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Getting God's Perspective on Donald Trump

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 30, 2020 4:30 pm

Getting God's Perspective on Donald Trump

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 30, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/30/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Is it true that Donald Trump is the only man who can save America stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, are you ready ready to take a dive with into the controversial issues into things that right now are dividing believers are dividing families to talk about forbidden subjects that you couldn't bring up over Thanksgiving for fear of getting into an argument on a family day really dive in, but we do our best to honor the Lord and respect one another in the midst of our differences is that fair enough. I was I was speaking recently to a black Christian leader I I mentioned this a few weeks back. He sees in the in the world of sports and the commentator and things like that solid Christian brother and he was saying, you know, in his circles among us by Christian friends. He has to remind them that Biden is not that the Savior and I said you probably after mine in the Trump is not the Antichrist is exactly. I sit in my white evangelical circles. I have to remind people that Trump is not the Savior that Biden's of the Antichrist disabled your all believers that you have such different perspectives will that's the thing we need to talk about in your best to step back is a God, what's your perspective. Welcome to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown and truly I'm absolutely delighted to spend this time with you. Hope you good Thanksgiving break.

Get some good family relaxation time in RN but ditto Thanksgiving night did a live stream on Facebook.

I thought a lot of people sit around.

Maybe nothing to do family time become chilling so have a great time than an broadcast live Friday on YouTube and Facebook and then have been writing kind of day and night so it's been restful but productive in the reference. A recent article will go through a little bit later wrote yesterday which which says this it's it's a reminder to my Christian brothers and sisters that we have only one Messiah right so let me give a little background here right there, we'll play some fascinating clips of Mazama prophecy will give a talk about the elections when a good time today right and please please if you aren't listening and you really differ with me or you think I'm off you think I'm missing it, that's perfectly fine. Obviously, if we have fund of differences I think you're wrong. So I know probably thinking I'm wrong. If my position is I think you're wrong.

Of course I disagree.

That's not a problem and we can still be part of the same family and if we we know the Lord.

We can love each other and honor each other in the midst of differences. But while I'm appealing for this please hear me right I am not trying to play both ends against the middle.

I'm not trying to make people happy look by God's grace. I have a diverse constituency.

I have charismatics non-charismatics anti-charismatic center part of those that the follower ministry. I have Trump voters and Trump nonvoters the follower ministry different age groups different ethnicities different races. I consider the privilege but I'm trying to please the Lord, electronic tell you things so that one group will cheer me on another group grown follow art so quick. My history during the Republican primaries in 2016. I strongly oppose Donald Trump.

I warned against him. I had grave concerns about the kind of man he was.

I said if he comes to Trump versus Hillary that I'll reevaluate and when it was Trump versus Hillary. I said okay, I'm rooting for him. I'm gonna vote for him and that it formally endorsed anyone. I'm in a vote for them but I have lots of concerns art so I was wrong in not trusting his work. I was wrong in thinking that he would not fight for believers the way he has that he would not fight for freedom is the way he has that he would remain strongly pro-life. I was wrong in my concerns and I hope I Lazarus and I hope I'm wrong in these concerns. I was right in my concerns that the type of person he is, his character the way he operates could also be very destructive. So four years later when it comes to 2020. I evaluate the candidates and and because of my pro-life convictions in my beliefs about the dangerous way that the left is going in the Democratic Party reaching for the left wing for left.

I couldn't vote Democrat, but Trump exceeded my expectations in terms of keeping his word, move the embassy in Jerusalem standing against Islamic terrorist lots of things were. He was excellent, excellent kept his word To store open evangelicals so many good things and the concerns I had about the damage those are very real but I voted for him with more reluctance in 2016 and virtually no reluctance in 2020, but fully recognizing the collateral damage fully recognizing the negative consequences of his pregnant pregnancy precedents see a fully recognizing that that with the good theirs harm like I've said from the start consistently as a Trump voters. So once I got behind it. I said consistently that a wrecking ball is great for demolishing an old house that needs to be destroyed in an old building used to be destroyed. It's not good for renovating the room and yet that's who we have as our president. He can be a wrecking ball for men while doing a lot of good. Now I'm not sure.

Please, Mossad, in fact, I get both sides angry. I get the anti-compass angry because I say positive things about him II get the Pro Trump was angry because I say negative things about.

I'm just trying to call balls and strikes. I'm just trying to be honest and objective before the Lord will why use criticized up. Please hear this is my concern. This is my great concern. It is the over elevation of Trump is looking to him as if he alone can save America. It it it it is putting too much trust in a man, to the point that if he tells you to question every Republican out there question the Department of Justice in question. The FBI in question that basically many of his foes, including Christians will believe him and distrust everybody else that is dangerous. I know this fake news of documented documented it for. She hurts don't go back to the early 90s with reporting on his rhyme document that these things and recognize the phenomena and I have been warning about the radical left for years and years before many Americans new with the initials GL BT stood for.

I was writing books warning about where an agenda was going right. We talked about the dangers not of the concert. The black lives matter, they do matter, but where the BLM movement and NT funnies others are going. I've said publicly on national television. For me voting it's Marbach receive versus trump or cancel culture versus Trump or socialism verse, been very clear on that.

At the same time. I've been sounding the alarm for years. If you go through my articles for the last four years and broadcast will seek. I have steadily been saying the same thing.

Do not look to him as any kind of savior figure do not look to him as the man I can save America or or or safe. The free world it it's mistaken it's wrong and it can even be idolatrous and end-use is not idolatrous.

We don't think is Jesus I understand.

No one thinks his tooth understand the things he died for our sins and rose from the dead, but when you look at him as God's anointed raised up for this task. And if he doesn't get in the world will fall apart. That's idolatrous now I want to play clip on because it's going to John Voight clip so respected actor in his early 80s and outspoken conservative and Trump supporter and want you to hear what John Voight had to say that this is not coming from a prophetic perspective from a Christian perspective in terms of I believe these are biblical principles, and even though John Voight may have conservative Christian principles, but he's just looking at it more from a political and social backdrop… And what John Voight had to say were heading down the street that has no name now.

We must not allow our nation to crumble. This is what they want to destroy America. Let me warn you all that we are in great danger if we fall under a Biden administration are state California is being ruled by a leftist mob himself. Gov. Newsom is taking away our freedom.

Your freedom is a disgrace to mankind he and his relative Nancy Pelosi, who was tried to bring prison Trump down Gov. Newsom has destroyed many lives of people who depended on their businesses and now he wants to shut down again is a lie. Like all the left that are trying to destroy the USA. I ask all to fight this battle now to get them all out. I've been attacked by my fellow peers saying I am preaching violence when the truth is they all are the left are burning and destroying our cities.

We are willing to fight for freedom and freedom to burn down our flag with Teresa Rupp with the glory of this land of the free, but the left are trying to stop these truths. Let us bring justice. But the truth show itself that prison Trump is the only man that can save this nation.

Let us fight this evil now right so not that's that's where I get concerned. That's where I say we hang on hang on. I'm with John Voight's warnings and concerns. California is a prime example. Absolutely I get I get it there that I get it read my book just bows North America. If you think I understand where our society could be had came out last year right if you nothing understand that reach any of hundreds and hundreds of articles that have written broadcast messages I get it I get it, but it is dangerous and idolatrous to think that Donald Trump is the only man who can save America. I'm not even talking about don't look to any man like that we should only look to the Lord in that way, the idea that there is there's not another leader in America, there is not another Christian in politics there is not another conservative with enough backbone. There is a man or a woman in America who can say they shown Donald Trump. That's wrong. First, it's factually wrong. And second, it's dangerously wrong in terms of an attitude now. John Voight is saying this as a strong conservative and and wanting to to push back in and obviously thinking there is fraud in the elections, etc. if he said between Biden and Trump was aborted for Trump okay. That may upset some of you because of all the supposed biota from openly and without hesitation.

And I've written even in recent weeks, explaining once again why so many evangelicals feel loyalty to Trump and finally feel someone's fighting for what's important.

Pushing back and standing up.

I get it. I really do my book evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the contest I heard from never Trump was read the book and said I would vote for Trump.

After reading it I get it friends the moment I talk about were putting too much trust in a minute.

You'll be shocked by the pushback I get all yeah I told him not even saying friends, something is wrong here. I hear on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown or there are many who are still hanging on believing that massive electoral fraud will be revealed okay so Mrs. complete the crazy everyone knows is not true of you say everyone knows it is true okay if I say if simply because we have not gotten a final resolution I get attack from both sides. How did you say if you give any credence route. How can you not embrace so because I have not been able to analyze data, firsthand, for myself, which is what I need to do a minute and speak with any authority on an issue. I don't have access to it.

I'm I'm not an expert in and in the subjects in terms of electoral fraud or how to analyze or saw see the evidence as to the arguments I see those dismissing it, I'm trusting that ultimately if there is fraud. With so much prayer for righteousness and and with ultimately trusting that judges will do the right thing when presented with evidence and after adjusting it that that will be justice okay that's what trust and if there is not been sufficient fraud to overturn election then that'll flush out.

That'll be seen as well.

That's my own view right so like to hear from both sides. That's fine that's fine just that.

Look, I'm a researcher okay I'm a preacher and teacher, but I dig a research study. Unlike its original sources. Understand find out. I don't have access to that in the situation. I read the same article see the same YouTube videos that you do. Alright so here's the thing. Let's say that you firmly believe that a Biden administration, not because Biden is the most evil man on the plan for just the way that Democrats are radically left, that you believe that that could really be dangerous for Merck, especially if that the two Georgia Senate seats go Democrat go the be little to stop the onslaught. Okay, let's see.

You believe that and I believe is real danger.

And you still think it's important Trump laws flaws and lying in whatever and throw people under the bus and saw he still that the better man by far because like a wedge in the door and stopped the door from slamming totally and giving the church for more years of arrest between wake up and seek the face of God and give ourselves to be commission glitzy. You believe that that was my philosophy in voting for Trump so you still hold to that today at NU sibilant Mike why you disheartening us what you Costley given these warnings about us putting too much trust in man what warrant warrant you constantly.

Some of the alarm about, it's because I know that if somehow by miracle. It seems like take a miracle mile, Trump is found to be the real winner of the election, that if we do not get this right.

It's going to be disaster if we do not stop looking to him the way we do, and justifying him the way we do and do not pray even harder for his deeper transformation. So the good he does will have less damage with a and that the church would not be known primarily as supporters Donald Trump of Moore's followers of Jesus we will get that right.

The former years of Donald Trump will not help us. So I'm saying may be the biggest thing holding back a Trump reelection is the church looking to him too much on try to help not hurt when I do. I looked at as if I don't mind and punishment give you some quotes in response to an article that I wrote this reminding us that we have only will the sub look I I heard a prayer meeting online prayer meeting using Psalm two.

The throes of the world rising up against the Lord's anointed its first application to the king like David, but it's a messianic Psalm, and applies to Jesus, the nations of the world rising up against the Lord and his anointed against the Lord and Jesus, God's son is appointed king in Jerusalem will rule over the nations, and that was praying with application to trump God's anointed. That's dangerous friends will no one really thinks she's not saying you think is Jesus. But when you pray messianic Psalms over Donald Trump. It's a big error. You may say well you not prophetic insight do I know the word you think of Scripture you think understand right application of Scripture quite so let's just see what were looking at from a prophetic perspective and thingamajig into issues how we sort this out take your calls as well. 866-34-TRUTH I've never met Pastor Greg Locke. He's got a good size church. I believe in the Lord, social media, following his Facebook videos are reviewed, multiplied millions of times he probably joyfully only the title of redneck. That's who he is but he has a chapter in the book I contributed to as well projector but I don't.

I don't know pesto I personally but this is a video he put out. Now he preface it by saying is just my opinion I just give you my opinion because it is for Facebook to settle bad or whatever.

37 fun with that but that he says have until his hundred percent let's let's listen to what he has to say. First, about the nature Trump's victory now about that.

It's a very strong opinion I think that 100% accurate opinion want to listen to me people are freaking out when we got Joe Biden has won the presidency because the Indiana nightly news on Fox news said so they called it too quick to what Fox News can call they can call the fact that they lost all their viewers because they become CNE and with no viewership whatsoever.

Thank God for America news network I got for Newsmax okay fox days are done. I never thought I would see the day that I would openly say that Fox News is trash but is 2020. So there's that. Now listen to me very, very closely. Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States will 100% remain the president of the United States for another term legs in genic.

He has single-handedly wanted the greatest landslide victory in the history of this nation. Joe Biden claims that he has the biggest landslide victory when in actuality, when all of this is totaled up to go to find out okay is what you find out Joe Biden lost by the biggest landslide lose in the history of our nation so Pastor Locke obviously speaks with some degree of hyperbole right now that Fox is no viewers etc. so up I was to be noticing.

I love the personality, the passion behind us when he says that when when everything's counted comfortable in the biggest landslide in the electoral history of I still get that point it. In other words, if fraud was proven demonstrably proven to overturn the results in Pennsylvania and Georgia and Nevada Arizona, Michigan, that there can be overturning of all the states and even if if many votes were taken away from by giving Trump is still will know where nearly be the biggest electoral victory going through some of the data that we wouldn't even near the top 10 and ending with popular vote. It would get nearly bit, but either way either way. That's that's really secondary. That's just how passionately pastor Locke sees things. He is speaking, along with many other respected men and women of God respected Christian leaders, people with solid track records.

He's saying loudly and playing these fist from a few days ago.

What many others are, since let's put a he's putting out. He's putting out all right. So here's a brother. I don't know him at all. Right. But here's a brother in the body. Putting this out. So I'm not playing this to make it look good or bad just is okay he is saying what many others say this is his clear prediction. I'm telling you Donald Trump with 100% accuracy in my opinion, ladies and gentlemen, must I get shadow Bay under my pay just about to take a wife has one single-handedly the presidency of the Isaacs America in the biggest landslide victory in the history of this nation. I'm telling you I'm not worried. I'm not fretting I don't have basketballs as authors are not to lose one second sleep over any other. Joe Biden didn't win is not the president. He will never be the president and come January 20 until you lobby when Beebe mingling winner winner chicken dinner.

Referring back to this video I can unashamedly and unapologetically tell you right your sickness from car Joe Biden lost, he did not win okay right so categorical.

And those are excerpts from a longer video which repeatedly say the same thing. So everything taken in context, right now some of you feel exactly the same way God did not say that to me… Tell me who would win the election right. Therefore, II cannot base anything and in Bales's work. Check out my latest article that deals in depth with the question of can we quote believe the prophets today and that if the prophets say it used to speaking as a pastor servant of God right. But if prophets say it in the agree together that we have to believe that the prophets say no that is a wrong application that is not a New Testament applications and Old Testament principal certain setting. It is not a New Testament principle I lay out why is someone that is taught prophetic ministry since the 80s. As someone who has worked with prophetic leaders for years and asked to mentor prophetic leaders are not is a misapplication all right but many if you feel like God told you the same thing right. You said I heard the exact same thing he heard I okay then this can happen then it's gonna happen. Correct. This can happen whether Mike Brown believes it or not I don't know I don't know, because God didn't tell me was can happen right and I can't base my life. My reputation was somebody else's. Nor can you base your zone what I'm telling you right so if those words are true, it's gonna happen.

Bank on it. Like he said you know he's not even stressed in the least not think twice about it.

He's 100% sure that Joe Biden will not serve as president, her sponsor is present in his next next ministration that will be Donald Trump coming argument. Inauguration Day was a generally 20th will be Donald Trump is hundred percent sure if God in fact spoke that this could happen.

Massive fraud will be uncovered and the courts will righteously this unfavored conference can happen and if not, there are no excuses to be made loading of the faith nonsense Prada nonsense all the judges are corrupt nonsense if it didn't happen. It's because God did not speak that Trump may have been the better choice. But we get to choose as Americans who are president is going to be so it's it's out there is black-and-white there is no ambiguity is good happen or not. If it happens wow when no one believes it seemed possible. These men held onto a word from Don while didn't happen. They spoke falsely on behalf of God either or. That said, this for cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown strings for again. I find it remarkable that when I raise concerns about this putting too much trust in a man.

People get furious with me. Tell me I'm not safe tell me I'm working for the devil you seriously want on the concern for me, like I get lied about attacked by the second. If I'm not get lied about attacked by somebody. I'm I'm not doing some right on concern for others. I'm concerned with the state of the body and play one more clip for you shortly. But I will only take you into an article that I wrote right and it's it's up on extremists. Elsewhere, Christian friends, remember there's only one Messiah. All right.

And, and I start if I send this little millions of Christians zealously support Donald Trump. None of them think the Trump died for their sins and rose from the day on the third day in that sense, none of them confused.

Trump is Jesus. At the same time, many Christians continue to exalt Trump and very unhealthy even messianic weights. Under no circumstances can this be for our good or the good of the nation.

Little of the transcript and for those who still believe that the election results will be overturned, the quicker we get rid of these messianic expectations and attitudes. The better but was up by some miracle, Trump serves another term. Now we better not look to him as some kind of messianic figure that alone can save America. Just today I heard a Christian leader apply some to the Donald Trump is Psalm two. A coronation Psalm that ultimately applies to Jesus includes these famous verses in which the Messiah recounts the decree that the Lord made over him. You are my son, today become your father asked me to give you the nations for inheritance. This was applied to comp in prayer so it's not only a blatant misuse of the Bible it said dangerous misuse. Under no circumstances should be put such trust in a man leaves God's anointed just like besides God's anointed Jesus was God's anointed news anointed for the moment we that you don't know you. Psalm two. You don't you Psalm to to pray for the president of and asked the question you understand why continue to shout from the rooftops. The compass on her Savior to understand why continue to be concerned about idolatrous attachment to him, go ahead and accuse me of virtue signaling of a coupon warning right now tens of millions of Americans, including many Christian service are more likely to question Crump appointed judges or Republican governors of the FBI or the Department of Justice or anyone Trump's doghouse before the question were the Trump says why what power does he exert that makes him the only one whose words we can trust, and does he have such a perfect record of always some truth and nothing but the truth these things concerning him as a Trump basher, but as a Trump supporter. They consume you some. It was also warned about the dangers of the radical left and is concerned about the real attack on our freedoms estimate who believes that Trump can be a bulwark against the left and its threats but I'm also concerned that four more years of Trump either. Now in 2024 will do tremendous harm if we look to him adoringly is the only man can save the nation and protect the church if we overlook his failings okay so you get an idea of what the articles about right. I lay it out. I lay out my ongoing support for Trump why voted for him. If you go back to November 3 a vote from once again. Okay versus Joe Biden the other candidates. This not the issue. All right Norm I saying that there's no fraud.

I don't know I seen strong evidence for absent strong reputation against so pray pray pray we should all pray God, a righteous outcome to the election.

We all every American that knows God should we all agree on that. Those who you voted for God and one a righteous outcome for the election. That's what we want. That's what we desire that so hard. We should all agree on that. Correct. Should we okay the one that Americans legally voted to have as our president should be our president, by all means pray absolutely absolutely but for writing that article. When we read some of the responses here. Oh let's see okay how about this one you're a loser that loves the attention attention Hort is the term, and you know how to get your way with your audience is kind of fun watching you fishing for what you want and see you getting it. I hope you enjoy whatever it is you're trying to accomplish, so I'm a loser and attention or God. That's for writing an article let's let's keep going about this. I will think any serious Christian needs being reminded of who Christ is, you are using leftist narrative suggesting our support for the president equates worship are you a leftist document that I'm saying that there is something that goes beyond support for the president that goes beyond healthy political support and becomes unhealthy devotion and is a God honoring jealous for his reputation person just for the reputation of the Lord.

I will sound the alarm when I see this so for doing that, I guess, leftist dude you see what kind of thinking were dealing with your friends. You see how dangerous things are becoming in the body.

That's why am speaking out again. I'm really as I don't care about being attacked or trust me. Ask your team asking close asked my wife Nancy as my kids as my grandkids as it was working me for decades, the way God wired me that the more attack that the more images and address. I get to stand for truth.

I'm remiss to say what has happened to the body of Christ was having to so many that when you say be careful.

Don't look to a man too much vote from supportive adult little man too much. He attacked as being a leftist and attention Hort. What all hang on. There's more about this time to let it go. We don't believe these are Messiah. I've never heard anyone say that those your words and is disappointed that you keep picking at this like a kid picked at a scab said no one is mistaking him for Jesus.

But when you pray messianic Psalms over the president and when you say he's the only one who can save the free world, then you're putting too much trust in a man, and I won't let go of it. As long as God keeps prompting me in the need is here. You may not like me. For now, but you'll thank me for later. Oh another quote about this. You have came to Jezebel's witchcraft as Sartre so the author of the book Jezebel's war with America.

I have caved to Jezebel's witchcraft. There was a gentleman who says a lot about putting people's names and can someone embarrass them further publicly right buddy buddy Jezebel was in idol worship, a fanatical worshiper and I am warning against idolatry in the church so I said hey read the book Jezebel's North America.

This same brother also accuse me of supporting abortion and radical leftist agenda for warning against putting too much Trump trust in Trump about this. Your book your opinion so you claim to know Christ and do his work, but you're nothing but a manipulator and a professor of witchcraft. This is sick stuff. God have mercy on this, but this is sick stuff you should repent and come out of covenant with the Absalom spirit James, we will not many of you should become teachers by fellow believers, because you know you teach will be touch for strictly buddy, you better watch your comments on social media because you have to give account for every word give or count as a teacher in the body part one of the hats I wear this teacher. The body, but you give account for every word father from the heart to forgive him for his comments, and others made ridiculous comments this this is dangerous. This is what now you understand why I'm saying the things that absent couple more coats to go to your your calls, you're missing the whole point and should not be speaking against the prophets of God. Shame on you for society with the globalist New World order. Hannah how my speaking against the prophets, do the prophets say that we should worship competent idolatrous way that the prophets say that we should pray messianic Psalms over trouble if anyone said that then Yama Pozen. These are friends of mine colleagues of mine. God may have spoken to them the trouble be reelected and speak that to me how my side with the globalist New World or I to see how people not even thinking rationally and think what happened to you is to be rational person. You see, so we have a conversation with an end and interact and have differences, but not now. No, don't dare speak against the anointing of God, Donald J.

Trump is it speaking against him, to remind us not to put messianic trust in him is it speaking against him remind us that is just a man and is one of many people, like I can raise up and use as a speaking against him to say with the greatest on this collateral damage all happen about this one.

One more one more euro. Dr. Brown your destruction to the body of Christ. You might use such titles to increase your views but nevertheless you also bring your destruction to your ministry God cannot be mocked. You cannot keep on knocking billions of Christians pray: first Timothy to so versus billions of her there may be 2 billion Christians in the world billions of Christians pray: first Timothy two. What I'm agreeing with that prayer.

First Timothy two. We pray for leaders to be safe so we can live peaceful godly lives in all godliness and honesty you keep on knocking billions of Christians pray: first Timothy two and expect to get away with it. You obviously have this hate for Dante Trump Jesus. It was God's sickness disturbance or you are friends and have a creditor may the Lord help you to get a grip on yourself and to to get a grip on truth and to get a grip on reality is not hatred for the president when I say he is a flawed human being is not hatred for the president to say I voted for him. I support him. He exceeded my expectations.

That's why voted for him without hesitation.

Just a few weeks ago is not hatred to say, do not look to him as the savior of America do not look to him as the only one who can deliver us from that the attack of the left. Be careful not to put too much trust in him as God's anointed. That's not hatred that's love say Mike you worked up. I am grieved over the nonsense in the body of Christ.

I am grieved when people read my article. Following read it and then post you need Jesus you need to get saved grieves me when they start their comments as Christians was shot up that grieves me. Fort Sam for the body of Christ that I've served from us 50 years.

It grieves me and then you have all these other Christians who love Jesus and can vote for Trump in there looking think what has happened to these people. What is happened on the green for me. Let me say again, this is nothing this lovely lease that death wishes which we get all the time.

Okay, this is nothing. This grieves me for the state of the body, you better believe and that he speaking you better believe him and keep raise my voice. I believe I'm not going away on this, especially Trump as he miraculously reelected now, or gets four more years in 2024. You better believe I'll be shouting from the rooftops.

Do not put your trust in a man both your conscience-agenda you believe you not put this kind of trust in a man is wrong while it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and that generally speaking, the Bible that with all the prophets agree there wrong and it's the one going against the that's right discover interesting phenomenon know that when you go through Israel's history. That's because they were soft and false prophets of the wrong side. Now you've got people who love the Lord. Friends of mine people at that God-fearing people who've heard the voice of the Lord many times and seen amazing things all believe the same thing with trumping reelected. So either those words can prove true or not and he signaled about maybe they're saying now processing be 2024 will all the more. Do not base decisions on those words because they see through a glass darkly right.

Let's go. The phones thanks for your patience in holding a court in Springfield, Missouri. Welcome to the broadcast Dr. Brown. I really appreciate your greatly thank you sir about a very important question first William 520 and 21 movies and 23.2 and the question before will before I go on I wanted to tell you. You've been a great resource for man what a different topic, really appreciate you think that I also deeply grieved by this what I see in the church with anything with your thick and I'm also a charismatic got the means that I believe in prophecy for today not exclusive to the Old Testament, but it is the church for today however prophets can be wrong. There can be false prophecy. Just as there could be true. What I've seen and given the ecosphere that we have here wonderful, wonderful brothers in the Lord just on fire for the Lord Jesus love the Lord, you through our prayer meeting at work here in the community. We really grown a lot in the Lord, but would trump a lot of these wonderful wonderful things of the Lord put into our ecosphere starting to fill being ready for persecution, being bold, rising up, being silent, no longer stick taking a stand and all these things are wonderful things, but I believe the got perverted trump and so people feel on fire for Jesus bold is great to their yeah but the boldness for troubled daughter question I have is this a lot I cannot but took to make a concise first Thessalonians 520.

Much of this in the charismatic movement. You and I are in lives there so much opposition to you people as myself and start know that we are despising prophecy is so salute.

Let's start south and yeah and then we dive dive interested to focus on the point and I appreciate that the comments of number one, we are told. First Thessalonians 5.

The prophecies can continue. There was nowhere does Paul say that it was letters the by the way, I'm telling you that you will stop this practice at a certain point first 2013. Turley misused in that regard. So he tells us several things don't turn out the right don't despise prophecy, so obviously there is something in the nature prophecy people could despise. Don't despise prophecy. Test everything. Hold fast that which is good first principle. Prophets do not leave the church. Prophetic voices are part of the body part of leadership teams, but they do not lead to church so the words are spoken than they are to be evaluated by others. Test everything. Hold fast to the good. Now how does that work out when you have so many prophets. The leading charismatic prophets, all saying Trump would be reelected. None saying Biden would be elected, all saying it would happen and and and not that it would happen, but it would be stolen by fraud. That would have the effect of a click. Now I'm a little of be able to get to it. But with one prophetic leader after another CBN put this out and it was Pat Robertson saying it unequivocally without impossible question, Trump obstinately went, what if it doesn't happen.

What if in fact generate 20 is Joe Biden is inaugurated as our next president. I'm really talking with senior leaders in the body that we must gather together with key prophetic voices with other leaders, charismatic world, even on charismatic world to sit down together and to sort this out because obviously the words were wrong.. There is no equivocation.

They were wrong when plaintiff wouldn't believe it will any profit could use that as an excuse know the Lord showed me that you're going to be miraculously healed tomorrow at this time and nothing happens. Well, you didn't have enough faith. That's what will then put that condition out.

Then they lay all that out first so that's what we have to say it unequivocally and then there'd have to be number one real re-examination of the role prophetic ministry within the church member to a formal apology written to the church as a whole and to enter Americans from watching this.

And then thirdly real contrition to understand why this happened and and help now let's say the words prove true. Let's say, amazingly, they prove true. I am not saying they're not true I'm think I just never spoke to me personally about it. Either way, I if they are true, amazing, wonderful, but we still need to process how we do things because things are out of order right now is of prophetic words lead the church and that's not the way that we handle. But either way, we still recognize prophetic ministry is really beautiful. We just have to put it in its proper place. A thank you for the call. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Fred in Richmond Virginia. Thanks for calling the line of fire got drunk, they take my call real quick.

I just want to say I support you completely and I'd probably be disappointed if you had any other view than what you're hearing, and along with that hello had yeah know that LOL I bet people at the you if your child grew up looking at our president, which I support them but yet as a role model would you want your child grew up to be like him no and I certainly would not answer. In other words, yet in other words, sir, that you see that he can do good. That's what you voted for him and support him.

But there are other aspects that you feel are can have a negative impact to say that is the start of an ugly singer hateful thing. Fred it's it's not a II appreciate the good word and that you expect me to do what I'm doing. By the way Daniel to answer your comment on Facebook what I draw attention to the extreme attacks of number one because they we get them all the time when we address issues like this and they are quite representative see one of my draw attention to those that agree we should use missing sobs because your great because that's what my articles about we agree, but you'll see that the overwhelming majority of comments take issue with the whole point and try to bring and misunderstand the reason for and then the extreme ones get a lot of support so we have to delete discussed are too ugly and we did on the other kids against me, but we don't have a forum where we allow for that number is that we provide a former people can can speak to one another in terms like this that's that's an appropriate but I'm drawing attention to these extremes because they're very present their very relevant. Yet, my concern about the great recently.

I know all about that.

Been reading about a shocking we would Trump do a better job against them by now absolutely sure thing. The reason I vote for busy little to do with putting idolatrous trust a man and turns a blind eye to the damage it's done.

And if it will get this right friends is danger of I'd let's go back to our friend big Mo in Raleigh how you doing that very go there with the way you try and navigate this very difficult. First of all, God of the neotropical or Biden to accomplish his purpose.

Number two I think we hold many movies, politics with the gospel. Right now the gospel is running second place early hours say I got one other thing. Wherefore torso slaveowner bowed Democrat Republican third candidate all right in no here suspended are used to not vote for Donald Trump by weight-loss election.

Both times, but the people rejected him twice, okay (verse six God's sake REH all said, but he saying about. I hate her arrogant product person. I hate a lot. I'm tall. I want to start this court.

I hate one who rose to Mr. Berggren prophets were among the biggest Mr. right now but on the slide that so far is about 0.25 I kick a person like that I couldn't trust my business. I will leave my family with those pounds letter to I want to buy running my church.

That way, and I want my daughter learn some barter with those those are not for me. I know the court that it did, but we will lose this whole thing we call this experience of democracy. If we run worktop again. God does not like ugly and he's got a lot of ago, you'd always risen to a cultural called to tell you. Number one the first warning to the church also dinner but it won't lose it, fine, go it would go to the next one that extended your fire serpent. Skinheads KKK anti-Jewish people. You might want to take a look at Bennett's at work we do this… This researcher hate listen I got a run.

That's why jumped in the degree that were mixing gospel politics France it's more intense than you realize. And please can you have respect for my brother who points to things God hates in Proverbs 6 you got hate shedding of innocent blood that he hates lying tongues and arrogance and pride. They're all destructive. That's why we try to draw attention to them and I know all kinds of people who associate with KKK on one side note, the Black Panthers, on the other. Please year's earnings being raised by God-fearing people in my case some of you voted for Trump the close of

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