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You Want Me to do What? (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 14, 2020 1:00 am

You Want Me to do What? (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Deception is everywhere. It's in the schools. It's in the workplace, and even in the charge of God is so much good thing and he's been so is challenging against this deception. Dr. Michael is beginning. Today's leading the way warning that deception is everywhere. Satan is increasing its attacks inside the church deceiving not only those who are attending but also deceiving pastors and leaders about the truth of God's word. I do keep in mind that leading the way is a worldwide listener supported gospel focused ministry stand with Dr. you set visit or call us at 866-626-4356 with a call to seek discernment here is Dr. Michael you Seth continuing his series called you want me to do what recently we've had a conversation with a group of young professionals in the Middle East and one of the things we were talking about. There was saving to us that in the business world, it is impossible to tell when somebody is telling the truth or lying. Lying has become so commonplace that you really don't know when the person is telling the truth, and as I listen to listen. I asked the question will how do you deal with this. How do you live with this one lady said with prior law for discernment and wisdom had Joshua and the people of Israel prayed for discernment and wisdom, they would not have been snookered by the Gibeonites have reported for discernment and wisdom that would've been alert us to the origin and where those people come from and what their intention is done with Joshua chapter 9 and just in case you sitting back there and say well you know this is just a distant land. This is just and cultures of the have Christian heritage that we have that doesn't happen here. Let me redo your tell you about a statistics that in the United States of America and up for you. Churchgoing folks lost $450 million scam artist proposed as church members join the church to become part of the church very spoke the Christian language very good. The part and yet they scan millions of dollars from Christians and churchgoers beloved it's all around us.

Deception is everywhere. It's in the schools. It's in the workplace and it's an even in the church and a child of God who is eager to be an apostle at school or at work over neighborhood, they can easily be a victim of deceptions. You know why because of our love for Christ because of our love for others because of the grace of God that is given to us because of our desire to reach people for Christ. We can become victims of deception and so today's message is to challenge you to pry and how to pray against the spirit of deception you want to know what love to pry against the spirit of deception.

Let me tell you the story in my own words but before I do that, let's review the first answer to the question you want me to do what is what. Stepping up number two. Go to the animist directory number three cross over the Riverview impossibility number four yield to God. Number five stay with the program.

Number six. Learn from your failures and hear today we find the people of God returning from Bill God returning from a revival meeting where the word of God has been preached so powerfully where they have recommitted themselves to the Lord where they have read dedicated themselves to obedience to the word of God, where they have been celebrating their victory over a last there were a spiritual high, watch out. Always watch out for the times immediately after spiritual victory. Specially during those times immediately after a great blessing from the hand of God. Watch how because these are Satan's opportune time to scam you and to get you to fall whenever you think that you've made it.

Watch out. That is the time when you are most vulnerable to Satan's deception and his schemes and hit while schemes and so they celebrated victory very dedicated themselves to the cause of evangelism that recommitted themselves to speak for Christ in the schools in the neighborhood.

They have reaffirmed the call to be an apostle in school and at work in the neighborhood wherever they may go but when you do that. Listen to me when you do that, don't be surprised that the enemy and the opposition, and that deception will go after you with vengeance. Don't be surprised. The Bible said that when Jesus began his messianic ministry of preaching the kingdom of God of healing the sick of raising the dead of casting out demons.

There were three groups who are known at enmity with each other. They hated each other.

They fought with each other and yet they got united in opposition toward Jesus there with the Pharisees Trojans and the Sadducees's a friend of mine in Australia used to call them. They are said you see, listen to me when you become serious about exercising your apostleship when you become serious about claiming your workplace for Christ. When you become serious about claiming school for Christ.

When you become serious about being a missionary in your mission field where God has placed you.

That is the time when plots against you are going to thicken. When plots against you will begin to take place. That is the time when Satan will work overtime to get you to fall. That is the time when others will do all they can to get you discouraged exciton, all hell will break loose. Even some believers will discourage you and that is why you must know how to pray how to pray against deception and deceivers. Now let me tell you the story through very simple. The Gibeonites lived next door neighbors that are close by, but they got some old clothes worn now: mended close and the pretended to come a long way that some dried up moldy food. Patched and parched wineskin and even wearing worn out sandals. This is all your servants came from a whole long distance. Why did you have to go to all this trouble to do this one I did have to go to this trouble cooking up this scheme, this diabolical scheme 11 or just say hey we make a covenant with us. We come here to serve you. Just good question. I wanted tell you why verse simply these Gibeonites they knew the Bible. The Bible then you better in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 20 verses 10 to 15 it says that when you going to wipe out the Canaanites, but make covenant with those who are far away.

Listen by Blevins Franks the people who are most deceptive of those who can quote the Bible as well as you can.

The people who use passages out of the Bible to silence you to intimidate you to cool off your passion. They are the most dangerous ones, although they will say to you all. Where is the love of Christ. Don't you love Christ was supposed to love everybody everywhere. Whatever they do whatever they think whatever you supposed to love Everett doesn't the Bible say judge not how many of you heard that right. Why are you judging other people by not accepting the fact by demanding that Jesus is the only way why are you judging people who prefer a moral lifestyle. Why judging people who have different sexual preferences. Why they quote the Bible wrongly they take it out of context.

In order to deceive in order to intimidate and the Bible said that when Jesus encountered the Samaritan woman, she began to use the Bible. She was using theological arguments. If you looking for a method of sharing Christ with others. We cannot get better than John chapter 4, or Jesus encounter with the Samaritan woman. It's amazing amazing just read it. With that in mind, because she was trying to derail him, trying to divert his attention try to enter some red Herring is most people try to do, but he would not fall for it.

She said this about those 11 to dealing with the Jews.

He let that pass. She said well that traditionally said ignore that she said with a different belief systems that pass and Jesus would not fall for this red herring for this diversion. And he kept on boarding in and pouring in and pouring in her need desperate need for repentance and faith and he was saying, as it were in my own words, not his words. What about you are you saved. You have peace with God is your life fulfilled, boarding, and until she surrendered had Joshua and the leadership of Israel sought the mind of the Council of God the wisdom of God, he would have given them discernment, God would have shown them that these people are wolves in sheep's clothing. Beloved always be wary of those who use spiritual language to seduce you lose use spiritual language to lead you away from the truth story told that I always love to tell because are so powerful is the real story about a British art critic by the name of the ravine. One time he took his daughter to the beaches in England and she would not go to the icy cold water, even in July is cold if you brick you have to you will understand what I'm talking about and that he would try to persuade him to go with him.

She wouldn't. She tried and finally he took some of the equipment that he had for the picnic and he took a teakettle and the built a fire and water and with a great flare he went up there since he started pouring the boiling water into the ocean and the girl gleefully ran into the ocean thinking that the ocean is now warmed up, listen to me, this may be a harmless maneuver by her father listen to me. That's how we are often deceive by others mixed just a little bit of truth with the notion form of deception and we waited in thinking unsuspecting that were been tricked and been lured away from our mission of being ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

Beloved, listen just one had his suspicions. The text obviously there was a check in the spirit as we would say now there was something in and he kept questioning them. There were there was something there but he denies the Lord for discernment. He even went against his judgment visit James 742, he said, you have not because you are not asking us wrongly, but he did not say that until he said in 15 if you lack wisdom, you ask God for it then you know what he said he may give it to you. Did you get that now.

What did he say he will give it to you if you asked God who was this one prayer you can be absolutely sure about that God will give it to you in abundance. When you ask will give it to you beloved limitation something is gonna run around St. Michael's got it all I have and I can write a book about the times that I have failed to ask discernment from the mind of God and I met a bunch of thing. The greatest danger for child of God is summarized in the following words I can handle it. Some take the port out of your vocabulary. I remember some pompous guys some years ago was asked me this at all brothers of what are your strengths is that I have none. Okay, what are your weaknesses is in every area of my life I not been doing that ever since. Beloved, listen to me I can handle it is the beginning of the downfall of a believer listen to me I can handle this drink I can handle the strong relationship I can handle this shady business deal. I can handle this close friendship with them believer in the ungodly wrong is what FB Meyer said, listen to what FB Meyer said Christians attempted more by the wiles of Satan than by his open soft Christians attempted more by the deceitfulness of sin, then by his declared war listen to me. The main reason why our troops are having dickens of a time in wars is because they are trained to be a fighters of armies. They are trying to fight wars with other soldiers and they are the best of the best of that. But the reason they having this hard time is because of the deception of the enemy dressed like a civilian dress like an Army person in the coming of 1000 deception. It is the same in my spiritual walk in your spiritual walk. Beloved, I know when someone falls.

The last thing I want to say is anything but for the grace of God there go I. Beloved, we also live in times when we must not only pray for discernment, but put on guards for the second that we must specifically pray that we must keep on the alert against the subtle deception of sin and Satan. Only prayer will give you the discernment again the stuff A. The flattering words only prayer will guard you against the scaling of the ungodly right will protect against the danger of the blind alleys of life and that is why Jesus taught us to pray our father in heaven and that he concludes by saying deliver us from the evil one. Deliver us from the evil one when you embark on witnessing for Christ. When you embark on living for Christ.

When you embark on being an unprecedented flow.

Christ will be at work or at your school or your neighborhood, whatever it may be if you do it without leaning on God's power and wisdom in prayer, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of failure to enter into a business deal or a business partnership or into a marriage or start a new ministry without leaning I'm consulting your heavenly father you are opening yourself up to all sorts of deceptions by the enemy, but I cannot conclude this message without giving you the biblical teaching on how to deal with the aftermath of deception. When Joshua discovered this horrible failure. Many people wanted to kill the Gibeonites to solicit and it sounds logical. They deceived us they snookered us, and they deserve not to live, but the leadership acted with integrity. Listen to me. They The word, though there were, yet they did not want to bring disgrace upon the name of God and their testimony be tarnished by walking back on the covenant, to be sure, Joshua rebuked him. He punished them for their deception, but he kept his word. Then you that their testimony in the long run is far more important than revenge and that is why Paul gives us an injunction in first Corinthians is that when I unbelieving couple.

One of them becomes a believer disbelieving spouse must stay with the unbelieving spouse at all possible. That's why listen to me after failure and sin and repentance must take place. Repentance must take place. God is waiting for you to turn to him with open arms. Because often accepting the consequences of another persons deception is the price that you have to pay but God will even strengthen you in those times. I know that in some situations and I've seen it, the consequences can be so painful I know that God will strengthen you when you turn to him.

There maybe someone here today would say to me. Michael, I have fallen into sin. As a result of somebody else's deception, or even deceiving myself someone here today. My say I'm suffering greatly as a result of past failure here right it does not honor God.

On the one hand, to stay in. Your failure on the other hand become bitter toward the person who deceived you, it does not honor God. On the one hand, to live in regret, and on the other hand, cool your passion for Christ. When you ask God for forgiveness, let me tell you who will give it to you. Give it to you but then you have to persevere and he will strengthen you, then, because I know my God, I know my God can bring joy out of sorrow that I know my God can bring a whole lot of despair I've experienced my God to bring light out of darkness. I know my God can bring gladness out of morning Dr. Michael you sent encouraging you to pray for discernment. Everything you face in your life.

This is leading the way we understand not all who listen to Dr. yourself or the station may know Jesus in a personal way. If you would like to speak to someone confidentially on my back, just fill out this simple form that you will see when you go to, you'll be connected with a leading the way team member Dia I am, email, phone or whatever works best for you again that address confidentially, we have the ministry of Dr. Michael you set goes far beyond a radio broadcast on the station leading the way, is uniquely positioned to reach a world in crisis passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth broadcast and other strategic media technologies. You probably heard us mention vision 2025. It's what we call the ministry expansion program. God's challenge leading the way to make every effort to reach at least one million people with the gospel in coming years.

So when you support leading the way with your prayers and with your generous giving you, making it possible for those have not yet heard about the grace of God to clearly hear learn more about vision 2025 and experience.

Stories of men, women and families helped through your generosity., and of course in ministry representative can also give you details give us a call 866-626-4356 again that 866-626-4356 listen.

Satan is the one who causes conflicts among believers. He causes conflicts in the home. He causes strife in marriages. He is the one causing blindness of the eyes of unbelievers is the one who causes antagonism toward God's children.

One causes opposition to the witnessing Christian is the one who causes people and events to discourage us because his people and events from our mission will always remember that it is the will of your heavenly father to have victory over him was just a preview of what Dr. Yousef will be teaching next time and leading the way.

Make plans to join them for this powerful message when he digs further into the start of today's program is brought to you by leading the way with Dr. Michael used to connect with us to our YouTube channel Facebook twitter and all of our social network. Learn more.

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