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Prof. James Beverley Tells the Truth about Q

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 29, 2020 4:50 pm

Prof. James Beverley Tells the Truth about Q

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 29, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/29/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Friends it's part two with Prof. James Beverly telling the truth about. She went on stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown note we have part two of our discussion about chewing on. I don't remember doing this and pull pushers of daily radio having a guest on one day and asked if they could come back the next. Maybe have done it but I honestly don't remember having done it, but the discussion was so intense yesterday. We were only able to get to some of the callers. They called him taking issue with our position. We always want to give those who different opportunity to weigh in. So we decided engine. Beverly was gracious enough to say hey I can do it again to join us of this is part two. If you missed yesterday's broadcast Prof. James Beverly with the research team.

They have devoted many many countless hours to looking into the cueing on phenomenon resulting in the book just published literally hot off the press. The cueing on deception. You can order the e-book or paperback on Amazon.

The cueing on deception and it's it's rich with data with firsthand quotes and lays out what Prof. Beverly releases the world's most dangerous conspiracy theory known to bring Jim on momentarily, but I want to be number first 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 if you believe that the cueing honest really accurately exposing some dangerous things that are happening.

If you believe it's legit.

If you believe that it's in harmony with with the major prophecies and prophetic revelation, then please give us a call. Do your best to present evidence of because I want to be fair to other callers and give people a chance to get things out, 866-34-TRUTH.

I will see two things quickly and then go straight to Prof. Beverly.

One is I was not aware that there would be the reaction to this that there was because of not follow this carefully at all and in all years of writing of that referenced it and and you know since began in October 2017 not been talking about on the air not written about it. Not that social media post about it so this is my first exposure to see what the results would be.

But oh, among some that a faulty fear is a response like this was not untypical to refute a disappointed Dr. Francis Becky post this on modifier on Facebook disappointed Dr. Brown for promoting this book if you want to be fair than should also present the cueing on site interview David Hayes on his two Chronicles books. Otherwise, I will not be following Dr. Brown in future. So I appreciate Becky putting that out here is what concerns me the to be totally candid, totally candid and upfront with you. I've had scores of guests on over the years, scores of guests representing one position. Sometimes, a position I agree with sometimes a position I disagree with and sometimes people post or Dr. Brown. You should really have someone else on find great fair or old.

This person differs.

Would you be will and have them on you after qualified spokesperson five but almost never do I see this response unlike in a fall you unless you have someone else at all what would happen here that concerns me.

It's almost like a religious cult. That's what it feels like, like a religious cult that we dare question this was not that many people on with controversial viewpoints on divisive issues in the body and they presented their view we discussed in people called in that different but almost never on fall uses. Like all the decades of pouring the word to people in teaching Scripture lifting up Jesus goes out the window. You're a bad guy, your deep state you're part of the cover-up and not following you anymore unless you pronouncement from the other side the whole reason for second hour was so more people calling for them. So that's one thing. The second thing is because of my lack of knowledge of how devoted some are to cueing on. I apologize if anything in the way I presented anything was dismissive. I'm convinced that the research in this book is accurate. That's will reverse to get out in fact put out very expensively on Kindle to get to the maximum number of people. So my goal is not to drive you away.

My goal is to get you to carefully consider things and yeah the moment all all point to it. Boy did on twitter, but without further ado, Jim. Thanks. Waiting patiently. Welcome back to the line of fire. Great to be back with you. Michael thanks to your listeners as well.

Let's let's start here. Jim one of the common complaints that we got from to support his yesterday was you were mixing a Q posts so things from the, the top dog from to himself with things that followers and others have posted on cueing on sites. So how about we just focus on Q do you have concerns about posts from Q himself short just before we get tobacco one to show your new baby arrived in my house today. There you go. Can you think that the physical book awesome yeah also discussed the topic today. My new baby while congratulations I know you worked very hard on it for quite quite some time.

You and you got your copy yet, no, no, but it's only fair that you get yours first. Well, the other thing is that the president wrote me texting 70s already read it thinks it one of the most important books ever written.

Crystal that's not true in all cases but didn't write me. I thought let me use as an example, I could've said that but people have every right to ask for proof. But what goes on in the queue world and cutie, including cueing sell if they make these incredible assertions without without giving evidence.

So for example I just looked at Q posts today to get ready for the show. Here's some examples Q taught that at that dropped 29 the post number 29 that Kim Jong-Il and is not the leader of North Korea and it became a popular cueing on you that Trump is helping to run North Korea. I think that's totally false. It's not true, but it's often said without proof the same thing Q posted quite often that molar molar was in cahoots with Tron and the whole trial collusion investigation was actually Trump and Moeller looking working together well that was asserted, but it wasn't true. So listen I understand the point about it's important to distinguish between Q and cueing on followers. It is although let me say if you're going to study cueing on you got to study the whole thing and cueing on deserves to be critiqued for all the crazy things that the cute teachers put out now. In terms of Q himself from the very start. He got things wrong.

He said that Hillary Clinton was going to be arrested as well as John Podesta, Clintons, the associate said in November.

November 1, 2017. The National Guard will be out in America so obviously that everyone will know it and they'll be capturing the deep state leaders didn't happen.

He said that post 540 that the Democratic Party is doomed, and things were happening that month. That would spell it said didn't happen. He said in the April 4, 2018 that Zuckerberg will step down as CEO and that that never happened to give Q a little credit.

He is getting better because in more recent months. He doesn't post as many prediction although in late in November. He is saying, which I believe is a false prediction. He said nothing can stop what is coming and there was an implication that Trump was Mindy November's third election and as far as we know, that didn't happen. So listen to is not military intelligence. In fact, when you look at his recent postings say over the last three months. He's basically here shadier day.

He's looking at the Internet and picking out interesting stories and reports that sync with in the view of a conservative or Republican.

There's nothing that indicates that he's getting really crucial information from trunk just jump in here Jim and Ann, let's explore this together. We want to help people with truth.

We devote our lives, decades of study, prayer, truth, dry best unfolded present the gospel to present the truth of Scripture deal fairly with false religious cults and expose real error and as I'm watching some comments on social media.

This not all but some people I'd like to help. Truth doesn't seem to matter.

For example, I've already been told today that because you write for Christianity today. We know how Christianity today feels about Trump that we can trust you where his yesterday made very clear that you believe cueing on is hurting Trump that helping Trump and and that's an and you are asking privately last night. How can we get this book to Pres. Trump to help Pres. Trump because cueing on is hurting him and in others are speaking the same listening to you is like listening to Biden about Trump. In other words, it seems as if facts, information don't matter. You've also studied cults and met people like Dalai Lama Bureau in terms of Buddhism and world religions. You've also interact with cult leaders. How do we reach people in what for many is now become the latest religious cult. She went on to start now. Then continue after the break, but how you reach somebody that's actually in a in a cultlike way of thinking were the more evidence you present. That's proof that there there there in the right.

It's is a cognitive dissonance. They live with right well it's hard to reach people when they have absolutely dogmatic views. All I can say about the stuff you just quoted is if I was an American and had to go to November 3.

I would've voted for Trump, even though I dislike stuff about his character and is nastiness that times I think he offers a better choice in terms of big issues like abortion, immigration. I also think that it's disgraceful that Joe Biden was part of the attempt to go after Trump even before he was inaugurated in 2017. A likely media is disgusting for the ways that they covered up stuff about Hunter by it's going to be interesting when it is evident shows that Hunter was in dealings with communist China that benefited Joe Biden and also my son is Eric. There's so friends what can I say, truth is truth. If you Q nonsupported call-in number, cleansing, and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown chewing on get the book to cueing on deception go through the material go through true.

It's especially doubt it's it's carefully annotated you documented. Check it out Jim again looking at some of the interaction with folks.

It's come in in the last day, and right up to this moment. I see those same dangerous tendencies as I see them on on all sides, that the moment I'm a recent issue about Trump as a Trump supporter.

I'm told that I'm a baby killer and upside with Joe Biden and and on a communist, or the moment you raise a critique about the religious right were told yellow. The left is dangerous. It will we understand the dangers of the left. We understand all that but let's say that you have sincere people who are really concerned about child trafficking there really concerned about the deception of the mainstream media. They really feel that there's tremendous evidence of deep state in Washington. It's been trying to undermine Trump right and all those points. I'm sympathetic to and they found out cueing on. That's the place that's telling the truth and getting it out and that's why they've gone in that direction. What you say to them while they can accept everything that excluding cueing on can you give me Michael, the eyecatcher okay good. They should accept everything that's good and cueing on and throw out the bad but but they need to investigate cueing on. I mean one thing people can do is if they get my book, you see a long list of resources on whom this study about cueing on and if they join the list of those people are going to hear critique of cueing on the can also follow the list in my book computer teachers, but you have to look at all sides mean sometimes theories are so that you don't need to study them, you know, for example, there is a theory that's more dangerous than cueing on stuff but it only has a fume followers all over the world. It's a theory that you don't have to eat food to survive Congress Arianism is dangerous. But we don't need this study that very much to figure out the truth. We know we need food we know we need water with cueing on its trip here because it's a complex of ideas.

But what people need to do is they need to study it carefully. They can't just take what Q says automatically.

Sometimes he posts good stuff. Sometimes he posts falsehoods just like some of his major cute teachers. I just read today where one of the cute teacher says in the post that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts is a pedophile. Now that said, as typical without proof, and it shows why there is a need to investigate and woo and search things out. It's amazing in America. In many countries, where you can say anything against a public figure and nothing can be done about yeah yeah I was sent a link from a friend in another country. A believer solid believer and it was a picture allegedly to be of Chief Justice John Roberts on Jeffrey Epstein's was called pedophile island and he sitting with Just Ln., Maxwell and and it said, look, this is big news. Big news, so I click on the link and it was to an article in the secure website from June and I wrote back.

I said do you have 100% factual proof of this.

You just told me that some of the pedophile serious accusation very serious.

Do you have actual proof of this missive on 100% sure but I saw how this is a story back from June didn't even look like him in the picture. Anyway, this is Rebecca from June you think there is truth to this, that it would've gotten out and spread entities. Again, I apologize I shouldn't sent it out a survey for you. Remember that only mistakes, but especially as believers, we have a responsibility I give you Wert not here to be candid when I post an article about the tongue with verse after verse after verse after verse after verse laying out how we are to speak and how would you be careful and false accusations and the danger that a bearing false witness and and and all of the things involved with the ethics of how God himself calls us to speak and act that article will get 1/10 the circulation of an article I write about a hot controversial political subject and it's very concerning their there, especially for believers, how dare we spread something defaming another person without 100% proof that we know for a fact it is true and that it's even our business to spread it but would you say that they chewing on is a major source of the spreading of defaming material without proof of no doubt about. In fact, that's one of the things I argue in one of the chapters my book that the cueing on teachers and kill himself will say things without proof of the most astounding claims and and sadly, the cute teachers that are wrong often won't admit it. For example, Liz croaking said that Moeller and Trump were working together and it was going to be the biggest one the biggest cruising history. Well that didn't happen with the article about it is still on her website and as far as I know she's never apologized. Just like you never admit she's wrong. Whoever Q is even when even when he's caught spreading this information in the queue post. There's no admission of error so he's not a place to go for true actually you go if you go to the cubicle shall see important articles I just noticed today. He quoted John Solomon major investigative reporter.

So he's not totally wrong. But here's what's sad about it. Why do people give him an almost messianic status to help and treat them as if he's an apostle and you know the same thing must be said about people who follow trunk uncritically strong is not the sinless Savior.

He he's a flawed person and sometimes he's done things that haven't benefited America or the world. And then, thankfully, other times, contrary to what people predicted, he's done many great things for America in general, concerns me is the cultlike reaction from people and by the way phone lines.

I really get it back.

Yeah, it's sort of sad that I we got attacked even before people knew anything about me or my fortune on deception know that that was enough just that the title also qualified you in the moment I had you on that proved I was part of that the deep state. One reason I'm hesitant to believe a lot of conspiracies is because everyone involving me.

I know to be false off the Internet rumors involving me. I don't be one of us and false, and then the ones have been able to research about Jewish people through history. Those are false so very skeptical them, but many like I was talking to Rodney Howard Brown about it the ultimate conspiracy is the devil wants to destroy the world. So he's working in every kind of government background, so there is the ultimate conspiracies. Satan is working to destroy the human race. And that's absolutely true. So you look China to be 100% behind the virus can been weapon eyes and released. That could well be there could well be massive electoral fraud in the election could have been stolen these things could all be absolutely true, it doesn't mean that I believe all the other stuff that that's out there and you and eyes.

Research scholars you look at evidence.

So once again I'm opening up the phone lines 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784, but please have your point to make art at the phone lines were jammed yesterday, I gave one individual. I guess four times to make his point.

When these illegal back years of background.

What I need is tell me factually.

I've asked Jim what he come on. I keep hearing a praying medic, Dave Hayes, can I have them both in a heartbeat with joy. I don't know who the man is but will try to find a how to contact them but was drawing a heartbeat. Jim, would you have a dialogue with the public on the sadly I'd love to talk with you seems like a decent guy, though I think he's tragically mistaken about prophecies and cueing on stop by thinking should abandon the cueing on it so so the point again is this friends. Please call in your post.

All you want, where you know you could do what you want, that's your business. But if you believe Jim Beverly is factually wrong on so that he stated something factually wrong yesterday or today. Are you ready downloaded the book and you believe is factually wrong. I'm inviting you. I did a second hour of radio to invite you to call but because it's radio and we have time limits in segments because our phone lines were jammed.

I was try to be fair to more Q supporters when the caller could not make his point.

Is it okay go on to someone else so it's a simple request call-in your your blasting your posting things, the more you post, the worse it makes you look it makes you look more close minded. It makes you look, I'm just telling you looking at this is been around okay for some years it makes you look close minded and make sure the cultlike it basically is confirming every warning. Jim Beverly has given and we had we had a whole bunch of post really read yesterday that was so far out. We just didn't get to them okay real quick. I just want to put this up a Twitter poll and then once more funds are open 866-34-TRUTH 784 I am inviting you to call if you believe that Jim Beverly has said anything factually wrong. Please call present, but here's a post on Twitter and I asked the question about what your own opinion about you and on right II asked on Twitter.

Is this something that you're not familiar with. You believe it's bunk you believe it some truth, some error followed closely. About half of the people on Twitter it said don't know anything about it. Maybe four or 5% said follow it regular you major learning place for me about percent since a similar 30% said are you not follow me because I'm questioning you feel terrible.

It's probably this is where we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown many times on when you think of this would help people sponsor.

How can I glorify you serve your people get no agenda want to be somebody just wanted serve your people like I do what I tell some of you to click a decision to follow me.

If you're upset with me questioning to well because I keep upsetting you because I keep speaking the truth because the market was dropped back from truth because of some popular that's can upset you if you want truth, by all means stay with me but only stay with me and if you differ with me on Q will listen to me on the other things but that that does raise a lot of red flags for me it raises a lot of red flags when someone will dismiss me for having a guest on who's done a serious book of research, which is leading to very strong conclusions against cueing on annual dismiss Samuel dismiss me wonder what else you will dismiss and who else will dismissively challenge the narrative with truth. So again another invitation, every caller look at. I will go the phone submit every color look at on our board is not true to our getting blasted in social media by the approach you folks. Call-in is really really simple call-in and tell me what Prof. Beverly has said that is false, so Jim before we go to the phones when German you begin doing the research.

When you started right out of the gate. What presuppositions, if any, did you have, you know.

Okay let me think back. Well, I would've heard things right away that would set off alarm bells because I after 42 years of being a professor who studies false philosophies and religions. I noticed right away.

Some signs of falsehood. But I don't remember anything framework. I knew the cueing on was prone trump. That didn't bother me. I knew that with the prone trump view, there might be extremes.

And that's another way that she was on Hertz trump Tromp got hurt by not having enough people who admire him telling him his weaknesses so the cueing on crowd are so prone trump that that probably made them less likely to be open to criticism or self-criticism. Anyway, I don't remember any big views I have Michael I just kept researching and read the Q drops her post for myself and then went on the I went on the feet of I made a list of the top 25 Cuban teachers and started reading them and then started seeing the same patterns over and over again, half-truths and misleading statements, outright falsehoods.

A lot of the hate. A lot of speculation. For example, did you know that Nancy Pelosi recently plotted to assassinate Tromp. Do you know that my parents was in a plot to kill Tromp about six months ago.

These are all cueing on things that turned out not to be true. So my my view now just grew and grew as I studied more and more and and especially when I read the book written by many cute teachers call the cueing on invitation. It was a disaster. In fact, 1Q anon follower on Amazon said it might be one of the worst books ever written.

There is no research behind it. No evidence presented, just these you just surgeons.

So anyway there is a bit of the background to my yeah I remember when you first asked me what I know about us very little that was your position you went in like what is this thing and then doggedly with the team did research day night so I just want make a quick official announcement.

The regular phones. I am from Huron just so you know 100% ignoring every attack on social media that's coming in when you won't pick up the phone and call okay when you when you defame a guest when you speak. Out of 100% ignorance in terms of the research that is actually done. You may differ with him. Okay, that's one thing but but to to make it as if it's just off the top, etc. are all factually untrue to just you know the more you post the more you disqualify yourself, especially when we do us a second hour to give you the opportunity to call and I been waiting the whole show. Literally, until you look at every call the board I've been waiting almost 40 minutes for a single approach you call and we had phone lines open until now. Every phone line jammed at the moment right so that does not speak well of you that does not speak well of your position.

So just so you know you post whatever you want.

It will be ignored comfortably helpful in trying to reach people, but those that that don't want interact truthfully. Honestly, I can help you in the more you post, the more you're shouting to the world.

I don't care about what I what else has to say.

I have my position this you know the more you shock about the more you disqualify yourself. That's why we do live radio supposed call you go ahead what one of the things to notices is the way that people treat me and you will and react to this topic often shows that there following Mick the same kind of irrationality and carelessness that dominates the cult world yes or any philosophy that is untrue. I made a list in my book of the 15 principles on how to think clearly and for example if you want to think carefully you gotta know how to think logically. But here's what people often do, and it was done to me earlier in one of the people attacked me on the web.

They said you can't trust me because I like the Christian today magazine but would not be possible to write an accurate article in a magazine. Even if you disagree with that overall I'd be curious to know where I have to publish in order to have credibility on top his dominant group do not think that's the whole thing.

And again I want to go to the phones but I write for different publishers. I don't agree with lots of books that the publishers put up about mine and the publisher boxes laws overall. They are there sound Christian publishers or whatever. I listen I'm part of. I wrote articles for the Oxford dictionary of Jewish religion. I wrote I think 28 articles on on minor Talmudic rabbis in the Oxford dictionary of Jewish religion. Wallace is a dictionary that's traditionally Jewish and does not believe in Jesus. The articles on Jesus and Paul.

There are things I'm completely different with that's I was asked to do. This is a chair I'm happy to do this research and writing this so again it's the but both sides do it. I see the left you to the right to see the right through to the left, right, let's let's go to the phones will start in New Brunswick, Canada. Dan welcome back to the want to finally try to get through yesterday.

What's on your mind now. Well quick common granddaughter and my question real quick, economy Dr. Beverly Finn that were missing figure on so she went online.

Dr. Beverly made a statement yesterday that I want question about it, but cueing on Excel started with Fortran and I noticed to be factual because when you look at the Fortran board was on the politically incorrect from community so you don't have cancer.

You don't celebrate that the pathology of cancer.

The very bad thing for Karen. I mean, they're known to come out with what we call the pedal bear got about their bees are mostly millennial's very mild bile people came from there on fourth analytics had shown with.

I mean, beyond a reasonable doubt to not about one person asked to Fortran and HN on the pathology report on the comics from what we would consider a spiritually cancerous source. So for Christians to be followed by the mapping to even be embracing that it's mind-boggling.

But my question is that Mr. Beverly stated you don't not really mental illness.

It's just believing some crazy things. Some so my question is how would it not mental illness. This is complete delusion earning complete delusion is just to answer important questions as you sit there like people as follow and their people that are good people was intent and editors agile like.

Generally, I don't think cueing on people need to see a psychiatrist. It's not like there's some chemical imbalance in the brain. I think it's what happens when someone completely gets addicted to a false view through the unparallel. I think Islam is not true. There is 1.6 billion, 1.7 billion Muslims. I don't think the issue is craziness for psychiatry. I think it's just captured by a false view though sometimes it could be in cueing on case there so in New Orleans who might need to see a psychiatrist, but I would regard that is a separate issue. Just mention one other thing quickly.

Yeah somebody noted on the Facebook read from the show that Q had to post on these dark corridors because otherwise it would get discovered if it was on an ordinary website will listen if Q is working with Trump in the US military. They could if invented some secure platform platform. Why did Q have to post on the worst channels the worst sites on the Internet. That's because he probably was there amidst all the races homophobic sexes pornographic stuff. It's so it's a really disgusting reality know the early Q promoters Coleman Rogers and Tracy beings of and Paul Ferber.

They realized that to help to spread they had to take you post and put them on regular websites, which they did. Got it okay any another will we get a break coming up so we can go right resistant hang on and will get to that regular so the break-in folks go to Amazon order the book cueing on deception research carefully and when you do. Prof. Beverly has his email address in the bucket out yesterday and said if you find anything factually untrue. Contact them. So again the sea of three levels you have the post room to himself, which Jim is given examples of being fallacious. You have the posts of respected major Q teachers and is taken issue with some of those that expose those and you have some of the other fringe theories that are presented so three different layers but all with the same outcome. False, exaggerated, misleading, and is posted yesterday sitting here yesterday to try and agency child trafficking or calling on everyone to announce cueing to Lansing. It is hurting our efforts to save children. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I have written article after article about NT fund and the BLM movement not this the truth that black lives matter with the BLM movement being from below and not from above article after article after article I was money, but about the nature of the BLM movement years ago years ago, not just this year, but years ago, while absolutely supporting my black friends and the call for for justice, reconciliation, exposing the spirit behind the BLM movement, the Marxist Jezebel like spirit behind the BLM movement and anti-for an article after article look at all the articles are just this year on a new book on working on working whole chapter just focusing on that last night for the first time ever, I would like about you and on the first time ever so remarkably few supporters were zero.

So I guess I'm in, but the for your egg.

Are you not aware you not read the articles you listen to the shows are for you.

Years before, many others were doing. I was shouting it from the rooftops and say this year. It is from below, not from above and is the spirit of anarchy loud and clear all but now I dare touch the sacred Q thing people you return.

This is very revealing very revealing in the article that I wrote. Jim goes back to some very important that will come to a lot of what gets more calls in.

So let's let's go to Alan in Fontana California. Please dive right in with your key points are.

You are a really good have more, I think you know the beginning you will bury them, and lighter, the proper Bureau by Clement Mark Taylor people like that about Trump being elected in God username to expose corruption, and it seem like in the beginning that you would kinda detailing that people wanting this to happen, latched onto so epic that I cut back a lot of people wanting for this corruption would be exposed in general prefer to think I've been happening, but I believe that's one reason God did race of Trump is to expose a lot of the corruption and even reality of deep state that does exist in this things like that.I believe this also expose the letter Chuck with within the church. So it's it's interesting Alan right before the show. I was meeting with the might my friend Jeremiah Johnson and his wife Morgan and I mentioned that you not think he had been listening on radio for a bit of the show yesterday and said that some months back is one of the prophetic people that it predicted the first Trump election or pointed to him when it seems so unlikely and in all but probably 2015 that he really prayed about the. The cueing on thing and he said the Lord told us a spirit of deception on it and when he announced that he got tremendous pushback over he was surprised at the degree buddy but he knew the Lord reveal that sets the prophetic side but but I think you're right there is this reason, good people are drawn into it. There's a reason sincere people drawn into it, but because is not based on truth, it goes to these crazy extremes. Jim, let's get back to what we talked about yesterday that it is in your book. The enrichments help you forget the book is for the research because it's it's gone though so many hours of research put into that you present the facts to people. Yes, that's why you work on it to get the material out and you do work like this is not to make money. It's to serve others as anyone is ever done work like this with no but you talk about how this actually hurts children and it hurts those fighting against sex trafficking. This wrote my article about quoting from your book tells about that letter signed almost 100 organizations that are fighting against sex trafficking. Yet when I wrote the section about rescuing children. I asked about cueing on and then I discovered some news reports about this letter and I read the letter and the document think of what we dock the letter is a document and it it's it's the biggest groups fighting child trafficking all over the world and they are united in saying that all this cueing on stuff doesn't help when cueing on basically saying that it's the Hollywood elite that are the pedophiles, or its it's a Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and in the other Democratic leaders.

What that does is it obscures the reality that most child trafficking is about children trafficked from their own home or abandoned by the parents solicit to those cueing on followers. Why don't you look at the document from these agencies instead of just trusting Q it's tragic that cueing on has hurt the actual rescue children, so I hope people take that to heart. If if nothing else, the really care. Jim help me understand this. I voted for Trump in 2016, 20, 20; B show recorded in September, considered October he said was the clearest presentation ever heard between the set.

Afterwards, the clearest presentation he ever heard of white evangelicals should support Trump my book evangelicals at the cross roads which were kind enough to to read every line of and give constructive suggestions on the most minute issues you know was written. One reason to say this is how we can vote for Trump and yet maintain or witness it.

The moment I say anything right critique Trump as a Trump supporter I'm asked what I hate Trump why am I never Trump are white or why. But why do I not support Trump why my against him. So how do we and we work through this environment where there seems to be this level of loyalty that it is to me cultlike is to be making some untrue political Messiah BQ or be Trump again. We've worked for years to help people out of cultlike mentalities, but it is it just you pray that you present the truth over and over again. Patiently, what's the method you use 12 different strokes for different folks on the prayer always felt but also sometimes it's careful thinking together. Sometimes it's giving people a book that will help them and you know the blindness happens in virtually every worldview, every philosophy, yet people were totally addicted to it.

For example, people who despise Trump cannot even be open to the fact that he's done some great things for America yet so good blindness.

There I have friends who can barely tolerate hearing anything that's even slightly pro: trust. It sure is.

People should read widely, they should learn to think in fact, you know, maybe we should do.

This is a a gift to your audience. I'll take the dating tips that I given my book on how to think clearly and we can create a one page document and given away out of think you know now watch guilt by association. Let's go check for leaks in law yet what will posted in the citizen try to take one more call as I have glanced up at some of the post. For the most militant Q supporters you have really confirmed to me how serious this issue is. You have really confirmed to me how important Jim Beverly's book is you have really confirmed to me that for some this is a cultlike thing. The irrational nature of the posts. The factual error of the post has drilled home to me. Wow, with this boxer.

You have hit a real real major nerve and you better believe I do. I can to expose this error. Absolutely. Okay, let's try to get one more call Ryan in Des Moines, Iowa. If you could get in real quick. Why might you be pro cueing on sure yet. So I fell in and I'm still there. I'm not sure if I want to get out or not. Yet what happened that night we learned that the mainstream media. After the contract that they have a spin. Yet an what like what I found when I found that a few cute poster you commentary again was a strong message of hope that update the state if the deep dark state of the world. I believe that we are in it is a spiritual warfare really and this is know how is this an international global cabal organized in the matter in the real and are in the world we live in. Material here is this is to give that impression of a global cabal because it is spiritual warfare edits such as strong presence and I don't know. I don't know what to think.

I just know that what I feared.

It is a message of hope. We were onto something and working at break it down at the highest levels and working to have another revival of that we've never seen before. The great Lake yes of the great awakening she was looking for is not the one I'm looking for the great awakening I'm looking for is a totally different nature, spiritually and and it will be another great awakening that which Q speaks but real quick and then I got an article I yeah Michael, I would add one thing that cueing on people. She realizes how nihilistic the view is in the long run because it's skeptical of everything, and I'm looking at the post Jim. Now all pastors, not to be trusted because they been bought out by the deep state. It's that this is the right.

This is the cultlike connection that that I wasn't aware of.

Now I just want to restate will reach out to the name referred most pragmatic database to see if Pokémon Mr. Beverly so the children can have a dollar together. Okay, I did a whole second hour with Jim just because he had more information but also open up the phones and spend a whole hour waiting for some of the call and say we respect the quick nobody did this again. The hiding behind the shadows thing is part of the whole anonymity thing that also raises concern because there's no accountability with it.

That is what one is quite nice I can. I would letter is this part. Go ahead of Michael Rupp. It's hard to follow Facebook posts. It's an annoying way to read things I would like people who disagree with me to write me directly at a glance or Jim Prof. Jim, Beverly's belly white. In the end are that way I can respond directly extended taking hours to go through the nonlife table rather time there's an imitation. How will you get this. Usually, Jim, Beverly's faction while he is giving you his personal email Prof. Jim, Beverly's belly quiet is factually wrong: as for me I will do my best to expose the serious error in the body

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