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12 Evidences of Faith (Part 10)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 10, 2020 1:00 am

12 Evidences of Faith (Part 10)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Welcome to leading the way, where today Dr. Michael Yousef continues his series in the downed workbook of James helping you infuse faith into your real life today. Let's take a look at how money and faith come together.

Probably there is no more explosive subject from the subject of money is explosive in politics is explosive and mature sure for some explosive, some so today I am going to be an expert in diffusing their explosive bombs, cold morning. Dr. Yousef tackles this volatile subject in just a moment that first you have questions about beginning or going deeper in your faith walk. Let me encourage you to begin a conversation with one of our compassionate team members need to do is just fill out a quick contact now to give Dr. Yousef just as much time as possible for today's message. Listen with me as he begins John D. Rockefeller said I have made many millions but they have brought me nothing of happiness. Railroad magnet William Henry Vanderbilt who was the richest man in the world at the time of his death before he died he said the cares of $200 million is enough to kill anyone.

There's no pleasure in John Jacob Astor was the first multimillionaire in America is that I am the most miserable man on earth upon their carmaker Henry Ford who said I was happiest when I was doing a mechanics job James chapter 5 verses 1 to 6 is a common tree blunt one but it's a commenter. Nonetheless, on what those statements are just made about those folks what they said when he said, listen you greedy rich, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you.

He makes a statement not to the pagan nonbelievers like those people I just wrote you about, but he's talking about believers.

The whole epistle is to believers the whole epistle are calling it the 12 evidence of faith. Probably there is no more explosive subject than the subject of money. It is explosive in politics.

It's explosive in society at large. It is explosive insured sure it is explosive in the home and that is why more marriages are end up in divorce over the issue of money than anything else. It's an explosive subject and so today I am going to be an expert in diffusing the explosive bomb called money and there are several things that you must keep in your mind and in your heart as you listen to these words from the apostle James, first of all I want to tell you James is not speaking about money here.

Speaking about the use of money. Second thing is this.

Remember, everyone has their own view on the subject and I'm not here to change your views. I'm just here to point you to the word of God. The third thing I want to tell you is this nowhere in the Bible. I will repeat it. Nowhere in the Bible does it ever say that it is a sin to be rich.

In fact, the Bible gives us number of people who were wealthy.

We saw biblical heroes and God use them to use their wealth in order to bless the world literally think of Abraham. He was probably one of the richest people on the earth at the time.

King David King Solomon, King Jehoshaphat Hezekiah in the gospel of Luke to tell us about the wealthy women who supported the ministry of Jesus. Joseph of Arimathea Philemon Barnabas Lydia, just to mention a few. So please, please, please, you must understand that the apostle James is not talking about rich people as an economic class is not here is not saying that it is a sin to be wealthy and saw in chapter 5, verse one, when James addresses those who use their wealth the wrong way. He is addressing those who use their wealth in sinful means. Those who use their wealth and destructing lives of others. The apostle James is addressing those who make money to be their God, and that happens whether a person has $100 over $1 million makes no difference that James is addressing those who have placed their trust in their possessions. Whether there are meager or match. James is speaking to the person who hordes and hordes and hordes and then hold some more because they do not trust in the Lord's provision. James is speaking to those who should have used the blessings that God has placed in their hands to bless others and help the needy.

Instead of lavishing it on themselves. James is rebuking those who spend their blessings on selfish ones lorded over others. Instead of spending it to bless the work of God in the kingdom of God. James is speaking to these folks and he said one day, you gonna wake up on the other side of eternity and you have nothing and that is why James specifically call them the greedy rich.

They are the ones who should weep and how because of the misery they got experience on the other side of eternity because that's what misery is going to be when they get there they going to be howling and weeping. On the other side, so might as well get a head start now. Get used to it because that's what you gonna do for eternity.

And that's why the apostle Paul could command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor put their hope in wealth, which is uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment is a bottom line about James chapter 5 verses 1 to 4. Ask yourself the question is, indeed, that I asked myself the same question as the Almighty God, or the almighty dollar control of my life. That's the question everyone should ask whether you have a dollar on a million.

One night because riches tend to give us false feeling of self-sufficiency.

The truth is this, please listen carefully. Your true statement of net worth is not the few things you got the call out of the house and the fuel savings and none on your true statement of net worth is everything you sent on ahead to heaven.

That's your statement of net worth because that would be on the other side. You hear people so we can take it with you the problems that you can you send it on. I had listen we get into trouble when we either deliberately or voluntarily forget that God owns everything he owns all of the gold he owns all of the silver here owns all of the real estate in the universe and God is looking for channels through whom we can do is work. God is looking for conduits. God is looking for distribution centers. That's what God is looking for God is looking for people who understand and delight in passing on the blessings to others, and so he gives us some of that stuff and that is why James speaking to that Christian who squanders God's blessings on themselves. He is saying to that person that you are not demonstrating the compassion of Christ, he is saying you do not represent the values of Christ, that person is not obedient to Christ.

And that is why the use of your material possessions is that evidence number 10 of the 12 evidence of faith were given close to the end. It makes no difference to God.

Whether you're rich or poor, really doesn't because wealth and poverty is simply a circumstance of life. What matters to God, is whether your trust informally with what he placed in your hands are not really what matters to God. If you are a believer.

The Bible said, you have passed from judgment of health into eternal life unity pass the judgment. It's very clear don't want to misunderstand. But what he's saying here. He's not talking about the eternal judgment of hell for those of you who are in Christ Jesus you have crossed that eternal judgment.

So what is he talking about is talking about exactly what Paul talks about in second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 10.

Let me read it to for we must all these talk about. We and all believers right so we all must appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one is talking to the believers may receive what is due him for things that don't want anybody with a good or bad. Again, please. Please understand this is not the judgment of Othello judgment of hell. It is the judgment of whether you gonna receive a reward in heaven or not. That's what he's talking about. In fact, the apostle Paul even makes it more vivid in first Corinthians chapter 3 verses 12 to 15. He says what we have done every one of us is going to be tested by fire. If you've given to God generously of yourself and of your resources he said were not matches left by God, your work on your rewards will be like gold and silver. I've seen gold being melted and it is incredible to become shine and bright than ever. Is it for those who give the crumbs of themselves and of the resources when the fire is lit.

Their crimes are going to look like hey what you do when you like a Harriet with a much is gonna burn very quickly and all you got is few ashes as what he say God places such importance on the right from wrong use of material possessions that 16 out of the 38 parables of Jesus have to do with money. In fact, 1/10 of all the verses in the four Gospels, 10% of all the verses pointedly and directly toward money the Bible you'll find that there are 500 verses about faith 500 about prayer.

But there are 2000 verses about money and possessions is a reason for that is a reason on the counter with him or tell you why. Why does the word of God places such emphasis on the right and wrong use of material possessions and in the blessings that he put in your hand. Listen to me very carefully.

Please because God knows that money will always be a powerful force in our lives. I know it isn't mine money will always have an enormous hold all the arrests.

God knows how easy it is to place money on the throne of our lives where God rightfully belong. God knows that we will always mistakingly place our security and money. God knows that we will always try to mistakingly look to my name for a sense of well-being, a sense of worth and a sense of purpose. God knew that we would be inclined to work and sacrifice for money. God knew that the money is his number one competitor. Did you know that says number one competitor. A few years ago a comedian by the name of Jack Benny always portrayed himself as a stingy tightwad in one of his famous sketches.

He was walking across the street when he accosted by a gunman who demanded your money or your life and basically all he got back in response was a long drawn silence in the robber was getting frustrated and he growled again he said I said your money or your life.

The annoyed Billy said to me said don't rush me. I'm thinking it over on Julie serious of this is ridiculous.

How can anyone with money over life and yet there are many people in churches who are willingly risk their eternal rewards for possessions. Think about that even though we are warned in the Scripture again and again and again, and yet statistics show less than 7% of Christians in America. Five. Live alone give offering on top of that, and that said that's a sad, tragic statistics humored out on this one. Steward knows that God cares just as much for what you keep as much is what you give away what you do with what you keep are just as important in the Lord's eyes as what you give to the Lord. Some people have a hard time deciding your money or your reward that shouldn't be a big deal for some reason this is this is a difficult choice. Don't rush me. I'm thinking it over, and that's why James warns us.

If we acquire money by cheating workers and their welfare wages. These people cry to God than the Christ reach heaven because God knows everything.

Can you say that with me. God knows everything he knew that Adam and Eve ate of that fruit. God knew that Cain killed his brother Abel.

God knew that Aiken took the spoils of victory in Jerrica God knew that David sinned with Bathsheba. God knew that Jezebel had neighbor for the Israelites killed God knew that God has Iris Elisha's servant heart went off to the goods of Naaman the Syrian captain. God knew that Ananias and Safar lied about the price of that field don't give yourself you cannot get away with robbing God because God sees everything God knows everything, for perils of self-centered prosperity, self-centered prosperity.

That's the operative word to see them another way, there are four roadblocks that hinder us from receiving our reward or you can put them another way, so therefore reasons why some Christians never reach maturity in the walk the seven verses five and six of James chapter 5 you have lived on earth. The lecture and self-indulgence. You have to fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered innocent men who are not opposing you federal number one, a life of luxury, my goodness.

I live in luxury. That's not what he's talking about.

Every time I gun my comfortable bed. I thank the Lord for the luxury of having a roof over my head every time up with a close and I thank God for giving me enough to dress well every time I see blessings of God are thinking for. But what does he mean by living in lecture.

Listen carefully.

It means a life that is lived showing off our affluence alive that is flaunting the blessings of God alive that would manifest our conspicuous consumption lifestyle of the rich and famous things that reflect our ego and make people sit and take notice that while look at him, her is what he's talking about here.

Federal number two. A lifestyle of self-indulgence. There's nothing wrong with enjoying God's blessings already read from first Timothy six. He gives us everything for our enjoyment.

Nothing wrong with enjoying God's blessings, but we go wrong when we think that we are entitled to his lavish blessing on ourselves. We go wrong when we forget the purpose for which God blessed us, namely, that we may bless others.

We come into the world with nothing and will leave with nothing but between those two nothings he places some resources in our hands and one day you're not going to give an account audited statement.

What did we do without time without resources.

While gifts federal number three affecting heart and the date of slaughter that this is a Middle Eastern imagery people force-feeding animal so that a complaint from is a plump of the better the animal itself whose delighted and gorging himself on this what he considered to be a delicious fruit. He was totally oblivious to the fact this animal is not very suspecting that the only reason he is being fed like that is prepare for the day of slaughter. What is that there slaughter is the day of judgment, order, talked about to have much to show for federal number four condemnation and murder of the righteous that that's a metaphor doesn't mean literally killing the true murder than on what are some people who call themselves Christians, and the only Sunday Christians for the rest of the week they live like the devil they abuse people that take advantage of people they stole from people they say this is the way business is done.

It's a doggy dog world. This is the way the game is played not only tarnish their own witness, but they put the reward in the last day in total jeopardy. There are certain movies that had left an impact on me saving Pvt. Ryan was one of those movies.

When the men and the answers tell me that I live the good life is all I wish you know Jesus. Another movie that lifted an indelible mark on me is Schindler's list Mr. Schindler who saved hundreds of Jews from certain physical death and in the movie they have this big gathering and they send them a letter to thank him to give him a gold ring. He gets overwhelmed by the attitude. He gets overwhelmed by their thankfulness. This is not our pocket of the more God more people out. Why did I keep this limousine. I could've got rid of it and have saved 10 people. Why did I keep a gold pin in my lapel I can get rid of it and about two more people out. I could've done more.

I can save more people beloved, listen to me very carefully. Please don't use this frivolously. This is a picture of some Christians on the day of white throne judgment who will be regretful of what they have not done for Christ that they could have done that was hard I could've gotten rid of this I can get rid of that I could've done more. I should have given up these frivolous things if it helps save people, help people bless people why did not do more for the work of what I did not do more for those who missed I could've done more, I could've saved more consumer spending on frivolous silly things and worthless things in life. I could've done more. Father God, what a honor and a privilege and joy to know you and to know that I'll return it to shore.

Father I pray another single person here who would get into heaven with the skin of the teeth are pray in Jesus name government, not a single person would regret what they have not done in this life for you the one who did everything and gave everything up for us real life coaches is a new name. The 12 evidences of faith. That's the title of Dr. Michael Yousef's current series on leading the way and if you didn't get to hear the entire message. Remember that you can listen online or subscribe to the leading the way podcast through your preferred podcast. Learn now have you preordered your copy of Dr. Yousef's newest book the land.

Make sure that it's on your spring reading list. It's called saving Christianity truth versus partial truths so many preachers and so many theologians teaching falsehood under the guise of truth and what causes that defection from the faith. What causes giving in to this false teaching. Something trying to save Christianity. Christianity does not need to be saved. That is why I want you to get this will saving Christianity because it will show you how false that thought is an homage of all the names of these people are false teachers around us now, not order to attack people, but to attack their false teaching. I want to help you galvanize you yourself from the postage.

Please you need this book ordered. Now in his newest book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael Yousef exposes the false teachings that are infiltrating churches today, and shares the keys to seeing the revival of true Christianity in our day. Preorder your own copy today for a gift of any amount you also receive a free downloadable resource proof tips for tips for discerning truth in today's culture. Preorder your copy of saving Christianity today you can call right or visit us, the number to call to place your order is 866-626-4356 and when you preorder you will be one of the first to receive saving Christianity once again that's 866-626-4356 for the website now in our last few moments together, allow me to enlighten back again next time right here when Dr. Michael passionately proclaims uncompromising trade on leading the way

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