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The Jewish Emphasis on Study

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 3, 2020 4:40 pm

The Jewish Emphasis on Study

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 3, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/03/20.

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Wise is the traditional Judaism puts such an intense emphasis on study stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Have you ever heard the saying that when Christians fall upon hard times.

They pray when Jews fall upon hard times.

The study is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is interesting in terms of how much emphasis is put on study in Judaism. Could you imagine in Christian faith. The concept that study of the law is the highest form of worship.

And yet that's a concept within Judaism. Could you imagine as a Christian may be your your 80 years old and your spouse is 79 years old and your spouse becomes ill and Russ about to pass away that you want to get some books to start to study them about the laws of morning and review those how you are to mourn your spouse properly would really relate like that. And yet that's what a traditional Jew might well do.

Why such emphasis on study welcome friends to thoroughly Jewish Thursday on the line of fire. This truth or the Jewish host Michael Brown took about a thoroughly Jewish Messiah Jesus Yeshua. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind could be Hebrew question question about Jewish tradition. Question about Israel today question a messianic prophecy. Maybe your Jewish person that differs with me and my faith would like to discuss it with me 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH for 8788 forces lost Jewish related phone lines will be wide open.

So why does Judaism have this tremendous emphasis on study nudges pray Jewish prayer book is skilled with with beauty and many prayers that you would praying and agree with and other pray. Should it say why I believe you're ready have this in Jesus. I don't need to pray that prayer but most appreciative firm and you especially from the perspective of a Jewish person see the importance that some Jewish people certainly believe in prayer traditional Jew will will be praying three set times a day, Jewish males required to do that and will be going through a lot of pages in prayer and if it's high holy days and things like that. There's a lot that's pray. There is a lot of material that you go through to the person written out that you are praying. All right, not just study you praying, but there's a tremendous emphasis is put on study if if you're going to to get married. Your religious Jew then then you are you are going to review various laws about sexual contact is the woman during uncleanness to know the monthly. Things like that and just just understand.

Make sure you understand those laws and and and you've mastered them well to be to become ordained as a as a rabbi and a religious Jew is setting requires a tremendous amount of of learning and an understanding of key texts. If you compare that to say was required for someone to be ordained as a pastor and a very religious Christian group. It would be a tremendous emphasis on on lifestyle and a practical wisdom relationship with God, as well as some knowledge of Scripture right but to be an emphasis on other things.

In Judaism of course requires character and believes in the importance of that that some of the gluts taken for granted and see if he passes this test here. So why this tremendous emphasis on study on learning. Let's take a look at Joshua chapter 1 verse eight Joshua chapter 1 verse eight and Joshua is now on his own. Moses is dead. The generation that rebel died, the wilderness.

Now Joshua was called to go into the land, Joshua is called to lead the people right and and God says to him, low young moose safer terrace MEP, this book of teaching the law, we could save its book of divine teaching instruction. This book will not depart from your mouth all right notice it from your mouth so it's a book it's only written but want to park your mouth like as you memorize it because you get a repeated the high Gita bow your mom Delilah and in you will recite it day and night.

That's new JPS versus a know it says meditate, meditate, not in the way we use today to sit close my eyes and just kind of think quietly that's fine to do that, meditate on the word meditate on on who God is and so on. But the Hebrew speaking of an actual utterance, it will the impression would be the decision resetting repeater set of incentives you going to go to synagogue listen to the prayers into place and you are studying here like this buzzed visitor that is there reciting things rapidly. All right, so words are actually being uttered that the root hug means that was first saved. I heard gather Hebrew word for meditate means students like a cow chewing the cut.

I have notes his dad on the where people got that from the heap anyway so you recite it you repeated day and night Lamont, Tish Morelos, so to talk, cut to bowl in order you can observe to do it to do everything that's written was the reason you haven't on your mouse to be reciting it and keeping in front of you all the time is that you can do what's written and not just magic words that you reciting but you keep in front of you to do what's written right key, ostensibly hit Russia foster skill is then when you obey what's written then you will succeed in all your ways or ways will will prosper right you be successful. Now let's let's take a look someone. Psalm one paints a similar picture many of you familiar with the words he restarts with us for a hot Eastchester low lock, but their official team so truly happy is the is the one who doesn't walk in the way of the wicked, and it goes on from there to sit and see the scornful goes of the progression of walk and sit, walk, sit, stand, sit, etc. also illustrate how you shall owe her lost butts Susan under a new etc. but selfishly over there cut the lawn model shelving similar shelves of truly happy, blessed, listed as the man who doesn't walk in the counsel of the of the wicked, the ungodly and doesn't stand in the way of sinners and and doesn't sit in the in the dwelling place of scorners right but look this key EM the Toronto knife.

If so, but his delight is in the teaching.

The total raw of the Lord retort till you get your mom Delilah and and look at this and he studies that teaching or he recites that teaching day and night. As a result is like a tree planted beside streams of water which yields fruit in season's folds and fades in liver produces thrust here you have again reciting repeating speaking the word day and night and night, day, and that it were him explaining where the tradition comes from injury smarts let's let's step back and think about these texts and as they develop.

So you have a repeat of Tom a body of literature written laws that are written down by Moses than for the laws that are written down that whole books that are written down, you end up having what we have is is the Hebrew Scriptures which Christians would refer to as the Old Testament and she's referred to as Tanakh that the Hebrew Bible, so you have that body of literature, but that's just the beginning of the beginning. In traditional Judaism because traditional Judaism believes that these laws were given interpretation by God to Moses orally and were then passed down and principles of interpretation were given another information was given in each generation there making legal rulings right every day. The courts in America making the legal rulings think if you had to keep up with all those right if you're judge you have to keep up with many key rulings in certain areas right so this material is now developing and now you need to keep it before he so the body of literature is growing and growing.

To this day. Growing and growing and growing. A massive amount of Jewish literature to the point that just to stay with it, just to understand that it's not just reading the Gospels or meditating on John 15 or or learn the book of Romans is about a vast body of literature would be like for Christians learning all the commentaries and all the books about Pall Mall books about the Gospels as everything is being written, being written, being written, being written that that everybody had to be a scholar on that level right but for traditional Jew. This is this is part of your life. This is because God gave his law and because it's it is his perfection, and it reveals his character and his wisdom is revealed in it than we give ourselves to it right as we give ourselves to it. That's a form of worship of God that it would be like you are someone who studies Jules, but your believer and and with each Junior examining your thinking of the handiwork of God and the more you examine those Jules, the more you're saying helpful to God we serve. So for traditional Jew being absorbed in God's law and understanding his law is is part of worship as part of service so the highest level if if you get into a very very traditional Jewish society. Yes, piety is considered important. Being godly is considered important, but when you read about the great rabbis you always read about how much they know how much they learned how many hours a day. They study that is not the way you think of you know, if I ask you hate your favorite Bible teachers today were or the Christian leaders who most impacted you over the years.

You appreciate scholarship or for the most part it's this was walk with God or this was powerful teaching or how the anointing of the Spirit was on this one. You know versus how much they knew that's just like in academia this very much central in Judaism.

This constant emphasis on study and learning in this book. This was a prodigy at the age of eight, had mastered you know all this literature the good beyond your average seminarian with a PhD in administrative the age of eight. They'd memorized all this at this point that these things are just in my mind just because of human carnality beings, being the way they are, that we then take our pride in this or measured. This and then it becomes all-consuming to the point that say mastering the tractate's of the Talmud which were Jewish person is a very spiritual thing to do in spite of their relationship with God that that actually displaces they give fellowship with him, or intimacy with him or just worshiping in his presence and adoring him. So although there are Jews that that would say there this. This is God's business that are involved with 24 seven and there day and night study and in pursuit of these texts and it's part of the worship of God.

I would say that in many ways it's taken something going too far with it but medication understand some of why just give me some hints. Why study so important Judaism. I spent so much a part of Jewish life centers are like that error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown says I should gets to me and Misha great prayers and blessings. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to light a fire, it is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. That means if you have a Jewish related question of any kind.

This is your time to: 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's the recall and up the street to the phones now will start our friend James in Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome to the line of fire around work?

All the gear I got a question.

I have a question for you. First you live in Arizona and you think there's been fraud in your state or no brought them. I've never been implemented by Black River were. This is an interesting argument were very very interesting because the other is not a lot of outward by the enthusiasm and a lot of the country there's more in the hatred of Trumbull Righetti get rid of Trump, then you know being pro Biden and I've had people say they were driving across country and they succumb signs everywhere dismissed by me that's interesting you see a lot of Biden signs in Arizona. Remember, like that are common there.

Interesting anyway yeah whatever he said is just asking for your personal opinion I couldn't resist what I could've resisted. I chose not to your question, yeah. Good weather, before going on and on about really on the perfect looking at numbers 24 seven pain but the question I have bear. Why but imperfect birth, but the euro are Sophie widely translated the most blatant and not, why leave me all rent, no bear nine were no a lot of rabbinical inspection bar? Do make it in the future.

When it really apparent about the child born right okay so let's take a look at numbers 2417 and let's first understand this concept of prophetic perfect perfect doesn't mean perfection perfect is the grammatical term for something that's that's happened that's completed right so why is it that the verb is past tense but speaking about a future event so I'm I'm in it under read this and translated this if I didn't know anything. Okay, I'm just translating the words I see him, but not now.

I behold him, but is not near a store has arisen in from Jacob and and a a scepter has come forth from Israel, and he has smashed that the brow of Moab, and the foundation of of all that the children of of Seth. Alright so if I didn't know any better. I'm reading this so I'm seeing something it's it's it's near but it's not. It is, is not right here so it's only obviously from the past that happened right because that the verb Duroc, which is coming to tread, but the concert would be putting your foot stepping onto on the Bowen pulling it back for an arrow so so that concept is part of the language are but Duroc is past tense and calm rise. That's past tense, but it's call the prophetic perfect because it's being understood that the prophet is seeing this before it happens but is if it already happened. Okay so it six months ago, when I say I I see it I see it, the elections have been contested. I see it, cries of voter fraud. I see it, the nation divided over the outcome of the election I'm saying is it really happen because I'm I'm seeing him see anything so it's call prophetic perfect because the profits using the past tense when you're speaking us in the future tense. If you look at the rabbinic commentaries there. They're all saying it.

This is a prophecy about David and the reader to guess at all. That's me saying I I see it, but is not now. I behold it but it's not near its it's it's a ways down the line that this is going to happen and now he's using the verbs as if it already happened in the same way the rabbinic interpreters like the Targum that understand Isaiah 96295 in Hebrew to be a messianic prophecy.

Rights to speak about the birth of a future king in the risky elegy live on a bendy timeline of a child is born, to us a son is given to us.

So why is it past tense because the prophet is seeing it as if it already happened and you just have to determine his atonement a historical event that has happened. Hey Charles, been born to us, let's rejoice, or the birth of this child is like a prototype of the Messiah or the prophet is rejoicing, having seen the future as if it's already happened, so does that explain the the language and how it's used a little bit only get it better medical when when the first verdict. No there any array here and hurt repairing the boat to look at the because the prophet labor the being that we should translate the unit that if he felt no it's not. Now he's saying I see it that's the right with transit I see it. This is bail him seeing in a vision I see it, but is not now. I behold it should remedy, but this is not is not near El Reno and imperfect yet is but but imperfect can also mean the present Heber imperfect is less ice present by area that's what you're missing. Sorry I couldn't solve that are easier for if I understood that yes oh imperfect and I will see it right or I'm seeing it yet can also be used like that is throughout the Hebrew Bible.

Finally he farm equipment yet Hebrew. The Hebrew verb sees very differently in Greek, Greek, everything is very precise, Hebrew is key can be used in these different ways. Here, give an example that you know Exodus 314 when God reveals himself a yeah a share and yet I am who I am but that's imperfect and there is often translated as I am.

So that's that's your solution all right yeah glad, glad to be here answer your good Hebrew questions 866-34-TRUTH a Courtney on Facebook when you say he was in a future tense, not in the strict way that we do in English, but yes, it has past present future aspects and and if you're learning Hebrew is a child. Today the what we call the imperfect. You learn that his future that can also especially biblical he would be used for present all right. Let us go to Sacramento, California Brandon, welcome to the line of fire along Dr. thank you for the Michael you bet. Alright so will have a couple questions on the Messiah with an Orthodox Judaism, the Messiah is known as David and David himself, and so rabbis and Orthodox Jews will use versus liquid layer 3, five and six part 45 and Jeremiah 39 and Ezekiel 34 and 37 and it was especially Psalm 39 and all of the piece. A lot of these messianic scriptures that talk about the resurrection of David, specifically in the latter days and being the one shepherd.

So my main question to you is is why do rabbinical rabbis believe that it will not be the son of David, that will be the Messiah but actually David himself and the latter-day yelled at what we did to get the idea that they do believe that so within Wooten Husted of Judaism. This is like a common Bureau to Gilgamesh about.

I'm sure you made videos on my desk longer look so Gilgamesh and went to the concert with in pursuit of Judaism and was actually very widespread within Orthodox Judaism today and Andy do believe in, and the resurrection of the Messiah, such as well that others did this misunderstanding, there is it so they did give Google is is us similar concept to its reincarnation but not exactly the same.

It's not as franchise episodes of right, but it's the soul that belief would be that the soul of the Messiah is is rebirth of the third day.

It comes on with the third day in Genesis.

In Genesis 1 when it talked about it mounted on my apartment. The point is that Judaism was universally refers to the Messiah's been David the son of David, and believes that Ryan not be David physically raised from the dead, but some mystical Judaism would argue that it's the soul of the Messiah that it at end and some don't think that that's David. By the way, the soul, the Messiah. Is this something else and that we can we can both pick rabbis like all you but he waited nearly listening to what we could. I like the right exegete of the text right right right yet but have not yet hang on just just to be clear and then will will continue this on the other side of the bracelet will take some time just to be clear, traditional Judaism does not teach that the Messiah will be David race with that there is some speculation but traditional Judaism sees the Messiah as son of David. In fact, it's one of the names been David the son of David, and whether there is speculation that the soul of the Messiah is is that the Masai was born the certain point, and I was sold as read birth through the generations until the final bill manifestation. That's a separate thing just want to clarify also reference Jeremiah 39.

Check that. I think that's a mistake in reference in the sum forgetting something right.

I want to continue the conversation will take her time on the other side of the break. All in a rare thing. Third Thursday we got some phone lines open call in Jewish question now is a perfect time for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome by their leaders Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you why questions about refusing Messiah Brandon Sacramento. I we don't have a break against us now so back to you. Cool. Sorry, I think it was our Jeremiah 30 verse nine. I am around it. No longer do you study clearly what you meant and I heard it the other way, but were good to okay okay you are late. The concepts in I don't know as we both know there's a different sect of Judaism and you know it's been like that for 2000 years with even the issue of time. The Sadducees who didn't believe in the resurrection of the disparities of David and and so what the conflict was in Orthodox Orthodox Judaism where they believe that King David is the Messiah himself any rabbis actually even today that it's King David himself will return in latter-day and if prefer to refer to Scripture that like Hosea chapter 3 on three read that correct picture okay so the concept is the resurrection of David and so much software that the fulfilled prophecies of the one shepherd specifically and if so which is being sent. Why, if the if there are Jews who do believe in prophets being resurrected like when Jesus says who the people say that I am the surrounding people believe that he was one of the prophets risen again low i.e. Luke chapter 9 verse 19 and so they believe that he was somebody from the past come again.

Everybody knew he didn't come out of the sky they believe that he was born of a room. So the point is if if the if reincarnation or Gilgamesh remote or specifically if not, it's a certain type of reincarnation which is reincarnation for your seed, and the concept of Deuteronomy 25 Genesis 38 Ruth four and actually Genesis 1 where it talks about how God what God did on the third day and made everything to bear seed with the feeding itself after its kind in goading the verse about being fruitful and multiply knowledge but it if the Jews believe that the Messiah is David why did Jesus.

Why don't people believe that Jesus is David and why did he call himself right okay so everyone there is no evidence that in the first century there was a widespread belief that the Masai was literally David that's the first thing there is no evidence that the concept of Gil Ghul existed at that time. It's not found in the Talmud in the ninth century, the leading Jewish authority roughs object on refer to such a notion is foolishness so this is something that only as of the New Testament to be like a perfect that there was some belief in in that there could be resurrection I was there were some beliefs that could be there been any widespread belief in Gil Ghul does not seem to to exist. Going to send appointment from, but it let me just finish the okay but the. The idea that the Messiah himself would be David literally risen from the dead, you cannot find in a widespread way in.

In early Jewish sources. What you do find consistently is reference to the Messiah being the son of David, so it the distinct being, even the idea that was the sole of David. That was passed on through the generations. There is no evidence of that that would still be something different from some of being raised from the dead. So what I'm saying is that there are later concepts which specially come in with the mysticism of Isaac Isaac Luria in the 16th century. So Lori and Lori on a cot, law that now develop and enter or widespread, especially in specific circles that would've been virtually unknown in the first century that you really don't want to confuse with the question of you Jeremiah 1 of the profits or or John the Mercer risen from the dead. The other thing is that the Jewish view, that's become codify your find it in in the Mishnah tower and in in my modern leasing and loss of Kings, 11th chapter that anyone that claims to be the Messiah and dies before completing their mission cannot be the Messiah.

So the idea that while it was stable.

David didn't claim to be the Messiah. And it's not like he make a proclamation and failed in his mission and that we have to wait for him to be raised from the dead. Where's the argument would be that the claims were made that Jesus was the Messiah. He failed in his mission is died. Therefore he can't be the Messiah that would be that the difference even if someone was accepting all the other parts of your argument, so I'd I appreciate the lines of thinking and you might be able to have a bridge you know talking to an ultra Orthodox Jew about it but that would pretty much be there answer that Jesus can be the Messiah because he failed before completing his mission. Where is it David or my native prototype yeah my point with the Orthodox view is that I tell them no, and in Isaiah 55 echoed statement work the will give you a circular David. Behold, I have made him a witness to the people and the people he shall note you shall call that you did not know, and they shall serve him and obey him. And this is echoed through walls, the words of David in Psalm 18, and also in second and 22 where he says that God has delivered him from the strivings of his people and the people which he did not know. So come running to them as soon as they hear about it right and so II want to emphasize it. I listen if you're dealing with the traditional Jewish person who has a lot of these assumptions and beliefs right and and you are using this as a bridge to get them to consider consider the messianic realities of Yeshua. Obviously it's a breakdown of the bunch of points but just like I've used concepts of shifting or member's fee wrote to try to help the traditional to understand God's complex unity or how you she was the Word made flesh, yet the way to try to get them to think and then the role of David and the parallel select Isaiah 55. His other things. There something to that. In other words, the who, David is in Scripture and what he represents and there. Even scholars that referred to Latin David with the previous David risen from the dead as the Messiah known was that what they were expecting based on the language and then have you gone to rabbinic tradition about Psalm 16. Have you gone there brow yeah you looked up your holy one to see corruption.


And that's my dish that there are seven people that that never physically saw corruption David being one of them right right right right will that caught the biggest person I have a question for you. Maybe you can answer in Psalms 89 verse 27. What is your understanding of that. Especially if it's a whole chapter really, but specifically from verse 2227 and I would love to hear your understanding of what is the that the writer of the Psalm trying to tell us right so in the volume to answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I get into the way that the the the son of David, or the Davidic king is described in Scripture. As such, the son of God as the most exalted and basically parallel that many of the things that are said about God that he is to be praise that he's highly exalted are said about the Davidic king, so how can you accuse us of idolatry for holding to these two these very things.

So yes, of this would be one of the examples I use first 27 in English all all also make in my firstborn greatest of the kings of the earth, so just like in a Viceroy God says about Israel been the victorious rail Israel is my son, my firstborn right there among the negligence so the first morning in the preeminent one just like that the Messiah is called the firstborn of all creation right writing Colossians in the appellation so yeah, I'm always preserved by faith, love, for my covenant with them will endure all stubs live forever strong as long as heaven. Last, specifically verse 21st 1924 he talks about how God revealed in a vision about how however building a vision and I have said I have chosen one out of people.

I have chosen David and I have anointed him with my holy oil basically saying David, the Messiah, in Hebrew, if you read this text in Hebrew, it says David is, she right with the seat right so here's here's right, we just push back on that the high priest, Masako Culhane, Sheila, and in other words, that many Messiah.

Right now the hot like writing I either one right right yeah I'm just saying that that is suits verse be verse 21, and in Hebrew, correct verse 19 right right and so it says I've laid upon one unit that whenever it refers to the one in in verse 27. You have to refer to verse 20] hundred and right did you purchase is time to make David. I want to make David my firstborn right right but what that means again is is the preeminent one. The first one so he would be the preeminent of all the kings of of the earth, and Brandon that the best thing to do. In looking at this is again these are bridges to help in understanding in and check out volume 2, of answering Jewish objections to Jesus to be the objection .3 some around there but it in in any in any case, Keith Keith thing is that you don't want to push too far. Miller was there were many anointed ones with mother: the size of David is now the one through whom the messianic line will come. The chosen King, who was anointed the and the language not just for him but for the Davidic king and future generations.

A look at some to the prayers for Solomon right that this was now to be the pattern and then it finds its fulfillment to limit who fully lives up to this is the Messiah himself. Hey, I appreciate the study you're doing and end the call, very much. You hear from you again all right.

866-34-TRUTH and not obviously we could talk for hours on these kinds of things any of you that have really dug in and studied we could you call and we could talk for hours but to give others a chance as well. I will go to Fort Worth, Texas.

Debbie, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how are you just fine thank you go a little thinking about the festival tabernacle. There may be there the Jewish new year that that had been taught historically and that Jesus would come back or that it would start the new millennium. I believe that right on not sure exactly what you'd be referring to a movie often go through the history of the. The biblical account of the high holy days in the prophetic meaning of what we know that Passover finds its fulfillment in the size crucifixion firstfruits in his resurrection, Pentecost shoveled the outpouring of the Spirit and then that the final fulfillment of the feast of trumpets will be his return. Final fulfillment of day of atonement will be the national cleansing of Israel final fulfillment of Tabernacles will be the nations of the world streaming to Jerusalem to worship the God of Israel. The question is he literally died at the time of Passover and facilities of the prophecies on schedule.

Literally return at that time of year. First day of the seventh month edition is reflection year best question is what will come back and discuss. That's the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and thoroughly there's everyone that is scheduled Israel with us the beginning of March and February beginning of March. We are still waiting and hoping that things will sufficiently open up in Israel for the tour to go on as scheduled. So you'll know as soon as we know, and the plan is to be there if there delay some of been waiting since May you signed up for May of this year, so we've all been waiting in our team shifting things and working with the team that books everything it Israel and get all the hotels in the seats and ends blades.

We delay for May October enough October to early March February March, but hopefully will will know soon. I know people make plans of all this, we all do, especially with everything we have to coordinate with the ministry, but we when it's right and safe to go on the tour can be conducted fully.

We will be there, God willing. All right 866-34-TRUTH if you have a Jewish -related question so Debbie did by little explanation about what I understand that that help sharpen the question you wanted to ask you to remember that you are doing Internet nor anywhere that you now and getting them tell you something about Jesus coming back and you didn't tell me what I needed it now at the progression that we can follow and sleep fee that Jesus came back, died of Passover right and end with which clues us in on the rest. Debbie and then I'll get back to the myth. I think that you are talking about of that.

If I can have Kai and Chris. Let's see if you can research this on the fly.

No one knows the day or the hour and the feast of trumpets. See what you come up with online guys and semiotic. No one knows the day of the hour and the feast of trumpets that's that's the myth thing that will get into a moment of, but the reason that we think this way. In terms of okay we have the the spring feasts that had to do with his death and resurrection and the outpouring of the Spirit Pentecost. Now we have the fall feast, it would be logical that they are for the rest of his mission, but if you think of it. Matthew 24 for scripting's 15 first Thessalonians 4, the Messiah comes back with the sounds of the trumpet the trumpet blast will wow that seems to to tie in directly with this idea of of the coming in conjunction feast of trumpets and then what happens with that is cleansing for Israel so the next event day of atonement and then what follows that is the nations coming to Jerusalem to worship God. The survivors of nations attacked Jerusalem, so when you have that Zechariah 12 his return.

Zechariah 13 national cleansing for Israel. Zechariah 14 the survivors of the nations attacked Jerusalem, coming to worship so you have that progression. There the problem is that some have thought will that's literally when he's coming that that's specifically the time when he's coming, in which case we would know the day right once we forget habits this year that you have. This must be the year that we would know that specific day. All right see gotten videos. Are you guys were found but not not specific websites, Rocephin and its hidden secret.

He had no man knows the day or the hour. So here's the argument Debbie and I reject this. This is 20. Everything I know, and Internet myth that Jesus was not saying that we wouldn't know the day or the hour but that he was saying that it's just like Russia should not when you don't know the day or the hour meaning because that's the one feast that it that falls on the first day of the month and the first day of the month is only confirmed when you have witnesses seeing the new moon and therefore you you you can't exactly know which day it's going to be that that's all that that means that Jesus didn't really mean you won't know the day or the hour.

What he meant was it's just going to be like like the, the, the feast of trumpets which Jewish tradition becomes the new year so it's an interesting concept behind.

I'd never heard it before I heard online so that makes you suspicious first unit like there we go. There's a let's good job bossy. I knew they could do it day or hour is only code for the day of trumpets and not a limit on knowing one. A more recent interpretation getting popularity comes from the messianic and Hebrew roots movement a correctly teaches how we know from other passages that Jesus comes for the rapture on the last trumpet or the seventh trumpet with the day of trumpets. This is the same day known today in Judaism is restriction when the Bubba Gump true the day of trumpets is unique among the holidays in the Bible and that it's the only one which arise in the first day that he believed in a month. The difficulty with that of feast celebration coming on that day that may follow. The 29th to the 30th the previous month, depending on whether the moon is cited on the 29th and not for this reason is supposedly even referred to as the feast that no man knows the day or the hour with a hidden feast. Given this one Hebrew roots teacher compared Jesus day or hour statement to someone in America saying I'm not telling you what I'm showing up at gobble gobble gobble inferring turkey day or feast of Thanksgiving.

All right, so that website lays it out obviously does the grid so here's here's the problem. Debbie I'd been setting the Bible for many years, decades, and I heard this like I never heard that before. So first thing you do is okay, let's look at all the major commentaries on the words of Jesus here in Matthew were and Elsa really says this, especially ones that are strong Jewish background, especially once I have a multivolume German commentary that the whole thing it does is give Jewish background. That's it.

And I never found it anywhere. I never found anywhere anywhere anywhere that the feast of trumpets was known as the feast were no one knows the day or the hour. So then I went into rabbinic's that another reason was a commentaries first because it's easier where Oregon where Micah looking rabbinic literature is so vast and massive Oregon finds reference, but I I searched every way that I could then I asked some traditional rabbis who been learning the stuff their entire lives and and who know the material inside out cold. I mean, brilliant guys, I should have you ever heard that young Troy feast of trumpets or what later becomes the Jewish new year restriction.

Have you ever heard that that is known as the feast were no one knows the day or the hour or this idea of the feast of the first of the month that no one knows the day the hour and they said no. Never once heard. So somebody came up with it, who I know how but it's an Internet myth and that's the myth that we were dispelling now will he actually come back on that day that literally corresponds to the feast of trumpets could be liberty can come any day potentially but it would be interesting because that would be the one that would be predicted, the fellow who wrote 88 reasons why Jesus is coming in 88. That book was coming out like predicted Jesus was coming whatever was September 12, 1988 and there is one more research assignment for Chris and Kai, a women's Rocephin in 1988 so. So anyway, Debbie someone asked me that's it was September 12, 1988.

Jesus is coming back.

According to this book. Why because that's feast of trumpets that years and the we know is going back on that day someone asked me to read the book us in a read on September 13 that which for me was allegedly been enraptured and out of fear and my point.

My point was this like 1/2 an I can guarantee these predictions are not real.

So September 13 I read at which point it will be relevant anymore. At 1988 voice 1988 the book was 80 reasons why Jesus is coming in 1988 the very sincere gentleman who wrote it, then put out a new edition in 1989, 89 reasons why he's coming in 89 seriously and then thankfully Michael from the tradition after any weight. Debbie glad to answer your question. God bless and thank you for the call.

Yes, oak. When was it Rocephin, not 1988 and let's see if I get up. If not, I'll let them do it. Whatever is in my in my memory was September 12 or 13th.

The reason I remember that is not because II remember when his fellow each day the year, but because I was asked about that. So let's just see here okay you gonna make it really big guys on my screen I'll come on, did I let you down or not. No I did not touch the memory still working yet. September 12, he predicted that Jesus was coming back September 12, 1988 and by the way, that book so by hundreds of thousands, and I remember the guy who wrote it with the Little Rock Arkansas and he said there are prophetic words about Little Rock and significant. So somebody in Little Rock and figured it out very sincere. I audit I don't know the guy at all what happened to them but I don't think he did it as a moneymaking flow. I think he literally thought he figured it out, and that's why when I was asked are you read the book idiot reasons why Jesus coming 1988 a settlement read on September 13. That was one day after his prediction, you know, when I was first saved and after few years, and I so love the prophetic speculation I said you know some is gonna write a book you know why Jesus is coming in the 1970s and then they have to put out the second edition why he's coming in the 1980s and then the third edition Weiss coming in the 1990s, I joked about it because I saw the prophetic speculation of told people for many years. If you keep her prophetic calendar. Keep in pencil. Someone wrote to me this week a solid pastor and said this brothers get really prophetic insight. He believes we just answered that the 70th week of Daniel. We get seven years left in world history of Saddam like I watched 1/2 second of it not possibility for many reasons. So, understand Scripture in any case, as we do get closer. We will know the times and the seasons and Paul says in verse this loan is five because were children of the light that day will not overtake us as a thief. There we go through trials right here,

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