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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 30, 2020 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 30, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/30/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Phone lines are wide open euchre questions. We got answers gives time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to the line of fire. You are questions we got answers 866-34-TRUTH 866348784 any question of any kind that relates in any way to the line of fire broadcast my great joy to take your question. If you want to probe on something I believe want to challenge me want to clarify something 86634. On the way into the office I tweeted this out. I truly believe that if more preachers were on fire. The more believers would be on fire of this of our cities would be on fire worthy news tweeted this in response. So true revival is coming as a come to the states for speaking tours for 15+ years. This is the first time I've come with a level of apathy is dissipating around the verge of a real move of God may may be we as the body can seize the chaos as a real opportunity. Yes and amen.

All right we go straight to the phones beginning with Joseph in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown I appreciate it. You're welcome. So I have a question and Jenna and chapters 4 and by amen chapter in Genesis chapter 4 verses one and two of the Adam and Eve had done. Cain and Abel does not give any indication that they had any children prior to Cain and Abel. Then it says in verse 13 and can't respond to the Lord for his punishment for killing his brother. He basically said that anyone who finds it will kill him, which would indicate that there are other people on the earth at this time that the end chapter 5 verse the first war that Adam had other sons and daughters after he fathered it is the third the third son that the my and my question is the described mess something up for indicating that there were other children born before Cain and Abel. What's going on as part of the missing information about other people that were in the earth. Yeah it's it's just telling us the broad lines in terms of genealogies so that you have Cain and Abel the first to and they become major players because Cain kills Abel and then the death of Abel now was replaced by Seth, but is not telling everything else it. In other words, we understand that after Adam and if I can enable that they had many other children is no reason not to think that the fact that the earth is getting populated by more people indicates that's the fact and it's quite some time before Cain kills Abel and he reads literally at the at the end of days.

McCain shall mean so there their grown man.

They are established in their livelihoods and things like that when the murder takes place. So what we understand is that there are others that were born, but this is very common both in terms of ancient near Eastern literature in the Bible itself that it's it's tracing certain lines and giving us information about certain people, even when you compare genealogies in the Bible.

One author is focusing on a particular thing will skip certain generations. You have that Matthew one unity skipping things compared to to Luke three and you have the same in the Old Testament with berries genealogies. If you compare them so it is very common. It's just it's focusing on again that the main players in the mainlines as opposed to everybody that was being born soul. I don't believe any were born before Cain and Abel, but certainly after Cain and Abel. So they would've been 50 or hundred years before these things to replace old plenty time for society to begin to grow in your get it if if you read Sir other ancient documents from ancient world kings lists and genealogies.

You'll see this is very common and again that key stories are being told that the goal is not just to give us information as to how people got on the earth is everybody's years ago when we got here right now got here so that wasn't in dispute. The issues are.

What are some of the key events with some of the thoughts of the fall.

Who were some of the key people as we trace from Adam to Noah because that's what happens in in Genesis 5 so that's what's going on hey thank you sir for the question appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Louisville, Kentucky, Craig walking to the line of fire.

Thank you very much. Dr. Ron probably ought all right luckily very yet. My question is very kebab ebullient report.and I feel your commentary on Isaiah 714 and I've really done tried to do a lot about research as well, but it much as I can gather, when I read Matthew 123 specifically and I replaced the word version for Alma.

What I find Demetri a contradiction in that it says of the prophecy says that Alma will give birth but in Matthew 123 Joseph marries her before she gives birth and so if you replaced in Matthew 123 Virgin with Alma. She couldn't of been in Alma when she gave birth because she was married before she gave birth. But since they had no sexual relations until she gave birth yeah but but wouldn't Alma be a marriageable woman doesn't see it doesn't.

She's unmarried doesn't have to be that it's it's really speaking of of an age it's it's a again that's the thing it's a great question.

I appreciate Sir. That's what we often get confused in terms of terminology or or word use, and things like that and part part of the sign is that it's a supernatural birth part of the signs that it's God with us and Manuel that's that's a big part of it as as well in terms of the emphasis of of Matthew, and what makes this such a sign of but noted that the key thing is a young woman potentially of of the marriageable age, but presumably virgin is going to conceive and give birth to a son, and Matthew quotes this the Septuagint, it's the fact that that they went from us a spouse to formally married, has no sexual relationships with would not affect her status. It's not a sunny technical legal term that's that's the whole thing a conference roughly age and type of person that's why there's some debate ongoing debate about the usage and the absolute you know of any work breaks in the Old Testament of all marketing used window. The female is explicitly very similar to Bilotta okay so there's debate this debate a for example in song of Solomon. The first chapter it mentions almost the instructional rabbinic and it's it's it's plural that this traditional rabbinic interpretation that says that means versions and they were just part of Solomon's entourage. There are others that say that they were real concubines pretentious. There was sexual relations of this debate both ways on that in Proverbs words it speaks of several things that leave no trace and and you know ship at sea, etc. one of them is an all mob with a man that is that talking about romance and relationship is that talking about marriage and sexual union. There's debate about that. But there's nothing explicit that speaks of an all mob married there's debate is there to married in Joel 18, or is that this meeting a spouse of but either way if if I just look though take to take one more second here in in Matthew it, and in Matthew 123 because that the Hebrews in a home hurrah feel that it been interesting. Got a call from an Orthodox Jew, about the same passage yesterday to discuss Alma from a different angle for this is Walmart week here. It will not talk about will probably pull and put that out because it was is very interesting discussion.

Orthodox Jew, so the Hebrews in the home are ovulated been could be translated. Behold, the Alma is pregnant and about to give birth or the mall is about to be pregnant and give birth. Okay, so it could theoretically be talking about a woman who at that moment was in Omaha, who was about to be married and we conceive and give birth.

Okay the but what it targeted none on the go ahead. They wouldn't do that because I saw that the Tanakh version verse two, the way it's typically quoted in the old Christian Old Testament. I saw the different and wouldn't be Judaic interpretation make it much more difficult to see Isaiah 714 is a prophecy since it literally felt she is pregnant and she is about to give birth right so letter is a foreshadowing report right. Either way, this something that was being spoken of. At that time in Isaiah's day was something that took place but it did not fulfill the meaning of the words there was there something that had to be relevant to the days of King because it does not reach its fulfillment until the birth of of the Messiah, but either way again. Your point that if if we look at Matthew 123 which is according the Septuagint of that shall conceive and bear a son that will shall still be Alma there. There is no problem with that concept. I understand which are which are arguing.

But here if you just think of this. If you push virgin okay so she's a virgin.

She conceives she still gives birth as a virgin.

That works if you sing in Omaha has to be unmarried, that it wouldn't work. But again there the usage is so limited.

Let me give an example. David and the Bible is called and LM right has undo a single mass or not. Esther just with basically a state of of age. That's all.

That's the the mail elements that a woman Omaha so the usage is so limited that in and of itself is of argued many times it does not mean virgin and with the two lot in and of itself means virgin, but I can give you examples from the ancient near East from other literature that will speak of in Omaha.

Having a child so it does not exclusively mean virgin or exclusively mean unmarried. It's speaking generally of the state of age, so it anyway.

If you check if you're able. If you are not able to check on this shoot us an email and just say could you give some of those references to all Ma outside of the Hebrew Bible and and will be happy to to respond for you, but that will fill things in. It's just not a strict legal term that had to refer to an unmarried woman, it's only look at the larger picture. Then we understand the full meaning of the prophecy. I believe that somehow would've been Isaiah's day, and so the help was in Matthew stay the fact that he was born of a virgin, that he was God with us draws Matthew back to Isaiah 714 is that while there it is spoken in advance. Hey, I appreciate the questions in the program. Well done. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown website Esther to ground a SK to your Brown the Lord you find literally thousands of hours of free resources free as in free. Plus, you can order the 40+ books I've written there and other whole courses and materials in series. We have check out the resources their search for things you're interested and you'll find a ton of free resources, articles, videos, audio series, check it out when you go if you don't get my emails sign up to be our email list.

Okay, you get a free mini book and e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah and you will hear some great stuff from us every week.

All right, back to the phones and we start with Angela in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire. After Michael hey I really great great in my day because every ship there reading my Bible and having my devotion and I turned on the radio and there you were. When I heard line of fire. This is my question for you is the word line of fire, meaning that you are baptizing people in the Holy Spirit and fire. Okay, so number one minus fire is a name that came to us as we were going on radio about 12 years ago because I'm always in the line of fire in that were tackling the controversial issues of the day. From a biblical point of view and therefore you join us on the line of fire or get in the line of fire. Interestingly, when I came up with the name and the concept it was right about the time that William Buckley passed away and he had firing line on TV for many years I thought is that interesting.

But here's what here's why I'm smiling as as you're asking this for many years, fire has been a major theme I've preached on God being a consuming fire. The baptism of the Holy Spirit fire as I've prayed for people over the years of suffering for hundreds of people after meeting often pray fire, meaning Lord touch them with fresh touch of the fire and passion and purity and power of your spirit so even though the thrust of the broadcast is not about the baptism in the Holy Spirit fire.

Matthew 311. Fire is an all-consuming theme it in my life I've written books with titles like holy fire playing with holy fire and again preached on Gabi a consuming fire refiners fire over the years, so it's fitting to have fire in the name of the broadcast or school is fire school of Ministry our church is fire church. Our missions organization is fire international soap fires burning thing out of my hard life. Yeah, that is really awesome when I get. I can understand the line of fire being in the line of fire because that where we are right now and get the impolitic, the transformation of the church in the doctrine clashing over all year. You know that that's really cool, but really I I actually remembered who you are because I finally remembered Michael Brown and then stayed raw and then down and then you went on a huge M fasting you in on a health revolution and you you got your body like redo then Nana and ink shape than I thought. Now I know who yet that's it until I did want to bless you and that the really in it. Really enjoyed them. They hear your radio station and now I know when to tune in.

And if you could pray for me I'd really appreciate it because now I'm actually going back and forth from Fort Mill to Washington and doing prayer vigil and and so connecting with the team that are meeting up in Washington and in uniting with them for revival accent or an outpouring of the Spirit and fell.

It's everything. Andů It's there's nothing more important right now, then crying out to God for revival outpouring repenting of our own sins, giving ourselves a fresh touch this nation. Yes we vote we do these other things but the church coming alive. That's it. That's the simple one, and again is as I tweeted a right before as I was driving up here. I truly believe that if more preachers run fire. The more believers would be on for the super cities would be a force of the Lord be with you.

May you be a flaming fire as you go and just by God's grace. It is six years and two months since God help me radically change my diet lifestyle. That's what I wrote about in the book, breaking the stronghold of food and worse is to get like three headaches a week. It's now six years and two months without a headache. That's one tiny example of the life transformation. Hey, thank you for the call 86634 I would go to Cassie in Ankeny, Iowa. I remember talking to before because I remember the city name, how you doing yeah hi there, I wanted to ask you a question you're taking general question yeah you know how I feel about your broadcast. The Abraham covenant going on right now that I believe Tromp had united Eric Emerick are on board at all hiring on board now that right. I think the third one Saddam is now on board and potentially Saudi Arabia. Next might I'm curious what your thoughts are on that. I personally believe I'm nowhere near it learned it. You are right you enjoyed listening to you.

I've grown in listening to you and getting your perspective.

I am a Seventh-day Adventist and I went to church for many, many, many years not really understanding that that I needed to connect with God and read my Bible to get on my pray wasn't enough to go to church like we can uniting and a lot of the things that you say you bring Matt and I wanted I want you know I appreciate that you think or how grateful I am.

I'm 50 years old and I get. I wished I would have been able to listen to you when I was breaking my children and I tried to start breaking my children I homeschool my children. I used Bob Jones University and Rebecca curriculum.

When I was breaking my cake, but you bring a lot of understanding and clarity to a lot of issues and you can't people not for myself. I'm sort to look things up to do for yourself to think and pray and that commitment to God that wanted to say that. Thank you. And that's because I tell you what you limit, you will immediately jump in and answer but thank you, thank you for the kind words and you know it's neat is is a mom continues to have an influence on her kids as their older Nancy's closer was with our daughters who are in the early 40s, then should she ever ever was no there were little kids in terms with the depth of the relationship and the trust in the interaction so I'm sure the Lord will continue to to use you to be a blessing to your kids, but here's my take on Abraham accords on the surface of it is wonderful to know which is unprecedented 9048 to 1979 before the first peace treaty signed that with Egypt than 79 to 95 before the second peace treaty signed that with Jordan.

Now, suddenly, United Arab Emirates box rain suit Don attention Saudi Arabia and supposedly others. This is massive. This is historic if it'd been anyone but Donald Trump third instant Nobel Prize fire is just no question about it's just totally unprecedented so the surface of it. Excellent. Now when you break it down, a lot of it is the enemy of my enemy is my friend in the great threat it in the Middle East is Iran and the line was turkey so to the extent that that Israel is the enemy of Iran then then the enemy might is my friend.

So Saudi Arabia these other countries or will it stand together with Israel for the common good of the region.

Let's benefit economically, that's better than efficient technology. Let's help the overall well-being of our nations while we unite together against the threat of Iran and what it represents in the region. Great, wonderful, positive, now the potential negative is that this could all be a set up for a false peace that this could lead to what will ultimately be an antichrist type of situation that these are the steps necessary steps and paving the way for the unraveling of the Middle East.

But here's the deal you can't make decisions based on potential prophecy. In other words, if that had been the case. Israel never would've made peace with Egypt and 79 never move you made peace with Jordan and 95 and it's been beneficial to all three of those countries, and Jesus just a Blessed are the peacemakers, and Paul encourages us to live in peace with everyone that we cancel. I look at it pragmatically and say great, glad to see it for the general person walking the streets in Israel there. Glad to see it. General person walking the streets and so the countries. This can be good for them as well but keep your guard up there.

In other words still get complacent with it and I imagine that Israel, with its military vigilance and knowing that several hundred thousand rockets are pointed at it at any one moment between Hasbro law and and other enemies like that many of them financed by Iran continue to be vigilant and let's not. Let's not deceive ourselves into thinking that some of the Muslim world will just say hey Israel is our friend and and were glad that the Jews are in land that used to be occupied by Muslims and we have no problem with that. No, we understand the deep issues we understand that a good portion of his salami reference 10 to 20%. Is this radical and will never accept the state of Israel. So let's be realistic, but positive. That's my that's my take on this, but thank you again for the call and for your very kind words, 866-34-TRUTH, but we come back we'll go from social justice in the gospel to politics in the Bible to rabbinic literature about Jesus to specific texts doesn't recall.

So stay right there.

It will get everybody on the other side of the break and not some miracle, but it's nice to get one phone line (66348 submitted for this to happen that much. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown 5866 last night. I did talk about what people mean when they talk about apostle's profits to the fivefold ministry try to demystify that and take away some of the increase extremes and understanding talked about the so-called nor new apostolic Reformation was false, was true about that. It's about an hour long responded to questions on my Facebook page. So take a look at it, asked her to Brown on Facebook okay we go straight back to the phones starting with Eden in Chicago.

Welcome to the line of fire tuckered out revenue you welcome with other brokers I want to thank you for your ministry and what you do for the kingdom and I benefited from it and I just want to work for you and your ministry. Be very welcome. question at AMI has to do with a statement they came out a couple years ago and I'm not sure if you're familiar with it, but the statement is called understatement on social justice in the gospel.

Are you familiar with the statement I don't have it memorized. But I certainly saw it.

Yeah, my question is this like I know that they make them a couple years ago and just curious quite what your take on that statement and also just generally speaking to your and a lot of the issues that are connected with it like no critical race theory intersecting the melody and and I believe that they meant what was released as a response to this, like large cultural movement taking our society and a cut and also going along with the question of the first part of question. The second part is that after the statement came out. I feel like in some ways like you created a Hayford or by division in the evangelical world and obviously there were people who bent onto the statement in the drafters and then there were oh so I think him, the leaders of the evangelical world and what about people from maybe got the collision who but not in court and onto the statement Bill, I see that you know by polarization happening in the evangelical world around the right itself. Still, you know, kind of like a two-part question might get your take on linen. The larger issue in all of what what you make of this note by polarization work for like here genuine Christian leaders who love God and love the Lord and with our for God's people are seriously divided over to the surrender of even no room for disagreement right so so let's slather a few the issues. One is social justice and the way the word is used has become associated with things like critical race theory or charges of white fragility or white supremacy or systemic racism, etc. words, there is baggage associated with the term.

I actually try to use it to say hey we should stand for social justice. As followers of Jesus and those who hold to Scripture, but the moment I did. People thought that I was espousing these other things that a weather is like briars I coming from your own someone was attacking me of 11 publication I read from the time wanted to allow communist writers like communist what the world you talk about the good, the word is just so supercharged okay soldier what I prefer to do is say can we together pursue biblical justice. And it seems the two extremes are one where church leaders recognizing errors of the past and say that is a Southern Baptist technology will the birth of the Southern Baptist was to break with the northern Baptist over slavery. That's it.

That's it. Not a good way to birth a denomination you know or hear of the founders of the seminary will slaveholders who justified slavery in the name of the Bible. That's not a good heritage so you know certain things come to light and even though is an ancient there's an older history there of their current ongoing events in US locator still inequalities is still issue. So what happens sometimes as we overdo our response citizen you know that I've got a blind spot there.

Over the years and many many black callers have helped fill in blind spots for me simply because I have a different upbringing and a different life experience. I've never been racially profiled and is still just explained some things or perspective on police or or things like that so I just help speed up the sink in a more holistic balanced way. If if I talk to a lot of Native Americans that would fill in the Tana blind spots. I don't even though I have no terms of how they perceive America and so on. So anyway, sometimes we we overreact and we become so woke that it's it's it's really silly to me. It's an embarrassment like when we try to prove who we try to impress the world it's like to be impressed by us, otherwise we need to do is get get the approval of our father in heaven, and if he's please list what the world hate us. That's fine. So that's one of the issues where Christians become more important quote progressive and an analog beat their bread. I'm so guilty of all the stuff and like I said hey I have to apologize about America's past. As as a white man myself because I I come from immigrants that came from Russia. The turn of the last century. You know Russian Jews who were we are probably fleeing for their own lives. I got no connection to the slave trade. Early history or anything like that so we can overreact and then there the statement on social justice in the Bible John MacArthur.

My friend James White others were involved with were really to try to push back against critical race theory and pushback against some of the walking nests of the church. The problem is that in doing so was in combating the error, you may not loudly enough. Emphasize the areas where you you do stand in common than you do feel their needs so that could be the critique on the other side and, in other words, when we push back against an error that we may not adequately emphasize the middleground so to me the solution is very simple. We really immerse ourselves in the truth of the word and the ethics of the Scripture.

The ethics of the prophets, the revolutionary teachings of Jesus week, we immerse ourselves in those fresh wheat we have an open conversation with different members of the body from different ethnicities and backgrounds. We look at America to day and we say how can we make this country the best it can be.

How can we contributed as fault contribute as followers of Jesus to the best interest in the well-being of everyone in our nation and we work together for biblical justice and basically if I said hey who's in with me undo that I would expect every believer who is really committed to the Lord to say, count me and so that's my long and short answer to important question which I appreciate.

Even soon as I am not going to get caught in a micro argument on this. It lets me from the macro to get let's let's major on what we agree on together. I must move forward. Let's move forward. We can change the past but we can change the present and the future. Thank you again for the call 86634 let's go to Adam and Kansas City, Kansas. Welcome to the line of fire it up and Dr. Brown hurry up doing very well thank you thank you I like the drought to video that you made a while back about in written or rather, both related to rabbinic literature specifically to Tom at I'd like to address your points made in that video or notes to videos in regard to passages in the comet as it relates to Christian and Christianity on the website find fault in his recent addition of the comment published by Coren makes the academic arguments that there are many passages, that actually take up Jesus specifically.

In fact, when we look at the manuscript evidence of the Talmud. Specifically, the Munich family, we see that there are many references to Jesus and how that specifically, this passage is inserted in Sanhedrin 43 a, even though it actually belongs elsewhere, but and Sanhedrin 43 a yes 203 is the one that was hung on the eve of the Passover and he was to be stoned for sorcery and for misleading and enticing Israel to idolatry and there are a number of other references as well. Referring to Jesus in the Talmud as Ben pandit let the sun append Arab Roman soldier and rabbi thankful is the addition of the town that actually makes his argument that it is referring.

Indeed, not to some random guy named Jesus, but specifically to the Christian figure Jesus of Nazareth now. Moreover, we see that in the Jewish encyclopedia. There are some benediction hope Meaning which are basically benediction began the heretic now. Initially they were it was inserted that there was nauseating but then it was changed to wetland munching name and to be informers and the Jewish encyclopedia that the cause of the change in the tax was probably due to the accusation brought by Christians against the Jew. The crystal all Christians under the name of the Nazarene, so I guess what I want to stay is when were looking at the text. I think it's very important that we, the amount academic background. I don't think that I don't agree with anti-Semitism. I don't agree you about using these passages is the weight of frames you've been in a negative light altogether, but I think I think we do have to be intellectually honest with ourselves and say Sosa was not yes on sale at appreciate the research you've done that, but where do you differ with me then because I say that there there are those that see Estes refer to Jesus but other top scholars say they don't. And is this great debate over so I'm not sure where we differ. I think where we differ is that the observation of rhetorical and otherwise definitely proves almost overwhelmingly that there really is no there's really no evidence were the point of view that the references are not impacted Jesus asserts what you think some of the top scholars in the world, both Jewish and Christian say that they don't refer to Jesus you think that their ignorance or notice. I don't think a finger at night writing some additional I think that will not also a bit more before that free samples here Louis Ginsberg, one of the greatest resellers of the early 20th century legends of the Jews compilation.

One of the historic professors of Jewish theological seminary. He says one may therefore state with almost certainty that the entire Talmudic midrash leader who does not know of any nicknames for Jesus or his disciples allegedly bailing being a cobra for Jesus etc. John Meyer.

A more recent scholar says with regard to the mission and other early rabbinic material.

No text cited from that. It really refers to Jesus and then if you if you look at a series of multiple videos done by Rabbi Moshe Shulman counter missionary rabbi who have no problem saying that the Talmud rejects Jesus and by the way, I I've written that out of sight of these very texts and other writings in Sanhedrin 43. For example, Maimonides references that the Jewish leadership rejecting Jesus and giving him over to die said that's been the position as this helps to talk to me name written about that is what we understand what the purpose of the motion, showing mostly every single reference message that this is something the telegram was say anything about Jesus Christmas.

They were there. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown said now capital, the truth about Talmud where we get into the Talmud releases and doesn't say and after reviewing arguments that the Talmud does not speak about Jesus for the early rabbinic literature I write again. It's possible that the Talmud does make this terrible take statements about Jesus of academician Rabbi Moshe Schilling believes that the Thomases absolutely nothing about him either way, there are some anti-Christian polemics in the Talmud and later rabbinic literature, along with some deeply anti-Christian sentiments expressed to this day in particular and ultra-Orthodox writings.

But even so is not terribly different for traditional Judah believe that Jesus is a false prophet burning in hell than it is for Christians to believe that Mohammed is a false prophet burning in hell. This is blasphemous to Muslims for who Mohammed is the perfect man in the model of piety. Christians have no problem believing that at the lease. Mohammed is a false prophet was lost for eternity, which is my own view so Adam I did think I stated on the video that some do believe these texts refer to Jesus, but other scholars because I've studied this for years and have a whole library of books on the subject say they don't think that most of them are refer to Jesus and you get chronology wrong. You got him and in various centuries you got the descriptions wrong and things like that so if you think the presentation didn't say that that's I guess we have a difference here. There is an excellent study that was done by Dr. Peter Schaefer on title the same time, yeah of the elders from your life course. Yet yes I cycle and is well yeah and in other words, in his view, it's, it's reacting in particular to the gospel of John yeah Adam, there's there's no question you. You've done your homework and there's no question that there were many historians and rabbinic scholars who do believe that there are specific references to Jesus in the Talmud that are negative, that he was that he was born out of out of wedlock to a Roman soldier, Pantera, that which could even be a play on words of Parthenon's version in a mocking thing that claimed that that he went to Egypt as it is a child and and learned learned all types of foreign arts and idolatry and led Israel astray, that he was Chris that he was hung at the time of Passover that he deceive the nation that he's burning and excrement in hell.

There are those who believe that certainly told don't issue which is a blasphemous compilation of of documents or writings against Jesus. The early medieval work very, very ugly, blasphemous, that does exist. The question is, is that a reaction to church, persecution of Jews etc. but yet the it's certainly possible that that's there but there there really in-depth studies by others.

In fact Adam if if you shooting though tour website shooting note to info it at* and acid. This just gets to my attention will send you a link to Moshe Shulman's video series where he goes through all of the relevant references first logo against multiple videos and explains what he doesn't believe they refer to Jesus abut.

Thank you for the costs are and I appreciate I appreciate the. The detailed study that you've done on it and feel free to write in and will send you those of the references you can continue to research more if you like to thank you I will the same sources and and think that they make great arguments about your personally, my own view is that the Talmud speak some about Jesus, but that some of the other alleged references in the codewords probably don't refer to him assess my own view, but thank you again, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Daniel in New York City. Welcome to the line of fire broke a bike with regard to politics and scripture to her very long-term letter when I was there, but I agree I which was an amazing experience.

The altering the right part away about an amazing time of how how long have you been going to Times Square to say starting with early years. I see you I preached for Dave and Tom Wilkinson probably 40 or 50 times from 91 to 95 and then saw a car then, but was there for years and saw Kartik Holman while he was still pastor there shortly before ugly. Dave went to be with the Lord in my last time that visiting was was his memorial service actually so many fond memories there. But go ahead sir well laid on the matter of how got brought all together. The emotional years that man to the church, not monthly pastors but all of others become extremely good right. First, a lot of people are getting married because he wanted to really address the racism and start thinking about the most helpful.

A lot of people started leaving because the by then. Lately over the past month or so long.

To realize that out of line on a square one way or the other things to convert a very strong moral judgment go goodness personal truly your you're not a Christian or are you can really ugly.

We all had to step back, so I wrote her a real short post to a friend of McClung people think the agreement that wanted to see what you I really think apology to the disciples always pushed away from it, but I'm too strongly with the political system, reminding people of the internal kingdom of God in spite of your heart is starstruck and love the Lord who started or you want to know what side because politics is a volatile vest of narrative manipulation. You understand one party may better serve religious and constitutional freedom always went the extra mile to not offend the different ideologies where they were building a bridge and begin from there. One example were called to take to what I hate to interrupt but will you be short on time and I may not be able to respond to to the post so allow me to jump in. Okay Daniel and again I apologize for for cutting off, but I have an article that just went live on the screen and it's entitled the intersection of the gospel culture and politics. The intersection of the gospel culture and politics you find on the homepage of in the intersection of the gospel culture and politics and what I say is that what we must do this, as as children of the kingdom.

First and foremost right not citizens of America, black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Jewish or Gentile. But first and foremost, citizens of God's eternal kingdom followers of Jesus. We now come with his perspective and bring that to our society, but that intersects with every area of society so what do you do what it been right for the church to have stayed out of the politics when it was in the days before Abe Lincoln was Pres., and we still had slavery so hate we don't want to be divisive with one controversy would you say no. We have massive injustice and money to see change come. How important is the slaughtering of the unborn in the sight of God, how important religious liberties in the sight of God.

How important is biblical justice in the sight of God so so these are all these are all of massive issues that we have to address and that our votes impact now. The problem is when you have a multiracial, multiethnic congregation, a Times Square Church in New York City. You will absolutely tear the whole thing up. If you start preaching one political side or another. What I believe is important is that we address the issues say here's what the Bible says on XYZ to pray and vote accordingly. I believe it's important that we do that, that's one and two.

I think it could be helpful if we have the maturity to do it to have an open discussion where brothers and sisters who articulated and clearheaded express their differences express their viewpoints and and say hey here's why I'm voting this way.

Here's why I'm voting this way so that instead of instead of heat.

They can also be like. But check out my article the intersection of the gospel culture and politics and may God give the shepherds at times were church and other multiracial, multiethnic, churches, wisdom at this time. All right, that's enough time for one more call. Let's just try Christian in Toledo, Ohio. Wilkinson, the fire were really short on time so go forth are wrong on him." Matthew being where basically a woman in the most you. Of course Oakley of the American automotive are what you mean but a little bit hard electing, yet so as so Christian in Matthew seven, Jesus is telling us that we need to judge rightly, that we we need to judge ourselves and take this the beam at her own eye before we take the speck out of your brother's eye, but then he also wants us to rightly understand those to whom we are ministering, and those with whom we are dealing in neurotoxicity focus on Matthew seven because can get Matthew 15 but there are things that should not be shared with mockers with those God mock our beliefs share precious, beautiful shoes within his own will mock more and despise those very be selective with whom you share certain beautiful truths. In reality, say IQ for the call

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