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Plain Talk About Christians and Politics

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 23, 2020 4:20 pm

Plain Talk About Christians and Politics

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 23, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/23/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Friends are going to share my heart openly today about Christians in the political world and teacher calls in a wide variety of subjects stalking for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the broadcast friends, this is Michael Brown and we are audio only today cerumen listening on radio podcast same as ever those who are watching on Facebook or YouTube. Just imagine my smiling face because that's what you get, always smiling, glad, thrilled to be here actually and glad to take your calls and here's what to do. It's an unusual week. It's Thanksgiving week everything goes little differently with people in town and broadcasting and so on. We've got a special broadcast prepared for you tomorrow that I believe will really bless and stir you but the phone lines wide today like I do on a Friday I needed to discount amount to cover their subjects. I want to talk about but I'm and open the phone lines wide for anything you want to ask me about talk about 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call again just to give you extra opportunity to call in. If you're unable on Friday or with Thanksgiving or the things going on so once more. 866-348-7884. I am in Dallas Texas and I spoke yesterday morning at lifestyle encounters church for top white and then spoke to the student body for second and surgery interns today and again tomorrow before flying home. Go going and the focus here is a ministering as is. Yesterday I spoke about the gospel being made for hard times and how in Jesus were over covers and tried to give us a bit of a reality check. In America we are not used to suffering for the faith in our mentality is often very different than the mentality of Christians in other parts the world that that no following Jesus may cost them everything so spoke about that yesterday morning a strong word in a word of encouragement that in Jesus and you sure we are over comers that yes the world is against us, but that was posted in Romans 837 who shall separate us from the love of Christ.

He starts with, shall tribulation trouble in some translations but tribulation, the very thing Roy is concerned about going through tribulation SSA that can separate you from the love of God and Messiah Jesus our Lord. Then this morning I spoke to the students about laying foundations in their lives.

The foundations of the word and prayer and godly character and then brought a message called author REIT. The it's the most intense message I preach something up and preaching for decades as I it open up to me in the book of Proverbs many years ago message. It's literally saved my life. The final consequences of sin and righteousness shared on that they embrace things with an open heart. Something focused on the political scene volunteer. I know that there remains turmoil all around this, the nation is shaking over this and many saying vote. The election was stolen. How can you not aggressively pushing forward of the singer you crazy to believe these conspiracy theories. Of course, wasn't stolen what I've said consistently is that I've had people close to the president assured me that there is fraud and others from other angles say it's crazy to believe it because I do not have access to the information myself. I do not have secret ways to review things to tell you if it's in the palace saying is accurate or if it's crazy what I've said consistently is I do not know either way for a fact that can you tell me you know for a fact.

Either way, all the details of what happened, but I'm confident that everything will flush out.

I'm confident that if election was stolen so many people would've had to be involved in it. If that was the case then for sure for sure if that was the case then there's gonna be evidence, it will come out. It cannot be hidden and and if there was not sufficient fraud to change the election then then that will be manifest as well, and that so many people are praying that I'm confident God's will be done, but could. Here's what concerns me, and please hear me as a speaker, remember who I am and suddenly put me in the enemy category. If I say something that you don't like or upset you. I am not trying to play both ends against the middle and InSync of it. There is no reason for me to. I'm not like in the president's inner circle.

It's not like if I say something against the president. I'm gonna lose my stent. I have no standing. I I don't. I'm not part of the faith. Counselor never met with the president.

One time I was invited to the White House with other Christian leaders couple years back we did meet with the president. We met we met with other folks, all right, so it's not like what got the special relationship with the president have to preserve it and on the flipside, the last thing I'm thinking is that Joe Biden if it is on ex-president is going to say all Dr. Brown would love to get your counsel's 1/2-not like I'm trying to accomplish anything more. Am I trying to show how reasonable I am spiritual. I am how balanced I am no, I'm trying to be obedient to the Lord and identify what I can see right what what I do know what what is clear here. Look at it like this were in a car together and were going to be late for getting to the airport. It's critical we get on this plane to get to place her mid-twenties really high pressure situations right were stuck in the car. There's a big accident traffic jam were in work. I can't tell you how far ahead it is we who can't see what alternatives are and people start flipping out and panicking in the car but what I can do is deal with our attitude right then or if I start flipping out so we could deal with my attitude.

That's what we do see that's what we do know and what I do see is Christians really getting obsessed with the elections you say you don't know how high the stakes. I do know friends I been writing about and speak about it daily for months and months and months.

I do know I do understand. I'm aware of the issues of spoke about them quite freely, quite frequently, quite openly, and in all different media settings.

I'm aware and I understand that there's a spiritual battle for the nation, but some are getting so obsessed and so worked up.

It's as if God is not on the throne in Jesus is Lord and not. I've even watched presentations where people are literally calling down curses. I mean using Scripture for asking God to curse and destroy our enemies right and in using that against those they believe stolen the elections as it was supposed to call down fire from heaven on those that we think doing evil Juno right now as I'm speaking how much evil is been committed on the earth know right now as I'm speaking. How many atrocities are are taking place on the earth right now as I'm speaking there is some parents abusing a child.

There is someone stealing from another person there somebody raping someone there somebody kidnapping someone there is someone plotting war assassination as I speak all over the world all kinds of evil is being committed right and and yet God is not destroying the whole earth. He's being merciful older. There is judgment and there will be final judgment and end there will be wrath poured out. There's no question about that. But the idea that we are the call down curses on people and and call down there destruction is so far from the heart of God.

So far from the New Testament spirit you say we are just week look me in the eyes and tell me on week look me in the eyes and tell me uncompromised go out of the mission field with me and risk your life side-by-side with me for preaching the gospel and lose stuff that I've lost for taking stent and then call me weak, on friends what's happened to that we've gotten obsessed with the political spirit some obsessed that Trump has to be in some obsessed. The trump has to be out, and that's become the focus of our lives. The focus of our lives is not preaching Jesus and the focus of our lives is not making disciples. And it's certainly not loving our enemies. I wrote about this over the weekend. I'm sure in some sites it went live today. The question should be called on fire in our enemies and simply present. Yes, absolutely.

We do. I'm glad people in: fire on me when I was an enemy of the gospel is a sinful teenager.

I'm glad people in: fire my friend Jesu Potter when he was a naxalite terrorist and in India Marxist terrorist in India committing atrocities against the rich. I'm good. Fire was in call down on on him on. I'm glad I guess I have a few weeks field out of saga. I'm glad that fire was called on him when he was an assassin for Yasser Arafat mean he and Jesu Potter. Others love Jesus Julie today and have done an amazing amount of good with their lives. But some of us have gotten so caught up with the political spirit as if America is bigger than the kingdom of God and the elections are are bigger than the great commission friends we we need to reset here. We really do. We lost our focus and in many many ways. So by all means contend in prayer for justice and righteousness by all means pray for God's will to be done by all means do that friends where's our faith wears our confidence in God, what have we have we put our trust in a person or a system where we put our trust in God so please hear me. These are the words of a friend, not an enemy. In the words of someone that voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, but you'll notice the same time voting for a been shouting from the rooftops is not our Savior. People get mad at me for saying that. How can you say he's not our Savior who thinks he's a save of them while you mad at me for saying that I'll ask the same question I've asked again and again, if you look to him as a savior figure why upset me for saying as our Savior. If I say Franklin Graham's outer Savior will get mad at me if I say Michael browse our Savior will get mad at me if I name your church pastor is not yours. Our Savior will get mad at me.

Why get mad at me for saying that if I say Joe Biden's letter Savior my clients is outer Savior. Nobody gets Madison Donald Trump is our Savior. Nobody says is our Savior. What you mad about that and why you making this if the fate of the free world hangs in these elections. He's a fallen flawed man who needs Jesus to work deeply in his life, like many others, will the goodies done. There's collateral damage.

So my trust is never been a person or the political system we work within it, but my trust is not in itself.

Please hear me friend. These are these are words spoken in love, but words of concern words spoken in love, but words with a heart that's been burdened. Not that I won't have large Dr. Michael Brown alone has the right balance must know God for we all have pieces of the puzzle. We all have parts that we offer, but this is a part. I can offer. We have been obsessed with politics and an all-consuming way and I would dare say we have prayed far far far more for the outcome of the elections that we prayed for the harvest for missions for the great commission, far, far more pages differ with me. Call 866-34-TRUTH you agree way and but if you have any question of any kind of questions involved the lateral gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us to their ability fire microgram audio only view a live from the greater Dallas area, 8663423263487884. Any question of any kind, and plus you can weigh in with you agree with what I've said or differ with what I've said. But please understand friends that are greatest issue here in America is a witness for us as followers of Jesus, the number one priority is is that we love God we love our neighbor that that we are faithful to the great commission that obviously raise our families in a godly way. We seek to live lives that are pleasing to the Lord, but to keep the key point key point is is that we must be above reproach. We must shine like lights and dark places and many of us are far more known for political views BB Republican, Democrat or whatever we are far more known for the candidate that we vote for support or defend then we are known as followers of Jesus, and there's an unhealthy mixture as is my friend Joe Matera says that we we've closed the gospel in the American flag. America is just one country among many greatly influential done a lot of good. The Lotta bad that's the reality. We've exported good around the world. We've explored bad around the world where country part of this world and Jesus died for Americans like everyone else, but the world does not revolve around America, the world revolves on the kingdom of God and and we are kingdom people first to then come into this world with the mission and you may be placed in America may be placed in trying.

Maybe Pl. in Vietnam. He may be placed in Mexico, but we have been placed where we are in this generation with a primary commission which is to make disciples to be disciples and make disciples right that that is our divine priority to know God and to make him known. Everything else is secondary civil wave and think about politics at all, because we live in this world and decisions that are made in the political realm affect us every day they affect our day-to-day lives. They affect our freedoms. They affect righteousness issues. They affect it whether we had slavery in America. They effectively have abortion now in America.

They affect lots of things they affect the world around us, and how other nations are treated or whether helped her with the hurt. Those are those are all all important issues and therefore we are involved, but the great goal is that we have freedom to preach the gospel. What is not what Paul said in first Timothy one where he first with the two verses one through four.

We encourage prayer kings, rulers, right those in authority you to have a democracy or Democratic Republic you can vote you could really do anything to change the government, you had these dictators and tyrants, we should pray for the king's rule is almost already why that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and honesty and that God would save them because God desires all men to be saved. So the point is we are praying for them for their salvation but were also praying for them, for our benefit so that we can live peacefully and preach the gospel and live our lives are so we can have an environment were not being thrown in prison for face, all the better we can have an environment where kids are not being taken from us by the government, all the better if we can have an environment were not being killed or tortured for faith, all the better. And yet, to the extent we have comfort ease in America. To that extent, we often become complacent and we lose our cutting edge lose our passion we lose our fervor. It's almost as if if we could step out of this world and step into God's heavenly kingdom and see eternity in and see the fruit of our labors here in this world and be put back in this role we live very differently because our perspectives would change dramatically people come after me know talk like this note to be a crumbs water board for years I been the same. Read the articles read the books, listen to the broadcast. Watch the videos I been the same.

I've ordered for man, but I press reservations system.

Lotta good as it is collateral damage in us and ultimately my job is to point you to Jesus of us in this election really closer. My job is to point you to Jesus I'm not a conservative political talking head that some are primary calling I am called to address political cultural issues as a follower of Jesus as a minister of the gospel. Of course, in a be pointing us in a certain direction. That's why I'm here.

So stop playing both ends against the middle.

It's it's a matter seeking to be consistent in my ultimate loyalty is never going to be to a man or a party.

It's going to be to the Lord and then to the extent that party or that person is is willing to promote things that I believe are important for our nation and in harmony flood believe that all back them, but it's always in a secondary way because the only gets my whole heart my whole soul, your whole heart. Your whole soul is the Lord is I making sense 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to the phones and will start with Kathy in Ankeny, Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you so much I want my one phone call today. Thank you again for trying to bring people to the realization that God should be first in your life. Do not every day you do that every day I would love to be able to talk to you one-on-one about different things that I have questions about. But for today. I just wanted to say that we as a people we need to start eating up for our date, or the Lord for he and standard fighting at each other and getting our having a lot bank wire weeknight outback you out there you are talking about how we are to love one another.

We had a conversation about the real link it done estate. The polar opposite of great and it got and if people had their eyes on the Lord, we would not have the problems in the country that we have done. I did want to date no. We need but we also need to know our history.

We need to know our history. What happened what happened to people back in Roman people power, to 58 million Christian we enjoy a freedom in this country to be able to worship the Lord our God to create. We also need For him really need to be what we need to be thankful but yeah Anna Kathy to just to jump in and and thank you again for your kind words.

I remember the Ankeny location so I I do remember your kind words is called previously really appreciate it. I think it's so important that we think about Christians living in other parts the world under persecution under tyrants under dictators and ask how is that they managed to thrive in Jesus in the midst of the chaos. The storm there is a way friend. There is a way. There is grace and and we must not just trust our government to keep us safe.

We have to determine whether preach Jesus and under what could be that some negative things happening in some attacks on our freedoms are the very things needed to wake us up, stand, think of Pastor Stan Bolding now that word standing like this before covert.

Now they feel that the government's regulations are oppressive and things like that and they are there, pushing back 866-34-TRUTH a little back to the phones in a moment a question on Twitter from mad dog kids pastor local church wants to use black lives matter is the basis for their coming Bible teaching for all I could sermon series to the sentence a 10 minute clip explaining the organization ties to Marxism, witchcraft, goal to dismantle the nuclear family. Yes, have them separate from that organization and have them teach things about racial harmony and equity and justice and and where we need to make sure everyone is treated equally and fairly. Yeah but by all means I would I would have him distanced himself from that and make make sure he understands what that is about and sips zilch, not a question about Mosaic law I've heard and read a few stances on this particular issue, but I like to hear what you have to say man fights down so subversion which is not currently hold a lie with her, and they be found than the man that will give the okay so what what happens is yes, there are instances where the Bible is talking about the rape of a woman, but you have to understand that in much of the world to shame and honor. Culture is such that if a woman is raped nor will marry her she can never have children. She's kind of an outcast soul way to protect the woman was to say, if a man does that than he is required to marry her if the father wants that some still up to the daughter and the father but is way to protect her and to guarantee that he treats her as a wife and not just as a sexual object so it may sound strange to our ears, but that's something that had relevance in that culture of art to what I would go straight to the phones. On the other side of the break and just a reminder, we got some really important email announcements going out at the end of the year and some special resources were making available if you don't get my emails go to the website ask Dr. Brown ask a DR and UC takes you out 30 seconds to spin your email and in your first and last name address. If you want to just put in the basic info and you get on our email list. This way you stay on top of my latest articles latest video ski things are getting out will be a blessing to you and when you sign up you also get a free mini book. Yes, seven secrets of the real Messiah. Real eye-opener is based on many years of study just condensed into a neat little e-book for you to the website asked her to Brown ask a DR we come back I'm going straight your calls and feel free again. Any subject you are talking about great but if you if you take issue with what I'm saying about some of the political situation in an how we have put our hearts into things too much to the point can lose in the heart of God for those we differ with feel free to call in.

If you differ in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends.

Join us to modify Michael Brown audio Bible school ministry school and do that again tomorrow.

Racial community will be audio and video tomorrow, but for those watching.

Just imagine the :-) that's behind the mic.

866-34-TRUTH and let us go to Daniel in Phoenix, Arizona. Welcome to the line of fire or Dr. Brown.

Jessica AI doing just got a very simple question. I just wanted is there any way that the person can overthink. I guess walking with God and I'll just give a very brief example, recently went to an apostolic church.

Not really knowing anything and you know people coming up to me and talking about all I need to be.

I've been baptized in all those things but specifically not in Jesus name. I'm sure you know where I'm going with the they always tell me, oh, you're in the right place or you know it seems like every church that you go to they always say you're in the right place and all it seems like Scripture would go against what they say and I guess that kinda goes with you know, can we overthink lock with God or you know think that nature and if you could touch on also baptism in Jesus name yes so number one of course we can overthink things we can overthink anything in life, we can overthink which road we should take driving similar.

We should, we can overthink what restaurant to go to, we could overthink to wear a mask or not it either. Anything we can overthink the key thing is to be at a place of peace before God. We put your turn your brain off and turn your mind off but you give everything to God you you give every concern every way their every issue you lay it out.

You asked for his wisdom for his direction for his guidance, trusting that he will do that in and then your PC you don't try to figure out everything you can't figure out and got us so much greater than our greatest thoughts. As for these churches that see must be baptized in Jesus name.

Of course it's a misreading of Matthew 28 were were told to be baptizing them in the father sentence.

This will Jesus is the name of the father son and Spirit schooling not the case. Scripture. Jesus is not the name of the spirit, not the name of the father.

We know the early church from early documents preserve, baptizing them in the father son and Spirit. We know the book of acts. There are phrases like baptized into Jesus, or into the name of Jesus.

It's timeout coming into his body or being baptized while calling on his name for salvation as opposed to the formula spoken over someone so that's the site overthink and that's just incorrect understanding of Scripture there hey thank you for the call 86634 of its coded Ted in Apple Valley, California. Welcome to the line of fire Gregory Doctorow either. Clear and true interpretation of Luke 1259 worker I tell you, you will market out.

You have people (I'm an ex-Catholic everything else from and I consider myself more of a Christ follower them a religious type title and I wondered, I just want to coming to the curb always, but that's when you get a clear interpretation of that Scripture right so this this is nothing to do with with purgatory.

There is no such concept and in the Bible we know that Hebrews 927 tells us it's appointed to men once to die, and after this the judgment we we see that in Luke the 16th chapter that a death there are those that are with Abraham. Abraham's bosom and those that are in Haiti so one comforted the other judge is no purgatory. There we see through the teaching of Jesus that there's a future resurrection, some to life some to to judgment. Daniel 12 teaches the same thing. The beer future resurrection those slick investors will arise some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting reproach so the concept of of a place were you going to finish paying for your sins. That's the case, you never get out because either Jesus paid for our sins were praying for them can be both. If we're paying for them will never get out.

If you pay for them. We don't need to pay for them and and all all that Luke 12 is is talking about is is making things right with people. There is nothing to do there with eternal salvation, purgatory, or any such thing of the same when when it incurs in Matthew's gospel what you judge for yourself was Roger going with your adversary to the magistrate are hard to be reconciled. On the way or your adversary McGregor up to the judge. The judge turn you over to the office of the offices were into prison, so you like it out to pay the last panic. So if if I have a debt to you and and I don't make arrangements to pay it and discuss really take me to court lose Dennis prison you'd be strong. That is presidents into paid off the last debt that's all it is it saying fixings what you can. Don't don't let some relationship issue.

Simmer and get worse and and now it's going to be very very costly, but the idea of Christians paying for their sins. And where is that taught anywhere in the New Testament where is there in all an alternative place that spoken of its it's just not there. It's a later tradition that's brought in and it's it's certainly not what Scripture teaches.

And if you're forgiven, you're forgiven if you sins if if I been cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

If there's a pertinent purgatory is such a perfect mirror so that the pay for my sins. In this parable of this illustration of Jesus is talking about paying can't get out to pay the expense of clearly nothing that applies to us as believers need to kind of show that for good and and and be absolutely strong in your own heart and faith that that if you're right with God you with him forever because of what Jesus did. Hey thank you Ted for calling in 866342 before go back to your calls Andres on Twitter asked what you think are the weakness and strength of the current Calvinist and reform revivals holler how much you think it will affect churches, so for I know last 20 years or so there's been a real search towards Calvinism in America especially.

I can't say how much in other nations, and it, in my view part of it is a reaction to the extreme man centered gospel in America, or the idea that God's on one side and Satan's on the other and we cast the deciding vote in those of God is just hoping that we get it right so I see it is as a pushing back to to the sovereignty of God and the. The Lordship of God and and in that sense, the course correction but in my view, one that goes too far and and of course, and you have many that pass through, you know, the young, restless, and reform.

They pass through.

They pass back out. They don't fully get the Calvinist system so I see something positive in that there's a swinging away from from this view of God is, sitting on the throne, hoping and wishing in man runs the show Noah wrong teaching and emphasis here in America of, but obviously as someone who is not a Calvinist, but was from 77 to 82. I'm I'm happy when things shift back and and in a way that I think is is it a more fully sound and healthy biblical perspective, and to my dear friend James white if you're writing now focus back. Keep your eyes on the road again all right. 86634 James in our bodies. We debated Calvinism for those who are wondering why let's go to Lynn Nessa in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Thank you for calling the line of fire. All I can guess you are really read written department choleric and not on young Ali workstation purely about crying and what he would like on your point about going with you are doing.

Not that God is in control. The government are exactly reaching you in about four after ultimately guided by and ultimately we need to get online when you want to do at Christian now L agate when I get back at me greatly and that you know that except about every line or if you're Christian regardless of your political beliefs and need to get what happened that David and Vanessa yes thank you and we look when I wrote evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the contest. One of the parts of the contest. In my view was. Can we unite around Jesus.

Even if we divide over Tromp and and we really fail the test bath. I believe we've we have divided as believers over glittering views and then you mentioned be a person of color so overwhelmingly white evangelicals voted Tromp and black evangelical link voted for Biden and and obviously I have issue in art. I voted a certain way II have reasons for. But I wrote a chapter in a book for a colleague explaining why many black Christians vote Democrat. Even though there there pro-life and their their anti-homosexual marriage and all that and select a different brand understand. Bottom line is we don't judge one of salvation. Over wheat we have different emphases when we vote and we think this is more important than that, but we've savaged each other and were cool to each other week we judge each other. Salvation over it and the world is watching and were destroying our witness and testimony before the world so we we gotta be brothers and sisters in Jesus and make the first and foremost and then have our political discussions and then go side-by-side and go preach the gospel to a neighbor. That's what America needs from us. Thank you Dr. Brown had a gutless know exactly right 866-34-TRUTH of its go over to Greensboro, North Carolina Monique, welcome to the line of fire.

Not want to hear, hear, or abandon and really display really the main thing we need. I like it have to be listen to the word of God clearly worked all Of it will I really am I the right result.

I really don't. But that's not my point by point. What I do know that were cut everything up Well and not if they did take it didn't happen under without God. What and you know we know that the rise of the Antichrist will not combine dry and I don't know but I don't know.

The point is we know the things Become the cat I like it is not supposed to be in the art.accomplished department with integral problem for him as president and then the other things are going to go for it, but the point is not what you think about it. We have to remember you work all things that help of his own will and I also as we both hey Monique, this is because we got a break right here but you got the message you were able to get it in by talking fast but clearly understood every word. Thank you. My sister like that.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown emphasize do not believe in passive I do not believe in just sit never have. That's certainly not with my sister Monique was saying what I believe in is that we do we know how to do we vote, we advocate for positions that we believe are important right could be something happening in your school system in your city. It could be happening with something that's going affected the poor. It could be something that has to do with pro-life issues with you. You vote you advocate and then you pray and you cry out for God's best. I don't specifically pray for candidates or parties or pray for God to have his way and got to to work there has been massive prayer for the selections it's continuing it's still continuing any medicine what weather pray about their many that are still praying. I am absolutely confident that we will have the outcome that is an answer to our prayer. It may be what we like it to be or what we don't like to be, but we have prayed and cried out to the God rules the universe.

America is is a tiny little part of the universe.

Okay the world is a tiny part of the universe. Yes, God has his eyes on us right but we're timeout all mighty God and and he will bring about his best will and sometimes things go the opposite of what we want for the short term. So though going the better way for the long term, the kingdom of God is going to continue to advance and I've seen more signs of revival more see signs of churches waking up more signs of the gospel going to the streets through covert and even the protests and the riots that I've seen in years.

Without this gods Redeemer friends, 86634 let's go to Mike and bourbon a Illinois welcome to the line of fire. Hello sir how are you today doing well thank you I was calling on to ask, particularly Ari, I agree.

But recent article about collections imprecatory prayers. I got into.

I was in deliverance ministries, where the do that there would no Perspex seven folder three Boulder Temple old Felix we can get carried away it. But if we different dealing with demonic powers. Lord bring them down, destroy them. You know right as opposed to people you know there's there's one thing to wrestle spiritually with demonic forces is nothing to be cursing people say Leslie lethargic was that there still good enough start to draw back at the actual person I would come out of a lot of that was very dualistic in my view and you know you don't see it in the book of Job he wasn't binding and demons up everywhere and one the size of the thing is, of course, he didn't know about a lot of what was happening in the spiritual realm, but it's the dualism Mike that I think we should focus on. In other words, this idea. This idea that you have God over here the devil over here the kind of equally powerful you know the good Deity and the bad deity, and we're in the middle and we decide which way things go and that is such an on biblical view of things and know right where is our faith in God to Connecticut.

He worked in the midst of the Roman world with dictators and crazy people you know and men like Nero sitting Christians on fire to burn them like torches in order to likeness up at night and and and the ancillary rights that we submit to governing authorities right so literally. Yes, literally. There's no need to go. If we agree on God… Whoever rules. Daniel two God soaked up the man that God wants you will put right yeah and and just refuse to sing in the midst of it that we are in the Democratic Republic so we can we vote we cast votes right so he's giving us a certain say and that in liberty to choose bad news is good news. When rulers do evil, then we oppose the evil we recognize they have a certain authority but we oppose the evil because there goal there there appointment by God is to do good. Their supposed repose evil when they promote evil and we oppose evil there promoting but we still must have a faith in God that God's kingdom can advance in the midst of it, what's the greatest crime that human beings committed crucifying the son of God and that that's our means of salvation, so we can't get in a panic about what's gonna happen if if Jesus is Lord I'm not a panic. Hey, thank you for the call 866342. Let's go to James and Brownsville, New York. Welcome to the line of fire for good afternoon are out. Since interest, though I'd I deftly know I know my mind works well in certain ways, known him saying that that it certain ways I can remember certain things and be systematic and and you know my mind is real strong in those here I'm there so many areas of of of the weakness of my thinking or where others see things more clearly that though I dislike my mind works well in certain ways and I try to use it for the Lord and I can assure you that if if yes, my wife, this question should be laughing and saying hey look, you forgot to lock the door on new forget to lock our doors at night and stuff like that. But listen weird little one thing I do understand is a gods gift to me in certain ways so will use those.

The best I can in dislike with each of us. You know that we each have certain gifts that stand out in certain ways. What prompts you to ask the question of James all out all the big ugly handle your call for doubt about it all. After an earlier work on: I will tackle you she could ask the question, but the original question you but find my ordination question without question was that the second one will become your URL notebook world being referred the matter. Yeah so so listen, James.

When I first heard of this in terms of major articles. There was a Catholic Archbishop and he talked about this great reset and I read this thing and what's coming with this big economic convention and basically no will have their own possessions. It will go the way of disjoint distribution and stuff.

I thought this sounds absolutely crazy in the one of my friends well connected with the government, said Michael you need to read this article, the one and then I began to read more and more I mean well-known and respected thinkers and yes so there there really is a globalist way of thinking and many people think that's what we need competent to fight the unhealthy globalism that there will be this attempt to to have a great reset and to basically level things out make it sound nice and wonderful and and just kind of everybody gets the same and and so on its it is absolutely destructive and and world leaders, government leaders really need to be on the alert to say. Note this is not something we agree with. This is not something that is helpful. This is not a great reset from above and and and or something that is healthy is going to lead to the antichrist on I don't necessarily see that, but it's definitely something real. It's when I first read it.

James to me is like crazy no way and then the more I read for more different people with the actual documentation we go to websites and see the goals of these different economic organizations. Yeah it's it's just another reminder that there is a danger of of a one world government rising up at some point that would be an antichrist type of government and therefore let us jealously preserve or individual and joint freedom say thank you for the call. Sure we'll get some more questions from you in the future and let's see K real quick. It's got time.

Let's go to Richard in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire and Dr. Brown are prefigured. Mark you are crushed in the real good, but a mindnumbing use ornament (throughout my life. Everything right.

This was a few years ago worked on Medicaid.

He was diagnosed with or care: cancer. So I went through all the chemo all the treatments and everything like that, you know, kind of doubt pretty tough on him, but according to the doctors you know it going for start ups and everything like that get better and better, and after a while you know this sugar looks like he was remeasured and with anyone in for another truck up and apparently turn come back like gangbusters and you develop. The stage for your basically was taken over all different areas of the body and that type of thing and was married and I know is pretty tough on his wife to and indicated the end of it all. It did not want to part two what it through the chapter again and sorted my jump in. Just because the brakes into the show must be able to address his first I'm so sorry to hear that for his wife and for you and other friends he had.

We we do not have the right to take our allies because allies don't belong to us that they belong to God, especially for followers hundred circular and and certainly it is sinful for us to take our allies.

However, just to say in the Bible that that's the hard Michael said that if you don't get to the parent once you start to take your life eternal life doesn't mean that he forfeited eternal life. It's the wrong decision, but only God knows what happens in someone's life. At that moment

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