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How Do American Jews Vote?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 29, 2020 4:20 pm

How Do American Jews Vote?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 29, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/29/20.

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Line of Fire
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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Phyllis Donald Trump good for the Jewish people of America are not time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you always. Counting the seconds before the broadcast starts because I so look forward to this time together. If you have a Jewish related question for me if you're Jewish person you differ with me and my views about Jesus. Yeshua, if you are listener call with any background and you just have a Jewish related question that Israel Hebrew language. Jewish tradition Bible you call 8663 for truth 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and is always a special appeal to those who differ with me on any of these issues give us a call. I want to bring you some perspective today in terms of Jewish voting in Donald Trump with the elections upon us. This is not to argue for a position, defend a position to criticize a position it simply to give you information give you insight into how many Jewish people think in America do that in a moment I give you some feedback from a liberal Jewish publication, the forward, but one that represents the voices of many Jews in America and up before that to some updates on the peace treaty so remarkably, not just United Arab Emirates and Bob Crane have said they can normalize relations with Israel. Each one minute different way. But now Sue Don Sosa Donna, northern Africa dominated by Islam, especially one half of the nation Christians. They are terribly persecuted over the years recognizes a terrorist state. Sue Don has now said they're going to normalize relations looking at a headline in times of Israel. Saddam's leader. We weren't blackmailed where the biggest winners of his real deal and the general general Borton leader of the country says that the decision to normalize ties with Israel was an incentive for US president Donald Trump's administration to answer Don's international pariah status general of the thought of Boeheim, head of the ruling sovereign counsel told state television that without the normalization with the Jewish state. Now Saddam would had to avoid deep intimate should be removed from the US's list of state sponsors of terrorism. So that was there saying hey, this is good for us and yet we stand for Palestinian state was there with the Palestinians. But that's just that's not just our responsibility.

So where were going to do this as a good faith sign that we do not want to be looked at as terrorist. Now, what's interesting is that Saudi Arabia reportedly will also son, I'm in. This is big with Saudi income and influence in the Muslim world and look this is where Mecca and Medina are in Saudi Arabia you make the hogs the annual pilgrimage that most of us try make once-in-a-lifetime that is to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. So for Saudi Arabia to normalize ties with Israel is massive. Reportedly, they will be doing that soon, and Trump says that a number of other nations are going to follow suit. This is massive.

This is historic.

This is unprecedented and and it's so big that some prophecy teachers are wondering is, is this an usher in the false peace under the antichrist is a bad thing and I understand those concerns and I understand the prophecies that could point in that direction.

But when you have an opportunity to make peace and normalize relations with enemies and you can do it without compromising your own soul in the process with without hurting your own country in the process you do that you know so we can do XYZ because of potential prophecy that you do it as best as you can 866-34-TRUTH okay there is an article on if you want to grab a couple from forward of 50 years of Jewish voting habits deconstructed 50 years of Jewish voting habits deconstructed of the article published today by Molly Boyd on, says this throughout the turbulent last four years, various pundits have predicted the president Donald Trump contract, and usually high numbers of Jews from Stern the 2020 election cycle or lose many of the ones he had in 2016. As America careens toward the historic election. It's good description. The picture remains a bit muddled with news coverage of Orthodox protesters waving Trump flags juxtaposed against groups like you Jewish unity pack contributing tens of thousands of dollars to the president Democrat to the president's Democratic counterbore for VP Joe Biden, a poll published last month by Jewish electorate Institute said that 67% of Jewish voters were supporting Biden, and 30% drop a shifter four points in favor of the income from the 26 down breakdown 2016 breakdown between Trump and Hillary Clinton knelt to step back from you and say growing up I grew up with a family where my dad is a liberal Democrat and where other family members. Democrats most of them as fries and a lifelong Democrats to this moment. So cousins or others like that and Jewish friends that I grew up with us. Some of them interestingly have become very conservative and they're not believers. They become very conservative. They just looked at what was happening in the world around them and they made a dramatic shift, but the bulk would remain liberal Democrats. That's what I grew up with. That was the norm.

But again, a lot is changed and there have been some ship so it very interesting to go back up to look at some of this data to go back to 1980, and some of this. Frankly, if I knew it I forgot it so I was I was wallets very interesting to see so 1980, Jimmy Carter got 45% of the Jewish vote and Ronald Reagan got 39%. Why I thought Democrats always voted liberal and and Republicans always Democrats liberal and jute Jewish vote, all going in one direction and Republicans Christian conservative the direction 45% of the Jewish vote went to Jimmy Carter and 39% to Ronald Reagan so forward, slicking back to 1972. The closest American cottage exit or objects to this of Jewish voters from the Democratic Party was 1980, but many of them went to a third-party candidate dependent. John Anderson soul Kenneth Walter Prof. of political science at University of Florida and the author foundations of American Jewish liberalism to the drop in Jewish support for the print Democrat was largely explained by the widespread dissatisfaction with Pres. Carter when Democrats generally that there was also a perception that he was more sympathetic to the Palestinians and Israel which comes with beetroot early in Pres. Carter's term in the White House. He called for Palestinian homeland in 1978, he proposed the sale of a fighter of a fighter aircraft Saudi Arabia most strongly opposed by Israel course this level one under the bridge since then. The shift in Jewish votes Republican cost me tribute to Reagan strong break on Israel and anti-Semitism before running for office. He resigned from the country club in Los Angeles because Doug missed didn't choose spoke in support of Israel during the 6167 right now come to 1992 right so so we've got this is and this is just words, jumping us to write Clinton versus George H. W.


So George W. Bush running second time around, look at this Clint gets 80% of the Jewish vote in George W. Bush, 11%, while what a dramatic shift to look at the period from 72 to the present. Jews wrote vote roughly 2 to 1. Democratic for the first five elections, but the 1992 election represented the cementing of Jewish-American support the Democratic Party.

So the question is why. One reason the rise of the Christian right in the 1980s and 90s, and its influence on Republican leadership made the Republican Party and inhospitable home. According to Kenneth Walt so George W. Bush got 35% of the Jewish forward in 88 but then only 11% in 1992. So, according to the analysis choose began to see another threat to the classical liberalism that had been there religion in the way and that was the emergence of Christian conservatism as a political movement that move them into the Republican Party of evangelicals really stopped any Jewish progress towards republicanism white Protestant of evangelicals today or is Republican as Jews are Democratic. Okay so this is really interesting.

Think about this from an what happens is as Christian evangelicals increasingly are involved with Republican Party. The Republican Party increasingly espousing their values. The Democratic Party increasingly not espousing their values so you have an increase in their involvement Republican Party. They are pro-Israel by lords, strongly pro-Israel, but the feeling for many Jews this is not our party that this is a an evangelical conservative Christian fundamentalist party is not our party.

So it is very interesting to see how that that shift takes place.

Okay so let's let's fast-forward right. Let's fast-forward to 2012, 2012, Barack Obama gets 69% of the Jewish vote Mitt Romney gets 30% now 71% of Jewish people supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, 69% supported Barack Obama in 2012 right so this been pretty close, pretty even. The data suggested that Romney received more the Jewish vote in 2012 the most Republicans before him right so George H.

W. Bush, George Bush, which some posters have explained as either a sign of effective messaging by Romney on Israel or ineffective messaging by Obama on Israel does believe the Jewish voters felt some identification with Romney who is Mormon is a fellow religious minority, but Walt said the study he did found that the Romney data which will unexposed not properly weight the sample for the distribution of the Jewish population. In other words, during the Romney Agnes exit polls posters spoke to more Jews from conservative states that represented a small share of the countries Jewish population than they did other election so it's cute the roots. Romney did not get the higher percentage of the Jewish vote according to the seller analysis. Either way either way. There is great division about Donald Trump in the Jewish community the more religious the Jews are the more they'll vote Republican because of conservative family values and fear for the Democratic Party is going and the rising anti-Semitism within the Democratic party were liberal Jews will vote more Democratic. How do they view Trump did they recognize Trump strong solidarity with Israel and and Jewish members of his own family as being an important tie or do they see his general character and attitude is giving way to racism, white supremacy, therefore danger would give you some more Jewish opinions later in the broadcast of the calls. Next, eight 663-3780 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown was Donald Trump. The Jewish people of America is a is from the beginning of the show. I guess the motion to hear that again. Jewish people think about the trouble get into that in a little while, 8663 4-H 784 any Jewish related question or challenge you have for me for months are open. I will start with Israel in a while who Hawaii. Welcome to the line of fire. I will conduct around a Loja at a two-part question. What are the Jewish understanding out speaking and I guess specifically in the context of first Chronicles 21, one, and second Samuel 24 one.

There seems to be, seeming contradiction where Yahweh accused our name Yahweh using insight David to do offenses and encourage Chronicle to talk about each and citing David.

Yet when I look in the Old Testament in the context of house upon you. I noticed that accused Martha job description rather than a proper noun, and so just curious how you reconcile those two. And what is the overall Jewish understanding that Satan great appreciate the questions so let's let's deal with the apparent contradiction.

First, between 24, one first Chronicles 21, one second Chronicles Susan second Samuel text saying that the anger of the Lord and cited David to two, number Israel and first Chronicles 21 saying that was Satan who incited them so what what we see clearly here is that there is further insight into what's happening behind the scenes with the earlier book Samuel in the later book Chronicles explicit mentions of Satan, as this.

This being this angelic malevolent being a do not occur until later in Israelite history that you say wasn't the book of Job, the oldest book in the Bible.

The account is an ancient account of the writing of the book is much later. Genesis 3 does not mention Satan as Satan speaks of the snake in the garden.

The main references we have two Satan or then in Job 1 into house atop the adversary, the accuser and in Zechariah the third chapter where he appears again and and he is rebuked of by the angel of the Lord and what we see is is that earlier on the entire emphasis in what God was revealing this with one God and one got only the gods of the nations or false. They are there not to be worshiped. They are not to be followed. All power belongs to the Lord and idolatry was the great great bane of of the Jewish people of Israel through history but was largely purged out in terms of the worship of foreign gods and bowing down to install is largely purged out by the exile first and second Chronicles are written after the exile first and second Samuel hundreds of years before. So the first perspective simply tells us that God is angry with David and takes direct responsibility for inciting him Chronicles written much later when God could now reveal more of what was happening behind the scenes tells us that Satan was the vehicle used in doing this and it certainly should be looked at as Satan that Miller was not just some adversary work user but Satan also taught the, the adversary, the accuser with a A. If you like what is Judaism overall house duties in view. Satan invoice similar to the way Christians do, but in ways differently similar in that he's malevolent that he's in accuser that he's in adversary that he does evil and wicked things but different in that in Judaism you do not have the kingdom of God versus the kingdom of darkness and a battle going on in that respect. Rather, Satan is part of God's creation and even though he does evil malevolent things.

He is still God's Satan that's often the way Jews would put it. So there would be a difference in viewpoint of Christians emphasizing spiritual warfare more, Satan goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he he can devour resistance, steadfast in the faith universes and concepts like that I give you authority over the devil and demons. Some of that is in Judaism, but not emphasized in the end that way and it would be more the way you get it from Job 1 into that he's doing certain things, but constrained and within limits, and that would be more the extent of it. We get more insight into it through the rest of the Bible into the New Testament so hard on New Testament clear that there is malevolent being electric. The incident that caused better understand upon editor person rather than just the title for general angelic know why I just believe that this to my knowledge there is no specific event that that all now we get it now. We understand nor was there a specific document.

It's just that God gave increased understanding so that by the time of the New Testament, there was a lot of belief in terms of Satan, demons, things like that. There was this much more understanding of the spiritual realm. So I just take it that little by little through the Scriptures goddess and folding it and then the rest flows out from that naturally hey Israel thank you for the call.

I appreciate it very much. 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Charles in Chicago. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown's can hear me okay yell unclear great to be with you will want to thank you personally for your ministry have learned quite a bit from your teaching and also watch what your debates against Dr. Wright and with Dr. White and really really appreciate how you approach a lot of tough topics with Scripture with logic and wisdom, and not the motion, things like diet.

I very very much appreciate your teaching this go-ahead already.

So how do American Jews vote. I believe her kids Jews vote to trump for two specific reasons. Number one, i.e. brought the American embassy to Jerusalem.

That's a huge deal for either how many years, 25, 30 years, every president, whether Republican or Democrat had promised to do that and promised to bring US Embassy to Jerusalem and never did never follow through and he did and I think that's a big deal and the second is look at the amazing peace agreement which I believe historic in the Middle East with UAE and Sudan. In Israel, and I believe Saudi Arabia will follow. I think that's a huge deal, you know, for peace in the Middle East with Israel, and I think that the strategy involved. There is brilliant because I believe eventually if it continues and more Middle Eastern countries join that peace accord goodness around the real enemy to Israel, which is I run yeah and and Charles, you're exactly right in saying that in that some of these countries are now signing agreements with Israel based on the philosophy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

So I have a common enemy with Iran and then with the Iran, Turkey alliance. The thing that's interesting Charles is that your average evangelical Christian is more concerned about what's happening in Israel than your average American Jew, by which I mean that the things that you just raised would be massive factors for evangelical Christians and would be factors but none so is massive with the American Jews not because they are isolated from Israel with little care about Israel but often their perspective is a were concerned about the Palestinians as well and and we just want you know the fairness and inequality and in unity with the embassy and that's goodbye that could rock the boat and things like that. So if if you ask your average evangelical Christian. Give me a list of your your top three items that influence your vote there like this abortion number one may be free of religion or family values number two and Israel.

Number three. They may have the order different but probably was three if you ask American Jew, what issues matter to most Israel relations with Israel might be for five or seven on the list probably wouldn't be in the top three, but I'm with you Charles in terms of how American Jews should vote at 86634 before I go back to the phones I want to start going through a lengthy article is posted by Eli Steinberg or Ellie Steinberg and Joel Swanson posted yesterday a debate is trump good or bad for the Jews is trump good or bad for the juice of the reason is electronic persuade you of a position.

I just want you to know how various Jews are thinking so Joel Swanson says this week the American Jewish community committee released a groundbreaking survey about anti-Semitism in America. The results were sobering. 82% of Jews think anti-Semitism has increased in the past five years agree with that. Nearly half of us feel less secure than we did a year ago and 7/10 US Jews think the Republican Party has a serious anti-Semitism problem compared to only 4/10 who think that about the Democratic Party and fully three quarters of American Jews think the far right poses a very serious or moderately serious threats to your safe United States today.

Comparatively, one third feel that way about the far left and he says it is.

Trump is really good for the Jews wisely opposed by the vast majority of American views. Jews also think that he and his party bear personal responsibility for dramatically rising anti-Semitism in the country to that I give my two cents here.

I have to say wow is fascinating because overwhelmingly you can document anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party and on the left more than the Republican Party and on the right regal far left far right there.

They're both going to be anti-Semitic. That's just Jews always get it from either side. When you see much of the rising tide terms of centimeters yes college campuses political C&S :-) anti-Semitism from the left. Very interesting back and forth her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and want to look into early Thursday, this is Michael Brown great to be with you in question from a Jewish -related stress to be on Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 784866-34-TRUTH usually questions going to the phones momentarily, but I want to read responses on looking at Jewish views about Donald Trump and how Jews feel about voting for him come to's against their leaders Thursday thought this be a good time to dig a little deeper.

There is a debate, dialogue between Joel Swanson and Ellie or Eli Steinberg us) first name over on the forward so Joel Swanson is it hey look, anti-Semitism is rising in America. Most use think it's coming more from the Republicans in the right and from the Democrats and the left so that's why I can vote for Donald Trump, Eli Steinberg responds by saying this, the question which lies before us with reelecting Donald Trump is good for Jews that were the most Jews will be supporting him in the upcoming election.

We can agree that they will not be voting trump.

The question is why the answer is that for most use the issues most important have nothing to do with Judaism at all 2012 public Reese religion research Institute found 66% of Jews said the economy and income equality with her top priorities was more 46% of Jews defined their actual Jewish identity is a commitment to social justice and equality.

Double those who defined their Jewishness in terms of religious observance minutes that's extraordinary cultural heritage and tradition are general set of values, 46% to their actual Jewish identity is a commitment to social justice and equality in and only 17% said religious observance 6% cultural heritage and tradition, and 3% general set of values.

So there needs to be a clear distinction and rewrites are we discussing whether trump is good for progressives who happen to be ethnically Jewish origin take a hard look at which one of the two tickets before us is better for Jews quad Jews Jews as Jews. That is the question were debating and on that basis is the question president trump is made religious liberty consistent priority versus challenger Joe Biden's taken the opposite path promising to go back to court with the nuns of the Little sisters of the poor to force them to do something this it will violate the sincerely held beliefs as VP pick, Harris sponsored the Lord awarded on the religious Freedom restoration act since he put in the government charge of determining what legitimate exercise of religion is which one of the two is good for the Jews semi-reasoning here, of course, lies with Steinberg Swanson, but I'm just bringing you in to some of the debate. Some of the discussion will get into this little more but back to your calls.

We start with our friend Manny in Brooklyn how you doing today by Dr. Brown hey there, I will bite you on IV of chapter 7 and you were now answering the question of why I did not, you work below and you're likely what we really going up by the middle of the you have left it on the Bible the word blocker and pursue love like young man like Josie and Megan's workbook. You lot little unmarried man pushing holiday craft background in biblical plan rights of so many. For the sake of of the listener's views that are familiar with this, they just give a second background okay, so Isaiah 714 says he knew how Materazzi -related been the correctional Manuel which most translations, especially Jewish translations would would render look, the virgin's prayer sees me that the young woman is pregnant and about to conceive was about to be pregnant, conceiving and will will give birth to a child in Emmanuel just roughly think the key thing is that Jewish translators and many modern liberal translators say look all Mark does not mean virgin. Therefore it's a mistranslation of the Septuagint translates it with parts in us, and when Matthew uses Parthenon in Greek and and it's it's a misconception has numbed with virgin birth is the do with Jesus and that the right word to use would be between law, which means virgin and my answer to that. In terms of why, but to always not me uses that one of the two laws is not the specific legal context, dealing with virginity. It doesn't in and of itself mean virgin anymore than Omar does, and that all Mark has to do not with virginity but with with agent and and coming into to to puberty.

That's, that's more what it ties in with so it could be virginity or or or not depending but that also that you have seen Joel 18 oil like between law this morning for the husband of her youth. That would suggest she's ready marry you have other ancient near East and usage of both. They can go in either direction so so you would agree Manny that talked about the court today is really not relevant like how the word is used in modern Hebrew or and in contemporary rabbinic literature. That's really the issue right what I know how big the term utilize oncoming unmarried to: Barker mom wondering if that was awful usage in biblical times know there's no there's no evidence that that I'm aware of any and any lexicons that have looked at any word studies. It's just it's and that's why you will see many Jewish translations just the young men and young women serve no buttercream will be to vote. It would just be young men and young women as opposed to young man young virgin man and young virtual benefactors. There is really think of it today if you want to talk about a man who is a virgin.

What's the single word that you would use the incident in rabbinic law or in and just modern Hebrew or young man a young man who is of a man of any age is a virgin. What specific word which you use for that long may be possible rabbinic literature don't have that in the Bible you have been to law. You know how you Donald Young you don't have the word Buffalo by my right so basic. Basically there was an emphasis on male virginity the way there was on female virginity and that's what you have all the laws, but between having to do with with virginity.

But let me say this, I do not believe for a moment that all my in and of itself must be translated virgin.

I would never argue that I'm happy to translate with with the young woman would've mattered, marriageable age, but presumably not pregnant and in the wood so maybe it is. For example, what does Rossi say in Rossi says that that the sign was that she was distant, Omar and and it wasn't suitable for giving birth. So that's the thing over to something striking about the prophecy, something that that God himself is going to do is assign which Matthew then looks and sees the sign was the virgin giving giving birth, but in and of itself unless you add a phrase with you all, Mark or between law and all malt repeat throughout who never knew a man is not explicitly virgin so I don't I don't think when the prophecy was heard. Everyone said all this in the virgin birth because it could have even been a prophecy about a woman who is now an Ama right she's a marriageable age which is not married and she's gonna be marriages going to be pregnant nearly could been that so it's it's only through the lens of time that we see the full meaning of regarding Joel Joel chapter 1 birthday. Yeah, you're probably aware of my traveling by letting out totally possible. Or in other could be a virgin who is legally married, but doing it up.this is fancier now. In Deuteronomy 22 person above and find a word to virginity of his wife and develop expert report on the count of adultery That nothing can we also be virgin in that topic.

But while it's possible that it is. It is possible to argue that way that she's a spouse, so it's called husband because in Jewish law, Peter ready be viewed as her husband, so she's morning for him because they've never actually been married and she still virgin.

It's possible really like that.

Yeah, and in other words, quote it's it's not it's it's a good argument the other way because so many times between law does not specifically mean virgin in and of itself does not have to mean virgin and we have other examples he'll just you have goddesses called the virgin this or that and their promiscuous below so I obviously doesn't know and you Greek literature and things like that or you know Babylon looked at as it is between law and she's mourning the loss of her children so at eight again you you can't be dogmatic my simple thing is, someone says if Isaiah clearly want to communicate virgin, he would listen to law us, and though not necessarily. If you want to make it totally I'm unambiguous. It would've been either an Ama or Petula who never slept with a man who never knew a man then it would be an ambiguous what you admit. Let ambiguity if they would let let them do will possibly possibly by M's but the fact that Septuagint translates it with Parthenon's which is a couple hundred years before the time of Jesus and that Rashi, despite Christian polemics 1200 years after Septuagint suggested Ama was not expected to give birth were capable of giving birth.

I would say that that both are very strong in terms of unlikely words to be used for a married woman pregnant with the child you really think Rashi meant virgin birth of even guiding him like a woman who couldn't give birth like either Sarah or Rebecca and that would be like a miracle that way only certain she certainly wasn't talking virgin birth, with whom she decreed that the Rashi did not believe in the virgin version birthright you have is worth I remember is is really all it wasn't. It wasn't. It wasn't suitable. It wasn't expected a normal so the question would be, because she she's only an Ama sorts of your audiologist of just read to you what he says okay and then so some interpret that this is the sign that she was a young girl and incapable of giving birth so that that's how the most respected Rashi translator reads it and that's on on their website that's out.

That's how they understand it, so there's something about her usefulness and that could be the argument that Ama would immediately point to a younger woman, incapable of giving birth and that that's a better word to use it. To me it's a fair debate to have but I think if we agree on this or that it was Nonna that was. Not unambiguous. Either way, unless you factor in that there was something about the birth that was miraculous, because God tells Hezekiah asked for no sign above, below, whatever he says.

I won't is okay that they're not going to be assigned and when you read various commentaries. The question is will what was the sign that was the nature of the sign listen if if you can stay right there for a moment and One Touch on the other side.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown is again through Thursday. Michael Brown thanks for joining us so many in Brooklyn just if you have Rashi memorized, or in front of you please put train through those who interpreted his oat. This is the sign shall Monty tell that she was an Ama of a not yeah the filleted and not capable of giving birth. So just wanted to read that many if you don't mind me asking what was it that that drew you into it to watch this video on the first place. Well, actually it was a guy with the big pastor regarding argument on the work virgin work, but nothing virgin and ham-fisted work on the bidding version so I tried to find sources working on so that he wouldn't and I found you, and I was glad you help make. I guess I house I hope to park partly because I still have my larger argument and Anna I was just you quoting these and in the Hebrew pronunciation. See you raised in a religious family. Yet and instill from Jew today.

Yet yes so so please think Jesus was.

I don't know exactly I'm lovely, probably a shop like three of his day.

Okay so the charismatic false Messiah of his day.

Perhaps, I think I recently had bought another may not because of Berkeley accurate. I was thinking that I do feel a little bit more violent toward perfection like you know she just turning over the table on on the amount that Peter cutting off the year of the people coming to rest and maybe there was some conflict of the younger spirit of rebellion. Maybe that's why you got it okay.

Have you ever read my book, the real kosher Jesus no. So I wrote that in response to my friend Rabbi Shmuel. He spoke kosher. Jesus even and in that debate would okay so he argues that with which one member was on that subject: regular learning which will evaluate where it is natural, not all all okay.

We did that for sit on TV Guide and see what you want one of those is the many New York City but surely will kosher Jesus and he tried to argue that Jesus was on a false Messiah, but failed Messiah and that he was a freedom fighter against Rome and he died fighting for his people, so he will kosher Jesus. I wrote real kosher Jesus in response right interact with and have a chapter running track with that the violence question of I don't know if you have it a safe address Reiki send it as a gift for you to read it. The reason is a safe address is is many times I moved interacting with her from Jew or some of the specific community would love to get your stuff but you can sense hit you because I can't be caught with it rather adequately alright so solicit it if you like when were done talking to stay on hold for moment we we will put you on a mailing list is like to be added to our database, we just just send it out as a gift. The only request is that when Tribble read it that you give me a call and tell me what you thought afterwards alright. Any anything else. He's won a race while on the phone together. Now I was wondering about the topic of Dr. Emmett. There's no real word in the Bible for that for that term is that perhaps because Dr. even though economy chosen.

It was also kind of you like that I have ignited it when I would suggest Manny if you really study it out is that you see there was not a category for a virginal male and that is so for it.

For example, a bus tour is is speaking more about the state of age and state of sexuality. For example, I'm quite sure that a 50-year-old man somehow never married or see Jeremiah, who God told never to marry in Jeremiah 16.

I'm quite sure that is the age of 50.

He would not have been called a bus tour because I know he would write so so that that would indicate that what I do normally is is I'll take a used to be like my concordance at Mandel Kern and then after the evidence of Sean concordance of Tanakh, but now Christus with software and and whatnot what I'll do what I'll do is is I will just look at every single reference just in there was I don't know anything.

I have no preconception and I just read them.

10 2050 or hundred, 200 and then is really in in in Hebrew, and he starts putting categories and you see how they break down and I feel quite confident that if you do that, you'll see that that the core is not specifically used with reference to a a virginal male and hence a parallel tube to lot. Rather, it's the way I'm saying at that before and and the two law is just young men and young women. But anyway, stay right there. We can send you a copy of the real kosher Jesus whenever Tribble read it if it's a month from now or six months from now.

Give me a call or write to us and and let us know your thoughts on left interact further and am glad you found my videos right so Rachel is going to get your mailing address and will be a joy to send that out to you. All right let us go to Lou in New York City.

Welcome to light a fire. Dr. Brown outgoing going very well, thank you greatly the night air, you evangelize that the technical what a joy to simply answer your in your New Yorker so you run through. Just use all the time with you talking out. You know the world you live in, and there's nothing I like better than having an educated Jewish person committed Jewish person religious to call in and having a civil conversation is raising valid point right you know and and so I want to use every second to interact with him and really honor that and in his interest, and then try to make it educational for everyone without without leaving folks out so hopefully we accomplish both.

And we can pray that that God would reveal the fullness of his goodness and truth to our friend Manny so yeah back. Thank you, a mentor that I would always exciting to hear the prospect of possibly speaking to the remnant of Israel leave it at that, though any of your question in our how should American Jews vote. The obvious answer between in all and probably most of your login course trump and you know that the question also begs a bunch of different things that I think we can see the answer really from two different perspectives. The historical and we can also see things in real world like today when I think today is probably the more important of the will that everybody living to the left. We can be empirically is a lot more hostile and I'm not just talking about the cultural lots of talk about political left is a lot more hostile to the Jews and we can be that in examples of what Cuomo and de Blasio actually did to the by shutting certain things down and and actually you know basically coming to the point of of threatening imprisonment and I think as time goes by. This is kind of like that steppingstone or that slippery slope that you think can actually become reality. People think that that can actually happen. But look, we be incarcerated our own Japanese in a decade to go into. It's absolutely a possibility right though. From our perspective, we can see that and and I think everybody should walk out and I hope you there actually woke up and realized that the left is not different. I think unfortunately there's a lot of bad business that happens between the left and that the community which allows them to do a lot of things economically and you without with turning a blind eye to think that our not so kosher I'll just leave it at that and I think you know what I'm thank you and unfortunately it happened four times and often right in the middle of the left very open the business deal and the perception is as it was just reading some of the back-and-forth debate on the forward Angel Swanson and Ellie or Eli Steinberg. That's perception is that right is more anti-Semitic than the leftists help many Jews look at it that that the far right is more dangerous than the far left.

The reality is the far right in the far left rose dangerous near the extremes on any size with dangerous but as you are saying in our society today.

Okay wait when you're when our synagogues being vandalized. Let's say during the BLM and T4 protest and and where is there being unfair treatment of Jews wants this right now happening in Democratic city or state like New York and on college campuses. The ideologies there is is at the far right putting forward their anti-Semitism is that the alt right in Richard Spencer's putting forth their anti-Semitism with David Dukes on the college and university campuses know it's it's the left that's doing it right and driving the BDS movement and things like that and then when you have the Republican Party so dominated by or sold impacted by evangelical Christians who were so strongly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish and then you have the Democratic Party leeching more towards an anti-Semitic position.

Yeah, it does seem that Jewish people are are evaluating the strongly here that they are they are not weighing things equally.

If anti-Semitism is a big factor in your vote Republican versus Democrat and obviously can be other things that influenced me photos, but little I'm with you on that and yeah let's learn from history, anything can happen and it's scary to see how to use your company created recently like friends. Good news is pieces.

You shall assist the Lord in the midst of the chaos. Let's turn our attention to the one true God. Worship and honor him and pray Lord, your will be done in the coming election

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