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Lessons from the Feast of Dedication

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 17, 2020 4:40 pm

Lessons from the Feast of Dedication

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Hanukkah the feast of dedication what can we learn from it. As believers today.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There is no shots out CH shot into it in Hebrew there is, there's not sure. So this is not the festival of lights Konica know it is Hanukkah yeah where you get some practical lessons with a look at some fascinating things in the history of this feast of dedication. This festival dedication Konica and with with specific application to our situation today. How this applies to us as believers today this is Michael Brown. Welcome to earth early Jewish Thursday broadcast that we were into the beginning of Hanukkah last week and because we had prerecorded that broadcast I was away for for the prayer retreat. I just failed to think ahead and realize it would be airing right during Konica so we want to revisit now as were at the end of the Konica season. The eight days. The festival of lights which is mentioned in the New Testament.

John X chapter, wondrous and practical lessons of practical, inspiring application, but today, as always on through the Jewish Thursday. We take your calls so any question of any kind, as long as it is Jewish related Israel related Hebrew related recalls welcome 866-34-TRUTH 780 449 years ago today, the mercy and grace of God surrendered to the Lord. I had believed for about five weeks early November 12 of 71 by God's miraculous intervention in my life I had believed that Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead, but I stubbornly refused to repent. I knew God was real. I knew the way I was living was wrong, but it was shooting heroin. One day, going to church the next getting high all day.

One day, going to church the next back and forth, back and forth battle for muscle on December 17 71. I couldn't wait to get to the service that night. I started to make some decisions in the days leading up to truly push away the drug domination in my life and make decisions to put God first.

16 1/2 years old and got to the service that night and is receiving the little ditty hands maybe 40 or 50 people there. Pastors like playing piano and singing these hymns. I became so overwhelmed by the joy of the Lord. I'm an experience I had never had a level of joy that was ecstatic. It was different than any drug, high different than sports are different than a friendship. I different than a doing good hi whatever experiences I've had, I realized this was qualitatively different and I said to myself this must be what they call the joy of the Lord because the church talked about that a lot. We sang about this must be what they call the joy of the Lord and at that moment I got a Revelation lesson. I saw myself is filthy from head to toe filthy from head to tell and your grimy and dirty filthy because of my sin, and a so the blood of Jesus washing clean. That was the forgiveness that God did purchase for me and put it in and I saw my minds eye clear estate and his beautiful white robes put on the and I was going back out playing in the mud and in the big thing that God was dealing with with me about was the needle that was the real addiction yeah I did drugs heavily, but I wasn't addicted to a specific drug but the needle was that the thing that that sale never put a needle in my life my arm again. That is what I knew God was calling me to surrender and that night, as I realize the depth of God's love for me and he had been heavily convicted me of sin for for weeks leading up to this convicted me of the long semi lifestyle minute got under my skin. I knew of wrong guilty of, but I couldn't didn't know how to get away from it what was going on that night when I said, Lord, I'll never put a needle in my arm again.

At that moment all the guilt disappeared. At that moment the bondage was broken when home with my friends to call my my needles and drug paraphernalia through the over bridge December think if we get caught by police walking to the press for chocolate needles and cocaine. It's like I'm throwing away office right but we we wrist is a few blocks to the bridge, tossed it over, and there may be littered. Maybe it was litter anyway. Want to get rid of it and two days later, got convicted should get high in any way that was it was a journey was Mason Charney. What amazing grace are you before you get your calls Konica feast of dedication what goes on what, what's the history which the background let me take over the Jewish history website Jewish and and and run through a few things. The most salient details that be really helpful to know and understand so you remember were talking about the mid-second century BC, the 160s okay so Jewish history website says that Hanukkah was a miraculous literary victory but a tiny cruise of oil per group.

Miraculous and enduring the memory of the Jewish people. Hence, the lighting of the Hanukkah candles for the eight days of Hanukkah.

By the way if if you have a was for the Honda Kia in your home anywhere. People refer to this menorah, menorahs really that the the the seven branched candlestick in the in the temple. The Honda Kia is his nine branches for the eight days of Hanukkah and then once called the shamus that that lights the others so Jewish history website tells us in the wake of Alexander's appearance in a departure from Jerusalem saw Alexander the great, great, triumphant relation zero Jews practicing the religion and in the. The Alexandrian Empire in the wake of Alexander's appearance in a departure from Drews the relations between Jews and Greeks were so good then exchange of cultures took place each influence, the other for the Jewish minority.

However begins a small undertow of assimilation, such as giving children Greek names and speak the Greek language became a surprisingly powerful high speed rip current threatening to drag the caught off guard Jews out to the sea of complete assimilation right so what happens is it will culminate in the 160s. This is an earlier period is that you know the world. It's sophisticated movement peeling and little taste your little taste there before you know it you swallowed up on the wall. It's interesting that the world generally does look at the church and say oh they're so cool I want to be cool like them, but the church looks at the world's is all the world is so cool I want to be cool like them.

People come to to to meet the Lord because it really sums wrong in any God we have God that will come to us because we're cool right so Jews who embrace Greek culture the expense of Jesus became known as as Mr. name or Hellenists estimates are the third or more amiss. You have the right so so from from the word for Greek estimates that are third or more of the Jewish population was Hellenists, including those who reverse their circumcision.

What reverse their circumcision. Yes, why it's painful enough to be circumcised, reverse the circumcision literally with the surgery. Yes, why because things like Olympic type games were convicted in the nude. So if you're a male and you want to play in the games well is is you want everyone to know you're a Jew your circumcised. One of them CF to assimilate know what how do we do it in what ways do we assimilate in what ways do we kinda suppress our believing identity.

Our identity in Jesus to be more like the world doesn't Paul said that the reason that some Jewish believers in the first century were preaching circumcision, Gentiles have to be certain subs to avoid the proper approach of the cross to ensure circles across problem approaching, then Hellenistic circles, being a Jew brought reproach so they reverse their circumcision.

The ate pork. They went out of the way to show where just like the world bowed to idols and became self hating enough to side with the enemies of Israel have Hellenism threaten to annihilate the Jewish world to assimilation and waste tyrants tried but could not do by force at the situation continued as it was the Greeks would perhaps have won the battle by default.

However, they overstep themselves as often happens in God's people wake up.

By the way in America today. The greatest threat to the future of the Jewish people is assimilation. Assimilation the beginning of year when 90 BCE. So before the common era the situation between the two great post Alexandrian empires the Seleucid and that the Ptolemaic get deteriorated badly. The Seleucids mounted an invasion.

The took their army through the land of Israel, which is sandwiched in between. Whenever foreign army comes into a country changes the view of the populace instead of an attractive culture the Greeks without occupying enemy citizens to be imitated. They now became something to be resisted. Make application in our society. When those that warts appealing the world. Now the world starts to take over now and something to be resisted Jewish people very stubborn. The same person who was so stubborn that he will not observe the touring freedom of observer with passion. If forbidden from observing to become stubborn. The other way but skip down the Greek army exerted a very heavy hand against the Jews. First, the force used to finance the war through collection of taxes than they force them to quarter their soldiers in Jewish homes from the Greeks were determined to crush the Jewish religion verse they took the statue of Zeus and mounted in the courtyard of the temple. Next, the Greeks banned the observance of the Sabbath on the pain of death, then italics about the 3B records. There was a period of time. It's less than there were decades when the Greek officer and time of the right to quote live with a woman on her wedding night before her husband to be. Greeks also banned circumcision over circumcised troubles put to death was child. The father killed. The Greeks demanded that altars to the Greek artist be established that sacrifices be offered on a regular basis in every Jewish town. Finally, Jewish educational system was entirely erupted about your 166 BCE. A group finally stood up to the Greeks multi's yahoo and his family known as the Hasmoneans. We do not know, and ultimately Maccabees. We do not know much about them except that they were of noble dissent from the priestly class, including those who serve this high priest that lived in a small town called Moline which is about 12 miles northwest from Jerusalem when they agree contingent marched and set up an altar gathered all the Jews force them to sacrifice a pig to Zeus than they asked for Jewish volunteer to perform the sacrifice one step forward. As he approached the altar multi's yahoo stabbed him to death. Chaos broke out the Greek army attempted to subdue the crowd with the Jews were armed and slaughtered the entire Greek troll was no turning back now, but the shell had five sons, all of whom are people of great organizational leadership as well as pies committed Jews and this is how it goes. They organize a force of 3000 men in a close to 6000 never reach more than 12,000 men. Many of these men paid with their death. This is what brought about the liberation of the Jewish people and the rededication of the Temple and the miraculous cruise of oil being preserved for eight days until more oil came. It's a lesson for today against simulations world: courage is not a violent uprising. Courageous pushback against the culture of the day the lessons to learn.

No right back for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and ultra-Orthodox secessionists on this keeps Israel neither slumber nor sleep. Pray for our friends in the Jewish community, white we go to the phone. Starting in Cleveland, Ohio Gavin, welcome to the line of fire lighter very well thank you.

More fun party? The clearly in Isaiah 9 pigment never entered different insertion by the darkness. Then he says before he mentioned cross child born under given the insert the graphic that that outdated.

I'm wondering do you think that in a way called back either because in Isaiah 10 enter the prophet and begin their talk of an affidavit on right so use so for those listening to explain the question of the Targum is the ancient Aramaic translation/paraphrase of the Hebrew Bible.

It arises as an oral tradition. The synagogue in places where Hebrew is not understood is well and Aramaic became the normal language the lingua franca that was that was spoken among the people, so traditions would develop in the synagogue is the Hebrew is red.

Then afterwards the the Aramaic paraphrase would be given a translation if it gets looser as time goes on and eventually these things written down. If you have what's called the rabbinic Bible today. Mick Road could the loads as multivolume a crooked old means big scriptures you'll see on the on the top of the page. The biggest print is the text of the Hebrew Bible, the next to that, the Targum, the Aramaic and then beneath that in smaller print, the rabbinic commentaries Targum's are our raters is sacred literature not inspired in the same level of Scripture, but it does shape a lot of interpretation. So the question is why would the Targum add in that this is what's being said to the house of David and then it does specifically mention the birth of the Messiah.

It interprets the passenger role differently and attributing most of the names to God like God, the mighty one, etc. will call his name socialism, Prince of peace, but otherwise it recognizes it as a messianic prophecy. So the way that I would then check to see if in fact this was it. Insertion of great importance was to the house of David. There which is what we have twice in Isaiah the seventh chapter, and that's and that's not a common phrase in the book of Isaiah is a tiger with Isaiah 7. II would 1 say. I strongly doubt it simply because there is no ancient Jewish tradition that we have that identifies as a seven as a messianic prophecy. However, the simple way to do it in and out all do it during the break is you just do a search in Targum Jonathan for house of David in Isaiah and you see where else he puts it, and how often he puts it, and is there any significance to it. So it's it's it's an excellent question. Those makes perfect sense because that's where you have it in this context of Isaiah 7 through 11 we have house of David mentioned there twice in Isaiah 7 and not elsewhere in this, but other otherwise.

It's clearly a word to the Davidic dynasty and is in 90 minutes. The obvious logic behind. I did were you able to do a search for it or or no. Oh yeah Mark become grandmother like that, but anyway yeah 13 Isaiah 8 thick Isaiah 9 and 11 2022 foot liquid in the cluster and then 2020 through 2222 is in the Hebrew correct and the other two in Isaiah 7 in the Hebrew off the top my head that your it's Isaiah 8, which is not the Hebrew house of David and is in nine those are the two is the others that the two Isaiah 7 and then right and 22 those the house of David passages in Isaiah yes. So the question is why is inserted there is a eight let's just say this though, okay, regardless of why it does bring a continuity in the chapters and that of course. Isaiah 11 quite blatantly about the Messiah, son of David is identified as know the route from Jesse so I have argued that when Matthew quotes it in Matthew 11 processes 714 that he has in mind. Isaiah 7 through 11 and we see references to it in a in a hidden away in the second chapter, the more overtly in the fourth chapter of Matthew. So at the very least, if you are reading this through right as it as a reader reading the Targum, you would see the same house of David house of David house David house David four times, twice in the seventh chapter once in these once in life and that would bring a sense of continuity but has anyone know what JetBlue's children's book on under the Targum Isaiah Targum, I would say what I will I only got a couple of books about it. I'll see if he makes anything out of it. Of this very interesting so I appreciate the question and that you did your homework now will do little more my okay. Sure thing and tell your wife it's a good expense if she has once again and said actually, it really doesn't discover like an obsession. But anyway, but basic tools of you get some basic software tools and then and yourself. Well, all right. Thank you for the call 86634 trees. Let's go over to Sims and McAllen Texas walking to the line of fire. Thank you… Thank you again for taking my call.

I got an interesting question. My white coat related to Daniel seven… You know, he just wanted to understand the chronology of the week that (but a question I get it a little bit more basic that bad and that what she want to know is why is it that each one of the 70 week being taken at having you like I get up on what basis do we have to back out each week meant seven year end of the right Sunday verse 24 to 27 the 70 weeks. Why do we just say with. While there are certainly years so I love the fact that she asked the question because many times we just take something for granted, or will there must be a reason because that's how we all interpreted in the many times you dig deeper.

Think all will there is a reason or there isn't a reason so here are the reasons that it's taken to be periods of years. Number one is that Daniel is praying about the seven years in exile and if you remember the seven years in exile. God had said that there would be one year for for every every Sabbath year that had been neglected. Moses can be that the 70 years, stood for 490 years were every seven years, they neglected the annual Sabbath, etc. the Sabbath of the land wasn't kept so that was good to rest for 70 straight years.

It was making up for Israel sin over printer 490 years. That's the first thing this of the 70 years the Daniels praying about jewelry for example in second Chronicles of 36 and and then even the the curses. Leviticus 26, especially second Chronicles 36 you get that understanding. That's number one.

That the 70 years in exile were for 490 years of neglecting the seventh your Sabbath every year for seven is for 490 years.

The symbol number two it doesn't use the normal word for week but rather for seven sourcing 77 that the 70 weeks, 77s making that even clearer.

The third thing is what is being described could not happen in a period of 490 days, the rebuilding of the temple in the city and and all of the events that are going to transpire could not happen in that short a period of time. So that's the. The next reason that we take it to me years and then in Daniel the 10th chapter, Daniel talks about going a particular fast for three weeks of days. He seems to specify him talking about regular weeks again so it's putting those things together. The 70 years had to do the. Disobedience for 490 years. The nature of the events that took place. Could that happen in a shorter period of time of his regular weeks and then Daniel.

Speaking of of weeks of days immediately after that. So the logical understanding and is rather than weeks of days there weeks of years were subtenants of years and then we look at what ultimately unfolds over the period of time right what when you look at what transpires now and now works because it's it's from the rebuilding of the city and the temple to the time of the destruction of the temple and and you look at that period of time. It is hard to know exactly where it starts.

You think okay you're you're dealing with, like roughly 500. There sort unfolds and it makes sense.

That's the reasoning behind it. It's clearly deduced from the text, although not absolutely explicit. All right, I appreciate it when paper? Print.what about buying the deck but think he hit me with a wide week With question and that's helpful yet excellent yeah and I love the fact you study Scripture together and you went to the right place. Volume 3 of answering juice objections to Jesus. We deal with objects juice juice objections to messianic prophecy in the course of a whole section until July 24 27 but because that's not a real Jewish objection other words, traditional Jews, except that this these are 70 weeks of years as well.

For the most part Christian scholars that didn't come up so great.

We got to cover that as well.

All right, we come back and see our friend Manny in Brooklyn.

Next we come back hey everybody my book resurrection investigating Rabbi from Brooklyn preacher frugality and event to change the world.

I just discovered last night. It's on sale on Kindle so an e-book and get the Kindle app or any any system you have any smart phone or tablet for 99 yeah, I mean authors get nothing. When this happens, I'm just I'm just telling you too can take advantage of it resurrection. It's an eye-opening book exit.

The size, history and how this one really rose faster than we supercheap ethnicity for my name Michael Brown and resurrection, and Amazon get the Kindle version. She fire. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday and go through my music coming in, but it is light a fire is thoroughly Jewish Thursday is Michael Brown delighted to be with you how I love taking your questions, interacting and studying learning diving in together. I'm a lifelong pursuit of truth love the truth. The truth Jesus said sets us free, especially when his divine truth, 86634.

Truth is number to call as our friend Manny in Brooklyn so nice to hear from you again hugs Amanda around. So what's on your mind today challenge you on your view, had arrived back in chapter but Gloria Eric Beckman temple will be greater on the first your interpretation of the glory of the buyer, the cost of rapid physical rights.

How about if I read the text for everybody okay and then you can just challenge my view on it so Haggai the second chapter. Just a little book in the Bible with the powerful message and Haggai's encouragement to rebuild the second Temple and Western verse six for the said in a reading from the new GPS version for this of the Lord of hosts, and just little while longer. I will shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land will shake all the nations and the precious things of all the nations shall come here. I will fill this house with glory to the Lord of house service mine gold is mine says the Lord the glory of this letter, how shall be greater than that of the former once of the Lord of hosts in this place I will grant prosperity grant peace, declares the Lord of hosts, so my understanding is, yes, silver and gold come to beautify the temple, especially in the time of of Harriet, but that the glory that spoken of as the divine glory and that when that temple was the second Temple was dedicated.

It did not. In the Talmud recognizes this. It did not have the divine fire did not have the she seen did not have the ark of the covenant room and two men so how was the glory of the second Temple greater than the glory of the first, my answer is that the Messiah came in his glory, and then sent the Spirit. There put out his spirit at that place after his resurrection, that would explain the glory because with the dedication of the first Temple in the tabernacle, the glory of God was there in the manifest way and rabbinic interpretations would be that it referred to the physical beautify, or perhaps the longer duration of the second Temple to the first so all all over to use her work so you mentioned program like argument precious things of a nation argument, silver and gold that of the clear context of the verse. Any other interpretation you have regarding the buyer is personal interpretation or homiletical not macabre. It is very clearly talking about physical beauty. What one other point is that earlier on chapter. It is address the people who formerly have the first Temple and an aunt that you entered glory and out.

I don't I don't think the time of Solomon. I probably don't know about you not, the data may be. Zechariah book on the very will asking what the name that entire engine okay is presently before where there was lots of idolatry involved.

I don't think that it's really talking about, you know, began spirit more talk about the bulk property just mentioned scammer Covey Knudsen who so it's so that's is this a very good contextual argument. So you have coupled mentioned earlier in the chapter glory and who so the former glory, the glory of the second temples can be greater and then you have specific reference to silver and gold, which is also important in the deftly there in the context of flee the beautifying of the temple. So saying that the glory of the second Temple be great in the first. You could say it's subsea physical splendor and then just to clarify one of the singing argument and then I will ask you couple questions okay when when God says of the glory of this silver's goal when the backup will shake all nations, precious things will issue so come and I will fill this house with glory elsewhere in the Bible.

As you know, when God speaks of filling the house with glory of the house being filled with glory.

It's always talking about his presence. His glorious presence what you think it's different here.

Whereas elsewhere in those anytime you have. It's not a common phrase. The phrase filled with glory were filled with my glory. God's glory. It's always fun by this physical manifest presence as in the tabernacle, axis XL for the first Temple and second Chronicles 5. Why do you feel free to interpret it differently. There does want to clarify what you mean by glory when God still Gloria talk about all of the temple around tabernacle are talking about in general never got ill glory over anything.

What went when he uses the term that that he's going to fill place with with glory.

It's never talking about is there time of physical splendor, but rather his presence is manifest power to conduct conduct talking about the physicality glory talking about the about a political upheaval of talk about but will shake you know the Kevin stuff like that would lobby Congress with first political upheaval, or perhaps like the chapter 13 I don't see any reason to limit is 190 doesn't like your your interpretation would limit the time when the Messiah have to come my interpretation went limit so I'm not looking to limit and no certain things in Scripture so could it be that there was something more spiritual in the temple could be, but that is not good.

No reason to stay so unless you're doing and you know what midrash interpretation, but whatever.

I generally prove it just personnel and BB accepted or you know you would agree that if God was putting a limitation on something in Scripture that you would accept exams. The plain sense then if God was putting a timetable you accept it if if God was putting it you want me to get out when it's not there but company 30 accepted on okay but Kate love the topic is very clear talking about silver, gold and other precious donations which the new revised standard version interpret very all the treasures of the nation which looks to be more of a commentary, yet I were talking about physical eyes. No reason, like the interpreted virtually right so so do you think you have more insight than the tumble to grab us a maybe, maybe not. Especially with regard to the knowledge you might have, the more and bite on that okay yes… I consider lawmen and in those questions yet endocrinology in terms of just general spiritual insight into the meaning of of of Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, do you think you have more insight than the ancient said Sage is the Tana Eamon the armor, I am etc. I don't think I have more in regard think the whole because they have authority over Jewish law and bubblewrap, but I have no problem now disregarding the rabbinic commentary or even the Russian or the work will allow certain there is a very good evidence begun okay so this is a whole other subject he told me that some of your friends think you depend on on Rambam and his rationalism too much so. Yet, this is this a bit more extreme in that sense, your your less left that it but can I ask this because you know the Talmud trust figure out the meaning and there's actually a dispute over this one.

View article 2nd Temple stood longer than the first right so obvious why didn't they all see it. I think that if you look at both interpretation both of the legal term. The only question is a physical and how long it lasts. So there are more than only long about the height you getting into hermeneutic just that I not lose Manny O'Callaghan if you do, getting cut you off, let me just we had a weird thing happened yesterday will we. We lost our or audio feed from the studio so guys go to work on whatever's going on here to off, and if you were answering me and it looks like you had no answer and I just dumped you or something like that is not a setup is not a sub to make me look good and make you look bad so we are. We're just going to keep talking so many stay there right stay there.

I will be try to work on this on the tech side. But when I really do is is explain my reason for not agreeing with Manny here okay and if you still there will come back to you on the other side of the break. If we need to, but will will try to resolve things are but I want to say again, it looks like I just thought Manny asked a question and there's no answer. It could have been. He was pausing for a moment at that moment when we lost our or figure still hearing me a bit of many had no answer these because of extra time to think about it okay, but the reason that I don't just accept well it's obvious the context talks about the former glory of the former Kovel Road now this is the second Temple will have greater Kovel Road in the first you saw the earlier Kovel Gold people that were there.

The old people that it seen the first Temple, Solomon's Temple and all of its glory and splendor right. They didn't see it when it was dedicated in the fire of the Lord consume the sacrifices they didn't see what was dedicated in the glory of the Lord filled the sanctuary to the priest could even enter and minister. So what they saw was the physical building in its fiscal Kovel. It's physical splendor. The second Temple was the shell of it and cussing on a shake the nations, the silver and gold and calm in the glory, the Kovel Road splendor of the second Temple will be greater than the first.

So it's just Harry's beautifying of it later on. That's always talking about the new dues coming of the Messiah.

My argument that how could the glory of the second Temple be greater than the were the first with all these other things were missing. My answer is simple that God says that he will fill the temple with glory and in point of fact that if you look at that phrase. Specifically, in conjunction with the dedication of the tabernacle and the dedication of Solomon's Temple.

It refers to the literal manifest presence of God. How on earth.

How on earth would God say the glory of the second temples can be great in the first when the presence the manifest presence of God was. Not there in any way that compared to the first temple of the tabernacle was a silver and gold makes the temple glorious.

That's right have a difference. I hopefully will reconnect with Manny because so it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and the line of fire. Hopefully I can, Manny. Are you still there, sir.

You okay so yeah so sorry about what happened. This is the second of this week we had something like this go on, but it sounded as if I stumped you. I asked the question of their there's nobody there.

So yeah so so anyway we can get a little extra time to think about it yet. If it's so clear and you make a good argument for writing. Why do you think in the Talmud. There is a debate about it and and other rabbis reject that interpretation so I thought, and I haven't every one Bob about the IIIa and the context of the talking about the amount of height of a lot of all of the wall that's up to you how wide it would have to be logistic and it talks about another building of the temple in regard to what Scripture says about how high the temple and a question. The line, the second Temple in we have something similar, particularly second Temple was a little bit larger or bigger and can well how do we know that it was bigger on company you know as the chromatogram. Unlike the daily like Scripture, the one remembering sure that it will probably abate, convert, I got the other one didn't agree and hazy hell that made you think I therefore have interpreted differently, but they don't disagree that the festival this is a little bit more midrashim with the rabbit thing replicant like Rashi but not so much commentary is more like a very deductive now much more midrashim style simple reading. I don't think any of them would disagree that just generally temple greater length and height money and value you know like the government, you have nothing. The building of Herod -like building and long style looks looks like then invested in the other books in your library from me right so in in in volume 1 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus with very general material, but that this that the. The second half of that deals with historical objections and objection 2.1 I take up the issue of peace on earth, and the size coming, etc. and I get into this discussion of so have you not read the discussion in in Yoma 20 1B is is work because it lists that the rabbis point out there that there were five items missing from the second Temple there in the first surprises coming up because you had to find fire you had you had God's presence right and that you don't have it in the second Temple that at and eaten in the first temple is associated with his glory, the tabernacle is associated with his glory. So my question is is it now that the glory of God. That was so prominent in the first Temple, and the tabernacle and in the manifest visible presence of God that that now becomes kind of a secondary source of silver and gold, so the list. I'll screen the Holy Spirit Wyoming term defined fire and mercy seat the ark with immersing term and all missing so silver and gold make up for that. I don't think so good but maybe that's what the Rabbi Gordon might have, but what would WebCam is not talking about people who witnessed the first temple in the basement. Solomon witnessed the middle and in the end of time, and I don't have a source for this, but I highly doubt that Shana believed there when people were offering a note that provided by Zoll letting would like to point out the whole point is in and if you don't mind I'll send you is that you can look at the relevant parts.

By the way, I have a friend who's a former sorry D ultra-Orthodox Jews follower of Yeshua, and he was listening to our conversation of the call last time about God's tri-unity, etc. and II will I wonder if you might ever want to interact privately. You know he's a very private person is is is that you would be in terms of these issues may wind it is a way to put you correspondence. But listen, here's going to do a send you the first volume of of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 1 suite we did send you something previously. We should have your your address but Rachel get it, to be sure because I assume are not putting on a list or anything like that and then look at my argument. Look at the rabbinic sources but in particular look at the Hebrew because my my point is when God says I will fill this with glory. It's very specific language. So yes, silver and gold, yes, shaking of the nations.

Yes, abundance coming in. Yes, beautifying the temple absolutely yes to all of that but there must be something more because filling with glory is never this is a very specific time frame is the time of the dedication of the temple right what happened when Solomon dedicate his temple, and the words fill with glory were used very specific when Moses dedicated the tabernacle fill with glory what happened. Something very specific to use those same words now with a totally different meaning. Now, to me that's midrashim referencing houses were used. What would it have meant to the people that something both then yes a physical beautifying but there had to be something more. Hey, thank you for the call doubling. We will will keep the dialogue going. All right let us go to Saul in Roseville, California. Thanks for holding walking to the line of fire along Dr. Brown shalom I so I did have a question about the loop.

Chapter 9 verses 19 and I've heard many Christian teachers teach that the nobleness remote to reincarnations not found in the Bible and that ancient rabbis didn't need strategic and so my question to you is either. Maybe you you you haven't, I'm guessing you studied spinal Simon barrio Cryan, Maimonides know any of the Jewish rabbis is to teach children that your mode and end in the end, the question is what is she bombarding high teaching English in the Zohar I was 11. He was so hard. That's a mystical attribution disease early so he was Zohar is a 13th-century production so it's is is mystically attributed to him, but there's not a stitch of historical evidence that he is the author of the Zohar no you are not the author's teachings were transposed through the Zohar room. Rabbi through student and third letter that is that's a mystical I'm thinking about the New Testament, Jesus didn't write anything either so that we know what we know for sure. Here's the difference we know for sure that the eyewitnesses were there with him in their lifetimes wrote down what happened versus over thousand years later whole new theology arises.

That cannot in any way be traced back to the historical person is no possible you can make that comparison so my main question is why would a Christian teacher teach that reincarnation was not taught by the Jews. If living Jews around Jesus himself all believed he was a reincarnation of a prophet. Everybody knew Jesus had a mom didn't fall out of the sky. It wasn't. He wasn't carried in a chariot right so they believe that he was a prophet from old risen back to life again and the only way they believe that he was risen back to life again was through the womb and it's because of the ancient Hebrew doctrine of living through your son living through your feet right so… One 1-Click question first. Okay have you called to raise this point before. Yes, did you call using the same name.

Yes no my name is Brandon, so I introduced myself and Brendan select okay, got it just just wondering if you cut very specifically because I didn't I would remember Saul with this with this same point. But not here is the issue whether the same question, by all means, but yet Moses was relentless right right so I are you would you like my my academic answer to your question here right we have some evidence that some Jews in the first century may have believed in some type of reincarnation or something where some of her previous generation could be manifest in the later this.

The only hints we have we have zero hand in any ancient Jewish document outside of that zero recitation Estes Tatian beyond it. The strongest reference being in the ninth century where the leading rabbinic scholar in Judaism can call the complete foolishness and no evidence of this really rising and into Lori Janik, law really becomes prominent.

Are you saying that Moses Maimonides also espoused Google yes he interpreted the book of Job, chapter 33 verses 29 through all verses really 20 through 30, but he interpreted Job 33 reincarnation. Yes, as literally as reincarnation, Roy Perini, Job 33 Ellie who is rebuking Job and his friends were saying that he was enlisting how he was no you understand and and will wait to see you if you go to verse 29 and is Maimonides didn't want to come in turn Job where you sing Maimonides give the interpretation so I believe that it was in the motel mode of time it might have the quote Maimonides's 1135 to 12 will force her. That's 500 years right as it is getting time to leave the light. Garrett correctly study couple are not your friends.

He did not mom's was not a cobble list. I tell you it gets your evidence in order to get your evidence in order… I can have a discussion got get your evidence in order to settle existed cuts all right gutless friends back with you in your questions tomorrow

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