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Saving Christianity? (Part A)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 4, 2020 1:00 am

Saving Christianity? (Part A)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Truth versus partial truth I think is more important how we feel about God and our personal experiences than exactly what the Bible says. I think it is hard to find it. Only one way. My church believes that we should love people, instead of offending them with difficult parts of the Bible. What causes the defection from the faith causes giving in to this false teaching. Something big trying to save Christianity so many creatures and so many theologians teaching falsehood under the guise of truth and no saving Christianity featuring the president of leading the way, Dr. Michael, you said welcome to this special edition of leading the way with Dr. Michael Yousef. We are going to address that falsehood today know when Mohsen Avenue wants to market something to us. They label it as new or progressive or universal in the past few years Dr. Michael Yousef is noticed an alarming trend of people within the church trying to market Christianity with someone that same branding something that's universally accepted progressive faith. It's tolerant and accepting of all things.

Michael says that watering down the gospel message and removing its power and trying to do that. Some people actually trying to save Christianity but Michael, you say it doesn't need saving absolutely no Christianity doesn't need to be saved because Jesus Christ is the heart of Christianity and he is never change never been modified, but we are trying to modify him. We try to change in which underwater is gospel down the word of God is now became optional. You take it or leave it, and the whole gospel is in danger right now of being lost in the shuffle. Because of the false preaching and the false teaching. My greatest burden as I look at the clock and realize that I don't have as many years as I had that I wanted to challenge people to begin to think biblically. Don't get persuaded by these emotional appeals that if you feel good is it watery, make people feel good and you and I were talking about this, you can go to the doctor and says well I don't want to really do feel bad. So what I gonna do. I'm not going to tell you that you have a tumor and so you go home and is feeling great, top of the world. But then in a short period of time. The tumor is gonna kill you because he's so compassionate and he doesn't want you to go through the pain of the surgery. He doesn't want you to go through the pain of chemotherapy and out of compassion he kills you. And that is what is happening in the church of Jesus Christ today, under the guise of love that literally destroying the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am absolutely burdened about this and I felt the call of God in my life that whatever years he gave me. I want to lift up the truth of the word of God.

I wanted to say this is false. And this is true even if I get hated by the nonbelievers, that's their problem. That's between them and God I love them. I have nothing against the perfect love people enough to tell them the truth is when you hate people.

You don't tell the truth and you can call that love: anything you want. It is hate because hate causes a person's destruction, but love causes them to be saved and there is no greater salvation than to be eternally saved and be assured of heaven right now by coming to him confessing sin and repenting in the grace of God will come and cover you. But also is going to cover your sin not wink at it will cleanse it and purifies it, and then gives you true assurance and true contentment in life, like the apostle Paul said live or die, please. Nothing and no one can touch me because I am in the hand of God, so that is a message that we need to really hammer away and I am appealing to every faithful pastor and many faithful pastors that one of those people desire a Laura like Elijah felt around the only one known enough. I know that there are wonderful, wonderful, faithful preachers of the gospel and I want to encourage them and I want to support them in every way I know how because we all need each other as a remnant in order remnant comes from the term remain. Those of us are remaining holding sounded preaching, teaching, proclaiming the truth of the word of God that God's word is infallible when there is a sin in the Bible because it sin when this forgiveness or cause of forgiveness and therefore that is what infallibility means being truthful and absolutely offered by the Holy Spirit himself and so that is the message I want to encourage the faithful believers and own a call on those pastors who have been tempted to. Maybe if I water down I'll get more people is like my friend Jay Sekulow said thank God he did not run the 10 Commandments through a church committee to see how is going to affect the attendance or runner to gullible because God is God and he's got to be obeyed. We talk about those faithful pastors but you also say that the people who are doing this are the doctors to go back to that illusion. They may believe that they are the faithful pastors.

How do we know who these progressive Christians who are watering down the gospel are and you are the faithful preachers who are really teaching the Bible. I am absolutely convinced, having built with some I'm convinced that those who water down the gospel know that there watering down the gospel and they are deliberately made the choice and they made the decision that because I don't want to offend people because I want to pack the pews and because I want to be liked by the culture at large and I am going to make it palatable under the guise of relevance. This all make it patentable. For example, well you don't like the story of Jonah doesn't make sense three days in the ability of the fish well with I cannot it's okay you don't like to know more in the flawed. You don't have to believe it would take it out and then you end up with the Bible, like that of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson's Bible I'm told is that as he was reading it every time he doesn't like something about the supernatural with a razor. He will cut it out and then that's a factor this in the future benefits all holes in every bit of the Bible that Jefferson had and he was a Deist will end up with a Bible like that. Now I don't know what to do with those who know and they deliberately choose popularity over the authority of the word of God over pleasing God. Those deliberate decisions is between them and God that I am appealing to them. Please turn back there can be no greater testimony that to stand up and say I'm wrong.

I met a pastor from the West. Arizona is my fight several years ago and he got up tens of thousands of his church and he got up he said I'd be pretty positive thinking and I'm so sorry from now on I'm going to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I come under conviction was several thousand people walked out but he was joyful because he knew his repentance had led others to repentance. And so that's my prayer that they will have the courage to say, look, I have been preaching this feel-good Christianity feel good gospel and I'm sorry but I'm repenting before God and before you, from now on I'm going to open the word of God. Open description of our preach from it. Why wonderful revival will be in our day. But also I am concerned for the faithful pastors in many small church all across the United States, England, Australia, Canada all across in the West who are really going through this temptation are made up of many years ago made a pastor in Texas and the and he was literally in tears after I spoke and he said I been up all night because the temptation is and if you had a choice of several thousand people. But the temptation of somebody near and dear to him saying to him with a few softness a little bit you get a whole lot more people if you soften the globe and he knew in his heart that he shouldn't do this incisive Lord, give me a sign while he was up all night praying and he almost did not make it to the pastors lunch where I was speaking this many years ago and the pace that I come here so I'm sitting in tears. The whole time you're speaking because God says this is the son he wanted his Amana breath from Atlanta Georgia to encourage you not to give into the temptation even though the person is tempting you to do this is a very dear to you, near to you and that is the thing I really praying and hoping that whatever arm of God left.

I wanted encourage those pastors to stay the course.

Just like Paul's last words before he was beheaded and died to his son in the faith Timothy is to uphold the truth regardless of the cost because even back then there was a cost. Every generation knows that there is a cost in associated with the preaching of the gospel don't count the cost because God is going to bless you far more than whatever it is you can lose as people who do believe the Bible is the infallible word of God and they're looking to kind of sure that faith day-to-day. You say that there is a document that the church has created that was well thought out and it slid many generations and the apostles Creed and it's a summary is a summary of the faith and the reason they put it together is because even in those early days of the church.

There were some people who are modifying the glass. Believe it or not there were the Aryans in the world and the story is in all these heresies that were to do with the nature of the Trinity and therefore the early early church did put together the summary call the apostles Creed what the apostles believe what the core belief of the apostles and so the apostles contract we use it naturally as the congregation on special occasions to affirm the apostles Creed because this is a summary of what God has accomplished in history and what the apostles of Jesus Christ believed in the sort of the gospel in a capsule if you like unremembered literacy was not something that is very common even though the Hellenistic Greek culture was was was dominant in the Roman world, but nonetheless the law of illiteracy. So to put the gospel in a capsule which called the apostles Creed later on the expand on it in 325 and that town of Nicaea which is in modern Turkey, the Nicene Creed, which is much larger and longer Creed.

There was another Creed called Athanasius. This is the Bishop of Alexandria in Egypt who literally single-handedly for all the heretics who trying to change the gospel and this is in the first two centuries, so all the screens were the earliest is the apostles Creed to say this is a summary of the faith. If you don't have a Bible.

If you can't read as your summary and you believe that you become a believer in Jesus Christ. If you'd like to get all of the details about how to preorder Dr. Michael yes that's brand-new but saving Christianity. Give us a call 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 or you can go online and LTW.Ward said some words that I've heard you say some of the keywords on progressive Christians. This emerging church.

Moral relativism conversation. Rethinking universalism where all of the thistle menu language that's being marketed. There seems to be sort of the language around this new way of thinking and that if you oppose them.

You are a hater, you're a big wants to be that that is exactly the tool that they have in their toolbox, and that is to make anyone who disagrees with feel so small or backward thinking not enlightened basically that none thinking individuals and that's why they begin to see themselves as the elite. The we are the intellectuals we are the think where the progressive unit backwards person where progressive and remove them on our number one, had a discussion with her a very liberal pastor and this was 30 years ago and he said to me said Michael you understand God has grown up since the days of the Bible. Is it really yeah he has moved on.

Use stuck in the old guard, but this I think of that we are worshiping this about nondenominational leader.

Oil is beyond heresy and this is this is total falsehood. The space there is truth in this falsehood. There is no semi truth there is Satan and there's God there is lie and there is truth in fiction and the respect and anything that does not come out of the word of God. The truth of the word of God without being reinterpreted for modern society is from Satan.

We see Satan's clever about when the Bible said he basically masquerades as an angel of light was admin is a composite hair of Satan.

I'm out here to destroy you. I'm out here to destroy your family. I'm out here to destroy your business arm out here to basically kill you hereunder for at least two clever for that healer, and said, just like he did leave did God really did you understand that correctly is your own interpretation of the Bible really the only interpretation look at the Dr. small fungus for him. He is interpreting it differently and look how successful he is. Look at the so-and-so.

She is very popular is very popular and they have different interpretation. There is more than one way to skin a cat that is more than one way to interpret the Bible and that's how Satan basically appeal you know and why. Why risk being called names and being hated and despised by so-called progressive and calling you back within the calling you this in their calling you that is to be called nobody wants to be called any of these names, but that's a method of intimidation, but I am telling myself on a daily basis because look on flesh and blood. And if I'm sitting here saying man Armstrong. I know how to do this week. No no no no no I know the struggles I know the temptation to slightly modify, change, or just accommodate a little bit because this person is really a nice person and in his happen to be in the church and and he just wants me to change things a little bit because he really otherwise is to leave the church well I have to ask myself the question, am I pleasing God, my accountable to God, ultimately going to be giving an account for every idle word and every action that the God and at that moment as it hit the please God and man.

Anytime. And this comes from the Holy Spirit.

That doesn't come from the flesh doesn't come from me. I was weak as the next person as a matter fact I remember Tolliver a pompous guy character with the brother use of this back in 19 I can tell you're actually the year was 1979. We were in Asia. The conference and there he came to me as a professor and he said that talk about your weaknesses. I said we can every area. He's a real accident every area as if there is not weakness and strength. I am weak everywhere and that is why I'm daily, dependent on the Holy Spirit to strengthen my weakness but you know, if I say well you know I got this thing licked about this and I know in my heart that's where the enemy is going to go after me for that area. Whatever this so I found the best way is to say, Lord, I am weak, but your strong that's like the little song in her Jesus loves me this I know they are weak but he is strong and in that simplicity is important and we can every area. I desperately need you and you know what God loves not only to hear that prayer, but he loves to answer and I've seen his answers over, over and over and over again to even begin to doubt it. And so that is the burden of my heart live to please God and what I call the audience of one, which everyone of us are going to have everyone of us can have an audience of one, and will I say, I sought to please you with all my heart or I tried to make the culture happy and the nonbelievers listen to me because in the end Jesus said those whom the Father draws you understand it in the final analysis we cannot convert anybody.

I don't care how relevant you trying to be. You cannot convert it. Only the father is going to draw his own. We are there to be the instrument to be the hands and in the voice of Jesus to help them, and be discipled, but in the end God is the one who's going to do the conversion. But once you get that in a straight in your head and be at peace enemy bang your head against the wall behind going to do this.

I'm going to fill the pews how Leonard that you don't hate us and so that is a very very comforting thought.

Let's address some of those things that I guess these have been questions that have been around forever, that that have reemerged on everyone goes to heaven.

It's a hateful thought that that God sits on his throne and send some people to a place called hell right it doesn't sound like a very loving God. After that, that's right. Well the thing is, God is not going to send anybody to hell they going to send themselves to help and description a particular Gospel of John, Jesus makes it clear I do not come to just about they already been judged by either accepting or rejecting me. So they judge themselves by their decision and I personally believe that in the final day there is nobody who separated from God and that Chrysler's eternity which the Bible because hell is going to be saying all I got a raw deal. God is not fair. I think as we transfer for all of us on to the other side were going to see things I said you brought myself here. I rejected Jesus, I heard my mother.

I heard my father. I heard the preacher I heard my husband had my wife but I rejected I would not accept it. I thought I can be good enough for God. And yes, I deserve to be here. I really believe that with all my heart you know when Jesus told the story of Lazarus and the rich man is not because one is poor one is rich, but just happened to be one was totally living for self and the other one was not in so at the end the remember Jesus created the world. He was there from the very beginning. This is not a parable. This is a fact he saw this take place and so the rich man goes into the torment of hell and Lazarus is in the bosom of Abraham.

That's kind of the way the Old Testament describes paradises of the bosom of Rev. and so the conversation all across this huge gap which we don't. Lots of space, space they are able to communicate with each other and so the enrichment says he never says that is not fair. Why am I here, I shouldn't be here. This guy was at my door having the dog lick his wounds, living on the crumbs. The why should he go there. Why should I be here.

I've done good things Nana you don't hear any of that. Not one of you just began to immediately have some sober thinking and spit all boy.

I have brothers who still living. I don't want to come here like often say a few seconds and Helen he become an evangelist and he said could you have Lazarus rise from the dead go back to them and tell them to repent so they don't come here that's what's going to happen in eternity. I don't care how many people are deceived of thinking that will make it to hell because God is just a loving God. He is a loving God and that is why he did the most loving thing anybody can do.

He sent his son to die on the cross bleed on the cross and bleed to death buried and then rose again. That is the most loving thing to if you reject that love and that's your decision is the consequences of your decision of your choices of rejecting him or accepting and so I am absolutely convinced that in the final day nobody's gonna say when they end up in the place of torment. I shouldn't be in here there will say God you gave me a fair deal when you've heard today is just scratching the surface of what can be found in Dr. you set some brand-new book stating Christianity. This book will hit the bookstores and online retailers in just a few weeks that now is the time to preorder your copy that way once it's officially published, we will make sure that you are one of the first to have it in your hands, ministry representative today, 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 and of course you can place your order now contact while you're there, watch the video of this discussion,, write to us at leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. Again, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 in his newest book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael Yousef exposes the false teachings that are infiltrating churches today shares the keys to seeing the revival of true Christianity in our day. Preorder your own copy today for a gift of any amount you also receive a free downloadable resource proof tips for tips for discerning truth in today's culture.

Preorder your copy of saving Christianity today you can call right or visit us This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth around the world

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