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Rebuilding Our Broken Walls (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 10, 2020 1:00 am

Rebuilding Our Broken Walls (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 10, 2020 1:00 am

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Michael you sent with a few questions do you want a photo in your growth in your life do you want the secret to ungodly contentment and confidence and joy. Do you want to know God's plan for revival.

As for me at my cell reveals the real or personal welcome to leading the way teaching.

The teaching of pastor and author Dr. Michael you sent using media around the world to share the gospel of Jesus. Today more keys to revival for the follower of Jesus from Dr. Yousef's powerful series called rebuilding our broken walls. I do keep in mind that lead way is a listener supported ministry, meaning that God provides through the prayers and the gifts of those who encouraged those who are challenged by Dr. Yousef and the worldwide impact. Visit to find out ways to stand with Dr. Yousef or you can always call us at 866-626-4356 first listen with me as he continues his series called rebuilding our broken walls liquid appraiser there. My seven and four. Please go personal corporate revivals first was in assembling the body of the believers assembling together as one man. Secondly there is the affirming of the authority of the word of God unfairly abettors the glory of the God of grace and elsewhere there is the abandoning of oneself to God assembling together with the body of believers. Nehemiah 7 opens with the fact that often the logistics have been completed. The people assembled as one man at this point Jerusalem was not really a city in the true sense of the word up to this point. It was just an enclosure journalism or adjuster award old fortress is or Michael have you know that well because the houses and the shops in the other structures have not been built yet been destroyed by the Babylonians 70 years earlier but have not been rebuilt. The and that is why the rest of chapter 7.

These names of the families there were $50,000 50,000 people out of the hundreds of thousands of Jews were begging into Babylon into exile, only 50,000 come back. Why you see the others compromise would Babylon that I love the life and Babylon turned their backs on God and enjoyed Bible God always uses the committed minority.

God always uses a committed few doesn't have to be a huge, humongous numbers.

God used 12 fishermen verse one chapter 8 all the people assembled as one man before the gate.

The Watergate Ezra the scribe's opens order God opens the book of God. Why was it necessary for the people to gather together as one man why why can the adjuster home. I know you've heard it, and I've heard it.

People say you know I can just worship God just as well on fishing as I do in church. I can worship God on the golf course just as I can worship a church visit and I'm not going to dispute this, because I believe you can worship God anywhere I want my greatest times of praise and adoration and singing out in the worst traffic jams was not useless to me unfriending allies will bless the Lord and sing my heart out, but worshiping God in private is not the same as worshiping him with other believers. There is a certain blessing that God bestows. There's a certain presence of God.

There's a certain mystical and miraculous atmosphere that takes place in the body join together and unite in faith with each other. Why do you think Jesus kept on saying right now. When two of you agree on two or three of you together when you towards renters or what I there are things that God does during a time of corporate worship that we will never understand until we get to heaven. Hebrews chapter 10 versus 24 and 25 warns us against the danger of neglecting the assembling together with the body of believers. If you are a sensitive believer is most of your and for whatever reason you stay away from corporate worship, you know, and I know what happens when the heart begins to grow cold. Not only toward God, but toward the people of God. You know what I'm talking about I know is exponentially. But when you return to the heart of corporate worship.

Your heart feels like is going to burst out of joy many years ago the devil tricked me and I stayed away from the heart of worship. My life was joyless bitterness gripped me and dominated, and I felt like a thirsty man in the middle of the horror but thank God, loving sister who never give up on me, never cease to pray for me until one day I find my way back to the heart of fellowship with believers. I come back to the heart of corporate worship again in the time it was joy unspeakable unforgettable. Listen to me, beloved God did not design us to be long Ranger Christians he created us to be in community he created us to be members of our body active, involved he created us for one another. So can we worship together and praise together and encourage one another.

In fact, when we lift our voices to God whether you can sing another doesn't matter when we stop praying together all of that comes as a symphony to the ears of God.

King Solomon puts it this way. Ecclesiastes 4, nine and 10. Two are better than one, because they have a good return on their work. If one falls down his friend will help him up in the very reason why Nehemiah was toiling and sacrificing why he left the luxury of the palace and social why he gave up power and authority and all the goodies that this people a morning for an hour about our culture to that.

He gave it up and his sacrifice and came back to sweat and to help him get his hair and roughed up and callous was not just so that they may have a beautiful wall to look at it did not do that because it was moving an edifice.

No, but so that God's people. My worship harp together in unity and peace and enjoy the first key to revival is what assembling together with the body of believers. The second key to revival is the affirming of the authority of the word of God tell you something.

This is the battle of this generation. The authority of the word of God. Every generation has its own Bible. This is ours. And the reason we gather together not just to have warm and fuzzy feeling I've nothing against woman fuzzies are like them myself but feelings do not last for very long. But we gather together to experience all of God in response to our affirming of the word of God.

Listen to me this casual and nonchalant attitude toward worship and coming late and leaving early is an insult to God and when the people of God gathered in the public square next to the Watergate in Jerusalem that were all struck.

Look at verse three all the way down. He read it loud from daybreak till noon my soul and body. People go watch a game for that long but they will never listen to what I got for seven hours is really the clincher here and all the people listen attentively to the book of the law. I promise you there is not a single person was your morning there's not a single person who was dozing off a door to God. While the word of God being read.

As soon as he heard the word of God. This is how I know there were numbers of golf whose lesson one Sandra six all the people lifted their hands and responded very rare, then about them worship the Lord with their faces to the ground. Beloved, we have lost our all of God. They were struck when the word of God was rendered on their face. Listen to me for a true revival to happen in your heart for a true revival to happen in your home for true revival to happen in the church for revival to happen in a nation it has to begin with hunger and thirst for the word of God. I know most Christian songs of silver Bibles and variety of translations and then the shelves in the coffee tables and every year you got it everywhere but statistic of the statistic of the statistic has confirmed that mass and 20% of Christians read the Bible in the database. No wonder the nation is in the situation it's in. We have Bibles in our laptops or barbers phones are Bibles and iPads use them for texting and emailing him just fine. I do that all of that settlement.

Click on the word of God here. Nehemiah 8 the people's hearts are being prepared for revival. How by honoring and bowing and worshiping the God of the Bible. They assembled to hear the word of God. They assembled tall from the authority of the word of God. There were assembled to affirm the power of God that is in his word. I think most of you know this is not going to come as news to you.

I don't preach moralistic sermons I don't preach psychological sermons are.

I don't reach her happiness and self-esteem.

I don't preach your humanistic sermons. I don't preach a social gospel.

Why because there is a world of difference between all of these things in the word of God itself. See the power is not in the preach of the proudest mother in the preaching, the powders in the word of God itself. That's why often tell you it is far more important to be biblically correct and politically correct when Ezra opened the book of God. People stood up. He did not stand up, they still don't sit still and heard the word of God being preached, there arose out of reverence. Today, people treat the Bible as a smorgasbord or a buffet. I like this like this. I like that part like that part no Bible said that sexism and monogamous heterosexual marriage for life. I don't like that cost about Bibles said given five or don't like that one think it up thoughts about we pick and choose instead of allowing the word of God to sit in judgment over us. We sit in judgment over listen to what Psalm 138 verse two said will bow down toward your holy temple. I will praise your name and your Lord. We often say that a good man that his word is as good as his name or his name as good as his word that is absolutely true of God and that is why God exalted his name and his word above all else, beloved, let me tell you something. The Bible is perfect and does not need editing does not need revising does not need rewriting does not need modification does not need apology does not need the watered-down unacceptable is pure without contradiction.

Now listen to me. The church that succumbs to human reasoning or human experience or social or political fads or a culture fashion is a church that has began to doubt the authority of the word of God.

If we truly want to revival in this we can pray for revival until we're blue in the face. But if we truly want the revivals revival in the hearts and our lives in our homes and our church, then we need to begin by sitting under the word of God not over assembling, affirming, adoring the whole reason why God permitted Rebecca Nasser in the Babylonian power to come in invade Jerusalem is seeking his own city take people captives into Babylon destroyed the walls burn the gates. That reason, he allowed this is because of their sin of disobedience heated not only as the once he asked them 100 times. Not only send one prophet but many prophets, and finally when he said I've had enough. The Babylonians came and took them captive some 70 years later as you been following in the series of messes they come back only 50,000 often, but they come back the faithful minority came back, the remnant came back and cut his why when you heard the word of God.

They convicted there were convicted of their sin and the sins of their ancestors and also they mourned over their sin. Then they began to experience the joy of the Lord here say. Okay, enough weeping that God heard you now revel in delight yourself in his grace and forgiveness. Once you have genuinely repented and turned them revel in the grace of God rejoice in the grace of God. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength and that's what they're saying to them in a diverse done the joy of the Lord is your strength after the word of God. The hearts with grief. The same word of God brought them into repentance and that same word of God brought them into adoration of God's amazing grace, sincere repentance from sin, always, always followed by joy always the one thing about the word of God.

It does a complete job like a good surgeon. It doesn't complete job cuts us up and remove the cancerous cells it shows as back up again and then it heals us God does it all. Have you experienced the joy of the Lord I'm talking about slowing the overwhelming joy that makes you want to spend long hours, reveling in his overwhelming grace. Please don't forget what I'm going to tell you about joy, authentic joy does not come from outward experiences really does not authentic joy does not come from winning the lottery are making this big bucks of magnet winning this of succeeding at that none of these things bring us momentary happiness and they go away as fast as they came in, but authentic joy is the true contentment that can never be stored or taken away from you.

Nobody can take it away from you. Financial setbacks will not take it away from you. The trial of friends will never take it away from your troubling medical diagnosis was never taken away from you. Why, because all St. think joy is God's gift to you after repentance that gift, no one can take away. Psalm 19 eight the precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart the commandments of the Lord are radiant, giving light for the ice first Peter revival is consistent assembling the second Peter revival is the affirmation of the authority of the word of God and the third Peter revival is during of the God of grace forcefully and finally the fourth key is abandoning oneself to God look with me.

In verses 13, all the way to 18 of chapter 8. Nehemiah see when Ezra opened up the book of the law. The book of God people discovered all of God's commands and requirements they been away from worship been away from a breeder slipping away in the desert and now they come back. The feast of tabernacle or the feast of booths in this described in the book of Leviticus 2333 and it is celebrated on the fifth day of the month of fishery for our calendar is around September October and that feast lasted seven days and the reason is called the feast of Tabernacle approval in Hebrews. You have some Jewish friends are always referred to it as a separate there is a far deeper meaning to this, listen carefully in the New Testament, it has a far deeper meaning. Why is it called tenant to move because for seven days.

They are to abandon the comfort of their homes. They to abandon the comfort of their surroundings. They are to exchange them for this fragile temporary dwelling covered with palm branches very flimsy. Indeed what's the point here. This is a mere outward symbol of a deeper conviction of abandoning oneself to God. It is trusting God completely throwing yourself wholly in his hands during the time when the people of Israel heard the word of God.

They affirmed the word of God that brought the grace of God. Now they are putting the word of God into action. This is the point here.

This is the mark of a true and authentic revival is not just responding out of an emotional response or Nero you got in your heart about something on you so I'll respond none none none of this was, not a temporary effect.

It was the people consecrating themselves to God for the rest of the lives it was the abandoning of oneself to God. It is the surrendering of ourselves to God when you are out of the will of God. When you are out of fellowship with God. You can put on some the close you can plaster Sunday smile.

You can saying or more like mumbling the songs, but to use still churches of drudgery. You came along because you have to somebody brought you along or you came singing just as I am.

And you go out just as you can. Being with other believers hold majority fellowship with you from my personal experience, wearing a pious masking pretending to be someone that you're not. I know for me, although it was many years ago still remember us to remember it was heavy burden. It was burdensome when you're coming.

Repentance seeking his forgiveness filled with his grace and joy believing affirming their folly of his word is empowering.

It does the opposite. When you hear the word of God and obey the joy of the Lord will be your strength. Regardless of your circumstances.

This is leading the way with Dr. Michael.

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