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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 18, 2020 1:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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If I do think there are dimensions of our faith after 2000 years that we need to go back and look at and Savior seems to be a problem if I am a Christian who believes that there are certainly many more paths God other than Christianity.

I'm up freethinking Christian, the church will continue to be even more relevant when it quotes letters from 2000 years ago was their best defense in his newest book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael Yousif exposes the false teachings that are infiltrating churches today, and shares the keys to seeing the revival of true Christianity in our day. Receive your own copy today for a gift of any amount. Don't fall for falsely don't settle for less, than the true order your copy of saving Christianity today is the most important book of our time. You can call right or visit us

This is leading the way the Bible teaching ministry at Pastor author and popular international Bible teacher, Dr. Michael you sent a challenge to consider when you're in a growing faith relationship with Jesus Christ.

In fact, as we began if you'd like to talk with someone right now about Jesus. We Begin a, that's will call us we would love to have you speak to one of our ministry representatives.

We are at 866-626-4356. Listen along with me now as Dr. Michael Yousef, here's another message from his life impacting series on leading the way healthy living in a sick world. There are so many people who great things that find themselves settling the sword settling for the lowest common denominator there start room left the ideals, but in the course of time verifying themselves settling for much less. I've seen this through the years. Among Christian believers. They end up settling for mediocrity.

Instead of having the power of the king.

They have settled in the trivia while they could do great things. They remain contented in the life of compromise when they could have received the power of royalties.

They stay in the shallow end of the Christian life when in reality they could cross oceans. They live on spiritual junk food instead of the royal banquets in fact this is the condition of the church in Corinth and this is why this message in the series of messages is extremely relevant for us to the Corinthian believers which are lacking in spiritual maturity that they majored on the minors undermined out on the measures rep begun a series of messages healthy living in a sick world. Learning from the errors in the failures of the Corinthian believers. I know that our priorities in life is an indication of our spiritual maturity that our priorities in life is a barometer of our spiritual temperature of our spiritual health of our priorities in life, clear indication it's a clear picture of where we are in our walk with the Lord in the Corinthian believers chose to stay in this virtual nursery under could have graduated from college.

First Corinthians chapter 2, the apostle Paul uses a Greek word for the flesh, I want you to memorize it so only four letters in the word he uses for the flesh, here is the word socks. Can you say that with me. It is translated in English language as the flesh but in reality it has nothing to do with this flesh and blood.

The body that we live in overcoats underfoot draw flesh recites a flesh wound. But that word socks has nothing to do with this body in which we are housed until we receive in your body will go the glory socks is a word that refers to the old nature before Christ came into our lives socks is the natural mind before Christ transformed our minds socks is that sinful nature that dominated us before Christ came in. In fact, some 51 verse five David said he said that sinful nature I was conceived and buys that sinful nature. I was born in so that everyone of us.

We all are born with that sinful nature. But when we become born again when our rebirth takes place.

That sinful nature does not disappear. Sadly, socks remain dormant inside of us all was ready to move and act and be stirred up. The moment the devil and the world sets among I know when that socks raises its ugly head in me. I know it. I know it and so most of you beloved a make no bones about it. I hate the socks in me. I I hated I really pray that the Holy Spirit of God would fill me to overflowing that he might ground that socks and me.

But that's not an event that's a daily prayer. In fact, it's a moment by moment prayer.

I am therefore grateful to the Lord that he has given us Three Musketeers to defeat those three enemies. He gave us a renewed nature. He gave us his word and he gave us his Holy Spirit. All of these gifts of God are given to us so that we may live victoriously above the enemies are trying to get us down in first Corinthians chapter 1 verse 18. In fact if you look from verse 18, all the way to do 16 to the end of chapter 2. You gonna find that the reason the Corinthian believers were not united in Christ that that will not united in the vision that God gave him is because they've allowed the socks to run wild. Look at verses 10 through 13 of chapter 2 Paul said it is the spirit of God, who helps us to learn and grow and understand the word of God not want you to remember this. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate author of the Bible. If I have a choice I would call it the Holy Spirit's book.

It really is. He is the author is the ultimate author. He held the hands of the writers as they were writing beloved, listen to me. One of the grieves that I have in my soul. Is that so many evangelical circles today. They are afraid of the Holy Spirit. How can you be afraid of your best friend is a fallacy. The Bible, which is inspired by and written by the author, but they never go to the author directly and ask them to illumine their understanding so that they may understand and obey what you want.

No wonder we are in the mess ribbon. I can tell you something else. The reason we have pastors today who are going rogue and their biblical interpretation is because long ago that have grieved or clinched or both the Holy Spirit within them, and the Holy Spirit is a gentleman if you grieve him or your quench him. He might not leave altogether but we like the fire that has been doused with water, but there is a spark there's still a spark. Their lingering flames. There the Holy Spirit is a gentleman when his grieved continuously when is quenched continuously.

He will step aside any weights I get is invited back latest flame. Big not good enough to make no mistake about it. The Holy Spirit of God either takes control over. We take control. Why is when the Holy Spirit is rejected when the Holy Spirit is ignored when the Holy Spirit is bypassed when his leading is refused. When his guidance is ignored, we get totally messed up and Paul is saying that the Holy Spirit is the director of communication in the Godhead and the holy Trinity. He knows perfectly the mind of God. Therefore, he is the only one who can explain he can train and he can lead us into understanding of the mind of God.

Look at verse 11.

Who knows the mind of individual except individual himself right nobody listen to me. Nobody knows you like, you know yourself.

Nobody after nearly 50 years of knowing my wife I can never stand here and say I know her perfectly.

That would not be true as a matter fact I pity the man who said that he knows the mind of his wife. [I'm in that man is delirious he needs help and here it comes the spirit of God, who knows the mind of God perfectly is constantly ready to reveal and illumine our minds through the word of God. Why so that we might truly grow and mature. Look at it this way the Holy Spirit is a flashlight that likens all the dark areas of our hearts and minds in our lives and beloved. This is the same Holy Spirit that helps you not only growing knowledge but grow in grace. Look at verses 6 to 16. In fact, in those verses, Paul gives us two reasons why we desperately need the Holy Spirit to reasons.

First of all because the natural mind can never, never, never, never discover the mind of God or the wisdom of God. Secondly, because God's wisdom can only be received from God's Holy Spirit is the spirit of God and therefore God's wisdom.

Paul said it is hidden. It's a mystery until the Holy Spirit reveals it to us any set of people in leadership at the time of Jesus that had this wisdom that would never have crucified Jesus but it was hidden from them, and it was hidden from them because that way God was going to reveal his plan of salvation and allow Jesus to go the cross. But thank God, it is not hidden from the believer who seeks it. Look at verses nine and 10 chapter 2. Again here, Paul quotes from the book of Isaiah chapter 64 verse four and chapter 65 or 70, this is a quote directly from the book of Isaiah is directly from the Old Testament look at it with me please as it is written, no eyes have seen your ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God prepared for those who love him. He is not talking about heaven. A lot of people call those verses referring to heaven. No. And in the context of this passage is not talking about heaven here is a reference to the wisdom of God that God has prepared for the believers who love him and seek him with all of the heart. He is saying that the natural I and the natural ear in the natural heart and mind cannot comprehend the amazing treasures of wisdom that God has in his wisdom is only prepared for those who love him with all of their hearts and rewrite, whether objectively or subjectively. Man cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot discover God's wisdom, beloved God's truth cannot be observed by the natural law it cannot be observed by the natural ear, no matter how sophisticated, no matter how brilliant the mind is God's truth. God's plan. God's wisdom is hidden from the natural man. It is hidden from the natural mind, but it is not hidden from his children who seek him with all of their hearts. Secondly, God's divine wisdom is divinely communicated to us by the Holy Spirit in the first step he takes is to reveal the wisdom of God and showing us that Westerners are going to have and we need to be saved while the Holy Spirit may use human agent somebody witnessed somebody who brought you through an evangelistic event. Somebody who has done something God uses human or the Holy Spirit himself uses human agents but also the Holy Spirit used human agents window arising the Scriptures.

There are certain Revelation were given only to them as they were writing the Holy Spirit jumped in the verses 12 and 13. We have not received the spirit of the world, but the spirit of God, that we might understand what God freely has given us. What is Paul saying listen very carefully here.

Speaking about the verbal inspiration that the Holy Spirit gave to every one of the writers of the old and the New Testament when he talks about we and us here in this particular area. He is referring to the biblical writers who received the revelation and inspiration directly from the Holy Spirit is not just illuminating their mind to understand what is written, he gave them something completely fresh and this verbal revelation is only given to the scriptural writers and that is why in second Timothy three, Paul could say all how much is this all Scripture is inspired by God.

It is God's breeze here. He said all things freely given to us by the Holy Spirit is talking about the writers of the Scripture. Now I know it's fashionable among some preachers and teachers to say well you know I'm not really sure about your personal memories are about the person I only think what Jesus said, but even so there's some offbeat theologians were now deciding from the Gospels. What Jesus really said what the writers of the gospel added 2000 years later, they can figure this out. Let's go along just for the sake of going along. If you only want to take what Jesus said what did Jesus do when he was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. Remember that. What did he say he quotes the Old Testament. Deuteronomy chapter 8 verse three is what Jesus said, according the Old Testament man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. How many words Jesus said every word, not some words not only the words that we like, oh yes, not only the words that we approve off not only the words that are acceptable by our society. No every word. Look at verse 13 with those spiritualized now want to look at verse 13. This is what we speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but words taught by the Spirit expressing spiritual truth in spiritual words, beloved lesson. Whatever you do, do not listen to anyone who tells you that some of God's word needs to be detached from our lives or that there some parts of the Bible.

What we need to be unhitched from its authority.

Listen to me. I know that some people in this church are criticizing me when I point out the falsehoods that are being preached, and this is what you have to do that because there's no Shepherd worth his sandals that would not warn the sheep when there's closing around dissecting picking and choosing is only that spirit of rebellion of the age.

How does God show this to us who are living in the 21st century Christians by illuminating our minds. The best example of this is the Pharisees and the scribes, the Pharisees and the scribes. They knew the Scriptures backwards and forward Monday could quarter to them memorized it they knew it they understood they kept all the outward appearance of it. They were the best but they missed the central message of the Bible the Bible from Genesis to Malachi proclaimed that Jesus the Messiah is coming in here are the signs he other things to look for and when Jesus came, they missed him altogether. They failed to recognize that he is the promised Messiah. Even though he fulfilled all of the prophetic words that are spoken of him on all of the Old Testament that they proud themselves of knowing, because I really did not even believe Moses they did not accept the things of the spirit of God because those things appear to them to be foolishness. Somebody hanging on the cross is going to be my Messiah. I'm looking for a rainbow of the scribes and the Pharisees are like those in church corporate Street tax and on similar lectins today who doubt the word of God.

God's word can only be spiritually evaluated God's word can only be spiritually discerned God's word can only be spiritually understood and when you reject the Holy Spirit of God or ignore the Holy Spirit of God regardless of how many similar degrees you have the spiritualized will not be illuminated. Martin Luther said the Bible cannot be understood simply by studying all talents, you must count only on the influence of the Holy Spirit and that is why we believe that God's revelation and inspiration were given to the Bible writers.

All of every single one of but his illumination is given to us for not Bible writers are not Bible doctors are not Bible of the sector's and that is why Paul concludes with asking a question who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him.

Anyone foolish enough to take on this responsibility. Nancy's new no, but we have the mind of Christ. When we come under the authority of the Holy Spirit.

When we come under the authority of the Holy Spirit spoke only then will we have God's wisdom. We have God's mind will we discern the will of God. When we learn to come under none above, but under the authority of the word of God thought of this particular historian was riding his dream he was going to all these little towns in England and asks the old-timers there you know of any of the big names ever born in this country and if he comes to the small town. Then he asked them all time and the shopkeeper. He said the are any great men born in this town and the man thought for a minute and he said no only babies, only babies beloved.

This is true in the spiritual realm. It really is no one when they born again immediately become spiritual giants doesn't happen that way. We grow into the greatness by submitting day by day by day to the Holy Spirit of God is with you day by day by day, but that same Holy Spirit that wind of God that can pool our sales when we ask him to. As we live under the authority of his book healthy living in a sick world that's Dr. Michael. You assess current series on leading the way and either way, we know that not all who listen to this station or this program may actually be Christian.

If you have spiritual questions we would like to talk with you. We can tell

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