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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 20, 2020 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 20, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/20/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

You got questions, we've got answers.

Let's do it for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro.

Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, today's broadcast, it's Friday. That means you got questions believe God answers 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 many times when we start the show on Friday before even come on the year.

The phone lines are completely jammed that they stay that way the entire hour that were on the air today.

We got open phone lines right at the beginning so this is a great time to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

Glad to answer your questions. Any subject of any kind that in any way relates to the subject matter. We cover on the line of fire, and in other words, it's gotta be stuff we can help you with notices is the reason you ask my question about the subject of which I have absolutely no knowledge subject that you have to define for me and explained and why ask me estimate in the know. But there are areas that we do have some expertise and some learning background wisdom so very happy to help you with those 866-348-7884 I wrote something up last night. I just just wrote a writing tablet that I have the really cool thing called remarkable to second edition now that you can't do email on it you can surf the net with it. It disconnects you from all that stuff if I'm reading an article online and and I maybe it's you. 10 page article is something I'll just click on on an icon on my on my toolbar and it'll send it to to the remarkable to that this writing pad and and then it's just there is formatted nicely. There is no is no ads, no interruptions with it takes you away from Internet things if I can be praying and I will not disconnect and but I may have some ideas on the right outer things. If you would like to speak to me. All in all time down and so I wrote last night giant letters.

Jesus is Lord giant letters right and then on the bottom elections trump Democrats America kingdoms of this world, but in other words, that's my perspective that's what gives me hope, strength, confidence.

That's why I live a certain way and function a certain way and carry certain holy optimism is craziest things may be around us is a small focus. That's my mentality. You gaze on the Lord you worship at his at his throne, and then you come with a different view towards that the very, very real problems in this world which we don't neglect with little sticker has in the sand and onto schizo heavenly minded that we forget about this earth. Note with the true heavenly orientation we now come to this earth in a way that can really help people.

So I got posted by little diagram evidence that any child is write out what I did is that this is what helps me keep the focus that I have an woman responded and said yes and I really appreciate your voice daily as we face these times. I like all of us listen to the news both sides. I grow weary of their voices, but yours is different. I know why this just like you said in your post. Jesus is Lord you deliver your thoughts through that lens redundantly helpful, informative and biblical, but you are, I appreciate that. What I very much very much appreciate that. I very much appreciate that what we are seeking to do is getting done. I am not please Erie. I'm not better than someone else on the air just to have a specific calling.

Just like your church may not be the best church in your community, but it's the one that you relate to the best that you feel called to the most and and and that you appreciate that the burden and vision of the pastor and so that's what you're there right, the restaurant you like the best may not be the best in the community, but it's your favorite because of your particular interest so I have a role by God's grace we want. Run a race. We want it once was to win and I want to fulfill that goal and serve you the best I can so do appreciate that note all right with that. We are going to go straight to the phones and will start in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Joseph, welcome to the line of fire. Are you doing Dr. Brown very well, thank you, Bill. I requested in Genesis circular talks about the giant known but be on the earth in those days they don't affect the women then giant the knuckle of thereof, they were there, then an outward. They make it to the foot right so that would be the question how they make it through the flood. So that there are a couple of ways to look at because it does indicate they were there afterwards and you do have, you know, the on our team, and the descendents of of the restaurant name, which are these races of giants that seem to have been wiped out in the pastor wiped out when Joshua conquered the land but it would seem that one option is that the sins were committed after the flood as well because otherwise they could live survived the flood right. The only that the the of the earthly creation I was the fish survived the flood considering the water, but otherwise wildlife guys and all humans died so it would seem that the same sins were then committed after the flood. It we know it's one of the reasons that God wiped out that the human race.

One of the reason wickedness was everywhere but this perversion and corruption with Angels meeting with humans as we understand the text of was one of the reasons for the destruction, but it would seem that it happened afterwards as well and and then it was finally dealt with after the flood. Other some the claimant's ongoing in the nick of them in the world today at all that and I don't funnel Fernando's theories, but it's great question that would be the only logical answer. Not that they somehow survived or that some of Noah's sons know her differently.

And no, not at all.

It would have to be the same act committed again.

Presumably make sense yeah but if they were mixed breed halfbreed could be like the fish of the seed made it could be of gun of appeared like that when pigs like demons that the demonic part of how I got through. I don't want to be looked it's it's it's a very unusual passage in a very unusual series to start so it's not like your going completely off the deep end. By speculating in that way, but you would be saying then that the spirits of these being so the physical beings we destroyed the spirits went into animals and then from the animals went back into humans but then that would explain why the humans were giant. It would just say that they were inhabited by the spirits. So that's where if if I was trying to think it through and that way it would it would seem to to break down the toilet you're going go ahead and I don't wondered God, wondered they don't like and it is said that the last guy was auger but Johnny ordered about that last one bite, wondered how they make it to the flood. Yeah, you know, so, so I thought if I'm just if I'm just looking say Genesis 64. It was then, and later to within this limit appeared on the earth. When the divine beings cohabit with the daughters of Paul there you go right or later they came back right now to write that Iraq I think I got to know yet.yes, that's the point I was making is that would be the logical explanation. Now all auger bus almost was the last they are there others that you killed later but that be one of the art that's one of the arguments as to why the driving of the Canaanites was so ruthless because there were there were many giants on Akeem Griffith came among them who were a mix. I know it sounds fantastic and wild and bizarre but that could will be with the text to say thank you for the question. I appreciate I remember as a new believer guy mocking me in school senior. The Bible talks about these giants is giants in the bath with like all God it did know all right. Let us go to Lucas in delay in Springs Florida walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. I think the micro welcome all right but Maia question is about Jane chapter 5 verse 14 or 15 where he talked about anointing the sick person with oil in the name of the Lord and pray for them.

The prayer of faith will break them up yet. I question the weather what you think about the reading that you give that exhortation therein. I note in your book where you mentioned that prayer of faith, which is the rate at birth and up but is there some great from you. Big oil and then if it like Hollywood anointing for the horn of oil over their head or the like, and from church is riddled with Babbitt on the four head start if want to know what you thought about on the reason that you give that exhortation there right, it's clear that the oil is not being used medicinally is some try to argue that because oil was used medicinally in the ancient world you have, you know the good Samaritan pulling oil and wine into the the wounded man's wounds, but clearly that's not what brings the healing as I joked in the past. I look at my hands on that oil can seem to work for every disease there something sacramental to it it. In other words, justice, baptism is a sacrament, and, and it's a physical thing that you do, but was spiritual meaning. So you go down under the water and and symbolizes dying to sin and coming up a new life in Jesus. The same with the oil it's it's it's a sacrament, representing the Holy Spirit and we know that there are times when Jesus just lays hands on people and heals them or just speaks a word and heals me on Mark six. He sends his disciples out and they anointed many patent sick people with oil and healed them. It does tell us that they drove out demons so it's of that is used doesn't always have to be used. The particular method is not the big issue though it's pouring it on someone or dabbing it.

It's really what our customers but it is it is something meant to symbolize the Holy Spirit and something meant to build faith that is human beings. It gives us a point of contact. You might see a preacher on TV and aces right reach out and touch the television. As a point of contact will touching the TV doesn't do anything in itself is some magic in the TV but it's it's giving that person a contact point to say okay this is so that I can hold onto and believe that God's powers coming to this TV using contemporary example. So it is it is sacramental represents the Holy Spirit represents God's presence in that regard and is something that will then build faith and also solemnize the moment no one similes hands on you before they pray for you there.

There something about it that sets it apart more and in the context here were not understanding that anybody that sick is instantly healed and you never get sick as a believer in the moment your sick you, you automatically get prayer member. I used to think like that was first saved you and your immediately uses catch a cold. Get prayer just okay obviously go through this world but here the Lord raising the person up calling for the elders that seem to be a serious illness because the elders come to the person or persons raised up and there was also an aside, but if the person committed sins are forgiven, that maybe not necessarily, but maybe the sickness is related to sin.

If that's the case, this part of your confession again simple sacramental. I think Andrew Wilson correct his reflection stuff on the say thank you call number and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown doesn't have much of a line open, eight 664-8784 you've got questions, we've got answers right we go over to Luke in Sacramento, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown happily you so my question is that what is that when I read chapter 14 or better yet that it was God's will or down to have the personality that he had in order to go and confront ability and I can't quite quietly burn the angel of the Lord came to his parents and they said that the anthem with the be an outright but I wasn't about to cut his hair.

Michael New York or anything, given that personality and his great which both BBB altered according to God's will.

I can't really imagine like him confronting the Philistine and am not anyone like why did God call them from the an outright lie. Not just any light. Don't cut his hair by the belief that for them to be a nap right right so Samson was set apart from his mother's moving to God and the fact that he sin the way he did that he had the lust issues that he did that he played with fire by sleeping with Philistine women pagans that were the enemies of Israel. Those were his sins. That was it was the result of him disobeying God. Of course, that it cost him his eyes and then ultimately his life and and there are aspects of his personality that were frivolous and dangerous. But God works through them. That's the whole thing with God every single day.

He is working through imperfect people making sinful decisions in the midst of a rebellious world and he's carrying things that he sees using things for particular purpose, and in the Hebrew doesn't indicate that God made Samson a certain way so he would do certain things of God to get certain results, but rather used Samson's flash weaknesses different things and work through them to accomplish his purposes. It makes God much more sovereign when you think of it now. Joseph tells his brothers that sold him into slavery you meant it for evil but God intended it for good. So they did have evil intent and what they did was sinful and wrong and brought much pain on them and on their father Jacob and and part of that. Jacob now reaps what he saw in terms of deceitfulness and things like that now he can. He's the one that gets deceived so was all bad, but God work through it to the saving of of for the saving of many lives just like the worst human crime is crucifying the son of God and yet that's how God saves the world so understand like that.

There's an interesting verse in Proverbs chapter 16 verse four and some of our translations would render it it that in a way that we give you the impression that God creates people evil and an increase of evil for for specific purpose on on the other day of judgment, or for evil day the Lord made everything for a purpose, even the wicked for an evil day, which give the impression that God made people wicked and and they have a specific purpose in doing that whereas the better way to understand is that there's this can be a suitable land for everything.

So the wicked there and have their end in a particular way, there can have their purpose in a particular way. So Samson was set apart that the longhair was not anything in itself. The longhair was part of being a Nazirite and to the extent he wasn't set apart he created lots of problems. Nonetheless, God work through him, but is very costly to the extent that God works through us in the midst of our sin and our error.

Good things come out of it but it will be much more of a mixture, and with a lot more personal pain best that he works through human obedience rather than in disobedience. Appreciate the question of this important issue. 8663 4-H 7884 Albany, New York. Lance welcome to light a fire. Thanks so much Dr. Brown love the Cheryl.

Quick question for you were hearing a lot of talk about the coated vaccine that is to be forthcoming in my question is how do we balance as believers believing in divine health, divine protection versus trying to be civilly obedience and comply with what the government is highly recommending that everyone be vaccinated guy just after questions. Yes, great question. So let's break it down into few areas just in general, vaccinations, and we get a flu shot every year, etc. so that's that's one category. The second is this specific vaccine. Do we have any reason for concern because we've heard everything from this to be a microchip and it's going to be part of the antichrist regime to you know what that the vaccines developed using aborted baby parts so the specific vaccine that's the second question, and the third one is government mandates.

So for example if the government said you must have this vaccine.

Otherwise you you're not allowed to function in the society. How we respond to that. So though, let's treat them in reverse order. I would be very concerned about anything that requires a particular vaccine one that is not necessary to preserve your life.

In other words, the wasn't one of the thousand people that get get the virus will actually die from it. So if the government says you must have it. Otherwise you can't leave the country. You can't get a passport you can go to your job or then then there has to be healthy pushback, because that's deftly overreach and in the government doing that could do anything and now you have to have a chip installed so the government knows where you are, you know who knows what else is coming so that would raise a concern to me.

If it is required and mandated. That's what I would say leading Christian thinkers, not just people into while stuffing conspiracy theory, but sober thinkers need to think this through unethical moral level, and give some guidelines for pastors and others to share with their flocks and and for individual Christians to make right decisions so that's that's the one thing if it's mandated, you must have administrators if you don't.

That to me is overreach from the government that would really concerning the second thing is the nature of the vaccine itself. I would put aside the fear mongering and the concerns that this is preparation for the antichrist are all going to be injected with a chip or something like that I would need really hard solid evidence that leading scientist verify and say yes this is the case otherwise. To me that's just the conspiracy theory. Is there any connection to aborted baby parts anything we should be concerned about. I've heard rumors, but nothing of substance. So if there is if there is nothing specific that we can really determine about this if it seems that the development is just an amazing work folks really working hard and it's something that positively misses the trumps help push forward, then I would just go to number one, which is do I want vaccine are not. I would say this if you are in strong health with a strong immune system and you are not in a vulnerable category you're not obese you're not elderly you don't have other conditions, then you might say out I don't need this. There's no concern for if you are in any of the categories or you have people close to that are in those categories that may be a good thing to do. Just like putting on a seatbelt in your car it is. It is the law to do it right it is it is the law to wear a seatbelt, but I remember the years before it was it was a debate among Christians everywhere and are not as a lack of faith was given with faith discussed it with practical wisdom required to be seatbelt on the plane, things like that up a couple years ago I thought I was doing a good thing I was out the airport I saw flu shots I got a flu shot can hold told Nancy's is what you do that. No need to get a strong immune system and the flu shot is other potential issues didn't do that afterwards,the research you done so ultimately it's a personal choice but I under no circumstances will I see this lack of faith.

Under no circumstances where I see getting a flu shot is like a faith unless you're in fear and thinking this is gonna save my life and I can trust God that would be like a faith, but otherwise practical wisdom when help others could define that's right Leavitt or not you bet. So I know that was more the lessons is to ask, but I want to try give a more comprehensive answer 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Joe's side in Dayton, Ohio. Welcome to light a fire hello Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call.

Appreciate your very welcome. So in watching your testimony as a young man you know coming to Christ. I remember I think seeing you say that you read the word a lot. You memorized a lot of scripture and so I was wondering if you could give us some insight. Practical tips in regards to Bible memory and have you pick the verses and how do you get a memorized and how did you do it at your great great that you get yeah so first God really did help me of my mind been so fried with drugs and Claudia took a few weeks after José before I was just thinking fully clearly enough for some of the fog to disappear before the Sawtelle safety year.

I would spend between six and seven hours alone with God in the word and prayer member.

No distractions, no cell phones computers back then.

Of the six hours alone with God.

The word for every day praying at least three hours reading Scripture to ours and memorizing Scripture for one hour and God help me to memorize 20 verses a day and I did that six months without ever missing a day and in retained really.

The vast majority of what a memorized and sold several things.

One out you want to have a Bible to tree from all the time.

You may study different versions which will have a Bible you read from all the time. This is going to constantly reinforce reinforce reinforce what you doing.

Secondly, I would start looking at passages that really interest me may be averse maybe several verses review chapter and then, without feeling any sense of competition with anyone else you want to make those verses wrong so what are some of the key things you want to read it you want to write it when you speak it will review it out. I'll come back and the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the 148664. Truth is the recall, you got questions. We got answers with fear not, fear not. If you're unable to get through or just can't call because work situational would ever about 45 minutes from a little less than that for 15 Eastern time really continue to broadcast, but that will be exclusively on YouTube.

Select: by radio, but that will be our weekly YouTube chat and you can get that info@*your brand asking your Brown on YouTube and will be live there at certain 415 Eastern time, but we just look at a comment from Dawn on her Facebook page as a nurse and required to take a flu vaccines that we don't affect our patient should it can be work related things were job can require something like that. I should be when the government would impose this on the nation as a whole for everyone. You must do this particular thing. That's what I can get dicey and that's where concerns can come up. Although the intent may be good right so back to Josiah's question about memorizing Scripture so I kinda discovered this on my own.

Accidentally, Josiah's when I was in high school I had. I was doing a part in the play or something, or acting some out the class. I forget, but I brought the book home to memorize the part that that I had and I could just bring home for day so I wrote out the part that knows can say and when I was finished writing. I realized I kinda memorize part of it in writing so actually writing it out help so I developed a pattern on my own just come to my own thing. No one told me had of never learned like memory technique. Some people are amazing with this how to structure a chapter had a memorizing and they really help people with it. I never learned any of that.

The what I would do is you know I'm reading the word constantly. Some I'm excited about Scripture and how this passage is amazing want to memorize it. Or maybe it was Psalm 23. Or maybe it was a big thing like the sermon on the mount or whatever. So I would I would do look at averse. I keep looking at it.

Same thing at looking at saying a look. And until I could write it out one time I would write it out then I would say it seven times it seemed like sacred number right I would say it seven times outlet has said seven times perfectly in a row and then I would write it once more and go to the next. So somehow the combination of reading it than writing it and speaking it than writing it did a lot of good now I'm charismatic Pentecostal soul every night. I would pray in tongues as I prayed in tongues. I meditated on scriptures I had memorize, but also as I be walking to the bus where the mustard drive my car driving in my car I would constantly quote Scripture again, so I'd be. I'd be saying it I'd be using it and then reading through the Bible regularly you coming back to verses you've memorize is getting reinforced.

Some have found it really helpful to to write out cards still works and you just carry them with you you you know and and if you memorize one verse in a week that wonderful, no great so you driving your car and you you stopping at the light take out that flashcards look at it. Here's last bit of advice when I'd encourage you to do is what you memorized verse is the next when you memorize and recite the other one as well. And then that verse. This will not reinforce it soliciting, memorizing, averse a week right by the time you've gotten to the end of the year you've memorize 52 verses, but each time you been saying the first one out over and over.

Now the second month over and over.

Third one over and over that will help reinforce thing so hopefully those will be some practical words of advice for you right RIF very insightful. Thank you for your time appreciate you bet you bet 866-34-TRUTH and again it's great to study the Bible in multiple versions, but for memorization purposes. It's good to have one that you read through most regularly is that they can will reinforce the verses that you've memorized all right.

Let us go to audio in Chicago. Welcome to the line of fire-Goethe known Dr. Brown. I've been in the US for €24 and now I'm an American, grew up in India. I feel the American church become very weak because it.

The judge of the doctor directed as a result, the authors nor the spiritual work on the preaching teaching and the delay.

People would be in the congregation.

We are expected to give 10% of our income and be volunteer in a venue they need people to clean out cleanup are assured of our childcare and other than to become the American church and become very weak and you can view that every almost every week. You have a new scandal or even a suicidal but I grew up in. In India, and the Internet in a church in churches where they are the only editors and not pasta and you know and so anyone in the worship.

The it was done in an orderly really stand up and teach you just to praise and worship and read the Bible of pre-and see if you would. The preaching was done only by the end of rotation. The settlement, but now it was the it was not often directed for everybody had a responsibility to read and pray and read the Bible for them and I feel this has come about because every interpreter. The study evangelist on both as the office is not as rule and last week didn't do that much of the thing off the question is profitable to the office and he uncertain only the rule, but then you see if you have all the prophets and all the people that work with profit writing that you driving so yes is you interact and not sure how you managed to get to two straight weeks of but in any case appreciate your question very much, just a rule of; than a couple weeks to give time to others but very important questions or lease a couple things I have worked with congregations that are elder led allegations that a pastor led of work with mega-churches of work with house churches and I've seen God work in all of them and I've seen failings and weaknesses in all of them will.

Here's right totally, absolutely, completely agree with you that we have a spectator. Christianity in in much of America that we go to enjoy a performance. The worship team performs really well give them a clap hands you clap of our hands. Applause seller brought great jobs give him a hand and a pastor great. Wow, what a wonderful is it really, really good message really funny too and that we pay our dues and and and instead of being the church. So we go to meeting guest go be equipped and you could argue, in my view, sir could argue for plurality of elders leading you could argue with for plurality with headship. That's what I'm most comfortable with. So pastor and team of elders, shepherds the flock, and I've been incarnation with shared pulpits and and single speaker pulpits of been in both and can see that one is healthier than the other but it's the mentality the leaders there equipped the body to go into the work of service, so coming to the meeting is wonderful. I love corporate meetings, but the going out rest of the week. That's the big issue. It's the than 98% of our time that we spent out of that building. That's the big issue so coming together wonderful, but being the church and the site is critical and and that's where we must be making disciples, we can't just doing a spectator gathering. We gotta be doing it in our families and small groups and then living it out so everybody's doing the work of the ministry. So here you can have a school. The prophets did teach people about prophetic ministry. All right.

You may recognize some functions in a particular calling, but that the biggest thing that that the real major issue here is to me, which are hitting on that we have a lot of spectators you think if you go to a football game.

Yet the athletes on the field and the fans in the stands and the fans can be obese and drinking their beer and eating their popcorn because they're just there and watch the athletes who put their bodies on the line were supposed to live like the athletes not like the fans were supposed to be the ones going out doing the work a deal with my book revolution in the church and of course in the book revolution urgent call to a holy uprising.

So it's a great need is a great need no churches I work with in India are led by pastors with the people or disciple and a lot of it's the world they live in to be a Christian, you know, much of India's is costly. It's difficult you know that I'm growing up there certain places, different but when you make a commitment to follow Jesus in a primarily Hindu country you may live in a Muslim community of theirs can be more resistance and to follow Jesus is a deeper choice that's made but I appreciate the points or thank you, thank you for calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Have you ordered the new addition of my book revolution urgent call to holy uprising really encourage you to check it out it'll light a fire and you it'll stir you. It will give you a vision for God using you to make an impact highly recommended as a holiday gift. The new addition just came out last month revolution urgent call to a holy uprising of let's go over to Verna in Alberta, Canada. Walking to the line of fire. Clearly, thank you Dr. Brown good to finally connect the awning and mankind fairly straightforward. Don't try to be brief and critical care printer! On diet and more than one, but I'm not sure. The interpretation on a departed in first Corinthians chapter 8, nine, 10, where he talks about not eating food sacrificed to idols and I like to understand how we apply their piety today. Given that, you know, we don't have a lot of overt animal sacrifice in our nighty day and night.

I think it somewhat symbolic for us, but I'd like to hear your interest. Patient on that right thank you Verna so we know in Revelation 2 that Jesus rebukes the woman called Jezebel for teaching God's servants to practice sexual immorality and eat food sacrificed to idols.

So the over opening the overt open flaunting eating food sacrificed to idols was sinful and wrong in God's sight we we know that and understand that something Jesus spoke against. But the question is the food itself is the food itself to value if this food that you're eating was sacrificed in some idle temple subsidy idols. I can eat it right the priest.

It needed so you sell it in the marketplace. It was sacrificed for particular God and now you going eat that fruit is that going to defile you and that's what Paul deals with and what about kissing him to fall you what about the person that's eating the nonbeliever they offered to come back discuss that application number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown just meant to mention this right after an early call about the use of oil laying on of hands. James take five or six 1450 to mention the book by Andrew Wilson pulled up the title immediately after they forgot to mention it so a spirit in sacrament, that's a book by Andrew Wilson spirit and sacrament an invitation to you, you charismatic so Eucharistic right you charismatic worship spirit seconded by Andrew Wilson. Also, if you appreciate what were doing on the line of fire for blessing to if our voice makes a difference in your life you like to help us reach even more people if you watching on Facebook. Just click on the donate button any gift of any size makes it different if you watching on YouTube.

There's a $underneath the chat box took on that or go to the website asked her to

Click on donate right so Verna in Alberta in first Corinthians 8, pulse dealing with a very real possible situation you go to someone's home. The home the person is an unbeliever right they serve you some meat for dinner had needed. You don't need to say wall wall wall was this sacrificed when I wear this Note don't need to ask anything, but if they say hey this was sacrificed when idled in for their sake. You don't need be, because they would then have a wrong impression of of your faith or your attitude. You know yourself. This is food was his physical food that you you eat those to your body and processes out but in in their mind it's associate with the ulcer for their sake. You don't do it and then Paul enforcement is the 10th chapter deals with the issue again.

Are we going to partake of the Lord's supper and then also partake of of of of that which is offered to demons because the gods are not really gauze the false because the demons so how would you apply that to your situation today. Our situation today. On the one hand we live in this world and we cannot try to figure out how every dime of ours is used, how every company operates. When you go to someone's home.

You know if they give you some the what what they do for a living or whatever else… Hey I want to help you out. You know, I see you go on the mission field will help you out with some money we we understand all these things are just natural and can be used for the purposes of God. However, if I was told like someone said hey understand you want to expand on and get on more radio broadcast, so I want to finance you with $10,000 a month. Wow, that's amazing. Yeah, here's the deal of wheat we were we sell ecstasy or whatever the hot druggist you know and we've got a real surface hockey from your money or get right with God so I would make that general application that you can't try to figure out where every dime comes from what when you can restore you know what that the owners of that store what they spend their money how to use your profits.

But if you knew like it if your favorite grocery store now puts up a big add 10% of all profits this month are being donated to Planned Parenthood then I don't go there now that they've made a public statement I make a public statement and will give my money. That's kinda how it filtered out in terms of application today because like you said. For the most part without running into food sacrificed to idols.

Make sense help but like I was wondering and celebration. A wedding of a friend who I had a background of Hinduism and know that everything that we can be there probably at that elevation may have, and perhaps they say prayers and things that honor their God. I don't know.

I wondered if my constable for the chat that I'm attending and dad by virtue of knowing that and eating good sacrifice.

I called Paul gets on the boat right to rescind the book of acts, and in the front of the boat or between God's right.

That's the boat he gets on II I've been in India were a missions team is being driven by a Hindu driver who has a Hindu statue in the in the front of the bus that he drives right that's we live in this world where we live there.

However, if someone if the bus driver says before you get on this bus. I will now bless you in the name of Krishna, we say sorry you will take care the blessing that in fact our first trip to India. We were going up a dangerous road to this amount. Jungle area of the mountains and play scope a dairy and tribal region that an the driver stops to on the side of the Roche so it's we've got the leader's daughters is like 19 she's with us and Nancy and I so the three of us and he stops in the side of the road goes into this little shrine. We we watch and pray he comes out his got the dot on his four head and he put on and said what he just do this. It is praying for safety on the journey. I said tell him it out because I can speak tell he wasn't telling all take care the prey you take her to traffic pray. But you know I thought our faith is is is what's essential about his praying to a deity is like to get in the way of anything he Verna thank you. The question and you go to the Hindu celebration of the wedding with her friends, wonderful if they dedicate this food is now dedicated to Chris does something you say get a pass on that and that's just in conscious to make a statement right thank you. Let's go over to Eddie in Madison, Connecticut. Welcome to the modifier.

Dr. Brown like the book again.

Hey got a Bible study Jeremiah Miller question is restricted. You better call Dr. Brown click on this one. Is that what they felt, folks you don't know Eddie from Connecticut with New York background. He's always like a little bit of a troublemaker with his questions. So go ahead, go ahead ready.

Dr. Brown I said you got perfect. Kevin God the father run everything and all the angels were in heaven all of a sudden.

So you have an idea dear which are angelic being should be have a little brain saying that I will overthrow my troll about his and he gets report of the angels to go with them. Why would anybody said what are you talking about you talk about Almighty God, we don't have a shot by myself. The analogy of this everybody at the death like me. I'm aware that where one or more approaching the United States with a gun coming over to America I got a stick in the boat, shot the Angels or even the second thing I have a shot right so there's two things.

There is Isaiah 14 where you have the spirit behind the king of Babylon and Cindy Satan cell Sam I'm gonna exalt myself above the throne of God and in his can be cast out the year of Revelation 12 were Satan's fighting this war and he pulls down through the Angels is that if you choose things that let let's just separate the two. For the moment.

Okay, what happens is in this is the illustration of it that that when we open our hearts to send Louis God made us perfect, but gave us free will, which is kind of a mystery right because there's no sin but there's no evil until it's actualized. But this mystery free will so evil is not actualized when I make the wrong choice and and the moment that I allow pride to enter in. I'm deceived the moment I allow disobedience to enter in.

I'm deceived so you can be highly exalted and think hey I'm I can do anything. How many people are self deceived. You know they get into fights and take you down that they get crushed instantly so there is the pride disobedience are blinding the power of self-deception is massive. The other thing is, God may not have displayed his power in that way yet. So psych eyes not so tough on that guys a mixed martial art please I does look so big. What you haven't seen them take out 10 people bigger than him so part of it is God may not have demonstrated the fullness of his power. The other which is certain is is that sin and pride are completely blinding, leading people to make horrific choices and then with that this of the other angels you should know what your dealing with, but pride self-deception can enter in there that's one of the other thing is rebellion like nothing with him enough of them giving all the orders over them like being job user worship him, so there's that appeal. Sweetness is a rational you try to do something crazy.

But the great illustration is that's deceiving. Sin can be. That's how deceiving pride can be in the great lesson is we can deceive ourselves just as easily as we can deceive someone else. Alright, so we got the answer for your Bible study. Okay, I get time for another caller to but remember about 18 minutes enough for 15 Eastern time again to keep going on YouTube only asked her to Brown our YouTube channel and really be taken just Q&A there for under 45 minutes or an hour. Let's see, let's go to Newport News, Virginia Dean, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you so long. Dr. Brown is a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you sir. I don't know if you remember but I got them each with a roar from Zion, or molester.

Joker measure as you are leaving. I hope you enjoy the commentary absolutely wonderful. I was wondering if you can address the topic of interest of my you.

Do you see any parallels between them. She was death, resurrection, and resurrection at the three-day pension 40 day the Jewish Pope – than the clamping of the soul. After after death of the first basically with the fact that he rose and extent of pump in the palm of you would've expected possibly for price that happened so quickly or is there something you, but with the new concept that his own yacht.

I'm not aware of parallels that existed that they would have been thinking of it in the first century, the future resurrection. Yes, certainly date they believed in that that was that was established in of the Sadducees had a different view, but that that would not have been the view of their circle so that there was a future resurrection of John 11 yeah I know Lazarus will will rise as the final resurrection juices. I am the resurrection and the life. But know that the shocker was that he was gonna rise the first shock was given value of the Messiah, you will die set up your kingdom. You go first Celeste the first shock die that he's been allies, now that's voices and perspectives. 15.

He's the first fruits of those is the firstfruits of those who will rise never to die again all right rather time to join us 15 minutes from now. Esther Brown on YouTube

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