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Dr. Brown and Sean McDowell Discuss Reaching Today’s Youth

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 8, 2020 4:00 pm

Dr. Brown and Sean McDowell Discuss Reaching Today’s Youth

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 8, 2020 4:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/08/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Author and apologist Joe McDowell was an important new book will talk about it. Now it's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friends, this is Michael Brown really looking forward to today's interview. Brand-new book coming really hot off the press release and Christian marriage. Number one on Amazon that category. Chasing love, sex, love and relationships that confuse culture meant boy books like this. Generally speaking, or needed, because there's so much misunderstanding and and sex is something that gets used and abused in probably equal measure. But today, our culture is more confused than ever young people more confused than ever and and Shawn is not only apologist in his own right, but son has a real heart specially for the younger generation. So Prof., author, apologist shall McDowell welcome to the modified great to have you with us. Man Dr. Brownson.

It's a thrill to be here with you. So let me just ask something of what we've interacted. It's always just been unfocused issues and things like that. But I'm curious to know what was it like growing up with your dad.

One of the world's most foremost apologists, and author of these mega bestsellers, and more than a carpenter, and evidence that demands a verdict was like for you to grow up with wrapping your dad while I love that question and I would say I didn't look at my dad to the lens of like wow my dad is Josh McDowell. Now I knew he was a big deal because he had written those books essentially before I was born more than a carpenter when I was one speaking around the world, but to me it was just like is my dad present.

Does he love my mom does he love us. Is he around and that's the lens through. I looked at my father and I can tell you one of the one of the number one things I would say by my dad is he is the same on stage and on camera. As he is off. Nothing changes with him.

There's an integrity that there and I think for me I never felt any pressure to go and issues. He never said son you be a good debater you because speaker he should be apologist.

I remember that once Michael the narrative I remember was no sun. Whatever you do, just use it for the kingdom positively coaching teaching. Whatever it is so now that I'm older and have chosen this path.

It is such a joy to have a season to write with him to speak them just to other ministry things together you and you always the perspective of a child can be different that an outsider art. I remember being at some conferences many years ago, when our girls were growing up. Maybe they were getting to be teenagers or close to that. And all these people wanted to meet me and and and Microsoft your data in terms of stature, prominence with all these folks want to meet me and in general the drawings figure.

Dad always.

People want to meet you but you're just dad so is just so nobody is anybody. Is it exactly as everybody says dad or mom or son or daughter, but thank God for the impact her dad had and that the biggest thing is is that you saw was Muriel that he wasn't to some famous guy out there, but he was a real dad and God truly godly ways. Now, did his apologetics inside. Emphasis impact you in terms of as you grew up you had questions or you found passive study. How did that trickle down that it's not just that your professor Christian author been apologist as well. Yeah, I think it was a few things. My dad didn't sit down and say were to have these formal devotionals and formal studies regularly my book at work like test you on it. Sometimes people think is like that.

My home and I be pretty confident say probably wasn't like that in your home either. But what my dad did. Is he just engaged us in conversation all the time driving the car and even share something were sitting at the dinner table.

He just was regular, asking us questions and one of things that he did is it even if I asked him a question he often ghost eats a unit that's interesting. Let me ask you about this.

How would you answer that if I made a pointed at 69 matching summary other side would say this and he really trained us to think and to love truth for itself. I think a lot of people thought he would just like indoctrinate us as kids. Me and my three sisters, but he really didn't. He modeled he taught it gauge the conversation, ask us questions and without realizing I just kinda became the kind of person that was curious and asked questions and wanted to know, but I think what really sunk as I looked her up. If bracing it down is about 19 years old and I was on the Internet. This is like mid 90s and it's the first time you had a Google and search you actually can Google be could search things and some of the secular web began responding to my dad's book evidence that demands a verdict and there were doctors, lawyers, historians writing these responses, and I just had never seen that kind of challenge before and I knew my parents met well without the first time is like well what if they're wrong about this a lot is at stake and make a long story short, I told my dad and he's like eternal optimum. He's like son. I think that's great. You can't just believe because I believe you need to seek after truth know I love you anyways and I think it's because the relationship with him that I felt no need to rebel. I just wanted to know what was true. So I think looking back now, if I said why do I do apologetics to be really three reasons. Number one is I have a heart for young people you work with young people for five minutes in there and ask apologetic related questions. They just our worldview questions number two she seen the love an example in my family. And number three. My own story experiencing interest wiring as a person who wants to know and think you and I'm so glad that you shared all that and the way your dad reacted as the key thing were secure in having the truth. We welcome the hard questions I've a book coming out in May called his God failed to an we deal with many of the reasons why people fall away from the faith and there's a chapter in the book Oprah permission to doubt and insistent in Jude just one little verse in the rear preach on, have mercy on those who doubt Anissa doubt that's the result of hardened unbelief and double mindedness to contribute in the New Testament. But then there's the doubt of struggling to believe.

Is there a dog or discard curb on the individual years. The Bible true and we get all defensive in our posture, then that scares people off when we welcome that. That's a great question and I never thought of that excellent question. Let's stick together because we know that there's true so that's that really does say a lot and it's so important to her to have that perspective. So Sean dealing with with the younger generation. What's different now than say when your dad started doing apologetics but that's a great question. I would say what I asked him that when we were updating the book evidence demands verdict. I said dad. What's changed in culture and he said, in kind of the 60s and 70s, the free speech movement.

He first wrote evidence in 1972.

He said the problem was external. People looked out and said the problem is war.

The problem is, something's wrong. Outside in culture. Now people look within and say there's something broken within me.

So that's almost like the question is shifted from externally and internally I thought that's a really interesting observation. Another thing that I think is different is were seen skyrocketing levels of depression and loneliness, and anxiety, raising really saw a hockey stick increase across demographics in 2012 so that loneliness and that hurt. I think shapes the way we have to do apologetics.

The third thing this change is I think broadly speaking, at least 5060s and 70s are cultured and always follow it and there were some hypocrisy but he said you're Christian I was like welcomed and you're supposed to believe that Christian ideas are good, was you know as much as anybody not be say you're Christian and you take Christian ethics, in particular sexual ethics seriously. You are bad and you are harming society in Europe they get so the kinds of questions that used to be.

He told me when he is originally doing apologetics and hear things like prove it. Give me evidence. Now it's like your bigot what right do you had that so that focus amongst other things.

I think I think those are three big shifts and how it's been done in a massively big friends of speaking with Sean McDowell. His brand-new book chasing love, sex, love relationship in a confused culture of I heard your dad say in a meeting a few years ago that the types of objections he would run into with college-age students. He was now running into is called an 13-year-olds. Obviously they filter their way down through Internet and I was a 12 or 13-year-old repeating a meme is different than maybe a 19-year-old learning something in college, the capacity of intent to think it through, or to understand it and then my friend Prof. Darrell Baca commented that in years past we could say it's true because it's in the Bible that we have to say it's in the model because it's true.

So just fundamentals or are really thrown and messed up and nowhere does it seem more than in the areas of of sex and sexuality.

So Sean in writing this book was your target audience in and will be hoping to do through the book, some writing for high school students and hope to do is really few things number one help him see that the biblical worldview is not only true, but it's good and it's beautiful when it comes to sex and marriage because the perception right now is not only that it's false but it's antiquated. It's irrelevant. It's harmful.

It doesn't apply to me and always say no number actually it does. And God gave these commands the beginning because he is good and his commands are to bless you and bless the larger society.

So I'm trying to flip the narrative and say the question is not how I find love in society to bear questions. How I love God and love other people in the way that is described in Scripture, raising the bar I said young people. I say luck, you know that the only things are really valuable are things you sacrifice for in your life.

It's much easier to take the narrative what our culture beliefs about these issues. It's harder but more rewarding and meaningful to follow the biblical sexual ethic. Our parents did you hear this. This is addressing high school kids and in Sean I you get the letters, emails, calls I get them all the time dealing with critical issues, sexuality issues, confusion with high school kids and they're always asking where we go, what, what resource can you recommend effective, recommended a few viewers already over the years because you do do have a heart for the younger generation in and understand how to communicate with them so they explain the title chasing love is.

Is that what it's all about is that why people are giving themselves all kinds of sexual sin.

And there's so much confusion because they're looking for love, but not understand what they're looking for you.

I love this question.

The title actually came from the publisher, and as I thought about is like I don't want to chase the love of what our culture says is a love I want to free reframe in the minds of young people what it means to live a meaningful, significant life, which is not seeking the world's definition of love, which is due. It feels good and define yourself and don't judge anybody a biblical worldview set sacrifice and lay down your life for another. It's loving God and loving other people so I basically send a culture which everybody is seeking a faulty view of love listening to seek a real view of love, which is a loving God and loving other people. So my client is trying to reframe it in the eyes of these young people because they've adopted so many faulty views from our culture that are biblical. I really think most parents, youth pastor young people either realize the level of faulty ideas they've adopted in the book you deal with some of the myths.

Sex is not a big deal. Six is merely a private act. Sexual intercourse is all that matters for purity, etc. so you get into all of this, the new book by Sean McDowell chasing for low breakdown would tell you this special offer right back Sean McDowell will light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown friends. Thanks for joining us today. One of these days will not take calls and if right now as you are watching this broadcast or listening to this broadcast. There is some cataclysmic world news taking place where I commenting on it. This is a focused interview with Sean McDowell. His brand-new book hot off the press chasing love, sex, love and relationships in a confused culture and not only is the book super relevant as the title tells you, you know that the moment you hear the title but it is addressed to high school kids. This is not addressed to parents so that they can then tell their high school kids will parents read it. Of course, absolutely. This is when you give directly to your high school age kid in your high school is give us probably been exposed to more stuff than you realize.

Even if you homeschooled your child, Sean, where can I get the book. Any bookseller that they want to go to they can find it.

So the publisher thing about home and of course it's on Amazon.

1 Easy Way also is if you go to my website Sean and you order this just for a short period of time more. I'm sending people interviews with James Dobson with my father, Josh McDowell and Richard Ross, who founded the true love waits campaign and I asked him a lot of tough questions about purity, culture, and they give some wisdom is like a lifetime of teaching about 30 back so somebody orders it through go to my website will send those interviews excellent) so that's to be some choice interviews what what did you learn by speaking with these old-timers. These men been on the front lines of the battle for sexual purity for generation plus or their views just antiquated. Are they out of touch with reality when talking to Dr. Dobson at your dad what you learn from it while I had this conversation with my dad just all the time, but they're not always public sewer, revealing some of these things, the kind of behind-the-scenes conversation that my dad and I will have excuse me, the one with Richard Ross is very interesting because he started the true love waits movement 1993 and there's been a huge amount of criticism of purity culture. It's come out over the past five or 10 years with people like Joshua Harris who wrote I kissed dating to buy, renouncing his book. Ultimately, he and his wife got divorced, essentially saying is no longer a Christian anymore. There's been huge criticism back and I asked him some of the tough questions and he made some nuances that I think were interesting, he said, for example, a lot of people appointed to certain studies in which purity rings are told don't really help a kid be more sexually pure. Maybe they'll have sex later maybe one or less partner but doesn't really produce the results.

People thought that it would asked Annette and he said what you keep in mind there's a difference between a group just saying were to put pressure on kids to take this and they feel motivated to do so because they don't want to send the message their peers. They don't care about sexual purity versus a young person which is the way true love waits intended it, who says I understand because design is and I want to make this commitment and I'm choosing to wear the ring studies don't reflect those nuances.

So I thought that was a very helpful perspective by him, he told the story of how to love waits starts. He said it didn't start as his big campaign that actually some students in his youth group came to him and said we want to be part of move a movement encouraging other young people to choose sexual purity, so there's just a lot of narrative that's left out. No, I think sexual purity is a whole the sexual purity culture deserve some criticism but it was very helpful to hear from them to kinda clarify what some of the original intent was hard.

So let's say that you are sitting down with a high school. And in what you're what you gonna do is come to disciple them through the material in this book, so just start off, you start off with with an invitation to divide the book into into three basic parts. Start off with an invitation and open chapters who you trust the sexual ethic of Jesus, so have a conversation with a young person about the beginning contents of your book. What I would do this young person out.

I would sit down and I would just ask them questions like what you want out of life who you want to become what role does God play in your discipleship and life as a whole because sexuality is one piece of a larger life committed to Jesus. In fact, how we act out our sexual lives I think is really reflective of our larger commitment. So I would probably ask the young person.

A lot of those questions and listen in it.

Ultimately I might bring it back to the garden because one thing this really interested me. Michael is why is the first commandment in Genesis and as an Old Testament scholar.

I'd like to know what you think about this. Why is the first commandment to Adam and Eve not to eat a fruit. Why didn't God say Adam don't murder Eve or subsite that like that's an easy commitment to follow and finally not eating fruit. Fruit is meant to be eaten. It seems counterintuitive, but to me what I think it is. I think God gives a commandment that seems counterintuitive to us because that's the only way an infinite creator God can be in a relationship with a finite creature. We have to trust God even when we don't understand and things don't make sense. Are we going to trust God. So with this student I would have questioned that they who do you think God really is. You think God is good because at the end of the day.

Every kid is listening to something there listening to tick-tock videos, Netflix stars sportscasters podcast, you name it.

The question is are they gonna listen to God and believe that God is really good so I would start with their bigger questions of discipleship and ask how sexuality fits into that and I would bring him as quickly as I could to the character of God and just say who do you want to be in your life do you really trust God and then that would play itself out in the specific conversations we have about God's design for sex hard so you're assuming what you do not not assuming anything you're trying to reach as many people as you can, but obviously you have to deal with the issue of forgiveness because a lot of kids have messed up here they been exposed to all kinds of things. And again, even good godly parents often don't know the pressure kids can can get under what your peers are doing what they been exposed to themselves to sink that these kids even though they they may have pushed away some of our ideas of God are still dealing with a lot of guilt. I do think so. I think there's some guilt with non-Christian kids and they might not always understand why there something in their heart that tells them they shouldn't look at pornography or something. It tells a nation hook up with a lot of different girls or boys. I think there's some surface there some deeper guilt. We can bring up any a lot of Christians who been taught this explicitly, definitely have some guilt so one things I say I got an email from a girl, maybe three years ago and I don't get an email exchange for obvious reasons girls and I connected her with another woman to kinda help her out, but I just send emails that have want to connect with his friend and I tag to an email by 70s what you know. One thing I said God loves you deeply. Please know that the mixture guilt and this other woman took over and handle a conversation like this girl for three years. She just sent a message in my website. She said I just want you know that that comment wrecked me. I felt so dirty, so sinful I didn't think that God could love me and the fact that that's all you said to me she said I haven't looked at porn cents. So, yes, there's a lot of kids hurting and there's never any of this. There's never been a time where sexual pressure is so in the face of young people just one click away than the history of the world.

The question is not, as you know which young people have regrets and made mistakes in the area of sex they all have. The question is, how much have they and are they willing to come forward regardless their pass and experience that forgiveness friends.

In speaking with Sean without brand-new book, hot off the press chasing love, sex, love and relationships in a confused culture and of course in in the book showing you do deal with the issue of porn and you know my testimony before I came to faith those a heavy drug user. So from 1969 to 1971 ages of 14 to 16 started getting high quickly was doing hard drugs shooting heroin using LSD day and night smoking pot's shooting speed. Whatever you broke into a doctor's office with a friend.

Just do some crazing steel drugs and you we we were reckless and of course heavy drinking and in all kinds while things and and could suddenly became very permit promiscuous during the time the late 60s and on. Watch the shift from my eyes and fell into that the sin of the day and and and yet with it.

If someone was interested in porn maybe your hearing, you have to find it on your friend's dad had Playboy magazine. Maybe.

Or you can go to a point theater you know too young to get us or have shooting heroin. I got basic no access to porn the whole world out there, barely even know about.

Did you get eight-year-olds with cell phones that assume porn and and the the average age of exposure is maybe of 11. Some states even getting lower and you mention a gal teenage gal watching porn so in your dads put out stunningly staggering statistics about this is just talk straight about the real pandemic of porn that's affecting young people right now. All my goodness, this chapter was just heartbreaking to research just to see the number of young people, Christians and non-Christians who wrestle with this number two how deeply it affects young people and all people the way they see the world number three even how it affects porn stars. I did some research on some porn stars who come out and reflect back on their experience and say this is not what you see on camera there's physical damage there's emotional abuse and so it was a sobering chapter when I took Like I always tell my wife I say I'm research in this. I just want you to know as it can start affect you not even looking at it but just researching it in the bottom line is the truth is, young people are getting their script about sex from porn importance that sex is just a fun act. Nobody gets hurt. It has no consequences. It doesn't mean anything and so kids bring the sin of their marriage relationships for their future relationships and it just damages them so this is one of the epidemics with this generation is pornography and friends. This is why the book is so super important. You may think of adults dealing with these issues course they do right in the church, pastors, leaders deal with them right in the church. This is the real world in which we live. But there are there are couples married couples in their 20s that are basically in sexless relationships because they find out the falsity of sex and teen think anything will normally young men taking Viagra in their 20s literally fight the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown friends welcome to modify Michael Brown. Not close to the and not commenting on breaking news, however massive it might be actually this show with Sean McDowell talk about this brand-new book chasing low six loving relationships and confused culture we have pre-recorded this to air while I am away for a week. Just getting way to pray. Be with the Lord, do some writing so literally the I don't know the, the, the moon and sun could fall from the sky, but we will be talking about on the air because today is where recording was broadcast right in the books about to come out. By the time it enters the book will be right out is one of these things we can air this in 10 years is going to be just as relevant may be more relevant but where were focused on this one topic. So whatever else is going on the world around you. Boy, this is this is urgent and and and Sean. As you are specially targeting high school kids with this book, which I'm just so thrilled with. As I mentioned earlier, above, of recommended a number of your books. When people say hey what's good for young people in answering the questions and things of him frequently recommend yourself so you have this one focused on the subject so important before we dig in deeper to what one wrong with purity, culture, emphases in the past was right about them will destroy the larger question and then use this to refocus us of why the young kids cut themselves. I think that's a great question. I think the research shows at the heart of it is just a crying out, and a pain that's deep and I've had some young even girls who cut themselves say my pain hurt so much I can't control it. When I physically cut myself number one it feels like I'm relieving that pain. Ironically, the faint pain feels good, but I feel like I can control this as well so I think the cutting is a symptom of a deeper loneliness and brokenness in the lives of young people and how pervasive is this gosh I don't know studies on cutting exactly how many young people do you hurt a ton about cutting you know 10 years ago and five years ago, so I don't know the numbers to pate something really interesting is I'm sure you seen about irreversible damage by a Schreier and she argues that this 4000% increase in what they called rapid onset gendered history of this Peoria 4000% increase in the UK is driven by the same brokenness in the past a lot of young people turn to cutting so I think both of these are larger symptoms of a loneliness and brokenness in the lives of our young people and you think of it that you it goes from cutting so your can your arms or legs in an you to try to feel because you are so numb you can feel anything. Try to feel something or distraction from the agonizing emotional pain is a choir concert and so is listening and was criticized up in cyclical what you earn so much within you think of from that's it, to having a doctor cut off breasts or healthy body parts and or mutilate or change its another form of cutting it's it's it's a shocking thing but but I raised it just to say that there's a certain pain, loneliness, despair that many young people going through the we might not know look at them from the outside. We might not know that and one of my younger colleagues was a youth pastor some years back in Texas and had a good size use groups of these were the older use in intimate ecologies years and he asked the mother curiosity, how, and if you've ever cut yourselves thinking to be in a handful of the kids there and they were most raised in church stuff and it was it was like eating 90% raise their hand to he was completely shot. It was Absalom shocked and again is just one anecdote, and I don't know stats numbers etc. but there's something going on.

There's a pain and then when you add sex sexuality into it as powerful as I can be the pole, the relationships, the desire to please the instant gratification with whatever it is now. Right now you've got this toxic mix with the loneliness, the pain that you got the perversion of what sex is about kids growing up with poorness as a model so you got massive confusion in the midst of of this for some years now. There's been with purity culture to say hey and I kissed dating goodbye Josh Harris but notice renounced all of that so there was obviously a reaction against us the promiscuity and sex for recreation and separated from procreation, but what was right in the purity culture and and what went wrong. The other question you. You made a moment ago about cutting.

I think the way I try to frame it in the book and help kids realize is that an addiction is something that used to fill a void that a relationship is meant to fail. In other words, we are made for relationships with God and with other people. And when those relationships aren't there, and they're not healthy and intimate. We suffer and we've all experienced this during the quarantine and the COBIT outbreak is you can only stare to screen so much. So what happens is something like cutting or something like say pornography or sexual activity becomes a counterfeit. To fill what a relationship is meant to fail and that's why it might sue them temporarily, but ultimately leaves them even more broken and hurting and desperate for the real relationships God is meant them to have.

Now, purity, culture, I think when you when you tell it.

Culture there so many different things that are thrown into this. It's somewhat nebulous you it's come to mean any bad experience. Somebody had with a book or speaker in church can be thrown into the lump of what's called purity culture often without careful nuance, so we have to keep that in mind I think one of the messages that was so often proclaimed by the church, unfortunately, was what's been called the sexual prosperity gospel that if you just follow this formula, which typically meant don't have sex. That's basically what it meant, then you'll find that spouse in the future and you will have endless sexual bliss in the future wasn't where it worded that way. But that was the message that was often given MALT five, 10, 15 years after that you have a lot of people saying look, I'm still single. You never taught me how to love God, I'm single nebulous and I got married but my marriage and the sex I didn't work out as I thought it would.

And that's because that aspect of purity, culture was not teaching a biblical sexual ethics so that's one of the problems and I don't look I think the study show pretty consistently.

The people who follow a biblical pattern for sex.

One man one woman 1/1 lifetime are more likely to report higher satisfaction in their sex life is a lot of study show that, but that's not the motivation for somebody to be sexually pure.

That's the fruit and the benefit is it makes sense. If God designed sex than those who follow it would be most likely experience a kind of blessing of living according to our design. The motivation is in need of this Leviticus 18 be holy because I am holy. Follow me because I am good and my commandments are for your good.

So, purity, culture got some things right, but didn't always rooted in God's character and ultimately rooted in Scripture. In fact, one more thing. It almost feels like to me sometimes appear to culture. We took the script of the world and the world kinda sends a message that sex outside of marriage is exciting and fulfilling an awesome in the trashcan. I said hello. No, no, you think you have good sex come mature better stacks right. That's the message we sent the kids and I just don't that's playing by the rulebook of the culture rather than saying actually God's commands are good and he's worthy of trust I meant the love the way you put it, but you're absolutely right it is it is playing into the mentality of the culture and and the fact is we serve God. Whether it brings us great benefits of a member looked youth and the culture were, you know, if you follow Jesus you can get persecuted. You may, you may lose your family, rehearing, one preacher say this is America we tell people you have problems on your job come to Jesus about your job problems in your marriage come to Jesus about your marriage problems your family come to Jesus about your family, and there can often be true to that meal and the Lord works in our lives is but the country are preacher said we have to tell me if you have a job if you follow Jesus you lose your job matter how your spouse is going to turn against her. If you have family talk to Noah. I work in India every year and my friend that baptizes people form untouchables stone for preaching the gospel men that we laid hands on it sent out to preach coming at least five so far been martyred and when he baptizes people he asked them at the end of their confession. Are you willing to follow Jesus to your to your last breath to the last drop of blood. Another brother working in the Muslim world, the Middle East said that when they baptize people before former Muslim before they baptize my asking, are you willing to suffer for Jesus. Are you willing to die for Jesus. So, here in America we have to tell him stay. Now you have the best sex later play.

Obviously, we haven't done the best job of really making disciples.

That being said, which emphasize new book chasing love is that there is a divine order of things. So for example if if there's a husband and wife that have kept himself pure to marriage another happily married and have a healthy sex life will never get an STD from one another. The really sexy transmitted disease but if they do the same thing with some of their not married to. They might insist one of these things that within God's order and parameters blessing so in chasing love you talk to young people about God's design for sexuality and and in Jesus ethics so unpack some of that for us yeah be happy to one of the questions that I ask audiences actually Christian and not especially young people, I say, what would the world be like if people actually followed the sexual teachings of Jesus. One man one woman 1/1 lifetime and just like he said there'd be no, there'd be no pornography or victims of sex abuse there'd be no divorce there be no sexually transmitted diseases, there'd be no crude sexual humor there be no husbands trading in their wives for younger trophy wives and it's obvious that Jesus is teaching would be for the collective good of all of us as a whole and by the way he taught. This 2000 years ago, long before the word homosexuality lease in the modern sense was even used long before they need to movement, and that's because there is a design and a purpose for sex. That's really where I go this book and I know you do this a lot Michael in your writings is, is there a designer, has he created us to live a certain way and what is that designed to help us mark on the students.

This week I said it's only when you know the person, a smart phone and use it accordingly. It's not a scuba tank solder Frisbee that it's actually set free will. The same is true with us.

We been made by a designer who wants to flourish in relationships that only happens when we orient our lives to his design and live accordingly.

My friends, the new book literally hot off the press chasing love, sex, love and relationships confuse culture with Sean McDowell and the thing that blesses me the most is not just talk about talking to parents this play time this holiday cancel I write these hands of young people, youth pastors, why am I the bunch gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael well stood a few minutes left contents of this very special McDowell chasing love literally hot off the press so you can get where you get him on Amazon Christian book Barnes & Noble a few use Christian bookstores you'll have it. They are also Sean. There's a special offer that you have on your website tell our listeners about the there is so this book is on sexual. For students I thought to be used if I went back to three of kind of the fathers of sexual peering the church.

My father, Josh McDowell, James Dobson of focus of the family and Richard Ross who started the true love waits campaign and interview him and ask him how the conversation is changed. Wisdom for today but also get them to respond to some of the critiques of purity culture. So the order it through my website. We will send you those three interviews and there there pretty interesting and fascinating art. So the website again show I'm sorry Sean got it Sean and you know I'm I'm thinking when when I got saved.

Yes I experience the joy and goodness of God, and I realized it was something on a different level than any drug hi I ever had, or any music Collier relation hide anything. I really was different but it gave me a revelation of the love of God, which brought immunity conviction of sin, and because which are then turned away and some of them put the needle in my arm again, etc. but it was the matter. While this highest better than the other highs so exchange the one for the other. It was that the the love and goodness of God revealed the depth of my sin. The depth of his kindness because which are turned away in the same way friends that were sleeping around. Stephanie got saved but and stop sleeping around so that they could have been a sex marriage. The stop sleep you have because it was displeasing God's sight. So be holy. You know you that that's that's the first and foremost incentive so in your book you got your three sections to it. I mentioned earlier some of the myths that you deal with marriage will fulfill your ultimate relational needs. Marriage will get rid of your send married sex is boring, but do you have full chapter the book just focus on the subject of pornography. I do yes I so I will hang on budget as far into this quick. What about cohabitation to have a chapter just on that.

Yup, pilot divorce. Yup, homosexuality yup same-sex marriage yes transgender issues.

You got it. Sexual abuse yup okay so friends there whole chapters in the book talking to your high school kids or if your high school in the many high schools want to listen. This book deals with the loans and saw that Sean just going to talk about lovely Christian principles and praise the Lord and we can be very happy in Jesus's deal with real life issues, including sexual abuse. How prevalent is that today oh my goodness, this chapter was heartbreaking.

I've never written or spoken on the topic of sexual abuse and really how I knew about this is my father who you know he was sexually abused for seven years growing up on the farm where he lived until he was old enough to slam the man who lived there against the wall and safety touch me again I'll kill you. So in writing as long before he was a believer in writing this chapter I talked a lot with my dad to just get his taking his perspective on the research and it is incredibly prevalent in others.

Different kinds of sex abuse, of course, from somebody and gets a rude hurtful sexual comment to more aggressive physical kind of sex abuse, but I forget the numbers it seems like it's almost 1/4 to 1/3 of the young women were report some kind of sexual abuse and its high with men as well. So the sad part is a lot of people who are abused will I just got a question this week from student instead if I was sexually abused. Do I have to ask for forgiveness when I caught that question, I instantly got teary-eyed. I thought all my goodness you are taking advantage of and you somehow think it's your fault so that's the message we've gotta get to young people that as I heard you say an earlier segment, you look out over in youth group. It is far more than a been sexually abused and you can imagine many of them have told and shared it with nobody yeah and and and then when you deal with other issues homosexuality transgender is him. I remember a few years ago I was in Italy and I brought her oldest granddaughter, who at that time was 16. I believe, and her cousin who was 17 I brought them along with me for the trip and the deal was that when we were in Sicily they could hang out with young people nearby day after the meeting at night in the Christian young people and just come to the night services and then we have a day to tour Rome together and just have some fun if we left and one one day they showed up. It was the late afternoon session and I was teaching on can you be gay and Christian and I said all girls should have to come for this.

This knowledge is worked out better with the people driving us. I said this is relevant for you to no bearing on both and raised in the faith, the 16-year-old in Christian school. The 17-year-old disclosing public school so six-year-old granddaughter Cecilia raised in the semester two girls in my class started dating as is school about she's not happy right at the end of the semester so commends lesbians and then the other girl 17 roaches. The I got a few transference now and they think all Christians hate them. Some just love on them and is on yeah that's that's the world therein. All parents coming to see me pastor and his wife recently and they got a great relationship with her teenage daughter, but found out that she's got a very very deep emotional bond with the lesbian girl online and that's how they met and and raised raised in the Lord. A pastor in California a fine church told me that all of his children are basically adults were ordered over very close to that you so late teens and and and so on early 20s a set all my kids differ with me on homosexuality, raised in the face but I was similar in kind by the culture so you tackle all of this head-on from corn to sexual abuse to homosexuality. Transgender is him and yet it's a book filled with hope and encouragement. Even even shouting to the kids. You can do it. So give some encouragement because of a lot of heavy stuff. Give some encouragement. What's God doing what you seeing what you telling these folks well. I would think of things I work on a smaller level. I teach high school class part-time. The morning met by awful time to teach a private school.

My kids are at because I have my son in class and I just enjoy working with students and we asked some questions recently set my students is it loving to take a girl get an abortion. We talked about that we talked about pornography and I'm telling you that young people today when you give him permission to speak when you don't shame them when you listen and you bring it back to biblical principles they want to know how to navigate culture. I was at a Christian school speak. One time I do this role-play are all role-play a Muslim a role player Mormon all rolled down atheist to get Christians to defend their faith and I started to role-play defending same-sex marriage and like two minutes into it Michael this girl stop so she goes okay. I want to know how to defend a biblical view of marriage, but I don't even know where to start.

I think she summed up where so many young people are today there asking questions they want help, but a lot of parents are not willing to have that conversation are not willing to step in uncomfortably and discuss with kids. My dad never speaking event and in another state all weekend on like a biblical view sexuality and this teenager came up to his mom. He just said thanks for giving your talk on pornography.

But not only saying it's wrong explaining why nobody explained that to me before, so I'm telling you kids have questions in the right context. They want to know what to do.

Their bodies, they want to know how far is too far. They want to make sense of the world and tell you adults can speaking of their lives were just willing to do it in one really interesting thing with young people today is that many of them Christian and non-Christian or delaying marriage. They can be 25.

They can be 30 years old and they're not married, and they seem happy to be single obviously some more are not sexually pure, but but others are seeking to be in just delaying marriage for various reasons you talk about Jesus and singleness was Jesus have to say to us about singleness. I love you asses question because in previous sexual purity campaigns often times people and even mention singleness you, but biblically speaking. Matthew 19 first Corinthians 7 being married and single are to equal ways of honoring and serving the Lord Jesus was deeply relationally fulfilled. He was fully in the image of God. If anybody can.

And he was single so I don't think we've done a good job in the church. We cut a singles get the second prize you have your little single group over there sum of 25 or 30. They're not married were to make jokes like a to connect you and get you hooked up with my friend over here whatever without realizing that since a message there something wrong with single people. I actually at at the sky work at there is that a single educator there and I was print out the book and I forgot it there. She saw the chapter singleness read it and she told me she goes. I was in tears because people don't talk about the challenges of being single but also how beautiful it is and it can be a way of honoring the Lord and you and I noticed Michael because we both spoken on the LGBT Q issue. What happens is sometimes the church we hold marriage so high without holding up the goodness of singleness and we tell people who are divorced, you can get remarried.

Whether we think that's right or wrong. That's the church often does, but he was same-sex attraction. You can't get married and then world says you can have everything you want, you can get married and we wonder why people don't find the biblical narrative as compelling and powerful best friends and chasing love Sean McDowell doesn't just show us was wrong.

But why it's wrong. And better still points us to what is right and why it's right and how God's ways are really best. So a super timely book the super important subject and addressing the audience that II believe needs to get this the most because the grown up in a confused culture and the foundations have been destroyed time to rebuild them so Sean McDowell chasing love, especially written for high school students. Hey Sean, thanks for doing all this.

May the Lord mightily plus the distribution of this book. Appreciate you my friend are

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