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You Want Me to do What? (Part 6)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 13, 2020 1:00 am

You Want Me to do What? (Part 6)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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If you can get to us soon as you become careless regions face calamity is not only impact you, but in fact everybody around you people. Your testimony will be polished. Your witness is going to see Christ is going to cool off and you are for others will be no born and raised in Egypt, Dr. Michael you sent has even biblical perspective, and he brings that insight to like each day here in leading the way and currently Dr. Yousef is introducing you to Joshua, a passionate leader called by God to carry Israel into the promised land and each step was filled with drama and also with reminders of God's protection and provision. Today a look at Winston and DeCamp. It's a reminder that disobedience in any area of life can bring disaster to you and everyone in your household. Join me now and listening to Dr. Michael you Seth. Probably there is not too many experiences that can be more devastating than being ambushed and you know what I'm talking about family that seem to be doing well and everything is going fine and all of a sudden out of the blue, a spouse asked for divorce a businessman who's been enjoying God's material blessings financial blessings and all of a sudden one one.

Do you threaten all the work for. I'm talking about the person who would experience victory and within a very short period of time. There is a public defeat. Most of the kind of temperatures that I'm talking about where you find the person on his face like Joshua crying out to say why. Why is this happening, but the question is more than just why is because often the Lord graciously points out things in our lives as to why that will not suffering unfairly or unjustly, but there are basically the consequences of things were done.

I have not done but the question is am I willing to confront the reasons for failure. I'm I willing to find the hidden facts inside of me. What I say this because often we want to cover it up.

Instead of exposing it to God's sunshine way often try to hide it. Instead of allowing God to clean it up. We often deny it.

Instead of admitting it, and whoever that's where you find Israelites today in Joshua chapter 7 because often a flush of victory after the impenetrable wall supernaturally collapses in front of them are still the plan of God was fully obeyed off the such unity like they've never experienced before. And perhaps since after all of that damn there is an ambush in a little town after they conquered the big one little tiny town by the name of Ray AI and Joshua feels devastated. So he goes on his face before God and this is why notice God said what are you doing praying to hear what you doing trying but also human nature. But as soon as with trouble and life will always blame God first before doing the All-Star blending got while in reality. In this particular case the seed was the consequence of breaking the covenant defeat was a result of disobeying of the injunction of God defeat was a reason that because things are hidden right there in the midst. The reason for the fee was hidden saying the reason for defeat was the breaking of God's command here is a very familiar scenario in the life of many Christians when you need God's intervention in your life when you need God's supernatural answers to prayer when you asking specifically for the Lord to do something because it is impossible any other way you walk with God. You become a prayer giant to become a prayer warrior.

You confess sins that this displeasing to the Lord you take care of it. God in his mercy answers your prayer and you are elated you are ecstatic. You're excited God answering prep. You are so thankful to the Lord, you are full of gratitude. You're overjoyed for a short period of time and then slowly but surely, the euphoria of gratitude is crowded with lots problems. The slowly but surely the thankfulness for God's past intervention becomes hazy in the background of new and fresh temptations in life. Prayer become sclerotic time with God becomes telegraphic in the blessings of God becomes our occupation until we experience a defeat is an ambush and then we find ourselves like Joshua. Our faces on the floor saying God, why, why only give you three stages for defeat and restoration as we see them here, and indeed in the lives of many Christians I know that's the guys in my life and there are as follows those carelessness followed by calamity then followed by closure carelessness probably the greatest problem with the 21st century Christians is that they are under estimate the power of sin, the greatest problem of the Christians on the 21st century is there under estimate the power of sin. They say I know what the Bible said about this or that of the other thing that sin but it is different than my situation. After all, I'm saved. After all, it's all of grace is that, after all, Christ died on the cross for my sins. After all I have left in Christ using the right words to justify the burning of the conscience.

But none of this can be used, to justify or rationalize disobedience in this child of God's life. Now that can be an excuse for carelessness with sin, and that is why the Bible said that you must fulfill your salvation and fear and trembling, beloved worse than the sin of disobedience is the sin of presumption, presuming on the grace of God. Presuming on the mercy of God, presuming in the goodness of God to give you some examples of how we rationalize disobedience in our lives.

The Bible said the tithe belongs to the Lord, to the storehouse that we explain it away by doing other things with it and say all God doesn't need it surely doesn't. You need to give it more integrity, ethics and and behavior that are testimony to this dying horrible this is our testimony to a sinful world, but we explain it away. We explain it away.

All of this is just part of doing business. I was talking to a brilliant young man. He is the top of the top in his field and he's been there for many years, but he hit the ceiling as far as promotion is concerned, and finally somebody was honest enough to tell them the reason why because he would not lie in analyzing the kind of world we live in today taken the son of Carmine heard God's injunction with his own ears learn the words you must not take any of the spoils, for they belong to the Lord when nobody was looking. When nobody was there when he was alone.

He looked and he saw the gold and the silver and imported close from Babylon. The very expensive and he said nobody's watching nobody can see so he coveted he took and he. He thought he could get away with it, but is a problem because sometimes when we audit disobedience and God does not react or does not send the consequences of that obedience immediately and may even go for weeks or months or years, we begin to convince ourselves and then must be all right. God must not be all that displeased. We think we can get away with it.

I can probably had fear in his heart. I've got to provide for my family.

After all, I've got to start some provision for the future.

I'm going to take care of myself remember from the last message when fear is up faith is down when faith is upstairs down.

He was at a moment of fear gripped into his heart and here Aiken had forgot God's supernatural provision of manna in the world for 40 years he had forgot the incredible supernatural hand of God that cost over the river of impossibility. He had forgot the supernatural intervention of God when the impenetrable wall collapsed just by shouting as if to say hello yes yes yes yes yes yes I know God did all that in the past but would he do it in the future, beloved limit.

That is something this is deadly thinking. If you think that God did things in the past but is not going to do them in the future you are mistrusting the faithfulness of God in this kind of deadly thinking leads second with the calamity carelessness leads to calamity. Now Atkins disobedience did not only bring disaster on him but on the whole entire army of Israel was defeated.

See, we often think that we can Horton keep the thigh and offerings in an in and do other things with them. And as I said would say God doesn't need it. Everything. Well, this is a personal matter will listen to what Malachi said. Chapter 3 God said that when you don't return to God what belongs to God, you are stealing from God. No, I didn't say that God said that robbing me said is it how can member God was in your robbing me but keeping without offering, but the truth is to carry the word of God to its logical conclusion, listen to me. There are some people who are driving to churches and stolen cars. There are some people are going reading stolen food and rest. Installing close and God is a patient God and to be patient and patient and patient but the consequences catches up with us never cried and hugged in the midst of our calamities as I didn't do that you did that. Remember what my word said remember what my injunction said. Or take the person that is not spending time with God, the person who is not witnessing to the power of God in their life to the salvation that they've received from the hand of God, and think that person who is absolutely so silent.

The people at work in school.

Don't know if the believers are not. They can go on like that for while before the consequences of their disobedience. The consequences of carelessness with the sin of disobedience catches up with them when God gave Israel the victory and he took them across the river of impossibility. When God gave them victory in the walls collapsed. God's desire for them was to go from one point of glory into another God's desire for them not to get over the wall or destroy the walls and over the river and then get defeated the little town that was not God's desire for them. God's desire for them was for them to go from high to greater height from mountaintop, the greater mountaintop to go from one level of experience with God, to a greater level of experience with God and beloved God wants the same thing for you.

He does as you develop intimacy with him. He wants you to touch someone's life, then another one, then another one, then another one until you claim your school and you claim your workplace and you claim the neighborhood for Jesus Christ, but some allow the cares of this world.

Some allow material possessions to blindside them as to their call in life, until they find themselves on their faces with a full-blown calamity. Satan knows that if he can get you to become careless with sin if you get you become careless and being disobedience you going to face calamity and that calamity is not going only impact you, but in fact everybody around you is going to impact a lot of people. Your testimony will be tarnished.

Your witness is going to cease your passion for Christ is going to cool off and you are allowed for others will be no more. And if Satan succeeds in getting you to become careless and soon he knows that he knows not only would you be impacted by a whole lot of other people will suffer as well, and that is why that is why it is vastly important to know the third step. The third step closure.

How do you bring this to a closure how to bring that carelessness and the calamitous results. The closure you know the man that we refer to as St. Augustine 17 Augustine and he tells that in his confession when he was young he used to pray this prayer God give me chastity but not yet, but not yet some of us may identify with young Augustine you know that there is carelessness in your life and that is the consequences of which you received some calamitous new you know that carelessness with disobedience is keeping you from being effective witness for Jesus Christ you know that is hindering you from experiencing glorious things that God has for each of you. You know that it is keeping you from experiencing victorious living which is God's desire for all of us. You know that others are not being affected by your life because of that carelessness. And through it all you say Lord I want to repent of that Lord, I want that to be extracted out of my life, Lord, I want to be fully obedient to you but not yet in many ways. Listen to me carefully places in many ways.

There is a little bit of Aiken and all of us, including your pastor.

That is why we must constantly constantly poor. The disobedience out of our life.

When Aiken was fingered out by God, he realized that by his disobedience.

He broke the commands of God that he betrayed the community that he calls graffiti on God's army. How is that I saw. I coveted I took my head.

John later on tells us is called the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

Listen, I think Aiken could have used psychobabble like we hear today. He could've said well brother Michael, you don't understand. I was deprived as a child my parents didn't give me these things but I do not understand. I have taken what I deserve. I have taken that which is to me.

Furthermore, these are very small things in comparison to all these other spoils when in comparison to the big stuff is going to miss it is going to miss it. I'm entitled to some pleasures in life. Am I not entitled to take care of myself and take care of my family.

I've done a lot of good in my day. Can I get some good back even if I help myself do it.

To his credit, he confessed sin must be confessed and must be purged and must be turned away from that is why in the book of Hosea chapter 2 verse 15 said all of the grade verses in the Bible, the Valley of Angkor that's named after Aiken the Valley of Angkor is the door of hope. So was that me Michael. It means that the very valley in which sin was furnished the very valley where Aiken was soon on the consequences of his sin were very become a door of hope. The very place where confession was purged as a very place of a new beginning is the very place of a new hope in life is a very place of a new ministry is a very place of a New Testament.

It is a very place of new faithful you, beloved, listen to me you can be no more careless sin than you would be careless with cancer. Disobedience is a cancer it is a cancer in the life of the believer that is growing inside of you all.

You might dismiss its symptoms, you may ignore its pending consequences.

But the truth is that is only one way to deal with it.

One way and that is to purchase a new project constantly and repeatedly and then watch how God gives you victory the CFA was eventually defeated by the Israelites, but only after disobedience and sin was furnished.

Don't wait until it becomes too late. Don't misinterpret the patience of God.

Paul pleads with the Romans do not misinterpret the patience of God in your life purchase today purchase today. You know what it is is a pride that is eating you alive.

Isn't bitterness that is corroding your soul.

Is it unfaithfulness with what belongs to God what is it you notice God's fingers pointing to it and today you have an opportunity let this be the moment of decision of purging whatever disobedience that you been harboring in your life. Dr. Michael you set on today's leading the way, celebrating more than 30 years of media ministry.

Join Dr. you set in reaching more than 1 million people with the message of the gospel in coming years do vision 2025. You can learn more at 866-626-4356.

You can also connect with one of our team members to learn more about what it means to know and follow Jesus. When you visit now before time gets away. Allow me to share a quick testimony from a listener in Syria that brought encouragement to the team leading to encourage you as well.

This listener right. I was devastated by my father said that falling into depression later and remembered that he listen to leading the way.

So I decided to do the same thing. Listen, my trust in God increased and I saw to know him final and soon after surrendered my life to Jesus.

I am so grateful to our front lawn mission partners and for those who are going to be frontline mission part what God is doing through your consistent monthly giving is the most amazing things are happening. I personally never thought I'll see them a lot. We are seeing thousands upon thousands of lives are being transformed and converted to Christ when they are signing their own death warrant when they come to Christ because that's the condition in their countries and yet God is doing it and because of you giving in your prayer.

God has blessed but we are vicious for God, not for ourselves and so we want to see millions of people come to Christ, at least for us. We are saying we want to hear from 1 million people so continued to stand with us. Continue to partner with me and we together going to see the glory of God happening in the lives of many people multiply your impact today and get a gift from Dr. Michael you sent when you become a new partner will send you a copy of the daily way 365 day devotional book as his thanks the number is 866-626-4356 and the website again. that's about it.

Pretty thank you. Make it a point to listen again next time right here for leading the way

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