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A Jewish Perspective on the Elections and a Fascinating Interview

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 5, 2020 5:00 pm

A Jewish Perspective on the Elections and a Fascinating Interview

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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He literally went from a henchmen of PLO terrorist Yasser Arafat to devoted follower of Jesus lover of Israel to stalk for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have resident of fire school of ministry get into the wino fired now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown French we're going to have a jampacked last show today on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH with your Jewish related questions 866-34-TRUTH 87884 at the bottom of the hour I'm going to be joined by a former PLO terrorist Muslim henchmen for Yasser Arafat now follower of Jesus who loves the Jewish people and the people he once hated wanted to kill fellows really hear from him at the bottom of the hour to take some of your Jewish related calls you the parameters on Thursday.

It's gotta tie-in somewhere, somehow with something Jewish Hebrew so that relates there take your calls but come on it's election week everything is still in disarray is their attempt to steal the election from Pres. Trump have prophetic voices that he will be reelected. What is in the world is going on will focus on the Jewish question the Jewish part of it today. I want to first play a clip for you from the ambassador to Israel under Pres. Barack Obama. Now from Pres. Obama's viewpoint. His administration was strongly pro-Israel and friends with Israel from the Israeli viewpoint. His administration was terrible for Israel. The relationship between Obama and Netanyahu was very chilly openly widely known. There are strong claims that the Obama administration worked in Israel to undermine Netanyahu's reelection bid during the time when Obama was in office.

Joe Biden himself has never been accused of being an enemy of Israel but of course he was vice president during the Barack Obama time so what we make of that. Let's listen to what this former Abbasid again this is someone who work Jewish men who worked under Barack Obama's. It would be very positive towards the Obama ministration's relationship to Israel but see what he had to say how I given the scenario you just described some of the numbers were saying that they could be caught quite a few people in Israel a little apprehensive about the abiding presidency, especially in the Israeli government. What is your message to them tonight when it looks like that's a real possibility. First thing to say to any friend of the United States is obviously very close friend of the United States is where the middle of our democratic process. It does take time. It is being handled very effectively and professionally by the relevant officials and relevant state and as soon as it is clear what the outcome is that it will be possible to begin working with that whichever incoming or continuing administration we have and so it's best for all friends of the United States to allow the process to unfold and take time until until the outcome is clear. As I have said throughout the campaign.

Job tightened as a lifelong record of friendship and commitment Israel and security in the US Israel partnership and standing up. Brazil's right to defend itself and its legitimacy and works. It was a major partner in the Obama Biden frustration providing assistance for iron Dome for the F 35 for $38 billion military assistance agreement, he will be a strong and close friend of Israel to partner in expanding its relations that are two more air stakes in continuing to try to keep a two state solution with Palestinians alive in Bible for court in preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon so I have great confidence that if indeed there is a body administration that the relationship between Isaac's miserable continue to be very strong postal won't let certainly positive assessment. Again, someone that would be in the Biden camp. The Obama camp and would have that perspective. I read another article saying okay if by this president. It could be worse. In other words, by does not have a history of anti-Semitism or siding with Islamic radicals or things like that and therefore it would be so bad. Trump is been really good for Israel, but wouldn't be so bad for Israel. However, what if's, Harris reference, Harris what what if if she is the one who will soon be present as United States, which is certainly a reasonable possibility that Noah could be again. God hasn't spoken to me about the outcome of the election so I cannot speak from the viewpoint of the Lord showed me. So I'm sitting here the same as you are trying to evaluate everything in fact tonight at 8 o'clock on Facebook doubling tonight 8 o'clock on I asked Dr. Brown Facebook page. Cascade your Brown I'm going to talk about how we assess these prophetic words saying he will have four more years even one prophetic word from where the brother said a year ago. He knew that there was can be contested election that would end up being decided by the Supreme Court that would drag on for a while that it's happening said yeah been expecting this the whole time it's very relaxed about is like you have been expecting this the whole time and Trump will be reelected. How do we sort that out and we analyze it will do that tonight at 8 o'clock on the instructor Brown Facebook page but because God has not given me insight as to what's can happen in any supernatural way I'm sorting through things the same way you are trying to analyze what's out there what's being said what's accurate. What's not an insane God, you will be done. You know what's best, or will be done. Your will be done, but just look at things in the natural very possible that Joe Biden will be the next president.

Any any given president for eight years and still be strong helpful healthy and mentally strong at at 85 but right now there seems to be an excellent possibility that he is a deteriorating mentally in terms of strength and endurance, and that there could be a, Harris, how would Israel feel about that. So there's an article in the yeshiva world so this is a religious Jewish publication yeshiva world and it says this, Harris Biden will restore aid to Palestinians in Gaza re-open PLO office in US that's her speak about what Joe Biden would do that this bad news. That is bad news. You said no we want to give aid to the policy is not when the aide is used to support terror. In other words, Pres. Trump said to Mahmoud Abbas. We know that you are using money that we gave you to pay the salaries of imprisoned Palestinian terrorists sister support their families while their imprisoned and we know that you are paying the families of martyrs. If someone the suicide bomber blows himself up and kills Israeli children in the playground. We did something horrific like that, then the family would get supplemented financially in his absence was not only good move from spiritually he thinks is going to go to be ill in paradise be with the 70 virgins in all of this you not having perpetual sex and feasting. Whatever he wants to do forever and ever and ever and the Islamic paradise for men is not just that but his family will be well provided for by the government.

I've talked to Palestinians who do not like Israel do not trust Israel, who think that Israel is is treating them unfairly who think that Israel is like an evil giant, but they despise the Palestinian leadership on, pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel anti-Zionist Palestinians who told me her leadership is totally corrupt.

They're getting richer. We don't get anything Trump said no. When I couldn't do that anymore I can find you if you find terrorists mock Limbaugh space, he said, and take a walk will need your money so it's not a matter of aid going to the people.

Of course you want to help the man on the street course want to help the average Palestinian of course you want to strive for situation where they have equality with their Jewish neighbors. Yes, that's the goal that should be everybody's goal every every player in it working for the Middle East. Regards your perspective that should be the goal that there's equality for those living there that the Palestinians can be liberated to a life of freedom and self-determination and and and what they have to give up is any attempt to wipe out Israel and and terrorism has to be off off the board. So that's bad news that that's a bad news policy just to put it out there for this, Harris everything understand her ideologies more radical than that of Joe Biden how that play out for Israel but either way, none of these things of the end of the world you are saying that this is the end of the world. However it plays out. The consequences are serious right that the very serious conflict consequences for people on the ground. Okay about this, Trump hit new highs with his Jewish vote according to this article in world Israel news. I want to read some of this to you trumpet new highs with Jewish vote. Jewish new services according to Republican Jewish coalition pole Biden share of the Jewish vote was the lowest for me. Dent Democratic presidential candidate since 1988.

While trust was the highest since the same election so Trump picked up black votes, Hispanic votes and Jewish votes in substantial numbers. The question is will he lose than to be so far behind in the popular vote would Biden gain that's that's a big demographic question US Pres. Donald Trump received the highest percentage of the Jewish vote for Republican in decades before VP Joe Biden hit a new low for Democratic candidate in recent years, according to a poll released on Wednesday, Trump received 30.5% of the Jewish vote will Biden got 60.6%, according to Republican Jewish coalition conducted by so-and-so. Okay, it goes on to say, according to the RGC pole Biden share the Jewish vote was the lowest for any Democratic presidential candidate since 1988 trumps was the highest since it's an election and that election for Republican George W. Bush, 135% of the Jewish vote will the Democrat report nominate Michael Dukakis 164% in 2016, Trump received 24% of the Jewish vote six percentage points lower than what presidential candidate Mitt Romney got in 2012 top poster Franklin's note. Sorry, wrong. This little headline I misread there is part of the article. Meanwhile, 78% of Republican Jews run for Trump 80%, 86% of Jewish Democrats voted for Biden and 41% of Jewish independence voted for Biden will 38% went for Trump to look at this, some 70% and 19% of Orthodox Jews, so the most religious and they are ideology would be closest in terms of family values and scriptural values to to that of evangelical user or Christian conservatives, evangelical through evangelical Christians or other Christian conservatives's orthodoxies sharing many similar values to us. Some 70% of them supported Biden in only 19%, Trump, respectively, 57% and 36% of conservative Jews supported Biden versus Tromso conservative are are are not conserve ideologically it's it's part of Judaism conservative Jewish tradition, but the more liberal than the most liberal the reform 80%. Biden 13%. Tromso basically mirror image flip flip side one side and the other coin, the more religious Jews more likely to become more liberal. Did you like to provide.

That's one pole of the post did not show Trump getting that much of the vote, but definitely more than he had in more than previous candidates in years are interested in her plan and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown show line of fire. This is Michael Brown it's the Thursday begin bottom of the hour a few minutes from now going to be joined by a former Palestinian terrorist like your average person on the ground, Palestinian Israeli wants to live life live freely make family choices, educational choices, job choices have the right to self-determination and autonomy in those ways.

That's what your average person wants to know if you're raised in gauze of the conditions there are worse Israel massively making concessions and just giving gauze over to the Palestinians was great upheaval involved in great national trauma for the Israelis to do it literally. The Army going in there and pulling out their own people work there for decades and built their vineyards and beautiful synagogues and their businesses another pull out of there just living in tents and in Israel to get reestablished and things like that and what happens the Palestinians like Hamas, is there leadership. So now, that's me Brenda terrorist and basically shut down there you know there building tunnels under Israel to kill and destroy their smuggling weapons in tunnels under Egypt and so on and through Israel to crack crackdown you up there in the propaganda you're getting from some mosques run TV and things like that.

This coming more hostility towards the Jews, but your average person that realizes okay you get some ancient battles here and some ideological religious conflicts.

But, it's work, especially young generation. People want to do that people want to do that and just noticed a post on our Facebook page from Terrence have eaten Palestinian restaurants with nothing but positive experiences understand there are those who may throw rocks just have experienced anything deposit. You can have haters on all side and have Israelis doing bad things in Palestinians doing bad things which reference person must work together and lived side by side in harmony as to statehood in the know those of the big thorny questions in terms of nobody wants an ongoing battle war wall that's that's a fact. That's a fact. In terms of the bulk of your average person in Israel or in the so-called West Bank or Gaza right out one more world item that I will encourage you with the word has that. I don't know if you follow the terrorist attack in Vienna and in Austria a yeshiva world news reporting on that Vienna Tara for dead in Islamist attack Jews locked in homes manhunt still underway.

This is last night so couple days back in Austria terrorist attack. The government recognized it as a terrorist attack, but initially didn't say anything about Muslims to think okay Hannah you you have an attack next to synagogue you have Jews being attacked. You have one of the attackers allegedly blowing himself up, you have another allegedly saying all I think your brand that Islamic terrorist attack or radical Islam.

A technologist as a terrorist attack you describe the nature of it right.

Is it not self evident that that's what we were dealing with, but you know Vienna, Austria, Austria is the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. Things like this happening in Europe are especially difficult for Jews to many memories of when Jews were slaughtered wholesale with the cooperation of the populace of country after country, so obviously Jews are going to be exceptionally sensitive and when European church leader said, look, we need to know what's happening in the mosques we need to know what they're teaching it sounds like an intrusion but there's a lot of radicalization taking place in incitement to violence Israel nose was being taught. Lots of the note. You watch the sermons that they've got recorded somehow are there picking up the feed or their get information it's it's it's going to be intrusive on the one hand, on the other hand, radical elements need to be exposed. It's a fine line to walk, difficult question, but you can pray for the Jewish community of Vienna. All right, let me encourage you in the midst of one of the most chaotic moments in American history in a moment that could well – more chaotic guys.

Let me know if there any breaking news items regarding the vote counter anything like that any of the states, but this could well go on for weeks or months. This could well be something that ends of the election talk about in the courts. It could well be something that whatever the results there's going to be violent protest widget. Just think, just think on the one hand, if Trump supporters are convinced that the election is being stolen right from under their eyes.

Okay there convinced of that and it actually happens and they believe the man that was lawfully voted three Pres. is being robbed of his presidency by dishonest political thugs and in the courts do nothing to fix that you say and I'm hoping that whatever happens gobble close peace to prevail, but you think that the most committed and radical Trump supporters will just sit back and say hey that's the way it went.

Conversely conversely, let's say not always go by when the popular vote which is happened raised by a few million votes, but let's say he wins electoral vote by those 2020 30 votes of the sin never states there so we can go his way. Okay, but the courts ultimately overturn it goes. The Supreme Court, this been fraud. It's been exposed. Trump is the actual winner.

Jews think the radical anti-Trump people just can take that line down and Camille comes a protestant beginner. I hope that somehow there's a peaceful solution to what happens but were tumultuous times that could get much much more tumultuous hearing we could look back to today, November 5, 2020. So, yet was so peaceful scary, so let him encourage you with some 46 Psalm 46.

Let's go through it together so it is for the leader of the car heights on almost whatever that means some to Elohim. A lot of mosques save owes God is our refuge and strength, as Bob, it's up with some quote to help in trouble. Name Psalm old very near literally exceedingly found in an a been through some 4060 before we go through it again okay lonely if a mere are its most coloring believing therefore were not afraid who the earth reveals the mountains topple into the sea.

That's worse than protesters marched in the streets this this is serious. The earth really mounts topping into the sea. You have Maria from her room, a mob your Austria are reading big of a tough sell its waters, rage and foam it in its swell mountains quake Cella horror plug of this improved year Elohim could devotion which can ALU now this picture beauty in order. There's a river. Streams gladden God city, the holy dwelling place of the most high. Just think about that God is in it Smith will not be topple by daybreak. Gobble come to its aid nations rage kingdoms topple the sound of his thunder. The earth dissolves Lord of hosts is with us, God of Jacob is our haven Cella and it says common. Let's look at the works of the Lord, how he is wrought desolation on the earth.

He puts a stop to wars throughout the earth, breaking the bow snapping the spear consult consigning wagons to the flames desist realize that I am God dominate the nations dominate the earth Lord of hosts is with us, God of Jacob is our haven Salado nights for OT mono Vizcaino and LaHaye Jacob, Lord of hosts is with us, God of Jacob is our haven is a safe refuge.

Some friends you might want to read that Psalm daily speak it out loud for comfort for the reminder that God is God that there's a place of refuge in him in the midst of storm in the midst of chaos and craziness when Jesus prayed for his apostles in John 1715 by extension, I believe this prayer apostasy said I do not prefer that you take them out of the world I Jennifer you take them out of the world, but that you keep them safe from the evil one.

So in this world is good be messed up until the Lord returns. The goal is not to be taken out the ghost to be kept safe in the midst of we go about doing her father's work okay Jeremy on answer your question on the air with a prelaunch and shall be Montana with concordance to recommend for Hebrew studies. If you talk about biblical Hebrew.

If you're able to get software, get yourself accordance Bible software. It's the simplest thing to use and it's for PC or Mac that simplest thing to use in terms of of a good scholarly, academic program for Hebrew, Greek, that you can build out according to your level. But using it in a concordance form is very easy to almost all the Bible software you can do that today, he would Greek Bible software coercive logos you can do that but accordance very easy to to work with.

If you want a physical book. The concordance of Evan sure Sean which I use for many many years. Evan Shoshana looks like even EV and Evan sure Sean is Hebrew concordance. It's all in Hebrew so as Hebrew Heber, but that would be the best biblical and got it many many years ago used it for many years now just use a most exclusively the software programs that I have right back with a special guest file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown and in you, ask Israel slumber sicknesses Michael Brown through the Thursday interesting to have that music introduce my guest and I am super eager to hear his story with you.

I was in DC on September 25, 26 for the return event with Jonathan Connor and others saw brother of former Muslim terrorist talking to him and he introduced me to his colleague, another former Muslim terrorist tests era of the saga will call him Thomas and found out that he worked for Yasser Arafat and he's got a couple of books. One was called once and Arafat man, the true story of how a PLO sniper found a new life in the other the mind of terror of former Muslim sniper explores what motivates ISIS and other extremist groups and how best to respond. And those books the name that used for the author. There is toss saga SAA DA toss. What a joy to have you on the air with us.

Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you very much for having me on the other looking forward to this very much, and I thought I know it's election week, but let's let's do this and let's do it on Thursday and thoroughly Jewish Thursday. We could be more fitting. So tell us about your background.

Where'd you grow up. How did you grow up. How did you form your your ideology yeah I was the my family on the job by now and that in Ezra call it, but it you. My family emigrated from their God. The before the children report 1948, or there are no April lonely and and they were back in the out that's well or 1951 and two month after my birth my really great that the Saudi Arabia that I grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and then part and you see you in a Muslim family will you religious Muslim yeah yeah I worked on the I I was born in Mecca done in my life 10 times earlier when I came to America with Mark Muslim God. Alright so it's a toss what you think of Israel and the Jewish people growing up with your family.

Think how we raised but growing up naturally. I hated Garland that you and believe that they are the one that my my land that be immigrant and refugee, and so and is not something that my family are all marked people taught me that is just growing up Saudi Arabia only as an emigrant director you are you. You begin to really get so angry because the pathologies of the countries almost all the opinion emigrant 33 is called your land for the new granddaughter contradict our country and though they were telling us that deity in our life that that made me very angry when I have the trend and yet there are about four at the age you think you know my dad didn't want so I ran away drawing that for so at the age of 16. So Sue not only hated the Jews but yet you're in the situation now where there was hostility from the surrounding Muslim nations. The Palestinians want welcome to retreat his second-class citizens that how you look at Yasser Arafat.

What McKenna figure was he to you well for me it was my hero. My father ordered movement and a lot of finance a lot of money and so and Arafat are they would visit my my dad don't come to my daughter called bride Nick and I was mesmerized by your though charismatic and and and so interesting stories that you shared with so when I have a chance to drawing fight for my landside. I not sure chose them as movement toward drawing but ducked down and did you feel that this is not just a patriotic thing to do but a spiritual thing to do as well.

Charlie speaking you know what is five because the law already allotment ideology.

We fought for homeland though it wasn't really a very strong Islamic thing.

It wasn't like were never called heartfelt. How did something like that. God, I produce and drive for patriotism and is pretty fresh because your parents drop a Certain Pl. in Java now because have more independence. There there kicked out. So that's obviously the fault of the Jews. It's a good way to look at it, surrounding Muslim nations don't want you ceiling at one place to go back next year free the homeland right there and thought I would be called the all like buddy Martin emigrant friends visit the website hope for hope for will obviously this is a part of your past that you've left behind as a follower of Jesus, but what you doing what your activities, how did you become a sniper that anger and hatred through the solid, but anyone that that caused the angry back because the home like the Jordanian Jordanians because they were agent is zero. The phone call the cold but emigrant is there. I look forward called not to be all so my anger was reflecting in the end that battle I shown to have a lot of ill fighting our early work trying rehab trainer will not be at the problem north Korea. The Irish brigade and become very good with the sniper rifle and it was interesting to me. It looked different than the typical AK you normally you and so I got interested in it.

Then Vietnamese trainer decided to train me on that than I did pretty good at it. So I was used to sniper our I was a sniper and that battle I would cover my you work you heard of it daughter you remember that battle that is rated game across the Jordan River to the village of Boca, they got thought about coming across attacking them and running back into Jordan. So they came to finish and it was the bloodiest battle but we we year.

We believe we won the battle that is rated called for or cease-fire by midafternoon, and the battle we lost a lot more number than they greatly but still caused them a lot of casualty and and so I was the night at that time that he'll and and yes there are but was right on that on McKay right above my cave so all of the waiting court date graded the command on them. I jog it takeout is rightly commanding officer as they enter into the village about, some help realizing this situations here you are fighting think you're doing the right thing.

What kind of man was Yasser Arafat died and you are back charismatic leader that log.

People and its people. I love them personally and you know he he gave his life or the cause of the following opinion people that they believe it was their life so I looked at him as hero and, naturally, when I gave my heart to Jesus about 26 years ago I bought a looking back at all of that. Realizing how wrong.

But it's important that folks understand that perspective right that the understand how someone like Arafat can gather people around them how he can be looked at is the hero willing to sacrifice for his people. Where's we here in the West just looked at him as it is a terrorist and in this helps you understand groups like Isis and these other fanatical groups in what makes them tick again that the two books I checked these out.

Toss saw the once and Arafat manned the true story of a PLO sniper and how we found a new life and the mind of terror for Muslim sniper explores what motivates Isis and other extremist groups and how best to respond.

Again, the website hope for right, we've got got a minute before the break.

Let's start here. What started to turn your heart to follow Jesus will start and will pick up on the other side of the break.

Yeah, I shared that they can assure you I came to America right after I I decided I would not do the job as than a thousand. I was in the order along, they would stay right there.

We get a break coming up. You can sort out whatever alarm is going off so Francis real-life this is real life and assassin sniper Yasser Arafat's job to kill Israeli commanding offices in certain battles now a devoted follower of Jesus lover of the Jewish people. We were so thrilled to me me is if you follow Jesus and him as a former PLO terrorist to take a picture together what it would joy to have this man is my brother Jesus is the Savior friends he really changes lives. He really does. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, G. G. Is our God is real February to the first half of March.

Still have room to room because me to reschedule from May of this year to October another March, 20, 21, it'll be the trip of a lifetime. Go to my website Esther to Brown the k DR right on the homepage sign-up. Bring your family along. It'll be extraordinary tonight if you like 11 kids on YouTube that might be a little challenging but join us and you'll be blessed and we may have some nice Hebrew worship with songs just like that as well. I'm speaking to Tessier.

Abu saw the his pen name. If you read his books. Toss saw the end of telling us how came to America because could no longer be an assassin for Yasser Arafat so come over to America. What happens next or well. Dr. Ronald when my figure 7 operation and the last one was really convicted.

I was it wasn't great and so I want… But I cannot do that anymore. He advised me that young man you are a natural born leader. But you should do is go and get yourself a dictation and make you confide for our cause for your brain and that of your work body away they die. I started studying right are going to go to print, but I came to America to that was in 1974 through visit a friend of mine, and Columbia, Missouri. Then I go to print. I came to America and the I was surprised that the American people like me and that treated me very kindly and expected me when I thought American hey… Palestinian so that's when I decided I wanted to stay in America.

I off my friend would be the best way to stay in America is that the American American girl that okay no problem one time thing automatically go and I found it. My wife why thought on my report due to three years and then get my papers in America say goodbye Iorio Art 47 years later it felt better pray to the Lord.

Amazing. You have a better plan. You know yes when I when I married Karen my father was very near why you don't even know you knew I married Karen because I wanted to spend America but he thought that was not right to do. I want to engage my cousin that that stall a decided he was not going off on Manny modern hours start talk on the job working as a dishwasher at a French restaurant in Kent city and did a good job there. Owners of three coupled really liked the and his wife thought I should. The learn how to start in the dining room after I learned out the book with that chef Brenda kitchen and so I came to the dining room and and that was totally different. For me, and I was so nervous I I I went to my first customer to take is that it dishes away. I was so nervous.

My hands were shaking that man sitting there by then I will Charlie you notice those nervous so he looked at me with such a beautiful smile and thank you young man.

I was shocked rich man you to be rich. In the restaurant there was a very exclusive white and so that my heart the minute decision. I'm going to take good care of this planet becomes again… He was a regular customer and saw almost started to look after him every time you come and I thought our relationship, Charlie treated me so I leave you with the respect that, except then and and that intrigue me and have begun our relationship for 19 years. I grow in that restaurant within two years I was studying business international marketing in two years time the owner they like me. So my day off me if I would mandate the restaurant for them so I didn't even though I spoke very little English, but I spoke some French though that help anyway don't mind you near as begot This relationship with Charlie.

Charlie just treated me so kindly and lovingly and treated me like a ship unusual or Eastern yeah yeah so I left the restaurant and I started work in the hotel industry and I horses with Cornell University for retail and breadboard management I become very well known and very in demand and moved to California to work with Western hotels over a man that loved to be area and then 19 years the owners called me and lost me about buying the restaurant from them. Of course, that was my baby saw one back by the restaurant and the but I wanted to move it out of the place of the building that it was. Then it was a rental property ready Bavaria. I don't know if you know Kent city area area called the country club Plaza and but I wanted to move that out of that area just outside of it and my customers all love me and they followed me and believe it or not most of my customers where you interesting yeah there were mostly Jews and very affluent people in the end, the area they love me. They treated me so kindly, but I hated there got another never showed the battle for because there were spending a lot of money but isn't in my heart I presented them so much and I was I was buying the restaurant Charlie golf course is excited for me and you trying to help me find the right location. It came to me meant February 1993 is excited tell me about a building budget book to look up at happens outbound to the same building just three, three days before an old building used to be in a funeral home that went out of business and the real estate agent called me about it. I went look at it with the sheriff and the and when I walked in there. I felt so uncomfortable I felt like there is the month and goes in the place I ran out going traumas that that me the Charlie I want, I went to the same building just three days ago and man.

When I walked in I felt creeps all over the place humans and go. I ran out of he laughed at me and for the first time in nine it brings up the subject of got never said anything about God seriously while no never. Not one time.

If I remember correctly is that thought, you know why you are scared like that but know why because you don't have the fear of God Charlie what are you talking about my monthly Mike. God is that you don't not to worry that I can help you with that I can fix it and he pointed his finger to the Guyanese that I have connection I live. But then when I walked away Dr. Brown that that word connection just my mind old but I could not believe I could not think I could not at I was unable to move or dual function. Three weeks went by and then I keep calling Charlie to tell me what the connection is it was they are not quite ready though. I got to that point, but I cannot.

I cannot function on your mark thought he came and picked me up. I'll tell me about his connection on the way to his house and chatted with me about medicals in his life. The Lord on all you what is wrong with you never talk like that before we got to the hog opening the door and bulky comedian.

Is that possible how the piece that I have most blog that you I wrote letter. If you had a chance to read my book on Sonata Batman at that high Charlie you everything I shared.

I love them so much trust the dental mark I I apologize, but you just got a whole lot of people to go get your book because friends this is how toss comes to the Lord that this Christian man is done from his 20 years and finally feels it's time to witness and no zealot never said anything to him, knowing his whole history.

He now tells them in order to have what I have the peace, the joy of this relation with the love a Jew.

Jesus assured that's how he comes to faith so again runtime we where I'm sitting here there's my seat, listening to good hope for to find out about what toss is doing and how to reach Muslims with the gospel and get his book. Once an hour thought man toss saw that it's essay ADA my brother will have to talk more in the future when Isis is that it ideologies its risk distorted friends read the book. God bless you. I look forward to talking with you further strive together to see you Muslim world come to know Jesus Jew. God bless you

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