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Questionable Answers

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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October 17, 2020 1:00 am

Questionable Answers

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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October 17, 2020 1:00 am

If someone asked you to define evil, what would you say? Where do you go to find an answer for a question like this? Join RZIM's Founder, the late Ravi Zacharias, this week on Let My People Think, as he looks at the answers skeptics provide to deny the existence of God.

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I say the answer is no, unless you also lost the question of life's intrinsic value number one you cannot talk of evil without assuming a moral framework and locating that evil in the heart of man number two you cannot cry for justice unless you know the justifiable source of all law number three, you cannot say the answer is love. Unless you asked the question of life's intrinsic value which leads you to the fourth in the final things are inescapable dependence on forgiveness are inescapable dependence on forgiveness evil, justice, love, forgiveness, evil, not concept for Ava, and the denial of the existing of God and also ideas that is central to our understanding of humanity. Welcome back to let my people think when we left the last week advance found that the late Ravi Zacharias was recounting in exchange for the flytrap lab on an airplane the past was a skeptic but at the same time decided to in the same way everyone impacted what that ideas about God desire, love that the problem of explaining evil annual have skeptics wanting to change the topic today will pick up as Ravi continues with his examination of these foundational elements of humanity and why they must be understood within the context of the create that in his conclusion of his methods questionable Onset is Ravi.

The fact of the matter is, even for the Greeks justice was a virtue and justice is an indispensable element in our foundation. Socrates said justice is the firmest pillar of good government dimers racing on and so I just want to ask you this simple question as I raise it and that is this, can you cry for justice unless you know the justifiable source for all law and you cry for justice unless you know the justifiable source for all law. I wrote the book some time ago Jesus talks to Hitler. My wife and a couple of colleagues and I would do some research on it and we arrived in Nuremberg. My wife's a sleuth. We couldn't get into the Hall of justice whether judgment is out we were not allowed, but she got in and up statistics got us into the back door so we got into the very Hall where the judgment took place at Nuremberg. What is the first thing I noticed there were two things in that same judgment call the 10 Commandments and the painting of the temptation of the garden of Eden has God really spoken millions had been sent into that. I got summons and element are being tried on the tribunal is sitting staring at them.

What is in the backdrop, the 10 Commandments what is in the foreground the temptation to redefine good that's why the prosecutor kept pushing and pushing when they defended themselves by saying they are operating according to the law of our own land. He said ladies and gentlemen, is there not a law above all laws is in order, law, above all laws that we repeat question number one. Can you talk of people without assuming a moral framework and talk of education without first looking inside the human heart.

Number two. Can you really cry for justice unless you know the justifiable source for all law number three you move from the definition of evil to the definition of justice. Now you come to the hunger and the search for love, the hunger and the search for love was your spouse expect from you.

A promise made in a promise Promise made a promise, love, by definition, is exclusive love, by definition, is exclusive and it goes not only between spouses. It goes between children and the wonder that you see in the tiny little lives.

Cpl. once came to Winston Churchill and set a laboratory about my grandchildren. Churchill said no and I want you to know how much I appreciated.

Let me violate that Churchill in dictate and talk about my grandchildren we have for them. June was just turned four. I don't know where he gets his vocabulary from, but he can keep talking and words and I look at him in a cell where you got that from about six months ago is sitting around the table. This little guy's a tiny little type you can talk your head on and a prayer is sprayed around the meal and the father drew praise and the mother Naomi says as they also allowed a man. Jude looked at his mother and said, why is it when daddy praise you have to salmon and Naomi is born and unapologetic household so she went on longer than she should have them.

An explanation is going on and on and on and gives him the answer of the root of the word amen and what it means in all of the stuff he finally throws his hands up into the air and they said was somebody here.

Please explain to me what on earth has just happened 3 1/2. How do you not sit and look at that little life in all really. How do you not sit and look at that little life in all in the splendor and that's why father sings is this the little girl I carried is that the little boy a play. I don't remember growing older. When the day, sunrise, sunset sunrise, sunset swiftly through the years how it is and dispersed them with laughter and tears, love.

I'm an itinerant. I spent half my life on the road.

My colleague and I were another part of New York this week. Speaking your all young actors and actresses in one of those film coaches looked at me across the table and said what you love to do best. As I'm not making this up. One hour left to do best, and I told my wife this on the embarrassing or I love to do best is when I know that evening. I'm going to be having dinner with my wife is the beauty of the Marvel the wonder of love and it is the nature of love to bind itself free love is a contradiction into words, there's no such thing as free love. It's the nature of love to bind itself in your spouse mainly just gives you a compliment since Chesterton in taking you at your word love looking a little child in the heart beats with delight and joy. Look at your spouse and hold them and embrace you understand what the love means and when you look at the prodigal son returning to know that the father is running out of the house to welcome him, you fully understand what had been missing all those years squandering his life in a pigsty for momentary, fleeting pleasures. When you go to had the embrace of a love that is committed where does this love come from, how do we define love and so I say to you.

This simple statement. You cannot say the answer is love.

Unless you also asked the question of life's intrinsic value. Cannot say the answer is love.

Unless you also asked the question of life's intrinsic value number one you cannot talk of evil without assuming a moral framework and locating that evil in the heart of man number two you cannot cry for justice unless you know the justifiable source of all law number three, you cannot say the answer is love. Unless you asked the question of life's intrinsic value which leads you to the fourth in the final things are inescapable dependence on forgiveness are inescapable dependence on forgiveness evil, justice, love, forgiveness, these questions are raised in the lexicon of the skeptic. You cannot escape the Lord.

Evil psychiatrists are saying now it's there is no other explanation. Even the skeptic with moral reasoning is crying out for justice. Every one of us has our heart hungering for law. I remember an amputee from a recent war who is given to prosthetic leg standing on those metal legs. She was asked what the biggest difference was not that she could stand.

She said because now I can get a hug legitimately fully one other veteran from Afghanistan where some fireworks had landed there and blown some of their bodies apart. This woman was being rushed. She was brought in to see one of the recent super Bowls in her uniform without one arm and she told her story when they were taking away she was sobbing in one of her comrades said are you in a lot of pain. She said I lost my hand, my ring is in that hand in one of these men under cloak and dagger operation went back to that roof and brought it back for her and she was flashing it on her other hand now search for love, the search for attachment evil, justice, love, and then forgiveness Mike Sonnenberg and I were colleagues of Nyack know the tragedy of their son Joel and how he was hit by a trailer truck and ended broken in their testimony.

They talk about the fact of how they were willing to forgive this man who did such damage to a young life to the judge himself, says never seen anything like this. Grace given to forgiveness. What happened recently in Charleston and people thought riots would break loose.

And these African-American families come back to church and say we forgive you overnight man in Chattanooga killed now five soldiers 51 with his injury succumbed the families asking for to be forgiven for what happened the pain that they are suffering to see what their son had done this thing called forgiveness is a desperate need in your heart and mind.

We all go wrong. We all follow the shadows rather than falling the light. We all look at ourselves and say why in the name of reason that I make such a choice. I.and you knew before the cross and you find that forgiveness is given to you and to me. Where does the secular thinkable for this, a breakdown belonging Jim Baker are three created havoc in the ministry that it foundered cleaning the bathrooms and install somebodies here to meet you in the waiting room. He didn't want to go all the water from the bathrooms sloshed all over his overalls and said you want to come want to come and see this guest comes out and who's there, Billy Graham is a big man.

Jim was not that tall and Jim Baker said to have the arms wrapped around me of the man who is the most trusted person in America is a speaker wrapped around me the most distrusted speaker in the country. He said I'll never be able to describe for you the feeling of what it felt to have his arms around me and embracing me and say love you Jen.

Love you Jim when you go for these definitions of evil. You can't contest pilot tens of thousands of lives and wash your hands of that evil is real. You can't just say justice without finding the moral soil degenerates are laws you can't just talk about loving the abstract sense, because love comes from the agape love of God, who so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life that love of God, then when you come to this whole area forgiveness so I want to take you to very basic thoughts. In conclusion, where do these converge evil, justice, love and forgiveness.

They don't converge on a secular philosophers tomb. They don't converge on an ethical philosophers tomb is no forgiveness.

When I wrote my book the Lotus on the cross, Jesus talks to, but I will name the country but one country bandit. They bandit because my last line is this Jesus office forgiveness to the person and with the says icon and the leading educators and the politicians in the countryside. We cannot allow this book here because it gives Jesus about a forgive and it doesn't tell you that but I forgave my colleague in that country went and saw the educators and said finally, the place where the office to forgive you for your sin and we will included in the closing line they couldn't. The book is now available in that country construe what I have just told forgiveness. GK Chesterton says, this in his everlasting man which was the last link in the conversion of CS Lewis. It's a tough book. One of Chesterton's toughest books by CS Lewis said that was the last point for him and he made it because of that, and here's what he says in his everlasting man. Life is a game of noughts and crosses the not the circle represents the most basic monotony of life.

The most eloquent symbol of a pagan temple was a serpent with the tail in its mouth.

A complete circle, but for the Christian. It is not a circle. You must put the cross inside that not inside that zero and the four extremities of the cross will pierce that note the four extremities of that cross will pierce that not in the transcendent meaning and the transcendent light comes and otherwise life is a monotonous zero like the myth of Sisyphus rolling the rock up the hill, only to watch it roll down as a second Martin Luther I was lately looking out of my window and I saw the stars in the heavens and God's great beautiful arch over my head but I could not see any pillars on which the great builder had fixed this arch and yet the heavens fell not in the great arch stood firmly there are some who are always looking and feeling for the pillars and longing to touch them and because they cannot touch them. They stand trembling and fearing lest the heavens should fall if they could only grasp that pillar then the heavens would stand fast for them. I'll tell you what the pillar is on which these vast heavens in God's plan stands. It's on the foundation of the cross of Jesus Christ's asked why the hymn writer says I sometimes think about the cross and shut my eyes and try to see the cruel nails the crown of thorns and Jesus crucified for me. But even could I see him die I would but see a little part of that great love is like a fire is always burning in my heart and it is the same thought that comes through from a different hymn writer, what language shall I borrow to thank you dearest friend for this lie dying so that pretty without end or make me thine forever, and should I fainting be Lord let me never, never outlive my love for the O sacred head once wounded with grief and shame went down now scornfully surrounded with horns by only crown the older I get, the more I'm enamored with the fact that in the Christian message. The story of Bethlehem, leading to Calvary and to the empty tomb is the only one that gives to us not only the answers but even helps us justify our questions for the secular mind. Even the questions are unjustifiable because in all of these there are no answers in the secular worldview for evil, justice, love and forgiveness and today more than ever.

While laws are being shaped with no transcendent point of reference.

You wonder how much longer a nation can have when the nation's firmest pillar is justice and good government take the message of Jesus with you in the cross of Jesus Christ with you, will you please pray with me. Heavenly father, thank you so much for your Holy Spirit who brings conviction. If there's any hard today overcome and consumed by evil, will you please bring deliverance. We long for your receiving the gift of a little child receiving the gift of marital love.

But most importantly receipt of the gift of your son, we sent into the world for our salvation board.

Please help us to find your forgiveness and as this week unfolds.

We pray that we will have precious truths revealed to us and hear from you in clear terms what you want from us and we will hear your voice so clearly in the precious name of our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. Evil love and forgiveness: facts that are essential to understanding of what it means to be he-man and concepts that undeniably point test to God.

Stay teen driving will be right back even listening to the ends found that the late Ravi Zacharias and conclusion of his methods questionable on things. Keep listening to find out how you can listen again. "If this methods father-in-law and I often speak blissfully about fine used bookstores that we have visited. He tells one story, however, that has all the others soundly beaten. He was in a sophisticated bookstore in Toronto which caters to the academic community rich in classical tradition.

Suddenly in came a rough short man and greasy overalls who bellowed to the owner how much does it cost to buy a home in 28 feet of books obviously bewildered by this request will never before had he sold scholarly works by the foot. The owner applied what exactly did you have in mind.

It turns out that the buyer had been sent by a group of trade union leaders who are hosting their educated counterparts and management in an effort to break the deadlock in some highly volatile negotiations so the union leaders decided to decorate their offices with the length of books. Why convey the intimidating air of being ideological heavyweights and to terrify the opposition. Funny thing, don't you, Solomon reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun, and so I suspect that this was not the first such scenario in history.

After all jockeying for literary superiority is as old as the printed page. No doubt many of us has had occasion to purchase this Classics books that have served arterial purposes, giving the appearance that we are wise. Groucho Marx once responded to another, from the moment topic to book up till I laid it down.

I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intended to read it. I suspect there are books like that in your own experience, which, while not provoking laughter have never entered the mind. One critic set of Stephen Hawking's famed book, a brief history of time which shattered all records on the bestseller list in the United Kingdom that it would be the most bought and released Redbook in recent memory. And yet who of you has not entered another world again. The life-changing insight just from reading a book. Friends don't take the power of reading for granted.

I am absolutely convinced of the books you and I read possibly help mold our lives more purposefully and eternally. I might add, than we ever realize asking Solomon one set of making many books there is no end, but finding of wisdom preserves the life of its possessor. For that I would like to say only the book of all books. The Bible has in order to save methods by calling one 800-4867 66 asking for the methods, titled questionable on things or order online at the IM to LYG lies that I for days in Canada only online.

Be sure to check out the other was… Be off that like Abdi Mary thick saving tree gave Abdul if he took the little about why he write the spec for everyone, it's Abby Murray with Ravi Zacharias International ministries. I'm excited to tell you about my book saving truth finding meaning and clarity, post truth world and I wrote saving truth because I was seeing the phenomenon emerge with Rose at university campuses with the halls of government or in various other venues in the churches processing that we were living in the post truth world post truth world is one that doesn't reject truth, but our preference is matter more sloppy might say. Truth is there, though also say I don't care so wrote the book to answer the question, how can we actually offer truth to a culture that seems not to want to bring their own gates. When I called a culture of confusion when you think about it. Confusion is become a virtue and clarity become advice, if you confuse sexually, you become heroic if you confused, morally you become progressive and if you confused religiously.

All have read the gospel. That's tolerant but if you're clear on sexual boundaries. A big if you're clear on moral boundaries. That's regressive and if you're clear that there is only one way to God that's considered intolerant, so confusion becomes a virtue and clarity become distant within the pages of saving truth, trying to bring us back to the understanding that clarity and freedom. Clarity on truth, clarity, and sexuality. Clarity on science and faith and clearly about multiple religions can actually give us true freedom were obsessed with having our preferences, but the Bible is all about giving us freedom. I wrote this book with Christians and non-Christians in mind as well because Christians have a lot to learn about this topic. This is what is non-Christians do and if we can come together with the sure love the truth.

Maybe we can make an impact, individually and globally.

It's my prayer that God uses the book to richly bless you. Saving truth finding meaning in clarity post truth that when people think development the radian Street, managed by the IN line thing can

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