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Can You Pass the Three Tests? (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 20, 2020 1:00 am

Can You Pass the Three Tests? (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Truth versus partial truths so many preachers so many theologians of teaching falsehood under the guise of truth and what causes a defection from the faith. What causes giving in to this false teaching. Something they tried to save Christianity. Christianity does not need to be saved. That is why wanted to get this book. Saving Christianity because it will show you how false that thought is an homage of all the names of these people are false teachers around us now, not in order to attack people, but to attack the false teaching. I want to help you galvanize you yourself from the postage. Please you need this book ordered. Now in his newest book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael Yousef exposes the false teachings that are infiltrating churches today, and shares the keys to seeing the revival of true Christianity in our day. Preorder your own copy today for a gift of any amount you also receive a free downloadable resource truth tips for tips for discerning truth in today's culture. Preorder your copy of saving Christianity today you can call right or visit us number to place your order 866-626-4356 and when you preorder you will be one of the first to receive saving Christianity once again, 866-626-4356 or the website. is living as a disciple of Jesus mean to you is it just a habit of church attendance. Is it a moral code that wise and still is required by your family today. Dr. Yousef continues his series called can you pass the three test you'll see that when you follow Christ you will live like Christ.

Listen with me now as he begins that a lot of people love hurts and I thought to myself, and I said if I would tell you that there is a magic wand that you would wave and your emotional pain will become all you would want it right. If I tell you about a family that if you follow it that your emotional hurts can be lesson and overcome. You would tell me about it right but isn't that easy. The answer is no because it requires something of us, something that so many of us, in fact, the vast majority of us are not willing to commit to is going to require that you acknowledge that you cannot do it by yourself and the ego does not like that it requires that you to be willing to place others ahead of yourself and that is not easy and requires daily emptying of yourself of yourself and that is not easy.

It requires the emulation of the one who did it perfectly prevented wholesome life who did it successfully. I'm talking about loving like Jesus loving like Jesus. I'm sure some of you are saying or can anybody really love like Jesus's, but cannot be done perfectly now going to become easily dense is also no, but I wanted to listen very carefully on going to tell you because major part of the problem that we are facing, and I'll talk about us who are the disciples of Jesus.

Major part of the problem is that we look at our world and we see that the world is filled with fuzzy notion of Christian love and that is impacting us many a church denomination have erroneously concluded that the love like Jesus is new to exercise, not condemnation of sin that you make no distinction between right and wrong that you make no clear line of demarcation between justice and injustice that you have no appreciation for the truth but on the contrary, the highest expression of love. If you want to live like Jesus the highest expression of love is obedience to Jesus what it is is that if you love me know what O'Brien some of the Jesus made with his disciples in John 13 and said by this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. I am sure some children would love to interpret this verse to mean that if my parents love me they would let me do whatever I want to do with all the kids. Those of us have kids understand that this is the way this if you love me you let me do this is the way of manipulating us, by the way that some spouses would like to interpret this to mean that if my spouse loves make me do what I want to do regardless of what is going to cost Kalispell is a confusion.

If you love me. You do this if you love me you do that and we see that all around us everywhere we go, the downs of her children say this kind of thing. But that's the mark of a mature, those who are disciples of Jesus Christ. Out of this. If you do this to say hi love you, what can I do for you what is a focus in all of this all around us in our culture is maybe the one who wants to be love the one who needs to be love me commands you express love me but was Jesus's focus is you who should be doing the loving that you should express love to get it back or not. The truth is when you do you will. Someone was Mike and Michael, do you mean to say that I should do all the loving without expecting and love back is not like sowing and reaping you some reply is not about even if you don't get immediate results. Now, I think this is very important distinction and that's exactly what is being blurred in our culture today.

The whole concept of love among contemporaries is turning to sentimentality will use love as leverage to get others to do for them selfishly what they want the whole focus on love in our generation is on the recipient's demands. The emphasis on love is lack of condemnation of sin and what is wrong today. Anybody who has a conviction and expresses his or her convictions.

Loving like they are cold and labeled extremist vile society and this tell us that that person ought to be ostracized that person ought to banish from society that person ought be shot up from society and that is a twist and perversion of the concept of love that is pouring out of many a church that is failing out of many a denomination that was out of the media that is planning out a politician. In reality, Jesus tells us that the mark of discipleship is to love like he loves the way these people defining and redefining love that we love like Jesus. Jesus never love sin. Jesus never going to sin. Jesus forgave sin. Jesus though he was sinless, and yet he died for sinners. In fact, it is out of love that we condemn sin, it's out of love that we call sin sin. Why, because sin is harmful because sin hurts families because sin destroyed people and communities because sin devastates and causes upheaval in homes and in society for a genuinely good on the love like Jesus. We must point to the home of sin, not the other way around. Have you ever thought about. If you look at this passage in and saw when Jesus said that that really is the clincher for me as I read John 13 again and again. He said that he said those words to his disciples after he washed the feet off they want to fit in the early part of 13 he began to wash the fit not tell you something. This was not very like our day work your socks and shoes and you drive a nice cars and even if you walk you're welcome paved roads not there will barefoot it and actually some more sandals, dirty roads full of dust of mud. There were filthy feet and you say Lord I can understand you washing Peter's feet. I can understand you washing John's faith is him as a disciple whom you love, you wash Genesis 3 is just too much that's too much. Why Jesus Jonas washed his feet washed his feet and leave you or forsake you wash the feet to know why verse one really is the answer he said because he left them to the end that some of like Jesus you love to the end. Not when things are going well. Not only when things are happy than the times of crisis. In the times of tension that's when your love is tested, I wanted to him right this type of love. The Jesus is talking about. It's not human life is not human love. This is not selfish love. This is not possessive love. This is not just twisted and prevented love that is not on us from every direction. This is a redemptive love this talk about this divine kind of love and that is why I told you in the beginning. This kind of love is neither natural nor easy. Only God can give you this kind of love is loving like Christ. Easy, no, nobody would tell you that. But only Christ can make you love like Christ, disciple of Jesus Christ you claim to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, then you must ask yourself the question, do you love like Jesus well is that a magic wand that would help heal your emotional wounds. This is a formula that can make you hold. Yes, love like Jesus. Top of the question is how do you love like Christ. This is how every time somebody wrongs you every time somebody sins against you immediately forgive them, immediately forgive between you and God is likely to understand. You just understand this person doesn't deserve forgiveness. She hurt me deeply abuse me all my life and this time she nearly destroyed me.

Let me ask you this, the Jesus, forgive your sins. Does he continue to forgive your sins where he continued to forgive your sins in the future all pray tell me if he forgave you. And if you are happily receive forgiveness of his hand while you are so anxious not to dispense forgiveness, love like Jesus. If you're a disciple of Jesus you love like Jesus doesn't mean to forgive and forget.

Like Jesus. It means that whenever you are wrong by someone you immediately that very moment, look up to heaven and say Lord Jesus because of your power because of your strength because I know the cycle. I forgive the first and you take care of it and it's done that's what it means you do it privately between you and the Lord means that when the person who have wronged you is repentant and he comes to you and ask for forgiveness because you have taken care of the matter between you and the Lord you are ready to embrace them and offer forgiveness. Now some people when the wronged girl and immediately tell the person that wronged him that they forgive them do that under that, unless the person himself or herself comes and asked for forgiveness don't dispense but you take care of it between you and your heavenly daddy. There are some people when somebody comes and asked for their forgiveness. They pretend that it didn't happen all that was nothing.

It was say that since sin is not being judgmental or harsh it is being honest and truthful and when sin is brought into the surface and is going fast.

Forgiveness is a must.

Some people say while I will forgive you and I will never forget you know why people say that because they think that forgetting mean that you gotta get a bout of amnesia and you gotta remember it anymore.

That's really what they think now that's not what it means is not means that it's a race from your memory bank. Now when the Bible said that God forgives and forgets it doesn't mean that the God who knows everything about everybody since before the creation and after the creation filled in the stomp knows all the details of your life submits I don't remember what he did know that doesn't mean that all but rather it means forgetting means that he would not hold it against you is what it means. It means that it's not in his account. Ledger that is filed away, and every pay day he pulls it out there says land and no forgetting means you canceled the debt forgetting means that you don't hold it against them forgetting means permanently removing the reference from the deck, if you're a disciple of Jesus Christ, then you need to learn to love like Christ. Often when someone wrongs me. I wait until they asked for forgiveness is already told you that person not somebody on their behalf. That person has to come and asked for forgiveness before I publicly express what I say that when I give you some biblical precedents here, but what have I done. Meanwhile, in my own heart of hearts in the privacy of my heart. Between me and the Lord in the secrets and the very depth of my heart. What have I done.

I like I've taken care of it with God that I have canceled the debt it's washed it's cleansed because it's going to affect my walk with the Lord is going to affect my life is going to affect my ministers can affect everything in the world.

So I take care of it through the power of Jesus Christ for care of it but not publicly. Why I wanted to him right one. You must never offer forgiveness unless and until the person asks for someone is sick but I forgive you what you have done the person might not be aware that is not anything it's different in a parental responsibility when you try to bring your child on the conviction you confront them with the wrong it's different if you're in spiritual authority and you try to bring somebody on the conviction to see what they've done before even they asked for. Listen to me. The reason why Christianity is so mushy is because for so long was preached come to Jesus and just make them to be your friend less wonderful, but he cannot be your friend until you already have been convicted that you have sinned against a holy God, and against his commandments and against his rules and that you're heading for disaster without Jesus Christ payment for this a problem with preached cheap repentance and and I never have even asked for repentance until I person comes under conviction that he or she have sinned against a holy God. They can never be born again adding Jesus to the list of your friends to help you this wonderful Jesus is wonderful friend not because I testify to that.

But Jesus, a friend of sinners. Those who confess those who admit and so the person has to confess personally and then be forgiven. Conviction must proceed repentance and when public repentance takes place then public forgiveness should be offered generously and freely.

Second thing I want to tell you is this, you must take care of the inward forgiveness immediately and without delay. Don't sleep on it is gonna multiply because carrying a grudge hinders God's blessing on your life. They really will. It will so deal with it inwardly and then wait for God's timing to offer outwardly and publicly after the resurrection.

Jesus did not rush to Peter and said, not Peter. You denied me three times. But I forgive you. We don't have any record of and study three times or so. You love me. You love me you love me comes under conviction no more forgives and when the Jesus forgive Peter you know how can shelter from Scripture. After the third time Peter denied Jesus. The Bible said and Jesus turned and looked at Peter as a separator. That's all right I forgiven you.

My heart when Jesus forgive the crowd who nailed him to the cross. Now that his agony looked down and no, he could've done that but didn't pray to father is the father forgive them.

A few people actually heard this because it was between him and the father who took care of it right on the spot between him and the father they don't know what they're doing and he said I forgive you, they would've laughed. Jeer forgiveness will the government a favor that was done got a favorable dilemma. But if everyone is he talked about but he took care of it and then there is no doubt in my mind that on the day of Pentecost when the Bible said the 3000 people came to Christ and in Jerusalem. Some of them were those very ones who stood under the cross you talk to the father about those who have hurt you and the father will give you supernatural power to be able to forgive and to keep your heart clean between you and him.

Why should you take care of this very quickly. I don't want itů I'm almost finished. If you miss this you're going to miss the whole point of this message. Don't miss the Bible said if I incline us in where in my heart when nobody can see when nobody knows but me and God. I'm inclining in my heart if I hide a Cinemark if I hide a grudge in my heart if I entertain a sin of my heart if I used to sit in my heart if I nurture and nourish a sin in my heart if I ascend in my heart. My prayers not going to go any further than the ceiling. God will not hear me. So the songs you been praying for something for so long you haven't had an answer. Something that in your heart you know that is consistent with the will of God we listen to me. Please. Maybe, just maybe, that you are entertaining a grudging heart. Maybe, just maybe, that you are nursing sin in your heart.

Maybe, just maybe, that you are nurturing bitterness resentments and Yahoo.

Maybe, just maybe, that you're not loving like Jesus Dr. Michael you sent passionately proclaiming the uncompromising truth of the gospel today on leading the way.

If you'd like to speak candidly about what it means to live like Jesus reach out to one of our caring staff members and begin a conversation you can get more information and start that, unless you can tell from today's message. Dr. Yousef has a passion for teaching the truth and serving it up so that you can experience the fullness of a life devoted to Jesus way that he serves. That truth is through his writing ministry, and as were coming up on the release of the challenging buckets uniquely called saving Christianity.

Dr. UNICEF helps you to understand and to discern the danger of false teachings dangers that are destroying many churches from within you will renew your confidence in the gospel by gaining a deeper understanding of the essential ingredients of the Christian faith and you'll find ways to protect the up-and-coming generations from false truths. These are destroying the foundation of faith in our culture. Learn more about this life-changing book called saving Christianity. Give us a call 866-626-4356 and online.

LTW got for now. Q this program is furnished by leaving the rain with Dr. Michael you sent passionately training uncompromising around

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