in that box of like it if somebody was a Trinitarian crap that something like this regarded will generally speaking, so when you're talking about one. This only Pentecostals.

My understanding is that you receive people among them, and those would be the ones who don't fully embrace the doctrine with understanding so they are there believing certain fundamental gospel truths and ignorance of of others. My friend Dr. James White would contend that those who rightly understand the doctrine and hereto it cannot be saved. So there's there's that discussion, but if someone in a group that is at. If that is not occult but just aberrant part of the body, but aberrant someone in that setting brings a prophecy I would I would be all the more concerned, but it's rest notes, I noticed a ready doctrinal error about this and God can speak through the person, but I would be all the more careful about it.

I would sift it all the more carefully look I've seen God use people whose lives were not that good.

I mean they were saved but they want living the closeness of orbit. They had a gift being used in healing or prophetic word. So what that means is the Lord can work through anyone visiting you suddenly look to that person, but that's what we do if suddenly I just had the largest shall be three people are gave names.

Details of health conditions and are instantly healed cynic while Mike brought no not Mike Brown. Jesus. Jesus did that. But when it comes through any of us then either pry can come in. People can look to the person and that's what we have to do our best to be out of the way as much as we can point to pay. Thank you sir for your question appreciated right. Let's up.

Let's go to Stephen in Tampa Florida. Welcome to the line of fire right area through well thank you. Hey, I know I prayed before I made that call and at package really spoke to me.

I think that as believers in the body. We really need to may be dissected and I came across Jeremiah 23 and you have 40 birthday. Literally God labeled it as the line profit for a lot of reason and how God be what goes on in God's judgment will calm you and it actually said in verse 20 that he needs to execute and accomplish the intention of why the prophets would even lie in the first place.

But specifically what has really spoken to his first 25 because I have heard what the prophet deathbed who prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed I have during how long shall there be alive in the heart of the prophet who prophesy lies and who prophesied that the deep up your own heart who think to make my people forget my name by their dream. I just think that I see a lot of people today you don't know their heart. You don't know the heart but God knows and it's evident by their fruit in Jeremiah 23 is idiocy as a leader you just jump in just an interest of your time here.

Thank you for raising that passage, the longest single passage dealing with false prophets in the Bible. Jeremiah 23 starting verse nine and Ezekiel 13 is another strong and long one, but Jeremiah 23 being the longest it's a devastating passage are.

I remember I remember specifically late 82 early 83 reading an innkeeper on my knees one night before going to prayer meeting in the midst of an outpouring the spirit and I was literally shaking on the inside and then all the time doing a Jeremiah commentary pouring into that sheers rye would just say it's being misapplied the way doing the floor specs so when you read it. Who are these people there evil people are they not they are, they are either prophesying in the name of other gods, or they are strengthening the hands of the wicked and discouraging the righteous.

So the prophets of Samaria's of northern Israel. They prophesied in the name of bail. Paul, the prophets of Jerusalem, southern kingdom of Judah.

What did they do, they prophesied in Yahweh's name and yet they strengthen the evildoers and they discourage the righteous. So they they were mercenary. We see that elsewhere greedy for gain. For example, Jeremiah 6, Jeremiah 8 they they were encouraging sin and discouraging people from hearing the true word. They were not just people who had a dream and the dream was that you know something good is going to happen at that you next week and it didn't. These were these were people turning individuals away from God and his word so what I've said because I do believe we need to fight this one.

So glad you called in and reference the passage I referenced it in light must send in a live stream on Facebook.

Here's the issue for this spirit of false prophecy is what I'm looking at within the body. In other words, I understand St. here's a pastor from of of a large church and is not teaching heresy is not living an ungodly life, but he is softening the message of repentance and refusing to bring warnings of judgment. It's that same false prophetic attitude or mindset. And that's what I see is so pervasive in in the body that the message that claims to be from the Lord that undercuts the prophetic message of repentance and turning to the Lord.

So that's how I would apply that as opposed to saying that everyone that has a dream that doesn't come to pass through that leave the trunk would be reelected, that that person is a wicked heart that to me would be misapplication with thank you for the call.

Much appreciated member 20 minutes rather than continue the discussion on the Esther Gibran YouTube channel 450 and in any of the questions you have.

In our weekly exclusive YouTube Q&A chat. Okay, let's go to Eddie in New Haven, Connecticut. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Bolick Debbie Berwick Bible yeah questionable job. I got Dr. Brown because I got more trouble with the guys. I want to respond you watching these guys on YouTube urgent message urgent. Go on much of got talking over their family to me. Just let me just jump in one split second I been talking about this a lot lately but just think the book of Jeremiah's big book right but that was the result of 40 or 50 years of ministry book of Isaiah big book. Same thing. The result of 40 or 50 years of ministry, but we're getting almost every month. Books, if you put it all together all the words all the prophetic updates all the insights all the prophetic revelation is like 10 times the size of the Bible every month so even if God is revealing that much most of it would be for secret prayer and maybe hearing their word being released so yeah it's something something is wrong with the system and that's why it it's not just looking at these false prophecies and needs to be a massive Reformation and the charismatic prophetic movement, no question about okay back to you about Dr. Brian I have a little different you.

I know you believe in all the gifts and everything I been in church Dr. Brown for the Christian for over 30 years and I could irreparably be 99% of Crete. I built with healing negative services were legs again lengthen headaches are being healed. Meanwhile, it's an extra guy in a wheelchair is looking in the outlook of Eminem fairly well for me final at the type. But what I'm saying is you don't see you don't know what you gotta go searching in the words here and where is it worth the real Sarah Sarah class is healing for. If you have really quickly. Dr. Bob were the guardians and Jews also examines the topic brought me up over here in the honey just say this folks that I know that that are used in healing very regularly visiting hospitals very very regular praying for the sick.

We don't just have the power to clear hospital out at any more than Paul does have the power to heal everyone all the time even though his call, but living to say this if if I asked for people to share testimonies appealing on social media in a maritime fierceness and we get flooded with genuine stores but did not normally on TV in the headlines. When I asked for people people give examples of amazing prophetic words we get flooded.

The gifts are real. There a lot of abuses of the dangerous deception. I hope this is of help to you again.

Watch the video. That's up now live stream from from Sunday night about failed prophecies, existing a few days to fill prophecies. Let's try to handle this with surety with love 15 minutes from now back with you on you to compass

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