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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 17, 2020 1:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Healthy living in a sick world today on leading the way was Dr. Michael you set sure we have more books and communication regarding relationships like never before.

But I'll be getting along better think about. Sure we have psychology in the dictation, then we have a dram trough, but do have less crimes of violence so the answer is no know why because throughout human history and human wisdom never never never once saw humanity's basic problem because humanity is basic problem is sin. Think about if you need something you just go online and you order it comes to your door. Wonder how to do something to you to constrain all the complicated stamps with videos feeling sick. Who needs a doctor, you have your computer to check your symptoms hello. Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent today encouragement to trust in the wisdom of God rather than in man's knowledge or technology. Do remember that leading the way is listener supported meaning that Dr. Yousef relies on the prayers and the generosity of those who are blessed by this ministry to continue to spread the gospel. So, partner with Dr. Youssef give us a call 866-626-4356 or online. We Listen with me now is Dr. Michael you set begins today's challenging message. There is a severe shortage of godly wisdom in our society today, there is a severe shortage of godly wisdom in our churches today. It is a miracle of God, but was still surviving. I have said when I started this new series of messages healthy living in a sick world is that the apostle through first epistle of Corinthians. Paul to the Corinthians is the most relevant for our day because we are seeing a very similar cultural trend as they did back then. Like so many of people today they trusted Jesus for the salvation but they added human wisdom. They added worldly philosophies into the church into the water. God as miniatures depart from biblical absolutes and biblical authority. They fall prior to the trends in the fads of culture they fall prey to human ideas and human philosophies. They fall prey to human instincts and insides. Therefore, prior to placing human opinions above the word of God. All they often use the Scripture not as their authority, but as a starting point. They twist the Scripture and the scriptural text in order to make it their philosophical worldview and what Paul is pleading with them and he would plead with us today. Please, please, please, since you have become believers in Christ. Let the word of God be the ultimate authority you do not need to add cultural trends. You do not need to add human wisdom. You do not need to add positive thinking. You do not need to add prosperity theology you do not need to accommodate two immoral trends. You do not need to baptize immorality into the church and you do not need to accept the rebellious people enter church leadership. Paul is telling them and us that all of these nonbiblical trends lead only to division carnality and heartache. All of these nonbiblical trends lead to confusion and the loss of God's power in the church.

All of these new trends which really are old heresies that just dressed up in the new dress is gonna make the believer sick and the sick world is a without exception man's wisdom elevates man about the word of God without exception man's wisdom subjects the word of God under man's authority without exception man's wisdom elevates man's thinking and desires, and conclusions about God and that is why Paul said in Romans 125 man's wisdom exchanges. The truth of God for a lie, and worshiped such creative things as to the creator. I want you to remember this market down when somebody says to you that you can be saved through having good thoughts, positive thinking positive thoughts or someone sister you can be saved. Whether you believe that God's word is the authoritative infallible word of God or not.

When somebody sister you can be saved only if you follow their formula. I want you to remember this. Remember all of man's wisdom would only cause heartache and that is why first Corinthians chapter 1 verse 18 Paul said the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to also are being saved it is the power of God.

It is a part of God. What is is that would being saved because salvation is three tenses in the past when we have a lot to Christ we are being saved every single day and we will ultimately save when we see Jesus face-to-face where constant being saved is a human wisdom but never save you. Human wisdom can never redeem you human wisdom can never give you true peace, human wisdom, it's a Band-Aid on a tumor, but can never remove it listen when Paul said the word of the cross. Listen carefully the word of the cross verse 18, he means the entire gospel message he means entire revelation of God's work that was culminated on the cross. In other words, the rejection of the cross or the addition to the cross leads to eternal destruction. The apostle Paul goes on to say why, because God's wisdom is superior to man's wisdom, by far, the material illustration and I was thinking about this about the foolishness of man wisdom of God. The story about a man was sitting under a walnut tree walnut is very big. Some grow very strong and he was looking at the pumpkin patch and he saw the pumpkin hanging on a very weak vine and then he looked up and he saw the branches of the tree that a man can hang on and he said how foolish God is, he puts his pumpkin on that weak vine and he puts up a little while not on a branch that can hold a man's weight. If I were God, I would've put the pumpkins up there on that victory and the walnut on that weak vine and right at that moment, a walnut fell on his bald head and started bleeding considerably and then the next thing you see him sitting down there holding his wound and saying I'm sure Gladys mother pumpkin now. Please don't misunderstand, I am not suggesting that for a moment that when you become a Christian, you have the answers of life's problems. I'm not saying that at all. I for one I sang God continuously for science and for technology. I genuinely thank God regularly for medicine for doctors for nurses and for all those who are in the medical profession who are helping us up and bring healing to ask this of I have never been to hospital praying for us. One of the people that I'm visiting at without thanking God for the doctors and for the nurses and for the that the medical profession. I really genuinely do.

In fact, not long ago I read this true story about a Christian surgeon who became very, very successful. A wonderful believer. In fact, most of the interns were eager to spend time with him to watch him to be associated with him and to work with him and one of them turn one, asked him he said before surgeries you always go and you all alone all by yourself. What you do when you do that than the godly surgeon said I'm calling upon the great physician that he my God, my hands, that he may lead me when I face complicated of a new situation. This question surgeon.

His reputation when father and why so much so that people coming from all over the world for him and one day a man whose son was injured and he was coming cutting his son and came running into the hospital and he could remember the name of the doctor and he said I want that Dr. I want the doctor who works with God to examine my son and the wonderful and the wonderful want the doctor who works with God. See you got understand this is different from what Paul is dealing with in the Corinthian church, and what were dealing with today. He was dealing with people who were looking to man, not to God for answers that he was dealing with people who were looking to man's wisdom, not God's wisdom for the ultimate meaning of life. He was dealing with people who were looking for joy and peace, fulfillment, contentment apart from God and as Christian believers we must never shrink or be afraid of having an intellectual argument with anybody order debate. We must always as believers hold our stand and being movable as the Scripture said for after all, we have the most intellectual book that is ever written.

Does not look like it. It was a great philosopher kicker God, who once said, Christ does not destroy the reason he dethroned zeds verse 22. Jews demand miraculous signs the Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified. Hallelujah, hallelujah, that's what you get in this place. You're only going to hear Christ crucified preach from this pulpit weathers from me or anybody else. Amen.

Give God glory. Why did Paul say that you see.

Because human wisdom looks of the cross and think it's foolishness is foolishness, but I really wanted to think with miracle. Just think with me.

God becomes a baby then a man lived in poverty. The one on the universe living in poverty. Then he gets nailed to a tree. Think about this against crucified and died some very and then on the third day they claimed that he rose again from the dead. Think about this. All of this so they might provide everyone who comes to him. Forgiveness of sins. Return the live forever with him. Just think about it.

I want to think about. From their point of view. One man dies in a tree on top of a garbage dump, and that determines the destiny of every human being on the face of their including the brilliant people live clever people when you think about it.

It sounds stupid, right to the human mind. That sounds really stupid. In fact, the word foolishness comes from the Greek word Mariah from which we get the word moral and when you think about it, the redemption act of Christ on the cross.

Sounds moronic to the nonbeliever really does human wisdom can never fathom the cross listen to me.

We were trying to Christianize the pagans and we give a pass to carnal Christians in the church and that support oppose making here said don't do that seek to the natural mind with the Jew or Gentile. The cross is a no friends now beloved, what we are facing today is precisely what Paul was facing in Corinth. Some of you my cell Michael after 2000 years of Christianity. After 2000 years of Christian civilization, after 2000 years of Christian revolution after 2000 years of biblical knowledge. Yeah sure we have more knowledge today than any other time in history, and the knowledge is doubling every week almost question.

Are we more moral sure we have greater wealth and luxury and creature comfort than our forebears would've even dreamed about, but are we less selfish sure we have more books and communication regarding relationships like never before.

But are we getting along better think about. Sure we have psychology and education, then we have a dream trough, but do have less crimes and violence in our society and the answer is no know why because throughout human history. Human wisdom never, never, never once been able to solve humanity's basic problem why because humanity's basic problem is sin, and only coming to Jesus Christ can deal with the root of the problem. Verse 20 where is the wise man where is that scholar wears a philosopher of this age. Sometimes when I see all these debates and shouting on each other on television you not talking about over the are going to buy the never never convinces anybody.

I think of the apostle Paul lived in, writing for us today. He would've says, where are your experts well your sociologist well your psychologist, where are your economists well your side as well.

Your statesman where have they all gone. They been able to eliminate poverty of fear or anxiety or depression or loneliness or insecurity, but listen to me. Jesus can. Jesus can when you come to him. Jesus can when you surrender to him when you turn to him human wisdom.

I have succeeded in showing us the problem human wisdom expose the cause of the problems human wisdom may explain the symptoms of the problem, but human wisdom is in capable of defining the root of the problem.

The root of the problem which is sin like isomers of all doctors of Christian but on progressive Galveston as Noah progresses belief society. The successor see. They believe that only human wisdom can solve all problems and that is why they can tell us that selfishness is a result of injustice that they can never tell us how to deal with selfishness they don't.

We have seen it in the past were seeing this film back in the days of the colonists and the socialists. How can we forget so quickly amid this just like yesterday when they said social justice take the money from those who have worked hard for it and give it to the poor. Did they give it to the poor to give it to themselves. The Politburo become the richest people in the Soviet Union is a lie from the pit of hell to the portal people themselves. All that might tell us that hatred is the root of racism all but convey never wash away hatred.

Only Jesus and the blood of Jesus can do that. In fact what they do is that they begin to develop hatred for the ones whom they think their haters just think about this.

It's upside down world all in the cross of Christ, which is foolishness to human wisdom has the power to transform hearts and minds only the cross of Christ can answer their individual problems in society's problems.

Only the cross of Christ can bring healing and love and generosity. Only the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross, which to them is foolishness can give us power over sin, to break the chains of sin, to show you how our situation is getting worse by the minute I received an article from a dear friend of his. Here in the church. A summary of the article is that there is a link between brain damage and religious belief.

This supposedly to be a study that was really published in the journal called neuropsychological bottom line is this. Those of us who believe in the foolishness of the cross have functional impairment in our brain region known as prefrontal cortex is damaged.

Our brains keeps us from curiosity and creativity to open-mindedness with the love that Dr. what the elite is doing to Christians today is what the elite Nazis did to the Jews in Germany.

First of all, they defining them identifies them as inferior and then one the light struck and Alina comes into the forefront. They begin to eliminate we not smarter than they are because we only saved by his grace and that is why the humbles us so I know better than none on how am so thankful.

In fact, I was in tears and faithfulness to the Lord for his grace open by blind guides that I could see that all my silver headed for hell. I needed the Savior I want to conclude on a historic example known to most of you, nothing new. But you see it in a different light. Historic example of the blessing of moving from pursuing man's wisdom to receiving God's wisdom back in 1787, when members of the House of delegates were getting together to revise the articles of Confederation.

They spend weeks. I'm not all bad days, weeks of arguing and debating and discussing a model of government that they wanted feel that they need to form in the United States, but to no avail, four weeks. During that whole time.

There were using human wisdom human wisdom human wisdom. Finally, one of the members. Benjamin Franklin addressed the convention in the following words I read them word for word in this situation of disassembly, we are groping as it were in the dark to find political truth and scarcely able to distinguish it when it's presented to us. How has it happened that we have not hitherto once thought of humbly applying for the father of life to illumine our understanding the new window on the knees and started praying, humble themselves and pray for wisdom and God answered their prayers in spades in spades and he gave us a political government give us a system of government like nothing in the history of the world, and I can say that because I was not born here, God gave them what to me personally and I still speak about me the most distinguished and the most fair and just political system in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that the world has ever known. Beloved today. Our government leaders, Christian leaders, and we indeed a most desperate for God's wrist only to humble ourselves and our own behalf of the church of Jesus Christ from behalf of the gospel in the half of our nation my God of heaven here are genuine crimes. If you missed any portion of today's leading the way. Message, or if you listen to more of the healthy living in a six World Series, just download the leading the way, you can listen online or ask your smart speaker to play the leading the way. Podcast information can be found in unit is nothing more encouraging to me and really to all the staff you're leading the way in hearing about lives changed by the power of Jesus. So I want to share quick story that our team heard about from Syria.

Allow me to summarize the young man heard about Jesus from several Christian friends encouraged him to listen to Dr. Lisa. After listening for quite some time gathering many questions he contacted the field team requesting help to learn more about the Christian leading the race team connected with and answered as many questions after receiving Christ as Savior began and continues discipleship training maturing estate in order to reach even more with the gospel of Jesus. This is just another way that God is using leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set to change lives in your neighborhood in your city and as this story illustrates all around the world. So, partner with Dr. Yousef today. Won't you give us a call 866-6264 356.866 626-4356 or Take time to learn about the worldwide impact of leading the way and how you can be a part or you can write to us.

We love getting your letters right to leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael passionately proclaiming uncompromising trip around the world more

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