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The Purge

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 11, 2021 4:20 pm

The Purge

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 11, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/11/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The purge is here, what are we gonna do about stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown is this broadcast soon going to be kicked off the air, will be a crackdown against Christian conservatives.

How far will this go and what free speech should be allowed and what should not be allowed to live fire this is Michael Brown, Jan, I appreciate your note appreciating my remarks from last night on Facebook quote voice of reason in the cyclone of emotionalism by God's grace. That's what we want to be for each of you watching and listening.

A voice of both sanity and spiritual clarity really to a lot of very important subjects today will take some calls 866-34-TRUTH 7884 but I am regularly on my knees before the Lord, saying God I am not the man I am not the answer. Man, I am not the fixer. The corrector in chief, I want to serve you and serve your people have said that before I say again, so I want to present issues for us to think through together.

I have convictions I have concerns that I have questions as well. I want to think those through together with you as we continue to watch one unexpected thing happen after another note, this reminds me of maybe you're watching some dramatic movie. I mean this action thriller dramatic movie below for the family, but it's still intensive and it's like 20 minutes and it's a two hour movie you've already had every imaginable thing happen. You think what's gonna happen in the next hour and 40 minutes. Just when you think we've seen the last actor can't get any crazier gets crazier and this is been steadily since 2020 resort 2020 with the impeachment of Trump and we had to 20, 21 that with the impeachment of Trump and and whoever thought who sought that you would see the day went social media, twitter, in particular would ban the president of the United States for life. What 85, 80 million follows whatever Donald Trump has ban him like you can never tweet again. The twitter twitter banning the president how much power this big tech have health wants to go, or should these things be restricted. What are the limits of free speech.

I'm watching the headlines. I wrote an article responding to Michelle Obama Friday afternoon, I wrote an article responding to the former First Lady on Thursday raise many valid concerns than in my view overstated many other things and made things and race issues that weren't race issues then said Donald Trump should be banned from social media for life should appeal to the big silicon companies ban him for life. So I wrote an article responding to that same why strongly differed with that position early Friday afternoon I wrote that article responding. By the time the article was up on different sites that night. He was ready banned was ready banned was a real MLK. Many people were fleeing twitter going to parlor but hang on hang on Google play store Apple place wristed work and carrier apologia. You can't get the app and this is the principal places you get it go, you forget that we can get the app in and you can certain try to get on your browser and you can accessibly splice like one of those going on here and and then at and I'll get to issues about free speech and things that are outrageous and what should be a luncheon billable will talk this through together right but but then after that, so apples is remove this content or or we unblock you now Which was another twitter alternative already got blocked by Apple and Google so you couldn't. You can use their apps to get the gap at right makes it much harder for people to find and get over there.

But then Amazon which hosts parlor was on their servers. Amazon says: this so as of midnight was last night midnight last night. That said, can't parlor does not exist online so they gotta reconstruct everything and get on other servers, etc. and then you have okay here's a place you can donate, you know, for Donald Trump. You know the Republicans is working with etc. and that not without taking donations anymore so here's the problem. Here's the scary thing if you had Trump as president or at the least a Republican Senate or House particular Senate, then you could push back against this. You could say hey this is censorship. Hey, this is going too far because twitter purged thousands of others on their many other still there was a just got in office. It is a statement, but between us purge many others I have a big twitter, 45,000 on twitter or Facebook account is what puts 600,000. But twitter is only 45,000 but I'm down to about 43.1. I just noticed Rosa what happened the wealth. One things. A lot of people just left. You know, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, others deactivated their counsel's and get off twitter Markovian. The other big players to resist getting off, and protester censorship and you don't do what they're doing, especially when you have all kinds of ugly stuff he of the Ayatollah, knee of Iran can call Israel a cancer it needs to be exterminated.

He's on Percival. Let's just sort sort saber rattling saber rattling from afar leader. That's all it is and and Rand Paul's was it to put evil and death threats against my husband and celebrating the attack against them for for many months now and that's up on your site house at right so there's the hypocrisy that's that's being looked at but you got a widespread thing happening that we've never seen happen and and now you do not have the power on the Republican side to push back against it. So we just go. Here's what Greg got filled tweeted Greg got filled of Fox News tweeted this okay this is my last week, yet another one before thing was last within the can of this is less okay this is my last week, CNN tries to get FNC Fox News Channel band Apple targets parlor publishers dump writers Simon & Schuster is going to publish a book by Josh Holly Cosman Josh Holly on the tyranny of big tech and because of his political stance, they drop him music labels drop artists some some rock star gets dropped for attending the the rally that obscene turn into the horrific events and strumming the capital twitter bands Roos thousands tech companies join hands.

This redefines who the true rebels are if you like the purge you're the servant so this discussion on Fox News about this and let's listen to what Charlie Kirk has to say Charlie Kirk were especially with college-age young people a turning point USA I think is his organization so he is on Fox and he's asked for his take on what's happening with the banning of the president and the clamping down many conservative voices and this is what he has to say. Charlie is completely outrageous and predictable. Twitter has been kind of building up to this moment for a couple months now it in kind of a ironic turn of events. Twitter should be banning president Trump. They should be getting him a dividend of the stock. I mean, when twitter was active for five years ago. Twitter was $18 a share close over $50 a share.

Large in part because Pres. Trump made the platform relevant again, and this is a very, very disturbing turn of events when the current president of the United States as we are talking right now is restricted from communicating the 88 million people.

Some could argue could potentially be a national security risk. But even beyond this. This is something that the left is one of the two for quite some time. They are using the events that no one is supporting in any form whatsoever from a couple days ago as an excuse for a massive censorship campaign that I'm afraid is not going to stop. I'm currently up on twitter right now.

I hope to continue to be, but this seems to now be a out-of-control pattern from the Masters of Menlo Park want to silence disagreement and they got the big one right so what if you genuinely believe though that the presence can be a menace that she is going to be calling for an armed uprising against others in the nation in your own neighborhood something in DC with the inauguration. Then what you do. I laid the blame for the strumming the capital defeat of Donald Trump. That's much for that day, but for months and months and months and months of inflaming hostilities and demonizing opponents and attacking people in the most vulgar, ugly ways and and celebrating the law corrupt type chance the things you you can inflaming people like that and then not expect the crazies to go do something crazy course. Every person I know was utterly appalled, utterly, absolutely, totally appalled at what happened in DC. I know people that were there praying and they said what the world happened.

This is the book the ugliest thing, reversing the crazies. These these are white ring right radicals and white supremacists and hyper nationalism as others is terribly dangerous week. We all utterly reject what happened in DC as a trucker to say, and yet the purges, sweeping everyone under under with it and and did the president actually tweak things that crossed a line and therefore should be banned. A Steve Hilton British political commentator also on Fox news. Listen with Steve Hilton had to say this is his take. That's right by where am here I am in Menlo Park.

That's worth speaking to permit Such a go down the road and complain directly myself.

I think the issue here is that we can all agree that twitter Facebook that private companies they can do what they want. They clearly made a decision to weigh in on one side of the political argument found out clearly and unambiguously saying they all supporting the Democrats that are anti-conservative antirepublican vessel they decided to find they can do that.

The problem is when there's no competition when they have a monopoly of information.

That's why I've argued for a long time now that we need to break up Facebook not just to the section 230 change that now people have come to a consensus from the break up these companies so this competition and therefore in a way that more disturbing story today I think is that Apple is Santa Paula which is an alternative to Twitter that people can use conservatives can use appellee saying to Paula we get a kick you off unless you do what we want in terms of censoring conservatives now that is really frightening.

The also told of this is competition we must allow Apple or anyone else to crush it. The promise of course no parlor for the moment. This is crushed, the question is how far does the school what's coming next.

Speaking fear God's faithful will get our message out one another but but look at what Pres. Harry Truman said about free speech and even allowing opposition speech. She said in 1950. Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition.

It is only one way to go men's down the path of increasingly repressive measures until becomes a source of terror told citizen secretes a country where everyone lives in fear so you knew how much freedom he will allow private companies on the one hand mostly consistent with the terms of service. The viewing but for your things go and what speech should be regulated break that her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on or about to defund the Republican Party. Thank God you really don't want to think that way. My because one day it's going to turn the other way right in our SQL corporations have the power to defund the Republican Party this the last thing that you want the lesson that I want, even I voted Republican is for corporations to defund Democrats.

That's it, because one way or another. When you rule by force. In this way when when you rule by taking over and removing other people's rights. It's just a matter of time before they overthrow you you you put them in prison though revolt and put you in prison and it's not the way America operates the software that's not the way our country runs and to the extent runs that way.

It's not America. To the extent runs that way. It's not the country that we love and look is just like on college campuses. You have to have freedom of thought and freedom of ideas and freedom of speech and when he gets suppressed, which is happening increasing on campuses. I'm documenting it in in a new book that I'm working on it so happens that one of the chapters in the book deals with the big tech take over thought all my pets to start adding all new material that I thought you are better wait a few weeks for everything to settle because every day. I'm writing new pages, so let's wait for to settle, but the suppression of free speech and thought on college campuses in you get penalized for it for a viewpoint as opposed to having an environment where you can honestly discuss your viewpoints and those who have been downtrodden.

Those who been treated as second-class citizens in America should be the ones who know that best to say I don't want what happened to me to happen to others in any way. There's a whole other discussion we could go on there.

What about if you differ with someone's lifestyle and so on, and recycle.

That's a whole of the discussion, but here it is of such respect.

No I do not believe that twitter is right in banning Donald Trump life. Even if you could debate until the inauguration.

Even if you could debate that, with the uncertainty of where things are heading in with the volatility of the moment and with his unreliability or instability.

Whatever you concerned about. Even if you could make a case that he should have been banned temporarily, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, initially silicate temporary bad or Facebook at least till the inauguration.

Even if you make a case for that you can make a case for lifelong path.

I was just utterly absurd and ridiculous and probably more than just about any Trump supporter out there I criticize his tweets from the more that more than any and all the time. A lot of you that are strong supporters were upset with me, but one was have to say something negative. Why you always have to be because it was there and is dangerous, but certainly with in the limits of free speech and with and the community guidelines of twitter now on the other hand, parlor has been a voice much more for the right sums it is kind of like a pro Trump echo chamber.

But when folks encourage me have an account there. It's like worming to reach people that want to do.

Don't say if if if I can have an account that's mainly read by people that differ with me. That's wonderful that that's excellent right, but this will mainly left the swimmingly right on each each of the places we are YouTube, Twitter, Facebook try to reach people right with these things go late will have other ways to reach people as we did before, but the fact is that I know that one leans wanly little bit more women's. Another way is more male was more female in his younger ones older, you know, Snapchat versus Instagram versus this reset but I just know that you know the little account. We have a parlor couple thousand people. Whatever and I met there. Much of just post and that's it.

But here this is what attorney Lynwood post is still up on parlor rises. Last night it was still up on parlor and this is his actual account and it had thousands and thousands and thousands of likes the whatever, that the symbol is there thousands of comments.

This is still up as of last night. Lynwood attorney, Lynwood. Good afternoon. I'm hearing rumors that tents and leaders of the two are planning to arrest and execute president Trump and his followers took him by communist tyrants.

They will never do it as 80 million+ patriots would react and it would not and well that and then he goes on he sees in his vehicle was his habit of takeoff to come after you. Ha, ha, ha.

But but bottom line. Bottom line is that that since that is insanity. It's dangerous and it's insane, dangerous and insane. It's that simple. But it's up now the other hand, her stuff on twitter and on the left. It's also dangerous insane. Where does one draw the line with free speech it. In my view, in my view, this is a place to draw the line if it is illegal. In other words, if you can stand up on a street corner in America and say certain things and it's legal and protected. Then, should be legal and protected in a platform like Facebook or twitter right if you have just a specific thing were Christians.

We have XYZ standard civil as to comply profanity the name-calling of personal tax, etc. and and you delete everything and be very painstaking.

But if that's the case that's the case then then you your case of the parlor yet though. It deftly went down. Chris deftly went down because they lost their service as of probably midnight West Coast time last night but my view about free speech and I'm not an expert on this legally under sink philosophically if you can stand on a street corner in America and in the say certain things right.

For example, you could say that George Washington didn't exist or that I believe that the Elvis Presley is risen from the dead, and is to launch an invasion on my city, I can legally get up and say that is crazy as it is right. But if I got up and said now morning everyone of you that Elvis Presley looks like that old woman there and we should attack her because that's actually him all that's illegal right if if I had a platform and I use that platform and said all right here are all of the addresses of of the pro-life leaders here instructions how to kidnap their children burned other homes that's that's illegal right that should not be allowed. That is, inciting violence and and and reviewing privacy and and and all of these things are so the question is where were set line crossed. That's the real difficulty in the problem is the president on the one hand, should not be banned for life, but he made his own bed by doing what he's doing in such extreme ways as the president of the year the president you can't say the things that he would say the reckless things about people these trash people's lives friends. This always greeted me and concerning our disease damage people's futures and careers and and and slander them lied about that when the wind them right is the president on the other hand, he has a legal right to do that.

So he's made his own bed now with the insurrection and the horrors of that it makes everybody look bad. One hand on the other hand, there is a real crackdown against conservatives, there is a real attack on conservatives. It's that simple. There is a real attack on conservatives and there is a real attempt to depart from us to cancel us and and now with the Democrat led White House and Congress.

There may not be strange that unafraid to say this this reality will be dealing with many truly be in prayer and said, Lord, key thing is that your your gospel cannot be bound, how can we continue to get your message out.

866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Donnie in St. Louis Missouri.

Thanks for calling line of fire. How are you doing great now you have a baby and I try to make micro impotent googling, I realized that my timeframe was all so excited calling today to remember things. First of all title to their respective their opinion and actually without being attacked without being attacked, but with that being said, there consequences for consequent and president Trump has been anything that he hasn't done before is just escalated to a point is a viewpoint to a certain way and it it got to the point expected the reality of more violent because violence has been done before this, not to this escalation and not before the public. In this way, but I have friends, family info that will fight you over the nature of resident trap of just leaving friend have a conversation. Mostly what I've heard is why why are you bashing president and get the understanding and quick. I felt others that have been in the presence of accomplishing them talking about Trump how he is what they believe they want bashing him but they were stating their bear their belief in what they believe and how he is personality black and for the president is one single click when when Barack Obama was president. I found that if I took issue with anything. I was called a racist employee best in the presence like racist.

I just different of the policy here did you encounter that the opposite side of that when when Obama rose is a reasonable example of what you're talking about you that you encounter when done on the radio. The very first time I I see an example would give me an example that he was his his pro-Planned Parenthood view and I said I differ with him there and I got a call, you know why always bashing the president call me a racist.

While you're starting a race slick, rice. We got him a note that we broke up equipment recently and I would have Yemen calculate better.

Let me identify we have both Chris and Rick is assisting right here Dan we are Donnie we got a break so we can continue this conversation. On the other side, stay right here.

If you can write will continue the conversation.

By the way, I got some pretty intense clips to play for you some dangerous prophecy later in the broadcast. Make sure you don't miss the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown continue to seek to bring a Christian-based perspective on chaos and in America today.

One thing we know is that ultimately a house divided can't stand, and especially the church now cannot be in a state of division hostility that means in the midst of differences. Some of the very intensive a very deep we have to be able to sit down and talk brother and sister together and a lot of that begins with listening absence of so much listening, we can in the context of a talk radio show with breaks and things that have to be covered, but not in our private dealings we can sit down with some assailants. This is wants to give Mrs. talk by phone originalist FaceTime resume, whatever, and let's you just have to make a determination if friends or alienated brothers and sisters, alienated family members alienated because of the political chaos in America today. Don't let it stay there. Pray for your heart.

Pray for their hearts and say hey let's talk over. Let's let's just agree we don't talk politics. But we we we can allow the enemy to divide us right now and at the very least let's agree on the need God.

We need each other and Stanford for what's in Scripture so in the midst of a conversation with Donnie in St. Louis back to Syria cut off before the break, so go ahead, we understand yeah well you asked me a question. As you give me an example of quick Barack Obama and of court accords with the wind attacking you all the races you know, first of all, you have to turn to a person to attack the energy very deterrent was that person in their church.

Just trying to communicate something it all in and lay away conversation right but you just got to talking about it, we meet down at the not every church is not a church.

I don't believe that I believe that the church is those that are filled with God's spirit in the individual of the pastor to the people to play the instrument and so forth. They got for you are here when you are doing with him in the marriage but yeah I agree I agree wholeheartedly.

But like I was faint or to have people to attack you because you're giving your opinion on what should be really but you not allowed to do that most of the blacktop who are they don't have a conversation with me, they attack bit and so by the act.

Escalate, I try to de-escalate identity by and say and yeah and be quiet, and then at the given opportunity to say what I have to say. Then I try to say that but when Trump was the bully when he called direct and his family (I put on Facebook.

Do you think think I felt he was doing, but to pray for him to pray for him and to pray for his family because God love love some people you love the remind Ethan take the individual eight and got in on the first of the Christian we have to go to him have a relationship continuing with him and grow with him.

Trump has been detrimental before he was even on Eddie's rally?

The kind lady is just back up to you saying that you posted what to pray for him money when you: yeah so so let me jump in Donnie in and say with the key thing is and I'm so glad that that that you call the I'm looking at a comment on Facebook Elaine no talking won't compromise on abortion to begin with and and this seems to be where a lot of people are missing each other and it be great if we meet when they face-to-face and and can have can have an extended chat but it seems all sides have been polarized here.

I voted for Trump, but if I take issue with him on something I'm now disloyal wine. I get why am I doing that. Why am I hurting our presidents like I don't like what he said about somebody written done like you just mention some of the responsible remarks at rallies and things like that. I don't like that the most important thing for me is my relationship with Jesus and my witness for him right so something to tarnish my witness on an address that. So I voted for him. For these reasons but boy I differ with that she would do that well your disloyal your less occult like on the flipside, I've seen the Trump haters so rationally.

I can't say a word.

I'm in the moment that I say I really appreciate the good he did hero that was it.

You can say a word because he's just a demon to them. So he's been tremendously polarizing on both sides. We have to do is figure out a way to build bridges without compromise and at the very least it like you said you wait to pause, you get quiet. Pray and then you try to understand what the person is coming from, seek an aggressive hate. Thank you sir for the call appreciate I'm sure we get to talk more so a link to your point, I'm not compromising on abortion not compromising on issues that are sacred to me and I believe sacred to God, but you better leave on a talk to. So if if I was on the plane and sitting next to some feminine radical activists.

I take that is absolutely it. God set up a divine appointment. I would jump at that same credible and I'd start up a cinch and telling him a follower of Jesus. Some conservative Bible believer strongly pro-life. You're the exact opposite perspective.

Tell me why I've done that would get activists of sevens intentionally had meals with them so you know who I am. You know, rice all along that person's Jesus did, I want to see humanity and then I want to find out how can I reach then to help influence them to see where the wrong you better believe him and I'm conversation is not comprehend.

It is not compromise to sit and talk with people. Don't you have enough confidence in your view, and the rightness of your position that you can sit with people who differ.

Didn't Jesus hang out with sinners. They criticized for it if I would love what I'm flying talking some of the have to be a believer all or maybe they can know me in all of their asking Bible questions. That's great, but I would much rather have them some extra ultra-Orthodox rabbi he's going to talk to me much rather have that lets their right to okay to it before the phones I want to play the clip for you, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and if you just listening to paint the picture is got out of was like some combat outfit you know whenever it's some law enforcement or combat outfit is got some wanted desk in front of him was he speaking this twitter video put out within the first 24 hours and over 30 million views you see at the end of the video it's it's the sword from Conan the barbarian. He's got American flag behind the menu governor of California whenever an very patriotic really bashes prison. Trump is the worst president in our history and his Republican Jill extent, together with Pres. Biden in working condition. There's actually hope positive elements in it and things I actually agree with but I want to play the beginning of it and then tell you big saying that I believe is missing. So let's let's listen to what Arnold Schwarzenegger had to say is an immigrant to this country. I would like to say a few words about fellow Americans to our friends around the world about the events of recent days. I grew up in Austria very aware of Christine Bakst with a night of broken glass was an idle rampage against the Jews carried out in 1938, the Nazi equivalent of proud boys. Wednesday was the day of broken glass right here in United States. The broken glass was in the windows of the United States But the mop to the church out of the windows of the capital shortage ideas for grant. They didn't just break down the bill was of the building that housed the American democracy trampled the very principles which our country was found. Obviously we absolutely stand with him in deploring and rejecting in castigating in and being appalled by the events of the story of the S week one of the most shameful moments in American history. Absolutely every person of conscience stands against every human being.

I know stands are utterly appalled and completely against that and and shocked that such a thing happen in our nation and those that sought coming. Hey, you saw it coming. We all stand against it. Utterly appalled by at an Israelite for me to blame someone.

Let let's say you've got during that that the craziness of some extreme rioting in in America it last summer, spring, summer of last year and little bit after that some of the say the worst worst moments and and some antifur crazy burning a Bible and Portland River. It happened they were sitting the police station on fire and tremor kill the cops inside for me to attribute that to a neighbor who is strong in civil rights and from similar or or someone that's really concerned about mistreatment of black Americans to to attribute the burning of the police station to them would be just as wrong as to attribute this strong on the capital to a pro-life over the phone for Trump right.

The problem though, and in the comparison here with Kristallnacht since actually the opposite.

Kristallnacht Took Pl. in Nazi Germany the night of November 9 and then bleed over into November 10, 1938. So you had dozens of Jews killed many more injured 20,000 arrested and sent to concentration camps right you had over 100 synagogues set on fire many places of business vandalize. It was a heart across the nation and the Nazis did it to see how the people would react. What if they go now full-blown all-out attack there rather than herbivores in the and of the things discriminatory laws pursue since the two things were getting bad, but now that that they were all violent to see what happened and nothing happened from people basis at botnets with lots of snow. Can we do it to everyone and then historian said that's the official beginning of the Holocaust was the exact opposite. Here in America the whole nation is appalled the whole nation is an upper against what happened in the perpetrators, the white supremacist and and and and hyper nationalist and the others they are being universally rejected by Americans and marginalize nicely to this fanatics and however many of them there are the fast fast fast fast fast as vast majority of Americans and conservatives and Republicans and trump supporters hate what happened in rejected so this Ashley some good news in this. Yes it's horrific and it's terrible.

But when you compare to Kristallnacht with the German population set by and did nothing. It's actually the opposite.

Here rather sitting by and doing nothing. The opposite is happened in America is an uproar over this. So that's a good sign. That's a good sign all their different concerns that Arnold Schwarzenegger raises in the atmosphere of of believing anything believe in conspiracy theories and different things that could create such a hostility gets to the point. But even there with many fine educated people had legitimate questions about the legitimacy of the vote to compare that to Nazi lies. That's another thing that is not an act comparison right we get back. I want to play some very disturbing clips from some Christian leaders claiming to be prophets to do that. We combat right here on it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more natural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown bag friends to modify, I will focus on the subject of manipulative offices.

Tomorrow's broadcast gobbling boring something interesting happening.

We'll talk about the definition of a false prophet who is false prophet. How should we categorize someone as false prophet. What's the difference between wrongly claiming to be a prophet prophesying falsely being a false prophet or or they all one in the same. We will address that together but I want to play some clips for you first from a woman named Kat Kerr and then from a gentleman named Hank Lindemann and II don't want to focus on the Trump prophecy part don't want to focus on that. I want to focus on the way that these things are being spoken and then some of the threats that are coming with. If you don't listen what God is going to do to you. All right if you don't receive the prophets a certain way. What God is going to do to so this is some Christian news broadcasts that is absolutely Trump will be reelected. You watch what happened in and so on. Not backing down from that sadly unfortunately so Kat Kerr is asked about her views and so you're actually saying that the Trump live eight years and after that Mike pence. Listen to what she has to say. So I want to ask The question that keeps being asked to me. They say will If you prophesied eight years isn't that it's for now and for later now now and is not part of continual years and is the more impossible things to be sad. God did she for eight years after Tom's eight years and he changed his mind about that. I there okay so very dogmatic, very clear again.

I want to focus on the error of the prophecy itself to focus on that. But she says he's going to have for years consecutive, eight years and then eight years of my pants. Okay another clip from Kat Kerr and any beginning. He will join him on this journey will fail, and they will fail greatly analyst properties NLS positions analogies money fellows. Thanks and that is even some of the Christian leaders join their team and decided to abandon what God wants it, they will lose their voice, they will lose their platform and the scariest thing so another words if you said I accept the outcome of the election or whether there is fraud in the lower court system didn't recognize it. We we will recognize to buy this or prison or if you simply said hey, God did not speak to me that Donald Trump would be reelected, and therefore I can't hold to that in faith that you are now being threatened, for anyone that's moved by that that was not the voice of God. That was the voice of even being misspeaking all right, but it's one thing she is.

Maybe giving what sounds like her opinion was to prophesy all these terrible things going to happen to those who didn't stay right to the last minute.

Donald Trump is in the survey.

Consecutive years, and so on and so forth. Right but but now she's going to claim to be speaking for them saying this upfront. This is not the voice of God. This is the voice of a woman. It's either human anger or demonic. This is this is not the voice of God. She's not speaking for God. She's not a prophet. Okay, she's not speaking for God so I want you to hear this but just brace yourself at a certain point she's going to start screaming. This is allegedly God speaking. Now this is dangerous stuff. And by the way, when I last checked this video last night. It had one who is like our 40 minutes loss about that and it had about 1.8 million views and massively disproportionate thumbs-up or thumbs down your term of mass deception mass deception out there okay just brace yourself. This can be a little bit loud in a moment.

I don't like to stand on right now and drop will have to be inaugurated. They will have, even though they don't want to that time will come when he will have to say to people what is the United States any more money here.

I have never change that plan. I have never given an exact date when something would happen because I have my own time where he agrees with yours are not what you like it or not, this is my country Lane shall not be taken from me take this land, it will not happen, it will be done absolutely false prophet was absolutely not the voice of God. She's not a prophet she's not speaking for God about the rest of her life, ministry, anything else this.

This is manipulation.

This is some of the real bad stuff that's out there. I watch it and I grieve over the people being deceived by those watch like I can't differ with God.

I want to speak against the prophets and please hearing until a people that love the Lord and they want to be honoring and then on be reverent note, not charismatics there watch as I told you bunch of kooks. I was later bunch kooks and an atheist watch and they mocked him timeout. Other Christians are charismatic speaking's suit Suzette sensitivity there and yet get duped and manipulated for free from that get out from under that. Don't let someone speak these curses over you. So here is his Hank Lindemann. I don't know him. Friends of mine that norms speak very well of him.

I will personally all right, but I'm addressing not the Trump prophecy that the nature of what's being said.

So here's a worship service and he is about to speak allegedly for God.

This is allegedly God speaking through.

Let's listen. Talk to Shane my profits.

I said touch not my prophets no harm in my essay for the living God, man starts this since July spirits, who do you think you are for your skirts shall be lifted and you shall experience the shame of what you appointed you sparsely spoken for may have spoken this time. Once again thanks for your parts is I shall be a positive, positive irritants of justice and righteousness that they will not be able to sit there will not be able to run it will not be able to do high because that I will bring for them operates in fear ability says the living yet so here you have someone allegedly speaking for God right and God is saying through this person so this individual claims to be a prophet don't moment. All the momentum claims to be a prophet right claims to be speaking for God and claiming to be speaking for God says says this says I am telling you I God I'm telling you don't mess with a prophet. It would be like me saying like you criticize me and I now speak Michael Brown.

I know speaking today I the Lord say to you, do not touch my crown.

You do not differ with my servant Mike Brown. If you do, you will be judged a member that's that's terribly manipulative, terribly manipulative and promising not the voice of the Holy Spirit and honestly not what Psalm 10 515 means.

We talked about that last week which which is touch them.

I like to do my prophets no harm. They have God allegedly speaking to someone claiming to be a prophet, saying, don't touch my prophets.

Otherwise, judgments can come on you. Please hearing I'm not even concerned about the issue of secular media mocking, that's a separate issue. Let let God deal with the loss. The fact is plenty must remark us before we were saved and God had mercy on us because of our ignorance. I'm not looking for God to smite people down who mock the gospel looking for God's sake those people is always a mocker myself I love about you but I was a mocker and I was hostile.

My wife Nancy when she was an atheist need to select 8 to 19 she was, not just an atheist. She was a God mocker. I'm glad God had mercy on her fourth in clad didn't strike.

So many others that I know were mockers and haters and and blaspheme the Lord but in ignorance and got a mercy on us, but put that aside with that aside, the so many errors have been spoken by prophetic leaders and some things have been missed and silly things is been wrong and never come to pass in an downright false. The prophesy summary charismatic leaders expect the world to mock us as a surprise. All right at our best when were in the Lord and speaking accurately. We get mock. How about at our worst were misrepresenting but that the big issue here, not a speak as is.

As an elder in the Lord, my concern is how this is hurting the fall occurred in the sheep are terrified to differ like in your heart you know something's wrong but your tear. I can't differ with the prophesy kindred with the man of God can't differ with the woman of God here. You have no relationship with the Lord. Give the Bible all right start their start with the word of God in your own relationship with God and test everything week. God calls us to test everything that was not the voice of God.

That was not a prophetic word fruit for those that said look I just I don't believe God prophesied the Trump would have four more years. I just know it's like it happened. There's not a curse on you. There's not a curse on you right so don't let someone manipulate you love everyone that I differ with it.

If I can be of help to them to get them on the right path is error of doing in a heartbeat but I don't want you to come under bondage, fear, and I don't want the name of the Lord to be mowing tomorrow.

We take up the issue of who one false prophet

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