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Rebuilding Our Broken Walls (Part 8)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 11, 2020 1:00 am

Rebuilding Our Broken Walls (Part 8)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Truth versus partial truths so many breaches so many theologians scored under the guise of truth and what causes the defection from the faith. What causes giving in to this false teaching. Something big trying to save Christianity. Christianity does not need to be saved.

That is why I want you to get this will saving Christianity because it will show you how false that thought is an homage of all the names of these people of false teachers around us now, not to attack people… The false teaching. I want to help you galvanize you yourself from the postage.

Please you need this book. Now in his newest book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael Yousef exposes the false teachings that are infiltrating churches today, and shares the keys to seeing the revival of true humanity in our day. Order your copy of saving Christianity today. It's the most important book of our time call right or visit us online at from Dr. Michael. You must never, never, never doubt God's character is never changing the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament that same God gave Israel again and again and again is the same God sent his son from the splendor of heaven, dial-up cost so that you might forgive us and redeem us once welcome to leading the way with pastor and author of the new book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael you sent today a powerful message about prayer and contention from the Old Testament and yet practical for life in 2020. It's from Dr. you set series about the life and experiences of Nehemiah.

It's called rebuilding our broken walls here how confession can empower you in life as he listened to Dr. Michael UNICEF getting today's teaching back in the early days of the Ford Motor Company. There was a machinist who worked in the Detroit plant and one day this machinist became a believer in Jesus Christ and got baptized, and not only that he repented of his sins to the Lord, but he clearly wanted to make all the wrong things that he didn't want to talk like them.

Although many wrong things, including that for number of years he has been stealing tools and parts from great Ford Motor Company and take him home. Just put them in his lunch bag. What at the time and he takes them home when he accumulated large amount of tools and parts that were stolen. So when the Lord come into his life. He wanted to do the right thing, so he collected all the stolen parts and tools and he came to his boss. One morning the all-in-one bag and on his desk and he told his boss what had happened, but he's been stealing all this but now that he's a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. He could not be an authentic witness for Jesus Christ while they still holding onto these goods stolen goods, knowing full well that his boss literally can fire him on the spot anticipated that not only that he return the stolen goods. He asked his boss we please forgive me my father in heaven forgive me. I want you to forgive me for the bus to know what to do.

He called his boss, who called the problem that the head of the company who try to call Mr. Ford himself. When Henry Ford was not there.

He was inspecting some European plateaus over in Europe and didn't know what to do, how to handle this. We just never had anything like this before and so they decided to send this before the cable explaining explaining what happened and so Mr. forgets that cable and immediately he returns the cable back with the following words. Listen carefully dam up the Detroit River and baptize the entire city is a manual good building C1 beloved unauthentic faith brings unauthentic change of heart and that is a far cry from what we hear from some pulpits today.

Presuming on God's grace of taking God's grace for granted. Using God's grace as a license to continue in sin of baptizing people in their sin. Why did this man not only confessed his sins, but he had to make the wrong things right because he did not want to be one of those hypocrites who claim to be a Christian but that is life is never reflected the price that the claim please hear me out on this one. Living in and with an unconfessed sin is a huge problem imitate you why because an unconfessed sin weighs us down, it takes away our joy from us. It neutralizes our effectiveness for Christ diminishes our witness. But even when we confess to wrong. When we confess to the Lord God not only restores us he will restore our joy*joy he will empower us for godly living.

Empower us for effectiveness in our Christian life. I hope your deterrent with me to Nehemiah chapter 9. Did you know that Nehemiah chapter 9 is really the longest prayer of confession recorded in the Bible, but there's something very important here that you need to know about confession before I get to the text, confessing and making restitution is a cleansing act.

It is a purifying act. It is a restoring act and when God's people came to God in confession and repentance when they come in fasting and in humility when they came in brokenness and insincerity called held the in the New Testament. No one can receive salvation from the hand of Jesus Christ until recognize and acknowledge his lostness and her lostness apart from Christ. Once you confess that we can never save ourselves that we could never meet God's standard of righteousness that we cannot fix ourselves by our own efforts, then and only then, when we surrender to him what he save us, redeem us, forgive us and restore since David until he came in the Psalm 51 Antilles cried out Me, Lord. Until That Happens, Salvation Will Not Take Place. Now, Beloved, Listen to Me.

Do Not Mistaken Brokenness for Weakness. In Fact, I Can Tell You It Is Only a Broken Spirit Receive Strength from the Lord God Is near to Those Who Are Crushed in Spirit. But Even Once We Are Saved We Keep on Coming Back. We Don't Stop We Keep Them Coming Back in Humility We Keep on Coming Back and Repentance We Keep on Coming Back in Brokenness We Keep on Coming Back to Him for Confession and Repentance of Our Sins Even More so Than before We Come to Christ Because We Now Become Acutely Aware of His Grace in Our Sinfulness and Then There Meyer Chapter 9. These People of God Meant Business with God. All That God Would Give Us the Spirit. They Not Only Confess They Repented and They Promised to Completely Prevent Priorities in the Parties of the Lives They Sign Their Names on the Dotted Line, As It Were Just like This Machinist in the Ford Motor Company Today We Hear This Politically Correct Crowd. You Know That Telling Us about All These Phobia and I'm Telling You These Awards Manufactured to Silence Those Who Believe the Truth, I Will Give You Some Examples Blunt Example, but Truthfully Examples, the Muslim Extremist Islamists Do Want to Suppress the Truth about Their Terrorism until Intention. So in Order to Intimidate Us. They Come up with This Islam Will Follow in Order Think That Silences I Am Not Never Been Follow up of Anything. I Had Muslim Friends Growing up. I Have Muslim Friends.

I'm Not As Number Four. But I'm Going to Speak the Truth Homosexual Lobby, Talk about the Lobby. Now in Trying to Silence Anyone Who Holds the Biblical Truth of Marriage between One Man and One Woman for Life. They Call Us Home Phone Number.

The Homophobes I'm Homosexual Night about How You, See, I'm Not Afraid of Anybody but Is the Truth Is the Truth. Today There Is a Phobia That the Media Will Never Tell You about. There Is a Phobia That Is Creeping across the Churches in America Today and Is Called Commitment so for Now Our Generation Fears Commitment and Therefore They Take Their Commitments Very Likely All Yes I Met a Commitment of the Altar That I Will Be Faithful to My Spouse As Long As We Both Shall Live.

All but That Was Then This Is Now. Today Minivans Are Being Rewritten but No Longer Say As Long As We Both Shall Live.

It Says As Long As We Both Shall Love Women Commitment to Our Church.

But the Moment We Don't like Something That Commitment Ends.

We Shop for Churches, Though I Was Shuffle Cars If It Is Not Entertaining Enough, and If It Is Not Focusing on Me Enough. It Is Not Focusing on My Needs Are Not Not Focusing on What I Want to Not Never Mind Whether the Church Is Upholding the Authority of the Word of God or Not. If the Firm Is Convicting of Sin I Don't Find One That Is Not Going to Convict Me of Sin Traded in for Another Model so That's Why so Many Churches Today in Order to Accommodate to the Spirit of the Age They Are Marketing the Gospel As a Benzo Product to Be Sold Instead of Challenging Our Culture We Have, in Writing to It Instead of Bucking the Trend Will Reflecting Its Insipid Values.

No Wonder We Are As a Nation in the Trouble Really, Because the Church Is in Trouble and the Reason God's People in Nehemiah Chapter 9 at Sackcloth and Ashes Was Because They Have Experienced the Death of Their Culture.

You See, They Had Seen Israel Decay to the Point Where God Used the Wicked Babylon to Get Their Attention. Sadly, God May Have To Do That in Our Society, to Get Our Attention, and Attention of His People Look at Nehemiah's Breath, Confession, or Commitment. It Starts with Acknowledging the Faithfulness of God. That's Where It Starts in Their Unfaithfulness.

They Recount God's past Mercies and Blessings. He Recounts Them over and over. Look at Verses 9 to 25 Is Just a Constant Recounting of the Cycles of God's Blessings and That Defection from God.

All of the Lord's Mercies in Egypt. All of the Lord's Mercies in the Wilderness. All of the Lord's Mercy When the Getting Them to Cross the Jordan River. All of the Lord's Mercy, Giving Them the Promised Land. With Every Inch of It Will Always Mercies Were Met by Presumption on God's Grace, Taking God's Grace for Granted and They Lived in Disobedience and after All of That after All of That and That's the Amazing Part God Still Have Mercy on Them yet Again. God Still Forgives Them yet Again. God Still Blesses Them yet Again God Is Ready to Provide for Them. Yet Again God Is Ready to Sustain Them yet Again. Beloved, Here Is the Truth That You Must Never, Never, Never Doubt God's Character Is Never Changing the God of the Old Testament Is the Same God of the New Testament, the Same God Who Forgave Israel Again and Again and Again Is the Same God Who Sent His Son from the Splendor of Heaven to Come and Die on the Cross so That He Might Forgive Us and Redeem Us Once and for All.

So What Do You Take from This. Listen Carefully, Regardless of Where You Are Only You and God Know Where You Are Regardless of How Far You've Wandered Away from God Regardless of How Little You Got Yourself down to Regardless of How Unfaithful You Have Been to the Lord God Is Calling You Back.

God Is Calling You Again. Welcome Back, Come Back Come Back and Confession Come Back and Repentance Come Back and Restoration. He Has His Arms Open Wide for You Today. Then in Verses 26 All the Way to 31. The People a Blessing God for Being a Just and Holy God. Listen I God Is Faithful God Is Mighty God Is Gracious God Is Forgiving and Pardoning God. But We Must Never Forget That He Is Also a Holy God. He Is a Holy God You so What Does That Mean It Means That He Loves You Too Much to Allow You to Wallow in Sin. God Does Not Want to Afflict Us. But If We Insisted Our Rebellion and Running Away from Him. He Would Let Us Taste the Consequences of Our Rebellion so That He Might Draw Us Back to Himself.

Look at the Prayer Again of Recounting How Time after Time after Time, God Called Him Back Got Their Attention. Got Them Back and after Tasting the Consequences of Their Wanting to Be Independent of God, and Run after Other Gods When They Cried to God. He Restores Them Again and Forgives a Look at Verse 31, but in Your Great See You Did Not Put an End to Them or Abandon Them for You Are Gracious and Merciful God Who Think the God's People Would Respond Positively to All This Overwhelming Love and Forgiveness and Mercy and Grace, but No, No, Once Got a Sense of the Preps around into Their Own Normal Life Once Got Answer the Prayer God Is Forgotten.

Beloved. That's What We Do We Cry to God When We Need Something the Moment He Answers We Run off. God Is Watching You. God Is Not Locked. God Is Seeing This and Agrees His Heart. Somebody Said to Me As Well Has Just Natural. Yes, but the Bible Said That We Have Been Given a Supernatural Divine Nature. We Must Not Give into the Natural Slug the Postal Worker in Washington DC Who Said Dinner before Christmas. They Get Thousands upon Thousands upon Thousands of Cards and Letters from Kids Asking Santa for All Kinds of Poison Things Is That after Christmas or Maybe One or Possibly Two Cards. Thank You Center, Promoting Santa I'm Just Telling You How Human Nature.

The Weight Is Done Being Jesus All Those People of the Old Testament.

My Goodness, What a Stubborn What You Know Whether No No No No No, but Don't Be Quick to Condemn Them. Don't Be Quick to Condemn Them. Look Back at Your Own History and Mark down the Times When You Have Taken God's Grace and God's Mercy and God's Favor and God's Blessings for Granted Whatever You Are Today, Wherever You Are Today Meant This to Be a Day of Confession, a Day of Repentance of the Delivery Dedication and Commitment in Praise God All the Time That He Never Says to Me, I've Had Enough of You.

You Keep on Coming Back. You Keep on Coming Back out If I'm Just Tired of You Michael Not I Am so Grateful to the More He Never Says That Sometimes When God Does Not Give Us What We Are Asking for in the Timely Fashion and the Times We Want We Get Tempted to Doubt God.

I Understand I Understand Binder but Look at These People in the Form of Nehemiah.

Instead of Expecting God to Serve Them Daycare Humbling Themselves before Pharaoh and This Prayer.

Nehemiah 9 Is Far from Being Self-Centered. Prayer Is Far from Being Human Centered Prayer. It Is a God Centered Prayer Is Focus Not on Give Me God. But How I Can Put Everything on the Altar. The Focus on Serving and Blessing the Lord for His Faithfulness, Verses 32 to 38 to the People Understood That When They Sin against God. They Are Breaking a Sacred Trust Relationship. Did You Know That Every Time We Rebel against God and God Alone.

When We Are Breaking That Sacred Trust. When a Husband Betrays His Marriage Vows. He's Breaking That Sacred Trust That the Present Does Not Cease to Be a Christian but It Undermines His or Her Effectiveness from God.

Listen to the Words of King David Psalm 32, Three and Four When I Kept Silent. That's from Confession, My Bones Wasted Away through My Groaning All Day Long for Day or Night Your Hand Was Heavy upon My Strength Was Set As in the Heat of Summer. Listen and Confessed Sin Is Done at Home to His Gunner Cost You Sleep Is Going to Break That Sweet Fellowship You Have with the Father, but You Can Put an End to It Today. Some of You. I Need to Go Make Some Phone Calls You Met Somebody for Forgiveness. You Might Give Somebody Forgiveness Have Been Withholding It from Him or Her You Can Handle That. This Is Leading the Way with Dr. Michael You Sent Passionately Proclaiming Uncompromising Truth Want to Reach out to Dr. You Sent for the Leading Relating We Made It Easy. Just Call Us 866-626-4356 or You Can Go Online to and Stay with Us.

Michael Returns in Just a Moment to Wrap up Today's Challenging Teaching That First Is Quick Reminder That If You've Missed Any of the Messages in the Rebuilding Our Broken Walls Series. You Can Listen for Free. Just Visit and That's Also the Place to Learn about the Many Resources. Dr. Yousef Is Designed to Encourage You in Your Spiritual Journey, Including His Latest Book and What He Calls His Legacy Book.

It's Called Saving Christianity. It's a Challenge to Be Discerning about the Dilution of Truth in Today's World. Now Is Mentioned Here Is Dr. Yousef to Close out Today's Program Take Cement, Says Dr. Michael Yousef Quickly Shares for Keys to Confession in Prayer.

I Want to Help Everyone Who Has Been Convicted of the Holy Spirit. Today Is Not My Words Are.

So What We Would've God I Want to Help You by Showing You from the Scripture the Four Cornerstones of Confession Prayer of Confession Number One Acknowledging Your Personal Responsibility for Sin. Don't Blame Your Spouse Don't Blame Your Parents Don't Blame Other People Make No Excuses Don't Blame Others. Don't Blame Your Surroundings. I Was in Such Situation.

I Could Not on Accept Full Responsibility.

Whatever That Somebody Second Acknowledged God's Justice Confessed That God Is Holy and Just. That Means That It Is His Prerogative to Be Disappointed with My Soon Will Have No Right to Demand Mercy.

We Currently Plead for Mercy. Thirdly, Asking for Forgiveness in the Name of Jesus.

The Only Reason We Are Even Qualified to Come to the Throne Room of God Is Because Jesus Already Paid the Penalty of Our Sins on the Cross and We Can Only Be Forgiven in the Name of Jesus Forcefully Cling to God's Promises of Forgiveness and Also Has a Monograph Agreement Isaacs Can't Forgive Myself and I Know That Will God Forgive You. Who Are You Not to Forgive Yourself.

Once You Have Truly Confessed, Don't Fall in Satan's Ploy of Making You Doubt God's Forgiveness. You Need to Let the past Sins That Have Been Confessed Unforgiven to Be in the past.

Every Time Satan or Others Might Remind You of Your Sin, You Remind Them of the Promises of God and Here Are Some of Those Promises.

Jeremiah 3134 Will Forgive Their Wickedness and Will Remember Their Sins No More. Psalm 103 12. As Far As These from the West As Part God Removed Our Transgressions from Us. Isaiah 118 Come Now, Let's Reason Together, Says the Lord. Though Your Sins Are like Scarlet, There Shall Be Why Does Snow. Though They Are Red As Crimson, They Will Be like Cool in the Verse I Court on a Regular Basis. First John 19 If We Confess Can You Say That with Me.

If We Confess God Is Faithful and Just to Forgive Us All Our Sins and Cleanse Us from All Unrighteousness. Then You Must Be Willing to Accept the Freedom and the Joy That Comes from Confession of Forgiveness. Don't Be Morbid Are You with Me. Don't Be Morbid and Well on Your past Sins Done so. I Know God Forgave Me about Ms. Melba Move Forward with Joy. A Man Father God, Cleanse Us from All Unrighteousness. Let This Be an You Moment in Our Lives.

Turning Moment That We Will Experience the Joy That's Unspeakable Because of Confession of Sin Forward.

Pray This in Jesus Name, Amen. This Is Leading the Way with Dr. Michael You Sent. Perhaps As You Listen Today. Some Questions Came to Mind about Your Faith If You'd like to Begin a Conversation about Dates Related Items Confidentially. We Encourage You to Visit Just Going to Let a Form You Can Speak Candidly and Confidentially with One of Our Compassionate Team Members. You Can Speak to Them through Email or You Can Speak to Them over the Phone, Your Choice, but Get Started and or You Can Always Call Us 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 Will Write to Us, Leading the Way, PO Box 20100, Atlanta, GA 30325 PO Box 20100 Management 30325. This Program Is Furnished by Leading the Way with Dr. Michael You Sent

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