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Now What?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 6, 2021 4:40 pm

Now What?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 6, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/06/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Friends this is an urgent moment in our nation's history. Don't miss a word of today's broadcast stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown rioters have stormed capital building. Mike pence VP Pentz has been evacuated, senators and hiding friends. Donald Trump caused this Donald Trump is responsible for this.

He created this atmosphere and people have bought into it in a fanatical way as much as I opposed BLM and NT for burning down cities in America. I oppose this lawlessness and I do so as a servant of God in Jesus name.

Welcome friends to the broadcasts. This is Michael Brown and this is a very important historic day in American history and one from which the church must learn friends here is the simple truth far more than us bringing out the best in Pres. Trump. He has brought out the worst in us. There is a cult of Trump. There is an idolizing of Trump. There is a hyper nationalism that is swept the church is a danger is a cancer I'm doing my best to sound the alarm as a Trump voter. It did not have to come out like this, but this is what we get 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. You can get upset with me. You can hate me, you can revile me. You can curse me, you can unsubscribe unfollow, but in the long term. If you love God. You'll thank me in the long term. If you're a person of truth and conscience. You'll thank me. You may be upset with me for the moment and misjudge me fine, but in the long term, you'll recognize what I'm saying is for our good and for the glory of God and in the best interest of America so much to say so much to unpack and feel free to weigh in and differ with me or agree with me, 8663 for 87884 I have been waiting for the right moment to say this because I did not want to get in the way of those who thought there was going to be some legal or political path to overturn the elections and I did not want to get in the way of those who were sincerely praying and believing Trump to be inaugurated on January 20, but look it's over it's over it's been clear for a while.

It's over. I been waiting for the right moment to say it, trying to be gracious and wanting to help. It's over. Donald Trump is not good being out inaugurated on January 20. If you been believing for that and sure God spoke it. He did not speak it. It's all over fact it's over. Call me unbeliever call me deep state. Call me whatever compromise working with the devil I pity you that your position it is over. Joe Biden is the next president of the United States. Donald Trump will not be inaugurated fact it's not going to happen. The prophecies were wrong or give you a list of reasons why and at the right time will address them. But God be true, but every man a liar. It could be that God spoke of his desire for four more years of Donald Trump. If Donald Trump was repented and become a different human being and if the church without a put all of its eggs in his basket and look to him as some type of political deliverer, or I it could be that some sense to desire from God that it could be that some were presumptuous because they got it right the first time and got it wrong the second. It could be.

They got caught up in a partisan spirit. It could be. They were so repulsed by where the radical left want to go on the baby killing spirit.

Whenever there are number of reasons why even good people got the strong but give it up it's all over, it's over. The prophecies were not accurate. God did not speak authoritatively, the Trump would be inaugurated on January 20. And here's the real shame of it. It did not have to come to this. It did not have to come to what's happening in DC right now which is horrific. A horrific moment in our history, a moment of chaos and confusion and I lay the responsibility directly at the feet of the president, the man for whom I voted in 2016 and 2020.

I lay it is his feet for creating this atmosphere and the losses in Georgia what looked to be two Senate losses there I lay at his feet as well because if he did not attack his own party and attack Republican leaders in Georgia if he did not do that and make this all about him and instead say hey what's best for America and let me do my best to get these people in would not be in the situation today at the fact and the only one that stuff Donald Trump to be reelected. Whether there was fraud are not God knows but the only one that stopped him from being reelected was Donald Trump because if you listen to people who had been speaking into his life and urging him to humble himself and urging him to change his tone and urging him to do things differently if you listen to them. He could have been just as strong for issues and policy, and the reasons for which we voted for him. He could have been just as strong there.

But if he had been a decent human being towards others. He could've been elected in a massive landslide that no one could've even tried to steal. Here's what happens today. Look at this book. Chris put this this tweet up from the president about Mike pence Mike pence is by all accounts a decent man, a God-fearing man, a Christian man, a man of integrity and look at what the president tweets. Mike pence. This is VP Donald Trump was elected with the help of Mike pence in his appeal to evangelicals.

What is the president say to management loyal by his side for four years. Mike pence didn't have the courage to do it should've been done to protect our country and our Constitution giving states a chance to certify corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or accurate ones which they were asked to previously certified USA demands. The truth is not Mike pence that having the courage that is not the issue. But here's the deal. It's all about the president and you you you you don't do what he wants you to do get thrown to the bus she could be Bill Barr loyal fighting standing and then you don't usually wash your thrown under the bus, Scotus, Supreme Court always appointees vinegary once they get thrown under the bus and what what what do people do who are in the ultra loyalist Trump camp. They believe him in the trash. Pence they transpire. They buttress the Supreme Court they treasure every body that's that that's the danger we been trying to shout to you. That's why wrote books with titles like Donald Trump is not my Savior. I voted for him supported but is not my Savior because of the danger of going in this direction. That's what we been addressing these things for years. That's why been making urgent appeals as a trump voted careful this could go and a very wrong direction. And I'll tell you candidly in my own house for months now. Nancy is been in tears saying this is how it's going to end this is how it's going to end. She's been brokenhearted just talk to before she's choked up with what's happening in DC right now but she's been telling me for months.

This is where it's going to go and and rather than us seeing the handwriting on the wall and pleading with the president to humble himself referencing the handwriting of the wall and and seeing that the almost fanatical direction that some are going within the church right in that we just got on the bandwagon and if you dare differ, you get trashed.

I think of it I use myself as an example, some of you followed my teaching for years, you've you've known me and follow my teaching writing books preaching for 20 or 30 years and and and only as a man of the word. And someone who loves the Lord.

But the moment that I question the president or or talk about looking to him in a wrong way or putting in idolatrous trust in him or wrapping the American flag rapping across the American flight I become the bad guy at. I'm not saying this from Isaac and Cindy for your sake. Can you see what has happened to us when he say get it did not have to go this way Donald Trump did so much good Donald Trump accomplish so much of great importance Donald Trump showed incredible courage and stood up to attacks that very few human beings could stand up to and was lied about from day one. To this day I don't believe the man is a racist to that to this day I don't believe many of the accusations that came against them to this moment.

I would defend him against those charges and I appreciate the incredible things that he did so many things he did, standing up for the church, standing up for religious freedom standing up for the unborn, standing up for Israel standing up for persecuted minorities around the world.

I commend him for every one of those things, but because so many of the church look to him in a wrong way and confused. There their loyalty to the Lord with loyalty to a man and it became us against them and the world got divided over loyalty to Trump and because he would not humble himself and and listen to the wise counsel it was spoken into his life. God did not give them four more years as a fact God did not give them four more years.

We prayed we fasted, we cried out tens of thousands gathered together in DC repenting and seeking the face of God.

In September and October.

Prayer meetings right through this we cry out to God for righteousness for his will in the election and I believe a lot of that is brought all this junk up to the surface so that we see where things really are, and how compromise we become as a church and some of you are actually right now justify what's happening with those protesters. Rioters going into the capital to the point you have to evacuate the vice president. This is madness and if you support this if you say I get my guns Gazette are taken from me and and let's for militias right now you are of the wrong spirit or yes there is a place for self-defense and the Second Amendment is important.

This is not the time to take up arms and stormed the capital as a tug in our faces and repent of our compromise or carnality or putting a trust in a man as if he was the one was in the save America and save the church, God forgive us God grant repentance to Donald Trump to say right now, I caused a terrible mess. Please please stand down, accept the outcome of the election is gone through the courts it's gone to Congress let us move on.

Donald Trump will not be inaugurated, generally 20th face it face the fact number and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking at on standoff God the woman, whoever they are Secret Service wherever it is stated with guns drawn in the House of Representatives before the doors lets people break it now just sent notes as well that Pres. Trump has tweeted calling for peaceful response. So this this is what he says you know be peaceful. I'm asking everyone with US capital remain peaceful. No violence. Remember we are the party of law and order. Respect the law and are great men and women in blue. Thank you sir I appreciate that, but it's a little late with what's been provoked.

It's a little late with provoking people the way they been provoked. These many months. I appreciate you saying that I'm glad you said that Sir, but but please recognize you created this atmosphere, 866-34-TRUTH feel free to differ with me. Feel free to agree with me.

Feel free to weigh in 866-34-TRUTH 7884. If you are unable to call in live if you're watching America's voice and your upset some other broadcaster watching subsequently missing a podcast. You're upset with me your you may peace your mind, your summer call. You will be alive is the recall not to ask a question to leave a comment 1-800-618-8481 800-618-8480 gives call to speak your mind we will share some of on the air, avoid profanity, some enough to edit it, keep it hundred to three minutes max lawyer some of your subsequent comments.

Let me say this again. Things did not have to and the way they did today. Things did not have to come to this one reason I wrote evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the Trump test was to ask the question. Could we vote for him and maintain integrity. Could we vote for him without sacrificing our witness and I said only if we will do the following you put the cross before the flag and engage in spiritual activity more than political activity. Not one or the other but one more than the other and and not defend the indefensible things with the president.

Otherwise, we would compromise our testimony and I also asked him unite around Jesus. Even if we divide over Trump we have miserably failed both of those tests that the the testimony of much of the church in America today because of its hyper loyalty to the president and defense of all of his conduct in words and now believing prophecies that were not true prophecies okay that were not true prophecies we have destroyed much of our witness so right up until the elections. I encouraged voting for Trump. I didn't endorse him, but I said, here's why I'm voting for him and here's why believe we we can vote for him while maintaining our testimony.

However, I had all of my cautions for reason and not there others that are never Trump's are people of integrity, people of character, not just jerks, but people of integrity, people of character that just said I don't like the way the Democrats are going. I can't vote for them and I agree with the policy choices of of Donald Trump but I believe that the man that he is will ultimately destroy a nation. Therefore, I can vote from. I always respected that and I said I respected that even though that was not my position. It did not have to go this way. But when someone will not repent of pride and will not stop using their tongue to divide and to destroy.

And now attack Mike pence today and Bill Barr before that and think of Jeff sessions is one of the first people to it.

Major players and Senators to get behind Trump and stood with them and then felt he had to recuse himself and and that opens the door for the whole molar investigational sent. Then Trump savages sessions and works against him when he's going get reelected is trash the guy is trash the political careers of others who were seeking to do the right thing and act with integrity. That's inexcusable and to the extent where I like that we on the flesh to to the extent that we share this carnal behavior on were just as guilty because we do know the Lord should know better and pastors and Christian leaders who cheered on and justify carnal behavior is a last somebody's fighting for us. Shame on you is supposed to be men of God are supposed to send all the examples it's one thing to appreciate someone's political strength for good causes. It's another thing to justify and applaud and celebrate destructive carnality that divides nations in the same God who hates the shedding of innocent blood, hates a lying tongue beyond grieved and unburdened in an grieved and burdened for many of you who been so sincere.

Please hear me. I'm not being condescending. I am not being condescending. Some of you with all sincerity have really believed that God showed you that Trump would serve a second consecutive term at end there. Some prophetic leaders who love Jesus and who were not American people and fear God and they sincerely believe God showed them that this is good habit and against all evidence to hang on and believe against all evidence that they are saying God is going to work a miracle. I am grieved for you because this may be a crisis of faith right now. Many say again let God be true. But let every man be a liar. As Paul quotes in Romans let it be seen that God has never misspoken. I have an article I will be out on the road today. Tomorrow about the power of faith versus the danger of delusion long after these Trump prophecies have been forgotten.

John 316 will still be just as true as ever.

The word of God is the word of God people perceived to be words from God when they don't come to pass. They are not words from God. There is one eternal, unshakable, immovable word of God, the Bible. End of subject. Everything else is a word that may have application that may be tested must be tested, but for those of you that are starting to crash now are going to crash in the next couple weeks.

Remind you, Jesus never failed you and God is active in the world right now some of you just so grieved over the thought of the further enshrining of Roe V Wade would seem like it could be overturned. So many were so grieved over over the possibility of America becoming a socialist country. Some of you are so grieved over what you truly believe was was election fraud that you say how how can God let this happen. I'm not saying this in any condescending way I understand the grief that many of have the outreach. Many of you have the reason that you felt it had to be Trump.

I'm a what about for Israel. What about fight against China. What about for the people of Hong Kong. What about what Iran is going to do. I understand the rationale of voting for him and understand if you really believe God spoke something that the that you're holding onto it, but the reality is God himself has answered the prayers of his people and the selection and he has said no to four more years of Donald Trump and I believe without repentance of the church and repentance of the president. Four more years would have been absolutely disastrous. Now I have grave concerns about where President-elect Biden and his administration want to take America I have grave concerns in terms of the implications of this for kids and grandkids and great grandkids, and even us alive. Now I have grave concerns.

I understand the issues I have been a voice warning and shouting about the dangers of the radical left for many many years but I am not discouraged. I am not without hope.

In fact, because I believe in in in Almighty God, transcending all these aspects of human history that if we really humble ourselves before him and seek him like never before and confess our sin and awaken to the deception that some of us have been in that if we will do that that these things that have seem so bad and and the election results that are so discouraging that God could turn this for good that that God could God could turn this for good and that even bad things happening could be used to awaken the church which will then bring about good for the nation. In fact, later in the show will get some calls belittle you in the show on him to give you some facts from past history that it can encourage that I can give you a bigger perspective of where things could be going but I want to say one more thing here inelegant to get a whole bunch of other people upset.

That's just fine. The only reason that Democrats will win in Georgia is because many Christians voted for pro-abortion candidates. This only what this the only way that much of the support for candidates what Warnock and and also off much of the support comes from Christians who voted for pro-abortion candidates.

If you listen give me your best year if you're watching look me in the eye for all of you who say how dear you vote for a man like Donald Trump. How could you be a Christian in both of Donald Trump will spare me your moral outrage. If you voted for a pro-abortion candidate.

Shame on you for pointing the finger at those who voted for Donald Trump with all of his flaws and baggage and problems for pro-life issues, and others. Shame on you for condemning them while turning around in voting for a pro-abortion candidate, you have no moral ground on which to stand. In making that condemnation just wanted to say that as well. I speak a grief at a heavy heart of grave concern, especially for the church of America and for the reputation of Jesus in our nation, which for many is been pitched together. The character of Donald Trump that my friends a serious issue, but the humble ourselves much good, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends are joining us. January 6 sin American history, a day that will live on in shame and infamy and ignominy as pro-Trump supporters storm, capital buildings, to the point of having to evacuate vice president evacuate congressional members. This is an atmosphere that is aided and abetted by the president yes is tweeting Hayes submit to law law and order, but he has provoked this atmosphere and those have gone along with it especially spurred on prophetically. You need to do some serious soul-searching, 86634. Truth is the number to call. I do want to encourage you before the.

The broadcast is over… Some very strong things and I do want to encourage you but since this is life talk radio. Let me get your calls so you can share what you're thinking what you're feeling.

That's more on the air as well and then I do want to give you some words of encouragement moving forward because I actually feel this is good that the fact that things have spilled over the way they did today even if it doesn't represent most of the crowd. The fact that this pro-Trump rally this stop the steel rally spilled over into lawlessness and anarchy in something I've never seen in my lifetime. The fact it spilled over into that. It's actually for the good, because it's finally going to open some people's eyes is finding an open some eyes right. Let's set let's go to the phones will start with Brett in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown will doing well sir, thank you. Brown ruled Bible back in 1997 CrackBerry a little leery about me you called Rico love you.

For me really was college absorbed all of your lawyers and I want to thank you for you soon and my Lord, my question to you is I even have been a Trump supporters will I do not think she's the Savior. So what if it isn't that God gave up on Trump because of his pride and arrogance whose attitude what if it but God is giving up on us as a country. What if we're in the theater in the time, maybe possibly the revolution of and in that we can find that joy that that strength for eternity because right now this is temporal right like I remember you preaching about like there to be scorching. Synagogues are to be beaten for my namesake is in you know what we may be we may be heading there in this country is crazy as that sounds that they have 300 FEMA camps that I know that your you know you you study Jewish cult you know things in it. I know what happened in Germany and so what if we actually are in a state where God's chosen us to be here for this time given us the insight and the wisdom to actually be the strength of the people who do not know where to turn when a silly thing on this country falls apart falling apart. Yes, a little jump and print first to thank him for his grace and mercy and in your life and so glad that that I've been able to to be a blessing and helped to over the years.

I would say that it's certainly a time of divine chastisement of America and I believe though that justice Donald Trump was raised up to bring blessing. He was also raised up to bring judgment of us felt that way as a Trump supporter for years that there were different aspects to it, and that part of the judgment is revealing one of the carnality and and sin it in the parish and in the process your rent and that in and that it it could well be. I don't believe this is the end of America personally. Okay, we may go through very very challenging season, but I believe that going to a challenging season could be just what's needed to wake up the church to hate for it to happen just like you hate for the person to have a heart attack but then they make major changes in their lives and now they live healthier.

You hate to see these things happen you don't wish it on anyone but it may be that we have to go through hard times to really wake up within. Let the church be church. Let us stand out from the rest of the world and even for the political system we work within the system. We don't abandon it, we don't abandon it.

Many God's calling unit and is get a raise you up as a political leader could well be, but be so that's a call just espouse the call to preach behind the pulpit, but it could well be that this is what we have to go through two to wake up and really be the church God has called us to be his thank you for the call 866340, let's go to Clarence and Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire Brown first eligible to be very nervous to be on the radio, but on the growth is the body because I called four years to get on the air but it was right before the election in Japan. I was feeling that America was looking at Donald Trump as a savior and that's why they wanted the president versus looking towards our Savior, but I am a black American classics. I'm using it. Forgive me just once. It is one thing I just got this headline 1100 TC national guardsmen will be deployed on the capital teargas has been used against those who broke into the Senate chamber so folks, this is the the chaos that's happening in DC right now. I apologize Clarence for interrupting. But please, back to use her no problem, black American, and I in a predominantly white church and right when COBIT unit. It was really sad. I actually I don't in the church anymore because of what I was in on Facebook and how Michael is a president Trump is a racist, but how what the people in the church were saying and how you know it was like they were searching to see what president Trump will stand before anything else, COBIT wasn't real and we as Republicans say hey we we will now stop abortion but yet we didn't seem to be caring that COBIT could kill elderly people when we were waiting to see what president Trump said, so that was very disheartening and some of Ingersoll Facebook that so that we were been divided and as a church will really looking bad because we were spewing the hate. You know what happened to you. You know that if the soldier love to the prostitute and we were the ones that were spewing hate and telling the Democrats how they were wrong but you know I voted always vote Republican libel boat and this time I didn't go or president Trump because he was president Trump but I voted against Pres. Biden and I believe a lot of people felt that way is not that they wanted to vote for Pres. Biden, but they wanted to vote against president Trump.

So I think a lot of things defeated. It was sad, but we as a church were not looking for our Savior were looking to see what president Trump was staying at and if we would have been doing what the Bible says and going out and showing love and talking to other people – and let them know that note you do not vote for someone who supports abortion and get it in love with may have been in a different situation. God is in control. Yeah we yeah he's in control and we we make wrong choices and he teaches us. Sometimes we have to crash and burn that he brings good out of that and that was he doesn't overrule mistakes and errors that there are consequences but but here's here's what concerns me here you are black American voting Republican and you voted for Donald Trump. Even though you had concerns that he could be look to a wrong way. Same with me, voted for him twice will have those concerns but that's not enough though for many. In other words, you are not loyal enough you you dare criticize the man and and that to me is cultlike that to me is dangerous.

As I've said that the only one I have a kind of loyalty to is the Lord.

You know that's that's the only one that you have the kind of loyalty to so count on with you entrench and yet for many that's a loyal enough you know you betrayed it since.

Since when only required to give complete support and allegiance to everything that the president says, since what if you voted for Barack Obama were you required to support everything he said and not not criticize him and not differ with him.

And if that's the way you were that was cultlike soaks of Clarence.

I'm with you. I share your concerns and we have not that we have not demonstrated love to those we differ with. We have not I can have fervent deep disagreement with some I mean life and death. Disagreement through the direction they're going is terribly dangerous, but I could do in the way were they know I love them. They generally know I love them even as I'm standing in the road try to stop them at the top of my lungs. They know I love them. I say the world looking at many of us they'll know we love them on the they think we hate their guts and despise the ground they walk on it's it's a shame friends with the truth.

Thank you for calling. Let us go over to Sean in Wilmington, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Barbara church so you into the browser government. Years ago God, I actually Shirley post to come to your toes in the relations of the marker. While that was during one of the services saw Lord have mercy. Altar call Netflix.

That's been a marker while that double particulars I spotted I spotted spotted the toast you with what you have as soon as it's ever been in right and that's the only holdup is the Lord have mercy as a roommate. It is amazing but I tell you interesting with everything that's going to like it belonged, but I would do everything that's going on in this nation right now. 1B grade we are talking about the property that was given.

It is funny. I recall correctly, never said Donald Trump, but he said there will be a trial and you spoke about this but before about sometimes people. Interpreting one way or another, but in all things are our great commission.

Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to point people to Jesus Park to follow his character to be why the serpent in general is the bid but she makes peacemakers and that our prayers would be that we would only speak that which the Holy Spirit get this order speak to move when the Holy Spirit calls us to move to remain silent to be styling and not moving guts is not that we we would be accurate reflection of the Lord's character getting to know him further in this day and age.

I truly do believe that without question. I believe that God raised the present Trump into that presently click the time being, but in all things. We are still human and there's nothing new under the sun but God is faithful and just to give the constable of righteousness. But even as believers, maybe not start to run a race and grow.

We are weary in well doing and forget we are called by for even the Lord of glory at current yet turned and when the disciples they had to ask the Lord, the Lord should be called out fire from heaven.

For the baby.

The city will not receive in the bubble. Review the spirit of Europe together not talk of the Apollo income to determine what saved them in Iowa but I also believe that I just roll book, but we got a break here.

Thanks for getting that message out here. What is the world know you family members, friends, first and foremost should be. They know us as follows is a what we know. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, encourage you storm the mist of the grief administered outrage in the midst of the shame right now that many Christians are feeling because the behavior of others in DC many recognizing what they have been part of and recognizing the wrong spirit of it.

Finally recognizing it, only some encouragement at as looks virtually certain at this point has been officially called, but which virtually certain the Democrats win both Senate races in Georgia should been very easy win for the Republicans based on the vote November 3 should have been easy win, but I believe the terrible disunity in the distrust, much of it right at the doorstep of Donald Trump lost those two seats there.

It's basically like sacrifice the nation fine sacrifice. The good of the party fine despite for myself that's in many ways when it comes down to solicit some of the other day. Think of Solomon finding out who the real mother was the one that was a woman with the could be cut up and ask yourself the question was that mean in this case are then encouraged.

Let's say that the Democrats now control Congress and the White House. And let's say they really want to move in a radical leftist direction, one that can have destructive implications in terms of the very nature of our country the very foundations of our Democratic Republic right. Those are legitimate concerns. There's not exaggerated this are legitimate concerns.

And the reason that many of us voted for Donald Trump because of those legitimate concerns. Let me take you back in history.

Listen to this quote are you ready we may see the Bible cast into a bonfire. Our children either wielded or terrified uniting in the mob chanting mockery's against God, our wives and daughters. The victims of legal prostitution soberly dishonored, suspiciously polluted the outcast of delicacy and virtue and the loathing of God and man. This may happen we may see Bibles cast into the bonfire who said that Timothy Dwight Pres. of Yale.

When did he say this all. How about 1798 warning what would happen if Thomas Jefferson was elected president of Jefferson was elected our third president what would happen quote we may see the Bible cast into a bonfire here about this.

Historian Stephen Prothro says this. Some New England ministers also saw a conspiracy afoot between Jeffersonians in the order of illuminati secret society freethinkers that it supposedly masterminded the French Revolution was now dedicated to creating a post-Christian New World order shades of cute today. She went on they were concerned during the ministers. Jefferson gets in his New World order, together with the help of the illuminati about about this from from Stephen Prothro to the infidel Jefferson be elected to the president, wrote an alarmist in the Hudson be the seal of death is that moment set in our holy religion, our churches will be prostrated and some infamous prostitute under the title of the goddess of reason will preside in the sanctuary is now devoted to the worship of the most high as other churches murder, robbery, rape, adultery and incest will all be openly taught and practiced prophesy the Connecticut current the American people are Christian Federalist from Delaware and it would become them more ferocious than savage is more bloodied than tigers. More empires are impious then demons.

This is all what would happen if Jefferson gets elected we honestly survive that we we survived that by quite a while since he began serving in the year 1800 we we survived that. But there were dire warnings about where things could go.

Let's let's come up to more recent history because what could well happen is there to be a dramatic pushback if the left really shows its true colors and begins to implement many things. It's want implement there could be a tremendous pushback against this right now, the church cannot be the church. We have to focus on what matters most is me were uninvolved with politics means get out and get our priorities right really go after the Lord really pursuant like there's no tomorrow and really take stands for righteousness where we are in society and really point to raising up godly kids that would be fearless leaders and really give ourselves to the great commission and then be involved politically as we should be keep our priorities and replace but just a little history.

This is an NPR right – national of the vessel public radio certainly well known liberal site right radio station website NPR this is 2016.

Every president sees this party was hundreds of positions is the price a party holding the White House pays but no president has come close to Obama during Obama's eight years in office.

The Democrats have lost more house Senate state legislative and governor seats than under any other president knows there's a pushback when Obama took office, there were 60 Democratic senators another 46.

This was 2016.

The number of house seats held by Democrats shrunk from 257 two 188. There are now nine fewer Democratic governors in 2009. Democrats currently hold fewer elected offices nationwide than at any time since the 1920s there was a pushback against many Obama's policies was the pushback against being black. He was voted in as a black man okay the largest percentage of voters to resume by white voters.

This is not rashness blackness. This was reaction against a leftist governing leader in a leftist leaning government. That's what the backlash was against here, check this out. This was roughly 2 weeks before Trump's inauguration in 2017, an article on the corn.US website noted that Pres. Obama entered the White House with this party touting a 60 seat majority in the Senate in 257 seat majority in the house Democrats to hold the 40 8C minority in the Senate in 194 seat minority in the house and that loss of 12 and 64 seats respectively.

Right now there are 27 Republican governors compared to 23 Democratic and was upset that Republicans are good Democrats roll bad is not the point that I'm making but with procurement. The point is this, that there was not a blue wave. There was not a blue mandate. There was not a nation shouting. We want to move to the left. There was largely a reaction against Donald Trump as Trump. There is largely a repudiation of who he is. Some of it inflamed by the media that made him into racist misogynists, xenophobic, whatever. And part of it based on who he has been on his bad character is ungodly words and behavior that have been destructive.

There was more than anything, a repudiation of Donald Trump not an embrace of radical leftism, and in fact people are fleeing the cities in America that have the most leftist policies and go to move in other parts of America it's it's actually happening widely so if an unhinged Democratic Party decides to lurch further left that could produce produce a massive backlash. But here's the key thing Republicans are going to have to find a candidate who can unify candidate who can be strong mobilizer base without destroying so many other people in the process the candidate who will not savage a man like Mike Pentz account I met in office a candidate who will who will not savage a man like Bill bar Kennedy will not through the Supreme Court under the bus as the president has done. If that's the case, then you'll have a nation that does not want to go the way, especially financially, and an intensive's sociologically, otherwise I don't believe the bulk of the nation wants to go the way radical left wants to go and many Democrats are or leery about going that far. Okay so if the church get back to be in the church and recover much of its reputation that's that's been trashed because of our coming apologist for president.

If if we could do that and then really pray choose to come to life. There can be pushback at and adheres everything I know all the things you say can happen.

Democrats pack the Supreme Court. Democrats redistrict things so that electoral votes are changed. Democrats open the borders save it. You have a flood of illegal grants coming in the become Democratic voters and shifts the bouncer. I know that those things are legitimate possibilities but for all those who had so much faith that God can do the impossible. Get Trump in office during recall that's I can happen about exercise my faith. The government intervene on behalf of American otherwise and erase this old. Here's a big faith question I ready for this. If God could use Donald Trump. Why can't God use Joe Biden how about praying for him the way many of us to pray for Trump about praying for him and, Harris about praying for them to have a real encounter with God about praying for them to be genuinely converted and meet the real Jesus.

How about praying for them to have an awakening with the word of God becomes real to them.

Why not.

Isn't this what God calls us to pray for those in authority.

So yeah, this is a grave day, but ultimately a day that encourages me because so much as come to life now is our time to seize the moment you may hate me in the short term but you love me in the long term, you may be very upset. I know some your cheering me on. Some of you may be very upset with me today and call me a compromise. Whatever that is immaterial to me because I will be here long term swing. Long live the truth in the long-term

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