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Dr. Browns Takes Your Questions and Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 13, 2020 5:00 pm

Dr. Browns Takes Your Questions and Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 13, 2020 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/13/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Phone lines are open to questions we get answers for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. It is great to be on the air with today on the line of fire. You've got questions, we've got answers so as we always do on Friday wide open any question of any kind, as long as it relates to the content of the broadcast, 866-348-7884. The early call, the better chance we have of getting to your calls once more.

866-34-TRUTH. If you would like to discuss with me the history of the conquests of Genghis Khan up. Sorry, that's not my field. If you'd like to ask you about intricacies of Spanish literature from Mexico in the 1800s that can help you with that either. If you will. My opinion on sports like a more pain is there, but that's not what the shows about so anything that touches in any area we touch on the broadcast phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH, right we start with Joey and Southbridge Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire are Dr. Bob, my call to talk to call the cookout into a waiter, Donald Trump and and biotin and I basically explained to her that I don't understand how any evangelical Clara Bow provided knowing shares abortion policies and so sheepishly came out that while those same people that are against abortion and all those who support Donald Trump or against abortion support immigration and kicked in cages so I never really thought of it but can you just explain to me what the Bible says about immigration and how can we balance that between you and I'll think it's wrong to abort babies but in my view immigration is also like it's against the law for stomach to cross the border. So how can we, yes, what we have from a biblical perspective with our principles because it's ancient Israel. Israel drove out the Canaanites and and kill those that that were worshiping idols of their own mitts. In other words, you have to make application from Israel to today and see what principles apply, but what you have is is safe borders and those that are legitimate refugees, legal immigrants, we embrace and help and both parties should stand for that. The so we get to issues here. Number one the lies and the caricatures about Trump and admin and immigration issues keeping out illegals. Those those that that came into America illegally broke laws both on countries laws regarding laws to be here.

That's the issue kids in cages is just the myth of the media was there in their cages that were built in Obama days they were kids putting cages separated from what may or may not of been there parents for prayer time at the knot in cages.

Nobody like that. That's just the way it was that was in the Obama ministration from crackdown a little more why it's the whole thing called coyote said people are illegally bringing kids that are not their own into into the into the United States often for sex trade and things like that so you don't know all that's my child. We don't know what your child. We have to verify that there be separate until a stunt.

Nobody likes it is just as necessary.

Again, the cages were built, but under the Obama administration. Kids were there into the Obama administration is returned to the comp administration that's been dealt with in terms of this knotted on some dependency or answers. Nobody wants kids in cages is a myth of the media and what we want is safe and legal immigration. We don't want convicted felons and drug use is coming to America kicked out of their own countries. A sense here that to hurt American citizens.

What we want is those who are legitimately needy. Those that are fleeing from her tyrannical regimes economic hardship and want to start a new and better life in America we are wide open. We welcome hundreds of thousands of of immigrants all the time so what we want to have is safe borders and open-door to take in and help those who are fleeing persecution tyranny economic hardship and looking to start a new and better life and become part of our society, not destroy it, not overturn it. Arms are open wash. So that's the policy espouse and that should be the policy. Both parties you know you can just say so just just tell me where this please show me the Republican policy and the platform it's as we stand against legal immigration. Please show me where it says that we will not incorporate them into our country. Needy from other lands that want to start a new and better life you please show me where it is our goal to put separate kids from their parents and put them in cages so it's it's just the myth it's being put forward a a false false image of the interesting thing is that to him to a surprising degree, Hispanic American, said we don't want to legal immigration. We want legal immigration. We came in through legal process and we want to see that continue so very simple it's it's just another smokescreen about you and Molly Trump far as I remember, she's a legal immigrant. I thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Brian in Foley Alabama hey Matt how you doing Dr. Goodbar Re: good good. What question number are we up to.

I believe now I'll get back out think it sounds about that sounds about right. Yeah, I spot the name and comes up like that you go ahead sir okay… So all I have written about Gore and I'm a Christian.

I believe in the Trinity, but Buffalo and Daniel if there it is almost like the Bible think that the one we get to heaven with you with the God I am looking into different things to different being because in Daniel if there is your first started the anything of the day that Amanda predicted it though before you and Dan and other plays might mark Robles in it.

The man the right hand of the one we get to heaven with the been so why do we thought it like you know they they God is either one humming sound dander one minute. I believe there diet day, either the authority to come down here and that included, the computer that that they God will came down this right so what we need to do is be more precise in our language.

The word was made flesh, the sun came down. The reason that you have reference to the ancient of days, and the Son of Man in Daniel seven or more 14 you see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of power, or ask seven as I see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of of the father was a Stephen's is being stoned to death is because the sun comes and takes on human form.

So he takes on a distinct physical form and in that distinct physical form.

He he stands unique word made flesh, God the cigar was made flesh, because I could give the idea that he ceased being God in heaven. That's what we understand him is as trite as it is a Trinity is a tri-unity is complex and his unit. The father sits enthroned in heaven and without our eyes being open is is hidden from human side to glory is for human site.

The sun comes down and reveals him in bodily form like in Genesis 18, or in the incarnation, the spirit works invisibly among us.

So this is how God can do all of this and yet the one God at the same time so research on one 12 118 read through that again and lays it out. Certainly that's what this essay became flesh, but the word so it's the sun it's it's the one who makes him known now that being said, in the climax of all things. First Corinthians 15 the sun will turn everything over to the father God may be all in all and when you get to Revelation chapter 22 I just want to read this to you of of often referred to this when this question comes up and I remember I was it doing some guest lectures as a visiting professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity school or when with that of been 90s talking to Prof. Murray Harris Greek New Testament scholar who had written the book Jesus is God anybody reminded me of what it says in Revelation 22 verse three, but the new Jerusalem the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city and his slaves are his servant will serve him to look at this verse for this is God and the Lamb. They will see his face in his name will be on their foreheads. So bright, it may well be. It may well be that eternally. All we see is one God, one face as as the mission is completed by measures only problem with having 50 questions is by the time we dealt with. You have 50 more so to look for here for you in a few weeks. God bless you, 86634 we go to Christian in Toledo Ohio.

Welcome to the line of fire going on bro hey man of all bookable or you all work was in the ugly Betty Scripture unload light.

Psalm 22,000 years ago, or do you we say like either like seven years. How do you know that my uncle used to know about it in quickly to get this so if the Scripture dates itself right if it says these are the words of this profit that he spoke at this particular time, then you say okay that's that's when it was originally delivered, though it may have been finalized in the book form later on right but we know Isaiah lived in a certain time right is so it's the vision of Isaiah.

Some of the moats who prophesy concerning Judah and Jerusalem during the reigns of dimensions inside. It mentions a have a has it mentions Hezekiah so we know when they lived right.

That's roughly 700 years before Jesus. He prophesied over like 50 or 60 or.

Given for like 746 80, but we know in Kingswood knows we have the chronologies we can we can date things back.

We have other ancient Christian chronologies so we can compare that if Psalm 22 is written by David while David lives roughly a thousand years before the time of Jesus. Many of them are not dated like the book of Joel so we don't know exactly where to put that or one was first Samuel written her second Samuel, written or you have to come speculating try to figure different things out. But when we do, we do have dates. It's it's based on just on the chronologies, so if I say this happened during the Reagan administration okay so then you know okay this is your window in the 80s and okay this happened in the days of Lincoln arts.

That's the 1860s and so on. So that's that's just how we we know with those but sometimes we don't know with certainty when that exact motor yet right second leg will knowledge about onlooker mood is not a serious error here will be back and pleasures because 866 for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Friday it's it's the wrap food for the week all the articles in only five new articles week so you get them summaries of them in the special resources and breaking news. Yes, key things that were involved in unit 1B part of so good. My website Esther to escape your brother like to stick a few seconds to fill out the email information all and when you do we send you a free mini book and e-book seven secrets to the real Messiah. So take a minute to do that if you driving way to stop it really the time it takes to be a red light. You can probably get all filled out all right so Kristin your second question, go ahead okay you are going to go to Emporia. We spoke about going to be right with a reminder that old computers obsolete eligible for the right but right now is going to go through than the fact that why was Peter so when you think 2000 vehicle code spirit (it's only because it appeared and believe that 2012 the family. They work so I'm not going to understand as I why was Peter so if you didn't, you can know it's it's it's used. Here's the deal.

Even though Jesus plainly said that the message was for all people right going told the disciples of the nations and your Easter and Jerusalem for this matter to the ends of the earth so that they understood that, but it was still, they may have thought okay, first, all the Jews get saved and then when they get saved the Gentiles automatically gets it and how you reached the whole world you're possibly do that simply reads her own people than they come to faith.

Maybe that'll be the catalyst and out of that the whole world will will will turn so when when God wanted Peter to go and asked him to Cornelius and you know go to Joppa and and speak to him. It was no okay this is this a little different. I'm going to the house of the Gentiles never done that because we see them as unclean, and now is he speaking.

I haven't written done anything that repentant, yet they haven't said anything yet response they distrust our speaking suspect. What in the world. It would almost be like you get this message to share the gospel with Muslims and there sitting there listening and suddenly they be to raise their hand and speak in tongues like what happened in Garcia they really cried out there for their hearts that they look to me there saved through faith in Yeshua and and now they're filled with the spirit so part of it was just a smallmindedness of not recognizing how it was time for the Gentiles, and the others is the way it happens like this of this at this quite is not your customer ritual process or have to do this, or maybe have to get circumcised or you know who knows what he's thinking it just blown away how it happened but thank you for the questions appreciated all right 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Jay in Boise, Idaho. Welcome to the line of fire. The regular goal you're very welcome. So I called maybe two or three week black asking questions about why you thought what is known of the message is not a very commonly discussed issue in in apologetics, the William Branham effect of American evangelicals and if you recall that and I are I heard our memory responding that Old Testament file of profit were not something that was necessarily around anymore and that that was kind of a like and apologetic they could be used against it, but I was I was looking through Scriptures and it is does seem to me that not only does the Bible not have anything to like explicitly say that, but it does seem to me like that.

It kinda states the opposite not want to name but a few brief Scriptures and just see maybe from misunderstanding something.

The first one was the deal of the two witnesses in Revelation 11 seemed like a prophet your future of future profit. There also seems to be in John 121 when they're talking about the others, Elijah, and that profit and Messiah as if their preceptor figures. They also have a most 37… I can do nothing with our build muscle, but to my profit seem to be like on you if you were to judge California for example, you have to reveal it to somebody other what contradicting work and and also just it seems to me like that.

The most common verse I hear people say that the law and the prophets was under John meeting John Baptist, but it seems to me that John the apostle is obviously a prophet Revelation is almost as visionary as Daniel or the right. Yet the key thing is to understand New Testament prophecy one Amos 37 is not the silly and eternal truths. It's it's certainly relevant Old Testament but now the whole church is preaching repentance and telling people to turn to God. So the whole church takes on a prophetic role next to the Holy Spirit is poured out on all flesh.

Some stories maidservants mail service call prophesy so prophecy should be ubiquitous now. Prophecy should be happening all over the place.

A prophecy should be super common in New Testament times. It has different function of the two witnesses in the book of Revelation is is highly debatable. In terms of it is that something that had relevance in the first century is a symbolic use of his member. The whole book is is full symbolism, unless you believe that Satan has seven heads and 10 horns, and things like that is as per Revelation the 12th chapter of John. John one is just from a messianic expectation of the first century, and there were Jews who were expecting, and larger figures separate from that of profit.

Others in the Messiah in a priestly Messiah. So that's just barristers expectation. But in New Testament it lays out plainly, the function that profits are just part of of the ministry functions of apostle profit evangelist, pastor, teacher that that's why say.

Should you be ubiquitous. There should be profits all over the place and that it's that functions in a totally different way than Old Testament prophets. Old Testament prophets were bringing national words and had to be infallible because they're telling okay go out fight this battle.

Lord God says this or that they were speak on behalf of God. The people did not have the indwelling Holy Spirit. You can have prophecy being ubiquitous many people it even have Scripture so if they got things wrong. They spoke presumptuously. They were stoned to death. Where is the New Testament first rankings.

14. Two or three prophets speak in the others judge carefully was being said were first Thessalonians 5 don't despise prophecy right on about the spirits why don't despise prophecy. Test everything.

Hold to the good.

So the New Testament prophecy and profits function in a totally different way so it's a matter of of prophetic words are given and now we test that we judge that we discern them.

We don't speak, I I fully believe in New Testament prophetic ministry 100% believe in it and and in certain specific ways, giving words and things like that over the years. At times God uses me in that way.

I've received words that were quite striking.

The timing of them and how they happen and you just kind of look up and say Jesus your basic unit risen from the dead, still speaking, but everything is judged. Everything is tested and if someone comes and gives me a word first attested by Scripture, but then has to bear witness with my own spirit but doesn't bear with us without spirit. I'm a child of God in right relationship with him that I just put it off to the side so it the when the big errors with Branham. Big big errors with Branham was that he thought he was Elijah and was functioning as an Old Testament prophet and making authoritative statements and things like that the whole body, the whole world.

And that's contrary to the way New Testament prophecy operates 866-34-TRUTH, our wings grab another call right here.

Let's go to Miguel in Brooklyn welcome Salina fire Michael, you bet, a question of Revelation 1414 through 20 would be if the rapture because we could be that without that that you will be a part of upper benefits that David and I have been out Revelation 14, 1250 when I read a harvest of Europe. At the same thing about you. Why, thank you. Read the because it's believe I found out your opinion with opinion on the rapture. You're pretty cool what you think. Okay this is the first issue is is I don't believe in a pretrip rapture so I don't know you right right okay so when you're speaking of rapture. What exactly do you mean when you say that also boat different happening after the coming year. After the second year before the photograph, but after the yes so if you write if you held to a a pre-wrath rapture trying to read it like that. I ice I still don't see attaching away here were taking out.

It seems that it's the harvest of judgment and there's there's no reference to a group being pulled out or or spirit in the order that I see in Matthew 13. In the parable of the wheat and tares, a bear in mind it is it is a parable, but the lesson the application is that the wicked will be weeded out right and then the righteous will rejoice, so that the wicked are removed and then the righteous rejoice in in the Lord. In any case to me if you can argue for a separation between rapture and second coming that argue for pre-wrath rapture is far better than a pretrip rapture. Could you say were here right till the end of than taken up before the final wrath. My understanding is there's only one event. So in other words, Yeshua comes the Messiah comes of fruitful whole world to see were told to look up your redemption draws near.

We look up and end with anticipation. No middle of the day or the hour but knowing the time is near your peers in glory for the whole world to see. We are caught up to meet him. All believers for the whole world to see were caught up together and then we descend with the meat we meet him right in the air as he is coming and we escort him back to earth.

So as I understand it, it's one event at the culmination was the wrath is been poor, that he would keep digging their all kinds of insights we can keep leaning Scripture. Thank you. Call filename light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown broadcast I love you love coming into view the broadcast Fridays always liked an affair because we have been doing prep for the show. Clips go through news items that you will coordinate with gas test come in and answer calls this like giving candy to maybe write except I don't eat candy anymore another baby but feels 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Nicholas in Toronto welcome Salina fire hello Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call and God what Canada thank you sir.

I didn't really engage with some of Dr. Heiser's work on the good around it. Deuteronomy 32 thesis as alluded to in his book on round and I'm really interested in this and that I get ontological framework and you know I am just wondering how do we reconcile this idea of territorial left, or God, as alluded to in Psalms 82, as you note, though, the Lord, besides over the divine counsel had] thought Jesus directly retorts the Pharisees and John Pennant as well, aren't you, God, to whom the word of God came.

I feel like there's a bit of a disconnect in inappropriate authority can provide clarification. Yes of course you know the questions come up costing about Psalm 82 and one day I would love to coordinate a debate between James White and Michael Heiser both and friends, but James have been close with for four years now as they bring different perspectives on Psalm 82 and then how it works out with John 10. The biggest thing we need to emphasize and reemphasize is that there is one God among not only. End of subject. Yes Satan in second Corinthians 44 is called the god of this age and in first Corinthians 8. There are many so-called gods and so-called lords but for us is one God, one Lord, so we we need to stress that we need to emphasize that so there is absolutely no ambiguity and that anyone else pretending to be called the goddess a false God. So Exodus 15 become more than Abe Lim who is like you oh Lord among the gods, so yes there are the so-called gods but there's only one who is worthy of the definition of God eternal uncreated, all-powerful, all-knowing, all good being. There is one and one only everything else is created so we need to reiterate that that is the overwhelming message of the Bible that there is one Creator and everything else. Every other entity physical material. Every other entity in the universe is is created. There's only one uncreated God.

So when Jesus says you are God's. He's, there's a challenge that he's bringing in other words, he's he's exposing their error and an inside look at the Baha'i standing that you had as as being fused to whom the tour was given and to whom God entrusted judgment and she recalled a Lim gods but the original setting of the Psalm would've been God sitting above all of these other created beings.

These angelic powers to whom judgment was entrusted know if you have a heavenly parallel in an earthly parallel or heavenly application and there is the application no there there is judgment and warfare going on in the heavens there is judgment more for going on on the earth, so the original context could have just just as well been a Canaanite context were ale the chief goddess presiding over the other gods my cousin to Scripture discussing though I'm the God on the God and you others so-called Godzilla die like men do nothing. And then in the ongoing life of Israel. It's applied now to their earthly judges who are also called Elohim and in the book of Exodus. For example, and he sank uniformly for being called son of God didn't even understand your own Scriptures are called gods, and here I'm the one set apart by the father of so the other thing is when Jesus quotes Scripture interacts with the people of the day he's interacting often with their understanding literate.

Psalm 110, when he says how to stay recalled the Messiah, his Lord, while the text does not explicitly say Messiah but there were there were streams of Jewish interpretation that understood that is David speaking about the Messiah, so as we we understand then that what Jesus is saying the application to the Israelites as quote God's something that was a common interpretation in his day and he's kinda challenging that with their calling and their failure to recognize his calling it if you look and I often refer folks here Nicholas and discus have answered the question about Psalm 82, a bunch of times and I cannot take more time but I often refer folks to the NET Bible. If you have not used it. It is not my favorite translation. It's my favorite annotated translation meaning using the notes, the translation notes okay so just go to next Bible NET nearing's translation that and then read online. Click on it. It's free and I'm looking right now. Psalm 82 got that on the left side and on the right side. It's got all the translation notes detailed some presupposes you understand Hebrew, and the grammar Greek, etc. and goes through the different ways of understanding here it goes through the the of the explanation. And yet if if we wanted the one click on notes NET notes in your seal that that are there. All right keep digging but teasing is never deviate from central truths of Scripture. All these are all these other things are understood, the secondary way that supports the central truths let us go to Joe in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Welcome Salina fire Dr. Brown are we doing well thank you I have about 100 quiet we have time to get through all of the utmost one we do thousand and this way we can just just stay on until the next millennium you going to give her your number one biggest one RIA. Quick question. I know that we don't need to take a literal interpretation of all Scripture. But Francis Schaeffer with an agnostic. For example, on the exact dating of creation that that we must never give up a literal Oracle Adam and Eve a fall from Eden, etc. I want that many evangelical Features Today Like William Ln., Craig, for example those that we don't need a historical creation and historical Adam and Eve. The historical all any part of that that which you fall in line more with Schaeffer on it, and how far to far in kind of a progressive interpretation of Scripture in your view, like can you can you have a savior without all, any just a really quick guide question is just if you plan on doing and update the house. They are really, I think that was literally an incredible book. Thank you so answer the second question, I'm not planning on an update to José Darley. It was written in a very intense time of seeking God and pursuing him in 1990.

I had just written and the American gospel enterprise which is my first book on revival and then how saved are we follow that and after that, whatever happened to the power of God written with real intensity passion and with God really calling me deeper and every level I had been immersing myself reading about the persecuted church and about missions so the call to just give our lives for Jesus is very strong. Hence, statements like anyone who spends more time playing video games and seeking God has the right to call Jesus Lord you think that's extreme what's as extreme as I was writing except what I was understanding was if he is Lord, not listening to those of the right to call him Lord, but by obeying so it was the certain intensity about it and was written during a certain season, and I feel it needs to stand as it is, there's not a ton that ties in with note data statistics. There's some stuff with most of it's a challenge from the word of that being said, I'm writing a book now that you cannot gobbling September of next year called revival or we die. That will be a and in the same spirit as gospel enterprise and how saved are we in these other books. Okay. As for your first question, the big question was Francis Schaeffer there now to be fair, I've not yet Heard William Ln., Craig articulate his views so I don't want to respond without knowing exactly what he's saying. I believe we can debate the date of creation and I would say that God's intent in in Genesis 1 and two. Special Genesis 1 is not primarily to teach us scientific ions or facts or time periods are days, but rather to teach us about God that the purpose of the creation stories. The ancient world is not supposed to teach science but to teach us about the God of people worshiped in here the one true God.

A transcendent God. But if there is not a literal Adam and Eve. If there is not a literal fall, then I believe we have we have major, major problems, so I would say that Scripture interprets itself is being progressive or anything else, it's that Scripture interprets itself in an Scripture everywhere indicates a real Adam and Eve, Scripture indicates a real fall with real consequences of the fall in time Scripture indicates what happens subsequently. So if Adam and Eve are just parabolic figures than what about Cain and Abel. And what about all of their children. And what about the genealogy in Genesis 5, which is just a straight genealogy so yeah, to me sees me. Genesis 1 as intended and interpret the rest of Scripture is telling us about Seesmic the nature of God, who he is, how he operates what his order is like, etc. and it's not giving us a date now you could, but unclear that's intensive it and there may be parabolic elements of the story you know if a talking snake is to be parabolic at whatever the bottom line is these things literally happen date a bit. The progenitors of the human race literally send rebelled against God were deceived by the ancient serpent by Satan himself, bringing death and destruction on the human race so ugly. It's very important that we hold to that the William Ln., Craig is an Orthodox believer in Scripture in the gospel at an need to know exactly what he's saying before I respond to it adequately.

All right, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH all right when I, taught at a time when I can.

I have time for a full question before the brakes stay right there on the get to as many calls as I can.

The inside of the break from Canada LA North Carolina other places. Again, just that reminder if you don't get our emails but only sign of all I want your Facebook conjure the broadcast click on the donate button any gift of any size is appreciated. They do accumulate so just if you feel to do that watch on YouTube. There's a $under the chat box. You can click on that or you could ask Dr. SK your brown dot or click on donate in your gifts help us do everything were doing a whole lot more. God's grace. This time, this time to make greater impact solace. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome my 66 those who post comments Facebook were not able to respond to those just let you know. But phone lines are open all right.

Let us start in Louisville, North Carolina with Mark, thanks for calling on fire by Dr. Brown this is my second call to you like what you warm my heart going to thank you. I took Scripture to read to you and dictated shared with you before I don't believe pretrip record you don't, but also don't believe in a €1000 kingdom and I would ask this question to all, everyone handle the raptors. All of the body of Christ psychically in the bottle. Secondly, Anthony days of judgment or the God's enemies and the answer to both of them should be because if you believe about your millennial people at the thousand year direction: why they have to blacklist be rapture wasn't going to be rapture as Jesus was here on the basis is Jesus is here on the earth that the saved have already been caught up to meet with the Lord knows the thousand year reign and then it's it's Revelation talks about the second resurrection. After the after the thousand years.

So the first resurrection happens when the Lord returns, and the dead and the silent rise to meet up in the air in the second resurrection is after the thousand years in the Revelation tells us explicitly in the word rapture we should just leave out leave that out there. The focus. Believe to resurrections not rapturous resurrections never read that book okay yeah so so why not let you let me just read it to you. Okay so Revelation chapter 20 so it says and I saw thrones, people seated on them who were given authority to judge us so the people been beheaded because their testimony about Jesus because of God's word would not worship the beast's image not accepted the mark and therefore it's they came to life and reigned with the Messiah for thousand years. The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were completed.

This is the first resurrection.

So the first resurrection is before the thousand years and now thousand years later that's with the rest of the dead come to life. That's the second resurrection.

This is pretty explicit in our challenging first right right.

Revelation 25 that is a spiritual director but your work.

It's not. It's not that that's out yet okay so so Mark can listen I appreciate I appreciate the, the, the question and it we we try not to have known you mentioned. Remember your first quote I wish I did but we do we do chat with a lot of folks but you're free to call himself to continue in an argument, but we have to be on the same page, though, you know, so I just want to say explicitly that there is no is not a spiritual birth okay this people who were beheaded, who now come to life and now thousand years later, the others come to life. Scott discovered same. They came to life and reigned with the Messiah for thousand years.

The rest of the dead did not come to life to the thousand years were completed as the first resurrection so they were beheaded they came to life because the resurrected reigned with Jesus for thousand years.

Rest don't come to life again not resurrect till the end of the thousand years.

We have to be consistent first resurrection second resurrection and the same passage have to mean the same thing hate. But I'm glad that it brightens your heart that we do. This Q&A shows God bless you and thank you for calling in a 6634 truth. Let's go to stay in north Carolina. Greg and Carrie, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown I have a question about King Saul. All you going to be redeemed in heaven now.

I hope so, but I don't know. He could very well be a lost soul and he was very much a lost soul in this world made some terrible mistakes came under divine judgment.

Do we have record of him repenting record of him getting right with God record of him dying is a true believer know so certainly hope that's the case, but it would make you think he was. I don't know I mean I got I thought about made, thought because he started out you chose the gob out by God who became graphic. He was with the king and wait until David was crowned economically sound of Saul was actually I know God chose about like he was really Troy them are correct the matter of our role as he was he was it. In other words, God has to change his plan for Scots were knows but first Samuel 15 God says okay.

I do not I am going to change my intent because III was going to do this, but because of what you did for example with Eli and his sons right in. In first Samuel God says I tend yeah God says about Eli said I am tenant hereby said that I I intended for you and your sons to serve. This would be a lasting no lasting priestly dynasty but because of sin your unit come under judgment and your your sons, and future descendents you live under a curse. So if Saul had been humble repentance. A man after God's own heart than the dynasty would've come through Saul God had to find a better man because of Saul's failure got, of course, all foreknown to the Lord, but to remind Greg that Saul is being chosen as King. This is not a matter of individual salvation. He could've been saved or lost right with God or not right with God as King that within affect his kingship in his role and potential dynasty, but the man himself.

We don't know what I mean so many people that got these bad stories and scriptures for it whenever I return to gas like all Goss wanted to get it right this is tragic starts while he finishes very badly, but new customers is great. Perhaps he turned to the Lord.

Hey, thank you, thank you for asking. By the way, I know people love it when you give more definitive answers. But when the Bible doesn't tell you what you say we want to make something up right hence which way I go. We are not your turn left into a thousand miles and I think you'll find the right place not on the trust they hate you better pull a map out here just don't have more data right somewhere in the vast expanse of Canada been looking to the line of fire. I very quick question then not think very much we were.

Know your readers that you put out there.

You, what are your thoughts on react negatively reduce interpretation of the golden calf and as well as a lot of other factors with the golden calf that up With an actually separate God that the Jewish people made, but it did, it would actually replace and promote the and if there any penalty contradictions that you can actually hold true, whatsoever, and it but you have a good resource for maybe debunking the validity of the town motor or stories like that never let the very start out wondering what you so so.

First, just know that it usually calls on Friday are perfectly kosher its non-Jewish calls on Thursday that don't fit so your good you're here in the safe. So here Jewish call on on Friday so if if you go to II just to be resource. I just typed in golden calf. Judaism and a few entries down. I found the entry on Shabazz of Their article serve if you just typing about CHA and then space golden calf. He should get you there. So this takes you through some of the traditional Jewish understanding now.

It was viewed as utterly calamitous and that it it home. It was almost like a repeat of of the fallen terms of the consequences of sin in terms of the what happened because of of Israel's rebellion in their other rabbinic traditions that speak of the Israelites stoning in like this. Some of the leaders like horror some of the other elders so it's it's painted as a time of real rebellion, but there obviously to main ways to read the text either.

This is your God this is Yahweh you want to worship God because they they they made images of their gods, or any God had an image of some kind. This is your this is your God now in bodily form. You know by all would be associated with being a bowler's so here this it up or this is an entirely new God. There was a sonata represent representation of Yahweh but an entirely new God. The idea that in any way. It was it was taking Moses place.

There is no dishonor him to the text of that rather with Moses absence. They want to the physical presence. So when Moses was there. At least they had this this man, they could look to who represented God. Now, with Moses gone. They needed a physical representation of and that you can deduce from the text that we don't have to Moses. So with let's do this and and you get into some of the psychology, the, the various Talmudic interpretations are interesting it in my own view, it's most likely that that they made the golden calf is a representation of Yahweh as opposed to an entirely different deity, and many scholars would agree with that and psychologically.

You could say it was because of the absence of Moses, but the other rabbinic interpretation. It's just again, it's interesting to look at now, but is not authoritative, and often it's just an interesting interpretation that we said it's wrong we differ with all orders of substance to it or no authority behind if you want one volume that I wrote that challenges Talmudic authority and rabbinic authority that is a volume 5 of answering Jewish objections to Jesus. Volume 5. So it's my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

Volume 5. Traditional Jewish objections and systematically I challenged the view of, the authority and rabbinic authority and why I don't accept that as a New Testament follower of Yeshua find five answering Jewish objections to Jesus right folks have an awesome weekend and in the midst of the chaos and Craziness Go Taking Pl. in America will keep your eyes fixed the author and finisher of our lesson

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