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You Want Me to do What? (Part 8)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 15, 2020 1:00 am

You Want Me to do What? (Part 8)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael and his son passionately proclaims uncompromising truth each and every day in Joshua chapter 11 looks like an impossible situation is unfolding thousands of coalition forces are closing in on them. The Israeli army with the objective of total destruction battle today may not be an approaching army to you feel just as overwhelming. Stay with leading the way, truth and encouragement. On the way as you see what God does. Joshua listened with Dr. Michael, you set Joshua chapter 11, the claimant over total victory from the hand of God.

Listen carefully, God the son did not like his role of glory in heaven born of a virgin, lived for 33 1/3 over year with God having a place to live his head and then was crucified on a criminals cross, the son of God, the creator of the world and that he rose again on the third day they ascended to heaven as soon as coming back.

He did not do all of this so that his children may live a defeated, discouraged and decimated lives.

I don't believe it for a moment that is not the Christian faith. That is not God's will for his children. It is the will of God for his children to have complete victory, not just sometimes in life but always in life. I know all of the factors that can lead clause defeat in the Christian life. Like you, I am aware of all the ingredients that will produce discouragement in life like you I'm aware of all the recipes for disaster that leads wanting to buy a lamp on Jesus, but we must understand know and practice and claim the victory when a speaker victory.

Of course I'm speaking in the New Testament since nothing the Old Testament says, but in the New Testament since because in the New Testament since our fight is not against flesh and blood as it was in the case of Joshua. Our fight is not against human enemies as it was in the case of Joshua. Our fight is not against people, but our fight is against the powers and principalities in the heavenly places. Our fight is with an already defeated spiritual power.

Listen to me. Satan is the one who causes conflicts among believers.

He causes conflicts in the homes he causes strife and marriages.

He is the one who causes blindness of the eyes of the nonbelievers is the one who causes antagonism toward God's children is the one who causes opposition to the witnessing Christian. He is the one who causes people and events to discourage us because his people and events that attract us from our mission, but almost always always always remember that that is the will of your heavenly father to have the victory over him and then blogs here, but winning in the spiritual battle and experiencing the victory in a consistent way is dependent on your willingness and my willingness to stand in the heat of battle, victory depends on your attitude and my attitude and desire to claim the victory victory depends on whether you want to have a defeated life or you want to have a victorious life victory depends on whether you see your enemies attack as an opportunity for victory or as an excuse to surrender and I read. Not so long ago, something that really encouraged me and it comes from the Korean War story during the Korean War, the Baker company became isolated and surrounded by the enemy and the coalition headquarters become very deeply concerned they were worried sick because they haven't heard from them in a long time, and if in several hours. In fact, I saw the Corpsman kept on signaling the captain signaling Baker company. Do you hear me Baker company do you read will then after a little while. There was a muffled voice that came through and says this is Baker company. The Corpsman said what your situation and the sergeant replied and he said the enemy*North the enemy install West the enemy*East enemy*South and then there was a brief pause and then he continued this again and I cannot get away from us now and regular the blogger listen to me when we are surrounded by enemies from the north and the West and the East in the South. Do you see these as opportunities to make your fear and tremble and live in defeat or do you see it as an opportunity for mentoring is that Michael you understand I'm surrounded by opposition I'm surrounded by unbelievers. I'm surrounded by the negative people I'm surrounded by antagonist. I am surrounded all the time by people who hate the truth will rejoice. They can you learn from you. Now go fishing in the bucket cause for discouragement. That's course that means that you will have an unprecedented opportunity today. Not a reason for retreat. That means that you have been blessed by God for victory nor defeat. To give you quickly.

Three things that we learn from Joshua chapter 11 Joshua chapter 11, three things.

First, in verses 1 to 5. You see the confrontation and then in verse 6 to 15 see the conflict and then thirdly, in verses 16 to 23. See the conquest. This is a confrontation and Joshua looked around and he literally saw that he was surrounded by the enemy. Not just any enemy. These were tribes and kings who normally fight among themselves.

They hate each other but then they got a configuration going and they got united against Joshua, well, all right some nights and all the mosquito bites.

There were all got united together and they basically ready for Joshua. But Josh also knew that God promised victory.

Therefore he used a confrontation going there was surrounded from the East and the West and the South everywhere but that attitude was not. You know how fast can we run or ward to our house where doing or enters whole class now. We might as well raising the white flag of surrender or what can we do such. With all these auxiliary against us know like the Baker company in the Korean War is real surrounded but then we can get away from us now show the enemy had massive armies.

In fact, Josephus, the Jewish historian. He speculated that there were about 300,000 infantry soldiers that about 10,000 cavalry troops.

There were about 20,000 chariots, all surrounded the people of God is theirs began to spread into the land of promise I made the odds were against the people of God break time. They couldn't have helped. When such a battle. I mean, it looked hopeless and yes it would've been hopeless if you think Jehovah out of the equation. Secondly, there was a conflict. Joshua did not wait for the enemy to come to him. He took the battle to the enemy, but I have no doubt in my mind that as Joshua was marching those five days into the battle. I have no doubt in my mind he's probably saying to himself, my goodness, there are probably hundreds of thousands of soldiers thousands of chariots and he looks at his motley crew and suddenly those guys who really see where Michael have you know how they know the Joshua was beginning to feel fearful as he was marching in the battle I'm gonna show you in a minute but I'd convinced Josh will probably saying to himself. He said my doing the right thing is a God going go with us again like you did in Jericho and a will he really deliver us one more time, but is a wonderful thing about our God, and you find it in verse six of Joshua 11.

If you have your own Bible underlined that the market right now.

Do whatever you want to hang it on the wall. Verse six of Joshua 11 the Lord said to Joshua. Do not be afraid of them because by this time tomorrow I will handle them over to Israel. Did you get that was God telling him not to be afraid to tell you something every time you see the Lord's like the angel came to Paul and the prisoner support will be afraid God is not wasting words. He only Godů Don't be afraid if he knows a person is afraid and he knew the Joshua is probably beginning to lose a little bit of hard.

His knees began to knock him. Don't be afraid I'm going to give them to you. The victory is yours to tell you something of the most importance. If you retreat from claiming the souls of lost people for Christ. If you retreat from that call of being an ambassador of Jesus Christ reconciling people to Christ in your school in your neighborhood in your workplace if you retreat and you say to yourself, you know, this is just not for me. I don't feel qualified. I don't feel adequate with me tell you, none of us including this preacher feel qualified or adequate, but that's a good sign. That's always a good sign reset man I can do this. I'm just one person. What can I do my plate is full right now. I got so much stuff that I have to do. I'm just gonna settle for walking with the Lord and just reading my Bible every day have my quiet time, go to church. I'm just gonna sell for even being part of a Bible study group that's enough. I really can't. I just don't know about claiming the lost people for Christ. That's just not for me, and you begin to retreat from that call of God on your life as a witness for Christ I'm not discouraging you from doing all these things, but I wanted to listen to me very carefully.

If you begin to think that way if you retreat from the battle for the souls it will not be long before the enemy goes after those things in your life to and then in a short period of time you begin to find that your prayer life is about that you're going to church is just a routine that your fellowship becomes a social event.

What am I trying to tell you when you go on the offensive. When you take the battle to the enemy when you do not wait for the battle to come to you but take the battle to the enemy's territory. You will have victory and all the other areas as well. Your prayer life will be vibrant worship is going to be powerful, your fellowship is going to be dynamic illustrate this because it's so important. I don't want to miss it. I am told that when you rigorously physically exercise your body releases chemicals into the blood stream and that chemicals stimulates the brain to make your body temperature rises and when your body temperature rises is like having a fever and fever is the body's way that God created and it to help with flights.

The bacteria than them.

The viruses and the Germans in all of my doesn't get into us high body temperature helps to strengthen the white cells defense system to counter the microbe intruders and simply put, listen to me physical exercise puts you on the offensive.

So you don't sit back and get sick and take her medicine to fight that sickness not physically exercise.

But I want you to learn something spiritual. From this, as I have because it's in the same way when you go on the offensive spiritually speaking campaigning for the souls of the lost men and women you will have victory ahead of time you will be strong and have a strong spiritual immune system, and sure enough, God kept his word and they got the victory. Which brings me solely to the conquest. Listen carefully. Please.

The victory came just as God promised, but the conquest took time. The conquest took perseverance. The conquest took persistence. The conquest took dedication the conquest took patience.

One story that always I learned from my days in Australia that always reminds me of the importance of persistence. There was an Australian Explorer by the name of Hamilton Hume in those early days, those pioneer days and if you ever see the roads in Australia Road you will understand.

You have deep appreciation for these people.

Hamilton who took a team of explorers with him and they wanted to come to pass between Sydney and Melbourne and along the way as they were making their way. They run into a crisis.

They came face-to-face with a mountain range. Excellent, known as the Hume range and the men were thoroughly exhausted little worn out and there were still humans that Mr. Hume, please, let's just give up and go home. We have come a long way already let somebody else do this. Hume pointed to a high mountain way out in the distance and he said to them now. Now we must climb that we must climb that one.

I am sure that when we get on the top of that mountain will be able to see the ocean and we can go home and tell of our success and desperate struggle. They climbed Mount and Linda reach the top of that mountain you can imagine their utter despair. All they could see was miles and miles and miles of bridges and gullies and all covered with trees. The goal was not anywhere near inside but they kept on going until they found arrived to their destination infected named a particular mountain that Hume kept saying you gotta go to this one this one.

They call that amount disappointment above and let me tell you something if you're anything like me, I'm sure you have met so many mild disappointments in your life and you had a choice either took large amount disappointment with the power of Jehovah, or give up regardless of your mild disappointment may be God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit are calling you to conquer your mild disappointment that perseverance paid off in today millions of people drive on the Hume Highway is a Joshua knew that God has given them the victory. All he needed was to persevere until he experienced it.

Listen to me. God had brought them from the wilderness into the land across the Jordan past the walls of Jericho. Why so that they can be decimated by the enemy in the middle of the promised land so that he like to give them victory and if I know anything about God, if I'm going to be about my God, with whom I have been walking for over 40 years.

I know that he wants the same thing for you.

Listen, remember to include let me exhort you settle for nothing less than total victory parade for nothing less than total victory sacrifice for nothing less.

The total victory.

When the battle heats up praying nothing less, but total victory when the enemy appears to be strong and powerful in your heels and claim total victory when Satan goes after you take the battle to him go to his character is gone will give you complete direct praise God praise God praise God a man, Dr. Michael you sent with a reminder that the same God who gave victory to Joshua is on your side today having God on your side means having a relationship with Jesus.

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I was born into Heisey and now I live in limine I grew up in a completely Islamic environment. My dreams and ambitions led me to pray to no avail. I did not get any answers. I lift a strict religious life, but it was far from extremism or hatred. I used to believe that if I prayed frequently and grew closer to God, he would answer my prayers but I heard nothing and this negatively impacted my strict path in his letter. I go to a state of despair. If there was God. He would have answered me, where is he quietly slipped me to reconsider which religion is the true one, even asking does God exist. I started reading into Christianity in search of the truth. God's love deeply moved me as I learned that he redeemed us here on earth I was impacted greatly and they found peace and joy when I read his word. This is why I am convinced that Jesus is God appeared in flesh the way the truth and the life. When I decided to follow Jesus. I prayed in full belief and God answered my prayer.

I was convicted that this is the truth I was seeking the kingdom. Seth helped me so much and had a great impact on my Christian life I really want to thank all those who donated the kingdom sack because it impacts me and allows the kingdom of God to spread into all the air, especially that of world I would like to convey a message to Dr. Michael use. I want to thank you for your service to the Lord. The fruits I see live in and from your ministry and from those who are in partnership with you on many I am one of those who benefit from your ministry and little truly your ministry has impacted my life when I was your ministry and partners here live where of great help to me what you have done shows how much love you have for me and for the Lord.

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