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What Is the Spirit Saying to the Church of America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 7, 2021 5:20 pm

What Is the Spirit Saying to the Church of America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 7, 2021 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/07/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Yeah I know it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday, but were taking a different direction because the urgent issues in America today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown if I can give you one short phrase. What the Spirit is saying to God's people today in the midst of times of unprecedented crisis chaos shaking in America and in much of the world. I would say the simple phrase that I believe more than normal. More than in ordinary circumstances, God is speaking to us right now which is from the Lord. Get your eyes on me. I believe if God could just come and speak to us the church in America. Yet that's always a truth but I believe especially now the Lord would be telling him and look to him look to him he be saying to me, Mike Brown get your eyes on me to be speaking to each one of us get your eyes on me. It's always true, but I feel it especially true at a time like this.

Welcome friends to the broadcast here; notes Thursday that is virtually always thoroughly Jewish Thursday but hate we are not part of a religious organization or company that tells us we have to do XYZ and it's just time to step back and talk about some some other issues, not his real focus, not Jewish focus in light of everything that's happened in the last 24 or 48 hours here in America so phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I'm not taking general Jewish calls today, but calls it have to do with the state of America church in America prophecy the president right how volatile the things right now. Pres. Trump is banned from Twitter and Facebook.

The key can't post his messages was of 80 million Twitter followers that's been his way to talk directly to Mark. He can even do that on the one hand, that that's a complete outrage that that is mind-boggling is most powerful men naturally speaking in the naturally's most powerful man on the planet and in social media, shutting them down on the other hand, if there is genuine fear that he would incite his followers to do something rash and destructive.

Then you understand and are obviously in that regard. I don't believe he would be doing that. On the other hand, I'm quite sure that he has helped create the environment they gave birth to what happened in DC yesterday and look don't blame men of God that have surrounded Trump for years. If he says and does things that are lacking in wisdom or that are destructive, that would simply mean he didn't listen to counsel that was given him no throw people under the bus that have been trying to speak wisdom to him and get him to do things differently if he doesn't hear wisdom think they were there to speak it but don't throw them under the bus for things that he refuses to listen to, but there is there so much because there is so much to cover. I want to unpack. I want to share some of the responses that came in when I simply urge folks yesterday been waiting for the right moment. It wasn't an insight or new revelation yesterday have just been waiting for what I felt was the right moment to say hello to face the facts, prophecies, and I can come to pass that the prophecies of trumping inaugurated entering 20th are knocking to come to pass face the facts as I can happen and I was waiting for the right moment. I want you to hear some of the extreme responses. Of course, many responded as you expect Dr. Brown thank you for saying this, it needs to be said and more people going come to grips with reality but not your some of the others because it's quite alarming, quite alarming. Also for those who follow Jeremiah Johnson's ministry. Jeremiah young prophetic leader. He came to me weeks ago, and to some of the of the local leaders that he works with and looks to others, moved to North Carolina and said I know that on trouble not be reelected. This is weeks ago and I've written a letter of repentance and apology I had.

He had warnings a couple years ago he had warnings even talked on the radio with me about it concerns he had as to where the term presidency would go and so that if he didn't humble himself and if the church look to him and idolatrous way that he would be removed. I do believe that's what happened that the present did not humble himself that he did not listen to wise counsel to become a decent human being towards others and that the church many church look to him in the wrong idolatrous way. Therefore we did not get four more years. Whatever the means was, however it happened, and then some months back. Jeremiah had a dream and interpreted the dream, the trunk would get four more years and said that he would so he's repented of that apologize. It he wrote this weeks ago and in came to Tustin said give me input on it. Look at this with me. Give me your thoughts will humble myself make no excuses not lack of faith, not like a prayer, it was wrong for me to declare this the trumpet four more years and he's just waiting for the right moment felt today was the right moment for him to release.

That's what help circulate that as well. How could it be that so many prophetic leaders got this wrong it it said. But it's easy to explain, is as well will unpack that and in the days ahead. But there there's so much going on in right now.

What we need to do is say okay. Do I believe your brother or sister in the Lord, do I believe that you have been saved by the same blood that I've been saved but you believe I've been saved by the same blood you can say, but do we have the same heavenly father.

The same Lord that's case run the same team there on the same team so rather than you attacking me or me attacking you or or us distrusting each other. Let's agree to both Truscott how about that heavily start their maybe you don't trust me right now because you think all man have educated them in your coward and respond less than you be so unbelieving, etc. which course of the bogus, but maybe you feel fine. You feel it would be back you, how could you be so duped and deceived song okay.

We will trust each other right now throughout the body.

There's massive distrust and finger-pointing all sides right. How about we agree to both Truscott has that Lord we need you. Can we agree together on that house.

At first start, you and I if were saved by the same blood bought by the same price serving the same dog while they are okay fine damn people.

Rachel don't agree with you politically on either side. This contract carefully. Tread carefully. Okay, could you be touch we judge others, but but can we agree here if we are all children of God. If God looks down our father and says yeah that's my kid that's my could draw part of my family all right if that is the case then can we agree together on this sentence. God we need you about we start their about we start uniting their connect. Can anyone tell me that that's wrong. Anyone that's a fellow believer can any of you tell me Dr. Brown you're wrong. Can we at least agree with that as we start their about that God we need you then add whatever words now urgently really into but with start their God. We need you to help us which you help us because many of you think I'm dead wrong on things you are passionate about the truth you are passionate about not believing a lie you are passionate about about doesn't matter what it cost you gotta follow the truth, I'm with you on that.

And yet we were differing as to what we think is truth right now but can we agree Lord we just want truth. Some of you that that are still holding all this can be a miracle entrance going to be a inaugurated you're really people of faith.

You have amazing faith and tenacity and in your believe when all hope is lost when Jesus is in the grave he said I know he's getting up, and you believe God's promise is about trump and I'm not attacking your faith.

I'm not what I'm saying is okay when the day comes, and that doesn't have your sure will say if then just notice I'm here to help.

I'm here to help. If it turns out that you're wrong I'm not here to condemn you on that here to criticize you on the here mock you. I'm here to help. I posted yesterday on twitter and comment on Facebook that I really pity those who were on following the unsubscribing.

Whatever because I simply said face effects trump will not be inaugurated on June 20, submit notice to all those on following unsubscribing, etc. know this when your world collapses on January 20 to be your help to criticize not to attack that's it. I told you so. I have grave concerns about where America could go in the days ahead, and we may have some real challenging times at hand, but to be here to help, not to tacky not to mock you and for the prophetic leaders who will be proven false in their prophecies.

On that day on the here to throw stones at them or to call them false prophets, which scripturally corner Jesus is a wolf in sheep's clothing. If this is a brother or sister in the Lord, a born-again person who is been prophesying falsely then we callout the false prophecy we say it was false and and maybe some of them that believe their profits are not there falsely call themselves prophets but I won't brand a brother or sister a false prophet because Jesus said that person is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now those who are wolves praying on the body, and there always will be wolves dislike will be false pastors and false teachers and false messiahs and false prophets and false apostles you're always going to have false people pray on the body. By all means, by all means if we I've I'm convinced that someone is not even saved and and is is absent Charlene of course will: absolutely.

But, but for those that have gotten this wrong, that have somehow been deceived or diluted, for whatever reason, especially if they humble themselves don't make excuses don't keep coming up with more prophecies and blame others and extend grace to those that humble themselves, and then especially frontal charismatics will learn from this big time you say were not.

Fine will have that discussion more fully the right time, but I'm here to help. I'm not here to toot toot with click bait for.

In fact, sometimes I try to soften the headline so it's not just click bait so I can say he hears with the substances. Here's the real issue. I'm not here to get people to like me or to sale Dr. Brenner so wise because trust me, hermeneutics unwinds the whole thing of it. I'm here to honor the Lord in servant healthcare solution sorts of things out of great importance play some video clips and for my stamp. I want to get to as many calls as I can think a little more sharing going straight to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown go to fomite shortly you will see a few things. First, regarding what happened in DC yesterday. Many of said this was not transpersonal.

This was NT for us all into could NT for been involved sure wouldn't surprise me at all worthy legitimate trump supporters involved that that breach the Catholic yes absolutely. There's no question about that. There is video evidence of that footage people identified looking you got all kinds of people. You cannot get the praying Christians you got the survivalists from below the mountains of West Virginia you. You've got people chewing on supporters you got wide range of people that show up in a moment like that when chaos reigns, you better believe you have people making very wrong choices. And tragically, the woman that was shot and killed was that she and Army vet. She served like for tours and air force fed tragically killed in from him several husband was real trump supporter, so don't limit all NT for don't limit on tooth, but the effect let's let's go to the videos this is what Joe Biden said when the the breach in the capital happened. This is this is what he had to say.

The scenes of chaos of the capital do not reflect the true America do not represent who we are or were saying or small number of extremist dedicated to lawlessness. This is not the sent his disorder is chaos.

Borders on sedition and it must and now heard me say before different context. The words of a president matter no matter how good or bad that Pres. is at the best words were president can inspire at their worst, they can incite. Therefore, I call on Pres. trump to go on national television. Now to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution and demand an end to this siege right so that was president elect Biden said what he said so Pres. trump then puts out his statement somewhat after that chronologically.

I understand he puts at his statement and remember this is in the midst of the craziness going on the similar president trumps us. I know your pain.

I know you hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us was a landslide election and everyone knows it, especially the other side, but you have to go home now. We have to have peace we have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law in order. We don't want anybody hurt. It's a very tough period of time. There's never been a time like this where such a thing happened with a could take it away from all of us from me from you from our country. This was a fraudulent election, but we can't play into the hands of these people, we have to have peace. So go home.

We love you. You're very special.

You've seen what happens.

You see the way others are treated better so bad and so evil. I know how you feel but go home and go home at peace.

What on wise statement when you've gone, you've got it evacuate the vice president centers get some and shot and killed this woman's not be dead okay she's been living a normal life today with the family.

She's killed you teargas you got all the stuff going on. You got chaos you don't make a statement saying yeah that lecture was stolen from us.

Everyone knows not everyone does not know it half the country blues was stolen have doesn't everyone does not know specials on the other side for those in other side fully, but wasn't stolen you different with them, but you don't make a statement like that at that time you don't keep hammering.

It was a terrible thing that another terrible thing that happened was saying.

Meet me at the capital.

The terrible thing that happened was that the building being stormed was NT for about maybe. But you cannot just blame them. That's ignorance. If you just blame them. It's denying of clear video footage and faxing people identified you can just say was all NT okay either way, you don't talk about the fraud that you don't further inflame that the distrust and the anger it's not about that right then. It's about something happening. This can be one of the most shameful days in our history. That's a fact so that it is that lack of wisdom that happened helps to to create an atmosphere that gives birth to what happened yesterday that's welcome of the present us to take responsibility. The most powerful man on the planet.

When you go after the governor of of Georgia duly elected Republican governor of Georgia retweet is going to jail.

When you go after the Secretary of State.

If one understands a born-again Christian seeking to do the honorable right thing here you after him.

You you attack other people by name. You know the law. Corrupt chance at all this at the rallies and end in a lockup whip merit governor witness.

She has death threats on her can't do that. It's irresponsible book I'm I'm here. This is the influence of the president. Okay, here's my influencers a people by God's grace with us all have great influence printers reaching people look what's my audience compared to the presidents audience and yet I way every word because I think of all right, who could be listening was my responsibility before God. All right. Just like if your schoolteacher in your thinking okay when I say this to kids what impression they can have you what you words parents will will do this, how much more the president of the United States. Limit three points about and let's let's put these quotes appear. This is just a tiny sampling of what was posted yesterday on my on my Facebook page.

When I simply said just accept the fact January 20 Donald Trump will not be inaugurated. The prophecies are not true. My feared hurt, I'm here to help right so look at some of the comments you become our enemy by defending the lies and by riding the fence but now you know the future right is that your debater, your lack of being able to apply simple logic is 27.

Please go back to me apology for losing credibility muffin from us is simply saying the facts is present on Joe Biden's son is not here to change okay little of his health will be what so we don't know what tomorrow they could be up asteroid that comes out of the sky and destroys all plan okay but aside from that side don't subsequently know you're it's it's just a fact.

Okay so how about this one.

Brown, you are fraud and spawn of bail. I like Ike I get drunk like this, day and night.

Okay, you understand that I'm simply saying this is the response from people who claim to be followers of Jesus.

This is how much people of God off track and put their ear lies in the wrong place is for me came in a compromising God never told me Trump would be like. This is not nuts and I'm supposed to believe is going to happen.

Just like if you knows a football game on Saturday God and tell me who's going to win in therefrom believing for that to happen here. How about this one, shut the H up your occult wonders that person was projecting a little bit, shut the H up your occult friends. This is scary stuff is very scary stuff. Just remember this post when he is you would been one of the Jews complained to Moses when they were backed up to the Red Sea, this one. Trump will be president. You can see that you're missing the forest for the trees. Honestly, honestly expected more discernment from all of your precancer was really going on on the go to waste the time to explain it sure paid attention to the beginning and that one goes on and on. Yeah I just got a note of the attack to Jeremiah Johnson is experiencing right now that the.

The people accusing of every maybe I get to some of those posts I just got a post saying it's unbelievable. This is Fermanagh got humbling himself and saying, I repent. I apologize and I take for responsible and learn from this and grow from this I mean just on and on. When your sore spiritual leaders.

Dr. Bruggeman take a stand. You know that bun is in righteousnesses conflicts not cowardly to say drums like to be inaugurated. Gosh, what is with people what what is happened so here check out this article, I asked Dr. silly place. We posted asked Dr. is there occult of Trump and I give you the signpost here.

How can you tell if your part of the culture Trump one you believe the trumpet Trump alone can be trusted. Nobody else throws Biden did he throw Spence under the bus Scotus under the but anyway does matter to the trumpet Trump alone can be trusted you tolerate no criticism of Trump right neutrality.

No criticism uniform against you can vote from a take issue number three return on friends and family members if they do not support Trump that's weird that's a lawyer your for you compromise your standards in order to defend him. Five.

You put all your eggs in his basket. Only he can save America only can see the only can fight for the church to fight for Israel.

Six you unable to process information rationally when it has to do with Trump seven when someone tells you the trouble not be inaugurated on January 20, 20, 21, you attack the messenger with vitriol and venom friends on here to help.

II know many of you will turn on the and and not support us.

I feel bad for you because I want to help you. God is our source God is our supply but I feel bad because I'm here to serve you and help equip you to do adults hold you when you cut me off I can help you friends come to your senses. The dust settles, I will say I told you so say how can I help you come right back to your calls for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the question of how we vote. The mission of the question of house nation vote and then there's the question of whether the vote was conducted fairly. The biggest question is what is God doing in the midst of all of this that's that's the biggest issue to me. What is God doing what is God saying repeat.

I believe the number one message from God to us right now is put your eyes on the look to me and I believe every one of us if we are children of God with the same heavenly father that there's a prayer that we can all pray in perfect agreement, which is Lord we need you. 866-34-TRUTH let's start in Cumberland, Maryland Daniel, welcome to the quantifier yet so the birth of all of this one day leaving Wharton, although people were outspoken against you from social media expected that. But the clear sunlight there that that is not the spirit of God operating there.

But what I wanted to wish her so much I could talk about what you're up right now about what what that would be voting or how do you go you fix that with proper speaking of prophecy about winning. I wanted to ask you about if you could wage a certain aspect of office because I know you can get complex, but the owners of the property was that it took a bit of a formal negotiation but I don't always think every prophecy is the final Don concrete. This is it your feet if you on the net think we can keep precedents for the Bible but I think what ended up happening could I myself will tell you right now.

I've never prophesied that all I know trumpet generally, but I've had dreams about election being corrected like that all I wanted him to win, but I think what happened is the Lord sent to be constantly attempting where the heart of America. It is an PP may have allowed trumpet with Trump on everything was fine. You still have to spend where our heart is regard to how we elevate a book where we position our heart right old and I think that came to get across the lake you can install all or problem that there's like three different going through with the one that already correct not agog with Mark never worked on board though we kind of put it upon herself to the inmate not necessarily be that the prophet ended up being so let me jump in the jump in Daniel and and thanks thanks for for pulling that out with clarity, appreciate and that is much more to say but I am to get truck given by one main point gets as many calls as I can. Also to be continued on, on some of the conversation, but number one Jeremiah 18 lays out a principal from God as the potter that whenever he gives a prophetic word that he is going to bless the nation if that nation turns away from righteousness and turns to sin instead of blessing. He will judge.

Conversely, when he says he's going to judge a nation and that nation repents and turns to him than a simple judging he will bless.

So in that sense all those prophecies are conditional. If someone has a prophetic word about how God can use you and your ministry and raise you up to bless millions of of of people in a particular country and you turn away from your calling and just turn into a moneymaking business and and and then a practicing sin by the several then that blessings can be taken away. That's one thing right. So in that sense could there be words that Trump will be reelected if both of them up with the XP that was what with the conditions be in terms of these prophecies, they were spoken. That this is going to happen. And no matter what was going on. We were told again know it's going to happen and some to this day. Know what's can happen that yes Trump will be elected know to to that to the naysayers. In fact, some are are putting up prophetic threats.

I address this earlier in the week there putting up prophetic threats are the Lord say to you that if you speak against my prophets, I will judge that's garbage that's manipulation is not from above. Even if the prophetic word is true.

That's his manipulation is absolutely not from above to the satanic deception of that person's flesh. I saw another one God making a list who believes the prophets are not nonsense. Absolute nonsense questions. Who believes God who believes God. That's that's the issue. So when these things be reiterated reiterates good happens can happen so then it's past that their false happen. I my own view my personal opinion is a prayerful opinion but my personal opinion that God wanted to give Donald Trump for more years but it was contingent on him repenting of his carnality in becoming a decent human being's treatment of others and how he lit and contingent on the church not looking to him as some type of political deliverer, and in both scores that didn't happen is not repented of of his pride and and narcissistic behavior and savaging other people and ministers this day. The idolatry of their hearts is been revealed, but I believe God would have given them formally.

Is this in the Bible, just as I surely intended to do this but you thinking you can continue the right path returned and sent so I'm I'm with you in many ways, however. However, I would say that prophecies women spoken many of them plainly false is going to be accountability for that 866-34-TRUTH escort friend Manny in Brooklyn but were talking politics today. Hey man what's on your mind back to ramp wandering about like you talk about like about that.

You know how how many people neglect even people are getting prophecies that are not really being prefilled. You think maybe we religious people are just in the wrong business.

We know we should be focusing more on theology teaching morality yeah not necking so much and what I mean and I don't mean the people who elect prophet Fleming even even at the average guy who just, you know, opened his phone and start looking at the new thing thing when we should try to come down a bit, are focused on current event much more thing out of the Scriptures and leaking out the truth.

The truth of God right so so here's the question you're asking. This is an Orthodox to write yeah okay got it so just for those that that may not have heard our previous few calls here right so it all depends on who I'm talking to. In other words it in many ways religious people sometimes can live in a bubble in the society changes around them, and because they're just living in their bubble.

They end up getting trampled by the society words they could have had a positive influence in it.

On the flipside, we cannot swing the other way so on. On the one hand, many Christians know the say that we strongly oppose abortion, but they do almost nothing about it through the year is not involved in any any practical way or you know that they're upset with teaching of homosexuality in the schools, etc. but they're not actually involved with the local school board, or so, sometimes we can be so pietistic so you know were just praying, reading the Bible and the world goes to hell around us and end we blame the world burst would do anything to help. In that sense and you sure taught that his this time he was disciples were to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world but I think for many of us are we absolutely swung in the wrong direction, we become obsessed with the political scene, especially the evangelical church. I don't know how much it is in the card, the community or the already yeah so it's it's just it, and look, it's a perfect storm because Trump stood for so many things that were important to us and and that you know looking on in Brooklyn.

You know the rallies for Trump against de Blasio and things like that, you know, Trump is for freedom, and in that he did so many good things and did stand in and had good people around him really urging him to do these things. One of my friends is said and James Robison on here if you put wisdom in the room with him. He listened to it. James just tell me again today said Michael. The decisions the good decisions that Trump made the policy moves the that the righteous things he did. He said that's because the godly men that were around him speaking into his life. So on the one hand, he standing for us. The world is, going crazy in the other direction. You know the Jewish perspective, the rising anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party. All of that.

It it was suddenly got so caught up in the political scene but but absolutely look.

I started to show by saying if if there's anything God saying to us right now, we could agree on this Orthodox to messianic to its God saying, look, look to me turned turned to me and that's what we have to do so yeah I'm totally with you. And that's, or if we would step back just to eat each of us and step back and this will in trying to do by talking about this helper help us in our perspective, step back, worship God in the word pray and say Lord here I am. How can I be a blessing and help wheat we did need to catch her breath. Little thank you so much and just like many pastors, rabbis don't want to talk about critical social things and sometimes we ignore stuff they can swing the other way and then I have a calling because of my local pastor, if I preach and teach cover them on talk radio host and and and and op-ed writers on a deal with these things more. But hopefully, hopefully the midst of it point us to the Lord God willing will will talk again about about issues that divide us.

But amen on your call. Thank you, 86634 we go to Washington DC, Isaac, hope you're safe and set safe over there all year.


I am God had given on your mind will give you all I wanted to call because I would actually bear actually at the rally, there 9 o'clock.

Ali will now leave one or 2 o'clock. Enacting the inaccuracy of a mouthful of feminine plummeting vaccine from a different perspective that meaning outcome, given perspective on this so much I can say, and I'm actually you know, hopefully, say that he could benefit customized by know you have a lot of college got shorthand for main point a you know you really help me to take the train into Gaza watching firing in figures 4 years ago and Jan Zwicky that year to you how you can't book my heart and something about what happened yesterday. I think we can put into perspective and live you At the heart and that is because I think you look at the situation I'm I was like, in fact lose an ounce, manlike into the cart unfading of these people can't understand why they did it on. These people are upset because their faith elect a vote for thematic invoice for thematic aid on matter how can upset with that method of the day and I thought about it, actually you know what I understand with this pain because we can look at the same situation on their there were black people who waste Martian on the street thing that you know what my life doesn't matter after I feel like my life for thematic because of my skin color, act like I was last seen this very theorizing continued.

On the other side. Make sure you tell me what what I said is is is something to hear and I will get as many calls as possible. State exam along it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire just any part of the broadcast started by saying is anything the spirits into the church right now to God's people.

It's look to me to him to the Lord is one prayer we can all pray. How about this God. We need you and Isaac in DC.

You know it's it's interesting when I was interacting with folks on social media and I was asking for perspective. This was during some of the protests and riots. There was one black brother who said he look when you're at an event raising funds for cancer.

In some states this steps up and says yes, but all diseases matter was that's true right now were refocusing on cancer.

Notice little things like that that help us understand one another better. You and and and why a black American might feel that the life doesn't matter to into white American. It's like all. Now I understand your perspective understand why I just respond all lies matter hits a certain way and those two things that we we communicate this, of course, we all utterly deplore the breach of the capital yesterday and the environment they created that.

But the fact that there are tens of millions of people who legitimately are frustrated because they believe the election was stolen.

Units that's that's very, very deep thing. So back to use her you asked me to explain why you broke my heart and a little bigger and I was glad she black lives matter kind of move me. I wish I were as a black man out unpainted open activation evil mount talking about the majority of people to bear. I felt like you kind of like to your Facebook, you kind of just painting a single use painting in a black splash where I don't think that may not be in your teaching. Look throughout your comments section used billing. This kind of anger and Best Buy went out there to protect because I wanted to elect a state like I get on the ball quite amen I'm my heart is torn. I'm crying at night. My brother could talk about God and I just want to tell the I love you matter differently and that'll take it that America and I just felt like there was a lot of lack of compassion to un-fennel for black Americans with only a sense of their life doesn't matter Spain's way and I understand the hard way that it feels like a felt like they've been robbed of spunk.

You just just your perspective, the want to have empathy for another position something that's somewhere for us in the body is pretty much in and defend my turf and if you don't see it my way and to criticize you is supposed to say what what you feel that way or share your perspective. So God bless you for doing that and and going to share love and forgetting that that insight is well let me just say this one thing is not to defend myself. Okay because I don't I communicate a certain way than questions has a come across.

I don't see many of the comments on social media because we are tens of thousands a month.

Sometimes in the day of, but when I see people that are supposedly in my camp respond with anger and venom or bigoted attitudes that does grief me and I do asked what can I do better.

I kept trying to find ways to say things are number one post was BLACK lives matter, every black life matter black allies report them and I said it everywhere I could and THEN the bottom I said and I have strong issues with the BLM organization to try to get the point across, so hey that's my heart. Isaac so pray that I'll communicate that well and that all God's people here, but thank you for the call and and thank you for thank you for your honesty and for for your empathy for others.

That's that's a great way to really have God's heart and it's rare. So thank you for it from making an example. In doing that appreciated 86634. Let's go over to Rebecca in Prince George, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown hurried today doing well thank you I just wanted to say thank you for doing your show eyelet on the radio and I heard what you do that earlier today about people that were attacking you at a kind of it really appalling, very shocking and as a Christian I was utterly devastated by yesterday I am embarrassed the American almond Barrett like I don't want people to lump Christianity and what happened yesterday. Yeah I feel like I wonder if Trump Christian as upon either the very launch supporter of Andy that you that he howled and I it makes you wonder if he was just using up as upon Jeff power. You go first.

I do my best not to judge anyone's motive and ran in the set of factual evidence is something however, from everything I've been told from every believer that has met with him and some of James Robison that was on the phone them yesterday trigon got the Council okay I mean. Letter been close to him every one to a person that I've talked to that is met with them in groups individually felt that genuinely he took an interest in, and the things that were important to us that it generally bloggers him that it seemed that we had lost her voice nationally when there are so many of us that he seemed to really respect Christians know people say all you could hear mocking people. I think I think from what I understand, it was some televangelists and different things like that book Paula White she's that if I was writing just searching on my list of okay. I make sure she gather with them but he's begins with our contract right he's been friends with her grand right he's been friends with her for many years, right right you know and and she become out there in terms of her practices and things so the bottom bottom line is that everyone that I know that was got close to him at all was in meetings that they've all city they believe he yet he may be a narcissist. He made it may be all about him a sample, but they've all said he generally loves America. He generally cares about what's best for America and that he really seems to respect Christian leaders in the church. That's what everyone told me so I that's that's what I believe and I categorically stand against things he said and done I believe is been his own worst enemy and he was a different type of person, fraud, or no, he'd be inaugurated on January 20.

The church was not looking to him the wrong way he be inaugurated on January 20. That's my own belief. It's prayerful but it's just you process that just nonbelief.

But no, I don't look any politicians can use people for certain purposes and certainly on a certain level things about him and in his know how to lose. We understand that his personality but the M and things he's kind of expressed etc. but that thing said I don't believe that he just used Christians as pawns and because once you got any and thrown away as others have done.

He didn't do that.

To his credit, so as much, as I will freely say I differ. I will also applaud them for what he did and for an and for right thinks of let's go to Ross in Chattanooga Tennessee. Thanks much for holding welcome to the line of fire. Thank you, Dr. Brown, let me say this is my wife and I both attended the events of yesterday of the Lord had led us to standardbearer in front of the capital and that it turns out we did not know that would be worth think what happened, I'm always going when God said stand here. My so we stood there because he said carry a flag it says we need you, Lord, that the flag said dad says an appeal to heaven and you and I would agree completely that that our only hope.

In fact, right now God is that amazing though that you felt to be there with@and then you know today. The one message that I want to get across in the look to the Lord and can we all agree we need you so that you weren't prophetically stationed with the prophetic message notes that it in one of the most dark moments in American history that's extraordinary well thank you it was we were sure still processing at my wife and I we were back driving back from DC right now and in the process and we heard your show. We love you show me love what you said yesterday as far as Anita to heal the church when times, and you rewrite your were going to need your voice. I thank you for that specifically go to your points today.

What I like to make.

This is it being a personal first-hand witness and you just heard from Isaac.

He was a first-hand witness to am thankful for that. But from my perspective where I was standing where they breached the fence is here. I've heard you already are twice downplay and keep in it. I don't think you were trying to downplay him you were just trying not to overplay them in the same thing true, but in in the process of doing that. I think you overplayed the president's position because here's what happened yesterday from a first-hand witness.

We were there from 9 o'clock in the morning freezing cold wind blowing and we were about 10 people. When we showed up by 1130. There were probably hundreds if not thousands in that area, but the spirit the atmosphere of the place was just positive was just great for two and half hours then it then at 1230.

A group of people came in immediately. Both my wife and my spirit caught the fact that something is different. The animosity that anchors the anger, the frustration got the be the evil by frankly the wickedness was there and I within minutes they were yelling at the police they were doing that now that they have trumped up paraphernalia on absolutely were they tromping answers, no okay these were poor and people plant and I'll tell you why target it say what we got 30 seconds before the time it will then bitter. Here's the deal will not for the church body underplayed the effect of anti-but they instigated they they incited a riot yesterday and I saw with my own eyes and it was not the president's words. It was in no okay right so suggest with my five seconds what I said about the present yesterday until about two months of buildup, even years of rhetoric of speeches of words spoken.

That's what I've been talking about that ultimately the plane lays at his feet as I like that.

Could Nancy have been the one that spoke the whole thing will be, and I thank you for your I would work with to blame it all on them. Of course not.

This not the case with thank you, thank you for doing what you're doing

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