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Contemporary Prophetic Ministry: Proper Use and Abuse

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 24, 2020 4:30 pm

Contemporary Prophetic Ministry: Proper Use and Abuse

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 24, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/24/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Scott, still speaking through prophetic voices today.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends, this is Michael Brown and we got a special teaching broadcast today. This is one of the shows will be dig into the word in response to some questions you've posted online, but I will not be taking calls right now I want to timestamp. This for you. All right this is airing live on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It is a travel day for me. After finishing teaching in Texas so the show is being prerecorded on one week earlier on Monday, so that is Monday, November 16 know what I say that because between Monday, November 16 and Tuesday, November 24, there may be some major changes in the outcome of the elections. It may be absolutely sealed that Jovan is a legitimate winter things. Maybe in the process of being overturned. The trunk is legitimate winter. A chorus of profits across the nation and even other nations have been saying consistently that Donald Trump would be reelected in 2020 will they be vindicated, or will they be humiliated. These are questions that by the time this airs there may be answers to. But everything I'm teaching today about profits and prophetic ministry remains the same, everything, and I'm teaching today remains just as true, regardless of how things shipped in other words, by God's grace because this is a Scripture based broadcast it, it will age well I'm not making predictions.

I'm simply looking at scriptural principles. Now what I want to do is this.

I want to lay out the purpose of prophetic ministry today why I'm convinced by Scripture. It continues in our day and then go through purposes of prophetic ministry potential abuses for those that want to scan is now Dr. Brown come on, you should've been hitting on this before all paleness for years I taught on prophetic ministry for many many years.

Going back to the mid-1980s, and then opening up that the books of the prophets in adult Sunday school classes going back to the to the late 70s before that early 80s just opening up the Scriptures or with the Scripture say about profits in the specifically New Testament prophetic ministry house different than all the minimum a claim with holy fire. II have a chapter on mercenary profits in the chapter on uncountable profits. So trust me, these are issues that I have dealt with as a leader in charismatic church and as someone who loves the word and loves the spirit. But let me lay out first why I believe from Scripture that prophetic ministry continues until this day and then talk to some of the issues that have come up with prophetic ministry in 2020. I know of no major prophetic voices that were clearly prophesying culvert before he came are never the people eternal that had a dream previously, but in terms of major prophetic voices.

No one that I know prophesied that it was coming, and then there were others that said it would dissipate by mid April around Passover season, that clearly didn't happen. I mean their concerns about Thanksgiving their concerns about Christmas gatherings and things of that. Yes, some of it could be overreaction, but much of it is legit. We lost a couple of friends. One of the 60s when the 70s COBIT we've had another in his 40s was in ICU somewhere romantic and slightly dismayed all the lockdowns and in all ladder all the mask and everything. Is this a bottle. I follow the rules were rabbits at simple but there were no major profits warning about coal becoming and then there were certainly some major prophetic voices that got things wrong about Kobe dissipating and now there's the potential most prophetic force being wrong about Trump.

What if there right does that mean we just believe. With this in the future, so will sort all this out all right. I think you find it helpful of us could ask the second chapter asked the second chapter when the Holy Spirit has been poured out all right and and and the the hundred 20 or speaking new languages. Gets up and uses this is what was spoken to the prophet Joel many quotes from Joel 217 but he adds in the words in the last days. Joel said after this right Peter answer the words in the last days the as those words into, say, the time that were living in is the time of this great final outpouring obviously expands through the church age until Jesus returns in the last days which we live in today.

God says I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even in my servants, both men and women. I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy what days the last days and this is the error in which we live.

We are living in the last days in which sons, daughters, and prophesy.

In other words, it will be ubiquitous and will just be on a handful people here will there right now. Let's take a look in prescriptions chapter 14 verse 20 and 14 Paul is dealing with the outworking of the various gifts and and manifestations of the spirit. The car is matzoh the empowerment's of the spirit. Many mentions there's times there's healing these miracles, but there's also prophecy explains the use of prophecy does nowhere it says is, stop, and he says this in verse 31 prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort someone speaks in a tongue speaking between them and God their building up their own spirits to being edified the speaking mysteries in spirit, which is wonderful. That's why pulses later in the chapter. I speak in tongues more than all of you, but in terms of public ministry said no. One prophesies speaks to people for the strength and encouragement company towards the general role of prophetic words in the New Testament because anyone can potentially prophesied is to strengthen and encourage comfort God's people. All right now, if we go down in the chapter will see this are that Paul says in in verse 20 scatter in front of us in verse 26, 23 of the whole church comes together, everyone speaks in tongues and inquires from believers come in. Will they not sit or drag your mind, but if an unbeliever when inquiry comes in while everyone is prophesying there convicted of sin and brought under judgment. I will is the secret to the hearts are laid bare to the fallout of worship.explain God is really among you. So, prophetic ministry does not just encourage buildup.

That's the general rule but also as the word speaking truth always prints revealing things to prophetic ministry and we such as preaching, such as preach and teach the word season inspired words not adding to the Bible, not not giving foundational doctrine or or foundational truths about who Jesus is.

All right, but simply laying out what the Holy Spirit is saying to us now. It could be a directive thing of the job or difficult situation, or maybe her morning and hurting in the Holy Spirit is a word of comfort to some of the Seminole you, but also the Holy Spirit can reveal sin in the lives of nonbelievers or others in December about Seesmic relation of the reality of God because once they form their faces and worship that let's look at the end of first currencies chapter 14 the end of the first Corinthian's 14 pulses.

This is how he ends the chapter all the way down verse 37 uses this if anyone thinks their profit or otherwise gifted by the spirit with them acknowledge what I'm writing to is the Lord's command that families and ignores as they themselves would be ignored there for my brothers and sisters, be eager to prophesy Jennifer but speak in tongues, but everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way now here's the deal even write anything after that, telling us to to not do that. He never said don't be you to prophesy at a certain point and and you say about but when the perfect comes this one yet when Jesus returns and we see him face-to-face. Then they'll be no more need for prophecy or for for learning is his knowledge will cease the part numbers we will need to be known, try to figure out what the Bible say about certain things. Little Sam face-to-face at that point now more passage you want to look at Ephesians chapter 4 Ephesians the fourth chapter of Paul begins dealing there with the Ascension gifts that Jesus, when he ascended to heaven gave gifts to men.

And if we go down to verse nine.

What is he ascended mean except that he also descendents of Laura earthly Regency who descended is the very one who ascended higher than all the heavens in order to fill the whole universe to Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets evangelist the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service of the body of Christ may be built up to all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the son of God and become mature, attending to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in a deceitful scheming instead speaking the truth in love will grow to become in every respect mature body of him who is the head as Christ Messiah from him the whole body drugged and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work and here's the question. These are here apostles, not just the 12 others in the New Testament called apostles like Barnabas and others, prophets, evangelist pastors, teachers, to equip his people for works of service of the body Messiah may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and knowledge of the son of God become mature, attending to the whole measure of the fullness of the site so as we step back and think about that passage as you so have we reached that point yet. I have we reached that point of maturity and unity not being tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.*No, that's why I take the Bible for what it says prophecy will continue until Jesus returns that during the last days the Holy Spirit will be poured out. Prophecy will be ubiquitous.

First Thessalonians 5 tells us not despise prophecies. Test everything. Hold fast that which is good also says don't put out the Spirit's fire I dump out the spirits far not despise prophecies near the hand test everything.

Hold fast to the good for scripting's 14 sister three prophets beat the others weigh carefully when on the Old Testament now where profit is it Israel you must leave this region all go here because an earthquake is coming and if you you were God-fearing person you believe the profit they were proven person enrollment when not in that situation today. Prophets don't have that role. They don't have that authority because we each have a relationship with God were each indwelt by the Holy Spirit. We each have the Scriptures we should each have discernment, so if if someone came in here some of that that was proven with excellent track record for many years and they said you gotta get out of this building. I'm telling you the Lord warned me this can be the attack on the spelling. You gotta get out of this building and we got 20 workers in this building. I that and and and we all know the Lord, and if this person is never been wrong in all the years I've known them that I would expect that at that moment among us there be a witness in our own spirits that this is real warning and and read read Ron but if none of us have a witness to it. If all of us fell clearly, everything's fine here. There were not to disbelieve the prophet says that's not how it functions in the New Testament, and yet prophetic ministry continues to say he was once as in the past God spoke to the prophets now through some will hang on. He was what was written during the time of a lot of prophetic activity in the New Testament was it was negating that the Holy Spirit is still speaking, the prophets, rather the final revelation came through the son, and all prophecies go point to him. Revelation 1910, in the end.

Not every specific prophecy, but in the end, the goal of prophecy. The essence of the prophetic spirit is the testimony of Jesus. In the end, prophets are jealous for the glory of God turn our hearts the one true God, and the one true in Florida right to practice more and answer some of your social media questions the regular error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown-thanks for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you if I said a friend instead of a frenzy that was for you individually. Okay all serious snit all seriousness, dear friends, it is great to be with you know having to live daily radio for 12 years and then preach thousands of times in obviously you know you you you slip up in a word you say something wrong and then it's funny as I listen to something may happen to catch something or or some assessment question. I'm going back to an old show or an old message or by deception here and play. I almost invariably remember this is right. I slipped up here.

I got that wrong there but you could you could put together this little video of the bloopers all right be I just inspired some hyper critic to do that. Will you have a great time. All right, I'm not taking calls today, but an important announcement do you get my emails we send out about three a week. Do you get my emails. Not sure you probably don't take a moment go to my website Esther SK dear and use your right on the homepage sign for the emails just take a few seconds just need your email address first and last name. You don't need to address them and put out whatever info you want, that's fine, but but sign up you give them a really neat free mini book and e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah real eye-opener and then every week you'll get our Wednesday watchlist so it's all the new videos for the week we put out 600 videos this year, including a radio broadcast of course, but each week special teaching videos Q&A video. See how important one place and on Friday we can round up another write five articles a week op-ed pieces of things to get the summary to find out what's going on and then early Monday or Tuesday will have a special announcement may be special research packets may be something important is going on. You should know about.

So make sure you sign up today. All right also have a week if we get shut down social media. If we lose our platforms because of the controversial stance we take at least we can stay in touch with right all right so a few points go to some your questions about prophetic ministry today.

I will reiterate that that the New Testament church is not led by prophets, prophets are part of the fivefold ministry similar circles of the Windows pastor as it pastors everything and everybody was shepherds play a very important role in every leader should have some level of shepherd's heart pastors are not anointed to do the work of evangelists the way of Angeles can do it. We should all do the work of evangelists in leadership and reach out with your anointed evangelists and there are some pastors who are more gifted teachers than others of the lease will be up to teach us. Some have strong prophetic insight, but not the way prophets would some have citywide pioneering vision but not the way apostolic people would in fact if you have large citywide pioneering vision. You may have apostolic calling.

We need to appreciate the different aspects of the ministries the guns put in the body, such as one person does everything, and everything hinges on them will be in balance. Whichever it is, if all leaders were just evangelists. We have no discipleship in teaching process to teach we have we have no no evangelism from just a prophet when his shepherding.

So each aspect of ministry is important, but in the New Testament… Again. Prophets do not lead the church. Therefore, if there were prophetic voices that were considered leading voices and in your congregation or in your city and your denomination. They all felt the Holy Spirit was saying the same thing that would be for the other leaders. The other coleaders.

The other team leaders to say amen we believe with this is what the Holy Spirit saying the New Testament is not led by prophets is not their role in and if you want to have that role. If you say no, God is giving the actual words in these words carry divine authority. All right, then you're missing it stoned to death those if you want to function like an Old Testament prophet and you have to take the test of an Old Testament prophet. So second Chronicles 2020 we heard a lot this year 2020. We, the prophets, and you prosper. That is not a generalization, nor is that for prophets to tell her who I believe the prophets all right, rather that is King Jehoshaphat after that the prophets had spoken a word of encouragement. He then is the king center-right trust God, believe the prophets will succeed.

They said go for really go for it was the king who then told the people to go for not the prophets themselves. You can see the danger of prophet, saying, trust us were prophets. You see the danger right because their claim uniquely to hear from God. And again I leave prophetic ministry today.

I've heard the voice of the spirit given me prophetic words for people that receive supernatural words and I know similar friends following ways. If you know if you saw the stories or in the meetings you in tears worshiping the Lord and blown away by his goodness so not diminishing prophetic mission same things are out of place, out of line. The way they're coming forward.

The way they're being processed and then needs to be some major correction within the charismatic church is just rather not have it. Why the Holy Spirit working why not have it in their many glorious Jesus exalting testimonies, why not have it. Why deny what Scripture says should be the norm for day was a speaker to prophesy. Why walk away from it because of abuses. That's why offices don't despise it. I'd rather have the gifts in operation and then you correct abuses. The not in operation at all. I think his brother Andrew Sue said that that it's easier to cool down a fanatic than to warm up a corpse room in the words of Ecclesiastes and the living dog is better than a dead lion right so you can make application according what about numbers 13 and in numbers 13 Joshua and Caleb come back with the other 10 spots of the 12 spies in the 10 spies given negative report they wanted to just buy the land of Canaan and he said we can take the land with their giants that we can take the land and then the two said we can take the land we can take on it but the people believe the 10 that the two said he died the wilderness. Some are sensitive after believe the prophets are indictable, spiritually speaking, we have to believe the prophets in and not listen to the media and the 10 and the others you know believe the two rather than the 10 believe the one saying we can take the land in this case believe the one thing trumps you to be reelected and content for that rather than believe all the negative reports and it's over in the medias crown. Biden's next door announced Biden's present etc. against misapplication of the text, God did not tell Joshua and Caleb as prophets tell the people you will take the land in this generation.

Rather God-given promises to Israel. They could take the land that they believe in Joshua Kelson.

We believe the word of the Lord during speaking there as prophets as much a saying we where we believe God can happen. Okay God did not tell them your generation will take the land and and but if you don't believe I never will happen. That's not what happened.

He said you can take the land and they suggest we can we can and the others didn't believe it. So they die in the wilderness in the next generation how to do it.

It's a misapplication. It is is no direct application today other than God's given your promise hold to it does give me a promise altered if the Holy Spirit spoke to my own heart trouble be reelected, and seemed everything was against it that I be crying out.

What about your promise. What about your cross. He didn't speak that to me on the other hand, I don't know that that was not what God spoke. So what I have earnestly done this is urgent will and contend the legato you're listening to this on Tuesday the 24th is a recording and some days earlier.

If you listen to this on Tuesday the 24th. Some of what I'm saying about the election may be moved. All right, but what I want you here. Is this I'm not encouraging unbelief among Turgeon presumption encouraging face in God. What do I know God is all-powerful God has a plan God hates corruption, fraud, deception, he hates it when people believe lies sold compass lying about fraud and millions of people believing that God hates that, or if there is been fraud perpetrated against the president in an election stolen God hates that so I can pray God bring about your will bring about your will, for the present United States bring about your will for 2021 exposed corruption exposed rock exposed to see and I encourage others to pray the sale my cultivating unbelief cultivating phase in God. Okay, another thing another thing. God is not the author of confusion was that mean, what doesn't mean that there will be confusion. As a result of the Holy Spirit ministry by which I mean that when the Holy Spirit was poured out asked to. There were some who said this is God we hear the praises of God in our language, and others said drunk was prophesied over Jesus by Simeon Luke two 3435 and is just a baby that he was appointed for the falling and rising of many in Israel is that the thoughts of many hearts would be revealed. So when Jesus comes on the scene.

The thoughts of hearts revealed when the Holy Spirit is poured out like an revival. The thoughts of hearts or revealed because of the author of confusion, meaning he wants me through brother, a and say the Lord says it will rain tomorrow by umbrellas and then speak through sister, be saying, the Lord said they'll be no rain for the next 30 days sell your umbrellas desire to do that exam speak to contradictory words to two different people. So when you have the situation now way. A large number of prophetic voices and I probed any major national prophetic voices that you're aware of the prophesied a Biden victory answer is no. Everyone you know prophesy the trunk victory.

Yes well is gonna happen, or there is been mass deception. There is been mass given over to a partisan political spirit or something is not just a bunch of guys guessed wrong. Okay because it's too unanimous and that's what we have to sort out first Kings 22 all the false prophets were given a false word is only one true prophet or the real word of the Lord, and of course was a negative word all the prophets I go cocky you can do this you can do this. They were they were yes-men to the king.

They were false prophets and received a false word was today. There people that I know God-fearing love Jesus people the word people live wholly consecrated lives take very seriously. Being in ministry, that of all said that the trunk would be reelected if he is that cruise the rehearsal, the Lord, that doesn't mean that the way things, how does the right thing necessarily right for their all wrong in which case man is in the mass, the accountability within harassment right will be right back with your request. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends online to find Michael Brown delighted to be with you not taking your calls. This is a travel day for me after teaching in Texas before Thanksgiving I was so when I come your way live with. This is a teaching broadcast getting into prophetic ministry for today. Let me say that if the Holy Spirit shows us things to come. There's always a reason for have a whole article that I wrote about that a few days back little over a week ago explained that the essence of prophetic ministry is ultimately the testimony of Jesus. Revelation 1910 at and that God is jealous for his glory.

So the prophetic ministry will take us away from looking at man worshiping man and get us to looking at God and worshiping God in and of course will expose sin and and cost repentance, but with a horse break his future information is happens often in the New Testament. There's always a reason for another words, prophets and glorified fortunetellers whose can win the Super Bowl use can win the election. Hey what can happen in the stock market that that's not the way the Holy Spirit works so when X11 prophets prophesy coming famine to the believers take up a collection to help the poor saints in Jerusalem asked 20 and 21 are constant prophecies to Paul about the dangers that await them intrusive so be prepared and okay you do this you never coming back and and and then other things. Luke 22 when Jesus is a prophetic word to Peter that he's can be sifted by Satan is going to fail but when his heart is turned back, encourage the brothers are itself hit rock bottom. Remember, he had that word in Jesus revenue to mess up but he season, let's get back up on the other side of this. So if this future information given. There is a reason for it. Sometimes it can to confirm something in your heart you know it's it's to confirm a calling in your life in which you be stepping into a certain point, but the levels of specific words of seen and heard over people of the years of just been staggering.

So I know the Holy Spirit speaks in this way, but I don't believe that prophets are modern day glorified fortunetellers and we just sit around and ask you what you see coming in the future. The only reason to know that is because something important is tied in with that knowledge.

He does confirm something would help us prepare was make decisions or glorify God in a certain way. All right, we are to submit your questions posted on Twitter. Starting with Kevin is the gift of prophecy does exist in an authentic prophecy which reveals the future is true in our contemporary times. What would be the suitable example to portray this well you not.

I look at the prophecies about trump being elected president of even before he he primary in 2015. I would look at people who were speaking of his profit of his presidency several years before that and then comparing it to Cyrus.

A figure in the Old Testament who didn't know God was an idol worshiping person king but God raised up to do good to the Jewish people in Jerusalem so blasé. I'm on call you.

You don't know me as a 45 that would be an example of something seem completely outlandish but God use that to get our attention say hey hey there's something to this. There's something to this.

Now here's the deal.

Could it be that some of the same prophets who receive revelation the first time is now been presumptuous the second time always can happen the same way the second time or is that an insult to their integrity and sure enough it happens it will what if it happens that trumps reelected, but is 2024. If that's the case then perfect illustration of why prophets don't lead the church because prophetic language is not always like newspapers. In fact, is normally not list to be interpreted this to be understood is read the prophetic books of the Bible right out of the book of Revelation in the New Testament right so that the point is that sometimes timing is often. That's why things have to be submitted for others to judge as well.

Okay Rachel who's responsible to call out those the prophetic movement were not accurate. Reglan character issues. We did not submit their words to the prophets for judgment before broadcast of the world via social media, that's the problem. Rachel that we don't have like a Knesset is the right way.

Okay, we don't have a hierarchical system or at the least, a recognized leadership government for charismatics across the board, not list those out if you're in the Catholic Church have a certain hierarchical system which I reject Scripture numbers I don't I don't believe that you have the Pope and the Cardinals, the bishops and priests and and and the laity. I will see that all we have one body roll brothers and sisters equals in the Messiah God. This race of different leaders were different purposes, so I'm not looking for a hierarchical structure, but rather will we do have a denomination that covers everybody an outsider. If you are Catholic. If you're Greek or Russian Orthodox you have your denominations, but otherwise among the different groups of Baptists and the difference Pentecostals the different groups of Episcopalians and Presbyterians of you have all these different denominations, but with our movement. We have a tot of independent churches. I don't mean independently and arrogantly not part of denominations.

A ton of independent churches, a ton of independent ministries and what has to happen because of that, is that respected fathers. Respected elders have to come together and call for accountability. That's what has to happen. Those who are recognized and widely respected in the body and get it. It may be certain groups here. Certain groups here.

You may have groups that are divided along ethnic or racial lines because that's where they travel more and speak more. So they recognize leaders there.

Ideally, you have a coalition of multiethnic, multiracial coalition America worldwide be amazing, but just America of a respected leaders, fathers who can then bring some level of accountability notes, not a matter of stowing people is not a matter of crucifying someone for one mistake, but if there's a pattern of error and it certainly going character deficiencies or a something serious not not something minor that happens, you just discovered your interacting with us and arresting us a little too friendly and I will do that. And the more you get that right before God and man. And that's and that's a dominant time of adultery in timeout.

Persistent things are going on over period of years and not repented of whatever the cases are most people should be removed for Mr. with you have the power to remove them at some of their own boards which you can do is publicly blacklist me, that's what we did with the situation with the charismatic minister last year that there was a public blacklisting or early this year, actually, is what happened early 2020.

This public blacklisting.

So to the extent the leaders involve more risk will respected then to that extent it. It hurt that person's credibility. But we have to do this in local church level citywide level national level and and whichever way the elections go.

I believe it's critically important that we move in that direction.

Thomas is modern prophecy too focused on self-promotion, making you look important to attract followers than bringing the word of God. Thomas honestly that can be the case with any minister or ministry I care Sarah pastors are growing their social media base getting more people follow them. So the new book will be a bigger hitch evangelistic ministry teaching ministry. I mean, you couldn't. You could raise that question about any type of ministries.

It's a temptation that the temptation be popular more than to take than the calling to be obedient. The temptation to make money rather than serve others is the fleshly temptations that the word warns against from beginning to end the way of Baylon being known as the way of greed for profits. Again, I can happen to anyone in happiness and call them to a Christian business that you supposed to be in the business world to be a witness to the business people and to raise money for missions. Instead, you end up just getting rich and carnal and and not witnessing and not giving the money were supposed to go so there always those temptations and I I would not say that the majority of people that I know doing prophetic ministry fall in that category, but I'm sure some would dislike others would who are not prophets today and I I do make an important point. If someone claims to to prophesy for the Lord going to be speaking words from the Lord and they are proven to be false. In other words, they are Christians there believers there disciples but they are in error and their prophecies. I don't call them false prophets. I know many do, but I don't because in the Old Testament, false prophets were deceivers that led the people away from our in the New Testament, Matthew 13 Jesus warns against false prophets and says their wolves in sheep's clothing. Just like in second Corinthians 1113 to 15. Paul warns against false apostles and says that their servants of Satan second Peter 21 Peter was against false teachers and says the ring in damnable heresies, so Matthew 17 in verse 13 Jesus warns against false prophets as the wolves in sheep's clothing. So I would call the false prophets, but I would say there prophesy falsely should not be regarded as prophets.

Andres, this is obviously a different different subject of your books, especially a number never issued the right to us.

It was that info asked Dr. Brown the Lord, we can tell you which ones are in Spanish on Jared what you think of Pastor Dana's dreams. So Pastor Dana coverts and a cover stone circuit that the exact last name. I watched some videos not all in full. I don't doubt that he's sharing the truth from his own expense. In other words when he says. Missions by Colby medicines that he shared it with elders and others.

I have no reason to doubt also take a man's word. One reason being in the hallway. The videos recorded was preaudit. I think the last thing in his moms that this can go viral and get hundreds of thousands of views but he had warns about September 1 about November.

You know, basically ones brace yourself what's coming.

My response was a lid braced I would braced those who will be the expect increasing persecution, you do expect increasing shaking Esther expect increasing outgoing spirit. Yes southern braced so we shall see.

I didn't have reason to doubt him but didn't change my lifestyle or attitude at all is a lid braced Tim should contemporary prophets be held accountable if so, how right so this ties and of course with with the question that were addressing, yes, they should be held accountable in the local church with their with the words are tested and if there was not come to pass. The words mislead if the words are inaccurate in terms of factual information, then the other leaders need to set that person down, and if there blue if it's believe there is some gift they are some calling there than have to find out why this person is in error in the flesh, make mistakes if it's clear that this person is not called prophetically that it should be told this zip it, and if the person continues they should be marked as divisive.

It's nose continues after not eating the words of leaders and such a person could really do damage.

Draw people after themselves I could be there prophesy in truth and exposing sin and people want to hear it, in which case they may get rejected and hated and persecuted on some level within the risk.

Accountability means before I believe prophecy number two you explain to approximate. One can have all the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I want to open up a very important principle of a prophetic ministry and go back to your question. One of my friends years ago was in a church where suddenly there were some amazingly accurate detail prophetic words that I I mean someone calling him the night after we had a very vivid and intense dream and talking about the dream he had the night before and and what is the guy brings it up to him. He had this dream last night you drop this and this and here's the significance of I'm crazy stuff like that.

I remember in one situation that a prophet said thus and such is going to happen and and this will be the confirmation and it was it was some unannounced astronomical phenomenon in a comic cut in whatever unannounced and sure enough it happen at that time.

He's a pastor. I know the man person know the stories he's a pastor what's he to do with this.

He's not getting people's dreams to tell what they're likely Daniel did write it in and and Daniel that the second chapter, and in him, so I will call him with the spirit of the Lord, give me your phone number to call and tell you is like what real things real things and there they were very importantly, they were major decisions. He had a maker difficult choices, and these were confirmations from orbit. How you argue with that. He's the pastor. He has authority in his local church and yet these wild prophetic things are happening less a wild I mean supernatural. He's not hearing the voice of the Lord like that. So what what happens.

Will he realized hang on, they may have the revelation that they may not have the interpretation and they certainly don't have the application that's were he and other leaders came in okay you feel the Lord showed you this. Therefore, what was it mean and what are we to do that. That's because you need me as much. I need you. This is a joint effort in many times we put our own interpretation on something we we make an assumption and and then it becomes presumptuous of luck I've shared this before, but I'm sure many of you never heard this for me is because you can't hear every word I say over the years. So for some your hearing again. But there was a streak. I did ask for it is a strange thing, but in years before ultrasounds or anything like that. We had to wait until you gave birth, defined as a bar girl and people so yeah the way you're carrying a contest go now see I know it's a boy. You need to place a boy or girl you have both names picked you know I streak for couple years where I'd be praying for someone though. Maybe a woman's pregnant had health issues or something or should miscarry number of times is a phrase using a miscarry again and I have a word and you have a boy you have a girl not use its 50-50) than 100% accurate. Over the course of a couple years I really long time with some good friends pastor and his wife very spiritually minded, godly people knew the Lord, the Lord, and they had a girl wife is pregnant with baby number two were in the car and Anson are in the car with them. I remember there in front seats were in backseats and their talking yeah you know and and were having a boy this time and merely decorate the room ready blue and and we know it's a boy and other intercessors in the church that suggests a boy, I cannot really disturbed I said I'm sorry but you have a good girl and they said, how likely we know it's a boy did Lisa godly solid people. I loudly got wrong. Maybe they just all on the board have a girl my little boy whatever okay were human beings we make these mistakes but I knew it.

It's now it's a girl and sure enough it was. It was early married with children for elements many years ago. Okay so what's the point. This went on for a while. Initially, the Lord initiated initially, it was in conjunction with the word I was giving to someone you having a series of miscarriages and now she was pregnant again afraid she was miscarry was a public word I spoke over your doctor miscarry a mechanical term you're having. Whatever reported off it was sure enough it happen. I remember from months ago ago she could make it to the message related to the endless you know just what I said but does word of encouragement for them and then ended up being said, it was Nancy said to me you really just keep your mouth shut unless God tells you. In other words, it became my habit that whenever I was denied a meeting somewhere chatting with a couple and there is that the wife's pregnant nice about having a boy, but only having a girl became like my saying and it was like that for couple years and I got wrong. What presumption presumption presumption God didn't tell me you I didn't say, thus saith the Lord, I just say having that you having no track record with this. Nancy had been warning me if God didn't tell you to say it, then you should be saying is like a I got that you got this gift of discernment about babies regular call I got presumptuous was decades ago, my son would happen if you have with any of us or we start making assumptions assumptions presumption are deadly prophetic ministry right back to some your questions. Stephen should be use the deduct K as a tool to distinguish between true and false prophets, so this is the solicitation of the 12 apostles doesn't reach the goal back to them. It is an early church document yes and no.

Yes, in terms of some of the guidelines, you know, if someone claims to be speaking this princes give me money knew the Lord told me that you are to give me money. The Lord told me the your to write a check for this amount then you reject them you reject them does not modify the south the Holy Spirit you reject them. On the other hand, there are aspects of itinerant ministry then that were different than today. So I would not do that any and across the board way in every case but general principles that are laid out there. Yes, I believe can be very helpful in in funny difference between truth and error and notice it's an early church documents. There were still traveling apostles and traveling teachers. Susan documentary person know or know of anyone was 100% accuracy in the predictions.

Words of knowledge.

Thank you know I don't. I've never tried to retract you know each person that claims be prophetic again.

New Testament is everything has to be tested. But I do know some that have operated in a very high level of accuracy been very trustworthy that what they've said you know what it one of my close friends. This is close with and prophetic leaders in summons one guy for years and years and years has been hundred percent accurate and things told him personally, but everything else again has to be tested by others and we have joint discernment in that regard key performer where is that sneaky squid spear hiding you.

I just clicked on your bio and unworthy service, and unworthy question of, but hey, here's the deal. Here's the deal if some folks want to find fault in attack they'll do that, you know, I believe, read the books right. Listen to the messages, find out what I believe. Don't goes down some rabbit trail rabbit hole, whatever is of some hypercritical than turns into merchandising for ministry be be more worthy than that tela is this contemporary prophetic issue. The church is facing more of an American phenomenon, or other countries have issues with the same type of prophetic behavior. On the other countries do in their some real abuses. The countries like Nigeria because some the real mercenary profits and you have to pay them certain amounts of money to get prophecies in's and I've been told some really got rich. There see you have some real abuses by but playing with holy fire is been put out an inexpensive English edition in Nigeria for the very purpose of to deal with some of the error and problems, but wherever you have prophetic ministry in a problems wherever the Holy Spirit is working in a problems because human beings is abuses.

We have churches you have problems. We have Christian G.I. problems, so I don't justify it. I don't I don't minimize it. We must address these issues, there must be much more prophetic accountability and we must weed out those that that are false and and hold those that are true to a higher standard or I'll say okay we understand not to take everything you say with any with orality and and and you're saying what you believe the Lord may be saying will process it accordingly.

You know than than don't asked for that level of following authority. Reese had there been any profit since the biblical prophets actual profits. Examples if so, okay, don't know the second part of that but but yet again, again, for sure, for sure.

There, there have been New Testament prophets, and they continue to this day there's no question about it that the Bible is clear to me that these things continue until Jesus returns, but they don't have the function of Old Testament prophets and speak with the authority of Old Testament prophets there just part of leadership teams and part of ministry within the body and their words. Like everything else must be tested and then for the good of the church with with with interpretation and application be given to workout prophets don't lead the body in the New Testament of said repeated with silk friends don't use all the questions and confusion right now for turns out, the prophets were right trumpet simile miraculously reelected by the time you listing the 24th.

Maybe that's the case, that doesn't mean that you just listen to the prophets. It means we have to still sift through the right way things should be processed is in fact the massive number of profits, most of the same thing all got it wrong all the more. This need to be accountability but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

First, decide based on Scripture based on Scripture.

If you believe prophetic ministry is for today. If so, what's the difference between that and the cam of the Scripture, the word of God which is the word which test everything which stands a completely different plane than with the Holy Spirit may be showing a guiding today in other ways. Personal practical matters and things like that and then the purpose of prophetic ministry today and how he is accountable and work it out for the good of the funds.

These questions will continue to explore here. On one

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