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While the Votes Are Being Counted

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 4, 2020 4:50 pm

While the Votes Are Being Counted

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 4, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/04/20.

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Friends I am ready to be your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of today's chaos and confusion for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown I speak you now Wednesday, November 4. It is the day after the elections. You may be listed by podcast a few days later maybe watching on America's voice on TV dish TV or Pluto TV on Saturday night but right now we are still counting votes.

Right now the elections are up for grabs.

Right now there is a potential path to victory for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump. And in the midst of this, it's a confusing situation. It may be one that drags on for days or even four weeks depending on what legal disputes there are and what charges of fraud. There are, and what goes to the courts may go on for some time. I will do my best to look at the big issues with you to figure out what we know now what we can say looking at the larger election process and in many of the votes that were cast.

Not just for president but for other other offices at and above all, I want to bring you a spiritual perspective. That's why I'm here friends, not just another conservative talking head. I I am Bible based in everything that I do in my thinking. Everything begins with the worship of God and from that perspective I speak to so for those who are upset emotionally wrought. Whichever side of the vote drawn for those who are concerned that your man is losing war or you think it's not fair or you don't like the way things are going let you step back first and get a little perspective your Isaiah chapter 40 beginning in verse 21 says this do not know. Have you not heard. Have you not been told from the very first have yet discern how the earth was founded. It is he who is enthroned above the vault of the earth that its inhabitants seem as grasshoppers who spread out the skies like gauze, stretch them out like a tent to dwell in you what it says he brings rose potentates to not mix rulers of the earth as nothing hardier.

They planted Harley of the sun hardly has their stem taken root in the earth when he blows upon them, and they dry up in the storm bears them off like straw, to whom then God says, can you liken me, to whom can I be compared since the holy one, lift your eyes and see who created these he who sends out their host by counting because the beach by name because of his great might, and vast power. Not one fails to peer speaking of the stars, etc. and then subsist Israel volatile Marillac over to Deborah Israel what you sale Jacob Boyd to clear over Israel. Mr. d'Arc emailed deny Mayo hi Ms. Petit I was hid from the Lord by cause ignored by my God. Hello do you not know Moshe Mott to have you not heard of the Hale alum of the library could so to our it's the Lord is God more creative the ends of the earth, but he offloaded regarding take it with Renato and there goes Frank O'Leary's wisdom cannot be found than he gives strength to the weary fresh vigor to the spent use may grow faint and weary, and young men stumble and fall in this famous verse. Many know it by heart. The covalent and ISP for cost but they use new trust of the Lord shall renew their strength. Yalu Avery country is Eagle's growing influence of the bill will put forth wings like eagles or hoots of the league will run and not grow weary Yahoo validity off of the march and not grow faint so I want to be hyper spiritual here.

I don't want to ignore what's happening in the world around us.

I simply want to say let's start with the perspective of the greatness of our God and proclaim to you, regardless of the outcome of the elections, God remains God eternally. Regardless of the outcome of the elections and in this especially relevant to every Christian Jesus remains Lord. The Bible remains true God's unshakable kingdom is continuing to advance with Republicans with Democrats without Republicans without Democrats. That's my focus. That's the reality that I looked all I understand elections of massive consequences. Trust me, like many of you I was up late last that one only up late at night, but I was also up early in the morning and just hard not to be looking at the latest breaking news back and forth in this and that it fully understandable. But let's let's get a perspective right. But step back and worship God is eternal God and his big is this is to us right now in America and were getting reports of people around the world who were praying through the night praying and fasting for the outcome of the elections in America. Let's step back and ask is my faith in God or not. Do I believe God or not. I for one, am confident that God will bring about his plan that ultimately he will bring about his plan in what will bring the best eternal results.

The best good for the most people.

For the longest time. That is what God is working for. If we join with him.

We won't be disappointed. So renew your strength in the Lord. This is a wearying time for everyone. Renew your strength in the Lord.

Okay so down here on earth late last night which way is going to go I was doing a radio interview in Australia versus is, I should say an online video interview in Australia and the guys there. They are all in jackets and ties.

Read ties they had Trump had certain mega hats and very conservative and pro-trumpet. All this in response to the issues and discussing them back and forth in this it hate just want you to know that the that the the odds. Now the oddsmakers are favoring Trump is now ahead of Biden self. If you want to bet on the outcome of the election. You got been more the one with Biden into the wind. Certain amount was Trump and listen to what your expectations they will have a winner tonight. I think Sosa but obsesses my emotions talking. That's what I want to see happen, but the eye out of the woods with Malcolm's going to be. I went to my computer and I started to write an article say okay if Thompson Vince, these are some of the lessons that we learn 10 things that we learn from Trump stunning reelection of Huffington Post attack and I don't know that I'll ever be able to. We shall see. That being said, there are people who for months and months and months have been saying Trump will be reelected some sake. We elected only future truly prays for God's best will be reelected will be reelected will be reelected.

They didn't waver no matter what happened I spoke with one of them today. He feels just as sure as ever. And what about the consequence of that is there, it just ton deception on these charismatic profits or the speaking truth will talk about all it really took pragmatically what happened with black, Hispanic vote, what happened with the expected blue wave where we stand right there really get into all of that.

But first, last night Joe Biden spoke briefly in and will play some of his comments never to put play a greater length. Trump's comments just because of the consequence of what he was saying so. First, this is late last night. Not super late but last night and Joe Biden's only comments he said this, we believe were untracked when a selection renew is good to go have to be patient until the hard work of telling votes is finished and so every vote is counted every mile is grounded feeling good about where we are right so that was Joe Biden, and displaying a short clip of that Donald troubling play one third because of the consequence of what he said so he said this last night and there's been kind of a twitter storm backing this up through the day.

I don't mean backing up that he's giving facts to support his view, but repeating this saying this so here's what we have had to say last night, so an officer is all the results in, and we are getting ready early is all set yes just so something so beautiful, so sensitive, such a success. The citizens is in record numbers is is anything like this is what our movement we one station Olson said what happened. Election is off and we have all these what happened and then they show because you may win so they said let's go to court and did I predict this.

I say this saying this they send out tens of millions exactly because even when art sold with a little bit longer clip for audio switching a bit, but he said last night we ready one ready one and it is for us. He was concerned and in the things of fraud in terms of what's being called, and now new ballots coming, etc. so here's a very dangerous situation right now you have the President of the United States saying the things of fraud that you can't trust the current vote counts. Right now, not by all means let everything be pursued legally.

Honestly, righteously, I'm sure there's always some fraud somewhere in every election. I just imagine human beings would do that for some flaws, some honest mistakes but now because of the, the virus and so much voting being done mail and how does that affect things. What is that mean what are the consequences of that yet. Maybe there's more opportunity for miss counting or error or fraud. We shall see.

But it's the president himself says that it does set up a dangerous precedent. Now, where were people dissing when art when I can accept the outcome of the election. Let let out. Let us not fall into believing everything right now this be so reminded okay this be so reminded those of your people of faith, pray with me that the outcome will be righteous and then let us encourage every proper legal means to check to verify, to be sure that votes are properly counted.

That's what we all want write a fair vote.

Please don't react emotionally and get all brought up in this get stolen just give it time that everything's still following last message please. Concern, Democrat step that silver people. Prayer and faith. Let's let the process work itself. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown election related 7884. That's number to call, but again only election related calls right now. I wrote an article right before radio today titled what we know so far before I get into that. The one today. What happened when I was in Pensacola, Florida, and this was when George Bush was running against Al Gore. So 2000 and I went to vote. Had my schedule laid out for the day and might my window when I could go vote. It was in the midst of a very intense ministry schedule that and I want to vote, but the place closed an hour earlier than I thought it would.

I had my times wrong so I missed my opportunity to vote okay now we get to a meeting that night were having a large prayer meeting we had about 1100 full-time students in our ministry school. We were gathering to pray for the elections and for divine outcome and things like that indisposition our hearts. Accordingly, and we get the news someone tells us hey they just announced Florida has gone for Bush. Susan Florida has gone for Gore. Florida is gone for Gore. In that meeting was a real man of faith and he said to me, Mike, and we pray that God reverses this roof reverses that the votes been called it's called based on how many people voted so we just Pray God Have Your Way in Florida. Not long after that, they say actually we've we've rescinded that call Florida is now up for grabs course you know what happened in Florida viewed remember the story. Many live through it. Others you read about that. It ended up being a dispute Florida and hanging chads. We pull something offers it clear how people voted and it was so close.

Once the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ultimately upheld the vote for Bush.

What made more interesting was our school was mainly 95, 98% people who would move from out of the area to live there for copiers to go to school and then many others succumb to that area because were great spiritual move that was taking place. So the end and the great majority of those people being pro-lifers with the voted for Bush versus Gore which meant that the margin that the election shifted to adjustment as a result of that body of people making the minimum it was. As I close the thing I remember Nancy and I stayed up as late as we could and still in heaven any final word at what we usually close in Florida and went to sleep. Something I woke up all shot.

I had a dream that it ended up being an exact tie in Florida state cannot be called for either one is because I failed to vote didn't get to the precinct in time, but use other as well.

One vote can make a difference. And since we each have one vote.

1111 that's ultimately what decides okay so I wrote this article today.

I took some of the points that I put in the other article in the event of a trump victory and readjusted some and others remain the same. So I want to go through a few things. What we know now where we currently stand, what is sure what is certain what is obvious what is clear again.

I'll take some calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884, proclaimed again the kingdom of God advances with or without Donald Trump, with or without Joe Biden and God can move in America got to move in the nations with election outcomes that we like or that we don't like and that you never know what his ultimate purpose is when we really pray for his will to be done. He may answer in a way that seems to be the exact opposite of what we wanted, but it may bring about greater results or the greatest need may be for us to change and then the nation can change right so the first point to me that is self-evident it is that once again the polls thought it wrong, as in very wrong, as in way off wrong but yet we don't have the final outcome yet. But in state after state after state that had Biden winning trump one and some that had Biden way up trump ended up winning their senatorial races with the same things happen are Frank Lyons who is a woman pollster. He said the political polling profession is done. He said it is devastating for my industry. Now I know some of this is the trump phenomenon that many voters would not express their feelings to pollsters and others because it entrusts them because they felt embarrassed to say they were voting for man that is considered to be a racist and misogynist and xenophobic, etc. so maybe that some of the issue, but if your professional' this is what you do. This is your one job when you factor those things and you gotta figure those things out so many to look out 2016 2020 and see was a ready-made organization that was very accurate.

Both times, and if so, what did they do right what is wrong, but obviously this can be a tremendous amount of distrust and pose the question, how much of the polls themselves are just politically manipulative tools to give you a couple of examples of chemically stressful tweeted this out. This is after analysts have said hey 2016 was better than 2020 terms of getting things wrong.

So let's look at this company stressful tweeted this out. Regarding Florida said, I like to put things on the record final Florida mainstream media loved pulse of these are some of the most popular polls. They had Biden clinic pack had Biden winning by five Reuters if so's by winning by four CNBC change Biden winning by three. Of course he loses by a couple or three points on know that the final total. In Florida, Guy Benson tweeted this out that this is a senatorial race of an in and look at the results of this okay so Susan Collins, her opponent was Sally Gideon whose conceit conceded earlier today. Here is a list of 1-234-567-9712 at least a dozen polls here right and and these are, you know from late October through early in the year. Okay so earlier in the year all I mean just back in February March July September October at least a dozen, and they've got Gideon up by 6 x 4 x 7 by one by 4 x 5 x 5 x 12 x 5 but one after another after another after another and in point of fact they were all wrong. So what's going on. Why is this happening you figure that out. You can sort that out. You can guess. Okay, guess, try to surmise, but here's the deal.

Here's the whatever it is. This is the one job here it be like him on the radio but I'm unable to put two words together in a coherent way will less a problem that's a problem it's it's one thing if needed me to dig a ditch and I can dig a ditch well but I can put two words, there is nothing going to be a radio host. Okay, you know, I may be a good radio host, but I'm not a good basketball player bezel that I'm knocking to be playing basketball professional.

So when this is what you do. This is your industry is supposed to be scientific supposed to ask questions a certain way you're supposed to give people access to various ways to respond get that wrong. You just have to assume there's can be massive skepticism and that friends plays in to a big problem we have, which is a massive crisis of trust, you can trust the polls got fake news. Yet the Internet giant censoring thing that's on the one hand you have the president basically challenging the narratives all the time but coming up with his own stories and sometimes myths who do trust what we need to be friends and estate again is sober minded test everything. If there was ever a time to do it. This is the time to do it. I would recommend if you're really trying to get the truth don't just read one stream of news. In other words, read the screams of news that you like and agree with and read the streams of news that you differ with when I'm invited onto a college campus which does not have nearly as much as I would like because considered too controversial to be on many campuses but when I'm asked to come on it's not only to give a controversial lecture or electrician Sam a controversial subject and I will always request those having me in.

I will always request. Can you please get someone to debate me. Can you get someone who can adequately represent the other side and bring them on, so that we can have a debate so that people can hear both sides of the issues and then evaluate for themselves. I much preferred. I much preferred when Hannity and Colmes wrong together.

The late Alan Combs so you could hear both perspectives one would speak. It's like, man, you nailed it. Your hundred percent right and the other one speaks like all the same thing here. You may have two committed followers of Jesus was very different political views you may have two people that are God-fearing and reference the Scriptures and and want to do what's right in God's sight and come to very different political decisions. How can that be will have a conversation. So here there's a verse in the New Testament about prophecies right is don't despise prophecies in first Thessalonians 5, but test everything.

Hold fast to that which is good may urge me. I urge every one of you do that with the news test with the president says test with the mainstream media says present test with the right wing media says trust test what your friend say on Facebook test with the pastor says from the pulpit tested Ford's test what I say evaluated. Look at the various sources. My PhD and near Eastern languages and literatures means that we would go back to the original sources were studying something or studying Hammurabi's law code in ancient Akkadian Babylonian studying the text best to get to the actual sources says is web train friends strongly timely time search for it. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown graphics for those were watching but were able to fix the audio issue.

Our apologies for that. 866-34-TRUTH go to phones momentarily, but what we know so far what we know at the moment run through a quick list and that'll open the s'mores report number one. Once again, polls got wrong number two was nobler life. Quite the contrary, three there's a massive crisis of trust number four this is my opinion that we know this if Trump does get reelected. It will be with God's help.

Number five economy has been a bigger factor than the virus. Number six, Trump succeeded in increasing his black and Latino support number seven charismatic prophets are about to be vindicated or humiliated number eight people face should keep praying and putting their trust in God for his desired outcome whatever that outcome may be benign. God remains God just a friendly reminder right with that, let's go to the phones and will start in Miami with Maxwell welcome to the line of fire doing well and well.

Thank you. Right leg and hounded out but that of society.

Yeah. Electrically rightly divided up by 1 million about one of popular vote and I will write an I like to talk about something that I saw my yard on the belief about the leak. Do you want to stall at 2000 feet of the election right and also this year, the FBI did what we called the protocol design on Twitter almost 24 hours and you saying that the FBI is now actively spreading anti-Semitic lies to the American people want to act on not just want to make sure I understand what you reference the allegedly that the FBI spreading anti-Semitic lies to the nation just I want you to understand, leave it up okay okay so if in other words folks just disregard everything that was set up to now I will get you question God had got it. You think by when you look in all looking good. Done that. We call negative view about you on the road today and you think that organizations like media are valid and attacking Israel because of what they have done well body yes. So to answer your question. First, we don't know that there's a Biden.

When someone to my guess is that Tom picked up to support rather than lost to support number three and I'm remembering you help previous discussions that we had Sir as well so take everything with a massive grain of salt numbered number three of the BDS movement, which is an unethical wrong attack on the state of Israel and falsely accuses it of being an apartheid state that practices genocide the BDS movement should be strongly opposed, and there is no justification for whatsoever. And finally, I do not believe the FBI is posting anti-Semitic lies to distribute them to the entire nation just for the record, thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH, I did say election related as much as there is a bizarre stuff in there. You made it election related fats. Let's go to Andrew in Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire truck got everywhere. Dr. Brock, thank you anyway Dr. Dr. Brown.

I actually owned around here cooking.

I want I write an example all good about all I can tell you the I didn't go order info or note by but I kinda want my third party and thing again, though what you know this but sadly I will but probably I was because I was done we go from people I know that all my priority. Michael Jordan was just because I didn't want to vote for somebody who wanted to portray butanol duct though you enjoy, understand that there are some people that have massive issues with the person of Donald Trump and as much good as he does with policies feel the need to vote elsewhere understand some people say that they had to sit out the president's nominee or caster protest vote or third-party vote, dear friend of mine went to vote convinced this is going to write in the name and then felt the Lord leaving to vote for Trump and we can vote for Biden because of the pro-abortion stance of the other radical natures of the of the Democratic Party. I will gladly ethically challenge a vote for Biden but again which dues between you and God. And I can provide over that, but because of the Democratic party platform. I will gladly challenge vote like that. In terms of dialogue and discussion.

But understand some feel they can vote for either candidate.

That's again between you and God the father with that of course is you and leave it to others to decide which way the nation goes, you decide which way the nation goes well I'll have no input in that that's a problem I have with, but I understand it, preconference sure between you and God pay thank you for calling in.

Let us go to Atlanta.

Yuri welcomes Alana fire hi yeah, thank you for adding my call. You're very welcome. Yet I have a question because as being a pastor I notice it. Even now I'm sitting in looking at the vehicle that provided her on it and knowing how many people have voted for Biden, even if it's not altogether true, but it's still a good big number of people and I know*notable pastors that administered FB and it's important Democratic platform and it's just hard for me to put it all together. How can you be a minister of the word of God. How you can be a minister educated even person and in the biblical, so to speak, study science and any yet support Democratic platform that has so many things that opposing biblical message to the true so this is what I wanted to know it. To me it is like I even I know there some some pastor some speakers that are well known to the nation they are supporting him. Or at least supporting good Democratic platform Democratic Party continue give any insights, why would we have so many people I I immigrated few years ago from former unit, a group member how we grew up in that country and I have I don't understand why would this nation. With so much freedom and opportunity a want to move back to something that is the more like a prison where I don't understand me if you you constructive shared by many Cuban-Americans, many living in Miami that have moved from Cuba to America risqué Cuba recent families in America and they very much see what Cuba did socialism what happened and the last thing they want us to success like that happen in America. CCU you carrier Sprint perspective, seeing what would socialism and communism could do in the destructive nature of it and seeing unique liberties we have in America again.

Ultimately, everyone stands before God and gives account and we cannot judge someone salvation based on their vote, but born-again Christians that I know that have said they're voting for Biden Harris of said we don't like the Democratic party policies on abortion, but we feel that abortion is best reduced in other ways, and that the courts have not succeeded in doing it with the Reagan presidency, George W. Bush, George Bush, in the four years of Donald Trump. They've not succeeded in bringing about change. So changes can be brought about other ways and we feel that the Democratic policies are best for the poor for immigrants from marginalized and those are Christian values as well and therefore we will vote accordingly. Now again I I absolutely sure your views on this it in other words, to me, if you vote for a party that is militantly pro-abortion and wants to make Roe V Wade enshrined as the law of the Lancet, the courts couldn't even touch that then I can't see how you can follow Jesus, and cast a vote. There is in the same way some of the policies of unit directly infringing our religious freedoms were protected definition of family, those are so fundamental and then there issues of Israel in international security. I talked her friend yesterday and and he said that folks his work with in Hong Kong that are protesting against communist China. There, terrified at the prospect of the Biden Harris victory because Trump and Pompeo have stood so so much for the play video of the other day from Joe to folks in Israel for Palestinian terrorist and Israeli Jew, and they're both saying a vote for Trump is in a safe Palestinian and Israeli lives so I understand the concerns and I see it exactly as you do, but by Christian friends white Christian friends have interacted with and others that say they're voting for Biden oh or explain their views have have tried to argue it out and in that way that they oppose these things personally but they don't think the presence can affect that again. I categorically differ with that perspective limits. It is one of the think a lot of what has driven the pro-Biden movement has been an anti-Trump movement, and you might say a look were talking about existential issues which about life-and-death issues were talking about you know the freedom or enslavement of a whole nation. So what if the guy can be nasty and juvenile and and little dangerous with some of what he says it's about much bigger issues but there are some who are so put off by who Trump is, and feels that feelings for a person bring so much destruction that they they must vote against him. I can respect someone saying I I'm sorry can vote for Donald Trump but I'm absolutely not voting Democrat understand that very difficult for me to understand a true follower of Jesus saying I'm voting Biden Harris.

I'm just sure love you so Yuri may the Lord bless you and your pastoral ministry.

So glad that you found a home here in in America and my ancestors on my father's side or Russian Jews that I've never never been to rush of all the countries of ministered in any way. God bless you. I appreciate the call 866-34-TRUTH a moment to get into a few more things.

What we know for sure right now takes more. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is joining us on of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Your forcible sanity and spiritual credits were striving to do list of the craziness around this okay a few things that we do know we know that there was no blue wave as Rachel Maddow said there wasn't even a ripple. Now many Trump supporters are discouraged today is to make it or not there tons of Democrats that are very discouraged because they were thinking this is it binds getting get in there going to have both houses of Congress in the massively wave it did not happen. Governors of been strong on the Republican in GOP picked up seats and in the house will hold a majority in the Senate. Here's what Rachel Maddow said is been remarkable to see the stability not only between the 2016 2020 current presidential map but also in congressional races and in Senate races up and down on either side. You're not seeing that only no wave. It's like a poly drop in a rock and there is no ripples, and then a bunch of of GOP women have just been elected to the house so that's interesting in terms of that. Okay.

Another interesting thing is that the economy is proved to be a bigger factor than the virus that according to exit polls, and again you don't get all accurate information here, but according to exit polls, more Americans were concerned about the state of the economy than concerned about how the coronavirus is being handled and and if you are concerned about how the virus is being handled you more likely vote for Biden if you concerned about the economy moving forward, you're more likely vote for Trump.

That was one that surprise people because for many thought the virus devices. The biggest thing but this is not actually economy is the biggest thing of it and then Trump definitely succeeded in increasing his black and Latino supernovae ends up losing.

Overall obviously the new law support and others areas or others came out to vote against him or for Biden Harris but he deftly picked up support last night already, so headlines like this how Latinos in Miami-Dade County health Trump when Florida Biden needed to win big in Miami-Dade County but Trump ate into his margins among Latinos. This was posted November 2. The truffle is rising among Blacks and Hispanics to put despite the conventional wisdom perceptions. Perceptions of Trump as racist seem to be a driving force force. I force a driving force pushing whites away wasn't the opposite for those he's purportedly being racist against the answer be that they will perceive as being racist but they don't buy the narrative that is racist and they see him reaching out to them and saying hey rapper ice cube said they look you you without I reached out to both parties and in comes party reach back that so many people.

This was good about who reached out to me who genuinely took an interest in my well-being. Knowing the party that does that does the best with that constituency, especially if they come through on the promises to them and they keep them engaged saying hey let's continue to work together. Otherwise, you reach out you can elected you ignore them in a certain point you so can you take us for granted. We look elsewhere, but again, it does seem that there was an increase in black and Hispanic vote for Trump as were Jewish vote will see will see I've not yet seen data on that again will be interesting to me to to see at the end is my guess is white evangelical support was just the same for Trump now is in 2016. This, my guess right black and Hispanic support. A little higher than 2016. If he loses overall, why would that be then there'd have to be something on the other side and any also see the Republican women voted more for Trump this time, so really lose women overall others that came out to vote more. How does it play out what we'll see again on this, but I'm speculating I'm asking questions, but let's step back and be sure this tens of millions of people have been praying people around the world have been praying and and then we took action.

We voted, according to a conscience right and I will divide with you over vote and I hope you'll divide with me over vote and those of you who were zealous Trump supporters don't get upset with me for reminding everyone that is not to say what we believe is a symbol of 70%. You just absolutely stutter so I got mad at me for saying Jesus is our Savior, not your will is what what are you reacting in the ship into much trust in a man, no nerve there.

On the flipside, those of you absolutely can't see a Christian can vote for Trump. Don't divide with me over that vote but here the main message on preaching and let us unite around that message and let us love God and love our neighbor as us was change America ultimately write less point than the phones. If Trump is reelected. It it it's it's a reprieve it's four more years to use liberties we have and to establish certain things more deeply with into absolutely desperately put the pedal to the metal prayer and fasting, praying for awakening, giving ourselves to reaching the lost. Great commission. It is, it can be an hour and everything. If Biden is in Bosch with Republican Senate, there still may be some level of reprieve where you see okay. Some of these policies are radical over here, Harris may go as radical and so this can be very destructive and but they're still going to be more of a window to wake up and get things done.

Either way I believe God is hearing the prayers of his people and that he's gonna bring an outcome for his glory and for the long-term eternal working out of his purposes all right with that, let us go to Ashley and she Harris Washington. Welcome to the line of fire Kaiser hey Carol I have a quick question kind of hit on it that I can go and go.

I do believe that God is in control and I know that we don't have the result yet, but I'm just wondering if it is right when it possible that that is part of God's plan and that is leading at the time of trial and tribulation and possibly persecution for Christianity and challenging yet and see I would've seen that even more. Yes, there was a blue wave, Biden swept in and in both houses of Congress came in democratic control and they could pretty much do what they wanted to do would be one of those things where you can warn someone, you warn them they don't listen then afterward to say I told you so LOL after this little late. You know you warned about driving too fast and not wearing a seatbelt you plead with them to listen.

They don't they go out to get the bad accident. Maybe they're crippled as a result of it so that to me would have been an even greater judgment. I don't mean that Joe Biden is evil incarnate and and Donald Trump's is St. incarnate now I write soon. I don't believe that they're both very flawed human beings, like the rest of yes but yeah I would. I certainly believe this and just… I honestly believe that even though Trump is done a lot of good. There's been some judgment in him being raised up in as well because it's exposed a tonic carnality in the church a lot of compromise in a willingness to believe almost anything. So is much as I see good in it and really hope that Trump is reelected.

I honestly believe because there has been so much prayer that if Biden is a layout we will say he was elected by the will of God and that there's a purpose in it and my thought would be because we still have the restraint of Republican Senate that it will open our eyes to where things could go but will still have a chance, rather than it's like okay we just went over the edge here and how we get back up is very difficult so I'm on with you that thank you for the call Ashley and care. You're very welcome 866-34-TRUTH escorted Jim in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire ground will enjoy the show early in the end, the timeline of things articulately. Christians edify in all people and drink the water to the timeline meriting what your thoughts are on Hillary Clinton not long ago, publicly and saying for Biden not to concede yet what he says that is very that when you think about the whole thing gone on here that seems to be really interesting. I wanted all U folder I've fallen and this is a thing as Christians we we need to edify people and really give them hope in true story yet so suggested jumping and with time shorts the rent to my answer because of get the end of the hour coming up your in short, little one. Both candidates, both parties have question outcomes either hilly cleansing, which he said were Trump saying some inspect the only way I can lose is up with.

If it's fraught if his motor for this only I can lose and say last night.

It's fraught so there's talk, they can be dangerous on both sides.

Hillary Clinton statement taken by itself also very dangerous if you listen to the whole context was in the context of if votes are being disputed and counts are being disputed. Don't concede as opposed to if it's a landslide with his own question. The Trump on the boat.

Don't concede as much as I don't personally Clinton, I don't believe she was saying that is for Trump I believe is much as he wants to win that he's convinced that the vote has been legal. Then there will be a peaceful transition in the way we are in a real mass in America was way forward to God's people. Many of us exist.

Your head screwed on right friends test everything swallow. Let's worship God rules and rain

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