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Jewish Perspectives on the World

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 12, 2020 4:50 pm

Jewish Perspectives on the World

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 12, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/12/20.

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It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown Orthodox Jewish rabbi Celia Trump will be reelected. Right now this is just a little bump in the process when play a few clips from that see where he's coming from and why and then give you some insight in terms of how Jews look at the world of the Jews are diverse people, like every other people, but certain general things in terms of how Jews look at the world and I just give you some insight and spiritual natural insight. If you Jewish -related question of any kind to be Hebrew related to be about Israel today resume prophecy could be messianic prophecy question.

Whatever. It's Jewish related 8663 for truth, 866-3487 84 if your Jewish person and Jim agree with me about my faith in Yeshua and wanted dialogue with me about it. I was to be connected to full-blown debate, but by all means give us a call.

All right, you might sometimes wonder as a non-Jew. Why Jews are always thinking okay with the election. With this move in society with how does affect us. How does it affect the Jews use it regularly.

No articles okay how would abide presidency affect the Jews had a Trump presidency affect the Jews has can affect us you think is not cut a self-centered, self-absorbed, we have to understand when you are a small minority. Right now, what .005% of the worlds population, whatever that exact figure is so, maybe 13, 14 million out of 7 1/2 billion.

And when you have a history of being kicked out of countries because you don't fit visual convert to the prevailing religion when you're hated persecuting song when the houses got has can affect me has can affect me look when there are economic changes usually are some big thing this is going to happen in in in this part of the world and and it's going to have this ripple effect you think has. It was about a month for me has this effect might my family, my ability to pay my mortgage or pay rent to put food on the table with notes. It's a natural thing so Jews often think in that way.

So there is a a a story about these three scientists who went to India and there we can spend one year researching the Indian elephant and then after that, there we can go back to their home countries and work on the research and then publish a book was from Germany amongst France was for America.

So this many here analyzing the Indian elephant studying the Indian elephant. They all go back home and then they do the research and writing.

At that point so the German scientists he does his research and he publishes a book called 100 ways to categorize and analyze the Indian elephant.

Now, if you know anything about German scholarship. It's often very precise and very analytical and very orderly and if if you know German society is very much like that there. Trust me, they say, the service will start at this time of the meeting will start at this time ago in his promptings and their very different say in Africa or India. Just time to be more flexible so the German scientist writes his study on 100 ways to categorize and analyze the Indian elephant, the French scientist writes his study on the romantic life of the Indian elephant here France romance, the American scientist writes his study on 100 ways to build a seasoning at 100 ways how to build a bigger and better Indian elf cemetery would do it better. We can do it better. As a well I was talking to a friend about this and these together as 1/4 scientist Israeli scientist so he spent a year researching with them. He went back to Israel and he wrote his report and his book was called in the Indian elephant in the Jewish problem has come forth. How does the Indian elephant affect us as Jews.

It's understandable again when you are the minority when much of the world through history is against you. You one okay house as is can affect me and you know you may be looking at elections things happening on the world. A lot of its bottom-line house can affect my family economy freedoms bottom-line kind stuff right so it's understandable in that respect now I'm looking in an article here. It's on a prophecy watch website subscription website but it's called poking God in the eye, Harris vows to fund Israel's enemies of course very threatening looking picture of her in an interview with the Arab-American Newsweek news two weeks ago, Harris explicitly stated she was committed to creating a Palestinian state inside the borders of Israel with its capital in Jerusalem while limiting the number Jews permitted to live in Judea and Samaria, and the roots of so-called settlements of the interview came during a previous campaign stop in Dearborn, Michigan, home to 40,000 Arab Americans and the largest Muslim population in the United States, per capita joint, I believe in the worth and value of every Palestinian and every Israeli will work to ensure the Palestinians and Israelis enjoy equal measures of freedom, security for spreading democracy. We are committed to two state solution will oppose any lateral steps that undermine that goal. We will also oppose annexation and settlement expansion will take immediate steps to restore economic and humanitarian assistance to the post and people addressing the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza reopen you and consulate the streusel and work to reopen the PLO mission in Washington. The pill mission was closed after the organization violated its obligation to Congress not to target Israel did Hessian criminal court. The trust administration was obligated below to close the office was the Palestinians announced their plans to take Israeli officials to the ICC, Joe Biden has stated a commitment to these goals as well be restated any concessions that would be expected from the Palestinians in return. Now, many Jews would be looking at that, not just how does the presidency will see again when on the final vote count of the. The casting votes the electoral college. So we have the final verdict with the president is then at that point, it's a valid question say how does this affect Israel he said, don't you want equal rights for Palestinians in service of course the enjoyment humanitarian treatment will of course.

But the problem the biggest problems the crop Palestinian leadership.

Biggest problem is the ongoing funding of of Islamic terrorism.

The biggest problem is is lack of Islamic recognition of the Jewish right to homeland and and to say okay physically Palestinian state can be free of Jews there.

What why is it that these really straight states got it million 1/2+ Arabs living in it. If you have Palestinian state to be no Jews so it's it's what this implies. It's where this goes. It's the give and take. It's working towards a divided Jerusalem. Now again, we shall see how things play out on the ground and as of the end of the world.

In any case, regardless of what happens next with the elections you have little faith that God sits on the throne and rules and reigns at the same time.

This would be a Jewish perspective and again for any of our groups. This is understandable. Those of us were strongly pro-life, profamily per religious freedom you were asking. How does the election affect us a vision of your old looking at immigration or your focus on education will focus on healthcare in your that your question has election affect these issues so this is part of a Jewish perspective.

Another something else Jewish perspective which is very worldly wise. In other words, while it's spiritually oriented and if you talk to a religious do you find someone who is very spiritually minded he thinks about prayer and God all day long. Right.

The clothes they wear the choices they make that everything is God. God got in terms of their their consciousness of this is how I live as a Jew in this world and yet there is a worldly wisdom to Judaism there is a earthly practicality's a couple jokes.

There is a Catholic priest a Protestant pastor and a Jewish rabbi there discussing the philosophical question philosophical question of when life begins in The creases were very clear on this. Life begins with conception, absolutely the Protestant pastor you know there a lot of different viewpoints and how we can interpret the Bible and understand it, so there is debate in our circles exactly where the process of of of the baby conceived before its Borman life begins as the rabbi. When does life begin, he was life begins when the children leave home.

Okay, so it's not the answer to the question, but it's it's the Jewish joke in terms of kind of a simple pragmatism and yes Judaism teaches love for children or here is no the same three guys Catholic priest Protestant pastor into shrub. They are asked what you do with the funds that come into your church in your synagogue how you divide them up The presold we we draw a circle on the ground here draw circle that we throw all the money that comes in we throw it all up to God and everything that falls outside of the circle that belongs to God falls in the circle that source Protestant pastor says hopefully to something very similar.

Actually, we draw circle the ground. We throw all the money up to God and what lands of the circle is God's, and everything lands outside the circle is ours. The rabbi says that we don't even bother with the circle. We throw all the money up to God what he wants.

He keeps again it's the Jewish type of practical wisdom. It reminds me of a true story be just a practical story. There is a solid lead to the Lord in high school and he was getting married and the the church that we were attending had a big piece of property and during the summer. They put a tent up to have some tent meetings to destroy people in it. See the tent come into more financials and I can within the church building was all in the back. The property and this fellow said you are my wife and I would love to get married into the tent.

Could you keep it up a little longer.

The pastor said you had some bad weather coming this fall, it's Camilo dangerous for the tent.

In these were really praying and believing would you keep it up as okay, so I'm I'm in the wedding party that they and will bad weather hits. I mean real bad weather that we had gone the day before to Methodist Church building and the guy they are the custodian and the building didn't really seem like a spirituality of no if he was a believer not sphincter. Take care.

The building and they said yeah you know we need.

This is backup just in case there's bad weather but were praying and believing that everything is gonna be great and will be any problem or not that they comes in. The weather was so bad it ripped the tent up and we get there and the ward is pouring in and guys going around like with the style strata clean up the chairs of the waters. Forget this puddles everywhere and the groom is just totally crestfallen.

They're all there are in our taxes at all. This exhibit less medicament can be moved over to the Methodist Church recall over the gossip.

I pause the floor last night. I knew it was going to write this there was this revelation of the Lord spoke was like yeah I saw the weather. Of course I knew you'd be, and I really polish the floor Cubano so that's kinda like a Jewish approach sometimes practical wisdom right now is six 634-8784 and I got these really interesting. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and the line will see the singing of the Psalm six rules watches over Israel slumbers or sleeps okay 86634 is the recall. We go to Gavin in Cleveland, Ohio looking to the line of fire related, but it doing very well. Thanks Gavin was out. You are Joshua Nugent and how do we know that you named of them. Your OSHA rather than usual with this should allow more popular and you bayonet while we go with that yet. The reason as to why the Septuagint translate your host, you are Joshua with Jesus, which is which is Yeshua. The reason for that is is complicated.

I've discussed it with Septuagint scholars.

It just seems to be kind of a leveling out of the of the performer of the Yehoshua name with the more common Jesus and in Greek issue was a tremendously common name in the first century, but we have a Yeshua of close to 30 times in the Hebrew Bible for five different people primarily as the short form of Yehoshua, the high priest, so the be like Mike versus Michael Jesu's in Greek and then the the spelling in the per sheet and Syriac indicates that the right pronunciation is Yeshua would be a final so you sure that that gives us good indication of there is no indication that he would have been called Yehoshua. In other words, it's not reflected in the perceived is not reflected in other ancient documents.

We have he's universally known is certainly in in Greek, whereas you have at least in the Hebrew Bible and then in that the Syriac would make a distinction between Yehoshua and Yeshua's of the combined evidence would suggest that somehow there is a a leveling out of Yehoshua and Yeshua in the Septuagint where it all just comes out as if it was Yeshua Jesu's movement with a more common form or the common very common name of day again is a said you should be a tremendously common Jewish name in the first century of beyond that, I'm not sure exactly why or how it happens to your questions totally valid. It's just the combined evidence from everything that we have would indicate that the name was Yeshua that Yehoshua got one more quick question yeah Gulfport you believe verse five in Beaumont and about the game warden verse one, like at the right hand of the father, or do you believe in talking about art, but they quickly okay no I am not seeing a a switch and places there so let's let's just say this because of the brevity of this version sooner read to read NET discus folks can find ample notes so so the Lord Yahweh says to my Lord.

So whom Yahweh logged on the so the utterance of Yahweh to to my Lord other than the sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool so the Lord Yahweh sends forth from Zion your mighty scepter rule in the midst of your enemies so this is that the heavenly father making this decree for the sun.

Your people will offer themselves freely on the day of your power and holy garments from the womb of the morning to do of your youth will be yours.

So the you your taking to be the this anointed Lord. This messianic King, the Lord has sworn and will not change his mind. Your prescriber if the rebooking Citic. The Lord is at your right hand. He will shatter kings on the day of his wrath.

So what that saying is here. It's not a switching of places because sit at my right hand is his a place of of the affirmation and a place of secondary power to the Lord himself right now.

The high would be the highest place in the universe at my right hand now it's it's interesting wording here the Lord is at your right hand. It just means he's backing you so you could read it in a very technical way that there switching but one is positional sit at my right hand. The other is metaphorical of God backing you.

That's what it means Lord is at your right hand to shatter kings of the Davis wrath Alexi children among nations from hill right in and then the key after this is is the Messiah, the messianic King. The rest of the verses looking for the brick, believing the Lord in verse five is given Yahweh and not out yet that's not that's how I would understand it. But again, you know it's it's the reason you normally say that the Hebrew from other Nai is different than the form in the first verse right so this is the one it's normally exclusively used a four Yahweh in in the Hebrew Bible.

Now, it could refer to the sun, known as the sun is also other Nai but in this context. It's not who is he, with another words if this is about the messianic King is at your right hands at my right hand, or zero whose right hand so and especially someone reading it in nature is like reading it.

If they heard it vocalized like that. That's the text that they had learned and they'd understand that to be Yahweh and and now he he who said, sit at my right hand is now backing you he standing with you in that sense at your right hand, but these these are questions that show you understand the issue so I appreciate that certain vectors are, you bet 86634. By the way, by the way, we often have shows especially a Friday show many Thursday shows where very difficult to get through the moment of phone line opens.

Someone calls and you may have tried to get through different times and it's frustrating and it we do our best. As you know to get to as many calls as possible and to have YouTube catch those things where we we try to give conduits you can ask your questions and we can respond and then you can always write to we have a team that that spends time answering your questions, and certain questions will come to me to respond to us we could help our ministry mass. Dr. Brown is just that we do our best to accommodate.

But every so often will have phone lines open and folks to realize so now as well as times we have some phone lines open if you want to call in the Jewish -related question or here with a big smile if you're watching you can see it if you listen you can feel it with a big smile to my Jewish friends that differ with me.

Those who differ Christian friends who differ with my views on Israel now is a great time to call to the Black Hebrew Israelites that mock and attack and call me in Edomite liar every other kind of thing on YouTube.

Why not call why be cowardly and just post behind some anonymous keyboard somewhere when there's a wide open invitation to call and use our platform. Everyone that we speak to was doing an interview yesterday podcast interview on one of our podcast outlets and an associate's and she started podcast on our our channel we got 1.3 million downloads of your of your program so people listened not of one program, obviously, but of many shows people to listen. So if you've got some you want to say here is your opportunity.

We pay for the airtime we pay for the platform you get to call. We think of that 866-34-TRUTH is the number two call of all right rabbi is Sir Solomon Weissberg was unfamiliar with him before. To my knowledge he is not a a famous rabbinical leader that people are looking to all around the world that original one of the co-good building one of the great respected rabbis of the generation that everyone goes to, but he may be well respected in service. I'm just not familiar with so these clips that I play.

I am not playing clips of someone who is widely recognized as a major spokesman for Orthodox ultra-Orthodox duties, Mid-America regional, but he may be widely respected with his own circles but just want to give you a context, and in a in other words, this letter a rabbi that would have they to reach and scope of, say, Franklin Graham in the Christian side of things. Okay, but he's not in the Westboro Baptist God hates fags is alright so this easily as you can evaluate accordingly. So he predicted from selection and sees trumpets playing an important role in even tying with the end times Messiah and all that I was the foreman Jewish perspective so let's hear some of what he has to say about where we are with the elections right now in previous videos I have predicted the trunk will be given more time to continue and complete the mission it was entrusted by God. In this video I want to explain why his path to victory has taken a detour there many times in our history when it looked like the end was near. Then suddenly, usually session codified the salvation of God appears out of nowhere. You remember when we stood at the edge of the sea with nowhere to go in the massive army of feral arm to the teeth were eager to exact revenge against the Jewish people. You know the story stand by for miracles. So he saying hey, we've been in a situation their backs against the wall before and God's come through with miraculous intervention now here's the thing. I just want to emphasize.

We do not need Donald Trump as president to save America. We do not need the Republicans were the Democrats or anybody else in power to save America to save Israel God. In fact, me do things in such a way that we lose hope in everybody and only put our trust in him so it's interesting though that he and many others feel that the reelection of Trump is of tremendous importance for Israel and the world made the will of God be done may the will of God be done to that we can all say amen we put our trust in God nonperson we come back and go to your calls and play a couple of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and his friends were six Thursday. We still have some room left for a March trip to Israel.

So is rated into February and then the first week of March. Go to Esther to to find out more reasons can be, may then be how to move into October now March, were trusted by then everything will be good and back in order.

In Israel haven't signed up, please do so. It is the trip of a lifetime to see it's worth every dime. All right good of the photos in a moment but just one click two more clips from this ultra-Orthodox rabbi part of Kabbalah, which is acetic sect of Judaism and it's interesting ghettos. Christian website seem to have picked up on this may be more than Jewish websites, but these are his predictions about Israel and and and Trump and what's coming. So let's end this is what by three days old in terms of of what he posted this diet. Americans voted for Trump understood that is unflinching and unparalleled support for Israel is based on a moral imperative and is nothing to do with politics. How does Joe Biden intend to keep the faith of those voters and the other half of Americans who believe the exact opposite.

How can you both protect the world from the fanatics of the red as president Trump has and will continue to do while at the same time, he embraces and emboldens. He ran as his mentor Barack Hussein had done and allows them to continue with the diabolical plans to produce nuclear weapons, which will put the lives of over 6 million Jews and parent.

How can you fight to protect the lives of unborn children and at the same time fight for the right of women to choose to kill them. Of course he can't. So why did he say that he can so he's challenging Joe Biden's speech from last Saturday night where he says in his view as President-elect Jahnke to be the president of all Americans fight for all of you will obviously want to say that presence must be the principal Americans but if there radically competing agendas. Totally different agendas. You know that are that are at loggerheads in a mutually exclusive, you can be the president of all those people that you can support the gender as well as people and that's that's what he's challenging.

I will more clip even if you raise your nest as high as the Eagles even if you establish among the stars of heaven, I will bring you down. From there, declares God.

This is what I believe that they were given a temporary sense of victory to slow their egos as high as the stars and from there they will come crashing down in shame and defeat. This will be their atonement so that is the book of provider concludes, those who survive. Meaning after atonement has been achieved, all Americans can be part of those will the sentiment sign and then the kingdom will be God's so he's he's tying and God bring on the proud and tying that in with God using Trump in the end times Messiah.

I am not looking at things in such messianic terms. But if God resists pride. Then he was his pride in Donald Trump to and I've been getting some very strong emails text sent to me by friends and colleagues saying you know there's been so much prayer president did not protect against this that when a prayer for the man to change his God is resists the proud more thoughts a my prayers Lord, your will be done, which is a trillion billion infinite times bigger near you or Americo or Trump or Biden or anybody slur your will be done and then let us be on the right side of your will this align rightly with you, with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Keith in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire Gartner Dr. Brown and if not we were part of a group where a coworker started group with. Couple Felder work heaven iron sharpening gallery each week and grip of a God who I've known for many years of a godly man where you rebuilt that and your family have become aura of Berber prayer company feel very strongly about and believe it is an effect of the year.

We put all karate word got Dr. Gregory Godbey, the wall and Mark you are your fault without you really believe that Barry to be salvation you sent a very dangerous path. Very dangerous path that can ultimately lead to him completely denying Yeshua and even converting to Judaism. The moment you say, it is necessary, it is required during very serious error and this is what happens people realize that they had a reaction against the law that they look at the law as evil was pulse its wholly just and good.

They see that Jesus said I can come to abolish the law but to fulfill.

They begin to think well you know what about Sabbath who made it Sunday fair question, and what will I mean why should I eat food that God's it is unclean.

Once another question. You know that, and then goes on.

Next thing people think in order to please God denotes his hey if you let me keep my commandments. What that means all 613, as opposed to what Jesus was saying, in context, if you let me keep my commands and the things I'm saying to love one another as I've loved you and so on. Your following my footsteps and and and listen to my commands and then they begin to think okay it's I need to start living under the law, and then they start to think it's required to live under the law, and then they think others are required to, and I watched it and I'm a bit in the Lord almost 50 years now and is a Jewish believer. I've seen the spheres get the letters in the old days letters. Now the emails Dr. Brown what'll I do my husband or my wife or my kids have renounced Yeshua they no longer believe in him and you know and so the fact is we are not under the Sinai covenant in the New Testament and God takes the new covenant in Rice's loss in our hearts, and that is what's reflected in the New Testament writings and in other words, if if you're to be under the law and Torah observant then then you need to be advocating for the rebuilding of the temple so that there can be animal sacrifices again. If you say that then you are nullifying the work of the crossing we need animal sacrifices again and I watched him and I've watched with concern. People fall into this more and more issue is no longer central Torah become central. They will not be sharing their faith to lead people to Jesus still be trying to get people to observe Torah you will see a lack of worship in their lives. In terms of hate wheel can we sing one of those hams that just did a really lips of Jesus not known his they start to go to different direction. Then they start to codify Jewish identity district to dress like Jews given enough time to guys that ring a yarmulke, even those cannot do the Bible assist Jewish custom.

It's one thing to say hey Bill got them to change this Sabbath so, and keep on seventh day great ones. God bless you and you know why eat certain foods. Maybe there's a reason God said there unclean fine New Testament makes clear that they don't affect the spiritually that want to file a spiritually fine if you don't eat right. I don't know. Great for you that's totally different than saying that God requires Gentile Christians to observe the law. At end of the bottom line is there hundred one ways. They all observed in our ligament stoned a a disobedient rebellious child that the women live by it by every purity law that's there and you know they pick and choose, for the most part you sit down with a religious Jew that examines their lives. The Tel Aviv keep only a fraction of the laws so it's a very dangerous road and you watch it. If you really close to me may not see it obviously but if you didn't see the person for year or two when you see them unless they they get their bearings and start going in the right direction.

It's can be real trouble and that's the reason the call regulations because that was the that was a heretical view that they fell into an Paul called him foolish and said you fallen from grace. So it's very serious thank you very much. I think that was very good. Behind her, don't understand a lot more now where you're coming from and it does help me to walk, respond to them whenever you need bring up so I appreciate the input from you again and listen unless he's there yet that if he keeps going this way and says it's mandatory or God wants this source is to sums wrong with your life because you not doing it. He's easily crossed a dangerous line if he brings it up unless you can help him. No see things better understand things better go through Hebrews with them goes relations with him but and and less and less. See his woman here if he brings things up. Best to hate this is talk about Jesus. Although you can't have a Jesus automata rock you'll see where the focuses and the hell regulations completely turned upside down in its meaning and anyway of of what could happen way too many times and just one. One passage you want to reach you from Colossians the second chapter there is a warning there about people putting these Gentile believers under pressure to observe the Sabbath, all or the like, and and look at this very interesting thing Paul says in in Colossians the second chapter of verse 60 and therefore don't let anyone judge you regard to food and drink in the matter of a festival or a new motor Sabbath to know some of them put you under pressure the moon to do this that these are a shadow of what was to come. The substance is the Messiah, but don't disqualify you. Insisting on ascetic practices in the worship of angels claiming access to visionary realm and inflated without cause, by his unspiritual mind he doesn't hold onto the head from whom the whole body, nourished and held together by its ligaments and tendons develops with growth from God. If you job with the Messiah to the elemental forces of this world wide use live as if you still belonged to the world while you submit to the regulations.

Don't handle them taste don't touch all these regulations referred was destroyed by being used up their commands and doctrines of men. So the key thing is holding on to the head hate. Thank you for the call limits. It is one less thing Jewish believers who feel called. In particular, to live in deeper identification with their people and say hey God never change the calendar. Why shouldn't we celebrate the death and resurrection of the site in the midst of Passover, which we separate is a separate holiday called Easter why should we meet on on Saturday in our congregations for four worship Irish setter, so that wonderful God bless you and if your Gentile Christians. I love to worship of the messianic Jewish friends and join in this one in your shoe and recover Jewish roots. Wonderful. That is very different from saying that in order to be pleasing and right in God's sight. You must observe the tour, you must come under the Sinai covenant or the new covenant is just the Sinai covenant written on our hearts.

Those are very, very different positions right back with more your calls, 866-34-TRUTH and one quick announcement when we come back alright so your calls.

Quick announcement. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you will recently play these clips getting three leaders Thursday that are not messianic Jewish clips that may be traditional Jewish is is a reminder of the prayers that are going up from the Jewish community, traditional Jews, religious Tuesday.

A nice crisp redemption prayers for forgiveness. Prayers for the coming of the Messiah and to just caricature whether justly listed as hypocrites. There does this so that we got legalist hypocrites everywhere and went to church and everywhere but it should be something that's heartbreaking that the recent seizure devoted people who in their minds and hearts really seeking to please God and honor him who don't believe in Jesus because they believe they'd be disobeying God to believe in Jesus and in that should break our heart and move us to prayer.

Paul spoke of some of his compatriots.

Romans 10 said they have a zeal for God that according to knowledge that set us traditional Jews would see me.

They to have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.

Obviously that's why see them so we pray for them as followers of Yeshua right back to the all that stuff you have the announcement just a reminder we made in the simplest possible for those who believe in the ministry work were doing and are helped by two donate just on social media. So if you're watching on our Facebook page, start a brand-new you'll see a donate button click on it any gift of any size goes along to you, but you'd be amazed if folks do every day and help out this one here this when there really makes a difference and helps us with some amazing new outreach projects and things were working on the can really touch a lot of people, especially some Jewish outreach were working on your gifts help with that. So on Facebook click on the donate button or gift of any size makes a big difference over and YouTube see a $under the chat section of the chat box, click on that or your website Esther to

Click on donate okay we go to Samuel in Daytona Beach, Florida answer: the line of fire. Her long dark brown.

I don't say doing great. Thanks all right, that last question about the encourager and I really did appreciate that your answer and everything. My question is factor concerning the book that you wrote called jungle war with America that I think that was very necessary shared it really was enlightening to me and I'm still reading it both fattening and Adam and gotten motivating for prayer same time, I was wondering because that you've written so many books are not are not aware of all they are. Have you written a similar boat concerning Israel and what's going on how awesome the enemies trying to attack Israel.

All you and are you planning on writing one that's similar to this. Not nonadjustable way is not from that same angle, but my book coming out in February. Christian anti-Semitism is a real eye-opener about satanic attacks coming against the Jewish people from within the church and professing Christians and and a rising tide of that so that's called Christian anti-Semitism can be ordered online. But that comes out in February or the good book that's become kind of a classic or hands were stained with blood, which goes through church history, and then talks about ongoing attack on Israel and the Jewish people. So either hands are stained with blood. The new addition which came out last September or Christian anti-Semitism which will come out in February or Henderson forget our website Christian anti-Semitism. We don't have up on the website yet, but it is available online, like Amazon or Christian book. So either hands are stained with blood in the past history as well graded after Christian anti-Semitism focuses even more on what's happening today and thank you, Samuel Goodwin appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Elizabeth in mineral Wells Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown hear me okay you can write, I hear Cheryl for a couple years now, probably more than that.

I entered my home church or chiropractor contacted what are the tour. I have three questions I originally told her to bring out the first-line BNP Jewish people and content.

You can count like okay yeah sure are and I'm like excited to be able to talk to you getting out line if the box on the door. The wind were going to go out were invited at you that airline is the most important night with me. When my Jewish people believe in delivering ministry okay so yeah so number number one. Do you Jesus speak in tongues know they don't believe in biblical glossolalia. They don't believe in the Holy Spirit moving on them and empowering them to speak a new language of so prayers are prayed in Hebrew or you can pray in your own words your own language, but no they do not believe in and speaking in tongues that specifically a a New Testament Christian phenomenon, you have some parallels in your other religions and cults will claim to have a similar experience a counterfeit experience. But no, that's not found in Judaism, the, the question in he said is that the most important that the third one, the, the deliverance question, no, the way that you are thinking of it that the way that your thinking and in terms of, you know you go to someone and say I'm struggling with demonic oppression and you know I've got the stronghold of my life can pray we drive demons that you have the persons that save drive demons out of them or break a demonic stronghold in the lives though that's not a concept that's found either in Judaism now traditional Judaism does emphasize aspects of the spiritual does believe there demons have certain superstitions, but they did like exorcism. It was people in the in the ancient Jewish world we know it was practice.

We know the references to the New Testament of but the eye. The idea of the parallel you're thinking about within the church setting is is is not something you find in injuries knew he would find that a parliament in modern Judaism today and just just restate your second question, wondering what Bach writes out the impact that now I'm over here and I don't know Jewish people, and on mapping it out but is also here. That's right, stay there when were call is over.

Rachel is going to get on the line with you and I have a book called 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices of medicine you that is a gift.

It's called 60 questions and, sure thing Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices, and others interested on hate. Get the book so so here's here's the deal. As Elizabeth called the mezuzah and what it what it is.

It's that little boxes you mentioned and it has written within it passages from the Torah. For example, is that Exodus 12 God tells the Israelites to write these laws on your door posts and from what we can tell in the ancient world. They would literally write certain things, you know on on the, the door posted in in the house when the threshold of over a period of centuries that developed into writing some of these verses on tiny scrolls, then wrapping those roles up and putting them in in these little boxes and putting them on the wall so when you walk in any room you walk into a traditional Jewish home or building will have these in a traditional view will will touch it with his hands and then kissed her hand. So it's a reference for Torah remembering the commandments and then on the outside is the shin which stands for Shaddai so Almighty God and then the question is why is it at an angle of the story is will there is a debate to be this way.

That was to the, left it in in the middle, but it has within it. If you opened it up you will see within it a passages from the from the Torah like it. Exodus 12 that mention this custom of writing on the doorpost so it's a way of remembering always remember God remembering the commandments right stay there. Elizabeth and Rachel get your contact info. All right, Brian in Winston-Salem. Time is short so dive right in with your question. Please dark brown. I understand and I welcome your correction on detailed that when Jesus quoted the Old Testament Scriptures, she would've quoted them from the Septuagint, and yet I've been told that our modern Old Testament that we have them in my Bible are translated from the Masoretic text you who told you would've quoted Bridget here, he would include Septuagint, it was in an article that I read and forgive me for not with an aggressive course of the article notes estimates 100% massively unlikely that was the case, he's a he's a Galilean Jew, whose first language would have been Aramaic and he would've known Hebrew as well. When he going to a synagogue say in Galilee and pick up a scroll to be picking up the Hebrew scroll and reading it in Hebrew.

When he be dialoguing with with the Pharisees and other religious groups in Jerusalem that need to be dialoguing in Aramaic or in Heber, a somewhat of known Greek. Many would not have known Greek there even books written to Jesus speak Greek. It is even debate about that.

We know that once one thing that that author said that you would've almost certainly spoke Greek even even if he did.

That's highly debatable, especially as a Galilean Jew is highly debatable. But even if he did the Scriptures that they have in the synagogue when he opens the scroll and reads that that's going to be a he's written from the Heber and and ultimately we have the Gospels in the New Testament written in Greek. So things are primarily using the Septuagint in in the Greek New Testament.

But that's just because that's the translation that was most widely used of reading.

We have certain Matthew was the Hebrew in certain times presidentially placed so actually not recording the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew is certain about that fight back with you with your questions tomorrow

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