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The Significance of the Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 28, 2020 4:30 pm

The Significance of the Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 28, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/28/20.

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When we make in the fact that not a single Democrat voted to confirm Amy Connie Barrett, the Supreme Court's time line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive to today's broadcast, your hearts will Sturgill becoming a whole Lotta ground and taking your calls Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire is the recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

We do want to talk about the significance of the nomination of a McCoy Barrett. We do want to talk about the fact that a single Democrat voted for her. We do want to talk about how significant it is or it isn't.

Overturn Roe V Wade received the elections less than a week ago a week from now and I love your feedback on yesterday's broadcast 866-348-7884. Yesterday we played a broadcast that we had recorded a few days earlier with a messianic Jewish colleague of mine from Israel, Jamie Callan, but lived most of his life in the states now less number of years in Israel and he is very different take on Christian involvement in the political scene. We agreed on a lot of points but at some different perspectives but the whole show was devoted to that.

So we didn't take any calls or anything like that if you'd like to weigh in if you found yourself agreeing with Jamie or agreeing with me when Teresa points about that 866-34-TRUTH.

I'll open it up a little bit more for you in a moment in terms of what the question really is what the debate with the dispute really is, but first and before he gets Amy Connie Barrett unwanted cover couple other things as well.

There is an ultra-Orthodox Jewish friend of mine. We were interacting about the elections. So he is fervently not a believer in Yeshua, just as I fervently am a believer in Yeshua, but as devoted God-fearing people in terms of in her own way during our best to understand God's will and do it and taking the Scriptures of Scripture since very seriously. We have a lot of areas in common.

We have we shared a lot of moral concerns and beliefs about what's good and bad for America and he was explaining that in his community.

Ultra-Orthodox community that for years now.

They have largely voted Republican message, a lot of family values and things like that in religious freedoms. Where's the large majority of American Jews for many years but primarily Democrat will explain the reasons for that, at other times, but I was asking him if there is an increase in Republican support among religious Jews these days, and then why they have been so publicly in support of Tromp right this is this is what he wrote to me he said this, I think that the support for Tromp is more vocal because the two positions are so starkly contrasted this is ultra-Orthodox rabbi that are not a Christian evangelical conservative Christian. I think this is support for Tromp is more vocal because the two positions are so starkly contrasted the left has lost any veneer of morality. Their anti-Semitism is out in the open that corruption is no longer questionable. They stand on the side of anarchy against law and order, which according to the vote, which is a quote from the mission, which will give you a moment of 032 and common sense is the primary function of a government obviously law and order is and I think that the corruption of the media plays a big part in this.

People are frightened of such an extremely corrupt media in a certain sense the media is more powerful than government of or for Tromp is a vote against the liberal media such interesting interesting perspective. Of course I agree with it wholeheartedly from my Orthodox Jewish friend. Let me give you that quote from the Mishnah percale vote which is called the chapters are the ethics of the fathers and it says this Rob.

I can unison Augusta Ghana: Nemo Marsal Robert De Niro of vice priest says this one of his sayings, he was known for his Amy Pelayo Beachler Marshall McLuhan so always be praying for the well-being of the government.

Literally the kingdom, but the government should is Malay, Mohawk, because if it is not feared.

Each x-ray Ehud Khayyam below. A man would devour his his neighbor alive swallow them up alive. In other words, if you do not have an established government establish law and order that people fear and respect that it was just going to go the way of anarchy and of course, in Romans 13 Paul makes a similar point terms of the role of government that it is they are the.

The purpose of it is to restrain evil and to protect those who do good, and when the government is functioning properly, you have no need to fear it. Was she doing evil. If you doing evil than Paul writes the government does not bear the sword in vain. The government has power and authority to punish evildoers.

So without proper law and order. You have chaos you have anarchy and therefore it is important to have it rightly applied. Of course, you can then have authoritarian regimes that abuse their power so they can be abuses. Either way, but I just know I got his email and an amused interacting with him about this in prophecy or biblical interpretation I thought was amazing how how much his community in my community see these things the same way right again. Just some preliminaries to get a start of. As I was driving to the studio today.

I was listening to me that what okay when my books are published in recent years for number of years now.

There also publish this audiobooks and I discovered that the new addition of revolution was now available as an audiobook and I had some credits with audible so I use one of those credits to get the book you say what you want to give yourself what is I want to step back because when you write a book you are intensely involved with right you locked in your tents evolve, then you send it out to the publisher than the editors work on it. They send it back okay and you go through every line and change here or if this endnote is missing a reference you go through it and then you get back one more time for final proofreading soup into it a few times and then it's a little while before it's actually published so when I hear it on audio. Maybe some working out or doing something like that. It enables me to come a step back and like are the I'm hearing it the way you are. I'm I'm getting it is if it's for the first time in our unwanted be reminded of content in from doing interviews on it have these things sharply in the in the heart my mind so the new addition of revolution just came out couple weeks ago revolution an urgent call to a holy uprising, and as I'm listening to some of the quotes from the book more than my words but some of the words that I'm quoting and in some of the history and what happened from the first edition in the year 2000 to this edition 2020. My heart was stirred fresh water one read a couple of "do you.

This is the beginning of chapter 1 these quotes. The first is from Nevers mumbo who is a Zambian Christian leader. He said this at any said this over 20 years ago. I believe we have come to a place where the thinking of Christians specific charismatic Christians must change and must change now, or the church will become a little cult in the corner. He said I'm not interested in following religion that does not impact the world in which we live. Jesus was a rebel meaning, refusing to go along with the status quo and he called us to join this rebel movement and change the world together again. He wrote that 20 years ago. Here's a quote from Francis Schaeffer, Christian manifesto, which goes back to what 1980s and 1980s. He said his return to the evangelical leadership of this country in the last decades unhappily, we must come to the conclusion that often it has not been much help. It is shown the mark of a platonic orderly spiritualize Christianity all too often spirituality to the evangelical leadership often is not included. The Lordship of Christ over the whole spectrum of life. Spirituality has often been shut up to a very narrow area and also very often among many evangelicals, including many evangelical leaders. It seems that the final end is to protect their own projects, I am I am again asking the question, why have we let ourselves go so far down the road and then from Everhart Arnold, writing in 1919. To these quotes stir you the way the stormy the attack by socialism and communism on the status quo as a cultural conscience.

Those of us who consider ourselves Christians. This call warns us more strongly than any sermon that our task is to live in protest against everything that opposes God in this world so poorly. Have we Christians fill this role that the question must be asked are we Christians at all yeah stir" from leaders of the past hundred years ago to leaders active today to leaders of the past generation, asking some probing questions, and I wonder if we put things into many different categories. I wonder if we make too big a distinction between the spiritual world and the natural world to make a distinction between the spiritual and the moral world, the spiritual and the cultural the spiritual and the political world is it not rather the kingdom of light versus the kingdom of darkness. Is it not rather the kingdom of God versus the kingdom of Satan, is it not rather the spirit versus the world is it not rather that we as God's representatives on the earth are not just calling for people to quote get saved right saved from sin born again into new life in God is it that we are not just calling for that but saying let's live his disciples. Let's shine light and dark places. Let's be agents of mercy and transformation.

Let stand for justice and reconciliation. In other words, are we not here as God's ambassadors, not simply saying turn from sin and be saved but saying turn from sin and be saved and live for God and do God's work here on the earth who should be leading the way humanitarian work.

If not for the people of God who should be leading the way and reconciliation injustice and works of mercy, if not for the people of God who should be leading the way in being a prophetic voice to a nation into a culture, if not for us, the people of God.

Yes, we can get so intertwined in the political scene that we become primarily known as Republicans or Democrats or conservatives or liberals as opposed to being primarily known as followers of Jesus, but as followers of Jesus should not our lives intersect with an impact every single area of society.

I say yes and I said that's what it means to be a Jesus revolutionary. He changes us and together with him. We don't change the world around all right come back on.

Ask probing question or to talk about confirmation of any colony.

Barry 866 number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Every so often because of travel or ministry schedule after pre-record broadcast was the case with yesterday that we specially wanted to air that anyway, and it was going to be an entire show. We didn't take calls my dialogue with my colleague Jimmy Cowan or Cohen now, but in any case, I just want you to know my devotion to live radio. I was in Tupelo, Tupelo Ms. visit to Mississippi or Missouri or in anyways Tupelo reroutes other than our 40 minute drive from Memphis, Tennessee, at the headquarters of the American family Association and I did interviews really all day to over the course of 89 hours just did interviews with their different host great host of the different networks talk about the new movie in his image to Mississippi Mississippi.

Ms. get that in there. Thanks thanks guy I as I was in Tupelo though I knew that I knew that so the idea. I understand that one is in our 40 minutes out of Memphis. The other would be pretty neat. Either way either way.

So did these interviews timeout in his image. The movies and watch the first week about 1/4 of a million times of that many views and the reports coming in they they gave me a some pages of testimonies of interest. Incredible. So if you ever watch were not selling anything. It's free.

It's free as in free in his though there pastors do showing at your church.

Find out what you can do to do that in his soul was doing interviews basely through the day yesterday and in order to catch a flight to be home in time for radio today. I had to get up about 6:15 AM now. Bear in mind I normally go to sleep closer to that time I'll go to sleep between 330 and for the morning most nights, or at least past three so central to give me an extra hour, but that was the whole goal nap on the plane and then be here fresh and ready for all of you so love to be on live radio with you and again live radio a couple things. One is if some is just happening.

I can talk about it as it's happening. Big news breaking news major things.

The other thing in the biggest reason we do live radio is seeking: so I can interact with you in real time, and you can express your views.

That's what we open the phones most every show 866-34-TRUTH so Jamie and I agreed to have a public dialogue because he put out a video after reading my book evangelicals at the crossroads and any said no. He agreed with so much of the book and of course the last chapter of the book but said I was wrong is a is a ministry leader. He doesn't recommend us endorsing candidates, recommending candidates and he said I'd endorsed Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 is actually a did not dress Donald Trump.

The 2016 I'd endorsed Ted Cruz. Then, after doing so Saginaw I'm never in politics it to my knowledge. Not gonna publicly endorse a candidate because in doing so I lose my voice to some in other words, once I said I'm endorsing to cruise which is the first time I've ever endorsed anyone spike in 2016 was a set I'm endorsing Ted Cruz then if I was critical of Donald Trump during the primaries. If I took issue here gives orders a cruise guy you're in a realist.

Okay even though I supported him and would gladly support him as as president if he was running out before from the heart and heart beat so the fact. The fact is that I realize that my most important calling is this is my voice and I never endorsed a candidate before thought unemployed will do so again. But then, because I'd so hotly opposed to Trump during the primaries and I Say look, I hope I'm wrong about my concerns, but if it comes to Trump versus Hillary that will reevaluate at that point of so I explain okay your song and vote for him. Now I have all these concerns. This this this this this made concerns have proven to be genuine concerns but I'm voting for not endorsing him.

Here's one person born from and and many people want my perspective so ushered and of course, not endorsing, and in 2020, but you plan to devote from on Tuesday if not before. So Jamie said, you know, ministry leaders, pastors, that shouldn't shouldn't do that involvement with the political scene weakens our gospel witness and so on. I settle absolutely. When we were when we unapologetically defend candidates that that we should not be defending when we are more identified with a political party in the plane because of the gospel of the problems we agree with a lot but then we had differences, so I hope you found the discussion helpful, but from your perspective in your world you're with the world which would maybe you're 18 years old started college. Maybe your 65-year-old retired grandma and you are white, maybe a 40-year-old black mother of three. Maybe your whoever you are, whatever your your world is to have you interact with Hispanic, Asian, young, old, single, married, we have the circles we live in are you finding it harder to share the gospel with people because Christians are now associated with Donald Trump.

The gospel is not associated with Donald Trump or you finding no difference whatsoever. It's the same as it's always been, or are you finding that your circles are so pro Trump probe on whatever that it's not really mattering just just wondering or are you having a harder time telling people about Jesus. Because the moment you mentioned Jesus. There is a well how can you support Donald Trump when he's this and this and this and this. Not for me. It's not hard to say well yeah I understand your concerns and hearing their bulimics by my concerns. This whiteboard from a hate lesson so by the most about you and your relationship with God in the Lord because that that's the issue that's the focus, but wondering your world what you are experiencing 866-34-TRUTH.

You can weigh in all right.

Let's switch gears and begin to focus on the implications of the nomination of Amy Connie Barrett when the first vacancies in the Supreme Court were opening up so they were full first by Neil Gore such and then Barbara Cavanaugh. That's when I began to hurt. Here Amy Connie Benson because I don't live in the traditional realm that I know all the justices out there in their backgrounds and who sued begin to to hear about her as as a very devout God-fearing Catholic woman Charismatic actually and would be perhaps the best pro-life choice out there. So when she did make the first time the second time I thought oh okay I heard she was highly praised and could be a great jurist, etc., but according to one story I can confirm the accuracy that Donald Trump and Sid were saving her for Ruth Bader Ginsburg so if you got to replace restated Ginsburg then she'd be the person well with her with her nomination. Now the focus of courses on Roe V Wade. There was a video and MRI to play the video but for those watching.

I just want put it on the screen for you.

There was a video put out by Phil Visscher. What about abortion should this one issue determine how Christians vote me to scroll up on the screen a little to see how many times it has been viewed probably probably over hundred 50,000 times your hundred 46,000 times thus far and that the videos introduced by Phil Visscher who was involved with veggie tales many years ago. So the creative cable guy in the sky just Donnie Everett some great stuff by him and basically go through stats and history and saying overturn Roe V Wade is not that big of a deal that you had a lot of abortions before hand that eventually had reduction in abortions with Democrats in power that the Republican appointed justices have an overturn Roe V Wade yet that at best it might reduce abortions by 12% using 12% is the lot. Yes, but we should be concentrating on other things I may do a video right interact with it extensively. My friend Dr. Frank Couric wrote a great great response and went through it and and really challenge some of the stats. Some of the information.

I took another pro-life rendered by challenge some of it. That being said, I absolutely wholeheartedly agree that overturn Roe V Wade is just one part of a much larger pro-life battle absolutely as as this Frank Couric as does my pro-lifer and Pat Mahoney that interact with about these issues and he's been on the front lines of this 47 years, so we all agree that the church must be active in many, many other ways.

In acts of compassion and outreach and and and providing different things that we can to help mothers have their children and to create a culture that welcomes babies more, etc. so we all agree on. But here's my big question I can get into the contents of this video again. II appreciate the overall thrust of we must do other things but I differ with the overall thrust sin that overturn and review what is not important.

So without challenging some of the stats on the video and questioning where some the information came from. Without that without getting into the fact that of Robert Bork had not been Bork under Reagan and he'd been the justice than the swing vote in the 1992 pivotal case could well overturn Robie Wade as Frank Turk points out, but here's my big question is my big question if it's not such a big deal. Why does the left get so worked up over this. If it's not so important. While the fuss why their histrionics with the nomination and confirmation of Amy Connie Barrett why the scratching of the Supreme Court doors during the break. Cavanaugh hearings if is not such a big deal. Why do those on the left to think it's a wonderful thing supported think it's such a big deal and what he kind. I joke candidate Joe Biden said if the court does overturn it, and he becomes president. Then I'll make Roe V Wade, the law of the land which would mean that an individual state that wants to push against it would not be able to push against it would not be able pass so much life is not real wire others.

On the other side that are forever flipping out with the possibly real return.

That's my big question asked by the right back with a lot more and your posterior fire. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is relevant these next year's super relevant if he's not reelected.

It'll be relevant, but not as relevant because we won't really have that much more time to pass or fail the contest is reelected, it will continue to be super relevant my thesis is that we can vote for him while maintaining a witness at the same time. But if we defend him. If we do not recognize is false. If we do not see how his negative characteristics can be harmful to the nation, then it discredits her Christian witness dismissive my thoughts 866-34-TRUTH 784 hey, about 45 minutes from our little less than that will be on YouTube, the Esther to run you two cannot ask a deer Brown during our exclusive weekly Q&A chat right so join me noted. If you can do it this way, we we do spend time August answer questions you posted my answer any subject. Whatever is what we do 45 minutes or an hour so we'll be starting at 415 Eastern time right for 15 Eastern time. I want to talk a lot more about some the implications of the nomination of Amy Connie Barrett and some of the extreme reaction against her, but first I want to grab a call or two and then we get it get back to the enemy.

Barrett Justice Barash.

Let's go over to Jerry and married in North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire while thinking Dr. Brown for taking my call. Welcome to say that it's not harder to witness when your prodrome. I don't expect the unsaved dictator true to be pro-life or to understand that much of we Christians do. I do feel that no one perfect, especially us Christians and we certainly know that overnight and get a perfect president and I rather have a president that is pro-life pro-Israel prologue in order and probe freedom of religion. He has delivered and his personality and all the other things you know what I plan can be improved, but I like after five already read itů And there's so much that if an event but can I say the media doesn't even tell you about out here in Christian radio settle yeah and wrote Crompton may expand pro-life and I don't see how contained the truth I really don't see how Christian can vote for pro-abortion.

So that's just my take on Jerry, did you have appreciative perspective and I'm sure many many listening with agree with your perspective, but maybe it's just the circles that you remember you're saying if you have talked to people about the Lord during years of his presidency that it it and in your known as a trump supported that it hasn't hurt your gospel witness. It hasn't gotten in the way.

I know no one is there to hurt you like that just asking a note about how IVI okay yeah all know all clear. In other words, I'm just in your perspective. I was trying to understand when you talk to people don't believe etc. about not just him asking a question.

I'm not assuming an answer. So thank you that's that's why masking 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Denver Colorado. Jeremy welcomes one of fire. Arterburn could protect my column a big admirer of your membership number. Call Michelle before looking for technical payback. So I I wanted to speak to that question directly of never called before I got there, but this question really speak to me because this was one of the large read and I didn't vote for Donald Trump.

The first time on, but cut Genentech's millennial thing I think is kind of a common sentiment among a lot of my friends and I cannot in good conscience vote for the guy, and now all of a sudden, every gospel conversation I have becomes about defending this bombastic personality and Ellen I was kind of observant thankful over last four years that I didn't vote for Donald Trump for that reason because my conversations about Jesus. I can always sort of differed our conversation to well you know I didn't vote for that guy. Let me talk to you about Jesus, but this time around.

I didn't make a final decision should vote for Donald Trump until literally in the last couple weeks with a lot of prayer only if you instruct I just had to finally admit to the Lord and myself about that.

You know you need to not vote for this guy. After what you demonstrated to be an advocate for religious liberty in this country would just be me putting up my personal feelings about his personality over the work that the Lord is doing through the guy and speaking to the turn. I have really checked into a lot of storage nurse content a lot of similar thinking people to them over the last few days of difficult real interest in it like within the church. What is this kind of sentiment against Donald Trump and like our people.

How are people justifying a choice and approach candidate it just it just understands again silver is put out a video with sky just on a saying that we shouldn't be single issue voters and make abortion are particularly that of international V Wade the one issue so you're pushing back against and Jeremy how old you 3535 okay is to go ahead. Please continue. I am still very hurt that our other content as well for carrying a lot of social justice, talking points, and other related business history stuff but but anyway, aside from that have been served contemplating over the last couple days. Not very syrupy tenancy. I think in thinking about the kind of issues in the church disorder adopt Serta, the postmodern mindset of there is no right way to vote for a Christian you like A church sees things one wing and how the church few things another way, none of us are more right or wrong than the other.

You know ultimately it's just between you and the Lord, and there is no real right or wrong way. Walter figured out though. If the figure that the Bible doesn't have anything to say or to offer choice in how we think about the issues. I think that that's just wrong ultimate what you know but it speaks to a larger problem in regards to an evangelism. I think, and I think of something the Lord is really ministered to me in thinking about this last few days in advance. In my witness encounters. Tenancy I think when I tell people about what you done for me personally, and how he changed my whole life and how I was redeemed and Jesus and all the things there's a tendency in witness encounters for people with a way to go. That works for you and you know everybody's truth is good for them and all the things you now and it kind of comes a point in our culture, where thing that you stand for Jesus in people's minds. It almost of that even mean anything. You merely stated to stand for Jesus conduct that could mean so many different things to different people as were witnessing in sort of the liberal movement within the church now, but when you say you stand for Donald Trump is far more challenging because you're standing for a stand out for a set of clearly defined principles in our culture you know and so bad I think.

While it might make witness counters more difficult, if not necessarily this man's personality that people are rejecting as far as I'm convicted. I mean it's really what she stands for Nelly which is why there is this big, bombastic, all of the elements of his character being emphasized in the media, you know, it's really underlying it, it's those conservative principles that we ought to be standing for on biblical truth license agenda. I appreciate the point and just to restate a couple of things so on.

On the one hand I'm sure that there are people that are offended by who Trump is what he says they feel he can be dangerous and responsible dividing households and and and on and on just a brute of a person in so they have issues with his personality and how can we sue support him and we explained the reasons why the other. The other thing you're saying, though, is that a lot of the opposition has to do with the issues. In other words, if he was a liberal Democrat. The media would not be attacking him the weights attacking him to.

It's because of his stands on these other issues, and that should come up with the gospel. Other words find. Let's talk about abortion fine it's all about religious liberty is fine. It's talk about these other things. I mean it it's it's not just a matter of sin is some abstract thing like in the air and just it's spiritual only interfaces with this world so let's have a conversation Jeremy. The key thing is that we are prepared to that ready to have the conversation and and for me the thing to say is I absolutely see what you say and I'm concerned about the same things are concerned about. For example just talking to Nancy before and she sent me an article where rally in Michigan.

Pres. Trump is saying. I don't know how real this threat was against Gov. Witmer and so on, and she say whenever he comes after her that the that the threats that come their way. The death threats the hate mail to surges against her family to me is the president that's that's an irresponsible thing to do. That's a dangerous thing to do so II share that concern however I have to make a binary choice in terms of voting.

I see this this this this this this this will it very simple choice for me in terms of how all vote so we can have that dialogue and discussion.

So Jeremy let's see how the next years go.

If in fact the menu. Both fours reelected 11 update a few months later how witnessing is going to Jeremy, thanks for calling in for the first time I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Cassie in Boone, Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire about my calling so radiantly, a relatively new and better and Karen Manny okay pretty rare word and all around and I marvel probably call a baby Christian and I try to just to tell her that I ran into Carl and I met the totally totally out of character to be on you all. What prompted you to call Bell in you I you at the time a little bit on others. I do that I get and I definitely feel like spending time when me are my father-in-law.

Are you the blind cry of trunk and making that right and how our state the way we follow real interesting because we read, being gray vinyl and other dairy differently.this is the same right spirit there can we get a short break and I want to continue when he was just to see them stay right there test visualization. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you have that there back to the phones with Cassie in Boone, Iowa Cassie, I've been I've been shouting as loudly as I can for years that Donald Trump is not my Savior that he didn't die for my sins that I don't only my life but he gets my vote as president and that the one thing I shout for the whole world to hear Jesus as my Savior and Lord, and I live for him and the other is small item when it comes to voting for president. Here's what I vote from so we confuse the two are put on kind of an equal playing or people know me as a Trump folder as opposed to Jesus follower. Then we made a mistake but do you feel that the the volume with which many are supporting Trump is just as loud as their proclaiming Jesus and hence there is some confusion over things I indicated, I think that that it I think turn off turn away from him like a call right-winger like acting out. More important than getting picked on me.

I understand that now you can understand that with the all-out attack against him and the feeling of over a nation being taken away by other forces of the cancels out that there's even a people get more desperate over the election issue, but I agree, and this I want to send you your husband a free copy of my book evangelicals at the crossroads I would love to get the perspective as a husband and wife reading it.

Loving Jesus both from from different perspectives. If you already have it. Can I send your free copy left that okay are and what your husband's first name, I ran Ryan Art assignment personally to so when were done Rachel's gonna come on and get your get your mailing info in the mobile send your free copy of the book okay. But here's here's my big question for you right when you said you believe in love and moments. If you said that sound like a little baby crying in the background Socratic can you write can you embrace the idea that the Democratic Party now is the most pro-abortion party in the nation's history that, Harris is received 100% ratings from the pro-abortion organizations that she prosecuted someone who expose Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts for profit that Joe Biden said that he would make Roe V Wade, the law of the land. If the Supreme Court overturned it that we want to do everything in our power to vote against that happening because of love for the unborn and and in the memory of more than 60 million babies killed in the womb since Roe Valley and that as many things as Donald Trump many things about may offend us that for that alone, we would go to him versus versatile bun, Harris, and you can get that viewpoint based on love my here's where I live right that all though many children that Wendy forced to be born. Now I will live on our own London infection, a that she would kill that dainty pink she's going Carolina fat baby back baby going to try. Yes I do because I know that I tightly say why because many of them would give their babies up for adoption where there are long lines and long. As a counselor to commit also through outreach. Many of these women have changes of heart witnessing is based in your logic.

If the kid is in love when I kill it outside of the womb. There was one right right well if if that babies unloved and the other thing when it comes to. If if if you are driving down the road with you with your children or child and some carjackers aggressively comes up and tries to jump in your car and they're going to throw you out again kidnap your child and there's a police officer there and you want a police officer, very loving. The police officer stopped that person from from you harming your child. So in, in other words, loving action is a schematic common in many different ways. But listen, Cassie, stay right there. Rachel's going to get your info. I really appreciate you calling II really do appreciate your airing what you did because it's part of the conversation. That's what wheat we open the font so thank you and emotion your husband get a chance to write the book shoot us a note or both you calling together one day will have a fun conversation but stay right there. Rachel's gonna get your info okay let me me_something very very important within Connie Barrett when Neil Gore such was confirmed there were three Democrats that voted from three when Britt Cavanaugh was confirmed despite the extreme charges in the sex allegations in all of this one. Democrats devoted from recanting any Connie Barrett, although that listen to this. Since this she received well-qualified ready for the American Bar Association, whose representatives relay descriptions of her as brilliant an intellectual giant get in on the scandals associated with her right work-related scandals. Not a single Democrat not one voted for. Is this not a corporate statement that what ever must be done to uphold Roby Wade will be done because this woman seen as a threat to and this is a statement from others that there is a genuine fear of having a devout Catholic Supreme Court.

As Justice Scalia was a devout Catholic. Isn't there a concern about that or Branson what a religious fanatic and therefore you can only have people on the judiciary on Supreme Court who their views are more moderate. That's extreme that's so fanatical I'm just asking questions I absolutely am not saying that all Democrats are bad and all Republicans are good. No, I know the political system itself has enough corruption backroom deals. You scratch my back, I scratch your back, power plays, greed, all kinds of junk. I also know that we work within a political system the government here in America and that is much as change comes on the grass roots. It will filter its way to the courts will filter its way to the Congress to the White House right so it's a look at this this with Britta Ginsberg. She's confirmed by a vote of 96 to 390 63. She was known as a progressive icon.

Yes, you would not answer questions directly saying it's not right to say hi. Applying on certain things that we can as a Ginsberg rule which than any Connie Barrett appeal to the number of times, but 9063 Justice Scalia, what is he getting by 90 to nothing, so obviously there were times when Democrats and Republicans were much more bipartisan and they evaluated the jurist Mrs. okay your credentials are excellent. We made out like all your ideology but you just really based on these with your credentials are excellent so we have a trip during the Reagan years. Let's look at the Sandra Day O'Connor. What was her confirmation 99 to 0 99 to 0 and then William H.

Rehnquist, 65, 33, not what happened to Robert Bork, Robert Bork might have been a giant in the court but perhaps not coached in terms of how we needed to come across in the with the tactic came against them is now verb he got Bork 4258 right and then Anthony Kennedy. The next replacement 97 to 0 Getzen, but of course he ends up being the swing vote in the wrong way and some of the most important case of almost recently a bridge fell versus Hodges get someone else in their work on very different results. But it's interesting that you have someone is conservative ideologically is Robert Bork. He gets Bork and and it. The reason Jimmy verb is he was with the it was it was a mistreatment of who he was. It was not a right and fair assessment.

Okay, George Bush, George H. W. Bush, David Souter confirmed 99 Clarence Thomas Miller. Those hearings are tumultuous they work. He just gets in my 5248 choosing a pattern when you have a strong concern, you do not have the same pattern when you have a strong liberal that all the Republicans to a person stand against them. But when you have a strong conservative almost all the Democrats who person stood against Scalia would be an exception, Bill Clinton's nominees, Ginsberg said 9063 Stephen Breyer 87 tonight George W. Bush, John Roberts, Getzen 7222 Alito had a tougher battle 5242 he gets them. But he's been a staunch conservative under Barack Obama, who Getzen. We know how so you suck so tomorrow is going to rule. She gets in 6231 Lynn Kagan 63 to 37. What's that telling you is telling you that the pattern of saying we are in a boat as a whole party 100% against our almost 100% against the concerns sin Democrat said you do not have the equivalent to the Republican side is going through history right now real quick.

Let's look at some of the reactions on on Twitter Curtis Hoke posted this and it's a picture of CNN reporting on the confirmation of any combat.

This is big news. This is big major historic news was the cry on the headline at the bottom say trump Supreme Court nominee about to be sworn in the White House with another potential super spreader event that's that that's the headline all know they can spread the virus is not wearing masks.

That's the headline and then here's the Don lemon take on again just to show the reaction we have and impeach Pres. who lost the popular vote was a point in Duncan from 130 notes that states Supreme Court now so that that's that's the way he covers what happens.

So, yet there is absolute bias on all sides of the media. No question whatsoever, but just notice the level of opposition so unlike any Connie Barrett why is because of her faith conservative ideology got you sir for good intonation okay 15 minutes from now back on YouTube.*Around on YouTube asking your brown.

Join us for about 45 minutes or an hour of Q&A

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